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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Caroline insists that it wasn't a dream. Stephen asks if it was some sort of vision, but Caroline says she doesn't know what to call it; Amanda was there and she needed help. Stephen tells her gently that she's just getting over concussion; she said herself that she had vivid dreams last night. Caroline cries that this wasn't a dream - this was Amanda - and she snaps that he's not to try to fob her off. She then insists that she can't let him stop searching until they've found her; she's alive.

There's a storm raging outside in the Woombai area. Samantha is lying asleep alone on the bed in Bill Ashley's hotel room when the door opens and the light comes on and wakes her up. Ashley is standing in the doorway and, looking shocked to see her, he demands, "How the hell did you get in here?" Samantha explains sheepishly that it was the hotel maid - they're like that in country towns: the main had seen the two of them together and didn't think there was any harm in letting her in to wait for him. Ashley closes the door and explains curtly that she surprised him; he's got some private business papers there and it just makes him wonder how safe they really are when people can get in and out of your room so easily. Samantha points out in surprise that it's only her, and Ashley accepts, "Fair enough." He then adds, "You're sort of tied up on the other side, aren't you?" Samantha tells him quietly that she didn't come there to spy, and Ashley replies softly that he knows. He kisses her and they sit down on the bed. He then tells Samantha that he is glad to see her. Changing the subject, he comments that it's quite a storm out there. Samantha asks if there's still no news, and Ashley tells her that there isn't yet - and they're starting to wind the search down. Samantha cries that they can't, but Ashley retorts that the light's fading fast; it looks like it's going to be a hell of a night. Samantha insists that they've got to keep searching. Ashley, though, snaps, "Look, she could be buried somewhere. They mightn't find her for years - if they ever do." A look of shock crosses Samantha's face, and Ashley quickly says he's sorry. Samantha asks nervously if she can make a cup of coffee, but Ashley says he'll go. As he stands up, he asks Samantha if she was close to Amanda. Samantha replies that they used to be, but when their mum and dad divorced, she went to Europe with her mum and Amanda stayed there with their dad; Amanda came over for holidays, but they didn't see much of her then; that's when they grew apart. She begins to cry that she does love her, even if they fight a bit. She sobs, "Oh, I couldn't bear it... I'm so glad I met you - I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have someone to lean on..." Ashley gives her a comforting hug and assures her that it's OK...

Andy is in Roland's bedsit at the boarding house, and he asks him what kept him in Europe for so long: business? Roland just murmurs, "Sort of." He then asks Andy if he'd like another game of chess, but Andy replies that he'd better get moving - he's got a bit of ironing to do; he wants to look decent for the job tomorrow night. Roland smiles that he must come along and see this disco outfit of Andy's. Andy laughs that he'll buy him some earplugs! Roland muses that he doesn't mind pop music - although he prefers the classics. He goes on that Irene lent him in a record player and he went out and bought himself a record. He shows the disc it to Andy, who comments that Mozart isn't really his scene! Roland explains, "This one used to be a favourite of mine and my wife's." Andy, looking surprised, asks, "You were married?" Roland hesitantly says, "Yes..." Andy asks what happened, and Roland replies, "She met someone else." Andy says he's sorry. He goes on that he's just split up with a girl and he misses her. Roland tells him, "I miss my wife, too. Very much."

Barbara is arranging flowers in the lounge room at Dural when Spider wanders in. Barbara asks him if he shouldn't be resting his back, but Spider explains that he got lonely out there on his own. Barbara comments that he must be used to a lot of people at the Home, but Spider tells her that they're a dreary lot there; he doesn't like old people much! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to answer it at the bar. Roland comes on and Barbara turns to Spider and explains that it's a personal call. Spider leaves her to it. He heads out to the hallway, but then stands there, listening. Barbara tells Roland that he shouldn't call her there; what if Gordon had answered? Roland explains that he knows Gordon is away. Barbara points out, "Wayne, then. He might recognise your voice." Roland reminds her that Wayne hardly knew him, but Barbara insists that it's still a silly thing to do. Roland tells her that he's been waiting all day for her to turn up, but Barbara retorts that she can't spend every spare moment over there; it would look very strange. Roland accuses that that's not why she's staying away, though, and Barbara explains that she just doesn't think it's a very good idea that they see too much of each other; it'll only make it worse in the long run. Roland tells her, "I'm very lonely, Barbara. Now that I've seen you again, I want to keep seeing you." He then implores her to come over tonight. Barbara cries that she can't, but Roland insists, "Please..." and Barbara meekly gives in and says, "Alright." She hangs up, looking upset. Spider, having overheard every word, quickly heads back to the flat.

