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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Charlie exclaims in shock that she can't believe they'd do such a thing. Leigh adds, "And Tim's not a thief. Leanne must have taken the things without him knowing." David, though, grunts that he'd say they're in this together. He then tells Charlie that he's sorry. Charlie assures him that it's not his fault, but David retorts, "I trusted Tim. I know I've given him a hard time lately, but I thought he had more sense than to pull a stunt like this." Charlie asks what they're going to do. David muses, "They couldn't have got too far. I'll go and find them - and when I do, I'll give Tim a lesson that he won't forget in a hurry." Leigh quickly cries, "You won't go to the police?" David tells her, "I don't want to, but I mightn't have a choice. Let's hope I catch them before they get too far." Leigh looks worried.

Beryl sits down on the couch in her lounge room, saying to Jim as she does so that her feet are killing her; they must have walked for miles! Jim sits down with her and she starts going through the mail that she's picked up on the way in. After sorting through some bills, she tells Jim that there's one for him. She then smells it and asks, "Do any of your friends use perfume?" Jim smiles, "Not that they're admitting to!" He takes the envelope and, looking at the return address, comments, "Brisbane. Somebody called Linda." Beryl asks, "Girlfriend?" but Jim tells her, "Not that I know of." He opens the envelope, takes out the sheet of paper inside and starts reading. Beryl asks him what it says, but Jim exclaims, "It must be a joke. It's the blokes I used to work with in Queensland." Beryl asks if she can have a look, but Jim warns her, "It's a bit blue." Beryl assures him that she didn't expect him to become a monk when she left him, but Jim insists, "I mean it. I don't know anyone called Linda." Beryl accepts, "Alright." Jim stands up and says he'll make a cup of tea. Beryl sits there, looking thoughtful.

Samantha, Stephen and Caroline are sitting at the dinner table at Woombai, and Samantha comments that it's nice, all of them having dinner together; it's just like old times. Stephen just murmurs, "Yes, it is." Samantha realises, "You're not really listening, are you?" Stephen replies that he's sorry: he was thinking about the council meeting tomorrow night. He goes on that he found out today that the company behind the abattoir has only recently been set up; this is their first major project. Caroline remarks that it seems like a big development for a new company to tackle, and Stephen explains that that's what he thought. He then goes on, "Another thing: they're inviting private investors to put money into it. I can't understand why they're not financing it all themselves." Caroline suggests that maybe they've got a cashflow problem, but Stephen tells her that he checked on that: there's no shortage of funds; far from it. Glancing at Samantha, Caroline then asks, "Did you find anything out about Bill Ashley?" Stephen, though, replies, "Not much - a bit of a mystery man. Apparently quite wealthy, though." Samantha smiles, "I bet I could find out more for you," but Stephen retorts, "I told you what I thought of that idea. I want you to stay right away from him." Samantha warns, "Don't tell me what to do. I'm not a child." Stephen, though, snaps, "Samantha, the man could destroy Woombai." Samantha points out, "He's a businessman, just like you," but Stephen asks, "You think so? I have a feeling there's more to him than we imagine."

David arrives back at the country house. Leigh is sitting in the kitchen, playing with Shane, and she asks David how he went. David tells her that it was no good: he searched all the main roads and there was no sign of them; they must have got a lift somewhere. Charlie comes in from the hallway and says to David that she thought she heard him come back; no luck? David sighs, "No. There's only one thing to do," and he walks over to the 'phone. Leigh, suddenly looking panicky, quickly points out, "But you don't know for sure it was them who did it." David, though, retorts, "Oh come on, Leigh, it's as plain as the nose on your face." He starts dialling, but Leigh suddenly stands up and cries, "You mustn't go to the police." David turns and looks at her and asks, "Why not?" Leigh tells him more calmly, "Well, Tim's already been in reform school. They'll put him in a detention centre if he gets into trouble again." Charlie suggests, "Perhaps Leigh's right. I don't want to get the boy into any trouble - and I can afford to replace the coat; it wasn't exactly new, anyway." David, though, retorts that that's not the point: they've got to learn right from wrong, and Tim's not going to get away with this because he's his nephew. Charlie points out curtly, "It's my things they stole. Surely it's up to me whether we go to the police or not?" David stares at her, and Leigh pleads, "Please, David?" David hesitates and then sighs, "Alright." He hangs up and goes on, "They're probably headed for Mike and Heather's. I'll call them in the morning and tell them what's happened. If we get Charlie's coat and jewellery back, I'll let it drop, OK?" Leigh nods in relief.

