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    Written by: Tim Prokop   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

The next morning, Gordon, Samantha and Julie are having breakfast in the living room at Dural when Barbara comes in. She tells Gordon that she's sorry, but she'll have to go. Looking surprised, Gordon comments that he thought her 'plane didn't leave until almost midday. Barbara replies that it doesn't, but she has a few things to do in the city first: travellers' cheques-- Gordon interrupts her and suggests that surely she's got time for some breakfast, but Barbara quickly tells him that she had some before he woke up; she didn't sleep very well last night. Looking concerned, Gordon stands up and says he's sure Wendy will be alright. Barbara just murmurs, "I know." She then says goodbye to Samantha and Julie and she tells Gordon to be good while she's gone. Gordon tells her, "We can say our goodbyes at the airport. I'll drive you." Looking worried, Barbara quickly replies, "No - there's no need." Gordon gives her a look, and she adds, "Well, you don't want to be driving halfway round Sydney first." Gordon insists that he doesn't mind. Barbara points out that he's got a lot of paperwork to take care of, but Gordon assures her, "You come first." He adds, "We'll even take the Rolls," but Barbara quickly snaps, "No. No, darling, I will be fine. I can get a taxi. Besides, you know how I hate airport farewells." She then tells him more calmly that she'll miss him, and Gordon smiles that he'll miss her, too. Barbara asks him to say goodbye to Wayne for her. Gordon goes to get her bags. When he's gone, Samantha walks over to Barbara and says, "You're not really going to bring him back with you, are you? It'll make trouble for everyone." Barbara, though, mutters that she doesn't see she has any other choice. Samantha points out, "He'll need somewhere to stay. Who's going to look after him?" Barbara murmurs, "I know, I know." She then adds, "I think I know someone I can trust." She gives Samantha a hug and goes.

A while later, Barbara is sitting in Irene's flat at the boarding house, saying, "I know it's a lot to ask, but I don't want him with strangers, and if he's ill..." Irene assures her, "We'll do whatever we can to help," Fiona, who's there as well, adds, "Of course we will." She then goes on, though, "But look, don't you think it would be better to sort all this out overseas? There'd be much less chance of Gordon finding out about it." Barbara explains, "I don't think anything legal can be settled anywhere but in Australia." Irene and Fiona stare at her, and she snaps, "Well I can't leave things as they are." Fiona sighs, "Barbara, you're just going to have to be very careful. I mean, if you just started to allow yourself to feel something for him again--" Barbara interrupts and assures her, "I know, I know..." She then adds sadly, "I just hate leaving Gordon, especially with Liz's trial coming up so soon. It's going to upset him; he's going to spend most of his time alone." Irene assures her that they'll visit him whenever they can and make sure he's alright - and she's not to worry: they won't make any slips. Barbara smiles at her, weakly. Fiona sighs, "I just hope you're doing the right thing." Barbara retorts, "So do I..."

Helena and Andy are holding picnic baskets in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, and Helena asks Andy if he's ready. Andy smiles, "Uh huh." He then adds that he hopes there's plenty of food, as Amanda and Nikos are coming. Looking annoyed, Helena snaps, "I thought it was just you and me." Andy, though, retorts, "The more the merrier, I reckon. Don't you?" Helena mutters, "If that's what you want." Nikos, standing up from the couch, suggests that perhaps he and Amanda should have their own picnic, but Andy insists that they'll go together. He looks at Helena and the two of them head out. Nikos and Amanda follow them.

A short time later, the party of picnickers is tramping through the woods, and Andy comments to Amanda, "Hey, it's good news about Samantha!" Amanda agrees, "It's great, isn't it? I'm really looking forward to seeing her again." Andy smiles, "Me too!" Nikos points out a spot for them to settle down, and Andy asks Helena what she thinks. Helena just glares at him.

