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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Neil is approaching the country house as Richard walks to his car, carrying Shane. He joins Richard as he puts the child on the back seat and comments to him that he wondered if it was him. Richard mutters that he decided it would be better if he did him himself. Neil retorts that Leigh told him she wouldn't give Shane up in a million years, but Richard snaps that she did, didn't she? Neil asks him suspiciously how he did it, but Richard just retorts that there were no problems; he even got it in writing. A scream suddenly pierces the air, and Neil looks at Richard and asks what's going on. Richard mutters, "Don't ask me," and he gets into his car. Neil runs off towards the house. He suddenly spots the thugs attacking Leigh and lunges for them, but they grab him and start laying into him. Richard drives off, but in his haste, he finds himself on the wrong side of the road, and he skids as David's truck comes towards him. Both vehicles stop, and the two men stare at each other. Spotting Shane in the back, and realising what's going on, David quickly pulls off and heads for the house. Meanwhile, just outside the back door, the thugs are still laying into Neil. One of them comments to another one that he's tougher than they thought - not that it'll do him much good. Out the front, David pulls up in his truck and Leigh runs over to him and cries that Richard has Shane. David says he'll call the police. Leigh adds that Neil needs help round the back: the thugs are going to kill him. Neil is lying on ground, half unconscious. David walks round to the back of the house, and, picking up a nearby plank of wood snaps at the thugs that that's enough. Indicating Neil, one of the thugs demands, "You want to end up like this bloke?" David just retorts that they try him and they'll end up with a broken head. One of the thugs, suddenly looking nervous, says they were only mucking around. Leigh runs up to David and cries out in shock, "Neil..." as she sees him lying on the ground. The thugs take the opportunity of the distraction to push past the two of them and run off. David throws the wood down on the ground in disgust. Leigh bends over Neil and strokes his head, sobbing as she does so. David asks him gently if he's OK. He just murmurs, "Mmm." David heads off to call the police.

A while later, a police officer is in the kitchen, making notes of Richard's offer of $10,000 a year for the next five years. Leigh cries that it's something like that; she doesn't remember, exactly. David asks if there's any way Richard can make that paper legal, but the police officer assures him that Leigh was forced to sign it; there's not a court in the country would let Richard keep the baby. Leigh cries that Richard has already got Shane, but the policeman tells her that they put out an an APB on Richard as soon as they got David's call; he won't get out of the State. With that, he adds that he'll let them know when they catch him and he goes. Leigh cries that she wishes she knew where Richard and Shane were.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Spider is walking round holding an ice pack to his head. There's suddenly a knock at the door, but Spider groans that he's not in! The knocking is repeated and he goes and opens it to find a cheery-looking Charlie standing there. She immediately asks him what the pack's for, but he replies that he's just feeling off-colour. Charlie asks if she can help, but Spider, sitting down, says he'd rather be on his own. Charlie tells him that he needs company - especially if he's sick - and after the fuss yesterday over those stories... Spider mutters that his own daughter made a fool of him. Charlie agrees that it was rather tactless of Julie, but she adds that they shouldn't let it affect their friendship. Changing the subject, she then reveals that she has a surprise. Spider repeats that he'd rather be on his own, but Charlie says she'll leave it anyway - and she puts a bottle of vintage scotch down on the table, explaining that it's been gathering dust at her place for years. Spider groans her that he couldn't face it at the moment; he'll look at it later. Charlie leaves him to it and goes. As soon as the door closes, Spider looks at the bottle, picks it up, opens it and sniffs the contents!

In the lounge room in the main house, Wayne is telling Julie that everyone's entitled to wipe themselves out once in a while. Julie mutters, "Once in a while." Wayne points out that the poor bloke has probably got a king-sized hangover; it's justice. Julie, though, retorts that, as far as she's concerned, it serves him right if he wants to drink himself stupid. Wayne points out that he's not going to change his ways now. Calming down, Julie admits that sometimes she's too hard on him because he's her father; he's a lonely old man, really. Looking bemused, Wayne comments that he's said it before, but he still doesn't understand: one minute she's coming down on Spider like a ton of bricks and the next minute, she's apologising for being too hard on him. Julie admits that she supposes he hasn't been too bad lately. Wayne suggests that everyone deserves a break, and he adds that his was finding her. They hug and Wayne then looks at his watch and says he'll be late for his appointment. Julie smiles that he'll have to take along a note, then! They start kissing, passionately!