Jim and Beryl are sitting on the couch at Beryl's, and Jim asks Beryl if she wants to finish off the wine. She declines, though, saying she's had quite enough. Jim pours the rest of the bottle into his glass, commenting, "Waste not want not!" Beryl stands up and says that, actually, it's getting late; she might do the dishes and go to bed. Jim tells her that he'll give her a hand, and she smiles, "Thankyou very much." She then pauses before adding, "And thankyou for today. I had a lovely time." Jim replies tenderly, "Same here." He stares at her and tells her, "I've missed you, Beryl." Beryl replies, "I've missed you, too." They start kissing, but Beryl pulls away. Jim asks what's wrong. Beryl murmurs, "Nothing," and they start kissing again.

It's the middle of the night, and Leigh is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the country house, her fur coat round her shoulders. Charlie comes in, saying she saw the lights still on, and she asks the girl if she can't sleep. Leigh doesn't respond. Charlie suggests, "Why don't you go to bed? Worrying won't do any good." Leigh stands up and says, "Thanks for helping Tim." Charlie points out, "I didn't do anything," but Leigh tells her, "David would have gone to the police if it wasn't for you." She then takes the fur coat off her shoulders and, holding it out to Charlie, says, "Here, have it. It'll make up for the one that was stolen." Charlie, though, replies gently, "I don't want your coat. Keep it." She pauses before going on, "Tim means a lot to you, doesn't he?" Leigh sighs, "He's the only real friend I've ever had." Charlie tells her, "There are other people who'd care for you - if you'd let them." Leigh stands there and then says, "I'd better go to bed." She walks off, leaving Charlie looking worried.

The next morning, Caroline and Samantha are leading two horses along in the grounds at Woombai. Samantha asks her mother, "How are you and daddy getting on?" and Caroline replies, "We're still good friends." Samantha comments, "You still love him, don't you?" and Caroline admits, "I suppose I do." Samantha asks, "Then why don't you get back together?" but Caroline tells her, "There's not much hope of that, I'm afraid. Not now. Stephen needs some time to sort out things with Jenny." Samantha exclaims, "I can't believe you're just going to let her walk in and take him!" Caroline, though, asks, "Could you drop the subject, please, Samantha?" Samantha smiles, "Oh come on, mum, you can wrap any man round your finger if you really want to." She starts looking around and suddenly spots some men standing in the distance, by a couple of trucks. She stares at one of the men and comments to her mother, "That's Bill Ashley!" Caroline reminds her, "Remember what your father said." Samantha, though, puts on her riding hat and points out, "He wants to save Woombai, doesn't he?" She climbs on her horse, saying as she does so, "You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar!" Caroline cries, "You're too young for those games," but Samantha insists, "I know what I'm doing when it comes to men. After all, I had a good teacher!" She rides off, leaving Caroline with a smile on her face.

