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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

The flames start growing bigger, but Wayne and Caroline are powerless to move. Ron and Roland keep on struggling and Roland eventually manages to lay a knock-out blow on Ron. He then runs over to Caroline, who pleads with him to hurry. He starts undoing the ropes, but tells her that she's tightened them by struggling so much. Wayne tries to make noises through his gag, but Roland ignores him. He manages to untie Caroline's legs and he leads her outside. Wayne finds himself left sitting there, tied up and alone with an unconscious Ron.

Outside, Roland lies Caroline down on the ground. She starts struggling to untie her hands.

Back inside, Wayne makes noises that sound like, "Roland..." Roland comes back in, pulls his gag off and, without even undoing the ropes around him, starts dragging him outside. Wayne looks across at Ron, who's just beginning to come-to, but Roland just calls to him to get the hell out of there. They head outside, leaving Ron alone, trapped by the flames and looking terrified.

Outside, Roland lies Wayne down next to Caroline. He asks her if she saw Ron come out, but Caroline says she didn't. Roland tells her to help Wayne; he's going back. Caroline cries that he can't, but Roland insists that he can't leave Ron in there. Caroline warns him, "But you mustn't." Roland, however, insists, "I've got to try," and he heads back towards the flames.

Andy is sitting with Irene in her apartment at the boarding house; Irene is crying that Roland should never have gone after Caroline. Andy asks why he didn't just tell the police, and Irene explains that the whole story would have come out about the tapes and the letter and they didn't want Samantha to get hurt. Andy suddenly says, "I've got to help them. Where is he?" Irene, though, mutters that she doesn't know - the Blue Mountains somewhere. Andy growls that a fat lot of good that is. Irene asks him tetchily why it's suddenly so important, as he didn't want to know the man when he tried to patch things up. Andy explains more calmly that he's realised a few things about himself the last couple of days; the reason he's back is... he wants to make up for the way he's behaved. Irene warns him that he may have left it too late, and Andy asks her if she thinks it's really that bad. Irene sighs, "Come on, Andy, the man's a maniac; Roland's not used to dealing with people like that." She stands up, looking pained, before snapping, "God, it's all so stupid when you think it's all about a damned letter that should have been destroyed in the first place." With that, she storms off to her room, leaving Andy looking worried.

Roland is coughing as he emerges from the burning fishing shack. He's on his own. He cries, "God, my arm," as he clutches it. Wayne, who's on his feet, asks if it's bad, but Roland says it isn't - he just knocked it getting out of the house. He then adds, "I tried, I tried, but I didn't have a chance - there was so much smoke and then the roof caved in..." They look at the building, which is completely covered in flames, and Wayne murmurs, "I haven't seen him come out." Caroline cries, "He couldn't have survived that, and it's my fault..."

