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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Charlie walks into the kitchen at the country house wearing an old set of overalls. She asks David - who's taking taking a can of beer out of the 'fridge - what he thinks, adding that she could start a whole new fashion: the rustic look! David stares at her and asks, "Aren't they my overalls?!" Charlie admits, "Yes, but you don't mind, do you? They're just the thing to wear while I'm painting the bedroom door!" David muses, "I'd better get you a brush!" He goes to head outside, but as he does so, Leigh comes in, a glum look on her face. David says to her, "Hello, Smiler. Where have you been?" Leigh explains, "To see Tim - but I didn't stay long: Jim O'Brien was there." David, looking annoyed, asks what he's doing back in Melbourne, and Leigh replies that she supposes he came back to make it up with Beryl. She adds that it looks like that's where he's staying. David comments sourly, "Think she'd have more sense after the way he took after you in Queensland." Leigh looks down at the ground before going on, "I just hope he doesn't give Leanne a hard time. I know I'm scared of him." Charlie points out, "It's hardly likely," but Leigh snaps at her, "How would you know?" David tells Charlie, "The man is bad news." He then turns back to Leigh and adds that he doesn't want her going round to Beryl's while Jim is there. Leigh assures him, "Don't worry. I won't."

Beryl is sitting with Jim, Leanne and Tim at the table in her living room. She's telling Jim, "Of course, she deliberately goaded me into slapping her. Now she's got all the ammunition she needs to pin an assault charge on me." Jim insists, "She won't try that," but Beryl assures him, "She will - there were plenty of witnesses." Leanne, looking uncomfortable, says she'd better put the shopping away. Tim tells her that he'll give her a hand and the two of them head into the kitchen. Alone with Jim, Beryl says to him, "Poor kid's blaming herself." Jim tells her that Tim will look after Leanne; he's more worried about her. Beryl thanks him, quietly. She then tells him that she's sorry she was a bit on edge when he arrived this morning. Jim tells her, "I reckon I deserve it. I was going to call before I came, but I thought you might tell me not to bother." Beryl admits, "I might've, at that." Jim then continues, "I think I should tell you that Leigh showed up while you were out. I just told her to leave." Beryl retorts, "Good. That would have been the last straw." Jim goes on, "Seeing her again reminded me of what an idiot I was. I've regretted it ever since." Beryl, looking uncomfortable, just suggests, "Let's not rush things, Jim. You're here and I am pleased. Let's leave it at that."

Charlie is sitting in the lounge room at the country house, turning up the bottoms of the overalls she's wearing. David comes in with a pot of paint and a stick and he tells her not to forget to stir the paint before she uses it. Charlie says she won't. She then goes on, "David: about Jim..." David asks gruffly, "What about him?" Charlie tells him, "What happened with Leigh wasn't his fault. I'm sure of that. Beryl always said Leigh was lying." Neither of them notices Leigh appearing in the doorway and listening as David retorts, "Beryl wears blinkers where Jim's concerned. Always has." Leigh suddenly asks Charlie angrily, "Why do you keep sticking up for him?" David, though, asks if they can drop it; he's sick of the sound of the bloke's name. Leigh tells him that she can't help worrying about Tim spending a lot of time down there - he might get the idea that he can spend his life doing nothing too. David points out that Tim's a sensible kid, but Leigh retorts, "Yes, I know, but he should be here, helping you. Beryl's got Jim to protect her now." She adds, "You could use some help, couldn't you?" David, looking thoughtful, admits, "Maybe you're right. I've got to go get some fertiliser. I'll pick him up on the way back." He leaves the room, not noticing the smirk on Leigh's face. When they're alone, Charlie snaps at her, "That's just what you wanted, isn't it? You've been bitching about Jim just to get Tim back here." Leigh insists, "For his own good." Charlie, though, retorts, "I think you're jealous. You know he's keen on Leanne and you just can't stand not having him at your beck and call." Leigh warns, "Mind your business, Charlie. He's my brother."