Stephen unlocks the door to the office at the riding school and he and Jenny head inside. As they do so, Stephen asks Jenny what brings her over there, and Jenny explains that she's meeting Caroline in a few minutes: they're signing the papers for Caroline to take over her bank loan this morning. Stephen tells her that Caroline is out riding, but she shouldn't be long. He then adds that he guesses it'll be a load off Jenny's mind. Jenny comments, "In some ways. I still don't like the idea of Caroline having such a hold over me." She then hands Stephen a file and adds, "In fact, I was wondering if you'd check through all this legal jargon; let me know what I'm letting myself in for." Stephen takes the file and sits down at the desk. He then says, "Believe me, Jenny, Caroline has no ulterior motive as far as the loan's concerned." Jenny, sitting down opposite him, says, "I hope not. Anyway, I don't have any other choice if I want to save the property." Stephen asks if there's any more news on that front. Jenny replies that she talked to some of the other councillors, but most of them are still on Ashley's side. Stephen comments, "Fingers crossed we can change their minds by tomorrow night." Jenny smiles bitterly and tells him, "Two of them are stock owners, so I don't think there's any chance we'll get them on-side. But we might get the others to have a rethink." Stephen asks, "Any ideas?" In reply, Jenny asks, "Do you know Peter Kirkman?" Stephen recalls that he edits the local paper, and Jenny explains, "I'm going over to see him after I've finished here. He's a conservationist; he might be able to help." Stephen muses, "The power of the press, eh? Why not?" He then asks Jenny if she feels like riding across, and Jenny smiles, "Alright!" Stephen tells her, "Good - I like to combine business with pleasure!" He opens the file and starts reading. After a few seconds, he comments to Jenny, "We haven't seen much of each other, lately." Jenny agrees carefully, "No..." Stephen asks if there's any chance they can change that. Jenny, though, tells him, "I think we should just get all this business with Bill Ashley out of the way first before we think about anything else. Could you check the contract?" Stephen looks at her and then turns back to the file, a smile on his face.

Bill Ashley is talking to the two men he's with, going through plans. He suddenly notices Caroline approaching him and, walking over to her, asks what he can do for her. Caroline tells him that she'd like to talk to him. She then indicates where they're standing and asks if it's there that he's planning to build his abattoir. Ashley replies that that's right. Caroline goes on, "I was talking to some people in town. It seems this project of yours has got more support than I realised." Ashley retorts, "People know a good thing when they see it - most of them, anyway." Caroline continues, "I was wondering if perhaps some of my other Directors weren't letting sentiment get in the way of good business sense." Ashley nods, "I was trying to explain to your husband yesterday, Mrs. Morrell--" Caroline interrupts and tells him, "Caroline." Ashley acknowledges, "Caroline." He then asks, "Think you can talk some sense into the others?" Caroline insists, "They won't change their minds," but Ashley assures her, "They might - when council gives us a green light." Caroline says, "Perhaps - but that's not what I wanted to talk to you about." Ashley asks with interest, "Oh yes?" Caroline tells him, "I hear that your company's looking for investors." Ashley replies that that's right - most of the local graziers think it's a good idea. He adds, "I take it you're interested?" Caroline smiles, "I could be. A man like yourself wouldn't get involved in anything that wasn't successful." Ashley asks, "What about your husband's riding school?" Caroline tells him, "Since the split-up, we haven't been seeing eye-to-eye on a number of things. I think it's silly and pointless to throw everything away on a lost cause when I could be making a good return elsewhere." Ashley smiles, "Well, I'm sure we can arrange something." Caroline flirts, "I'll need to know a little bit more about you, first..." Ashley, indicating the two workmen, replies, "Those blokes will be finished by lunchtime." Caroline smiles, "I'll see you later, then..." and she walks off.

A few minutes later, Caroline walks into the office at the riding school and apologises to Jenny and Stephen for being late, adding that she loses all track of time when she's riding. She asks Jenny if she's been waiting long. Jenny replies, "Just a few minutes, but it's alright: Stephen's been going through the fine print with me." Caroline asks her ex-husband, "Everything OK?" and Stephen smiles, "This is all perfectly above-board as far as I can see." Caroline, picking up a pen, says, "Good. Where do I sign?" Jenny asks her in surprise if she's not going to check it, but Caroline assures her, "I trust you." Stephen indicates the places to sign and Caroline does so. While she's writing, Stephen asks, "Where d'you go riding?" Caroline just replies, "Oh, all over the place. Wherever the horses took us." She then passes the contracts to Jenny and says, "Your turn." Jenny signs as Caroline and Stephen watch. Stephen then says, "Right, I'll witness it," and he takes the pen. As he does so, Caroline says to Jenny, "I'm sure this is going to be a very profitable partnership." Jenny stares at her and asks, "Partnership?" Caroline quickly replies, "Oh, don't worry, I won't interfere; it's still your property." She then announces that she'd better be off - she's got to drop some dry-cleaning off in town. Stephen tells her, "Jenny and I are going in this afternoon - see the bloke who runs the local paper; talk to him about the abattoir." Caroline muses, "Good. Well, have a nice time." With that, she heads out.