At Woombai, Stephen asks on the 'phone, "Is everything alright?" Wayne replies that it's fine - he'll be up there tomorrow. Stephen tells him that he wondered what had happened when he hadn't turned up. Wayne just asks, "If dad rings, could you cover? Tell him I'm there but I've gone out for a while, or something?" Stephen asks if there's any particular reason, but Wayne just replies that he'll tell him later. Stephen accepts this and they hang up. Wayne is at Irene's, with Andy, Roland, Irene and Caroline, and Andy sighs that he can't tell them what a relief it is to see them all. Looking at Roland, he then asks what the police had to say, but Roland explains nervously that he doesn't know; he just rang the fire brigade and said he'd seen a house on fire and maybe there was somebody trapped inside. Caroline adds that they can't have the police asking questions - if the news got out, Samantha would realise that there were video tapes of her doing those things with the cult and it would destroy her. Looking at Wayne, Roland growls, "It would cause a lot of trouble for other people, too..." Wayne looks away, sheepishly. Andy goes on that, all the same, a man has died; they have to tell the police what has happened. Roland, though, retorts that it's not as black-and-white as that; enough people have suffered already, so they should just leave it. Andy looks at him incredulously and mutters that it seems to be the easy way out to him. He stands up, looking annoyed. Wayne asks if he can stay the night, as he's not going up to Woombai until tomorrow, and Irene agrees that that would be a very good idea. With that, she picks up a tray of tea things and heads out to the kitchen. Wayne looks at Caroline and says carefully, "Now that it's all over, I wondered if we could just forget what happened - between us, that is?" Caroline mutters in disbelief, "Forget?" and Wayne admits that he doesn't suppose that's possible. He suggests that they could at least call it quits, then. He adds that he doesn't expect her to forgive him, but can't they at least try to get on? - it would make things a lot easier for the family - and the company. Caroline stares at him and tells him, "I'm withdrawing my objection to Roland being in the company." Wayne murmurs that he guessed that. He then turns to Roland and tells him that he owes him a lot. Roland mutters, "It's a pity it had to take all this to bring you to your senses." Caroline tells Wayne curtly that she thinks she ought to make it perfectly clear that she doesn't want to have anything more to do with him from now on - except to discuss business. Wayne looks down at the floor, guiltily.

At Beryl's, Leigh is sitting with Charlie in the lounge room as David hangs up the 'phone and exclaims, "About time: good news!" Fiona comes in and suggests that they keep their voices down: Beryl has only just managed to get to sleep - she was very upset after the funeral this morning and she doesn't want her to go waking up again. She then asks what the good news is, and David explains that that was the police: they've picked up Stafford and he confessed to killing Crampton - all of which means that they can go back home. Leigh smiles that that's fab. She then tells Charlie that she can come and stay with them, and Charlie agrees quietly that that would be nice. David adds that it'll give Charlie a chance to see where her money's gone to. He then realises that he's starving, and he and Leigh head into the kitchen to see what there is to eat. When they've gone, Fiona asks Charlie, "Why on earth didn't you tell them that Adam is your son?" Charlie explains that she's not sure he really is - he's got the same name, but that could be a coincidence. Fiona points out that he's the right age, too. Charlie sighs that Adam walked away from her, and if he were really her son, she doesn't believe he'd do that. Fiona points out that it's been fifteen years; it would have come as a bit of a shock to him. Charlie cries that it's a difficult time for her, too - she left Eric because of the children; because she cared for them: it wasn't fair if she and Eric were constantly at each other's throats. Fiona sympathises that it must have been a very difficult situation. She then asks Charlie why she didn't take the children with her, and Charlie explains, "Eric had quite a hold over them. I suppose that's what's happened in the years in-between: he's managed to make sure they never want to have anything to do with me. Even when I visited them in the early days, it was obvious he was getting at them." Fiona comments that that pretty much goes to show the way Adam's been behaving. Charlie says she doesn't know what she should do. Fiona, though, says she thinks she knows what Charlie should do, if she can say so. Charlie assures her that she'd be grateful for any advice. Fiona tells her, "Be realistic about it. It's been years since they've seen you. They've got their own lives to lead; you've got yours. Why don't you leave it that way? If you force the issue, there's going to be one hell of a battle and you'll probably end up losing." Charlie sighs that that's probably the sensible way to look at it, but seeing Adam again as a young man, she just wants to let him and Sally know that she hasn't forgotten them - and that she still loves them very much. She asks if that's such a bad thing to want, and Fiona shakes her head, sympathetically.

Adam is lying on a couch in the lounge room of an apartment, staring at a young woman who's sitting a nearby table, some books and papers in front of her. He stands up and she mutters, "Adam, for heaven's sake, what's wrong?" Adam retorts that he can't concentrate on his book. The young woman sighs heavily and returns to her work. Adam then asks her, "Do you ever think about our mother?" The young woman - Sally Tate - asks, "Pamela?" Adam, though, replies, "No, our real mother." He sits down at the table and Sally says she hardly remembers her: all that sticks in her head is some strange woman calling every so often with a lot of expensive presents. She adds that, from what their dad says, she wasn't much of a mother even when she was with them. Adam agrees that that's what he remembers, too. Sally then asks him what put that in his head, but Adam just retorts that, like he said, he couldn't concentrate on his book. Sally comments that he must be desperate for something to think about. Adam goes and sits back down on the couch, looking worried.

