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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, looking at a file, when Samantha comes in, carrying her riding hat. He asks how the ride was, and she replies that it was good. She then asks him if the file he's looking at is about the abattoir, but Stephen reminds her that Amanda has got that. He adds that he hopes Maynard can help them; they need all the coverage they can get at the moment. Samantha points out, "At least mum made it a little harder for them." Stephen, though, muses, "They can change a few things; put their price up; that's about all." Samantha comments that she thought he'd be grateful, and Stephen assures her that he is. Samantha tells him sourly that he might show it a little more, but Stephen suggests, "And you might stop interfering. Your mother and I are perfectly happy as friends. I know you think you're doing what's best for us but it's not going to make--" He breaks off as Caroline comes in with a pile of sheets and moans that, one of these days, she's going to get a maid or a butler or both to help her with the washing up and to make all the beds! Samantha tells her that she'll give her a hand tomorrow. Caroline then asks her if Amanda got hold of her this morning. Samantha asks suspiciously, "When?" Caroline replies, "On her way to Ackbourne." Samantha asks what her sister wanted, and Caroline tells her, "Just a chat - to make the peace." Samantha stands there, a glower on her face. Caroline pleads with her to listen to Amanda when she comes in tonight. Samantha just looks at her.

Beryl opens her front door to find David and Leigh standing there. David explains that they're looking for Mr. Kingsford; his office said he was there. Beryl asks what they want to see him for, and David explains that Leigh's got something important to tell him. Beryl reluctantly invites them in. Stuart Kingsford is sitting in the lounge room and he stands up as the guests come on. Beryl introduces David - and the two men shake hands - and Leigh. Beryl explains that the two of them have something they wanted to see him for. David tells Kingsford, "It's about your daughter, actually." Kingsford asks, "What about her? Has anything happened to her?" Leigh looks at him guiltily and says, "No, it's--" She then looks at David and, shaking her head, murmurs, "I can't." David sighs and explains to Kingsford, "You know Leanne Watson? Tracy and Leigh tried to frame her for robbery." Kingsford looks shocked.

A while later, Stuart Kingsford is standing with David outside the house that Tracy lives in, pressing the bell button frantically. David comments that he hopes the girl hasn't got rid of Charlie's jewellery yet, but Kingsford snaps that they'll get it back; she won't be able to talk her way out of this one. Tracy's voice suddenly calls out from inside that she's got to get a key for the deadlock. David says to Kingsford, "It's a bit tough finding out what your daughter's really like, isn't it?" Tracy finally opens the door and her father says a blunt, "Hello." Tracy, looking shocked to see him, exclaims, "Dad! What are you doing here?" Kingsford introduces David and explains that he's Leigh's father. Tracy mutters, "Oh." Kingsford asks if they can come in, but Tracy tells him that things are a bit of a mess right now. Kingsford assures her that it doesn't matter. Tracy suggests that they go out to lunch, but Kingsford asks suspiciously, "Are you trying to hide something?" Tracy insists, "Of course not. I just thought it would be nice--" Kingsford interrupts, points out that it it his house and barges inside, leaving Tracy standing outside, looking guilty.

At Woombai, Samantha is talking to Jenny Turner on the 'phone, telling her impatiently that she's not making it up: dad went into town about an hour ago - and so did Caroline. She asks if there's a message, but Jenny tells her that there isn't. Samantha then asks nastily, "How's Ken?" Jenny tells her, "We've broken off the engagement. That's what I have to tell him. Do you know when he'll be home?" Looking annoyed, Samantha snaps, "It could be any time between now and dinner." Jenny says she'll call around tonight, then, and Samantha hangs up, muttering as she does so, "Silly cow." The 'phone immediately starts ringing again, and Samantha answers it by saying bitchily, "Forgotten something?" It's Gordon who comes on, though, saying a surprised, "Sorry?" Samantha exclaims, "Oh!" Gordon then asks her if Amanda is with her. Samantha asks, "Isn't she with you?" and Gordon explains, "No, that's why I'm ringing." Samantha tells him that she left hours ago. Sounding concerned, Gordon says he hopes she hasn't had an accident, but Samantha tells him that she's a pretty good driver. She adds that if anything had happened, they'd have heard by now. She then tells him not to sorry: if Amanda turns up back there, she'll tell her he called. Gordon thanks her and they hang up. Samantha raises an eyebrow, thoughtfully.

