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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Ogden glares at Andy and asks how the hell he'd know; he didn't have anything to do with it. Andy cocks the rifle and Ogden quickly insists that he swears he didn't. Andy warns him, "Don't think I won't shoot. I don't care what happens to me. I want to know the truth and that's all." Ogden pleads with him to put the gun down and they can talk about it reasonably. Andy retorts that he'll give Ogden until the count of five to tell him where Amanda is. Ogden insists that he doesn't know. Andy starts, "One... two..." Ogden warns him that if he fires the shotgun, he'll be up for murder. Andy ignores this and continues, "Three... four..." Ogden closes his eyes in panic and then admits, "It was Bill. Amanda overheard us talking. She found out the abattoir's a con, so he had to do something about it." Andy lowers the rifle and orders Ogden to sit down and keep going. Ogden does as he's told and continues, "He knocked her out and then he made me help him carry her to the car. Then he drove off; I don't know what happened after that." Andy aims the rifle at him again and asks if she's still alive. Ogden assures him that she is. Andy asks if he saw the direction they went in. Ogden replies that they turned back towards Woombai, but that could have been a bluff. Andy points the rifle a couple of inches from his head and warns, "If you know anymore and you don't--" Ogden turns to him and insists that he doesn't. Andy reluctantly accepts this and he calls to Samantha, who comes in. He asks her if she heard what Ogden said and Samantha confirms, "Yes." He then tells her to call the cops. Ogden stands and and protests, "Hang on," but Andy points the rifle at him again and he sits back down in silence.

A while later, Ogden is being led away from Woombai by the police as Andy, Stephen and Samantha watch. Samantha asks her father if he reckons Ogden told the police everything, but Stephen asks who knows. He then tells Andy that that was a damn fool thing to do; anything could have happened. Andy snaps that someone had to take a chance - and he hopes they put him away for years. Stephen, though, retorts that they can't - Ogden could say he was making it up to avoid being shot. Andy insists that he wasn't making it up. Samantha asks cautiously, "You wouldn't have shot him?" but Andy explains that he couldn't have - the gun wasn't loaded! A police officer comes back up towards them and asks Andy if he's ready to come down to the station. Andy asks if he can see someone first and the officer asks him to keep it short. Andy explains to Stephen and Samantha that he'd better apologise to Desmond before he leaves.

Inside the homestead, Caroline tells Bourke that she wishes he could stay longer. Bourke assures her that he would if he thought he was doing some good - and he's got a job to get back to. Fiona joins them as he adds that he promises he'll call if he feels something. Caroline goes to get him her number in Sydney, adding that she'll be back up there in a couple of days' time. Fiona tells him to pop in and see her any time at all after this week. She then says bye and leaves them. Andy comes in and tells Caroline that the police have taken Ogden away. He then turns to Bourke and goes on that he's really sorry - he was right about Fred. Bourke assures him that it's alright. He then tells Caroline that Amanda is alive - he's sure - and heads off.

At Dural, Wayne is shaking some maracas in the lounge room. Gordon is with him, explaining that they're not authentic. Wayne, though, smiles that they still sound the same! Gordon goes on that they're totally impractical, but what do you buy a man who has everything?! He then asks Julie if she likes the beads that he and Barbara bought for her, and she smiles that she does! He then asks where Spider is, and Wayne replies that he's probably ear-bashing Charlie - it's a wild affair! He then explains more seriously that, actually, he thinks Charlie enjoys playing nurse maid. Looking concerned, Gordon asks what Spider has done, and Wayne explains that he picked a fight in a bar last week; he ended up chipping a bone in his arm. Barbara comments that that's no good. Changing the subject, Gordon takes an mathematical-looking instrument from his bag and explains that he and Barbara bought it for themselves. Wayne takes it and Julie asks what it is. Gordon tells her, "It's a sextant - used for measuring distance by reflection. Ships use it in navigation." Wayne starts examining it and comments that it must be expensive. Barbara tells him, "The man in the shop said it was 16th century, but in fact they weren't invented until the 18th century; I think someone was fibbing!" Handing it back, Wayne smiles that it's very nice. Gordon comments that the thing now is what to do with it! Changing the subject, he asks how things are at Woombai. Wayne replies that they've stopped building the abattoirs - Andy pulled a gun on Fred Ogden; it wasn't loaded, but Ogden didn't know. Gordon and Barbara look at each other. Wayne goes on that Ogden admitted the whole deal was a con; of course, he told the police that he only said that to stop Andy from shooting, but when they started checking, Ogden's got a record and the company was trying to rip the investors off for millions. Gordon asks if Andy knew about that, but Wayne explains that he was trying to find out about Amanda - but that was Bill Ashley, and no one knows where he is; it looks like he killed Amanda when she found out the truth... Barbara looks shocked.