Richard's car is at a petrol station, and an attendant is filling it up. Shane is crying on the back seat and Richard is trying to calm him down, telling him that it's not long now - he'll have a whole new life; anything he wants. Shane refuses to stop crying though, and Richard suddenly snaps at him, "Cut it out, will you?" At that moment, a police car pulls into the petrol station and the officer in the driver's seat stares at Richard and then starts speaking into his radio. Looking worried, Richard gets out of the back seat of his car and tells the attendant that he's put enough in the tank. He hands over some money and demands his keys back. The attendant goes to get the change, but Richard gets back in the car, tells Shane to hold on, and then speeds away. The attendant comes back out of his kiosk with his change, but it's too late: Richard has gone.

A few moments later, the police car is chasing Richard's car down the road, its siren blaring. It goes to overtake him, and he's forced to pull into the kerb. The policeman gets out of his car and walks over to Richard's vehicle. Richard turns and looks at Shane sitting in the back seat...

A while later, at the country house, a policewoman hands Shane back to Leigh and she smiles at her son that they were so worried. A policeman tells her that they've charged Crampton - and they even threw in couple of dangerous driving raps. David comments that that will keep him out of the way for a while, but the policeman says he's afraid there's every chance he'll be out on bail by the end of the day. David angrily points out that Richard ran off with Shane, but the policeman points out that it's Leigh's word against Crampton's that he's behind the set-up, and it won't be easy convincing a magistrate to refuse bail; not when he's brought in one of the best lawyers in the country. Leigh cries grimly that the first thing he'll do is try again, but the police officer assures her that they'll be watching him pretty closely; nothing will happen. He and his colleague head off, and Leigh cries at David that she can't believe they're letting him go. David tells her that she and Shane should stay at Charlie's for a while - just to be on the safe side. Neil asks who Charlie is, and David replies, "A friend of ours." Neil comments, "Right. The sooner the better, if he's getting out today." David tells him that he won't be leaving until the morning, but a worried Leigh asks if they can fly up this afternoon, and David tells her, "Sure. I'll cancel the load." Neil, though, suddenly offers to go with Leigh, adding that David said himself that he needed that load to meet the bills. David asks Leigh what she thinks. Neil assures her that he's no longer in with Richard. Leigh smiles gratefully, "OK."

The bottle of vintage scotch is sitting on the table in the flat at Dural. Spider is sitting there, an empty glass in his hand. Julie comes in, and Spider remarks that he didn't think she had time for him anymore. Julie replies that she's sorry - she shouldn't have said anything. Spider, indicating the scotch, murmurs that it's nice stuff - it helps a man forget. He adds that Charlie brought it over - it doesn't seem to bother her that he's a fake. Julie tells him that she knows she was wrong and she's trying to apologise - but it's just not working out with him being there; she and Wayne have had nothing but hassles ever since he arrived. Spider mutters, "So I am getting in the way?" Julie goes on that she knows he's trying to help, but things always seem to go wrong. She then suggests that maybe he should go back to Melbourne and his friends in Sunnyville. Spider tells her that he's lost his place there; he'd be right on the end of the list again; he checked. He then adds that, besides, a man in his twilight years wants to be with his own flesh and blood, not a bunch of old fogeys. He points out that they always used to get on alright, but Julie tells him that it's hard with them both in the one house. Spider suggests that he could get a unit close by. Julie points out that they can't afford a unit, but Spider retorts that Wayne could; he bought her that fancy car without batting an eyelid. Julie snaps that she's not going begging for money, not even from Wayne. Spider suggests that maybe she'd like to see her old dad on the streets, then...? Julie sighs heavily and then mutters, "Alright, I'll try - but I can't promise anything, and don't go getting your hopes up."

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha is sitting painting her toenails when there's a knock at the door. She gets up to answer it and finds Barbara standing there. She apologises for just popping in, explaining that she was just doing some shopping and thought she'd come and see how Samantha was. They go and sit down and Samantha says she's sorry they haven't been in touch: everything's become so drawn-out, and things are getting worse rather than better. Barbara asks how Caroline's coping, and Samantha replies that she seemed OK until one of Amanda's schoolfriends turned up out of the blue and she had to explain what happened. Barbara asks if it would be useful if she had a chat talked to Caroline, and Samantha replies that she reckons a good friendly shoulder's pretty much what she needs. Barbara smiles that she'll try. Samantha offers her a cup of coffee and Barbara accepts. Samantha goes to get it, but at that moment, Caroline emerges from her bedroom, all dressed up, and starts to say cheerily, "Samantha, darling, have you seen--?" She breaks off as she spots Barbara sitting there. She and Samantha stare at her in shock, and Barbara explains that she was just passing and thought she'd say hello. Caroline smiles, "What a shame. I'm sorry that I can't stay." Sam, looking concerned, asks her where she's going, and she replies, "Out - to have some fun for a change." Samantha gasps, "In the middle of the afternoon? Dressed like that?" Caroline replies that she might need some time to warm up; she might have forgotten how to enjoy herself! Samantha warns, "Mum..." but Caroline tells her that she really hasn't got time to talk, and she asks her daughter if she's seen her front door keys anywhere. Samantha points them out for her and she goes and picks them up. She then tells her daughter that she'll see her later, and she apologises to Barbara for not having time for a chat. With that, she heads out. Samantha sits down, looking astonished. Barbara looks equally taken aback!

