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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Bill Ashley is with some workmen out in the grounds at Woombai, and he snaps at them that he told them he wants it done tonight; no argument. The workmen walk off, and Ashley suddenly notice Samantha approaching him. As she comes within earshot, she comments to him that she thought he'd still be out searching, but Ashley tells her that they've got to get on with the job. He adds that there are plenty of volunteers out there. Samantha says sadly that they still haven't found her. Ashley comments that it must be pretty tough on her and her folks. Samantha then asks him if she can see him tonight, and he agrees, "Yeah, sure." Samantha explains that it's just that, if they don't find Amanda soon, her mum's going to go out of her mind; she knows she should be there to help; it's just that she can't handle it... Ashley soothes that it's alright... he'll look after her; he'll get back to the hotel just as soon as he can. With that, he kisses her gently and she walks off. Ashley returns to his jeep and opens the back door, throwing some plans inside. He doesn't notice Amanda's bracelet glinting on the floor...

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Andy standing there. Looking surprised, she comments that she wasn't expecting him, but Andy, looking grim, doesn't respond. Barbara, then asks him indignantly if he saw the flower beds on the way in: someone's just helped themselves to the whole lot. Andy just says bluntly, "I know about Roland." Barbara stares at him and asks who told him. Andy replies, "He did." Barbara tells him that he'd better come in and sit down, but Andy snaps that he doesn't want to sit down; he wants to know why Roland is there and why she's is having anything to do with him. Barbara retorts, "Because I was married to him for twenty years. What on earth do you expect me to do: ignore him?" Andy points out that Gordon's her husband now. Barbara retorts that she knows that, but Roland risked everything just to keep her safe; she can't turn her back on him now. Andy growls, "You still don't love him?" but Barbara snaps, "Of course I do. I loved him very much before. Why should I stop loving him now? He's still the same man. I'm still the same woman." Andy insists, "But you can't love him any more than you love Gordon?" Barbara, though, cries, "I don't know. I've asked myself that over a hundred times in the last few days. I don't know the answer..."

Irene is giving Roland a check-up in the bedsit. As she removes her stethoscope from where it's positioned on his back, she tells him that his lungs are certainly much better - she doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't go getting back into his normal routine. Roland asks bitterly what he's supposed to do: sit there all day, twiddling his thumbs? He adds that he's even lost his chess partner now. Irene tells him not to go giving up on Andy just yet; she doesn't see the boy giving him the cold shoulder for very long. Roland, though, tells her that Andy hates her for the way he treated his mother and he's absolutely right: when he ended his affair with Helen, he cut off dead; he should have checked up on how she was managing; he didn't want to hurt her; he doesn't like hurting anyone. Irene warns him that he's hurting Barbara: all this talk about fighting to get her back...: he's hurting the poor woman by forcing her to make a choice between him and Gordon. Roland comments that that choice was inevitable from the moment Barbara found out he was still alive. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Roland opens it to find Fiona standing there. He invites her in, and she smiles that she finally got rid of Spider! She then asks Irene if she knows where Andy is. Irene explains that he left a while ago - he was pretty upset...

A few minutes later, Barbara is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, assuring Fiona that Andy is there telling her that she's making the biggest fool of herself for having anything to do with Roland at all. Fiona comments that it's understandable that he's upset. She goes on that Barbara won't be able to keep it a secret for much longer that Roland is alive. Barbara replies that she's not going to try: she's decided to tell everyone who has a right to know - Gordon included. Fiona asks if he's back from Woombai. Barbara replies that he isn't yet, but when he does decide to come home, she'll just have to break it to him gently. Fiona wishes her the best of luck, and the two of them hang up. Barbara then tells Andy that that was Fiona: she's worried about him. Andy growls, "She'd be better off kicking that mongrel out of the boarding house." Barbara, though, asks, "What's that going to prove?" There's suddenly a noise at the front door, and Wayne and Julie come in. Barbara calls to them and asks them to come into the lounge room. She introduces Julie to Andy and the two of them shake hands. Barbara then announces that she has something to tell them. Andy chips in nastily, "You'd better sit down. It's a real doozy of a story." Barbara warns angrily, "Andy, please..." She then turns back to Wayne and Julie and says, "It's about my first husband, Roland Armstrong..."