Jenny is walking across the grounds of her property, carrying a roll of fence wire, when Stephen suddenly calls out her name. She stops in her tracks and turns to face him. He comments that he thought she had a labourer to help her with the fencing, but Jenny explains that she had to let him go - he was costing her too much. Stephen says he thought the place was starting to come good. Staring at him, Jenny demands, "Is that what you came to talk about?" Stephen hesitates before admitting, "No. I came to talk about us." Jenny tells him that she doesn't think there's anything to say, but Stephen asks her what's got into her, adding that if it's Caroline, she's worrying about nothing; it's over between them. He adds that he knows Caroline shouldn't have come over to see her, but she wasn't out to make trouble. Jenny replies warily, "You can believe that if you want to..." Stephen insists, "Jenny, Caroline and I are both sorry about what happened. I know how much I hurt you. I'd like the chance to make it up to you, if only you'd let me." Jenny pauses and then says, "No. Now, if you don't mind, I've got work to do." Stephen asks her to at least let him help her with the fencing, but Jenny insists, "I'll manage," and she walks off.

A blanket is spread out on the ground in the woods and the four picnickers are sitting on it. Nikos asks Amanda if she and Andy didn't visit Greece while they were overseas, and Amanda smiles that they would have liked to, but unfortunately, they ran out of time. Nikos tells her that if she ever does go there, she must stay with his family; she will be most welcome. Andy offers more wine, and Helena holds out her glass. Andy warns her, "You've already had three glasses. A hot one like this, it'll go straight to your head." Helena just glares at him and growls, "I would like some more wine." Andy pours it. Amanda holds out her glass, but Andy points out, "You haven't finished what you've got!" Amanda trills, "Only a little top-up!" and Andy comments, "Oh, you hate the thought of an empty glass, eh?!" Amanda smiles, "Er, you calling me a drunk?!" With that, she pushes Andy backwards down onto the ground and starts tickling him! They both burst out laughing, but Helena suddenly stands up and, looking furious, yells at Amanda, "Get off him." Amanda sits up in surprise and Helena throws her glass of wine over her." Nikos exclaims, "Helena!" Amanda looks at the girl in shock.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, reading, when Julie comes in. He asks how Wayne is, and Julie replies that he's better; the doctor thinks he'll be able to come home in another week. Gordon smiles, "Good." He then tells Julie that there's a letter for her - they left it out yesterday but she must have missed it. Julie, picking the envelope up from the bar, comments that she didn't think she'd been there long enough to be getting mail! She goes and sits down and starts opening it. As she does so, Gordon says carefully, "It's from your father - I noticed the name on the back." Julie, her face dropping, mutters, "Guess what he wants..." She reads the letter inside and then goes on, "Money, as usual. I haven't got any spare. He'll just have to wait 'til I get another job." Gordon offers, "I could send him some. You can pay me back later, if you felt you had to." Julie, though, retorts, "No, the Home provides him with everything he needs. He's better off without any spare cash. He only uses it to cause trouble; it's all he ever does." Gordon comments that that's not a very nice way to talk about your father, but Julie cries, "I wish he wasn't." Gordon stares at her and she goes on, "Look, you don't know him. If you did, you'd think I was soft for even reading this." With that, she throws the letter onto the coffee table and storms out. When she's gone, Gordon picks up the letter, a thoughtful look on his face.

Nikos is wiping down Amanda's top with a cloth in the woods at Woombai. She tells him that it's alright, but Nikos warns her that it'll stain. Amanda, though, replies that it won't if she soaks it straight away. The two of them then turn to look at Helena, who's standing with Andy. Nikos starts talking to her in Greek, but Helena replies in English, saying, "I am engaged to Andy. If I had behaved the way she did, you would be the first one to tell me." Nikos asks, "Does that matter? You are the one who wants the Australian way of life." Amanda interjects that she's sorry if she's upset anyone, and she announces that she'll go and get changed. Nikos heads off with her. Andy turns to glare at Helena, who tells him, "Amanda should not have behaved that way." Andy retorts, "You promised to keep your temper. It's about time you started, and stopped acting like a spoilt brat." Helena spits, "I thought we came here to be together. First of all, Nikos arrives, and then Amanda. You seem to be spending more time with her than you do with me." Andy snaps, "Bull. Anyway, I'm not going to centre my life around you and ignore all my friends." Helena points out, "If we are to be married, we should be together," but Andy retorts, "Helena, it's not going to work. We're always arguing." Helena growls, "Then I do not want to marry a man that cares more for his friends than me." Andy muses, "Oh well - probably for the best, anyway." He walks off. Helena stares after him as he goes.