In the office at the riding school, Ken Hargraves is saying to Stephen that all he can say is that he's sorry - but he honestly thought the abattoirs would be a plus for the area; it'll teach him to look before he leaps. Stephen points out that a lot of others were taken in as well; Mr. Ashley was a very good conman. Ken then suggests to Stephen that he resubmit his alternate proposal that he offered to council. Stephen asks, "My development project? You think it would get through?" Ken assures him that he'd do all he could. Stephen thanks him, adding that he'll talk to Gordon about it. Ken stands up and then hesitates, and Stephen asks if there's something else. Ken tells him, "Look after Jenny - she still means a great deal to me." Stephen, though, explains that he hasn't seen her for a couple of weeks; he really doesn't think she's very interested. Ken, though, tells Stephen that he thinks he's wrong: he saw her yesterday and he reckons she's still in love with him. Stephen muses that she's got a funny way of showing it. Ken admits that she has been acting strange lately - she seems upset about something. Stephen agrees, "Yes, she does. Maybe it's time I found out what..."

A while later, Stephen is sitting at the living room table at the homestead, while Caroline and Samantha are sitting on the couch playing cards. Stephen stands up and announces that he has to go out again. Caroline comments that she thought he'd finished for the day, but Stephen explains that he wants to see Jenny. Looking slightly annoyed, Caroline asks what for. Stephen tells her, "Because she's a good friend who for some reason has suddenly stopped talking to me. I'd like to know why." Caroline asks sharply, "How should I know?" Looking surprised, Stephen laughs, "I was only saying I wanted to see her again," but Caroline insists, "I haven't the foggiest." Looking puzzled, Stephen assures her that he believes her. He then adds that he'll see the two of them for dinner and he heads out. When he's gone, Samantha asks her mother if she wants to keep playing cards. Caroline puts her cards down on the table, giving up. Samantha accuses, "You do know, don't you?" Caroline sighs, "Yes. I shouldn't have done it, but it's too late to back out now." She walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end rings and Jenny comes on. Caroline says it's her. She then tells Jenny that Stephen is on his way over and she wants Jenny out when he arrives. Jenny queries, "I'm sorry?" Caroline retorts, "You heard me. I want you gone when he gets there." Jenny warns her not to push her luck, but Caroline threatens, "Either you do it or you'll lose your property." Samantha sighs in disbelief. Jenny growls a reluctant, "Alright," and hangs up. Caroline does likewise and then tells her daughter, "I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. I want to make sure he stays with me." Samantha warns her that he won't if he sees the way she's going about it. Caroline comments that she thought Samantha wanted them back together again, and Samantha replies that she does, but it could backfire on Caroline. Caroline tells her that you can't do anything without taking risks and she loves Stephen too much to give him up without a fight.

At Charlie's, Spider finishes a drink and asks if he should have another one for the road. Charlie, though, points out that he's had three for the road already! Spider accepts this. He then tells Charlie that when his pension cheque comes through tomorrow, he's going to buy her a present! He stands up and heads off, leaving Charlie with a smile on her face.