A middle-aged man is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, and Beryl introduces him to everyone as Stuart Kingsford. She then introduces Jim - who tells Mr. Kingsford that he's the bloke who rang him - and Leanne and Tim. Looking at Leanne, Kingsford recalls, "Oh yes, Tracy told me about you." As Leanne glares at him, Beryl quickly suggests to her that she go and make some more sandwiches. Leanne retorts that she wants to tell Mr. Kingsford about Tracy, but Beryl assures her that she'll do that. Leanne and Tim head into the kitchen. Beryl invites Kingsford to sit down, and she and Jim do likewise. When they're seated, Mr. Kingsford tells Beryl, "Tracy's very upset. She wants me to prepare a case against you for assault and slander." Beryl looks at Jim, who asks in surprise, "When did slander come into it?" Beryl adds, "I haven't said anything against Tracy that's not true." Kingsford, though, laughs, "Come on, Mrs. Palmer. We all say things we don't mean when we're upset - but Tracy's not a vindictive girl; she'll cool down in a few days and I'm sure I can persuade her to drop the charges." Beryl mutters, "Thank goodness for that." Kingsford goes on, "Of course, you'll have to take back the allegations you made against her; send her a written apology." Beryl looks at Jim again. He tells Kingsford, "She'll do no such thing. She wants an apology from Tracy." Looking shocked, Kingsford asks Beryl, "Is that how you feel?" Beryl retorts that it certainly is. Kingsford points out, "But you hit her." Beryl retorts, "Because she caused me a great deal of trouble and embarrassment." Kingsford stares at her and then sighs, "It seems my visit was a waste of time." He stands up and goes to head out. As he does so, he warns Beryl, "I won't stand by and see my daughter bullied and slapped by a woman who isn't even prepared to apologise." Jim glares at him and says, "I just can't believe what I'm hearing. You don't seem to be aware that your daughter's a liar and a--" Beryl, though, interrupts him and tells him not to worry about it; it'll only make things worse. Kingsford warns her, "If Tracy insists on pressing charges, I'll be right behind her." With that, he storms out. Beryl sits back down with Jim, looking worried.

A while later, Beryl is talking on the 'phone as Jim stands in the lounge room, waiting for her to hang up. The call comes to an end and Beryl tells Jim that her solicitor says she should apologise; he thinks she'll lose in court. Jim comments that he should know. He adds that it doesn't seem right, though. Beryl points out glumly that she doesn't have any choice. Jim tells her that, for what it's worth, he'll stand by her whatever she decides. Beryl thanks him. Changing the subject, Jim then suggests that he'd better find somewhere to stay. Beryl quickly assures him that he's very welcome to stay there, if he doesn't mind sharing with Tim. Jim smiles, "No, not at all. Thankyou!" He then adds, "Feel you need a bit more protection, eh?!" Beryl laughs, "Not only that - I do need some help putting some shelves up in the laundry!" Jim assures her that he thinks he can handle that! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Jim tells Beryl that if it's Kingsford again, don't let him in. Beryl goes to the door and opens it to find David standing there. She invites him in and he heads into the lounge room. Jim stares at him and acknowledges, "Dave." David just growls at him, "I heard you were back." He then tells Beryl, "I've come to pick up Tim." Beryl, though, explains that he and Leanne have gone for a walk; she doesn't know how long they'll be. David asks, "Can you get him to make his way back to my place as soon as he gets in?" Beryl asks if anything's wrong, but David tells her, "No, no." Beryl comments that he just seems to be in a bit of a rush. David sighs and - looking at Jim - admits, "I couldn't believe my ears when Leigh told me that he was here. I thought you'd have more sense with a young girl like Leanne in the house." Jim glares at him and growls, "I ought to knock your block off." David taunts, "Go ahead - it's just the excuse I'm looking for." Beryl suddenly interjects and snaps, "Stop it - both of you." She then tells David that he'd better go. David asks her to make sure Tim gets the message and he heads off. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

Mr. Kingsford turns his car up the driveway of his house and pulls the vehicle to a stop. Leanne and Tim are standing there, waiting for him, and Tim asks Leanne if she's sure she wants to go through with this. Leanne insists, "I have to. He has to listen to the truth about Tracy." Tim points out, "Only if he wants to, but Tracy retorts, "He's going to - whether he likes it or not." Kingsford climbs out of his car and, staring at the kids, says, "If Mrs. Palmer sent you, you're wasting your time." Leanne, though, assures him, "She didn't send me - but I want to help her." Kingsford warns, "The best thing you can do is keep out of it." He adds, "Tracy told me what a troublemaker you were. No wonder she had to throw you out of the house." Leanne retorts, "She didn't throw me out," but Kingsford warns, "Don't lie to me. I know what you told the police - trying to get Tracy into trouble so that you would cover up your own tracks." Leanne cries, "That's not true - and if you don't believe Tracy's been shoplifting, why don't you go to her place and check it out for yourself? She and Simmo have lots of stolen stuff at their place." Kingsford tells her, "Simmo doesn't live there anymore," but Leanne retorts, "Course he does. He has for ages." Suddenly looking taken aback, Kingsford splutters, "But she... she told me they'd stopped seeing each other." Leanne retorts, "What she tells you and what she does are two different things, Mr. Kingsford - about everything, not just Simmo." Walking round his car to stand directly in front of the kids, Kingsford pauses and then asks, "If there are stolen goods in that house, how come the police didn't find them when they went to question her?" Leanne crosses her arms indignantly and tells him, "They're well-hidden - and I suppose, if they believed Tracy, they didn't look very hard." Kingsford, walking off to his front door, laughs, "I don't blame them. I believe her, too." Leanne stands there with Tim, looking annoyed.