Back at the homestead, Nikos says to Amanda that he hopes she doesn't think all Greeks are as quick-tempered as Helena. Amanda assures him, "Of course not - but it wasn't only her fault; I should have been a little bit more sensitive." Nikos, though, tells her, "No, Helena was in the wrong. If only she didn't behave so badly. I like her, but sometimes..." At that moment, Andy comes in and Amanda asks him where Helena is. Andy replies, "Back where we had lunch, I think. We're not getting married." Nikos immediately stands up and cries, "I should be with her." He heads out. Amanda suggests to Andy that maybe he shouldn't be so hard on the poor girl, but Andy retorts that she's acting like a kid. Amanda points out, "You have been spending a lot of time with me." Andy, though, tells her, "Yeah, well, if I really did love Helena, that wouldn't be the case, would it?"

Helena is sitting cross-legged on the blanket in the picnic area when Nikos joins her. She picks up another glass of wine and toasts bitterly, "To the wedding." She then asks sadly, "How can I get him back?" Nikos suggests, "Perhaps you're not meant to?" but Helena retorts, "Of course I am. I love him." Nikos kneels down next to her and tells her softly that Amanda is nothing more than a friend to Andy - and if she really wants him back, she has to show that she's grown-up enough to accept that; then perhaps he'll forgive her. Helena bows her head.

At the homestead, Stephen is pacing the room as Caroline sits on the couch. He tells her, "I just don't understand it. At the very least, I thought we'd always be friends." Caroline asks, "She didn't want to listen?" and Stephen explains, "She hardly gave me the time of day. It was almost as if there was something else worrying her. I wish I knew what; maybe I could help her?" Amanda suddenly comes into the room and says, "Guess who I found outside?" Samantha then appears in the doorway and exclaims, "Ta da!" Caroline, a broad smile on her face, jumps up and hugs her, telling her that it's lovely to see her. Samantha gives her and Stephen a hug and Caroline tells her daughter that she looks wonderful! Amanda tells Stephen that Jenny is outside and wants to talk to him. He heads out. The three Morrell women stand there, smiles upon their faces.

Jenny is standing outside when Stephen comes over to her and comments that he thought she was busy. Jenny tells him, "I'm sorry - I had a lot on my mind: the bank is foreclosing on my property." Stephen, looking surprised, asks why, adding that they've been very understanding up 'til now. Jenny explains, "They think they've been carrying me for long enough. They don't think I'll ever pay the debt off - plus they've found a buyer." She goes on, "That's why I'm here, Stephen. Being on the council, they sent me an agenda of the next meeting. Someone wants to build an abattoir. They've options on most of the properties they need and mine's the last." Looking shocked, Stephen murmurs, "God..." Jenny tells him, "Stephen, if this goes through, it'll be the end of Woombai. Nobody's going to want to spend their holidays next to a slaughterhouse."



Fiona is at Dural, sitting at the living room table with Gordon. She tells him that she knows most of the people on the council and she's quite sure that they wouldn't want to set up an abattoir in such a beautiful area. Gordon, though, says he's quite sure they won't see it that way: the abattoir would bring in money and create a lot of jobs... Fiona says she knows, but-- Gordon interrupts and tells her, "Stephen's lodged an objection and he's put forward the counter-proposal, offering to extend Woombai and opening up sections to the public; he's seeing the Shire President this afternoon." Fiona asks him glumly if he thinks that'll do any good. Gordon sighs, "I hope so. I just wish I was there - but, with Liz's trial being summed-up tomorrow..." Fiona recalls, "Yes, of course," and she asks how it's going. Gordon tells her, "Her solicitor seems confident. He thinks they'll come in with a verdict tomorrow afternoon." Wayne and Julie suddenly appear in the doorway to the lounge room and Wayne smiles, "Hi!" Using a stick, and leaning on Julie for support, he hobbles across to the living room table, and Gordon says a warm, "Welcome home!" Fiona asks him how he's feeling, and he replies, "Fine!" He adds that he'd love a cuppa, and Julie says she'll get another cup. She helps him sit down and then heads off to the kitchen. Wayne muses, "I'll be all the better not having Barbara yelling at me!" Gordon raises an eyebrow and tells his son, "She'll be coming home tomorrow and I'm sure she won't be yelling at you!" He then adds, "Apparently, Wendy's much better." Wayne asks what was wrong with her, but Gordon replies that he doesn't know, exactly; Barbara didn't say. Fiona just sips her tea and keeps quiet.

