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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

At Woombai, Andy runs over to Nikos, who is stirring on the ground. Helena joins them. Andy asks Nikos if he's OK, but he replies that he does not know. Andy asks if it feels like anything's broken. He helps Nikos up as Nikos tells him, "My leg feels strange, but I don't think it's broken." Andy stares at Helena and snaps, "See what you've done? I hope you're real proud of yourself." He then tells Nikos that they'd better get him to a doctor, and he leads the guy back to the homestead. Helena stands there, looking guilty.

At the Morrell apartment, Gary takes off the cap and throws down the envelope he's holding. As he does so, he says to Caroline menacingly, "You haven't got a gun to help you this time." Caroline asks, "How do you know?" but Gary retorts, "The cops would have taken it off you." Caroline sighs, "Look, Gary, if it's money you're after--" Gary, though, interrupts her and snaps, "I didn't come here for money - though it's not a bad idea: I didn't get as much from the Hamiltons as I expected." He stars to unzip his jacket as Caroline walks off to the bedroom and says she'll get her chequebook. Gary, though, suddenly grabs her and points out, "You're handbag's over there," and he indicates the coffee table. Caroline looks guilty as he asks nastily, "What did you think you were going to do? Lock yourself in the bedroom and call the cops?" Caroline turns to face him and tells him, "Stephen's coming back." Gary, though, snaps, "Later - I heard you talking on the 'phone." Caroline then tells him, "Amanda will be here any minute," but Gary, pushing her onto the couch, retorts, "I can handle Amanda." He then takes Caroline's chequebook out of her bag and, handing it to her, orders, "Make it out to cash."

Wayne is lying in his bed at the hospital, reading a book, when there's a knock on the door and Amanda comes in, smiling, "Visitors?!" Wayne smiles back at her and tells her that he didn't think anyone was coming in this afternoon. Amanda hands him a box of chocolates and Wayne muses that she's spoiling him. Amanda replies that someone has to! She sits down as he opens the box, but she quickly tells him not to eat them now - it's nearly time for his dinner. Wayne points out that she's the one who tempted him! She grabs the box back and Wayne laughs, "Killjoy!" He then asks her what brings her to his neck of the woods, and Amanda explains, "Just passing. I had my last job interview just a block away." Wayne asks her how she went, but Amanda sighs, "I don't know. They said they'd get in contact with me, but I don't think I'll get it. That's why I thought I'd drop in to see you - you can help cheer me up!" Wayne muses, "I always thought visitors were supposed to help the patients, not the other way round!" Amanda laughs that she's sorry. She then goes on more seriously, "I must admit, it is starting to get to me: all these job interviews and no job. I'd better start earning some money soon." Wayne growls, "You wouldn't have to if Evans hadn't got away with the money from the house in Melbourne." Amanda asks, "Do you think we'll get it back?" but Wayne sighs, "Who knows?" He then adds, "I'll tell you what: if I ever get my hands on the mongrel..." Amanda points out, "At least we know it wasn't you doing all the awful things." Wayne tells her, "For a minute, I thought I was going round the twist, everyone saying it was me!" Amanda just murmurs, "Yeah..." She then hands the box of chocolates back to him and concedes, "I don't suppose one will hurt!"

Helena is sitting on the couch at Woombai, taking off her boots. Andy comes in and tells her that the doctor's on his way back. Helena asks how Nikos is, and Andy tells her that he's sure there's nothing broken, but he's going to be sore for the next few days - and he's going to have to stay there now; he hopes she realises that. Helena, looking down at the floor, murmurs, "I am sorry. It's all my fault. I was bad to him. I did not mean for him to be hurt." Andy sits down with her and comforts, "It's alright. I'm sure he'll be OK." Helena, though, goes on, "If I had not behaved like a child, it would never have happened." Andy assures her, "We all make mistakes sometimes. You've just got to learn to grow up a bit, that's all."

