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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Beryl storms into the kitchen as Jim snaps at Linda, "It's gone on long enough. I don't know what you're playing at, but get dressed and clear out." He then joins Beryl and tells her, "She's going." Beryl snaps, "I'm not interested," but Jim retorts, "Oh for God's sake, Beryl, you surely don't believe--?" Beryl interrupts and asks furiously, "What am I supposed to believe?" Jim snaps, "I don't even know the girl." Beryl asks incredulously, "Oh, a half-naked stranger walks out of your bedroom?" Jim explains, "She said she was sick. I told her to lie down." Beryl grunts, "Huh!" Jim insists, "Someone must have put her up to it." Beryl glares at him and after a few seconds he growls, "Oh, what the hell. I've had enough. You can think what you like. I don't have to spend the whole time defending myself. I'm going." Beryl just glares at him as he walks off.

Stephen storms into the office at the riding school and Jenny follows close behind. Stephen snaps at her, "What on earth does Caroline think she's up to?" Jenny warns him to calm down, adding, "I think you're jealous." Stephen, though, retorts, "No I'm not. The damn woman is a Director of the company that owns Woombai, and Bill Ashley is dead-set on destroying it. I mean, where's the loyalty, for God's sake?" Jenny questions, "Loyalty to the company or to you?" Stephen replies more calmly, "Both, I suppose. She knows how much Woombai means to me." Jenny stares at him and he adds, "It's not just me; it's Gordon, too." There's silence for several seconds, which Stephen breaks by saying he's sorry; he didn't mean to go off the deep-end. Jenny tells him softly that she understands. Stephen assures her that he's not jealous - he expected Caroline to be on their side, that's all. He takes Jenny's hand and tells her, "At least you're with us. I don't know what I'd do without you, sometimes." Jenny, suddenly looking nervous, pulls her hand away and says, "There's something I should explain..." However, before she can get any further, Amanda and Samantha appear in the doorway and Amanda asks with a smile, "Busy, or can we come in?!" Stephen comments that it doesn't look like he has a choice! Jenny, looking slightly annoyed, tells Stephen that she's got a lot of things to do before they go to Chandler, so she'll see him at 4:30pm. With that, she walks off. When she's gone, Amanda asks, "What's in Chandler?" and Stephen tells her, "Howard Maynard." Samantha queries, "The conservationist?" and Stephen explains that he's on a conservation tour; they're meeting him afterwards - the Editor of the local paper knows him. He goes on that if Maynard agrees to their objections to the abattoir, as a national journalist he can put a lot of pressure on the local council. Samantha, a delighted smile on her face, replies, "You're not wrong. If Maynard tells people something's under threat, every greenie in the country goes and chains themselves to the nearest bulldozer!" Stephen muses, "I hope that will help!"

Stuart Kingsford is standing on the step at Beryl's, and he asks Beryl, who's standing in the doorway, if she can spare a moment. Beryl invites him in and they head into the lounge room. Kingsford then tells Beryl that he's just been to the Children's Home to find out what he could about Leanne Watson. Beryl mutters, "Really?" Kingsford goes on, "I'm preparing the court case and it seems that she also made some serious allegations concerning my daughter." Beryl doesn't respond. Kingsford continues, "I also heard some rather distressing stories about you while I was there. You recently had some sort of nervous breakdown?" Beryl snaps, "I did not." Kingsford ventures carefully, "They said you took a baby you thought was your son." Beryl admits quietly, "Yes..." Kingsford warns, "Look, this could be very embarrassing if I have to bring this all out in court." Beryl retorts indignantly, "That has nothing to do with this case." Kingsford, though, tells her, "Anything that shows your state of mind when you attacked Tracy is pertinent." Beryl glares at him. He asks, "Won't it be much simpler all round if you just withdrew the allegations? I'm sure my daughter would accept a written apology." Beryl, though, shouts, "No. It wasn't my fault. I will not apologise - and you might as well leave because I have no intention of changing my mind."