The 'phone rings at Beryl's and Beryl answers it. A woman comes on and asks, "Is Jim there?" Beryl replies that he's just gone down to the shops, and she adds, "May I ask who's calling?" The woman tells her, "It's Linda." She then asks, "Did Jim get my letter? I told him I was coming to Melbourne." Beryl retorts curtly, "Yes, he got your letter - and he said he didn't know who you were." The woman laughs, "Oh, that'll be Jim! Can you tell him I called?" Beryl says she will and Linda hangs up. As Beryl does likewise, Jim arrives home and tells her that they didn't have any wholegrain so he got a malt loaf. Beryl just stands there, staring at him, and so he prompts, "Beryl?" Beryl retorts, "You just had a 'phone call - from Linda: the girl who sent you the letter." Jim stares at her and insists, "I don't know any Linda." Beryl snaps, "For goodness' sake, Jim, what do you take me for?" Jim, though, retorts, "I mean it. It must be somebody's idea of a sick joke." He pauses before suddenly muttering, "It's Leigh, I'll bet." Beryl, though, snaps, "It wasn't Leigh. I'd know her voice anywhere." Jim tells her, "Maybe it wasn't her on the 'phone, but you can bet she's behind it somewhere alone the line."

Sometime later, Jim is standing with Leigh and Charlie outside the kitchen door at the country house. Leigh yells, "I had nothing to do with it." Jim retorts, "Come off it," but Leigh insists, "I didn't." Charlie interjects to plead, "Can't we talk about it later? There's been enough upsets around here today as it is." Jim, though, snaps, "I don't care. I want to get to the bottom of this now." Leigh insists, "I don't know what he's talking about, Charlie," but Jim retorts, "Yes you do, you little liar." David suddenly emerges from the kitchen and, glaring at Jim, demands, "What are you doing here?" Jim snaps, "Leigh has been causing trouble between me and Beryl again." Leigh cries, "It's not true," but Jim goes on, "She's been trying to make Beryl think I've been after some young girl." David suggests curtly, "If the cap fits..." Jim snaps, "It's a damn lie - the same as she lied about what happened in Brisbane." David snaps, "Just go," but Jim retorts, "I'm not going until she owns up to what she's been doing. I've had enough." David growls, "And so have I. You're not coming around here, screaming abuse at my daughter. Now get." Jim snaps, "She's really got you wrapped around her little finger, hasn't she, the little--" He pauses before adding, "She couldn't lie straight in bed!" David glares at him and snaps, "I told you to quit." As he says 'quit', he lashes out and punches Jim on the jaw. As Jim staggers back, Charlie quickly cries, "No fighting," but David retorts, "It's up to him, Charlie. If he says one more word about Leigh..." Jim, recovering her balance, glares at him and then mutters, "Hell. She's not worth it." David snaps, "Then get out of here." Jim murmurs, "Alright." He then raises a finger at Leigh and adds, "But I'm warning you: leave me and Beryl alone." He goes. David puts his arm around Leigh and pulls her to him, giving her a hug and whispering that it's alright; Jim won't bother her anymore.