Gordon is talking to Beryl on the 'phone by the bar at Dural. He tells her that he owes her an apology - he was rather abrupt to her the day he and Barbara left. Beryl assures him that that's alright - he had a lot on his plate. Gordon then asks her what time she and Jim are arriving, and she replies that it'll be nine-ish, if that's not too early. Gordon assures her that that's fine. Beryl then goes on that she'd appreciate it if he didn't tell Jim that it was her idea that he work for the company; it could cause trouble. Gordon assures her, "Not a word," and he adds that they'll see them tomorrow. He then hangs up. Wayne immediately growls that he doesn't know why Gordon invited them up there - Jim O'Brien is hardly a businessman. Gordon points out that he hasn't taken Jim on, yet, but the man deserves a chance - he might be more than capable and if that's the case, he'll be more than happy to put him on. He adds, "And it might help make amends for what you did to the O'Briens..." Spider comes in as Gordon goes on at Wayne, "I'm sure that Beryl wouldn't have suggested him if she thought he wasn't capable of the job." Wayne rants, "He's a builder. If you wanted someone to count bricks, he'd probably do, but he couldn't negotiate a deal." Gordon points out that he hasn't tried, yet. Spider picks up the sextant from where it has been placed on display in one of the the cabinets in the room and comments that it's a nice piece of work. He adds that it reminds him of the time he was in Manila. Before he can go any further, Julie warns him, "Not now, dad," and he puts the sextant down again. Wayne asks his father, "The thing is, why take the risk in the first place?" Gordon tells him to stop harping, but Wayne snaps that he just doesn't want to see the company suffer. Gordon retorts that it's not - he's going to interview Jim, and for once in his life, Wayne should keep an open mind.

Jenny is at the Woombai homestead, and as Caroline escorts her into the lounge room, she asks her if she's mad, as she could have passed Stephen on the way there. Jenny assures her that she came on the back road. Caroline tells her to take that way going home, as he could be back soon. Jenny points out slyly that Stephen could be waiting at her place, and so Caroline tells her to go somewhere else. Jenny declines, "No thanks. I think I'd rather wait here." She sits down. Caroline looks at Samantha, who, taking the hint, sighs, "I'll be in my room", and she walks off. When she's gone, Caroline asks Jenny what's going on. Jenny retorts that she's had enough; she's been mulling it over for two weeks and she thinks Caroline is bluffing; Caroline might hold a mortgage to her property, but if she does anything to make her lose it, she'll lose Stephen. Caroline insists that she meant every word she said, and if Jenny doesn't leave now, they'll both lose - she won't have Stephen but Jenny won't have her property. Jenny growls that she can't go on the way she has been. Caroline warns her that she'll regret it, but Jenny tells her, "I won't be the only one..." Stephen suddenly walks in and a look of surprise crosses his face as he finds Jenny sitting there. He tells her that he's just come from her place. Standing up, Jenny replies, "I know." She then goes on, "I'm sorry, Stephen, I have been avoiding you - but there's been a good reason: Caroline's blackmailing me." Stephen looks at his ex-wife.

A few moments later, Caroline is explaining sheepishly to Stephen, "I was afraid of losing you. After Amanda disappeared, I needed you so much... I wanted to know that we were a family... that we were together in case she..." Stephen interrupts and asks bluntly if that's all. Caroline murmurs, "I just can't live without you." Stephen sits down next to her and tells her that she's going to have to. He adds bitterly that he should have learnt his lesson after the engagement party. Caroline murmurs, "Amanda always wanted us to get back together." Jenny gets up and moves out of earshot as Stephen points out that Amanda also knew it would never work; she'd be horrified if she knew what her mother had done. Caroline stares at him and then runs out, past Jenny, who's leaning on the table. Stephen tells her that he's sorry. Jenny, though, says she thinks she should be the one who's sorry. Stephen tells her that he had to know sometime and he's glad she told him. Jenny suggests that she'd better be going, and she heads off.