At the boarding house, Roland opens the door of his bedsit to find Barbara standing there. She walks in, commenting as she does so that he looks much better today. Roland tells her that the penicillin injections seem to be helping. He invites her to sit down, and she perches on the edge of the bed, looking uncomfortable. Roland asks her, "Have you told Gordon about me, yet?" Barbara replies that she hasn't. She then adds that she wanted to see the result of Liz's trial - and Woombai: Gordon will probably have to go up there soon. Roland quickly says, "You're not going up there with him, are you?" but Barbara assures him that she'll stay. Sitting down next to her on the bed, Roland tells her, "I need you, Barbara - at least until I'm back on my feet." Quickly changing the subject, Barbara murmurs, "Um... Roland... Helen Green had a child. Your child. A son." Looking shocked, Roland gasps, "Helen Green? God, I never knew she was pregnant... That's right, she left, didn't she?" Barbara nods. Roland asks her when she found out about this, and Barbara replies, "Oh, a year or so ago." She adds, "I found it quite hard to believe. It was very difficult to accept that you had been unfaithful to me." Roland insists, "I didn't mean it to happen. She was lonely and I felt sorry for her... She was the only one and it didn't last long. I realised how stupid I was. I loved you too much." Barbara retorts, "That's no consolation. How can you tell me you love me and then go and have an affair--?" She breaks off, and Roland points out, "You're talking as if we're still married." Barbara snaps, "Well we're not married. I'm married to Gordon now." She stands up. Roland suddenly asks, "Can you honestly say you don't love me?" Barbara stands there, looking anguished.

Stephen is sitting at the desk in the office at the riding school when there's a knock on the door. Caroline waltzes in and tells him that she's just been for a walk; the property's looking beautiful. She sits down, and Stephen growls, "Well let's hope it stays that way." Looking surprised, Caroline asks what the matter is. Stephen tells her curtly, "I saw you with Bill Ashley." Caroline mutters, "Oh that. I was going to tell you about it." Stephen snaps, "I find that rather hard to believe. For God's sake, Caroline, the man is trying to ruin us. If you don't care about your reputation, you could at least think of Woombai." Caroline questions, "My 'reputation'? That sounds a bit Victorian, even for you." Stephen stares at her as she adds, "And I was thinking of Woombai. You said you had your suspicions about Bill; well, I thought I'd see what I could find out about him." Stephen looks back down at his papers, but Caroline goes on, "For heaven's sake, I only let the man kiss me. A girl's got to use what she's got, hasn't she? Anyway, I rather fancy myself as a spy!" Stephen retorts, "Well I don't. I think it's stupid and dangerous." Caroline tells him, "I think I could find out quite a good deal about the man, given time." Stephen, though, retorts, "Well I would rather you didn't."

At the bedsit, Barbara tells Roland that Andy is a very nice boy; he'll like him. Roland muses, "I hope he likes me." Barbara replies, "You'll find out soon enough: he's coming home." Roland, looking wary, says he doesn't think they should spring it on him; he'd like to get to know him, first. Barbara asks if that's fair on Andy, but Roland replies that it seems fairer than hitting him with it out of the blue. Barbara just murmurs, "Well." Changing the subject, she then goes on that she spoke to her solicitor: she and Gordon are still legally married. She adds that, for a while there, she thought she'd be up for bigamy! She tells Roland, "Your 'death' automatically dissolved our marriage." Roland asks, "Just like that?" and Barbara replies, "Yes." Roland insists, "I only did it to keep you out of danger; it seemed the best thing to do at the time. I didn't realise I'd lose you." Barbara cries, "Well why couldn't you have let me know, somehow?" Roland tells her, "It never occurred to me that you'd re-marry... so soon..." Barbara, looking upset, cries, "Roland, Gordon's very like you: he was very kind to me and I needed someone." Roland, putting his hands on Barbara's shoulders, points out, "But you've only been together two years. We had twenty. I don't care if the law says we're not married; what do you want?" Barbara pulls away and sobs, "Please. I do love Gordon and he needs me too. And I have to stay with him." Roland concedes sadly, "Alright."