Samantha is tying up her horse in the grounds at Woombai. Bart is standing with her, helping and telling her that there's a movie on in town tomorrow night: Temple of the Lost Ark or something; what he thought was maybe-- Samantha, though, interrupts and says, "Sorry - I'm going out with Amanda." Bart insists, "That's alright. I've got this friend who really likes her." Samantha, though, just takes the saddle off the horse and hands it to him. She then leads the horse away. As she heads for the stables, a truck suddenly pulls up in front of her, driven by Bill Ashley. He smiles, "Told you we might run into each other again," and Samantha smiles back, "I've been hoping we might." Ashley, climbing out of his car, invites, "Dinner tomorrow night?" Samantha smiles, "I'd love to." Ashley tells her, "I'll pick you up about 7pm." Samantha replies, "I'll be ready." She then asks, "What are you doing now?" Ashley asks, "Why?" and Samantha explains, "I thought we might go for a bit of a drive." Ashley tells her, "I'd love to, but I've got a lot to do before the council meeting tonight. Samantha, looking disappointed, recalls, "That's right - I forgot." Ashley asks, "Going to wish me luck?" Samantha, though, points out, "My father's the opposition, remember?!" Ashley muses, "Probably won't need it anyway." Samantha comments, "You seem pretty confident," and Ashley tells her, "Never do anything unless I think I'm going to win. See you tomorrow night." He goes to get back in his car. As he does so, Samantha wishes him, "Good luck," and she watches him as he drives off.

Jim is sitting on the couch at Beryl's, but winces as she tends to the cut on his jaw. Beryl points out that it could be worse, and she adds that she warned him not to go and see David; he knows how David feels about him. Jim comments that he thought David would at least hear him out, but Beryl points out, "Leigh is his daughter." Jim growls, "Yeah, you should have seen her: looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. She's got them all sucked in." Beryl tells him, "That's one thing that young lady is very, very good at." Jim remarks, "As long as you believe me?" Beryl steps away and doesn't respond. Jim queries, "You do, don't you? Oh, come on, Beryl, if I did have a girlfriend up in Queensland, I'm not going to give her your address and telephone number, am I?" Beryl concedes, "No, I suppose not." Jim goes on, "I wish I could prove it to you." Beryl assures him, "You don't have to prove anything, Jim. Let's just forget it." Jim sighs, "Yeah, let's." He then takes from Beryl the cloth that she's using to clean up his jaw and says he'll clear up. Beryl thanks him, adding that she'd better get going: she's supposed to meet Diane at the Children's Home; she's still trying to persuade them to take her back. Jim wishes her good luck, and she muses that she's going to need it. As she goes to head out, Jim says, "And Beryl - thanks." He then sighs heavily.

Simmo is sitting on the steps by the pavement at the place where he lives with Tracy, strumming a guitar. There are plastic bags all round him. Leigh suddenly walks up to him and says, "Hi." He looks at her and she asks, "Don't you remember me? Leigh Palmer." Simmo recalls, "Oh yeah, right. You brought the fur coat around the other night." Leigh agrees, "That's right." She then asks if Tracy is around, but Simmo replies that she's gone out. Leigh asks if she's coming back, but Simmo shrugs, "I don't know." Looking at all the bags, Leigh then asks him if he's moving out, and he mutters, "Yeah, looks like it, yeah. Tracy gave me the big-A. Her old man owns the place; he reckons he wants me out." Leigh asks, "Why?" but Simmo just shrugs. He then asks Leigh what she wants to see Tracy for, and Leigh explains that it's about Beryl. Simmo assures her, "Don't worry about that: Tracy will fix her right up." Leigh explains, "That's why I've got to see her: it's getting out of hand. I want to stop it." Simmo, though, retorts, "There's no way Tracy's going to pass-up a chance of getting back at Beryl now." Leigh insists, "She must. It's gone too far." Simmo, though, tells her, "It's too late. Tracy couldn't stop it now even if she wanted to." Leigh looks worried.

Jim is eating a sandwich in the lounge room at Beryl's when there's a knock on the door. He goes to answer it and finds an attractive young woman standing on the step. She says, "Oh, hello, I was looking for Tom and Alec Robinson." Jim shrugs and tells her, "Sorry, I don't know anyone of that name." The woman consults a piece of paper that she's holding and says, "This is number 26, isn't it?" Jim nods, "Yeah." The woman cries, "They must have given me the wrong address." Jim tells her, "I don't think I can be of much help - I'm pretty new round here myself." The woman sighs, "I'm supposed to be there for lunch and I'm late already." She then asks, "Can I use your 'phone, please?" Jim invites her in. As they head into the lounge room, Jim points out the 'phone, but the woman suddenly bends over double and cries out in pain. Jim rushes over to her and asks her if she's OK. She tells him that she doesn't know; she feels a bit faint. Jim helps her onto the couch and she adds that she must have one of those bugs going around. Jim tells her that she does look a bit pale. The woman asks if she can have a glass of water and Jim heads into the kitchen to get it. The woman calls, "Sorry to be such a nuisance," but Jim assures her, "Don't worry about it." From the kitchen, he can't see the nasty smile on her face...