David is back at Beryl's. As he heads into the lounge room - followed by Stuart Kingsford and Tracy - he tells her that they got Charlie's stuff back. Kingsford tells Beryl, "I've brought my daughter over to apologise for all she's done." Tracy just stands there, fiddling with an earring, and mutters, "Sorry." Kingsford asks sharply, "What was that?" and Tracy snaps, "I'm sorry, OK? What more do you want me to say?" Kingsford warns, "Tracy..." and the girl sighs, "Alright. I'm sorry, Mrs. Palmer." Beryl thanks her. Kingsford adds that Tracy is dropping the assault charge. Leigh asks David if they can go back to the hospital. Tracy growls at her, "Little whinger." Kingsford snaps, "I beg your pardon?" Tracy glares at Leigh and asks, "How much have you told them?" Leigh looks away. Kingsford asks nervously, "How much is there?" Tracy turns to Beryl and tells her, "Wasn't just Leanne. We fixed Jim, too. Made it look like he had a girlfriend." Indicating Leigh, she adds, "It was all her idea." David asks Leigh if that's true. Leigh nods guiltily.

A few moments later, David asks Leigh angrily what the point was. Leigh cries that she was angry, but David snaps that that's no excuse. He then asks what other little tricks she's pulled. Tracy chips in, "She'd help me if I helped her," but Leigh quickly cries, "None." Beryl muses, "You wonder why I don't trust you..." Leigh cries that, sometimes, something takes over. Tracy mutters, "No use bunging on the innocent act now." Kingsford suddenly snaps, "Right, my girl, it's off to the police." He grabs his daughter's arm as she cries, "What?" Kingsford points out that there's a hoard of stolen goods in that house, and the only people who can sort out what belongs to who are the police. He then tells Beryl that he'll call her later and he marches his daughter out. When they've gone, David says to Leigh, "That business in Queensland with Jim O'Brien. You led him on, didn't you?" Leigh looks down at the ground. David turns to Beryl and comments, "I didn't believe you. Sorry." Beryl, sitting down, remarks that that seems to be the word of the day. David, though, snaps that Jim should take some of the blame; he could have said 'no'. Beryl, though, points out, "You could have said 'no' to Fran, but look what happened." Leigh chips in sadly, "It's not my fault. I mean, it is, but something just comes over me. I just have to lash out - ever since Richard..." She turns to David and pleads, "Please...?" David just suggests that he thinks she should go and have a word with Jim O'Brien, and the two of them head out.

Gordon is in the living room at Woombai with Samantha, and he asks if Amanda never called. Samantha tells him a taut, "No." Gordon comments that it's very odd, and Samantha suggests tetchily that maybe she got lost in Ackbourne or something. Stephen and Caroline come in at that moment, and Stephen asks Gordon how it went. Gordon tells him, "On the overall, OK." Stephen asks if Maynard is going to support them, and Gordon replies that he thinks so. He goes on that the trouble was that Amanda didn't show up, so Maynard didn't get to read the report. Looking surprised, Stephen asks what happened to her, but Gordon replies that he doesn't know; he's a bit worried, actually - Samantha hasn't heard from her and he didn't see her car on the way back. Stephen, looking concerned, says he'd better make some calls; see what he can find out.