Charlie is talking on the 'phone at Beryl's, saying, "It doesn't really matter who I am. Are you sure he's stationed there?" A man on the other end replies, "I'm sorry, madam, but we can't give out the addresses of any of our officers." Charlie exclaims that that's ridiculous: it's something personal and it's very important. The man at the other end tells her to give him her name and address and telephone number and he might be able to pass it on to the constable. Charlie asks, "Why can't you simply give it to me? I assure you I'm not a crazed criminal or anything." The man tells her that it's a matter of security. Charlie snaps sarcastically, "I see. Well, thankyou so much for your help," and she hangs up. She then mutters, "Really..." From where she's sitting on the couch, Leigh asks what the problem is. Charlie explains that all she wanted was Adam's address, but you'd think she was trying to breach national security or something. Leigh stares at her and then says, "I can give it to you - he wrote it down with his 'phone number in case I needed any help." Charlie exclaims, "Thankyou. I need it." Leigh asks why, and Charlie realises, "I suppose I should tell you..."

It's late at night, and Sally is sitting alone in the lounge room at the apartment she lives in with Adam. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she looks at her watch in surprise. She then goes and opens the door. Charlie waltzes in and immediately says, "I'm sorry to call so late, but I'd like to see Adam." Looking surprised, Sally tells her that he's asleep at the moment. She adds that if Charlie would like to call back tomorrow, he's rostered off for the day. Charlie suggests that, in that case, it won't matter if they wake him. Sally, though, retorts that she's terribly sorry, but he's very tired; she has no intention of waking him now. Charlie insists that it's very important. Sally retorts that she's sure it is, but another few hours can't make that much difference. Charlie snaps, "It can to me," and she stands there." Sally growls, "Look, I said I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait." Charlie, though, walks further into the apartment and tells her, "No little chit of a girlfriend is going to tell me what I'll do." Sally stares at her incredulously and demands, "Just who are you?" Charlie retorts, "I am his mother and I'd like to see him." Sally stares at her in shock and mouths, "His mother?" She then goes on, "Well if you're his mother, you must be mine, too." At that moment, Adam comes in, putting on his dressing gown and asking what the racket is. Suddenly noticing Charlie, he demands to know what the hell she's doing there. Charlie cries that he didn't give her a chance this afternoon; she wants to explain to him - to both of them. Adam snaps that there's nothing to say to each other. Charlie pleads with him to give her a chance, but Adam retorts that he thinks she lost that a long time ago. He then orders her to clear out and please not come back.

A few moments later, Charlie snaps that she's simply not moving from there until they at least listen to her. Adam mutters that they're not interested. Charlie cries that she can see that it wouldn't be easy for them to regard her as a friend, but they could at least understand why she couldn't stay with them both. Adam growls, "I know all I need to know." Charlie mutters, "From your father, I suppose?" Adam asks why he shouldn't have told the truth. Sally chips in and asks Charlie why she's come back after so long. Charlie cries, "It was an accident. I didn't know where you were." Adam mutters, "At least you're telling the truth about that." Charlie turns to him and goes on that she's a great believer in fate; it was a great coincidence meeting him the way she did; doesn't he think that means something? Sally turns to Adam and demands to know why he didn't tell her that he'd met Charlie, and Adam explains that he didn't know how she'd take it; she's got her exams and essays to worry about. Sally suggests that now that it has happened, the least they can do is give Charlie a chance to explain. Adam, though, snaps that she doesn't deserve it - from what their dad said, she's had plenty of chances. Sally points out that things change, but Adam retorts, "Not for me... I don't like what I remember." He then asks Charlie to please go. Charlie tells him softly that she had hoped she might be able to make it up to him after all these years, but if that's the way he feels... She then tells Sally that it was nice at least to see her. She heads to the door and, after taking a final look at her children, she goes.

