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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Irene shrugs and then goes and opens the door and heads out into the corridor, telling Fiona and Gordon that she's sorry about that. Fiona asks what the matter is, but Irene quickly replies, "Nothing, nothing," before suggesting, "Why don't we go to your flat?" Fiona, finally realising what's going on, nods, "Oh, oh, alright, yeah." Gordon asks Irene if they've come at the wrong time, but Irene quickly tells him that she's spring cleaning, that's all! Fiona smiles, "My place it is, then!"

Inside Irene's flat, Barbara sighs to Roland, "Thank goodness they've gone to Fiona's. I don't think I could have explained things to Gordon at the moment." Roland says softly, "You love him, don't you?" and Barbara replies, "Very much." Roland stares at her. Barbara goes and sits down next to him before going on, "It didn't happen easily - or quickly. When I found out you were dead, I went to pieces. I felt as if I could never care for anything again, let alone anyone. But then, in time..." She breaks off before crying, "Roland, if I'd known you were alive... How could I?" Roland replies, "I wanted to tell you. You can't imagine how much. There were times when I would have given the whole world just to know how you and the kids were getting on." Barbara cries, "I don't know what else to say. I never stopped loving you; you just weren't there to love anymore." Roland muses, "And Gordon was? Yes, I know." He then asks what happens now. Barbara says uncertainly, "Well, um, the main thing is to stop anyone else from finding out - well, at least until I've had time to talk to my solicitor; and, if we're still legally married, I'll arrange for a divorce and then I'll remarry Gordon. There's no other way." Roland sits there, looking upset.

Julie is sitting with Wayne in the lounge room at Dural. They're looking at the newspaper, but as Julie points something out, Wayne exclaims in amazement, "A drinks waitress? Oh, Julie, come on." Julie points out that it's only a temp job; she'll find something permanent after they're married. Wayne insists, "You don't have to be a barmaid," but Julie retorts bitterly, "You're just worried about what your family will think." Wayne stares at her and she goes on, "Look, I've been working ever since I was old enough to leave school. I'm not about to stop now. I would have made it clear before if I'd known it was going to be a hassle." Wayne asks in surprise, "What's the hassle?" Julie retorts, "You being from a rich family and everything." Wayne tells her, "Come on, it's got nothing to do with that. I want us to be together as much as possible and we won't be if you're at work all day." Julie gives him a weak smile and, standing up, sighs, "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I'm worried about dad, I suppose." Wayne points out, "It's been days since you rang the Home and found out he'd shot through. If he was going to front, he would've by now." Julie, looking worried, asks, "What if something's happened to him?" Wayne laughs and then comments, "Boy, it must be some relationship you two have got: one minute you're terrified he's going to show up; the next, you're worried because he hasn't!" Julie sighs, "I know." She then goes on, "If ever he does turn up, you'll see what I mean. Maybe it's occurred to him that he has to pay for the wedding?; that would make him keep a wide berth!" Wayne tells her that there's no point getting upset about it, but Julie continues, "That's another reason I have to earn some money: there's no way known I'll get any help from him. I just hope your parents understand why I want a small wedding; I can't afford any other kind." Wayne stares at her and comments incredulously, "You don't really think I'd let you pay for it?" Julie, though, retorts, "You've got no say in it, Wayne. The bride's family has to meet the cost and in this case it means me. That's exactly what I'm going to do." Wayne stands up and suggests that they not argue about it. He then suggests they go out to the pool and sit in the sun for a while. Julie smiles and says, "OK - I've been out of a job so long, another afternoon won't hurt!" She kisses him and they head outside.

Gordon is standing with Fiona and Irene in the corridor at the boarding house, and he tells them that he'll see them later. Fiona says she hopes everything goes well for Liz, and Gordon muses, "So do I." Irene adds, "And don't worry about Wayne - I'll come over and see him first thing in the morning." Gordon thanks her and goes to head off. As he does so, a young man comes round the corner and says, "Excuse me." Fiona asks, "Yes?" The man holds out a passport and explains, "I just found this in me cab. Lady must've dropped it when I let her out." Gordon takes the passport and thanks him for bringing it back. He then opens it and, staring at the details inside, says in surprise, "Barbara's. You dropped her off here?" The cab driver replies, "Yeah, just a while ago." Irene quickly covers, "She must have gone up to my place to see if I'm there. Hang on." With that, she runs off. Gordon, handing the driver a tip, thanks him and says he'll see Barbara gets it.

