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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Caroline asks Eloise nervously if she's seen Amanda, adding, "Where is she? Why hasn't she been in touch?" Eloise, though, explains that she hasn't seen her; she's communicated with her. She adds that she can assure Caroline that she's no crack. Caroline tells her that she doesn't have to apologise; she's talked to another clairvoyant and she's quite sure these things are possible. Eloise asks who that was, and Caroline explains that it was Desmond Bourke. Eloise replies that she's heard of him by reputation. She adds that, if he's helping, she doesn't need to bother Caroline. Caroline, however, explains that Bourke didn't come up with anything, and she asks what Amanda said. Eloise tells her that there are ethics in their profession; she shouldn't... poach on Mr. Bourke's territory. Caroline, though, insists that Mr. Bourke isn't working for her anymore, and she invites Eloise to take a seat and tell her what she knows. The two of them sit down. Eloise looks at Samantha and comments to her that she suspects she doesn't share her mother's trust. Samantha retorts, "Just Desmond. I don't know about you, just yet." Eloise muses, "Quite sensible. There are good and bad in every field. I hope I can satisfy you that I am genuine."

Neil joins Charlie in Charlie's lounge room and asks if Spider has gone. Charlie smiles that the two of them are alone! She indicates to him to sit down next to her, but he chooses the other couch instead! As he takes a seat, he comments that Spider seemed like a nice old codger. Charlie replies that he's an absolute pet, although she didn't think so at first; he was actually chasing her when he first arrived! She adds, "You have no idea what it's like being chased by someone old enough to be your father!" Neil muses, "Or mother..." Charlie asks, "Sorry, darling?" but Neil quickly replies, "Nothing!" He then asks her if Spider is still after her, but Charlie replies that they're just good friends. She adds that she's glad he popped over as he's quite a tonic. Neil picks up a magazine and starts reading it; the magazine, to Charlie's obvious disappointment, has a stunning young model on the front. She hesitates for a moment and then says, "He's Julie's father." Neil replies that it's hard to believe; she's so... He breaks off, and Charlie agrees, "She's quite sweet." She adds that Spider is worried about her: it looks like she might not go ahead with the wedding, and it would be dreadful if she didn't. Neil smiles, "Mmm... I suppose so..."

At the Morrell apartment, Eloise is gripping a scarf of Amanda's. Her eyes are closed and she's saying in a contorted voice, "I feel pain... darkness... it's very unclear... I see... no... it's a name... a man's name... something comforting... R... I think it's Ruben... no, no... Rufus... yes... Rufus..." She breaks off and why the name name 'Rufus' would be of comfort to Amanda. Looking impressed, Caroline explains that Rufus was a favourite teddy bear of Amanda's when she was a child; she used to cuddle it when she was upset or scared. Eloise goes on, "Especially during thunderstorms - she hated thunderstorms." Caroline confirms, "That's right!" Eloise asks Caroline if she has the bear. Caroline replies that it's tucked away somewhere, although she could rummage it out. She then asks Eloise if she's getting in contact with Amanda. Eloise tells her that she doesn't want to foster false hopes; she might just be picking up vibrations from the scarf. She adds that it's very difficult tonight; perhaps if she came back in the morning when she's fresh...? Standing up, Caroline tells her, "Whatever you think's best. As long as we do get in touch with her." Eloise assures her that she feels very strongly that they're going to. She then suggests she come back at 10:30am tomorrow. Caroline asks her if she needs a lift anywhere, but Eloise insists that she's fine. Caroline asks her about her fee, but Eloise tells her that whatever she wants to give, she'll accept. She goes, and Samantha asks her mother what she thinks. Caroline points out that she knew about Rufus. Samantha, though, asks why Amanda would be asking for a teddybear. Caroline suggests that perhaps it's some way of letting her know how scared she is; that she's willing to hang on to anything she can for comfort - even a childhood memory. Samantha warns her not to upset herself. Caroline realises, "You don't trust Eloise. Why?" Samantha looks down at the ground and explains, "Instinct. Desmond... there was no mumbo jumbo about him. He was straightforward." Caroline suggests that perhaps Eloise does what people expect her to. She adds, "I believe in instinct, too. She's going to help; I know she is."

