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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Jenny is sitting with the mortgage papers in her hand when Stephen comes back in. She asks if Caroline and Samantha have gone and Stephen nods. He then tells her that he's going to miss Samantha. Jenny asks, "Only Samantha...?" She quickly adds that she does understand. Stephen muses sadly that he always knew it wouldn't work... Changing the subject, Jenny looks at the mortgage papers and remarks that it's so much money. She adds that she'll pay it back as soon as she can. She then comments that Caroline must be very insecure, and Stephen agrees, "She is." Jenny goes on that it's a pity because she's sure that, deep inside, there's a nice person trying to get out. She then announces that she'd better be off. She stands up, but Stephen tells her that she doesn't have to go; he could do with some company...

Beryl is sitting with Jim at the living room table at Dural. Jim asks if Wayne has gone out, and Beryl replies that he's out with Julie. Over in the lounge room area, Barbara sits down next to Gordon and tells him that she's been thinking: she's got to go and talk to Roland at some stage, so she thought she might as well go this morning. Gordon agrees that it's better to face it as soon as possible, and he tells her to take care. She goes. Gordon then goes and joins Beryl and Jim and comments that it's been rough on Barbara. Changing the subject, he remarks to Jim that Beryl told him that he used to manage a construction company. Jim explains that it was in Queensland; it wasn't that big an operation... Gordon continues that he needs someone to run their Melbourne branch when they open, and he suggests the two of them discuss things in the study. Jim, though, assures Gordon sharply that they can talk about things in front of Beryl - she is a Director, after all...

Roland and Irene are having lunch in Roland's bedsit. Irene finishes telling Roland a joke, and they are laughing heartily when Barbara arrives outside the front door. She pauses and listens, before knocking on the door. Roland answers it, and he looks surprised when he sees who's standing there. He invites her in and she tells Irene that it's nice to see her. Roland asks her about her trip and she tells him that she and Gordon had a very nice time. He comments that everything is working out for her, and Barbara agrees quietly that it is. Irene, taking the hint that they want to be alone, says she'll pop across to her place to make some coffee, and she gets up and leaves. Barbara takes her seat at the table and she then asks Roland how he is. He replies that he's fine. Barbara goes on that she thought about him on the trip – about how he was. Roland comments that it's taken a while but he's managing to accept her... He breaks off before going on that, actually, it's taking a lot longer than he thought, but he's getting there. Barbara remarks that he and Irene seem to be getting on very well... Roland responds that he's a little jealous of Gordon, too... Barbara replies wryly, "Touché!"

Leigh - who's holding Shane - David and Neil are having lunch in the kitchen at the country house. David tells Neil that they struck a good couple of blows this morning; an extra pair of hands makes all the difference. He then goes on that he has to go on a run this afternoon, and he asks Neil how he feels about staying on another week. Neil smiles, "No worries!" David takes out his wallet and, handing over some notes, tells Neil that it's his money for the last couple of weeks. Neil laughs that he might go mad with it and buy one of those clock radios with a tape recorder built in! Leigh chips in that she's been looking at those, but she has fat chance of getting one. She then takes Shane off to clean him up. When she's out of earshot, David warns Neil that he wouldn't talk about money in front of Leigh - it makes her a bit 'restless'. He adds that Leigh's always had a problem where money's concerned: she reckons Richard wouldn't have got away with it if she'd come from a family with money. He goes on that she's getting over it, but he still thinks she'd be conned into things if she thought there was a dollar in it. Neil asks what exactly happened between Leigh and Richard. David, though, replies that it's not important now – Neil should just watch what he says. With that, he heads out to get organised.

At the living room table at Dural, Gordon tells Jim that he thinks he's asked all the questions he needs to, and he thinks Jim would fit the job perfectly. He asks him if he's interested, but Jim replies that he wouldn't mind talking to Beryl first, so Gordon leaves them to it. When he's gone, Jim snaps to Beryl, "Regular little organiser, aren't you?" Looking taken aback, Beryl replies, "Sorry?" Jim goes on that he knows she set the whole thing up. Beryl tells him that she did mention it to Gordon, but there's no way he'd make an offer-- Jim, though, interrupts her and growls that Gordon only offered him the job because of her position, and he's not going to knock back a favour to one of his Directors. He adds bitterly, "And Wayne couldn't wait to rub it in: my wife-to-be organising a job for me behind my back." Beryl retorts that it wasn't behind his back, and she didn't do or say anything other than suggest to Gordon that he talked to Jim, because of his experience. Jim mutters that he can't see her stopping at that, and Beryl growls, "Thankyou very much." She then goes on that, regardless of how it happened, the job would be good for him: he'd finally have some responsibility and he'd be in Melbourne. Jim mutters that it's a way of trying to hold him down, is it? He then sighs that she's shown him one thing: that she reckons he can't do anything on his own. With that, he announces that he's off to the pub and he goes to storm out. Beryl calls after him to ask what she's going to say to Gordon, but Jim just retorts, "Whatever you like," and he goes.