Fiona is placing a bottle of champagne on the coffee table in Irene's flat at the boarding house, along with two glasses. The front door suddenly bursts open and a young woman comes in and, panting heavily, dumps two large suitcases on the floor. She suddenly notices Fiona standing there and says, "Oh, sorry. I thought--. Isn't this Irene Fisher's place?" Fiona nods, "Yes, it is, but who are you?" Before the young woman can answer, Fiona hears Irene's voice out in the hallway, laughing, "Course it is!" Irene comes bowling in, more suitcases in hand! Two women give each other a warm hug and Fiona tells Irene, "How lovely to have you back!" Irene smiles that it's good to be back. Looking around, she adds that the old place hasn't changed much! She then notices the champagne and she smiles, "What a sweet thought!" Fiona assures her, "My pleasure." Indicating the young woman, she then adds, "But I still don't know who..." The woman holds out her hand and explains, "Samantha Morrell. I should have guessed: you'd be Fiona; Irene's told me about you." Fiona recalls, "You're Amanda's sister!" and Samantha nods, "That's right!" Fiona asks Irene why she didn't tell her Samantha was with her. Irene explains that Samantha was going to go straight to Amanda's, but there's nobody home; they 'phoned from the airport. Fiona explains that they've gone up to Woombai; well, Amanda has, with Caroline and Stephen. Looking disappointed, Samantha comments, "So much for my big surprise." She then asks Fiona if she knows when they'll be back, but Fiona says she's sorry. Samantha asks Irene if she'd mind her ringing her Aunty Barb, as she might know. Irene tells her to go for her life. Samantha looks up the number in the 'phone index as Irene says to Fiona that she'd better go and collect the rest of her gear before Mrs. Longhurst or somebody trips over it! Fiona goes with her to give her a hand, leaving Samantha alone in the flat. She dials the number for Dural and the 'phone rings at the other end. Barbara answers and Samantha says, "Aunty Barb? It's Samantha. I'm back from o/s!" Standing by the bar at Dural, Barbara exclaims, "Samantha?! Where are you?! Why didn't you tell me you were coming home?!" Samantha explains, "I'm at Irene Fisher's. We met up in Italy and flew back together." She then goes on more seriously, "Aunty Barb, I have to talk to you." Barbara tells her, "Well come on over! Gordon's going to have a game of golf but I'm quite sure he'd rather see you." Samantha, though, explains seriously, "Oh, no, I have to talk to you alone. It's something you won't want Gordon to find out about..."

A few moments later, Irene and Fiona come back into Irene's flat, carrying more suitcases, and Irene laughs that she nearly had to mortgage the boarding house to pay for the excess on everything! As the two of them dump the cases on the floor, Fiona laughs, "You certainly brought back an awful lot more than you went away with!" Looking around, Irene asks where Samantha went. Samantha calls out, "In the kitchen, making a coffee." Irene starts pouring the champagne. Fiona sits down with her on the couch and asks her when she met up with Samantha. Irene explains, "Amanda gave me her address. Samantha was in Rome and I was getting bored with England so I thought I'd pay a visit and see if I could find any good-looking Italian men while I was there!" Fiona asks, "Did you have any luck?!" Irene nods, "I did, as a matter of fact!" Fiona laughs, but Irene quickly assures her, "Finding a Count in Italy's about as difficult as finding a politician in Canberra - but we had a great time!" Fiona laughs, "It's a wonder you bothered to come home at all!" Irene explains more seriously that she thought it was high-time she started work again. Fiona recalls, "Amanda was telling me you wanted to specialise in surgery..." Irene replies, "I do, I do, but I want to ease myself back in first." Samantha comes in, carrying a cup of tea. Irene tells her to grab herself a glass of champagne, but Samantha, sitting down, declines, explaining that Aunty Barb has asked her to go and stay with her until she goes to Woombai; she's rung a cab. Irene tells her in surprise, "I could have driven you. I'd love to see Barbara and Gordon again." Samantha, though, quickly assures her, "It doesn't matter - Gordon's going out this afternoon, anyway." Irene asks her to tell Barbara to give her a ring when he gets back and she'll pop over then.