A while later, Barbara is in Roland's bedsit and Roland offers her a drink. She declines, though. Roland tells her that it gets frustrating being cooped-up there, having to keep everything a secret. He adds, "Thank God Fiona and Irene know the truth - although I suspect Fiona wishes I'd disappear again." Barbara points out that she's a very good friend of Gordon's. Roland then tells her that he knows she's married to Gordon now, but as far as he's concerned, she's still his wife and the mother of his children. Barbara cries, "Don't," but Roland insists that they should be together. Barbara tells him that they can't be, and if he's going to put pressure on her, she won't stay. Roland says he's sorry. He then asks, "How about some music?" and he puts on the Mozart record. Barbara listens, a happy expression on her face. Roland sits down next to her and asks her if she remembers how they used to sit and listen to it together; he'd come home from the office tense and irritable, and she'd sit him down, pour him a drink and put the record on. Barbara muses, "Music soothes the savage breast. Or is it beast? I can never remember!" Roland recalls that Wendy used to like Mozart when she was a little girl; they were good days...; he's relived them over and over in his mind; they were all he had for a couple of years...

The storm is still raging at Woombai. Caroline and Jenny are sitting in the lounge room at the homestead when a wet Gordon and Stephen come in. Caroline demands, "Well?" Gordon tells her that the search has been called off for the night - it's raining too hard. Caroline cries that Amanda is still out there, but Stephen explains that they'll start again at dawn; they'll bring in more men and a police helicopter. Caroline tells him that he can't let them call off the search... Jenny soothes that no one can do any more tonight, but Caroline snaps that it's alright for her; it's not her daughter. Jenny, though, insists that she'd know how she'd feel if it was. She helps Caroline over to the couch and sits her down. Caroline comments sadly to Stephen that Amanda used to be so scared of thunder; she'd run into their room and get into bed with them; she hates to think of her being out there in this weather...

Samantha and Bill Ashley head back into Ashley's room after a meal, but Ashley apologises for the pub food not being better. Samantha assures him that it was fine. She then suggests that she'd better grab her coat and go. Ashley, though, puts his arms round her and smiles, "It's cold outside. Nice and warm in here..." Samantha insists that she has to go. Ashley invites, "Stay..." but Samantha tells him, "I can't. When Amanda's found, things'll be different then." Ashley accepts this reluctantly, and he tells Samantha to drive carefully. Samantha asks him if she'll see him sometime tomorrow and Ashley says a curt, "Sure." Samantha asks him if he's angry because she's going home, but Ashley tells her, "Of course not. Like you said - until you've found your sister..." Samantha kisses him and he opens the door for her. She goes and he closes the door again, standing there for a moment, looking thoughtful. He then goes to the 'phone, picks up the handset and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end rings and STD pips sound. A man answers saying, "Keith Rigden." Ashley tells him, "It's Bill. I'm alone." Rigden asks him tersely who was with him before, and Ashley explains, "Samantha Morrell." Rigden asks suspiciously, "The other girl's sister?" and Ashley replies, "Right." Rigden asks if that's wise, but Ashley assures him, "No worries there." Rigden warns, "Better not be. We couldn't afford a repeat performance." Ashley tells him, "The police think they know what happened to Amanda. A few months ago, a girl was murdered by a hitchhiker about a hundred kilometres away. The police reckon the same thing probably happened to Amanda." Rigden mutters, "I see. I'm glad there's an explanation. And I suggest you keep away from the other one. We don't want any more problems." Ashley just replies, "Whatever you say..."

In Roland's bedsit, Roland asks Barbara if he should put the record on again, but she points out that he's put it on three times already! She then adds that it's time she headed off. They both stand up and face each other, and Roland gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek. They stare at each other and then hug each other tightly. Barbara starts crying in anguish and then dashes out into the corridor - where she bumps into Andy, who, looking surprised to see her, comment that he didn't know she was there. Barbara quickly explains, "Yes, er, I was just seeing R... er, Gerald." Looking at the state she's in, Andy asks her if she's alright, and she laughs nervously that she's fine. With that, she walks off.