Barbara is still sitting with Roland on the couch at Irene's when the door bursts open and Irene dashes in. Barbara asks, "Has he gone?" Irene, though, replies breathlessly, "No, he knows you're here. No time to explain now - we've got to move Roland." Barbara, looking shocked, cries, "No..." The two women stand up and they help Roland to his feet. Irene tells him that the bedsit's ready; they'll get him over there now. Roland comments that it seems like he's being a lot of trouble, but Barbara assures him, "Never mind." They head out into the corridor and Irene puts the key in the door of the bedsit as Barbara keeps a nervous look out for Gordon. She fiddles with the lock but it doesn't open. Barbara asks what's wrong, and Irene mutters that she can't find the right key. She tries another one and the door eventually opens. Roland heads inside and Irene shuts the door again just as Gordon comes into earshot and they hear him saying, "I thought she'd at least try to ring me." He and Fiona come round the corner and Barbara smiles at him, "Hello, darling." Irene tells Gordon, "I just found her knocking on my door - she'd just arrived." Gordon, putting his arms round his wife, tells her, "I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow." Barbara replies, "Well, I caught an earlier flight and I know you were going to be at the trial all day, so I thought it was silly to go back to Dural." Gordon welcomes her home and asks, "Good flight?" Barbara nods, "Mmm." Gordon then asks, "How's Wendy? Well enough to go back to America?" Barbara nods guiltily, "Oh yes, she's fine." Gordon smiles, "Good. Great. It's wonderful to have you back. I missed you." Roland listens in the bedsit, looking worried as Barbara replies, "Me too."

A few moments later, Gordon hands Barbara her passport, explaining that she left it in the car. Barbara thanks him. Gordon then goes on that he'd better go - he's running late for the trial. Barbara tells him that she'll come with him, but Gordon insists that she go home and get some sleep. With that, he walks off. The three women head into Irene's flat, and Barbara immediately cries, "Thankyou. I am sorry to get you both involved." Irene assures her that that's alright - they only hope they were convincing; she's not too good at thinking on her feet! Fiona adds that it's just as well the taxi driver didn't say Barbara had someone with her. She then asks, "Where is Roland, anyway?" Irene explains that he's in his bedsit; he'll be alright in there for the minute; give them time to think things out. Fiona points out that they can't hide him from Gordon indefinitely - apart from anything else, Gordon does have a right to know. She and Fiona look at Barbara, who pauses before admitting, "Yes, of course." She sits down as she goes on, "I'd like to speak to my solicitor first. If Roland and I are still legally married... If I have to tell that to Gordon... Well, for heaven's sake, he's under enough strain as it is. And I have to tell Simon and Wendy." Fiona points out, "And Andy..." Barbara stares at her and murmurs, "Yes." She then cries, "God, it's all so complicated..."

Leanne is sweeping the floor in the kitchen at the country house. Charlie and Tim are standing by the 'fridge and Charlie asks him, "Isn't David back yet?" Tim retorts, "No. He can stay away as far as I'm concerned." Looking surprised, Charlie asks, "What's got into you, all of a sudden?" but Tim just mutters, "Nothing." Charlie then goes on that she hopes David hasn't forgotten: they've got an appointment with the solicitor this afternoon to sign the partnership papers. Tim mutters, "He'll be back - even if it's just to give me a hard time." Charlie tells him that she thinks he's being over-sensitive; David has been a bit snappy, but it's just that it's a big job running the market garden without Mike. Tim growls, "Well I could help a lot more if he gave me a chance to learn the ropes instead of yelling at me all the time." Charlie comments, "I didn't know he had been." Leigh suddenly comes in from the hallway and, handing Leanne an envelope, snaps, "It's for you." Charlie looks over Leanne's shoulder and remarks, "It's been re-addressed from Tracy's place. I didn't think she'd send your mail on." Leanne, though, explains that she's getting it redirected; the Post Office would have sent it." She opens the letter and, looking at the contents, adds that it's not important anyway - it's just a friend of hers from the kid's home. Charlie walks over to the sink and puts her mug down. As she does so, she suddenly recoils in horror and shrieks, "Oh, my goodness, look at them. There are ants all over the sink - they're getting in the house everywhere." Leanne tells her, "It means it's going to rain," but Charlie retorts, "It means we'll be carried off in our sleep if many more of them come in!" Tim says he'll spray outside - there's some stuff David uses in the shed to keep things out of the garden. Charlie asks him dubiously if he hadn't better wait until David gets back, but Tim retorts that he knows what to do; it's dead easy. Charlie says, "If you're sure..." Looking at Leigh, Tim says, "Might as well spray now... it's getting a bit crowded in here." Leigh raises her eyebrows in mock horror. Charlie says to Leanne, "They really are everywhere - there's a huge nest in the skirting board behind my wardrobe." Leanne says she doesn't see how they could get in there, but Charlie invites her to come and see. Two of them head out of the kitchen. When they've gone, Leigh picks up the letter lying on the table and stares at Tracy's address, a nasty smile appearing on her face...