Barbara is polishing the bar in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon is standing next to her, a pile of mail in his hand, and he comments that there's a letter for Julie. Barbara tells him to leave it on the bar and she'll see it when she comes back from the hospital. Gordon puts it down and Barbara immediately picks it up and looks at the back, reading the return name and address. She comments, "A. Webb. That must be her father. I hope nothing's happened." She then realises that Gordon is staring at another letter, and she asks who that one is from. Gordon explains, "Liz - thanking us for the invitation, but thinks it's best if she doesn't come and stay. She'll see us at the trial." He adds, "It's only a few days away." Barbara says she's quite sure Liz won't be found guilty, but Gordon tells her that he'd be much happier when he knew for sure. Barbara warns him, "Try not to get worked-up about it." She then asks, "Anyway, what happened about that game of golf you were talking about, huh?" Gordon replies, "Cancelled." Barbara's face drops as Gordon goes on, "You told me Samantha was coming." Barbara quickly tells him, "That's silly. You can talk to her when you get back. Besides, the fresh air will do you good." Gordon asks, "She won't mind?" and Barbara assures him, "Not in the least." Gordon accepts this and suggests that he'd better get moving, then. Barbara tells him, "I'll see you later - and do putt well!" Gordon gives her a look!

A while later, Barbara is escorting Samantha into the lounge room and she asks, "So, what's the big mystery?" They sit down and Samantha replies, "I suppose I should tell you the whole story..." She pauses before going on, "A few weeks ago, I was at a nightclub in Rome. It was a real dive and I didn't stay long, but I caught a glimpse of one of the waiters. His face seemed very familiar. Anyway, I went back the next night. At first, I wasn't sure - he seemed much older than I'd remembered - but then I talked to him." Barbara, looking intrigued, asks, "Well, who was he?!" Samantha opens her handbag and takes out an envelope. As she hands it over, she tells Barbara, "You should recognise the handwriting. He signed it, too - I asked him to write so you wouldn't think I was making it up." Barbara opens the envelope and takes out a piece of paper inside. She stares at it and a look of shock crosses her face. She starts shaking her head in astonishment before gasping, "Oh no... that's not possible. No, it can't be..."

A few minutes later, Barbara is standing behind the bar. Samantha is next to her and she tells her, "I wasn't going to tell you at first, but someone has to help him." Barbara, looking stunned, gasps, "I can't believe it. The man was dead." She picks up the sheet of paper again and asks, "Well, where's he supposed to be living?" Samantha replies, "In an awful boarding house. He was fired a few nights later, after he collapsed in the nightclub. He's a very sick man; you'll have to send him some money." Barbara asks doubtfully, "It is him?" Samantha nods and asks, "What are you going to do?" Barbara just stands there, looking worried. She eventually murmurs, "Well, I'll have to go over."

Tim is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, looking disappointed. He says to Beryl, "But he said I could stay here and look after you." Beryl tells him that she knows, and she's very sorry, but she thinks he'd better go; David was very firm about it. Jim suddenly calls out from the kitchen to ask Beryl where she wants the shelves, and she calls back that she's coming. She then tells Tim that he's been a big help, but they'll be alright now. She heads into the kitchen and Tim sits down in the lounge room with Leanne. He sighs, "I just wonder how much Leigh had to do with all that." Leanne comments, "It should be me who was going. Beryl wouldn't need anyone then; Tracy might leave her alone." She then suddenly decides, "In fact, if you're going, so am I." Tim asks, "Where?" but Leanne shrugs, "I don't know. But I'll be OK."