At the Morrell apartment, Gary takes the cheque from Caroline and smiles at her, nastily. He puts it in his jacket pocket as he then warns, "Don't think you're going to get the chance to cancel that cheque." Caroline sits there, trying not to look at him, and she says, "Look, Gary, you've got the money. Isn't that enough?" Gary shakes his head and retorts, "Sorry..." Caroline, deciding to play the game, then tells him, "I still care for you." Gary mutters, "Fancy that." Caroline puts her hand to his face and pulls him towards her, saying temptingly, "What can I do to convince you...?" The two of them start kissing. Gary doesn't notice as, during their moment of passion, Caroline reaches down and takes off one of her shoes. She suddenly hits him with the stiletto heel and he cries out in pain. Caroline stands up and goes to run out the door. Gary tries to grab her, snapping, "Get here, you stupid--" as he does so. Caroline pushes him back onto the couch, though, yelling, "Get off." She then runs to the door and struggles to open it. She eventually succeeds and finds a police officer standing right outside. He asks her, "Are you alright?" He then suddenly notices Gary standing there and pulls a gun on him.

Sometime later, Stephen and Amanda are both with Caroline at the apartment. Stephen tells his ex-wife apologetically that he honestly thought she would have been safe. Caroline, though, insists that it's not his fault. Amanda sighs that she wishes she hadn't dropped into the hospital to see Wayne, otherwise she'd have been there to help. Caroline points out that it's all over now - Gary has been arrested and she hopes they throw the book at him. Amanda comments that he deserves twenty years. Stephen, opening a bottle of wine, remarks, "He mightn't get that, but let's hope they put him away for a long time." He then offers Caroline a glass of wine, and she accepts. Amanda smiles, "It might help to put a bit of colour back into your cheeks. You could certainly do with it." Caroline admits, "Mmm, these last few days have been a bit of a strain." Stephen suddenly suggests, "Why don't you take a break? I have to go back to Woombai; why don't you and Amanda come with me?" Caroline, looking dubious, says she doesn't know... but Stephen assures her, "It'll only be for a few days." He adds, "I'm sure we can find Amanda something to do in the office - get her a little 'work experience'!" Amanda smiles that it sounds wonderful! She then asks her mother what she says. Looking dubious, Caroline asks, "What's Jenny Turner going to say about it?" Stephen, though, insists, "Provided I explain the problem, I'm sure she'll understand." Caroline, giving in, smiles and accepts,"Maybe a good bit of country fresh air's just what I need." Stephen says he'll go and 'phone and tell them they're coming. He heads off to the bar. When he's gone, Amanda says to her mother, "I don't think Jenny's going to quite see it the way daddy thinks she is..." Caroline agrees, "No - but maybe it's my chance to make up for everything I've done to Stephen. You know - I could sort of push them in the right direction." Amanda warns her to be careful about sticking her nose in, but Caroline insists, "Don't worry - I can be discreet when I want to." Amanda looks dubious!

At Woombai, Helena is helping Nikos from his bedroom into the lounge room. He's hobbling and has to cling to her for support. As he sits down, Helena tells him that she thinks it's best if he stayed in bed, but Nikos tells her that he'd rather sit up. He adds that it doesn't matter where he is - his body will still ache. Helena sits down on the arm of the couch and says, "I'm sorry, Nikos - I did not mean for this to happen to you." Nikos, though, assures her, "It is not your fault. It is me and my pride. I wanted to prove I was as much of a man as Andy." Helena tells him, "You did not have to," but Nikos points out, "You were comparing us. What could I do? Give up without a fight?" Helena stares at him and he goes on, "You think you have fallen in love with Andy." Helena replies, "I have." Nikos, though, tells her, "I think you are in love with a new country and different customs." Helena insists, "That is not true," and she asks, "How could you say such a thing when you don't even know the first thing about love?" Andy suddenly comes into the room and he tells Nikos that he should be lying down. Nikos, though, retorts that he thinks it is better if he tries to keep moving. Andy warns him not to overdo it. He then tells Nikos that there's no reason for him to go back to the Reid house; he's fixed it up so he can stay there at the homestead for as long as he has to. Nikos thanks him, adding that he promises he won't get in the way. Andy tells him, "You're going to be so stiff and sore the next few days, you're not going to be able to do much!" Nikos explains, "I meant between you and Helena," and Andy admits, "Yeah, I know." Nikos then comments, "Perhaps it was a mistake for me to come here? But now I will try not to interfere."