Jenny sits down with Stephen and Caroline at the living room table at Woombai. As she does so, she says, "I don't know what good I'm going to do here. Even though I am on the council, I can't do anything until it's put to the vote." Stephen tells her, "I know, but your property's involved, so I thought you should be here." Jenny muses, "It won't be for very much longer - I can't stop the bank putting it up for auction." Stephen murmurs, "I know." Jenny goes on, "It won't be easy for us to get support, Stephen. Most of the council are in favour of the abattoir" Stephen agrees, "Unfortunately - but we have to try something." Looking through the papers in front of him, he then asks Caroline if she's seen those balance sheets, but Caroline replies that she doesn't think so. Stephen realises that he must have left them in the office, and he goes to get them. Left alone with Jenny, Caroline says, "You know, you could end this whole abattoir business if you could stop the banks from foreclosing. Without your land, they can't go ahead." Jenny stares at her as she continues, "Stephen - or even the whole company - couldn't loan you enough money to make a difference, but I could." Jenny laughs bitterly and says, "I'd rather keep my head off the chopping block, thankyou very much." Caroline, though, assures her, "Oh, I won't be giving you the money. No, we'd come to some terms to protect both of us, but, if you won't do this for yourself, do it for Stephen. Don't let your pride stop me from saving Woombai." Jenny sits there, looking thoughtful.

Helena is standing outside the homestead when she sees Andy and Nikos walking towards her. Nikos leaves them to it and Helena asks Andy where he's been, as she hasn't seen him all morning. Andy explains that he's just been giving a hand on the property - Stephen's got a lot on his plate, so he thought he'd help out. Helena smiles, "I've been practising my riding. Come and see!" She goes to walk off, but Andy says warily, "Helena..." She stops and turns to face him. Andy then goes on, "I know how hard you've been trying to make up for what happened with Amanda, and, listen, I really appreciate that. But it's still not going to work between us." Helena, suddenly looking upset, suggests, "Maybe we could spend more time together?" but Andy insists, "It won't make any difference. We're too young for marriage." Helena, looking down at the ground, murmurs, "I will have to go back to Greece." Andy asks her if she'll be alright, and Helena tells him, "I am still my parents' daughter. Maybe they will take me back." Andy says, "Listen, I'm sorry. I really do feel a lot for you, but sometimes, I just--" He breaks off as Helena suddenly turns and runs off.

Inside, in the lounge room, Stephen is standing with two men, Caroline and Jenny. He introduces one of the men to Caroline as Ken Hargraves, and the two of them shake hands. He adds by way of explanation that Ken is President of the Shire Council. He then reminds Ken that he knows Jenny, and Ken agrees, "Yes, of course." Ken then introduces the younger man with him as Bill Ashley, Operations Manager of the company promoting the abattoir Ashley shakes Stephen's hand and says, "I hope you don't mind me coming along, but Ken told me about the meeting. I'm hoping we can reach an agreement before council makes their final decision." Stephen tells him, "We'll listen to what you have to say, but I can't imagine it changing our final position." He invites them to sit down.