David is sitting in the kitchen at the country house, eating some lunch, when Leigh comes in. He asks her if she wants anything to eat, adding that there's some stew in the pot, but Leigh mutters that she's not hungry. David asks her where she's been, but she just replies, "Out for a walk." David tells her not to worry about Tim; he'll show up. Leigh retorts, "It's not only Tim." David asks, "Jim O'Brien? He won't bother you any more - not while I'm here." Leigh asks, "Why'd you do it?" David asks, "What?" and Leigh replies, "Stand up for me. No one's ever done that for me before." David explains, "I reckon that's what fathers are for. I know you don't see me that way, yet, but I care about you. Pretty weak if I couldn't show it." Leigh smiles, "Thanks, dad." She then kisses him on the head and walks off.

Jim's visitor drinks the glass of water that Jim has given her and hands the glass back to him. Jim asks her how she's feeling now, and she replies that she's a bit better. Jim asks her if she'd like him to give these friends of hers a ring, the woman quickly replies, "Oh no, it's alright. They're used to me, anyway - I'm always late." She stands up, but suddenly bends over double again, and cries out in pain. Jim goes and holds her steady. She stands up straight, but suddenly cries, "The room's spinning. I really need to lie down." Jim says, "Sure, there's a bed in here," and he leads her off to one of the bedrooms...

Bill Ashley is walking in the grounds at Woombai, with Caroline. He's pointing out where the cattle yards and the main building will go. Caroline listens and then comments, "You enjoy your work, don't you?" Ashley agrees, "Yeah, yeah, I do." Caroline asks him how he got started in construction, and he tells her that he began work as an office boy for the company and worked his way down; he's been in management ever since! He adds, "I suppose I've done reasonably well - people I work for seem to think so." Caroline asks, "How long have you been with this company?" and Ashley replies, "Two years now." Caroline comments, "I see. And you were born in Sydney?" Ashley looks at her and asks, "Was I?" Caroline laughs, "I don't know. That's why I'm asking!" Ashley demands, "Why do you want to know?" Caroline laughs 'innocently', "Don't be mysterious. Come on, tell me!" Ashley, though, retorts, "No, you tell me, first. Why all the questions?" Caroline smiles, "I'm interested in you. Very interested..." Ashley smiles back, "I'm starting to pick up on a few clues..." With that, he leans in and he and Caroline start kissing...

Stephen and Jenny are out riding. Jenny calls across to Stephen that the wind's getting chilly; she wishes she'd brought a jumper. Stephen, though, points out that it's not far now. As the two of them ride along, he suddenly notices Caroline and Bill Ashley and brings his horse to a halt. He and Jenny stare at the two of them.

Beryl arrives back in Albert Park and as, she walks into her lounge room, she calls, "I'm home." The young woman suddenly emerges from one of the bedrooms, wearing just her underwear, and she comments, "Oh, you must be Beryl." Beryl stares at her and demands, "Who are you?" The woman replies, "Linda." Beryl snaps, "Where's Jim?" Linda retorts, "He didn't think you'd be home yet." Beryl growls, "That is very, very obvious." Jim is out in the kitchen, and, on hearing Beryl's voice, he heads into the lounge room and asks cheerily, "How did it go at the Children's Home?" He stops in his tracks as he sees Linda standing there in just her underwear. She runs over to him and cries, "Jim, I thought you said we'd have the place to ourselves?" She runs her hands up his shirt-covered chest as Beryl glares at the two of them angrily.


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