Spider is back at Charlie's. She's holding the sextant, and Spider explains that it reminds him of the days he was in Manila. Charlie smiles, "It really is divine. You're such a darling - I didn't expect anything so beautiful!" Looking sheepish, Spider tries to explain, "Oh, well, you see, I brought it over--" Charlie, though, interrupts and smiles, "It must be a souvenir from your travelling days! I'm sure one's pension cheque wouldn't have paid for it. I'll treasure it even more." With that, she gives a shocked Spider a kiss on the cheek and he falls into stunned silence!

The next morning, Wayne is sitting at the bar at Dural, a drink in his hand, when Gordon and Barbara come in with Beryl and Jim. Gordon asks them how the flight was, and Jim laughs that it was bumpy! Wayne leaves the room as the others sit down. Beryl comments that she heard the Bahamas lived up to their reputation, and Barbara smiles that it was paradise! Gordon tells them to try it sometime! Beryl explains that that's what these few days are about: it gives them a bit of break. Jim laughs that he's nothing against Sydney, but it's not the Bahamas...! Barbara tells them that she hopes they'll be able to relax, and Beryl says she's sure they will.

Out in the hallway, Julie is running downstairs when she bumps into her father. He tells her that he needs her help and Julie immediately asks him suspiciously what he's done now. He explains about promising to take Charlie a present and about how she thinks the sextant is it. Julie chides, "What a stupid thing to do." Spider says he doesn't know how she got the wrong idea, but Julie replies dubiously, "I bet you don't..." Spider asks her if she'll go over and talk to Charlie and straighten it out. Julie asks him indignantly why he can't do it, but Spider murmurs that he'd feel such a goose... Julie sighs that he never learns does he? before adding, "Yeah, OK, I'll do it." Spider asks her if she'll do it now, and Julie goes to the door. Spider adds that he'll be around in a minute to apologise.

Julie heads outside - to find Charlie, who's carrying Isabella - approaching her. She calls out that she was just on her way to see her! She then asks her if she's got time for a chat - out there. Charlie asks if it's a secret, and Julie admits, "Sort of..."

Spider is standing in the hallway inside when Gordon comes out of the lounge room and startles him by asking, "Alright, Spider?" He invites him to join him, Barbara, Jim and Beryl for a chat, but Spider quickly blusters that it's quite alright - he's got a couple of things to see to. With that, he walks off.

Outside, Julie is saying to Charlie, "He wasn't game enough to tell you himself." Charlie assures her that she understands - and she shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. She adds that, in a funny sort of way, she thinks it's rather sweet that he had to get his daughter to apologise! Neither of them notices the front door opening and Spider appearing in the in the doorway. Charlie goes on that she realised Spider couldn't afford it, but she thought he might have come across it in his travels overseas. Julie stares at her and sighs, "He's never been overseas. The furthest he's ever been is Darwin - he was a naval clerk up there during the war and he got all his stories from the sailors; that's why they sound so real." She adds bitterly, "I just wish he'd stop making out he's someone he's not." Charlie suddenly becomes aware of Spider standing in the doorway. He looks at her and then shuffles off. Charlie immediately snaps at Julie, "You didn't have to tell me that. You've already made him out to be a silly old man over the present; you could have left him with some pride." Julie stands there looking worried.

Inside, in the lounge room, Beryl is telling Gordon and Barbara that her and Jim's wedding is only going to be a quiet affair - family and a few friends. Barbara asks when it's to be, but Beryl smiles that they haven't set a date! Gordon laughs that, for a moment, he thought they were going to have a double-wedding on their hands. Charlie and Julie come in as Beryl assures him that Julie and Wayne will make it to the altar long before she and Jim do! Charlie offers her congratulations to Beryl and Jim. Barbara gets up and heads to the kitchen to make some tea. Gordon introduces Julie to Beryl and Jim, and Beryl comments to her that she must be getting excited, as two weeks isn't long to wait. Julie murmurs, "No." Beryl wishes her good luck. Jim then suggests to Beryl that they'd better get their bags upstairs. Beryl laughs, "See what kind of a man I'm marrying? Regular slavedriver!" Charlie tells her that he's a very nice man, and Beryl agrees happily that he is.