That night, David, Beryl, Leanne and Tim are having dinner in the living room at Beryl's. David is saying, "Young Tim's as good on the tooth as Kevin and John!" Tim looks at him and says, "I've never heard that before." David asks if he means 'on the tooth' and then explains, "It means you can eat like a horse!" Everyone laughs! Beryl smiles that she thinks all kids enjoy home-made apple pie, and Leanne agrees, "As long as there's lots of ice cream to go with it!" David smiles as he tells Beryl, "All I can say is that Tim and I picked the right night to stay for a feed." Tim adds that it was great and Beryl assures him that she's glad they enjoyed it. She then indicates Leanne and goes on that the two of them were glad to have the company, not knowing what Tracy and her friends are likely to get up to next. The smile on Leanne's face disappears at the mention of Tracy's name. Tim suddenly offers, "I wouldn't mind staying on for a few days - make sure things are alright here." Leanne looks at Beryl eagerly as Beryl tells Tim that it's very kind of him. David chips in that he thinks it's a pretty smart idea, too - Tim was pretty good today, the way he handled things - although he still has school... Tim explains, "Actually, I was going to have a word to you about that: what do you reckon I pack it in and give you a hand with the market garden?" David asks, "Leave school?" and Tim replies, "Yeah - I've thought about it a lot and it's what I want to do - and you're going to need a hand now that Mike's gone, aren't you? - if you want to keep your trucking business going." David replies, "I've got to do that - the market's not showing any profits yet. But I don't think it's a good idea you give up school." Tim points out that he is old enough to know what he wants to do, but David retorts, "I suppose you are - but I think you should stick at it a bit longer, that's all. I don't have to tell you how important it is to have a decent education." He then adds, "Anyway, I won't be saying yes or no until I talk it over with Frannie and George." Tim, looking downcast, asks, "Can I at least take tomorrow off and stay here?" Leanne chips in eagerly, "One day's not going to hurt," and Beryl points out, "It would be nice to have someone else around." David concedes, "Alright." Looking at Tim, though, he adds, "I'm still going to talk it over with your parents." Tim mutters, "Fine. Thanks." David then goes on, "Anyway, I don't think you've got much to worry about. The kid's boyfriend backed down today, so I'd say it's all over." Beryl, though, muses, "Oh, I don't know, so much." David tells her, "Come on - they're a bunch of kids, Beryl." Beryl, though, retorts, "Yes, but they're a pretty tough lot. I've seen them; you haven't." David points out, "If anything does happen, at least you'll have young Tim here to look after you." He then announces that he'd better get going, as he has an early run tomorrow. He stands up and Beryl goes to see him out. Out in the hallway, David says to his ex-wife, "Thanks for the meal, Beryl. It was beaut." Beryl smiles, "Thanks for coming." She then adds, "And I meant what I said before: it's nice to have you here." David asks, "Does that mean we're friends, then?" Beryl smiles, "Of course." David goes, and Beryl closes the door, looking happy.

Later that evening, Charlie is filing a fingernail in the kitchen at the country house. As she does so, she comments, "Tracy's obviously a nasty piece of work. I'd very quickly put her in her place." David explains, "According to Beryl, she's a pretty tough nut to crack," but Charlie insists, "Nevertheless, I think I could handle her." She pulls her nail file away and complains to David that she broke another nail again tonight; they really must get a dishwasher. David smiles that he'll buy her a pair of rubber gloves! Leigh - who has had her hair cut - is tending to Shane in his bassinet, next to the table. She asks David what the idea is of letting Tim stay on at Beryl's; what about school tomorrow? David explains, "He'll have to miss it, won't he? I mean, Beryl needs someone around right now. I can't do it - I've got a job on." Charlie smiles that she thinks it's marvellous the way Tim stood up for Leanne; she didn't think he had it in him; it just goes to show how wrong you can be. David laughs, "I think it depends on who he was doing it for! Leanne was pretty impressed!" Charlie smiles, "Really? How romantic!" Leigh, looking annoyed, growls, "I don't think Frannie and George would be too happy if they knew you were letting him stay away from school." She then tells Shane that she'll put him to bed, and the two of them leave the room. When she's gone, David asks Charlie, "Thank Leigh's changing?" Looking surprised, Charlie asks, "How?" David replies, "Well, Tim... Shane... Seems she's thinking more about other people than herself lately." Charlie, not looking convinced, suggests, "Let's see if it lasts, shall we...?"