The next morning, Julie is driving her beaten-up old car up down the driveway at Dural, towards the main road, when she comes across Neil walking up towards the house. She stops and he tells her that he thought he'd come across and see how the car was going. Julie smiles that she saved him the trouble! She then adds that she's going down the shops and he's welcome to come if he likes. Neil suggests that he can check out how it's driving, and Julie laughs that that's why she asked: if it conks out, he can push it or fix it! Neil walks round to the passenger side and gets in. Julie drives off. They don't notice the car - belonging to the guy following David - partially hidden by bushes at the side of the driveway...

Samantha is dialling a number on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment. Desmond Bourke answers and she asks him how he is. He replies that he's fine. He then asks her how she is, and she replies that she's worried, actually. She asks him if he's ever heard of an 'Eloise Treece', adding that she's turned up out of the woodwork, saying she can put them in touch with Amanda. Bourke asks, "One of my mob, is she?" Samantha explains that that's what she's not sure of; she's... well, she's not sure what Eloise is. Bourke tells her, "I haven't heard of her, but then I keep away from my sort. It's bad enough being like I am without comparing notes!" Samantha smiles and then asks him if he could do her a big favour: pop around at about 10:30am?; if he thinks she's genuine, she'll relax. Bourke hesitates and then says he'll try. Samantha suddenly hears a noise at the door and quickly says loudly to Bourke, "That's great! I'll see you, then. I'm glad you called. Bye!" She hangs up and tells her mother cheerfully that that was Desmond. She adds that she told him about Eloise and he'd like to meet her; he said he'd pop round. Her face dropping, Caroline says she hopes that's alright, as Eloise might feel uncomfortable around him. Samantha points out, "She shouldn't - if she's got nothing to hide." Caroline retorts, "Of course she doesn't have anything to hide. She's genuine. I know she is..."

Some swans are swimming on a pond in a park in Sydney. Eloise is standing on a small bridge that crosses the pond, throwing bits of bread into the water. Clive Redford wanders up to her and asks, "Well? Did she buy it?" Eloise replies, "Of course she did. She's as desperate as you said." Redford asks, "How much do you reckon you'll be able to get out of her?" Eloise, though, responds, "I can't be pushy. Her daughter's suspicious." Redford tells her to bone-up on Amanda's diary, then - win her over with highlights from the past. Eloise hands him a newspaper and tells him, "There's another one in there this morning - woman in Bondi; an American. She still thinks her husband's a prisoner in Vietnam. Shouldn't be too hard to track her down." Redford takes the paper and, looking at the picture with the article, comments, "Not a bad looker, either. Always makes it more fun..." Eloise tells him that she'll do a crash course in a few Vietnamese phrases; that, and any details he can rummage up from her apartment should do the job. She adds, "Cries from Outer Saigon..." Redford corrects, "Ho Chi Minh City." He then adds that she should just concentrate on outer Woombai; he doesn't want the groundwork wasted. Eloise assures him, "Don't worry - I've got her eating out of my hand."

Stephen is doing sit-ups in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead when Andy comes in and laughs, "Don't tell me you're worried about middle-age spread!" Stephen retorts that Andy can afford to be blasé about his stomach at his age. He stands up and Andy hands him a list of the guests, saying as he does so that there are a couple well worth keeping in trim for! Stephen, changing the subject, asks him if he's enjoying working there, and Andy replies that they're a nice mob of people; easy to get along with. Stephen tells him, that, now that he's settled in, he was thinking of asking Roland up for a couple of days; it might be a good chance for Andy to get to know him. Andy, though, retorts bluntly, "No thanks." Stephen comments that he thought Andy said working there wasn't a way of avoiding him. Andy retorts that he's trying to keep out of his way; so what? - it's his life. Stephen points out that Roland is tied-up with the company now; he's not going to go away. Andy snaps at him to give it a rest; Roland doesn't like him and he's pretty sure he wouldn't like Roland. He adds, "I was in a good mood when I came in. Thanks for nothing." With that, he storms out. Stephen returns to his exercises, stretching his arms down to his toes. Jenny suddenly comes in and, seeing what's going on, exclaims, "Oh, you've no idea how tempting it is to get my revenge for every woman who's ever had her bottom pinched!" Stephen smiles, "Don't go all women's lib on me!" Jenny laughs that Andy told her to come on in, but she had no idea what sights she was letting herself in for! Stephen retorts, "It's not all for you, you know. I've got to keep the old body looking good!" He then comments more seriously that he hasn't seen her for a couple of days. Jenny explains that she didn't want to 'swoop'. Stephen suggests that maybe he wants her to swoop, but Jenny tells him that it's always hard to know what another person's thinking. She wanders past him and then stands still in the middle of the room. Stephen suddenly suggests, "Well why don't we get engaged? That way, we and everybody else will know exactly what we're thinking." Jenny, though, looking dubious, says she thinks that's moving things a bit fast, and she suggests that they start with dinner tonight and a good long talk. Stephen asks, "Then?" Jenny smiles, "Who knows? Maybe I'll ask you to marry me?" Stephen takes her in his arms and says, "I know I'm all sweaty, but come here..." They start kissing passionately.