A while later, Bill Ashley is telling the gathering, "So, the abattoir will be far enough away from the township for it to escape any adverse effects, but it's close enough for it to reap the benefits. It's the best thing that could happen to the area." Stephen glares at him and retorts, "You realise the site you've selected happens to be one of the most beautiful in the district?" Ashley, though, tells him, "It's also the most convenient." He goes on, "Look, Mr. Morrell, I can understand your position: the abattoir will obviously affect a small area, which unfortunately includes Woombai, but we are paying compensation to help make up--" Stephen interrupts him and snaps, "That's not going to make up for our business being destroyed." Ashley ignores him, though, and talks over the top of him, continuing, "The sooner you withdraw your counter-proposal, the more generous those terms are going to be." Stephen looks at Ken Hargraves and appeals, "Ken, I called this meeting to discuss my proposal, not theirs." Hargraves, though, retorts, "Yes, but in my opinion it won't be nearly as good for the Shire as the abattoir I think most of the other councillors feel the same way." Jenny suddenly pipes up, "Well I don't - and if Stephen doesn't withdraw his proposal, it'll have to go to a vote." Hargraves insists, "Look, I'm only trying to save trouble." Caroline suddenly interjects, "Maybe I could do that? If you're counting on Jenny's farm, you should think again. I've agreed to take over her loans. It won't be sold." Jenny, looking around the room, accepts the offer silently and tells the gathering, "That's right." Stephen sits there, looking surprised. Bill Ashley, standing up, says curtly, "We can still go ahead. It'll raise our building costs; make road access more difficult; but they're both just matters of money. Plenty of people are willing to invest. The abattoir is going through - and I'm not about to let a riding school or a pig farm or any other sort of farm stand in my way. It would be much easier if everyone accepts that right from the word 'go'." Stephen stands up to face him and retorts, "In that case, it's not going to be easy."

Wayne and Julie are sitting at the living room table at Dural. Julie is saying that, actually, she's a bit embarrassed by what's been planned already - she'd rather have a small wedding. Wayne teases that she's just shy, that's all! Gordon, who was talking on the 'phone, hangs up and tells the two of them and Fiona, "We're going to have a fight on our hands if we're going to stop the abattoir" He sits down as he adds, "I'll go up tomorrow evening, if Liz's trial has finished. I just hope Barbara's up to the trip." Fiona, looking dubious, says she'd say Barbara would probably he happy to stay around home - it's going to take her a day or two before she can settle back in. Gordon admits, "That's true..." Quickly changing the subject, Fiona then asks, "What's all this I hear about Wayne and Julie's wedding being a gala affair?" Gordon, though, smiles, "Hardly a gala affair - just family and a few friends." He then turns to Julie and tells her that he has an apology to make: he sent her father money after he wrote last week. Julie, looking surprised, replies, "I wish you hadn't. If he doesn't use it on booze, he's likely to use it to get up here. That's the last thing I want." She then asks to be excused and she runs out. Fiona, looking awkward, suggests that she'd better be getting on her way. Gordon stands up and tells her that he'll drive her, if she likes - their family doctor is on holiday and he wants to arrange with Irene to drop in on Wayne from time-to-time. Fiona assures him that she doesn't think he'll have any trouble there! She heads out to the hallway. Gordon lingers by the table and says quietly to Wayne, "Would you apologise to Julie for me? I didn't think she'd mind me sending the money." Wayne replies, "Sure. I just wish I knew why she was so against her father." Gordon walks out, leaving Wayne looking worried.

Stephen is standing with Ken Hargraves and Bill Ashley in the lounge room at Woombai. Hargraves tells him, "I didn't want to be discouraging about your proposal, Stephen--" Stephen interrupts him and retorts, "As long as you realise it may not be as cut-and-dried as you think." Ashley tells him, "I intend to keep the surveyors working." Stephen mutters, "It's your money." At that moment, Samantha walks in and Ashley stares at her as he says an impressed, "Hello." Samantha smiles, "Hello." Ashley introduces himself and Samantha does likewise. She then asks him if he was here for the meeting, and he smiles, "Yes..." He then comes back to reality and, turning to Stephen, goes on, "Yes, I think we all know where everyone stands now." Stephen and Hargraves head to the door. Bill Ashley stays with Samantha and suggests, "Maybe we'll run into each other again?" Samantha smiles, "You never know your luck!" Ashley smiles back at her and goes. When he's out of earshot, Samantha turns to her mother and Jenny, who are sitting on the couch, and muses, "I take it Bill's the enemy?" Caroline replies sternly, "Yes." Samantha comments, "That's a pity - he's quite nice!" Stephen comes back in and snaps at her, "You wouldn't have thought that if you'd been here ten minutes ago." Samantha looks away, airily. Stephen goes on angrily, "Samantha, I don't want you getting involved with Bill Ashley." Samantha smiles that she thought it might be quite useful - a spy in the enemy camp! Caroline stands up and laughs, "Come on, you can help me with the morning tea," and the two of them head to the kitchen. Alone with Jenny, Stephen says, "I don't think Samantha realises quite how serious this is." Jenny murmurs, "No." Stephen sits down and then tells her, "I'm glad you're letting Caroline help." Jenny muses, "Out of the frying pan..." but Stephen insists, "She really does want to help." Jenny asks, "You still trust her after what she did?" Stephen tells her, "She was making up for a lot of hurts. There's no point in holding a grudge." Jenny admits, "I was very stupid to let pride come between us - and I'm sorry." Stephen assures her, "It's alright."