Irene is taking Roland's blood pressure in the bedsit at the boarding house. As she does so, she says, "If I were you, I'd be nervous." Roland asks why that is, and Irene explains, "You're my first patient since I reregistered!" Roland smiles that he guesses he's in good hands. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Irene calls to the person to come in. It's Barbara, and she asks how the patient is. Irene replies, "He'll survive. He's still pretty weak, though. It must have been a nasty old bout." Roland muses, "I went the full fifteen rounds. I think I was lucky to get the nod!" Barbara, putting her hand to his forehead, comments that his fever seems to have dropped a bit. Roland smiles, "I can see it going up again with all the attention I'm getting. It's not every day in the week I have two attractive women giving me a check-up!" Irene smiles at Barbara, "I think I'd better test his eyes as well!" Barbara just sits there, looking uncomfortable. Irene, quickly changing the subject, says she'd better get back and see what Fiona's doing. With that, she makes a hasty exit. Barbara, looking nervous, says to Roland, "Um... I think I'll go home and rest for a while. I want to be there when Gordon gets back." Roland asks, "You will come and visit me?" and Barbara assures him that she'll come back tomorrow. Roland tells her, "It's been like old times, this week. Remember that bout of Asian 'Flu I had years ago? You nursed me then, too." Barbara laughs, "You were a rotten patient, always trying to get out of bed before you were well enough - just like Gordon..." She looks uncomfortable again as she breaks off. She then murmurs that she'd better go; she'll see him tomorrow. Roland thanks her and she heads out, leaving him looking worried.

A while later, there's a knock on the front door at Dural and Barbara, a drink in her hand, goes to answer it. An elderly-looking man is standing on the step, and he smiles, "A very good afternoon to you!" Barbara stares at him and says, "No, I'm sorry, I don't want to buy anything at the moment. Some other time, perhaps?" She goes to shut the door, but the man quickly tells her, "No, I'm not selling anything, goodness me, no. Spider Webb at your service." Barbara stares at him blankly and asks, "What service?" The man explains, "No, no. Spider. Webb." Barbara carries on staring at him and says, "Oh, no, look, I'm sorry, we had the pest control people last month. Thankyou very much." She goes to close the door again, but the man puts his hand in the way and tries again, "No, no. Arthur Webb. Julie's father. See, everybody calls me 'Spider'. 'Spider' Webb. Get it?" Barbara continues to stare at him, a bemused look on her face. Spider holds out his hand and comments that she must be Mrs. Hamilton; it's lovely to meet her. Barbara shakes his hand and the penny finally drops. She cries, "Oh, Mr. Webb, I'm terribly sorry. I'm so sorry." Spider, looking around, assures her, "It's a natural mistake to make." He then goes on, "It's a very nice place you've got here. Very tasteful, my word, yes. I see my Julie's done very well for herself, eh?" Barbara suggests, "Well, why don't you go in?" and he heads into the lounge room, leaving Barbara staring after him.