In his bedsit, Roland is putting a jacket on as Fiona warns him that there's no point going to the Hamiltons'. Roland, though, retorts that if people like Andy are going to give Barbara a hard time then she'll need support. Fiona cries that Gordon will support her, but Roland points out that he's up at Woombai. Irene tells him that he's only going to make matters worse. Roland, though, retorts that he ruined one woman's life by not being there when she needed him; he's not going to make the same mistake twice. With that, he heads out, leaving Fiona to curse, "Stupid man."

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne rants at Barbara, "You must be out of your mind. What was the idea of doing the con-job on Gordy about going to Italy to see Wendy? He had a right to know what you were up to." Barbara cries, "I told you: I'm going to tell him," but Wayne snaps, "Only after carrying-on behind his back for weeks." Barbara snaps, "I have not been carrying-on." Wayne retorts, "Then you shouldn't have had anything to do with the guy in the first place." Andy chips in, "That's what I've been saying." Barbara snarls, "Oh, you're both so sure of yourselves, aren't you? What was I supposed to do? Ignore him? Pretend he didn't exist? I was married to the man for almost half my life." Wayne points out, "And now you're married to Gordy." Barbara retorts, "Yes, legally, but morally--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Legally and morally." Barbara, though, snaps back, "That is for me to decide, Wayne." Wayne glares at her and says quietly, "You do feel something for him." Barbara denies, "No." However, she then admits, "Well of course I feel something. This just really is a very nasty situation." Wayne growls that he's going to ring Gordy, but Barbara pleads, "Please, Wayne, it's up to me to tell him." Wayne, though, mutters, "Don't worry. I wouldn't hit him with that over the 'phone. I'm just going to tell him to come home." With that, he heads to the bar, picks up the 'phone and starts dialling. Julie puts a comforting hand on Barbara's arm and comments gently that it must be awful for her. As Wayne gets through and talks to Caroline, Barbara tells Julie that it hasn't been a barrel of laughs. Julie says she'd offer to make her a cup of tea, but it seems inadequate. Barbara, though, says she'd really love a cup, and Julie heads off to the kitchen. After a few seconds, Wayne hangs up the 'phone and tells Barbara, "Looks like you're going to have your little heart-to-heart sooner than you expected. Gordy's on his way back."

Charlie is carrying Isabella up the driveway at Dural, warning her not to disgrace herself like last time! She suddenly spots a cab parked outside the mansion's front door and she watches as Roland gets out. She then turns to Isabella and exclaims, "I don't believe it, darling. I think mummy's just seen a ghost."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural and Barbara goes to answer it. She looks shocked as she opens it and finds Roland standing there. She cries, "What on earth are you doing here?" Roland explains that he thought she might need someone on her side. Barbara tells him that she does, but Gordon is on his way back and she really doesn't think he should stay... Roland, though, points out that the taxi has gone, and so Barbara reluctantly invites him in.

Outside, Charlie is saying to Isabella, "It couldn't be Roland Armstrong. He's dead. Unless he's got a twin brother - or a lookalike, the same as Wayne had." A car suddenly toots its horn, and Charlie comes back to reality to find Gordon sitting in his car in front of her. He calls out that she's blocking the driveway. Charlie totters round to the driver's door and tells him, "I'm so glad you're here. Isabella and I just had the most awful fright. A man just went into your place, and we could have sworn it was Roland Armstrong." Gordon smiles, "I've warned you before about having too many gins before lunch! There's no way it could have been Roland Armstrong." Charlie replies that she knows that, but the man looked awfully like him - her second husband knew Roland very well; that's how she got to know him. Gordon suggests brightly, "Let's go and see who it really is, eh?" He gets out of his car.

As Gordon and Charlie head into the house, they're confronted by Wayne shouting at Barbara, yelling, "He's got no right to even be in the house. Let him call another taxi." Barbara snaps back, "He was just about to until you started shouting the house down." Wayne retorts, "Good, and when he's done that, he can wait outside." Barbara growls, "For heaven's sake, grow up, Wayne." Wayne snaps, "I mean it." The argument is interrupted by Charlie shrieking, "It is him. I knew I was right." Barbara turns round and spots Gordon standing there with their neighbour. Looking shocked, she immediately runs over to him and, clutching onto his arm, quickly says, "Gordon, darling, I'm sorry. I was going to tell you as soon as you walked in the door." Gordon just stares at Roland and says, "It is you, isn't it?" Roland nods, "Afraid so, Gordon. It's me."