Leigh has arrived at Charlie's, and as the two of them head into the lounge room - Leigh carrying Shane - Charlie tells her that she doesn't have to worry about a thing: David rang and explained the entire situation and she insisted that Leigh stay up there for as long as she likes. Leigh replies that they appreciate it. Neil follows them in and asks where to put the bags. Charlie stares at him and Leigh introduces the two of them to each other. Charlie, noticing the cuts on his face, sympathises, "Oh my, you have been in the wars..." Neil insists that it's nothing. Leigh, though, tells Charlie that if it wasn't for Neil and David, she would have lost Shane for sure. Charlie comments, "Well, well, a hero to boot. Oh, now I am impressed!"

Julie is sitting with her father in the flat at Dural, telling him that she's organised enough money for a deposit on a unit, and they'll start looking tomorrow, if he's sober. Spider asks her how she got it, but Julie retorts, "Never mind - just make sure that you don't do any more drinking." Spider assures her that he won't touch a drop. Julie then stands up and tells him to sleep tight. Spider stands up as well and, giving his daughter a hug, smiles that she's a blessing to his old heart. Wayne suddenly comes in and, seeing what's going on, comments that he thought they were never going to make up! Spider starts to say, "Done me proud, she has: buying me a--" Julie suddenly interrupts him, though, asking Wayne hurriedly, "Er... everything go OK?" Wayne replies that it took a bit longer than he expected, but they got it settled. He then adds that he Spider and Julie they must have had a visitor, as there's a beat-up old car out the front and none of his friends would drive it. Julie quickly asks him if she can talk to him outside, as there's something she's got to tell him...

Barbara is coming downstairs in the main house and can overhear Wayne yelling at Julie in the hallway that he didn't give her a brand new car so that she could swap it for a twenty-year-old rust bucket. Julie retorts that she didn't ask him for it in the first place; he said there were 'no strings attached'. Barbara murmurs to them, "It's a lovely evening," but Wayne growls, "You reckon?" Julie tells her that it's nothing. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to get it. Wayne and Julie head into the lounge room, where Wayne snaps at Julie that she still hasn't told him why the hell she did it. Julie retorts that it didn't suit her. Wayne points out that no one trades in a new car for a bomb that won't pass its next rego just because it doesn't suit them; it's insane. Julie hesitates and then admits, "Alright. I sold it to put a deposit on a unit for dad." Looking aghast, Wayne asks, "What?" Julie explains, "A unit. So he doesn't have to live with us. As much as I love him, it would just wreck things if he stays here." Wayne growls, "Why didn't you tell me? I could have bought an apartment. Of all the stupid things to do..." Julie yells back, "Of course it's stupid to you: your way of solving problems is simple: you just give everybody handouts. The thought that I could actually do something for myself for a change hasn't even occurred to you, has it?" Wayne stares at her. Out in the hallway, Barbara is talking on the 'phone to Samantha, and she asks, "She's not back yet?" Samantha suggests that maybe she's worrying too much. Barbara points out that it's still quite early, and Samantha says, "I hope so..." She suddenly hears the front door of the Morrell apartment opening and she looks round. Caroline comes in and waves at her daughter, and Samantha tells Barbara, "Here she is now. Thanks for being a patient listener. Bye." She hangs up and looks back at the front door - where Caroline is just escorting a man into the apartment. She slurs, "Samantha, darling, I'd like you to meet--" She breaks off and then asks him, "What was your name again?!" The man tells her, "Clive." Caroline smiles at Samantha, "Clive Redford - 'Robert' for short!" She then introduces to him, "Samantha - my younger, er, sister!" Bursting into giggles, she tells her daughter that Clive has been cheering her up. The two of them kiss. Samantha offers her mother and Clive some coffee, but Caroline tells her that, actually, they brought a bottle home. Holding it up, Clive tells Samantha, "'78 Pinot Noir. Best red there is!" Taking the bottle from him, Caroline giggles, "I just can't wait to try it!" With that, she leads Clive towards her bedroom, wishing Samantha, "Oh - goodnight!" as she goes. Samantha stands there, looking gobsmacked!

