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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

A short time later, Richard is approaching a car parked on the road outside. There's a guy sitting in the driver's seat, and Richard tells him that he wants him to follow David. The guy comments that money didn't speak loud enough, eh? Richard admits that it didn't, but David is about to hit the road and he might lead them to the others. He tells the guy to stick on David's tail and let him know where they are. With that, he stands up and looks back at the house, growling, "There's more than one way to skin a cat..."

Julie lets Neil into the flat at Dural. Spider follows them in. Neil is telling Julie that that should fix it for a while, but she should get it fixed fairly soon. Julie thanks him and offers him a coffee. Spider asks if they aren't supposed to be looking at units, but Julie insists that there's plenty of time. Neil asks if there's somewhere he can wash his hands. Julie smiles, "Can't have you getting grease everywhere, can we?" but Neil jokes, "People round here probably haven't seen it before!" Julie retorts, "Don't laugh - Charlie mightn't have!" Neil smiles, "I'd say you have, though." Julie says sarcastically, "Thanks a lot!" but Neil quickly explains that he meant she's down-to-earth, that's all; he doesn't know how she got in the social set there. Looking awkward, Julie quickly points out the bathroom and Neil heads in there. When he's gone, Spider warns his daughter not to mess things up; he's known Neil's sort before and she's wasting her time. Julie cries indignantly, "Dad!" Spider tells her to go straight back to Wayne and apologise, but Julie asks why she should apologise to him just because he wants to carry on like a spoilt little-- She breaks off before continuing, "First, we're going to have a coffee and then we'll go and find you a unit." She walks off and Spider murmurs, "Never listen to me, do you?"

Wayne sits down with Gordon in the lounge room in the main house, muttering as he does so that the wreck Julie bought was out on the street, broken down. Gordon asks him if he helped her get it started, but Wayne retorts that some bloke was giving her a hand - and Spider; he left them to it. Looking surprised, Gordon comments that for two people who are about to be married... Wayne sighs, "I know - we're having a few problems." He adds, "As soon as Spider goes, it'll calm down." Gordon asks him if he's sure and he replies, "Of course." Changing the subject, he then asks his father, "You haven't changed your mind about bringing Roland into the company?" Gordon points out that his money is invested with them, but Wayne retorts that it doesn't mean he has to be involved in running the show. At that moment, Beryl and Jim come in, and Gordon asks if they slept well. Jim smiles, "Like a log!" Gordon then asks him if he thought about that offer, and Jim replies that he's been talking to Beryl this morning: he'll take it. Wayne raises his eyebrows in annoyance as Gordon tells Jim, "I hoped you would." He then adds that Jim's timing is spot-on - there's a Directors' meeting today and he can join them. Beryl asks if Roland is coming. Gordon replies that he is, but Barbara's taking herself out for the morning. He adds that Caroline's coming too; it'll give everybody a chance to meet each other. Wayne sits there, looking annoyed.

David is standing in a public 'phone box at the side of a quiet road. He's talking to Leigh and telling her that Richard tried to buy him off but didn't get very far. He adds that he doesn't think they're going to have any more trouble. Leigh says she still doesn't feel safe, but David assures her that she'll be right - and Neil and Charlie are with her. Leigh asks him when he's getting there, and he tells her that it'll be sometime tonight. Leigh thanks him and tells him that she'll see him soon. The two of them hang up and David returns to his truck, not noticing the guy in a car parked on the other side of the road. The guy starts his car and follows David's truck...

Samantha is talking to Gordon on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment as Caroline emerges from her bedroom, looking delicate. Samantha tells Gordon that she's got to go, and Gordon replies that he'll be in touch. Samantha hangs up as Caroline sits down on the couch, slowly, a glass of tomato juice in her hand. Samantha, a broad grin on her face, asks her how much she remembers. Caroline, looking guilty, just asks, "When did he leave?" Samantha replies that it was a couple of hours ago. She then demands, "Why did you have to call me your sister?" Caroline murmurs, "I'm sorry. I didn't care last night. I just wanted to--" She breaks off as she suddenly clutches her hand to her head, which is clearly throbbing. She then tells Samantha that she's sorry - she won't make it a habit. Changing the subject, Samantha tells her mother that she's got a Board meeting today - but she told Gordon that she might be a bit late. Caroline thanks her, a rueful smile on her face.