Stuart Kingsford pulls his car out up outside the house where Tracy lives and orders his daughter to get out. As she does so, sullenly, he snaps that it's no use sulking - the police had to know; she can't go round stealing people's things and expect to get special treatment. He adds that he'll help her all he can - but within the law. Tracy cries, "You've never loved me, have you?" Kingsford insists that of course he has, but Tracy snaps that he's got a great way of showing it, carting her off to the cops. Kingsford points out that he had to do that, but Tracy snaps, "Bull." Kingsford asks her, "How do you think I feel, eh, finding out my daughter's a thief?" Tracy just tuts. Kingsford goes on, "You're a fine one to talk about love. Do you know, I haven't even had a birthday card from you in the last three years?" Tracy mutters, "I didn't think you'd noticed." Kingsford goes on, "I wonder if you ever considered me during your little burgling spree. I own this house and you filled it to the rafters with--" Tracy interrupts and snaps, "A couple of boxes," but Kingsford asks, "Don't you think it hurt, having to admit my daughter was a thief? Knowing that, if I'd spent more time with you, I might have been able to stop it... if I'd been more of a father to you..." Tracy stares at him and accuses, "It was for you, wasn't it? I got dragged to the police so you could feel sorry for yourself." Kingsford warns her not to twist things; she's the one that did the stealing. Tracy, though, suddenly snaps, "Get away from me." Kingsford tells her to come inside, and he grabs her arm, but Tracy repeats, "I said get away from me." Kingsford glares at her and growls, "I'm glad Beryl made me see what a... what a brat you are." With that, he storms back to his car. A girl suddenly comes out of the house and demands of Tracy, "What's happening? Did you know some of the stuff's missing?" Staring into space, Tracy growls, "Everything would be fine if I'd never met Beryl Palmer..."

That night, Beryl is escorting Jim into her living room, and she comments that she supposes he feels like saying 'I told you so'; she should have trusted him. Jim, though assures her that he can understand her getting suspicious! Beryl tells him that she won't let it happen again. She then asks him how he's been, and he smiles, "Not too bad. Nothing a good night out won't fix!" Beryl, suddenly looking guilty, explains that she's going out with Stuart Kingsford. She adds that there's nothing in it; it's just for dinner. Jim mutters, "Whatever you say," and he goes, leaving Beryl looking surprised.

Caroline is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai. Stephen comes in with Jenny, who tells him that she called this afternoon while he was out. Stephen asks her if she's heard from Amanda, as she's been missing all day. Jenny cries, "Oh dear." Caroline asks her if she hasn't seen her anywhere, and Jenny says no. Stephen explains that he's checked all the hospitals. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and everyone looks at it nervously. Stephen answers it and a Constable Jackson comes on, explaining that he's from Woombai Police. Stephen asks, "Yes?" The constable tells him, "We've located your daughter's vehicle. It's in a clearing about thirty or forty metres off the road to Ackbourne." Stephen asks, "And Amanda?" The constable replies, "There's no sign of her, unfortunately. There's blood stains on the back seat. The keys are still in the ignition. A search party's on its way now." Stephen looks horrified.

The next morning, Gordon is having breakfast with Stephen, Caroline and Samantha. Caroline goes to clear the table, but Samantha says she'll do it. Stephen suggests to Gordon that they'd better get back. Gordon, though, points out that there are other people out there; it's better to get some rest. Caroline asks why time they got in, and Gordon replies that it was about 3am or 4am. Caroline tells them that she dreamt last night about the girls when they were young; playing; she couldn't hear what they were talking about, though. Putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, Stephen tells her that it's alright; they'll find her. Caroline tells him that she wants to come too, but Stephen shakes his head and says, "No," adding that he promises everything possible is being done. Gordon assures her, "We'll bring her back."

In the kitchen at the country house, Leigh offers everyone more toast, but David and Leanne decline. Charlie accepts and Leigh goes to put some on. David asks Leanne if she's ready to pick up Tim and Leanne nods. Leigh asks if she can tag along, but David tells her curtly to stay and look after Shane; she has to grow up and put other people first for a change - and number one on her list has to be Shane. David tells Charlie that they should be back before lunch and he and Leanne head out.