Later that day, Tim and Leanne are standing in the kitchen at the country house. David and Leigh are sitting at the table. Tim is telling David, "Aunty Beryl said it was alright with her - if you didn't mind, that is." Leigh snaps, "There's no room," but David retorts, "Charlie won't mind sharing." Tim thanks him and he and Leanne head outside to get Leanne's bags. When they've gone, Leigh tells David, "You shouldn't have let her stay. Tim's not going to be much help to you if he's got her to fool around with." David, though, retorts, "He was a bit upset about me ordering him home. Besides, Tracy might leave Beryl alone if Leanne's not there." Leigh asks, "What if Tracy finds out she's here?" but David assures her, "I think I can handle Tracy." He then goes on, "Anyway, I though you were worried about Leanne being around Jim O'Brien?" Before Leigh can answer, Tim and Leanne come back in. Sensing an atmosphere, Leanne says to David, "Um... I hope I'm not putting you out?" David assures her, "No - Leigh's going to make your bed up in Charlie's room." Leigh stands up and, putting her arm around Tim, tells him, "Sorry, I can't. I have to check on Shane. Show your girlfriend where the sheets are - she's going to have to pull her weight if she's going to stay here." With that, she walks off. Looking annoyed, Tim says to Leanne, "Hang on a minute." He follows Leigh into the lounge room and demands, "Why don't you want Leanne staying here?" Leigh retorts, "Because she's a troublemaker and a thief." Tim snaps, "She is not - and if you--" Leigh interrupts and warns, "You can't stop me." Tim, though, tells her, "I could tell David the truth about you and Jim. I don't think he'd like that very much." Leigh asks angrily, "Since when have you and Jim been buddies?" Tim explains, "I overheard you talking yesterday. I know how you led him on." Leigh retorts, "Then you couldn't have heard straight, if that's what you think." Tim insists, "It's no use lying." Leigh snaps, "I'm not lying." However, at that moment, Charlie comes in and tells her, "Yes you are." Turning to Tim, she continues, "Patricia told me the only reason Leigh went after Jim is because she thought he had money. I tried to tell David but he won't listen." Leigh cries at Tim, "You're not going to take her word for it?" but Tim snaps, "I know I can't trust you." Charlie goes on, "She's been running Jim down all day, just so David would get you away from Beryl's place." Tim growls, "That's what I thought." He then snaps, "I'm sick of you trying to run my life, Leigh." Leigh snaps back, "And I'm sick of having to do it. If you had any sense, you'd have nothing to do with Leanne." Tim glares at her and then threatens, "I bet I could make David believe me about you and Jim - especially if I told him a few other things he doesn't know about." He goes to walk out but then pauses and adds, "And I will - if you don't give me and Leanne a fair go. Alright?" He storms out. Charlie taunts Leigh, "Three cheers for little brother! I'm glad someone knows how to put you back in your box." With that, she leaves the room.

Tim heads back into the kitchen. Leanne is alone in there and Tim asks her where Dave is. Leanne explains that he went to feed the chooks. She then suggests that maybe she shouldn't stay if it's going to cause trouble, but Tim assures her, "No, it won't." Charlie comes into the kitchen and, smiling at Leanne, says she hears they're sharing a room! Leanne comments, "I hope you don't mind?" Charlie asks, "Do you snore?"and Leanne laughs, "I don't think so!," Charlie smiles, "Then we'll be the best of friends!" She walks over to the sink and takes off her watch, placing it on the draining board. She then starts washing her hands, going on as she does so that she's decided painting is definitely not her forte! Tim tells her that he'll do some tomorrow and Charlie exclaims, "Wonderful!" Leanne says she'd help but she's got to go into town and start applying for jobs. Leigh suddenly comes in and says tautly to Leanne, "I hope you don't mind stew for dinner - it's all I can cook." Leanne assures her, "Fine by me," but Leigh retorts, "You won't say that after two weeks of it." She goes to the sink and, glaring at Charlie, who's still washing her hands, snaps, "Can't you do that in the bathroom? I want to start dinner." Charlie just muses, "I've nearly finished." She turns off the tap and picks up a towel. As she dries her hands, she turns and asks Leanne what sort of job she wants - but she doesn't notice Leigh picking up her watch and hiding it inside her top. Leanne smiles, "I don't care. Cleaning, waitressing, anything, just as long as I get paid. The dole doesn't pay much."