Samantha is standing with Desmond Bourke in the Morrell apartment as Caroline lets Eloise in. She introduces Bourke to Eloise, who tells him that his reputation precedes him. The two of them shake hands. Samantha tells Eloise that Bourke often gets flashes from shaking hands with people, adding that it's very unsettling, isn't it? Eloise just asks, "What is, dear?" Samantha explains, "That he can see things about you that nobody else can. Made me feel funny; I don't know about you." Eloise replies that she's used to such things. She then asks Bourke if there are any major revelations. Bourke, though, tells her that there's not a thing. He adds that he's not trying to catch her out; he's there out of genuine interest, and if she wants him to leave, he'll go. Eloise, though, tells him that she has nothing to hide - although Samantha still thinks she has. She then adds that she can feel things from touch, too. With that, she takes Samantha's hand. Samantha looks at Bourke. Eloise tells her, "I want to confirm something that came to me in the middle of the night." She starts panting heavily as she closes her eyes. She then murmurs, "You regret you fought with your sister the day before she disappeared. Amanda has the same regrets. It came to me in a message I received last night. She loves you and she misses you." She suddenly sits down, looking exhausted. Samantha stares at her in surprise.

The front door opens at Dural and Gordon comes in. Beryl comes downstairs and, looking disappointed, explains that she thought he might be Jim. Gordon asks if he isn't back yet and Beryl replies that he's been out all night. She adds bitterly that she thinks it's true what they say about being attracted to the same type. Gordon asks her what she means, and Beryl explains, "Jim and David: they're both the same. David didn't like me taking the initiative or making decisions for us and he'd run away from problems, too. I'm engaged to another David." Gordon asks if that's necessarily bad, and Beryl points out that she and David are divorced. She then announces that she's going to go over and see Fiona then come back and pack. Gordon asks her what she'll do if Jim's not back when she has to leave. Beryl retorts that it'll be up to him whether he follows her or not - and she's not quite sure if she wants him to. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Gordon goes to get it to find David standing on the step. As he comes in, he tells Gordon that he thought he'd pop-in and say hello before he went-- He breaks off as he suddenly spots Beryl standing there, and he asks her if she's up there on business. Beryl replies that she is. She then walks off, saying she has to call a cab. David turns to Gordon and, looking surprised, asks what he did wrong. Gordon explains, "Your timing's a bit unfortunate, that's all."

Eloise Treece sits down next to Clive Redford on a bench in the park. He asks, "So?" Eloise replies that she's not sure: she used the bear and she told Caroline that it gave her the feeling that Amanda was on the verge of getting through and she was happy to at least make that much progress. Redford asks her, "She give you anything?" Eloise replies, "$500." Redford asks her what she's worried about, then, and Eloise explains that there was another psychic there; she thinks he could be genuine. Redford asks in amusement, "You're not starting to believe your own gobbledegook, are you? None of you are genuine." He then asks about Samantha, and Eloise tells him that the fact that she knew about the argument convinced the girl; she only hopes that they don't twig that the diary has gone. Redford suggests that she'll have to work fast, then. He adds that it'll be OK.

David finishes a beer at the bar at Dural. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and David comments to Gordon that it sounds like he's got more visitors, so he'd better be off. Gordon tells him him not to be silly, adding that he probably knows them anyway. David, though, explains that he'd better make a move as he wants to see Fiona. Gordon says to him that if Beryl's still there, he's not to let her know that he told him about Jim - she's still a bit sensitive. He opens the door and Caroline, Samantha and Desmond Bourke come in. Gordon introduces the three of them to David, who tells Caroline that he's sorry about Amanda. He then shakes Bourke's hand. Bourke suddenly stares at him in shock. David asks him if he's alright, but Bourke pauses before replying that he's fine. David says he's sorry to have to run, and he goes. Gordon shakes Bourke's hand and then invites everyone in. As they head into the lounge room, Caroline explains that Barbara was very keen to meet Desmond, so they thought they'd bring him along as soon as they had the chance. Gordon tells her that Barbara is out at the moment, but she shouldn't be long. He then asks Caroline if she's bearing up, and she replies that she's starting to. She adds that she's met a lady who might help to find Amanda. She then goes on that she's sorry about her behaviour yesterday. Gordon assures her that she understands. A few feet behind them, Samantha comments to Bourke that David was right: he looks terrible. Bourke tells her, "I may be wrong, but... No, forget about it. I was probably just imagining things." Samantha stares at him.