Samantha is back at Woombai, and she asks her father if there's still no news. Stephen explains that they've called off the search until tomorrow. He then chides his daughter that she could have stayed with her mother, but Samantha tells him that she couldn't stand waiting around. She asks how Caroline is, and Stephen explains that he convinced her to go to bed. He adds that he hopes she's sleeping. Jenny asks Samantha if she'd like some coffee, but she declines and heads off to her room. Stephen wanders over to Gordon and Jenny in the living room and asks Gordon if they should contact Barbara to let her know. Gordon explains that he tried earlier but she wasn't home. He adds that he thinks he should be there when he tells her. Stephen suggests that maybe Gordon should go back to Sydney in the morning; he should be with Barbara in case the story breaks in the papers. Gordon concedes that he's right. Samantha suddenly runs back in and cries, "Daddy! Mum's gone." Stephen looks at Gordon.

A short time later, Jenny is pouring herself a coffee. She asks Samantha if she's sure she won't have one, and Samantha snaps that she said she didn't want any. She then quickly apologises. Jenny assures her that everyone's under a strain. Samantha tells her that she's been pretty rough on her when she's been so good to her parents today. Jenny assures her that they all want to help. Samantha asks her if she's told Stephen and Caroline that she's broken up with Ken Hargraves, but Jenny points out that it's hardly the time to discuss it. The front door suddenly bangs shut and a sodden Caroline - wearing just her nightclothes - walks in with Stephen and Gordon. Samantha cries at her, "Oh mum, are you alright?" Stephen explains that she's OK; just soaked through. Jenny goes to get her a brandy. Caroline murmurs, "Got to find Amanda... No one else would... It was up to me..." Samantha helps her over to the couch and then asks her father, "Where was she?" Stephen explains that she hadn't gone far; she was still on the property. Jenny gives her the brandy. As she takes it, Caroline murmurs, "We've got to find her," but Samantha insists, "Not by yourself, mum." She looks at her father. Caroline explains, "I kept dreaming about her - not like when I saw her, but dreams. I couldn't leave her out there all alone." Stephen tells her that they don't want her getting lost as well. Caroline explains that it was almost like she was sleepwalking. Stephen suggests to her that she go to bed, and he helps her back to her room. Jenny and Samantha stay in the lounge room, looking worried.

Barbara sits down in the lounge room at Dural, a photograph album in her hand. She opens it and starts staring sadly at photos of her and Roland on their wedding day. She thinks back to the vicar asking her, "Barbara Ruth Morrell, will you have Roland Michael Armstrong to be your husband, to live together according to God's word? Will you give him the honour due to him as your husband and, forsaking all others, love and respect him as long as you both shall live?" She then thinks back to herself saying, "I will." She sits there, looking upset.

At the bedsit, Roland wakes up suddenly and, sitting in in bed, switches the light on. He runs his hand through his hair, looking worried.

The next morning, Spider is standing in the lounge room at Dural, wearing his pyjamas. He goes to the bar and picks up the decanter of scotch, but then notices the photograph album on the coffee table and he wanders over, picks it up and starts looking at it. Barbara suddenly comes in and says a curt, "Morning." She then asks him if he slept well, but he tells her that his bad back's been giving him hell. He then goes on that he didn't know she'd been married before. Barbara just murmurs, "Yes." Changing the subject quickly, she suggests that maybe he should see a chiropractor, but Spider replies that he doesn't think he could afford that. Barbara suggests, "You could tell them to send me the bill," and Spider tells her that that's very kind of her. He then comments that she's looking a bit tired herself, and he asks her if she had a late night. Barbara just replies that she was out visiting Fiona and Irene. Spider remarks that he never would have picked that Irene as a doctor - and he reckons Fiona has kicked up her heels a bit, in her time! He adds that she owns the boarding house, doesn't she? Barbara explains, "She and Irene both; they're partners." Spider comments, "She'd be fairly well-off, then?" Barbara explains that she inherited some money. Spider mutters that some people really know how to fall on their feet... Barbara sighs and then asks him if he'd like to see a chiropractor; she's sure they'll be able to see him this morning. Spider says warily that he doesn't know about the bus trip into the city - it would be a bit jarring. Barbara suggests that she could give him the money for a taxi, but Spider replies that that would be expensive. Barbara points out, "If you're not very well..." Spider hesitates and then insists that he couldn't accept it; Jules wouldn't like him too. Barbara, though, tells him that she wouldn't have to know about it. She then grabs the photograph album from him and tells him that she'll go and make the appointment and get the money for the taxi.