Tim is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, and he tells the person at the other end to expect him as soon as he gets there. He then hangs up and asks David what he thinks. David comments that it sounds like they'll be pleased to have him, and Tim smiles that they're rapt - although not half as much as he is. Leigh comes in, wheeling Shane in his pushchair, and asks her brother, "Who'll be pleased to have you?" Tim looks away and ignores her. David explains that Tim's going to stay with Mike and Heather - he'll be closer to his mum and dad. Looking at David, Tim adds excitedly that there are no worries for Leanne to come too; he can't wait until she gets back from Aunty Beryl's place; he reckons she'll jump at the chance. He then heads off to pack. As he goes, David tells him that he might be able to get him a lift to Brisbane with one of his truckie mates, and Tim leaves the room with a smile on his face. When he's gone, Leigh hands David some dollar bills. David asks what they're for, and Leigh explains that it's board money; she went into town and sold her fur coat. David insists that there's no need to pay board, but Leigh insists that she's trying to show him that she's changed. David mutters, "Need a damn sight more than money to show me that," and he heads off outside, leaving Leigh looking upset.

Stuart Kingsford is at Beryl's. She's busying tidying the place up after the trashing, and Kingsford explains that he thought he'd help her; it would ease his guilt. Beryl assures him that he's got nothing to feel guilty about, but Kingsford points out that Tracy is his daughter and she was behind the whole thing. He then offers to pay for the damage, but Beryl insists that she won't hear of it. She adds that the worst thing is the feeling that someone was in her house. Kingsford tells her that, if it's any consolation, Simmo was charged this morning; he thinks it's fairly safe to assume the boy will soon be a guest of Her Majesty. Looking relieved, Beryl says, "Stuart, you have really been such a help to me. I don't know how to repay you." Kingsford assures her that that's alright, but Beryl asks him to at least let her make him dinner. Kingsford tells her that that would be very nice of her. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Leanne calls out that it's her. Beryl calls to her to come in. Leanne does so, but when she sees Kingsford standing there, she says she'll come back later. Kingsford, though, tells her that he's glad she's there - he wanted to have a word with her. Leanne looks round at the mess and asks what happened. Kingsford explains, "Tracy and her friends... Seems you were right after all. Sorry I didn't believe you before." Leanne asks what's going to happen to her, and Kingsford explains that Simmo has probably told the police enough for them to lay charges by now; he only hopes she realises she's in serious trouble and lets him defend her. Leanne asks, "Do you think she will?" but Kingsford replies, "I don't know. I hope so." Changing the subject, Beryl asks Leanne what she's been up to, and Leanne groans that she's been looking for a job; it's hopeless, though. Kingsford asks her what sort of job she's looking for and she replies, "Anything." Kingsford tells her, "I think I might be able to help you..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Roland is explaining, "As soon as I'd finished giving my evidence, they gave me a new identity and pronounced the old Roland Armstrong dead. Of course, I couldn't tell Barbara or the kids; I could have put them in danger." Gordon murmurs, "Yes... I just can't believe you're sitting there in front of us large as life. For the last two years, we didn't think you were dead; we knew you were dead." Barbara asks tremulously, "Can you imagine how I felt? All this time, thinking that he was--" Gordon interrupts and assures her, "Yes, of course." Barbara cries, "Now I don't know how I'm supposed to feel." Roland looks at Gordon and says to him, "Gordon, I think it only fair to tell you that I'm not going to quietly stand aside. I've never stopped loving Barbara and now that I'm back, I couldn't give her up a second time." Gordon assures him, "I know that Barbara would never have married me if she thought for one moment that you were still alive; she loved you too much. But we are married. I love her just as strongly as you. I can't give her up, either." Roland suggests, "In that case, the decision isn't up to either one of us, is it?" Looking at Barbara, Gordon murmurs, "I suppose not." Realising what's being implied, Barbara glares at them both and snaps, "Well thankyou very much. The pair of you make it sound like a party game. What am I supposed to do? Put on a blindfold and use a pin?" Gordon murmurs that he was hoping it wouldn't be that hard a decision, but Barbara, standing up, cries, "Well it is. And why in God's name have I got to choose anyway?" With that, she storms out of the room. Gordon looks at Roland.