A workman has a tape measure on the ground at Woombai. As he reels it up, he tells Bill Ashley, "That's another 8.2 metres." The workman suddenly smiles as he notices Samantha walking towards them, and he comments that things are looking up! Ashley, though, tells him quietly, "Clear off." The workman insists, "Have to be polite," and he calls, "Afternoon," to Samantha. Ashley, though, looking annoyed, mutters, "I said clear of." The workman goes. Samantha joins Ashley, holding a bag, and offers, "Smoko?" She adds, "I know you're very busy but I thought you might be thirsty." Ashley replies that he is, and he sits down. Samantha does the same. Ashley then tells her, "You needn't have gone to all the trouble, though. I mean, why not just fire away?" Samantha stares at him and he clarifies, "Well, I suppose you're here to ask a lot of questions about me." Samantha asks, "Are you going to answer them?" and Ashley shakes his head. Samantha tells him, "I won't ask them, then." She pours them some tea and takes out a bag, adding, "They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Have a ham sandwich!" Ashley takes the bag and then comments that he never thought the country had so many attractions to offer. Samantha asks, "Mum and Amanda, you mean?" Ashley nods, "Yeah, you're a good-looking family. You take the trophy, though." Samantha, raising her cup of tea, smiles, "Thankyou, kind sir!" Ashley then goes on more seriously, "I don't think your old man would be too pleased to see you here." Samantha, though, explains, "He's got more important things to worry about: he and Jenny Turner have gone off to see that Maynard guy." Ashley, suddenly looking worried, asks, "Howard Maynard?" Samantha nods and Ashley mutters, "Yeah, well, they'll certainly object to the abattoir. Won't be able to sway the council, though - they're all for it." Samantha tells him, "Dad seems to think he and Jenny can talk them round." Ashley, looking thoughtful, comments, "You know, I would have thought Ken Hargraves could have kept his girlfriend in line." Samantha stares at him in shock and he asks, "You didn't know they were engaged?"

Barbara is in Irene's flat with Irene and Fiona. They're drinking tea, but Barbara comments that she's hardly the life of the party, is she? Fiona assures her that it's understandable. Barbara cries, "I'm just so confused... seeing Roland again... looking after him... remembering all the times we had together." Irene comments, "You still care a lot about him, don't you?" Barbara retorts, "We were married for twenty years. I love Gordon but... I don't know what to do." Fiona tells her, "You'll stay with Gordon, of course." Irene, though, points out, "Roland did make an enormous sacrifice - and he did it for Barbara's sake." Fiona asks in surprise, "You're not saying that she should leave Gordon?" Irene quickly replies, "No, no, but I can see how difficult the situation is." Barbara mutters, "Yeah, well, I can't talk about that now." Fiona, staring at her in surprise, comments that she didn't think there'd be any doubt. Barbara, though, retorts, "Fiona, it's not that easy. I know them both. I love them both. I don't want to leave either of them - and I'm beginning to understand how Gordon felt about Liz." She stands up as she continues, "Anyway, I think I'd better go. I want to be home when he gets back from the trial. I hope it's good news." Irene tells her, "Take care and don't worry: it'll work out." Barbara heads outside to the corridor and goes and knocks on the door of Roland's bedsit. He opens it and, looking surprised to find Barbara there, comments that he thought she'd gone home. Barbara explains that she was just leaving and thought she'd say goodbye - but she'll come back as soon as she can. Roland murmurs, "Thanks." He then adds, "I hope you can forgive me about Helen Green." At that moment, Andy comes round the corner and, seeing Barbara there, smiles, "G'day, Mrs. H." Barbara says a nervous, "Hi." Andy then turns to Roland and asks, "Did you know mum?"