A short time later, Caroline, Bourke, Samantha and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room, and Caroline is telling Gordon that Samantha was sceptical about Eloise at the start, but even she's been won over; Eloise has definitely got some sort of power. Gordon asks Bourke how he feels about it, but Bourke is staring into space, and Gordon has to call again, "Desmond?" before he comes-to. He looks at Gordon, who asks him if he trusts Mrs. Treece. Bourke replies that she puts on a bit of a show, but to each their own way... Gordon muses, "Eloise Treece. The name's a bit much, isn't it?!" Caroline tells him, "She can be called Moonshine Spirit Talker for all I care! As long as she gets results." Bourke suddenly says, "The fellow who was here earlier: David." Gordon asks, "What about him?" Bourke, looking concerned, asks, "Does he ever drive a truck?" Gordon laughs that he does it for a living; why? Bourke says he has to talk to him. Caroline asks why, and Bourke explains hesitantly, "I... when I shook his hand... I felt something... Every time these things happen, I want them to go away. I'm the ultimate busybody, sticking my nose into things that haven't even happened yet. I have to see David Palmer. I think he's in a lot of danger."

A short while later, a taxi is heading down the driveway with Desmond Bourke in the front passenger seat and Caroline and Samantha sitting in the back. They pass Julie's car coming the other way, and Neil, in the passenger seat, laughs that he wonders where the fire is! Julie pulls her car to a stop to let him out, and he more seriously thanks her for a beaut morning. Julie smiles, "Thankyou. The amount I bought, I would have been in trouble if you hadn't been there to carry it!" Neil tells her that he's back off to Melbourne later, so he reckons this is goodbye. He pauses before continuing, "It's probably none of my business but I've been waiting to say it all morning - and I'm going to. I heard you called off the wedding. Good on you. Stick to your guns." Julie, looking shocked, asks, "Who told you I called it off?" Neil explains that her dad told Charlie. Julie cries, "He shouldn't have. I changed my mind. It's back on again." Neil tells her that she's too good for a creep like Wayne, but Julie snaps, "It's none of your business. You don't even know him." With that, Neil gets out of the car and Julie heads off up the driveway. The car being driven by the guy working for Richard is still parked in the bushes. Neil watches Julie drive off, but she suddenly stops a bit further up the driveway and, getting out of the vehicle, calls back, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't take it out on you. Have a nice trip, Neil. You're a nice bloke." She then gets back in her car.

At Woombai, Stephen is talking on the 'phone to Jenny, and he tells her that he'll meet her there. Jenny, though, tells him that she can't put him out; it was good enough him arranging the 'plane for her. Stephen, however, insists that she'll need the support, and he tells her that he'll meet her at the airstrip in an hour. He then adds that she should go and pack. He mouths, "I love you," and hangs up. He immediately starts dialling another number. As he does so, Andy calls across from the table where he's sitting to ask what's wrong. Stephen explains, "Jenny's stepson tried to commit suicide. She's going to Sydney to be with him." Andy comments that he didn't even know she had a stepson, and Stephen explains, "It's Colin, her late husband's son. He's at uni - must be exam pressure or something." Andy suggests that Jenny's ex must have been a lot older than her if their son's at university. Stephen replies, "Yeah, he was. Ten years. His first wife died." His telephone call is answered by a guy saying, "Woombai airstrip." Stephen explains that it's him, adding that he needs to charter a 'plane; it's urgent.

In Irene's flat at the boarding house, Fiona is telling Beryl and David a story about Bunty and Thel, and everyone bursts into laughter. Beryl tells Fiona that she's glad she came round, as it's been a real pick-me-up. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and David calls to Irene that he'll get it. Fiona tells him that it'll be Roland - Irene asked him for lunch, too. David opens the door, but finds Desmond Bourke standing there. He immediately says, "David. I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but I've got to talk to you." David asks what the problem is. Bourke replies, "Please believe what I'm going to say - it's terribly important you do. When I shook your hand, back at the house, I felt something. I felt death. People are going to die if you drive your truck back to Melbourne." David stares at him in disbelief.


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