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room. Leanne is washing dishes in the kitchen while Tim does the wiping up. He laughs, "Come on, slowcoach," but Leanne tells him to hang on a minute - she's got to make sure they're clean. She then adds that she's glad David let him stay, and Tim smiles, "Yeah, so am I." In the lounge room, Beryl says on the 'phone, "Thankyou for calling, officer. Bye." She hangs up and joins the kids in the kitchen, where she tells them that that was the police: David's going there did some good: they're not going to press charges. Leanne sighs in relief and Tim exclaims, "That's terrific!" Beryl goes on that they're also going to investigate Tracy Kingsford, which she's very pleased about; with a bit of luck, she'll get what's coming to her. With that, she heads back out to the lounge room. Leanne, looking worried again, says to Tim, "I don't think we've heard the last of Tracy. Simmo may have backed down today, but she didn't..."

The next morning, Andy and Nikos are playing chess at the Woombai homestead as Helena sits and reads a magazine. Nikos moves a piece and declares, "Checkmate." Andy, looking puzzled, comments that he didn't see that - he thought he had Nikos covered. Nikos tells him that he plays a good game. Andy asks him if he wants to go again, but Helena suddenly interjects that she thought Andy might like to come for a walk; it's a beautiful day. Andy, though, points out that they really can't leave Nikos there on his own. A voice suddenly calls out, "Anybody home?" and Andy stands up in surprise. Stephen comes in, followed by Caroline and Amanda, and Andy tells them that he didn't hear them drive up. Stephen comments that Fiona said they'd be there. Andy introduces Helena and Nikos and Nikos says to Stephen, "Excuse me if I don't get up, but I fell off a horse yesterday and hurt myself." Stephen remarks that that's no good. He then introduces himself and the two women. Amanda asks Andy how he is, and she gives him a hug. Andy, looking delighted to see her, smiles that he's fine. Amanda tells him that it's good to see him. Helena sits on the couch, looking annoyed at the embrace.