A moment later, after a few seconds' silence, Roland tells Andy carefully, "Yes, I did know Helen. It was a long time ago." Barbara then interjects, "Oh, I'm sorry. Andy, this is a very good friend of mine who's just come back from overseas: Gerald Hudson." Andy shakes Roland's hand and tells him that he's pleased to meet him. Roland agrees, "And you." Barbara then tells Andy, "Gerald knew Helen when he worked for my father." Roland adds, "I was sorry to hear about the accident. She was a lovely woman." Andy smiles, "I'm just pleased to find someone who knew her. Listen, do you mind if I drop around sometime and have a chat?" Roland tells him, "No, I'd like that." Andy then turns to Barbara and explains that he just came up to find Irene; he couldn't find Fiona. Barbara, indicating Irene's flat, tells her that they're both in there. Roland says he thinks he'll lie down for a while, and he tells Andy that it was nice to meet him. He heads inside and closes the door. Andy turns to Barbara, who explains, "Gerald's just getting over a bout of pneumonia. Luckily, Irene's keeping an eye on him, but I think he gets a bit lonely. You will pop in and see him sometimes, won't you?" Andy points out, "I said I would," and Barbara thanks him, adding, "I think he'd like that."

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room, but she tells the person at the other end, "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong hotel. Thankyou," and she hangs up. She then looks up another number in the telephone directory, which is lying next to her, and starts dialling. The call is answered by a woman saying, "Sunrise Hotel. Good afternoon." Beryl says, "Oh, hello, my name is Beryl Palmer. I was wondering if you have a Mr. Jim O'Brien registered there." The woman says, "One moment, please." There's then a pause before she asks, "What was the name?" Beryl tells her, "O'Brien," and the woman asks, "J.?" Beryl tells her, "Yes, that's it," and she asks, "Could I speak to him, please?" The woman puts her through and Jim eventually comes on, saying a curt, "Yep?" Beryl says, "Hello, Jim. I've been trying all the hotels around." Jim mutters, "Oh, it's you. What do you want?" Beryl explains, "I thought we might be able to talk." Jim retorts, "Go ahead, I'm listening." Beryl insists, "Not on the 'phone," but Jim asks, "What's wrong with it? The line's working." Beryl pleads, "Jim, please," but Jim asks, "Do you believe I was set up?" Beryl tells him, "I'm not sure, but we really can't discuss it like this." Jim, though, asks, "Why not? You either do or you don't." Beryl replies, "It's not that simple. Look, we really can't talk about it on the 'phone. Why don't you come over here?" Jim retorts, "There's no point. If you don't believe me, forget it." With that, he hangs up. Beryl looks at the 'phone in surprise.

Samantha is still sitting with Bill Ashley in the grounds at Woombai. As he finishes his cup of tea, he smiles that it was good, and he thanks her. He hands the cup back to her and asks, "Same time tomorrow?" Samantha replies, "If you're still here. The whole project might be closed by then." Ashley, though, tells her, "I wouldn't bet on it. Your dad's wasting his time. The council's all for it." Samantha retorts, "I don't know. Jenny's got a few councillors on-side - and if there's a threat of it becoming a major issue, a few more of them might chicken out." She stands up with her bag as Ashley murmurs, "We'll see." He then stands up as well and stands a couple of inches in front of Samantha, looking at her appreciatively. He tells her, "Sorry we have to break this up. Got work to do." Samantha suggests, "I'd better go, then." Ashley smiles, "Don't you forget our date tomorrow night." Samantha tells him, "Can't wait." They kiss and Ashley then tells Samantha, "You be good now." Samantha walks off, a smile on her face. As he watches her go, Ashley walks over to his workman and says, "Something I want you to do for me, mate."