Leigh is approaching a rundown building. As she does so, Tracy emerges from it, shouting, "Wonder why I let you stay here, Sandra." She slams the door shut and then notices Leigh standing there. She demands, "What do you want?" Leigh asks, "You Tracy?" Tracy asks, "Who wants to know?" Leigh explains, "I'm Leigh Palmer." Tracy mutters, "Palmer. Don't have to ask who sent you, do I?" She goes to walk off, but Leigh calls, "Now hang on. I don't like Beryl, either." Tracy mutters, "Yeah, I bet. Just rack off, would you?" She goes to walk off again, but Leigh snaps, "Told you, I want to talk. I know a way we can get Beryl and Leanne." At that, Tracy stops and turns and faces Leigh. Leigh continues, "But we're going to need each other's help." Tracy mutters, "Alright. Tell me about it."

A few minutes later, Leigh and Tracy are walking along together and Leigh asks, "So what do you think?" Tracy comments that they're two pretty wild ideas, but Leigh tells her, "You'll do alright out of it. The stuff I'm putting you onto's not cheap junk, you know. Jim will get kicked out, you'll make money and hurt Beryl at the same time. What more do you want?" Tracy says, "I don't see it. How does setting Jim up get to Beryl?" Leigh explains, "They're really close, aren't they? I mean, they're really close friends. Trouble for him is trouble for her, believe me." Tracy says, "It's worth a try, I guess - but it had better work - for your sake." Leigh assures her, "Don't worry, it will. There's no way it can go wrong."

Wayne and Julie walk back into the hallway at Dural after their time out by the pool, Wayne teasing Julie as they do so that she's going to have a sunburnt nose; he keeps forgetting southerners aren't used to sunlight! They suddenly hear Barbara laughing in the lounge room and Wayne comments, "When did she get in?" In the lounge room, Spider is telling Barbara a story, and she bursts out laughing again as he finishes it! There's a bottle of scotch on the table in front of Spider and he offers Barbara another drink, but she laughs, "No more for me, thankyou!" At that moment, Wayne and Julie come in, Julie staring at her father in shock. Spider stands up and smiles, "There she is, my little girl! How are you, love?" He gives her a kiss, but Julie just snaps, "Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you. Why, I don't know - it was odds-on you'd turn up and ruin things for me." Spider asks calmly, "Now why d'you say a thing like that?" Barbara chips in, "I'm sure it's not like that, Julie," and Spider agrees, "Of course it isn't - there's not a thing for you to worry about. I just want to make sure you're marrying into a good family. Now I see you are, I'll be gone before you know it." Wayne looks at Barbara and comments that he didn't think she was getting back until tomorrow. Barbara explains that she caught an earlier flight. Julie says to her, "Would you excuse me, please? I'd like to talk to my father." She goes to lead him out of the room, but Barbara quickly stands up and says she's feeling a little tired; she thinks she'll go and lie down. She heads out into the hallway and Wayne follows her, closing the lounge room doors behind him. When they're out of earshot, Barbara says to him quietly, "He seems like a nice enough old boy to me." Wayne agrees, "He seems it, doesn't he?" He then heads into the study while Barbara heads upstairs. Back in the lounge room, Spider is pouring himself another glass of scotch, but Julie warns, "Don't bother making yourself at home." Spider stares at her and she goes on angrily, "I knew you'd use Gordon's money to get here and I wish you hadn't." Spider chastises, "Girl, girl, now what sort of way is that to talk? I'm your father." Indicating the suit Spider is wearing, Julie asks, "Who'd you steal the clothes from?" Spider blusters, "I borrowed them." Julie demands, "Who from?" and Spider replies, "A neighbour - a great old bloke, and he never wears anything but his pyjamas anyway." Julie glares at him and growls, "I'm not going to let you wreck things again, dad." Spider sighs, "Jules, you're a hard girl. I don't say I've always been the best dad in the world, but I promise you I'm not here to spoil things. Is it wrong to want to see your daughter marry into a good class of people?" Julie retorts, "It depends on the reasons, doesn't it?" Spider, putting down his glass and standing up, sighs, "Alright, alright, never let it be said that Spider Webb made his little girl unhappy. If it's what you want, I'll leave this minute." He goes to head for the doors, but Julie quickly says, "I suppose I can't send you out with nowhere to spend the night - so long as you head off tomorrow." Spider, a smile appearing on his face, tells her, "That's the girl." He then goes and sits down again, picks up his glass of scotch and, raising it in the air, proposes, "Here's to you, and a happy future to us all."