A short time later, Beryl is telling Gordon that she's sorry, but Jim just wants more time to think about it. Gordon comments that that's very wise. Beryl then admits that, actually, Wayne told Jim about her suggesting him for the job, and Jim was very upset about it. Looking disappointed, Gordon snaps that Wayne should have known damn well better, and he adds that Jim would be a very good manager. Beryl says she agrees and she's very pleased to hear him say it; she hopes they can convince Jim of that. Gordon tells her that he'll have a word with Jim when he comes back and assure him that they made the offer for the right reasons. Beryl thanks him.

Neil is alone with Leigh in the kitchen at the country house, and he comments that it would be great to win a really big tab: you could buy whatever you wanted; not wonder where your next dollar's coming from... Leigh smiles that she knows what she'd do: she'd travel - keep going and stay in the best hotels. Neil tells her that one of the best things about being rich would be what it could do for you: if somebody was trying to get at you, with that much cash nobody would ever be able to come near you. Leigh mutters, "Don't I know it. The rich treat you like dirt and there's nothing you can do about it. If I was rich, no one would touch me." Neil suggests that it would be worth giving up a hell of a lot, he reckons, to get that sort of power. Leigh tells him that she used to go out with a guy who was rich, and Neil asks if that was Richard. Leigh confirms, "Uh huh." Neil asks her what he did to her, adding that if she doesn't want to say... Leigh, though, replies that she couldn't talk about it for a long time but it's amazing how time can change things. She then explains that she was stupid: she was in love with Richard and she got pregnant; he didn't want to know, so he got some of the local boys to rape her so that she couldn't accuse him of being the father. A shocked look crosses Neil's face, and he murmurs, "You're kidding..." Leigh adds that she's over it now; things are finally looking up and she has David and Shane to care for now. Changing the subject, she announces that she's going to take Shane for a walk, and she heads off to get him from his bedroom. In the kitchen, Neil goes to the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end rings, STD pips sound, and Richard answers. Neil says it's him. Richard asks him what he's got, and Neil replies that Leigh is about as ready as she's going to be. Richard suggests that it's time to go ahead with it, then. Neil goes on angrily that he knows about the rape, adding that if he'd known before... Richard, though, retorts, "It's got nothing to do with you, Neil. You just do what you're being paid for." Neil warns him that he doesn't think Leigh will go along with it. Richard, though, retorts that she'd better or he'll be down there himself for sure...

A short time later, Neil is sitting outside just outside the kitchen door when Leigh comes out and joins him. Looking at the glum expression on his face, she asks what's up. Neil explains that there's something he has to talk to her about. He then goes on that he knows about this couple in Queensland who can't have children of their own and who are too old to adopt: they're willing to pay for a baby; they'd probably go as high as $50,000, especially for a kid like Shane. Leigh looks at him in shock as he asks her what she reckons: would she sign Shane over?

A few moments later, Neil is assuring Leigh that Shane would have a good home and she'd have all the money she'd ever wanted. Leigh asks him incredulously if he's serious, and he replies, "Absolutely." She then asks him where he met these people and how he knows them. Neil ignores the question and tells her to just take his word for it: the offer's for real. Leigh retorts that he can tell them 'no' - there's no way she's giving up her baby. Neil suggests that he could ask them for a bit more money, but Leigh cries, "No!" She goes on that, a while ago, she would have; she blamed Shane for what Richard had done, but that was stupid: Shane is hers and she loves him. There's silence for a few seconds, which Neil breaks by standing up and admitting, "I was lying." Looking taken aback, Leigh asks, "What?" Neil explains, "About the couple. It's Richard - he got me to offer you the money." Leigh suddenly lashes out and slaps his face. She then orders, "Get out. Just take your threats and get out. I don't want you anywhere near me." Neil murmurs that he's sorry and he walks off.