Beryl opens her front door to find Stuart Kingsford standing there again. He starts to say, "Mrs. Palmer, I--" but before he can get any further, Beryl interrupts and retorts, "I am not changing my mind from this morning." Kingsford insists, "I just wanted to talk, that's all." Beryl sighs and invites him in and they head into the lounge room. As they do so, Kingsford asks her if she's alright. Beryl tells him that it hasn't been the best day. She invites him to sit down and he does so. Beryl sits down as well. Kingsford then says, "I've been thinking: isn't there some way we can avoid taking this to court?" Beryl stares at him and he goes on, "I must admit, I've been having some doubts about my daughter - and, well, the more I hear of your character, the more I believe you. That boy, Simmo, seems to have been a very bad influence on her." Beryl starts to say, "Um, I would say that it was m--" She then breaks off, though. Kingsford asks, "Mmm?" but Beryl tells him, "Don't worry. Go on." Kingsford continues, "The fact is, since my wife and I were divorced, I haven't had very much to do with my daughter - you know how it is. I don't think she's inherently bad, but maybe just easily-led, that's all." He then stands up, saying, "I'm sorry - I didn't meant to ear-bash you." Beryl assures him that that's alright, but adds, "I am still waiting to hear how we can avoid going to court." Kingsford comments, "It is a bit difficult, isn't it? Unfortunately, you did hit her." He then goes on, "Of course, you could take counter-action; assault can be verbal as well as physical." Beryl points out that that would hardly be keeping it out of court, but Kingsford suggests, "It might force her to drop the original charge." Beryl, though, sighs, "No, I don't want to play any legal games." Kingsford then asks, "Look, why don't we discuss the whole matter over dinner, huh? We don't have to, but we might both feel a lot more comfortable." Beryl stares at him and then agrees, "Why not?" Kingsford thanks her and says, "7:30pm?" Beryl nods, "Fine."

Roland opens the door of the bedsit to find Andy standing there. He asks if it's OK if he comes in, and Roland says, "Sure." Andy immediately notices a chess set on the table at the end of the bed, and Roland explains that he was just wrestling with a book of problems. Andy accepts this and then asks, "How well did you know mum?" Roland replies, "We were friends - not close, of course. Did she ever mention me?" Andy, though, tells him that she never talked much about those days; he was hoping 'Gerard' might be able to tell him something; he can't talk to Barbara or Stephen. Roland asks, "Why not?" and Andy asks, "Don't you know? Barbara's first husband was... was my father." Roland quickly says, "Yes, yes, she told me. Rather hard on you, both your parents being dead." Andy murmurs, "I miss mum, but not him." Roland suggests, "You're being a bit tough on him, aren't you?" but Andy snaps, "He cheated on Barbara and dumped my mum. He must have been a louse." Roland hesitates before saying, "He wasn't a bad sort of bloke. I don't think he really knew that Helen was going to have his child." Andy comments, "You knew dad too?" Roland admits, "Yes, yes, well, he was married to Barbara and she was the boss's daughter. I got to know everyone eventually." He then asks, "Do you play chess?" Andy replies, "Not very well." Roland says, "I'm a bit rusty, too. Let's have a game!" Andy smiles, "OK," and he sits down on the end of the bed. Roland muses, "Help us get to know each other better."

Jenny is sitting in the driver's seat of Stephen's truck. Stephen is standing with his head under the bonnet, and he tells Jenny to try it again. She turns the key, but the engine fails to ignite. She then climbs out and asks, "Can you see anything?" but Stephen admits, "No." Jenny tells him that there's no time to mess about, and she suggests that they go in her truck or they'll never get to see him. Caroline suddenly runs over and calls to Stephen that she's glad she caught him. She then asks if she can come along, as she may be able to help. Stephen looks at Jenny, who says, "Fine by me. I think she'll make more of an impression on the man than I would." Stephen smiles, "Oh, I don't know about that...!" He then calls to Caroline, "Alright, let's go," and he walks over to where Jenny's truck is parked. Jenny suddenly says, "Um... on second thoughts, I think I'll stay behind." Stephen, looking puzzled, asks why. Jenny replies hesitantly, "I think it would be a good idea to have someone here in case you're late for the council meeting. You know, I can stall for time." Stephen stares at her, but he eventually concedes, "Alright." He then asks her to get a mechanic to look at his truck's engine before he and Caroline go and get in Jenny's truck.