Roland is lying - apparently asleep - on the bed in his room when there's a knock on the door. Irene comes in and he rouses. She apologises for waking him, but Roland assures her that it's alright. Irene explains that she and Fiona were having afternoon tea and she thought he might be hungry - but she should have left it. Roland, though, tells her that he's glad she did come in - he was having a bad dream. Irene asks, "Anything you want to talk about?" but Roland replies, "No, the same old thing: the trial; you think I'd be able to forget it by now, wouldn't you?" Irene stares at him and asks, "Trial?" Roland asks, "Barbara didn't tell you about it?" and Irene shakes her head. Roland comments that it was the only thing the two of them talked about on the 'plane on the way back from Rome. Irene hands him a cup of tea and he goes on, "Yes, it was a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I saw a man murdered - it was a syndicate execution and I was the FBI's principal witness. It was a closed trial, of course, but that was a joke. My testimony put one of their principal crime figures behind bars for the rest of his life - and made me a marked man for the rest of mine. The FBI gave me a new identity and told me to lie low for a while until the syndicate forgot about me, but the way those people think, I knew that Barbara and the kids would never be safe while I was alive, so I made a decision. The FBI arranged it." Irene, sitting down slowly on the edge of the bed, says, "You mean they faked your death?" Roland tells her, "Yes. Officially, Roland Armstrong was dead. I became someone else. The FBI sent a weighted coffin back for my funeral." Irene comments quietly, "Must have taken a lot of courage to cut yourself off from everyone you loved?" but Roland insists, "I really didn't have any choice." Irene asks, "So what did you do afterwards?" Roland explains, "Well, I had a little money, so I left the States and travelled round Europe for a while, killing time, waiting until I could safely let Barbara know I was still alive. Then, one day, I went into an Australian Consulate and picked up a newspaper and there was her and Gordon's wedding photo." He goes on sadly, "I never thought she'd ever get married again." He then pauses before musing, "That was that. I couldn't come back and create an impossible situation for her, so I stayed in Europe. Eventually, my money ran out, then in Rome, I got pneumonia. I recovered, sort of, and got a job, but I never really got back on my feet. Then pneumonia struck again. It was at that point that Samantha arrived. I don't really remember much more except Barbara coming to bring me back home. Some homecoming... my kids overseas, not knowing I'm still alive... my wife married to another man and wanting to stay that way - not that I really blame her..." Irene says, "But you still love her?" Roland whispers sadly, "Yes. Yes, I still love her."

Tim puts down some spraying equipment outside the back door at the country house. He's coughing loudly, and Leanne rushes out of the kitchen and asks in concern what's wrong. Tim coughs, "The spray." David dashes up behind Tim and Leanne tells him, "He just started coughing." David glares at the boy and demands, "What have you been spraying?" Tim retorts, "Ants." David pushes him across the yard, away from the spray, and orders him to sit down. He then studies the spraying equipment and realises, "You didn't dilute it, did you?" Tim asks, "What?" David retorts, "You're supposed to dilute it - it says so on the can." Tim coughs, "I didn't think to read it - the ants were everywhere." David snaps, "You damn little fool. You could have poisoned yourself or someone else for that matter. You've been more trouble than you're worth all week." Tim, standing up again, rants, "I've been helping you with it. You could've told me it had to be diluted. You never tell me anything and then you expect me to know what to do." David snaps, "I expect you to have a bit more common sense." At that moment, Charlie emerges from the kitchen and tells David that they have to be at the solicitor in half an hour. David explains that he had some tyre trouble. He then turns back to Tim and snaps, "You, too: I'll drop you off at the shop and you can pick some more spray up. I need some for the garden tomorrow." He pauses before adding, "And listen: one more brainless mistake out of you, you're going back to school, that clear?" Tim stares at him.