Roland has arrived at Dural, and Wayne is standing by the front door with him. Looking at the folder under Roland's arm, Wayne comments sarcastically that it looks impressive. Roland assures him that they're just proposals. Wayne growls, "We are keen, aren't we? Trying hard to get in good with the boss?" Roland warns him, "I wouldn't joke too much if I were you, Wayne," but Wayne retorts, "And I wouldn't pretend that I was God's gift to the business world, either." Roland just asks, "Are you going to ask me in?" Wayne opens the door more fully, warning Roland as he does so, "Just remember: one mess-up and you'll be out." Roland retorts, "And you remember, in a company as large as ours, making it depends on performance, not on how loud you talk. Let's see who's still here at the Christmas party, huh?" He heads into the lounge room, leaving Wayne looking angry.

A while later, Roland, Wayne, Gordon, Beryl and Jim are sitting round the living room table. Roland has just finished speaking and Gordon thanks him, adding that his ideas are worth discussing. Roland replies that he thought he might as well throw them into the ring and see what people thought. Gordon, handing Jim a sheet of paper, asks him if he'd like to look them over, but Wayne mutters, "Don't embarrass the man, dad. He hasn't learnt the ropes yet." Jim insists angrily, "I can read, Wayne." Roland adds that it's alright - they're simple outlines. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Gordon says it will be Caroline. He asks Wayne to get it, and Wayne marches off, unhappily. When he's gone, Gordon explains to the other Board members, "Wayne's having a few personal problems at the moment. I know that's no excuse--" He breaks off as Roland chips in to assure him they understand.

Stephen is sitting with his feet up, watching television at the Woombai homestead. Fiona and Andy come in, and Fiona, looking surprised, laughs at Stephen that she thought he'd be in the office. Stephen smiles that he took the morning off - executive privilege! He then asks how Chandler was, and Fiona replies happily, "Just fine. Terry and Jill are getting on wonderfully - and you should see little Fee!" Andy adds, "She's grown about six inches and tries to talk, too!" Fiona laughs, "'Big Fifi', she calls me!" She sits down, adding that that's going to be changed very soon! Changing the subject, Stephen comments that he supposes she'll be getting back to Sydney very soon, and Fiona replies that she can't leave Irene holding the fort forever. Andy suddenly says he thought he might stay on in Woombai for a bit - pick up a job and see what happens. A look of surprise crosses Fiona's face. Stephen asks Andy about the disco business, but Andy tells him that he might give it a rest for a while; he feels like a change. He then asks if there are any openings for a general handyman, and Stephen tells him that he might be able to find something if he's sure he wants to stay on. Andy insists that he is. With that, he heads off to get an orange juice. When he's gone, Fiona mouths to Stephen, "It's Roland, I'm sure. Just doesn't want to face him." Stephen comments that that's understandable - and a bit of time on his own might be just what he needs. Fiona looks worried.