Irene emerges from her flat at the same time as Andy emerges from Roland's bedsit, and she smiles, "Hi! Been getting to know our new boarder, have you?" Andy nods, "Uh huh!" Irene asks how it went, and Andy replies, "Fine." Irene suggests, "He's a very nice bloke. Mr. Hudson, don't you think?" Andy muses, "Yeah... he seems a bit quiet - and it's a pity he's alone." Irene asks, "Eh?" and Andy explains, "He said he was a bit rusty at chess... like hell: he wiped the board with me twice!" Irene laughs that she hopes his success hasn't sent his temperature up! Andy walks off as Irene knocks on the door of the bedsit. Roland calls to her to come in and she enters. Roland is clearing away the chess set and Irene tells him that she wants to take his temperature. She sticks a thermometer under his tongue and then asks, "How are you feeling?" Roland makes a noise that indicates 'good'!" Irene goes on, "You seem to have made a very good impression on young Andy." Roland takes the thermometer out of his mouth and starts to say, "He seems a nice--" but Irene pushes it back in, leaving him only able to make noises that Irene can't understand! She says, "Pardon?!" and Roland quickly pops the thermometer out and in again, saying in-between, "Seems a nice sort of boy!" Irene laughs that he takes after his father! She then looks at her watch and takes the thermometer out of his mouth. She examines it and pronounces, "It's down. You'll live!" Roland sighs, "I'm afraid he hasn't got much of an opinion of his father: he thinks I deceived Barbara and walked out on his mother." Irene assures him, "Once he finds out who you are, everything will be alright." Roland, though, insists, "Oh, I couldn't tell him yet." Irene says, "I think the sooner you tell him, the better. If he's angry about you deceiving Barbara, how's he going to feel when he knows you've been deceiving him?" Roland stares at her and she goes on, "In fact, I think you should tell Gordon, as well; get everything out in the open. I know it can't be easy seeing Barbara as another man's wife, but you're going to have to accept it sometime." Roland, though, retorts, "I can't do that. I'm sick of everything I had being taken from me. Barbara loves me, I'm sure of that. She's worth fighting for." Irene looks worried.

Amanda is sitting at the living room table at the Woombai homestead, files spread out in front of her. Samantha wanders in and asks, "Still busy?" Amanda tells her, "Someone's got to keep the books up-to-date; they're so far behind at the moment." Samantha suggests, "It's too nice an afternoon to be working," but Amanda retorts, "Look, I've got a lot to do, so if you don't mind...?" Samantha mutters, "Sorry." She wanders over to the couch, asking as she does so, "Have dad and Jenny left for Chandler yet?" Amanda nods, "Mmm, a while ago. Mum went with them." Samantha smiles, "That was smart of her: keeping a check on him." Amanda, looking annoyed, glares at her sister and snaps, "Look, mum and dad have decided it's all over between them, so if he wants to get together with Jenny, what is wrong with that?" Samantha shrugs, "Nothing. I just don't think Jenny will be round much longer, that's all..." Amanda stares at her.

Stephen is driving Jenny's truck along the road at high speed. Caroline warns him to slow down, but Stephen retorts that if they don't get a move on, they'll never get to see Maynard. Caroline comments, "I'd rather get there in one piece," but Stephen tells her, "Don't worry. I know every bump in this road." Changing the subject, Caroline then says, "I hope I didn't get in the way with Jenny." Stephen explains, "She's a little apprehensive, that's all." Caroline appeals, "Tell me if I ever do. I don't want to upset things between you two." As he drives along, Stephen swings the car round a bend but, as he tries to slow down, he suddenly cries, "My God..." He starts pumping his foot on the brake, but nothing happens. He pulls the handbrake up, but still nothing happens. Caroline asks nervously, "Stephen...?" Stephen cries, "The brakes have gone!" As the car hurtles along at high speed, Caroline sits there looking terrified...


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