That evening, Barbara, Gordon and Beryl are sitting having dinner in the living room at Dural. Gordon looks at his watch and comments that it's getting a little late. Barbara says she's glad Julie's gone out, as she doesn't suppose she'd be too happy about the idea of her father spending the day in a pub. Beryl murmurs that she's not too happy at the thought of Jim being there, either. Barbara suggests that, with any luck, they'll meet up and Jim will keep the old boy out of trouble. Beryl, though, comments reluctantly that she wouldn't count on it. Barbara then goes on that, quite frankly, she doesn't think Julie's too keen on the wedding. She adds that she hopes she and Wayne can sort out any problems they've got; she'd be so good for him. At that moment, Jim staggers into the house, drunk. A look of shock crosses Beryl's face and she gets up and storms over to him, chastising, "Jim! Look at you!" Jim, though, slurs, "You should see Spider. I just carried him out to the flat - he's as drunk as a skunk!" Beryl retorts angrily that she doesn't think Spider could look any worse than he does. Jim mutters that he's entitled to have a few drinks; she made him look like a real idiot. Gordon chips in that Beryl was only doing what she thought was best for him, but Jim slurs, "Keep your opinions to yourself, thanks, mate." Beryl warns him angrily not to dare talk to her friends like that. Looking embarrassed, Barbara says she thinks she'll go and see about the main course and Gordon tells her that he'll give her a hand. They head off into the kitchen. Left alone with Jim, Beryl tells him that she might have done the wrong thing going behind his back, but the way he's carrying on is ridiculous. Looking away, she adds that she knows his pride's been hurt, but it's not the first time it's happened to anyone. She goes on that he said she made him look like an idiot, but she thinks he's done a pretty good job of that himself. She then continues that Barbara and Gordon happen to be very good friends of hers and she wanted them to get to know him and respect him, but, quite frankly, at the moment, she doesn't have much respect for him herself. She turns to face him again, but discovers that he's lying on the couch, fast asleep!

In the kitchen at the country house, Leigh tells Shane that it's time for bed. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Leigh answers it hesitantly. David comes on and tells her that he's just about to finish for the night. Leigh cries at him to get back there as quickly as she can, as she's frightened. David asks what the problem is, adding that Neil's with her. Leigh, though, cries, "He's working for Richard. They're after Shane. I told him to go." David points out that there's nothing Richard can do; he's got no legal rights. Leigh, though, cries that it wouldn't worry him if it's legal or not. David suggests that she call the police, but Leigh points out that Richard hasn't done anything. David sighs and tells her that he'll keep driving, make the deliveries and then head back - but he won't be home until mid-morning. He warns her to lock the doors and windows and not open them to anyone - and if anything happens, call the police straight away. Leigh says she will. They hang up. Leigh still looks worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara finishes a 'phone call and then asks Gordon if Beryl's coming down to finish dinner. Gordon, though, replies that she's too embarrassed - Jim passed out again in his bedroom. Changing the subject, the two of them sit back down at the table and Barbara tells Gordon that the caller was Caroline- she's in a bit of a mess, too. Gordon asks if it's Amanda, and Barbara replies that of course it is - although she's also split up with Stephen again; apparently, things were just starting to work out very well, but because of something stupid she did, it all fell apart. Gordon muses that he hates to say it, but Caroline does bring these things on herself. He then tells Barbara that he's glad he's still got her. Barbara replies that she admits that this morning was rather hard: when she saw Irene and Roland, she felt very jealous. Gordon assures her that he never expected her to stop feeling for her Roland totally, but he's got her and that's all that matters. Barbara tells him that there has been something on her mind: the money that Roland left her in his will is still invested in the company and she can't keep him waiting forever. Gordon says he'll to speak to Roland tomorrow.

The next morning, Leigh lifts Shane from his playpen in the kitchen at the country house and realises he's wet. She tells him that she'll have to get a dry nappy off the line and she goes to head outside - but when she opens the door, she finds Richard standing there. He snarls, "I knew you'd come out sooner or later. Useless me knocking." Leigh goes to push the door shut, but he barges in and stands there, staring at Shane. After a few seconds, he comments, "So that's why my son looks like..." Leigh cries, "Please Richard, no." Richard sarcastically tells Leigh that she's a real mother hen. He then adds that he won't waste time. Indicating some papers in his hand, he adds that all she has to do is sign them and she'll not only get the $50,000 he promised her, but another $10,000 a year for the next five years; he couldn't be fairer than that. Leigh cries, "If you think I'd even consider selling my son, you're mad." Richard retorts calmly that he's married now, but because of the little accident she arranged for him, he can't have any children – but he can have his son. Leigh snaps that that's what he thinks. Richard retorts, "You haven't got the right to keep him away--" Leigh interrupts and yells, "You didn't want to know about him before, so you can't expect to just turn up and take him away." Richard muses nastily, "I think I can change your mind..." Leigh, though, orders him to get out before she calls the police. Richard turns to go, but threatens as he does so, "I'll be in touch." He leaves, and Leigh slams the door shut.