Andy is out in the hallway, and as Barbara runs out of the lounge room, he asks what the matter is. Barbara cries, "Nothing. I'm alright. It's just that they expect me to choose between them." At that moment, Wayne comes downstairs and mutters, "Gordy doing the decent thing as usual, is he? Playing fair. He should have booted Armstrong out the moment he set eyes on him." Barbara growls, "Well thank God you're not your father." Wayne snarls, "The bloke doesn't deserve a look-in." Barbara, though, retorts, "Roland is a very decent man. He's exactly the same as Gordon. It's just that they're making it very difficult for me." With that, she runs upstairs. When she's gone, Andy comments to Wayne that he always thought he'd be happy to see the back of Mrs. H. Wayne retorts, "She means a lot to Gordy. Look what happened when she did walk out on him: couldn't go through that again." Andy muses that he wouldn't want to see it either; they're too good for each other. Wayne suggests, "You and I will have to do something about it, won't we? Make sure Roland stays out of Barbara's life for keeps." Andy warns Wayne that he doesn't want to get involved in something that's going to hurt people. Wayne retorts that he thought Andy wanted Gordon and Barbara to stay together. Andy insists that he does, and so Wayne says, "Then help me get rid of Roland."

A while later, Wayne wanders into the flat at the back of Dural, to find Charlie there with Julie. She asks if the big discussion is over, and Wayne replies, "For the time being." Charlie says she must go and find out what happened, but Wayne grabs her arm and pulls her gently back into the flat, telling her that they should all stay out of it for the moment. Charlie reluctantly accepts this. She then turns back to Julie and tells her that the two of them must get together and talk about Lisa Cook, her partner in fashion - she designs the most superb wedding dresses. Julie, though, explains, that, actually, she was thinking of choosing something off the rack. Charlie, looking surprised, tells her, "Nonsense. Wayne's got plenty of money - he can afford it." With that, she waltzes off. When she's gone, Julie asks Wayne how Barbara is, and he replies that Gordy and Roland want her to decide which one of them she wants. Julie exclaims that that's a pretty awful decision to have to make. Wayne tells her, "If it comes to that. I think I can convince Roland he should drop out of the race." Julie warns him that he shouldn't interfere, but Wayne insists that he's only trying to help Barbara make the right decision...

Andy is standing at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway in the main house when Barbara comes down. Gordon emerges from the lounge room and tells her that Roland is just about to leave. Barbara says she'll call him a taxi. Andy, though, tells her that he'll be going in a sec; he can give him a lift. Gordon murmurs, "Good." Changing the subject, he then tells Andy and Barbara, "Before you go, bad news I'm afraid: Amanda disappeared at Woombai the day before yesterday." Barbara and Andy stare at him as he goes on, "That's why I came down this morning: I didn't want to ring in case I upset you unnecessarily. Her car has been found and there's blood on the seat. We just don't know what happened to her." Looking shocked, Andy cries that she's got to be somewhere; people don't just vanish. Barbara comments, "There was nothing in the newspaper," and Gordon explains, "A lot of people of people go missing. It's hardly news these days. If they found a body..." Barbara asks, "And they haven't yet?" Gordon replies, "No, not yet - and they've made a very thorough search." Barbara cries, "Oh God, I don't believe it..." Gordon assures her that it's a dreadful shock for everyone.

Leanne is heading up to the back door at the country house when Tim bounds out and smiles that he didn't think she was ever getting back! Leanne asks what's wrong, and Tim tells her excitedly that she has to pack - he rang the O'Briens and they said he could stay with them, and she's invited, too. Leanne, looking wary, says, "I can't go." Looking disappointed, Tim tells her that it's all organised, but Leanne explains, "I've got a job. Mr. Kingsford arranged it for me." Tim warns her that Kingsford is only trying to buy her off, but Leanne muses that she doesn't think so - and anyway, it's too good to turn down: she'd be a sort of housekeeper; it's good money. Tim stands there, looking disappointed. After a few seconds, he mutters, "I thought you'd want to be with me." Leanne suggests that she could come up for a holiday when she gets enough money together." Tim asks her if she promises, and Leanne nods and gives him a kiss. Tim then comments that at least he won't have Leigh in his hair up in Brissie. Leanne asks him if he's said goodbye to his sister, but Tim retorts that he doesn't want anything to do with her. Leanne warns him that he shouldn't hold grudges, but Tim retorts, "After what she did to us?" Leanne points out that they all make mistakes; they shouldn't have to pay for them all their lives.