Charlie is standing by the sink in the kitchen at the country house. Leigh is sitting at the table, with Shane, and she asks what's for lunch. Charlie tells her, "Cold meat and salad." Leigh complains, "We had that yesterday," but Charlie retorts, "If you want to go to the bother of cooking a hot meal in the middle of the day, you're more than welcome." Leigh looks away and Charlie muses, "I thought not." Leigh suddenly asks, "Why don't you go back to Sydney, Charlie? There's nothing for you here." Charlie, though, assures her, "There's plenty for me here." Leigh asks, "What? David? You'd be wasting your time. You're hardly his type." Charlie, though, glares at her and growls, "Sometimes I could wring your neck, Leigh. David is a friend." With that, she heads outside angrily. When she's gone, Leigh stands up and puts Shane down on the floor. She then goes to the 'phone and starts dialling a number. The 'phone at the other end is answered by Leanne, at Beryl's. Leigh just says bluntly, "I want to speak to Tim." Leanne tells her that she'll get him, and she calls to him in the kitchen. When he joins her, she adds that she thinks it's Leigh. Tim takes the 'phone and says, "Hello?" Leigh immediately demands, "What's the idea of staying away from school?" Tim explains that he's thinking of giving it up for good, but Leigh retorts, "Don't be an idiot. Why didn't you talk to me about it first? What are you trying to do? Ruin your future?" Tim insists, "Of course not," but Leigh tells him, "Sounds like it to me. You wouldn't go away with the O'Briens so you could finish school, and now you're staying at Beryl's." Tim insists, "It's only for a few days. Anyway, what difference does it make?" Leigh retorts, "You're my brother. You're supposed to have come to Melbourne to be with me. Obviously, Leanne's got you twisted around her little finger." Tim retorts, "Come off it, Leigh," but Leigh asks, "What else am I supposed to think?" Tim snaps, "As long as you go on with rubbish like that, I don't care. I'll speak to you later, when you're in a better mood." He hangs up. In Sunbury, Leigh looks at the 'phone in surprise before hanging up at her end. At Beryl's, Leanne comments to Tim that Leigh doesn't seem too pleased about him staying there, but Tim explains, "Oh, she only wants me around to do her dirty work." Leanne asks him what he means, but Tim mutters, "Later." There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Leanne, looking worried, murmurs, "Tracy?" Beryl calls out that she'll get it, and she goes to open it. To her surprise, she finds Jim standing there. After a few seconds, he says, "Hi." Beryl just murmurs, "Hello, Jim." Jim asks, "You surprised?" and Beryl admits, "You could say that." She then asks him what he's doing in Melbourne, and he tells her, "I thought I'd stayed away from the bright lights too long." Beryl comments, "I thought you liked it in Queensland," but Jim explains, "Too much of a good thing." He adds, "Might have been here sooner if I hadn't been so tied down." Beryl invites him in and he heads into the lounge room, where Beryl introduces him to Leanne and Tim. She adds, "Tim's Leigh's brother." Jim muses, "Oh... Leigh..." Tim asks him, "Do you know her?" and Jim nods, "Yes, we've met..." Beryl then tells him that they're about to have some lunch, and she asks if he'd like to join them. Jim replies that he wouldn't say no. Beryl says she'll just pop down to the supermarket to get a few things, and Leanne tells her that she'll come with her. The two of them head off to get ready. Tim asks Jim how he came to meet Leigh and Jim explains, "I was in Brisbane with Beryl and we went over to see Doug and Rosie; she was staying with them." He then goes on, "I believe Beryl has been going through a pretty rough patch lately, one thing and another?" Tim just nods, "Yeah." Jim stares at him and Tim continues, "Wait 'til she's gone and I'll fill you in."

Amanda walks into the lounge room at Woombai and announces that she's going for a ride before lunch. She asks if anyone would like to join her, but Caroline smiles that a five-hour drive from Sydney is quite enough exercise for her! Nikos adds, "And I never want to see another horse again!" Amanda then invites Andy, and he replies that he wouldn't mind, actually. Turning to Nikos, he adds, "You should be right, now, a house full of people to keep you company." Nikos smiles that he'll be fine, and Andy and Amanda head out. Just after they've left, Helena comes in from the kitchen and asks, "Where is Andy?" Nikos explains, "He just left with Amanda - they have gone riding." Helena, looking annoyed, mutters, "Really? I see." She adds, "Then I think I might make some lunch." Nikos asks her if she'd like some help, but Helena insists that he must rest; she can do it. Nikos, though, standing up, tells her, "I'm alright - just a little pain - but I should keep moving." The two of them head out to the kitchen. When they've gone, Caroline walks over to the telephone index, looks up a number and then dials it on the 'phone. The call is answered by Jenny. Caroline says it's her, and Jenny immediately demands, "What do you want, Caroline?" Caroline explains, "I'd like to talk to you." Jenny, though, retorts, "I don't think we've got much to say to each other." Caroline, ignoring this, asks, "Would you mind if I came over? I'm just up at Woombai." Jenny retorts, "I'm rather busy," but Caroline pleads, "Please?" Jenny sighs, "Alright," and Caroline thanks her. She hangs up, a smile on her face...