Jim joins Barbara and Gordon at the breakfast table at Dural, and Barbara, staring at him, laughs that if he looks like that, what does Spider look like?! Gordon tells Jim that he wouldn't have offered him the job last night if he didn't think he could handle it. He adds that, certainly, Beryl suggested him, but he wanted to meet him first and he thinks he's the man for the job. He asks him if he's interested in taking it now. Jim replies that he'd still like some time to think about it, and he'd like to talk about it properly with Beryl first - if she'll still talk to him... Looking around and finding Beryl just coming into the room, Barbara murmurs that it looks like he's got his chance. Gordon says to Barbara that he'd better go over and see Roland, and the two of them leave the room. Beryl joins Jim at the table and he tells her that he's sorry. Beryl says she is too. Jim goes on that he knows she only meant to do the right thing; it doesn't mean he feels good about taking the job, but he won't go bats again. He then asks Beryl just not to push it; Gordon's let him have time to think and he'd like her to do the same. Beryl suggests that they just try to have a pleasant day together and forget all about the job. She adds, "Besides, I don't think you're capable of having a serious discussion at the moment!"

Roland opens the door of his bedsit to find Irene standing there. She hands him a newspaper and asks if she's allowed in. Roland smiles, "Of course." He then tells her that he was going to come over and see her: what say he takes her out for dinner tonight? Irene smiles that that would be great! Gordon appears in the doorway and apologises to Roland for 'phoning so early. Roland invites him in and Irene leaves them to it. Gordon tells Roland that he knows this can't be easy for him - he knows how he must feel about Barbara's decision - but he'd like to think they can still be friends. Roland replies, "Sure, sure..." The two of them sit down and Gordon explains, "The reason for the visit: obviously the money that you left Barbara is still yours. As you know, it's all tied up in the business. The company can do with the money - I won't deny that - but as an investment, it's very healthy. I was wondering how you'd feel about leaving it where it was and becoming a Director." Looking interested, Roland muses that it's going to take him a while to get back on his feet again - and he can't think of a better way to get started. Gordon smiles, "Good. Excellent."

David is on the 'phone to Leigh, calling from a public 'phone box, and he asks her if things are OK. Leigh replies that they're fine. David goes on that he's not too far from home now, and he was wondering if it would be alright if he stopped off at the depot on the way. Leigh replies that it should be; Richard did come earlier but she made him leave, and all the doors and windows are locked. David tells her that he'll be there shortly, and he adds that breakfast won't go astray! There's suddenly a knock on the front door at the country house, and David tells Leigh to find out who it is, but not to open it. She runs out to the hallway, but before she can say anything, she hears Richard's voice calling angrily, "Come on, Leigh, open up. I've got some friends who want to meet you." Leigh hurriedly closes the hallway door and then runs back to the ‘phone and tells David in a panicky voice that it's Richard and he's got someone with him. David quickly says he's coming and he hangs up. Richard calls out that they only want to talk - and if she doesn't open the door, they'll find some other way in. Leigh goes to the 'phone and starts dialling, but she suddenly realises that the line is dead and she hangs up. Richard calls out menacingly, "We're coming in whether you like it or not, Leigh." Leigh picks up Shane and heads out through the back door just as Richard comes into the kitchen through the hall door. He follows her through the back. As Leigh runs outside, though, she finds several thugs standing in the grounds, and a look of terror crosses her face. Richard approaches her and asks her nastily, "This bring back a few memories for you?" He then holds out the forms he had in his hand earlier and warns her that if she doesn't sign them, she's going to have a few more memories... He adds threateningly, "Just sign..." Standing there, looking terrified, Leigh sobs, "Alright, I'll do it. Just make them go - please..." Richard hands her a pen and she scrawls her name on the form, sobbing as she does so. She clutches Shane to her, but Richard then reaches out and takes him. He asks Leigh menacingly, "Do you think I could forgive what you did to me?" Turning to the thugs, he adds, "She's all yours," and he walks off. Terrified, Leigh cries, "No, Richard – please." As the thugs approach, she stands there sobbing fearfully.


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