At the Woombai homestead, Samantha hangs up the 'phone as Stephen wanders in with a newspaper. He asks her if she's had any luck, but Samantha replies, "No - I've been trying some of the motels in town; I thought she might have gone there." She then asks if they should bring in the police, and Stephen muses, "Best to be on the safe side, I suppose." Samantha insists, "Mum doesn't hate Jenny - it wasn't some evil plan to get her own back." Stephen, though, points out that it wasn't exactly playing by the rules, either. Samantha admits that she shouldn't have done it, but she can see why - and she's sure she regrets it. Stephen tells her, "Darling, sometimes regret just isn't enough." There's suddenly a bang on the door and Samantha goes to see who it is, but before she can get very far, Jenny walks in. Looking surprised, Stephen comments that he didn't expect to see her. Jenny explains, "I came as soon as she called." Stephen looks at Samantha and then asks Jenny, "As soon as who called?" Jenny explains, "Caroline. Didn't she tell you?" Stephen replies, "No. We haven't heard from her since last night." Jenny muses, "That's funny - she told me to come right over. Said it was very important."

Jim runs downstairs at Dural. As he does so, Wayne comes in from outside, carrying some mail, and growls at him, "You've got a hide, 'mate'." Looking surprised, Jim asks, "Come again?" and Wayne snaps, "You know what I mean: getting Beryl to help you land a cushy job with the company." Jim, looking surprised, tells him that he's got his wires crossed. Wayne, though, asks, "Have I? Your fiancée is one of the Directors of the company - and I'll bet she makes sure her new husband's well looked-after." Jim glares at him and snaps, "Look, pal, I've never been fond of you and I reckon the feeling's mutual, but I'm up-front about what I want, and I'm not in the least interested in working for your company." A nasty grin on his face, Wayne smiles, "I think Beryl sees it differently." Jim suggests, "You'll never quit stirring, will you?" Wayne, though, retorts, "If you don't believe me, wait and see if you get offered the job." He walks off.

Stephen is sitting with Jenny at the Woombai homestead when they hear the front door bang. Caroline comes in, sits down - a file of papers in her hands - and says she supposes they're wondering what it's all about. Stephen asks her if she's OK. Caroline just thanks Jenny for coming, adding that she'd understand if she hadn't. She goes on that what she did was awful and she's sorry - her only excuse is that she really was terrified of losing Stephen; and she lost him anyway... She smiles weakly and continues that she thought about it all night, and this morning she decided to even the balance a little; she's just come from the bank. Picking out some papers from the file on her lap, she explains that they're the papers on the loan that she gave Jenny. She then rips the papers up and tells Jenny, "The money's yours, now." Jenny, looking shocked, exclaims, "I can't accept--" Caroline, though, tells her that she has to - it's already done. Stephen asks her if she's sure she knows what she's doing, and Caroline assures him, "Yes, I do." She then adds quietly, "I've made rather a mess of things, haven't I? I've been very stupid. They say we learn from our mistakes, but we don't, do we? I'm sorry." With that, she stands up and announces that she'll go and pack.

A while later, outside, Stephen loads a suitcase into the back of a car. Samantha is standing with him and he tells her to look after herself. Samantha thanks him. She adds, "You do understand why I'm going?" Stephen nods. Giving him a hug, Samantha cries, "Daddy, I love you - but mum needs me." Stephen tells her to take care of Caroline, and she nods. He then closes the boot of the car and walks round to the front passenger window, where Caroline is sitting. He looks in and tells his ex-wife, "I'll see you." He then heads back up to the house. Samantha starts the car and begins to pull away. Caroline sits in the passenger seat, looking upset.


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