The next morning, Roland is sitting with Irene in her flat at the boarding house, and she asks him if his arm still hurts. Roland smiles, "Nope, not a bit." Wayne comes out from his bedroom and announces that he's ready to leave. He then thanks Roland, adding that he'll never forget what he did. Roland assures him, "I won't, either!" Irene says to Wayne, "You realise you'll probably see each other up at Woombai? Roland's been invited to Jenny and Stephen's engagement party." Wayne just murmurs, "Oh, right," and he heads out. When he's gone, Irene comments to Roland that Wayne looks a lot more subdued that she's seen for a long time. Roland points out that it was a hell of an experience for all of them... Changing the subject, Irene offers him some breakfast. He stares at her and says seriously, "Irene, it's going to be good. You know that, don't you?" Irene smiles, "Of course - my breakfasts always are!" With that, she kisses him and heads off to the kitchen!

Caroline is sitting reading a newspaper at the Morrell apartment when Samantha emerges from her room and, looking surprised, asks her mother what she's doing up so early. Caroline explains that she wanted to get up to get the papers as soon as they came out. Staring at her, Samantha asks, "All three of them?!" Caroline quickly tells her that she's been thinking about the apartment: it's been depressing her with all the things that have gone on; she's been thinking about moving out, and the real estate section's good today. Samantha smiles, "Yes, I'd go along with a move - provided wherever we go has a decent washing machine!" Caroline laughs, "Right: condition of renting, one decent washing machine!" Samantha then asks her seriously if she's alright, and Caroline quickly replies that she's fine. Samantha comments that she came in late enough last night. She then adds that, in fact, she's been pretty funny ever since that Ron guy started ringing. She goes on that it's starting to get her down, the way Caroline is keeping secrets and behaving so strangely; she looks as though she's near to collapse and she wants to know what's happening. Caroline, though, glares at her and snaps, "Samantha, get off my back; I've been doing it for your s--" She breaks off as she realises what she's about to say, but it's too late, and Samantha asks, "Doing what?" Caroline tells her to forget it, and she stands up and announces that she's going out. Samantha pleads, "Mum..." but Caroline just tells her, "I won't be too long," and she goes, leaving Samantha looking puzzled.

Roland and Irene are having breakfast at Irene's, and Roland is telling Irene that he thinks a surgery near the shops would be most practical. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Andy comes in. Irene offers him some breakfast and he sits down. Irene heads off to get some more coffee. Roland says, "Morning," to Andy, and Andy asks him how he's feeling. Roland smiles, "A lot better than yesterday, I can tell you!" Andy then tells him, "I'm sorry if I came on a bit strong last night. I think a lot of it was because I was really worried about you - sort of a nervous reaction, or something." Roland, though, says he thinks he should be the one saying sorry; he just hopes Andy realises how bad yesterday was. Andy assures him that of course he does. He then goes on that Woombai was good for him - it gave him time to think; he met a guy up there - about the same age as him - and he was so upset about his father's death that he tried to kill himself; it made him realise how stupid he'd been, having a father that he didn't want to know. Roland smiles, "I can't think of anything I'd like more than to have a son. I mean, too many years without him..." Irene comes back in with the coffee and, sitting down, smiles at Andy, "You can pour!"