Leigh is playing with Shane inside, in the lounge room, when Tim wanders in and tells her that Leanne said he should say goodbye - and that he should forgive her, too - but he can't. Leigh mutters, "Well, if you won't forgive me, I've got no one." Tim retorts, "You should have thought of that before." He bends down and says goodbye to Shane before standing up again and saying to his sister, "I'm sick of forgiving you, Leigh. It never does any good. I don't know - maybe one day you'll change, but I doubt it." With that, he walks off, leaving Leigh looking upset.

That night, Stuart Kingsford is sitting at the living room table at Beryl's, with Beryl, He tells her that the meal was delicious. He then asks her carefully if she's heard anything from Jim recently. Beryl, though, explains that she tried his hotel but he'd moved out; he's probably gone up-north; he never does stay in one place for long. Kingsford muses, "I don't think he's the sort of man to make you happy, Beryl." Beryl raises an eyebrow and asks, "Oh, you don't think so?" Kingsford tells her, "No. I would have thought you'd prefer the steady type. Someone who lived locally... who wasn't in the habit of straying too far from home..." Looking wary, Beryl stands up and says, "Er... I'll just get dessert."

Wayne is standing with Gordon at the bar at Dural, sipping a scotch. He suggests that maybe he should go to Woombai, but Gordon tells him that there's very little he can do; there are enough people searching. He then quickly adds that he's sorry - he knows how Wayne felt about Amanda; if he wants to go to Woombai, he should go. Wayne asks, "What about Barbara?" Gordon replies, "We'll manage. I'll just have to wait for her decision and live with it." Wayne tells him that he can't give up without a fight, and Gordon muses that, hopefully, he won't have to. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne answers it. Andy comes on and says it's him. Wayne asks his father to excuse him, and he wanders off to the living room area. He then asks Andy how he went. Andy tells him, "Alright. He really opened up. I think you've got everything you need." Wayne smiles nastily and says, "Good..."

At Beryl's, Beryl places a bowl of rhubarb pie and ice-cream down in front of Stuart Kingsford. As she sits down opposite him again, he comments that he's subtle as a sledgehammer, isn't he! He goes on that, in front of a jury, he's usually able to find the right words to say, but in front of a woman... He adds, "I do care for you, Beryl. I hope we can see a lot more of each other." Looking nervous, Beryl says, "Stuart, I..." There's suddenly a knock at the door, and she asks to be excused. She goes to answer it and looks surprised to find Jim standing there. He tells her, "I won't come in - I saw Kingsford's car out the front." Beryl exclaims that she's been ringing his hotel; she thought he must have gone to Queensland. Jim explains that he moved to a cheaper pub. He then goes on, "I've been thinking about us a lot lately, Beryl, and I figure it's probably now or never. I want you to marry me." Beryl stares at him.

Roland opens the door of his bedsit to find Irene standing there with a cigar in her mouth, a pack of tinnies in one hand and a pack of cards in the other! Putting the cigar in his shirt pocket, she laughs that she'd offer him a game of chess, but he'd only beat her! Roland, though, explains that, as a matter of fact, he thinks he's got his old partner back: Andy drove him back from the Hamiltons' and wanted to know all about his adventures in the United States. Irene comments that she hopes he really is softening and isn't just trying to keep his mind off Amanda; they were pretty close. Roland concedes that she could be right; they'll just have to wait and see; it's something else for him to worry about while Barbara makes a decision between him and Gordon. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Roland answers it. After a few seconds, a male voice comes on and says menacingly, in a foreign accent, "We know where you are, Roland, and we've got very long memories. Some friends of Lou Pezani thought you should know that." Looking horrified, Roland slams the 'phone down and Irene immediately asks what's wrong. Roland stammers, "They... they know I'm here."

At Dural, Wayne hangs up the 'phone, a nasty smile on his face...


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