Caroline has joined the other Directors at the living room table at Dural. Gordon is saying that, next, he thought they'd look at Woombai: they've drawn-up plans for developing the entire complex and Stephen asked him to sound them out on what they thought about going ahead with it. Roland says he's in favour. Wayne, though, snaps, "I'm not. We haven't done a market analysis; there's been no environmental impact study..." Beryl interrupts and asks what that is, and Wayne explains that they decided on expansion to try and stop the abattoir; they rushed it through and the council rejected the idea. Gordon snaps, "Because, at the time, they preferred the abattoir. It's a different story now." Wayne cries that it's a half-baked idea; they'd be crazy to go ahead at the moment. Roland insists that the basic idea of expansion is a sound one, but Wayne retorts that they don't even know if people will go there. Roland points out that they're going there already, but Wayne retorts, "Not enough to justify it." Gordon chips in and asks Jim what he thinks and he replies that it looks fine to him. Wayne snaps at him that he hasn't even been to Woombai. Jim mutters that he was only giving a opinion, but Wayne rants, "Using what? The experience you've had? We're a million-dollar company, Jim, not Shonky Houses Limited." Jim, looking annoyed, stands up and snaps that he doesn't have to put up with this. He asks Wayne angrily who he thinks he is, and Wayne retorts, "Maybe you should have waited to see what Beryl thought?" Gordon snaps that that's enough, but Jim runs round the table, grabs Wayne's lapels and warns him that he's got it coming. Roland snaps at them to break it up. Looking upset, Caroline marches out of the room. Gordon orders his son to the study. Roland follows Caroline out to the hallway and offers to take her home, but she insists that she'll get a taxi. As he heads to the study, Gordon tells her that he'll call her later. Caroline cries at Roland that she just couldn't stand it: all that talk about Woombai... she couldn't stop thinking about Amanda. Roland suggests that they go somewhere and have a long chat about the good old days. They head out. Back in the living room, Jim snaps at Beryl, "What was I supposed to do? Sit there and cop it?" Beryl warns him angrily that he has to learn to control his temper. Jim retorts that that's what he's like, but Beryl snaps that that's no excuse. Jim, calming down, tells her that he took the job because she wanted him to, but maybe he shouldn't have. Beryl, though, retorts that of course he should have - it's a wonderful opportunity; she doesn't want him to quit. Jim asks, "What do you want, Beryl? Me and what I am or the suave company Director you're trying to turn me into? I can't be both." Putting on his jacket, he adds that he's going out for a while - and when he gets back, he'll need an answer.

A while later, Julie and Spider come in the front door, Spider saying to his daughter as they do so that the place will do him - he was just after a nice little place on the ground floor with a good bed. Julie tells him that she'll call the agent this afternoon. Spider heads off to the flat, saying he might put his feet up for a while. Julie heads into the lounge room, where Beryl is standing by the table, picking up files. Seeing the grim expression on her face, Julie asks what happened, and Beryl replies, "What hasn't? Wayne argued with everyone at the meeting, Caroline walked out and I had a blow-up with Jim." She adds that, sometimes, she doesn't know what to say to him - and he'll probably come home drunk again. Julie comments, "It was Wayne's fault you had the argument with Jim, wasn't it?" Beryl just replies carefully, "If you want to talk to Wayne, he's in the study with Gordon. I would suggest you knock first." Julie, though, asks grimly, "Why bother? Said everything I can."

Roland and Caroline are in the corridor at the boarding house and Caroline thanks Roland for the lovely time. Roland knocks on Irene's door and she opens it. He introduces Caroline to her and Irene invites them in. As they stand in the flat, Roland explains that Caroline is Amanda's mother. Irene looks surprised. Caroline tells her, "Yes. She wrote me a long letter once about Todd. I wanted to meet you; I hope you don't mind." Irene assures her that of course she doesn't. She then asks Roland how the meeting was, but he laughs bitterly, "Don't ask!" Irene tells them to take a seat and she'll put the kettle on. She then asks the two visitors if they'd like to stay for dinner, and they accept. Roland looks pleased.

Leigh is looking out of the window in the lounge room at Charlie's as Charlie sits on the couch. Neil comes in and tells her that David won't be there for hours yet, but she retorts that she was only looking - and Richard's not the type to give up. Charlie warns her that there's nothing she can do. Leigh just walks out, muttering that she's going to check on Shane. When she's gone, Charlie says to Neil that she hopes David can make her relax a bit. Changing the subject, she then tells Neil to sit down next to her: she needs a man! As Neil sits down, Charlie indicates the large book on her lap and explains that she's having a dress made up and she wants to make sure the design she chooses is appealing! Neil asks for a look and Charlie hands him some sheets of paper, adding as she does so that it's out of those two; Lisa has done such a wonderful job, she can't make up her mind! Neil takes the papers and then suddenly says, "Julie Webb's a nice girl. Is she going to marry that guy next door?" Looking surprised, Charlie replies that as far as she knows she is. She adds, "Strange girl, though." Neil mutters, "He doesn't sound too normal, either." Charlie, though, tells him, "Wayne? Oh, I think he's normal. A little devious, maybe, but normal." Neil hands her back the papers and says, "Go for the long one, Charlie. Leave a little room for imagination!"