A while later, Andy is holding an umbrella upside down as Roland tells him how to play a hook shot. Andy swings the umbrella back and forth before asking, "You realise trying to teach me to play cricket is... I don't know... trying to teach you to be a DJ!" Roland laughs, "Who said I wouldn't be a great DJ?!" There's suddenly a knock at the door and Irene goes to get it. Caroline is standing there, and she bursts in and tells Irene that she's been all through the papers and there isn't a mention of the fire. She adds that she even thought of 'phoning up the police and asking them if there's been anything reported; anyone been injured. Roland suggests that she wait for the afternoon papers - it was too early to report in the morning editions. Caroline, though, insists, looking panicky, "I know what's happened. Ron's alive. I bet he's alive and he's waiting his chance to come and get me." Irene tells her she needs some rest, and she leads her off to the bedroom to get her something to calm her down. Roland looks at Andy.

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha is holding a pile of washing, which she's carrying from the bedroom across to the kitchen. As she passes through the lounge room area, she drops one of the items on the floor by the bar - and the letter from Caroline to Amanda falls out. Samantha picks up the item of clothing, but doesn't notice the letter lying on the floor...

The back door opens at the country house and David walks in with Charlie and Leigh - who's carrying Shane - and smiles that it's good to be home! Leigh suddenly notices the microwave and asks when it arrived. She then spots the curtains as well, and David asks what's been going on there. Leigh looks at Charlie and smiles, "I'd say a woman's been having a go at the place!" David tells Charlie that he thought they decided to leave it for the time being. Charlie just replies blankly, "I'm sorry, David. I can return it all, if you like." David, though, comments that it's done and it looks great. With that, he announces that he'd better get out and get stuck into the garden. He heads off, leaving Leigh and Charlie alone. Leigh looks at the sad expression on Charlie's face and sighs, "It's Adam, isn't it?" Charlie murmurs, "And my daughter - they just didn't want to know me; well, certainly not Adam. So I left the flat and decided that was it." She goes on sadly, "Oh, but I can't, Leigh. I can't just forget I saw them again. I have to make them understand." She then asks Leigh if she could ring Adam. Leigh asks what good that would do, and Charlie reminds her that she and Adam get on so well; he'd come over if she asked him. Leigh asks dubiously, "And not tell him you're here?" Charlie insists, "It would give me a chance to talk with him again." Leigh points out that he won't like it. Charlie looks at her imploringly, and Leigh sighs, "Alright - but I wouldn't bank on him staying long." Charlie thanks her, gratefully.

A few minutes later, at the Tate apartment, Sally puts the 'phone receiver down on the table and calls to Adam that it's for him. He comes in and picks it up and Leigh comes on. She asks how things are and he replies that they're not bad. She then asks him if he's on duty today, but he tells her that it's his day off. Leigh suggests that they do something, then. Adam exclaims, "Great! What do you want to do?" Leigh tells him that she hadn't thought - but she's still got a few things to finish up there at the farm; what say he meets her there and they can decide then? Adam looks at Sally as she walks out of the room and then says to Leigh, "OK. Listen, is my mother there?" Leigh, though, tells him, "No, she's gone back to Sydney." Adam smiles, "Good. I'll be over soon, then." Leigh replies that she'll look forward to it. She hangs up, turns to Charlie and says, "Well, there you go. But I wouldn't count on a big welcome when he sees you're still here." Charlie comments that at least she'll be able to talk with him properly. Leigh suggests, "If he'll listen..." Charlie thanks Leigh for organising it. Leigh muses, "I just hope he doesn't take it out on me..."

The 'phone is ringing at the Morrell apartment, and Samantha answers the the call at the bar. A male voice - which sounds like Ron's - comes on and says, "Caroline?" Samantha replies that she's afraid she's out. She asks who's calling, but the man insists, "I've got to talk to Caroline." Samantha asks, "Can she ring you back?" but the man suddenly hangs up. A look of surprise on her face, Samantha does likewise. Looking puzzled, she glances down at the floor and suddenly spots the letter lying there. She picks it up and, a smile on her face as she sees it's addressed to Amanda, takes out the piece of paper inside. She unfolds it and starts reading. A look of horror crosses her face as she does so...


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