Later that day, Leanne, Tim and David are sitting in the lounge room when Charlie wanders in, looking puzzled. David asks her if she hasn't found her watch yet. Charlie sighs, "No. I was sure I put it on the draining board when I was washing my hands, but Leigh's out there and she says she hasn't seen it." David asks her if she's looked in her room. Charlie replies, "I've looked everywhere. I'm very fond of that watch - my first husband gave it to me; it's quite valuable." David comments, "It must be around," but Charlie tells him, "No, it's the square sort, actually. Leather band." David looks bemused! Leigh suddenly comes in, carrying Leanne's jacket and bag, and tells the girl that she had to move her things so that she could set the table. She puts them down on the floor, dropping Charlie's watch deliberately as she does so. She then picks it up and tells Leanne, "Hold on - your watch fell out." Leanne looks at it and says, "It's not mine." Charlie asks if she can have a look. Leigh shows it to her and asks, "Is it yours?" Charlie, staring at her suspiciously, replies, "Yes." Leigh tells her, "That's funny - it was in the jacket." Leanne, realising what she's implying, cries, "I didn't take it." Leigh, though, points out that it didn't get there by itself. Leanne insists, "I didn't take it, honestly." Charlie assures her calmly, "No one's blaming you, Leanne." David asks how it got into the pocket, then. Staring at Leigh, Charlie suggests, "Someone must have put it there." Leigh snaps, "Don't look at me," and she storms out. David warns, "Charlie..." Charlie, giving in, sighs, "Alright, let's forget it. The watch must have been on the table and any one of us could have knocked it in passing. It doesn't really matter - it's found, that's the main thing." Tim sits there, looking thoughtful.

Leigh is laying the table in the kitchen when Tim storms in. She immediately says, "Don't blame me. Told you she was no good. Can't turn your back on her for five minutes." Tim, though, glares at her and snaps, "Who are you trying to fool?" Leigh stops in her tracks, surprised at his attitude. Tim goes on angrily, "That's got to be the lousiest thing you've ever done, Leigh." Leigh pushes him aside and carries on laying the table. Tim snaps, "That Tracy girl's an angel compared to you." Leigh insists, "Leanne's no good," but Tim tells her, "You're the one who looks no good. It's about time people found out what you're really like." He goes to walk out. Leigh quickly panics, "You're not going to tell David, are you?" She grabs his arm and he stops. He then turns back, and wandering over to the table, tells his sister, "Alright, I won't. We might have to live in the same house together, but that doesn't mean I have to talk to you or having anything to do with you. Just stay out of my way." With that, he heads back to the lounge room.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, looking surprised as he queries, "I thought Wendy was in Africa?" Barbara hesitates before replying, "Um, well, she was sent to Rome on a photographic assignment and that's where she got sick." Gordon asks, "How bad is she?" Standing next to Samantha, at the bar, Barbara tells him, "She's not very well, Gordon - she really does need me." Gordon concedes, "Yes, of course." He then adds, "I'll come with you." Barbara, though, quickly snaps, "No. You can't." She then clarifies, "Um, well, I'm going tomorrow and, um, Liz's trial comes up in a few days and you've been summonsed as a witness, remember?" Samantha looks down, guiltily. Barbara assures him, "Darling, I will call and I will write and I'll let you know everything that's going on and I'll be back just as soon as I can."

Beryl finishes a 'phone call in her lounge room, looking annoyed. She hangs up as Jim comes out of the kitchen and asks, "Care to inspect your new shelves?" Seeing the expression on her face, he asks, "What's wrong?" Beryl explains, "I just rang Leanne to see how she was settling in at David's." Jim asks if there were any problems. Beryl replies, "No, no, he doesn't mind, but Leigh has been causing trouble: she tried to say that Leanne stole something." Jim murmurs, "That'd be right." Beryl then goes on, "Actually, it started me thinking: Leigh's given a lot of people a lot of trouble, and the mistake I've made is letting her get away with it. Well, I'm not going to make the same mistake with Tracy. I'm not changing my story to the police and I am not going to apologise. Kingsford can take me to court."

That night, at Dural, Barbara walks into the lounge room, where Samantha is sitting reading a magazine. She asks her Aunt, "All packed?" Barbara murmurs, "Yes." She then asks, "Where's Gordon?" and Samantha replies that he's in the study. She stands up and continues, "Look, I know you feel guilty about lying to him, but you really didn't have a choice." Barbara sighs, "I know. I just don't want to stay in Rome too long. I'll have to bring him back to Australia with me." Samantha points out, "Gordon will find out for sure." Barbara, though, retorts, "Well, then we'll have to make sure he doesn't. I don't know how. It would ruin everything if he did..."


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