Stuart Kingsford is back at Beryl's, and as the two of them head into the lounge room, Beryl is holding a large orchid in a pot. She thanks him. She then asks him what happened to the case he had on this morning, and he explains the the prosecutor asked for an adjournment. Beryl asks him if he's going to see Tracy, but he explains that he's decided to let her calm down a bit. He then goes on that he's never quite sure if he's saying the right thing; it's a new game to him. He adds that he thought Beryl might be able to give him a few pointers - over lunch... Beryl smiles, "If you think I could help..." Before Kingsford can respond, there's another knock at the door and Beryl answers it to find Jim standing there, holding a bunch of flowers! He hands them to her and she thanks him. He then asks if he can come in, and Beryl lets him in. As they stand in the hallway, Beryl tells him that Stuart Kingsford's there. They head back into the lounge room and Beryl offers both men some coffee or tea. Jim replies that he's fine. He then admires the orchid sitting on the table, and Kingsford smiles that he thought Beryl would like it. Beryl tells Jim that she'll put his flowers in a vase, but Jim, looking uncomfortable, says he'd better be going, and he makes another hasty exit, telling a surprised-looking Beryl that he'll give her a call.

Caroline is standing on the verandah at Woombai, listening as Stephen stands with Gordon and a plain-clothes detective, talking about where to search. Gordon comments that he and the other men should search east, then. Stephen says he doesn't understand why Amanda would have gone that way, but the detective points out, "She mightn't have had any say in it." Stephen asks him sharply what he means, adding angrily that he wants to know exactly what's going on. The detective tells him, "A few months ago, up near Thompson's Ridge, a girl was killed by a hitchhiker she picked up. We haven't found him yet." Stephen insists that Amanda would never pick up a hitchhiker. The detective tells him, "Maybe, but we have to consider everything, and there are similarities: blood stains... keys left behind..." Gordon asks where this girl was found: in the car? The detective replies that it was a few metres away from the car. Stephen stares at the detective and declares, "Amanda's alive. I don't know what happened, but I know she's out there somewhere." Bill Ashley's jeep suddenly pulls up, and Stephen growls, "What does he want?" Ashley gets out and shakes the detective's hand, recalling that he's Detective Sergeant Douglas. Ashley then tells Stephen that he heard about his daughter and wondered if there was anything he can do. Stephen stares at him and Ashley tells him, "We mightn't see eye-to-eye on business, but I certainly don't wish any harm on you and your family, so if you need a few extra blokes to help with the search..." DS Douglas interrupts him and says, "Thanks, Mr. Ashley. Everyone's welcome." Stephen murmurs, "Thanks," and Ashley tells him, "No worries..."

Tracy is dialling a number in a public telephone box. A male voice answers and Tracy says, "It's me, Simmo. Beryl and dad have just left. You ready to move?" Simmo asks how long they're going to be away for, but Tracy shrugs that she doesn't know; she supposes they've gone to lunch, so a couple of hours, maybe. Simmo doesn't respond, and so Tracy growls suspiciously, "You're not chicken?" Simmo assures her, "No, no... it's just, well, it's broad daylight, Tracy. It's a bit risky." Tracy offers, "Look, if you do it, I'll move into your new place with you, OK?" Simmo sighs and accepts, "Righto," and Tracy, muttering, "Good," hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

Charlie is talking about about her investments on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house. She hangs up as David comes in with Leanne and Tim, and she goes and gives the boy a hug. David tells her that it'll be a couple of days before he's back on deck. Tim and Leanne sit down at the table. Charlie tells David that she was thinking while he was out: she might head back up to Sydney; she thought that with the difficult situation with him and Leigh and Tim... and little Isabella must be crying her little heart out in the kennels! David tells her not to worry about things at his end; he'll take care of them. Charlie points out that they'll still be partners; she'll pop down every so often. David smiles, "Of course. Whatever you--" He breaks off as Leigh comes in from the hallway, carrying a basket of washing, and exclaims, "Tim. I'm sorry. Are you alright?" She goes and puts a hand on her brother's shoulder, but he turns his head so that he doesn't have to look at her, and Leanne growls, "Get away from us." David suggests to Leigh that she'd better put the washing out, and she heads outside, looking upset. She stands on the step, appearing close to tears, listening as the others start chatting and laughing again inside.