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Gordon comes in. Wayne tells him that he's been reading Roland's proposals again and they're very good. Gordon just asks, "Is Jim back?" Wayne shakes his head. Gordon then asks him if he's spoken to Julie, but he retorts, "Nope." Gordon snaps, "The girl's been back for hours. I don't know what the hell's going on, but don't tell me it's Spider's fault; I know it's more than that." Wayne looks away, but Gordon yells, "For God's sake, have the decency to look at me when I'm talking to you." Wayne turns and stares at him. Gordon goes on, "You already know what I expect of you in business." Wayne retorts, "Business is business. I already said I'm sorry. Julie is my problem." Gordon tells him, "And we are going to discuss it. I watched you throw away your marriage to Amanda because of some damn juvenile sense of pride. I'm not going to sit back and let you do it again." Wayne stands up and snarls, "I bought Julie a brand new car and she traded it in for a pile of junk without even telling me. Who's being juvenile?" Gordon suggests, "Probably both of you." Wayne snaps, "Come off it." Gordon goes on, "Look, I don't give you much advice, but if you love that girl, you'd better start learning how to forgive, because the marriage won't last otherwise." He then asks, "Do you love her?" Wayne retorts, "Of course I do." Gordon demands, "Then what the hell does it matter what she drives? You must have realised how embarrassed she'd be receiving a $30,000 sports car. She's the sort of girl who likes to pay her own way as much as possible." Wayne snaps that she should have told him that she wanted to sell it, but Gordon snaps, "Forget about what she should have done. If you haven't got the heart to swallow your pride and be a little self-sacrificing occasionally, what do you expect in return?" Wayne just stands there. Gordon stands up and announces that he's got to get back to work. He adds that, if he were Wayne, he'd start doing a little bit of apologising. Wayne nods reluctantly and Gordon walks out.

Julie is sitting in the flat out the back when Spider comes in through the front door, a bag in his hand. Julie comments that she thought he was putting his feet up, but he tells her that he did for an hour or so then went down to the pub and got himself a couple of bottles to celebrate: it's not every day you get yourself a home unit. Julie suddenly blurts out, "Dad, I have to give the money back to Wayne." Spider stares at her as she goes on, "I'm sorry about the unit, but I've been thinking a lot about it and I can't marry him." Spider demands, "Why not?" Julie explains that she knows it seems all-of-a-sudden, but it's been on her mind for weeks. Spider asks what he's done, and Julie tells him, "He's just not the bloke I thought he was. Down in Melbourne, it was different: we were both poor and both lonely and we got on great." Spider suggests, "Now you're both rich - or will be. I don't see a problem." Julie, standing up, cries, "I don't belong here. We're St. Kilda and he's Toorak; it's a fact of life." Spider tells her, "The Hamiltons aren't snobs." Julie, though, insists that it could never work. She goes on, "We've argued the whole time. If we got married, it would only get worse. I love him, but I've decided. Sorry." With that, she tells her father to have a beer and she heads out.

Wayne is standing behind the bar in the main house, a glass of scotch in his hand. Julie comes in and he tells her that he was about to come and look for her. He asks her if she heard about the meeting and she nods. Wayne smiles grimly, "Gordy gave me heaps. I deserved it, too. We had a long talk - about a lot of things. It made me realise what a thickhead I've been." Julie starts to say, "Wayne--" but Wayne stops her, saying he wants to apologise. He goes on that he's sorry; he's been a louse; he doesn't know what got into him. Turning away, Julie tries to say, "About the wedding--" Wayne, though, interrupts her again and tells her that it's all organised; she doesn't have to worry about anything. He adds, "I can't wait until we start living together - I mean properly. I owe you so much. I'd be a wreck if you hadn't found me in Melbourne. I don't know why we started arguing. Once we're married and in our own home, we'll be right." Julie stares at him as he tells her, "I love you, Julie. I need you." She gives him a hug and he then asks her what she was going to say about the wedding. Julie, looking worried, murmurs, "Nothing. I love you, too..."