A few moments later, Leanne heads back inside, and Leigh, who's in the kitchen, asks what's happening. Leanne explains that Tim didn't dilute the spray. Leigh asks if he's alright, and Leanne replies that she thinks so. She adds that he's going into town with David and Charlie, so he can't be too bad. Changing the subject, Leigh tells Leanne, "Tracy knows you're here." Leanne looks at her in surprise as she goes on, "I don't think it'll take her too long before she shows up." Leanne cries, "How come she knows?" but Leigh just retorts, "Thing is, she knows, and as long as you're here, it's going to mean trouble for everyone. Do you want that?" Leanne just stands there, looking worried. Leigh goes on, "You know what she's like - she'll find ways to give everyone a hard time, 'til sooner or later you'll have to get out - so you may as well go now and save us all a lot of trouble." Leanne, tears welling in her eyes, storms out of the room. Leigh, looking pleased with herself, walks over to the 'phone and dials the number on a piece of paper that she takes from her pocket. Tracy answers with a bored, "Yeah?" and Leigh says it's her. She goes on, "I've got a clear go here. I'll get the stuff together and meet you where we arranged."

A while later, Leanne is walking out in the grounds, a packed bag over her shoulder. Tim is coming towards her, carrying a new can of spray, and he asks, "Where are you going?" Leanne, looking guilty, explains, "I'm leaving, Tim. I was going to call and tell you as soon as I got far enough." Tim asks, "Far enough for what?" and Leanne replies, "Tracy knows I'm here. She'll probably burn the garden or something if I stay." Tim asks, "How did she find out?" There's no answer, so Tim pushes, "Leanne?" Leanne admits, "Leigh told her." Tim mutters, "I'll kill her. I'm going to straighten this out." He goes to walk off, but Leanne pleads, "No. No." Tim stops in his tracks and asks, "Where are you going to go?" Leanne replies, "I suppose Sydney. I haven't got much money." Tim says, "Alright, I'll go too. We'll go up north to Queensland; we'll find the O'Briens." Leanne points out, "You can't just walk away like that," but Tim asks, "Why? If you can, so can I. They can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Leigh's been giving me nothing but hassles and, well, David reckons I'm no good to work in his stupid garden. They can find somebody else to shove around." Leanne smiles, "Well, I'd like it - if you're sure." Tim tells her that he'll get his things, and the two of them head off towards the house.

A short time later, Tim places an envelope addressed to David on top of the new can of spray, which he has placed on one of the kitchen chairs. Leanne asks him if he saw Leigh, but Tim explains that she isn't there, adding, "Just as well for her." Leanne muses that it's probably better; she doesn't want any trouble. She then asks him if he left a note and he nods, "Yeah." Leanne asks, "You sure you want to come with me?" Putting his arm round her, Tim smiles, "You just try and stop me!" and they head off.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon shakes Spider's hand and tells him that he's pleased to meet him. He adds that Spider's welcome to stay as long as he likes. Spider, though, explains that he'll be leaving tomorrow; he doesn't want to be in anybody's way. Gordon smiles, "I'm sure you won't be that," but Julie quickly chips in, "He likes to keep moving." Changing the subject, Gordon asks where Barbara is, and Julie explains that she's been sleeping for a couple of hours; she was really tired. Gordon heads off to check on her. Julie tells her father that she'll be back in a minute, adding, "Don't touch anything." She follows Gordon out to the hallway and stops him as he's about to head upstairs. She then tells him, "I really appreciate you being nice to dad, but don't encourage him too much, will you? I'll be glad when he's gone." In the lounge room, Spider is dialling a number on the 'phone. It rings and a woman answers, "Sunningville Retirement Home." Spider says, "Ah, hello there to you, sister. Spider Webb. I just thought I'd ring and let you know the address to send my pension cheques..."

At the country house, David is reading Tim's note when Leigh comes in, explaining that she had to go out and get some milk. David hands her the note and tells her that it's from Tim: he's run away with Leanne. Leigh, looking furious, cries, "But he can't've." David retorts, "He thinks he can." Leigh snaps, "I thought he was in town with you and Charlie." David explains, "We dropped him at the shops; he was supposed to walk home. Must have got back when you were out." He then asks, "Was Leanne here when you left?" Leigh replies, "Yeah, I think so, yeah." Charlie suddenly runs in from the hallway, crying, "David, we've been burgled. All my jewellery and fur's gone - and all of Leanne's things, too. Oh dear, who could have done such a thing?" David growls, "At a rough guess, I'd say Tim and Leanne - they've both shot through." Leigh, looking horrified, defends, "Tim wouldn't have done that." David, though, snaps, "Read the note. There's no other explanation - is there?" Leigh stands there, looking worried.


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