Beryl and Stuart Kingsford arrive back at Beryl's. Kingsford tells Beryl that he's sorry he had to cut lunch short, but Beryl assures him that that's alright - she's got plenty to do this afternoon. She puts the key in the lock, opens the front door and heads inside. The lounge room has been trashed; the furniture has been tipped over and Beryl's belongings have been scattered everywhere. Kingsford cries, "Holy--" They suddenly hear a noise out in the kitchen, and Kingsford runs in there. Simmo is there with two other guys. One of the guys runs straight out through the back door as he spots Kingsford standing there. The second guy grabs Simmo and snaps, "Come on, mate." Simmo, though, glares at Kingsford and says to his mate, "Wait on, wait on. This is Tracy's old man." He then tells Kingsford threateningly, "I've been waiting to meet you." Kingsford asks, "She put you up to all this?" Simmo, approaching him menacingly, tells him, "I ought to thump you for taking her to the cops like that." Kingsford warns, "You'll already be up for breaking and entering. Add aggravated assault, and with your past record--" He breaks off as Simmo grabs his lapels and snaps, "Well I've got nothing to lose, then, have I?" Kingsford growls, "Two extra years in jail for a couple of thumps. Do you think that's worth it? They're going to get you anyway, Simpson. How hard do you want to make it for yourself?" Simmo shakes him and points out, "You've got to catch me first, haven't ya?" He then tells his mate, "Let's go," and they run out the back door. Beryl comes into the kitchen and asks Kingsford if he's OK. Kingsford mutters that he'll ring the police, and he goes to the 'phone as Beryl stands and looks at the devastation.

Caroline is sitting at the living room table at Woombai. Stephen comes in and tells her that they need some wet-weather gear. Caroline asks if they've found Amanda yet, but Stephen replies that they haven't. He adds that they're not giving up, though. He then asks where Samantha is, and Caroline explains that she's gone out. Stephen mutters that Samantha should be there with her, but Caroline tells him that Samantha thought she was going to have a nap - and she doesn't blame her for wanting to get out for a bit. Stephen suggests to her that she try and get some sleep, and he helps her over to the couch, where she lies down. He then heads out again.

Outside, Jenny pulls her jeep up behind Stephen's and gets out. Stephen is just coming out of the homestead, carrying wet weather gear, and she asks him how it's going. He tells her that it's going to rain soon, which isn't going to make things easier. Jenny asks if she can help, and Stephen thanks her. He adds grimly that he doesn't like to say it, but he thinks time's starting to run out...

Caroline is dozing on the couch inside. She's tossing and turning, but she suddenly opens her eyes to find Amanda apparently standing in front of her, looking gaunt and with her hair swept back wildly. There's blood over her clothes. Caroline exclaims, "Amanda?!" 'Amanda' holds out her hand, but Caroline then looks away and looks up again and there's no one there.

Outside, Stephen is closing the back door of his jeep when Caroline suddenly starts calling out to him. He runs inside as she keeps calling his name repeatedly. He joins her in the lounge room and asks what happened. Caroline tells him, "I've see her." Stephen asks, "Who?" and Caroline replies, "Amanda. She was in the doorway." Jenny comes in and joins them as Caroline insists, "She was there. She wanted help." Stephen warns, "Caroline..." but Caroline insists, "She's alive, Stephen." Stephen tells her, "You're dreaming, that's all. There's no one here." Caroline cries, "No, no, I'm not." Jenny says she'll get Caroline a drink and Stephen thanks her. Caroline cries at her ex-husband, "She's out there, Stephen. She's alive and she needs help. You've got to find her."


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