The next morning at Charlie's, Leigh is sorting out Shane in his playpen. Neil is with her and he comments to her that Charlie comes on pretty strong, doesn't she?! Leigh tells him that he'll get used to it. Changing the subject, Neil says he'll go and look for the paper, and he heads out. Leigh pleads with Shane to play with his toys, not throw them out again!

Halfway down the driveway at Dural, Julie and Spider are poring over the engine of Julie's car. Spider asks his daughter if she's got any ideas, but she points out indignantly that she's not a mechanic. Spider suggests that they could try a clutch start, and Julie concedes that it's better than standing around. He goes to get into the driver's seat and tells Julie to push, adding that she can't expect a man with a crook arm to push a car! Julie shakes her head in bemusement! She walks round to the rear of the vehicle and tries to push, but the car refuses to move. Spider tells her to put her back into it! Julie asks if the brake's off, and Spider tells her that of course it is. She then asks if the clutch is in, and Spider repeats, "Of course I've got the clutch--" He then looks down at the pedals and admits, "Oh, sorry!" Julie sighs heavily. Neil suddenly approaches them and asks if they need some help. Spider tells him, "No thanks," but Julie asks him if knows about cars. He replies, "A little." Julie explains that they don't know what's wrong with it, and Neil suggests that he have a look. He walks round to the engine and Julie asks him if he thinks he can work out what's wrong with it. Neil replies that it's hard to say. At that moment, Wayne pulls up next to them in his car, and says sarcastically, "Don't tell me, it's broken down?" Julie asks, "How'd you guess?" Neil tells her that he reckons he can have it up-and-running in no time. Wayne asks him sourly who he is: the NRMA? Neil, though, replies that he's just lending a hand. Wayne retorts, "Yeah, I bet." Julie mutters, "It's more than what you're doing." Wayne mutters that he's got to go to the doctor's, and he adds that he'll bring her back a rubber band! With that, he drives off. When he's gone, Neil asks Julie, "Who's the creep?" Julie hesitantly replies, "Um... my fiancé!" Neil says he's sorry; he didn't mean anything. Julie, though, assures him that she knows exactly what he means and she couldn't agree more. Neil suggests, "Let's get your car back on the road, eh?"

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha is sipping from a mug of tea when Clive emerges from Caroline's room. He tells Samantha that he knows what she must be thinking, and Samantha agrees, "It's not very complimentary, I can assure you." Clive explains that Caroline needed someone to talk to last night - an outsider - and he guesses he was nearest at the time. Samantha retorts that what she saw didn't look much like a conversation! Clive tells her that he wouldn't have thought wanting to be with someone was a crime - not after what she's been through. He then adds that it probably sounds corny, but he's not the type to walk away from someone who needs a shoulder. Samantha explains that she's just worried about Caroline, that's all - she's not herself. Clive assures her that that's OK. He then goes on that he won't be hassling her; he did leave his 'phone number, and if she wants to call, she's welcome to. He then looks at his watch and suggests that it's time he was leaving. Samantha goes and opens the door for him, telling him that she'll see him later. He heads out and Samantha closes the door behind him. Out in the corridor, Clive takes out a book and looks at some papers inside...

David is packing his bag in the kitchen at the country house when he turns round and finds Richard standing in the doorway. He demands, "What the hell do you want?" Richard retorts that he wants to see Leigh, about his son. David, though, snaps that she doesn't want to see him, and he orders him to turn around and get out while he's still in one piece. Richard soothes, "OK, take it easy. Shane's my kid too, you know. It's only natural I want him with me." He picks up a toy that's lying on the table and, looking at it, adds, "It could be worth quite a bit to someone who helped me organise it..." David, looking furious, pushes him up against the wall and snaps, "I'm not going to stand around while someone's offering to buy my own grandson." Looking surprised, Richard repeats, "Grandson?" David snaps, "Yeah. Now get off the property," and he pushes Richard towards the back door. Richard, glaring at him, growls, "You'll be sorry you didn't take the opportunity when you had it, Palmer. Very sorry." With that, he walks out, leaving David looking annoyed.


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