Fiona is cleaning in the corridor at the boarding house when Andy comes round the corner with Spider - who's holding a bunch of flowers. He calls out to Fiona that there's someone there to see him, and Fiona smiles at Spider and asks him what he's doing there. Spider explains that he thought they might have a yarn over a beer or two; get to know each other. Fiona smiles that she thinks she can take a break from the cleaning! She then asks him how his back is, and he replies that it's murder. He hands her the flowers and she smiles that they're lovely. She then invites him in and says she'll make them a cup of tea. Spider, looking disappointed, asks, "Tea?" Fiona points out that it's a bit early for anything else! She invites Andy to join them as well. At that moment, Roland comes round the corner and asks Andy if there's any chance of a game of chess later. Andy tells him that he'll catch him after lunch, and Roland smiles that he'll look forward to it. He heads into his bedsit and closes the door. When he's gone, Spider says to Fiona conspiratorially, "That's Mrs. Hamilton's first husband, isn't it?" Fiona's face drops as he goes on, "I saw a photo of him this morning. Of course, he was a lot younger, but he hasn't changed that much." Fiona laughs nervously, "No, no, I think you're mistaken. Roland's dead." She looks at Andy, who has a thoughtful expression on his face. Spider, though, assures her, "I don't think so. I heard her talking to a Roland on the 'phone last night. And then she came over here to see him. That's him alright." Fiona tells him, "No, no, no, no, that's Gerald Hudson. Perhaps he looks a bit like Roland...?" Andy, looking puzzled, recalls, "Mrs. H. did come here last night..." Fiona quickly explains that she and 'Gerald' used to be very good friends. She then tells Spider that he's got the wrong end of the stick, and the two of them head into her flat. Andy stays behind and goes and knocks on the door of Roland's bedsit. Roland opens the door and Andy asks him if he can talk to him for a minute. Roland lets him in and asks if something's up. Andy explains, "The old bloke outside reckons you're Roland." Roland, looking nervous, asks, "Who's the old bloke?" but Andy just says he doesn't know; he's staying at the Hamiltons'. He then explains about what Spider said about seeing a photo and hearing Barbara on the 'phone last night and then leaving to see this 'Roland' - and he knows she came there, to the boarding house . He asks what's going on, but Roland tells him that there must be some mistake. He then pauses and mutters, "Dammit, what's the point of lying? You've got to know sooner or later. I am Roland Armstrong. Your father." Andy stares at him.

A few moments later, Andy snaps at Roland that he can understand why he had to disappear, but why come back and muck things up for Barbara? Roland snaps back that he's talking as though he has no right to a life of his own; why should he have to live as someone else and pretend he no longer has a wife and family? Andy snaps, "Because you don't. She's Gordon's wife now." Roland demands, "Why are you so much against me?" and Andy growls, "You're the man who got my mum pregnant then dumped her." Roland insists that he didn't even know Helen was pregnant to him, but Andy mutters, "That's your story. You have got no idea how screwed-up she was because of that. No one gave a damn about her." Roland asks if he's to blame for all Helen's problems, but Andy snaps, "You caused them." Roland retorts that that's a very simplified way of looking at things. He then points out more calmly that the two of them were just getting to know one another; he is Andy's father; can't they have some sort of relationship? Andy, though, growls, "It's a bit too late to start to start trying to play daddy to me now. I don't need you and neither does Barbara." With that, he storms out, leaving Roland looking worried.

Stephen is standing in the living room at Woombai. He calls to Caroline and she comes dashing out of the kitchen, asking nervously if it's good news. Stephen, though, explains that he's afraid not; he just wanted to see how she was. Caroline replies that she's alright - she just making some scones; Amanda loves hot scones and she thought it might be a good idea to have some when she came home... Her voice trails off, sadly. Stephen tells her that they've been searching since dawn, but there's no sign of her. Caroline asks in panic if they're going to give up, but Stephen tells her, "Not yet." He then suggests that she get some rest, but Caroline snaps at him to stop treating her like a child. She goes on, "She's alive, Stephen. I don't care what anyone says. She's probably been taken somewhere else... we don't know... she's been lost in the bush... she's probably been kidnapped." Stephen, though, asks why no one has asked them for money, then. He goes on that there are all sorts of possibilities, but the point is, they can't find any trace of her. Caroline begins to break down and, leaning against his chest, cries, "I need you, Stephen. I need someone to help me..."


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