That night, Irene opens the door of her flat to find Fiona standing there. Looking delighted to see her, she invites her in and asks how Jill and Terry were. Fiona smiles that they were fine. She then acknowledges Roland and Caroline, who are sitting at the table. Irene invites her to sit down as well and she does so. Roland asks where Andy is and, looking slightly embarrassed, Fiona explains carefully that he got himself a job at Woombai. Roland murmurs, "I see..." Fiona then takes something out of her pocket and hands it to Caroline, explaining that Stephen found it a couple of days after she went. The item is a jewellery case, and Caroline opens it. A look of shock suddenly crosses her face, and Fiona asks what's wrong. Caroline murmurs, "Nothing. It's a pair of earrings. It's a present Stephen gave me when Amanda was born..." There's a nervous silence at the table. Caroline suddenly stands up and says she's got to go home. Roland offers to drive her, but she tells him that a taxi will do. Roland offers to come outside and flag one down. The two of them head out, and Fiona muses to Irene, "I put my foot in that one..." Irene, pouring her a glass of wine, points out that she wasn't to know." Fiona adds that she's just glad Roland is around. Irene agrees distantly, "Yes... he's, er, very good to her, isn't he...?"

Samantha opens the door of the Morrell apartment to find a blonde woman standing there. She asks, "Caroline Morrell?" but Samantha explains that she's Caroline's daughter, Samantha. The woman tells her, "I'm Eloise Treece. Is your mother at home?" Samantha replies that she isn't, and she asks if she can take a message. Eloise replies that it's very important that she talk to her, and she asks if she can wait. Samantha asks what it's about, but Eloise replies that she'd rather not say. Samantha asks her if she can't leave a number, but Eloise explains that she's not on the 'phone. She adds that it is very important, and so Samantha reluctantly invites her in, adding that she doesn't know how long Caroline will be. Eloise suddenly clasps her hands to her face and Samantha asks what's wrong. Eloise tells her, "Nothing." Samantha offers to get her an aspirin, but Eloise tells her, "No, I'm fine. It's only what I have to explain - it's never easy." Samantha looks at her.

David has arrived at Charlie's, and as Neil hands him a beer, Leigh cries, "What took you so long?" David points out that he only stopped once! Charlie laughs that Leigh has been waiting for him all afternoon - she thought Richard would beat her to it. Leigh tells him that Richard followed her to Melbourne; what's stopping him following her there? There's suddenly a knock on the door and Charlie goes to get it. As she does so, David tells Leigh that Richard can't follow her there - he's got to go to the Melbourne cops every day. Leigh reluctantly admits that she knows, but she still thinks-- She breaks off and muses that she's being a bit silly. Charlie calls from the door that it's only Spider, and the two of them come into the room. Charlie introduces him to David and Leigh and he sits down. Seeing the beer in David's hand, he adds that he could go a nice cold one! David and Leigh look at each other, bemused smiles on their faces!

The guy who was following David is in a public 'phone box, telling Richard that he was right: David drove straight to them. Richard asks, "Neil's there too?" and the man confirms, "Yep." Richard smiles nastily and replies, "Good..."

Samantha is sitting with Eloise Treece at the Morrell apartment when there's a noise at the front door. Samantha runs up to it, opens it and asks her mother to come outside for a minute. They head back out into the corridor, where Caroline asks her daughter what's got into her. Samantha explains that there's a woman inside who wants to see her; she couldn't get rid of her. Caroline asks what her name is, and Samantha explains, "Louise someone. You know her?" Caroline shakes her head and Samantha warns her, "She's rather weird." Caroline mutters that that's all she needs. With that, she heads into the apartment. Eloise stands up and introduces herself, adding that she apologises for intruding. Caroline demands, "What do you want?" Eloise tells her, "I have a message for you - from Amanda." A look of shock crosses Caroline's face.


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