The 'phone rings in Irene's flat at the boarding house, and Irene answers it. Barbara comes on and Irene comments that she thought she wasn't getting back until tomorrow. Barbara explains that they managed to get an earlier flight. Irene remarks, "I take it he's with you?" Barbara just says, "Yes." She then asks, "Is it still alright for him to stay there?" Irene assures her, "Yeah, yeah, of course." Sounding concerned, she asks Barbara, "Are you OK?" Barbara replies, "As well as can be expected." She then goes on that they'll be across when they've picked up the luggage, and she thanks Irene. Irene stands there looking worried.

Helena is standing in the lounge room at Woombai, with Caroline, who tells her that she's sorry things didn't work out. She then heads off to tell Andy and Amanda that Helena is ready to go. Nikos comes in and he smiles at Helena. She says awkwardly, "Thankyou for taking me back to Sydney." Nikos, though, tells her, "Not just to Sydney. I will go back to Greece with you. You need someone with you when you face your parents." He goes on, "We never really had a chance to get to know each other. Perhaps we should try? I'm not saying it will lead to anything, but, in time, maybe..." Helena tells him, "My parents will not believe me, but there is something I'd like you to know: Andy and I did not sleep together. I lied." Nikos replies, "I'd already begun to suspect that - and perhaps, together, we can convince your parents?" Helena smiles at him. Amanda and Andy come in and Amanda says a gentle, "Goodbye, Helena." Helena tells her, "I know how badly I have behaved to you..." Amanda insists that she should have been more thoughtful. She then turns to Nikos and tells him that she'll walk him to the car. They head out. Left alone with Andy, Helena says, "I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused." Andy points out, "It hasn't all been trouble. You know, I'll miss you." He gives her a farewell kiss and says a soft, "Goodbye." Helena smiles sadly, "Goodbye," and she walks out, leaving Andy looking disappointed.

Irene opens the door of her apartment to find Barbara standing there with a middle-aged man. She tells them to come in and Barbara thanks her. Barbara leads the man - who looks unsteady on his feet - over to the couch and sits him down. He sighs heavily. Indicating the man, Barbara then says uncomfortably, "Um, Irene, this is Roland." Irene holds out her hand and Roland shakes it. He tells her, "You'll have to forgive my manners. The trip has tired me out." Irene assures him that that's quite alright.

Fiona and Gordon are walking along the corridor outside, and Fiona is asking, "How long before that abattoir business comes up before council?" Gordon tells her, "The next few days. If we want to stop it, we're going to have to act fast." Fiona asks him, "Have you got any ideas?" but Gordon replies, "No, not yet. I hope Stephen's got his thinking cap on."

In Irene's flat, Irene says to Barbara and Roland that, no doubt, they could both do with a cup of tea. Barbara replies that she could die for one! There's suddenly a knock on the door and a look of concern crosses Barbara's face, but Irene quickly tells her, "Don't worry, it's just Fiona." She goes to open the door but, upon spotting Gordon standing there with Fiona, cries, "Oh!" and immediately shuts it again. Fiona exclaims, "Irene! Come on, open up. Gordon wants to talk to you." Inside the flat, Irene mouths to Barbara, "It's Gordon." Barbara stands there, looking horrified.


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