Tim opens the front door at Beryl's to find Leigh standing on the step. He demands, "What are you doing here?" and Leigh explains, "I came to talk some sense into you. You're not giving up school, Tim." Tim tells her to knock it off, but Leigh goes on, "When you came to Melbourne, I promised Frannie I'd be responsible for you." Tim points out, "Mum wouldn't agree to you being responsible for me in a fit," but Leigh retorts, "Well, she did." Tim reluctantly accepts this. He then tells Leigh that, seeing as she's there, she might as well come in. Leigh declines, saying she doesn't want to get into any arguments with Beryl, but Tim explains that she's gone shopping with Leanne, and so Leigh agrees, "Alright." She walks into the house and heads into the lounge room. As she does so, Tim tells her, "It's only me and Jim." She and Jim stare at each other in shock, a sly smile suddenly appearing on Leigh's face...

A few moments later, Leigh smiles, "Jim, you're a bit of a surprise. How are you?" Jim replies bluntly that he's alright. He then asks Tim if he could have a word with Leigh alone, and Tim mutters, "Sure." He heads into the kitchen, closing the doors behind him. When he's out of earshot, Jim tells Leigh, "I came down to try and sort things out with Beryl. I had hoped I wouldn't run into you." Leigh asks, "Why? Don't you trust yourself?" but Jim retorts, "I don't trust you." Leigh says airily, "On, you needn't worry about me. I couldn't care less what you and Beryl get up to." Jim asks, "Now you know I don't have any money?" Tim is pacing the floor in the kitchen, but can hear as Jim goes on, "That's the only reason you played up to me in the first place: because you thought the opposite." Leigh admits, "True - but we all make mistakes, don't we?" Tim goes and stands by the kitchen doors and listens with interest as Leigh continues, "Anyway, one thing I do know: you still find me attractive. I'd only have to say the word and you'd be in it again, wouldn't you?" Jim glares at her and snaps, "You little s--" Leigh, though, tells him, "I know I'm right." Jim snaps, "Just get out." Leigh assures him airily, "I'm going. I didn't want to be here when Beryl got back anyway. Bye." With that, she turns and goes, leaving Jim looking worried. Tim, standing in the kitchen, also looks worried.

Beryl and Leanne are wandering down an aisle at the supermarket. Leanne is pushing a trolley. Beryl recalls that she wants breadcrumbs and Leanne says she thinks they're in the next aisle. The two of them walk round into the adjoining aisle. Leanne leaves the trolley where it is, though, and so neither of them is aware of Tracy and one of her mates walking up to it. The second girl grabs some boxes of chocolate off the shelf and stuffs them into Beryl's bag, which is sitting in the trolley. The two of them walk off again, just as Beryl and Leanne come back round into that aisle, Beryl saying to Leanne as they do so that she'll get some chicken from the butcher's and they can have crumb chicken for dinner. She puts the packet of breadcrumbs in the trolley and the two of them head off to continue shopping. Neither of them notices Tracy and her mate watching them from a distance, nasty smiles on their faces...

Jenny Turner and a workman are fixing a post in place in the grounds at Jenny's property when Jenny suddenly spots Caroline walking towards them. She walks over to Caroline, looking annoyed. Caroline smiles, "I wish I had the energy to do something like that. Jenny, though, retorts, "It's more a question of necessity, than energy. What did you want to see me about?" Caroline tells her calmly, "I just wanted to say you needn't worry about me interfering between you and Stephen. I owe Stephen a great deal and I'd like to make it up, if I can. I was a bit worried by being at Woombai that you might come to the wrong conclusion." Jenny, though, retorts, "No, I didn't get the wrong idea - and I'm no fool, Caroline. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you. Now if you don't mind, get off my property." She walks off, as Caroline stares at her.

Helena is laying plates on the table at the Woombai homestead. As she does so, she says to Nikos, who's standing next to her, "This is the first time I've cooked a meal for Andy. I hope he likes it." Nikos tells her, "I'm sure he will. It smells very good." At that moment, Andy and Amanda come in and Nikos asks how the ride was. Andy smiles that it was great. Helena indicates, "Look, I have cooked lunch. It is almost ready." Andy, though, tells her, "Listen, don't dish any up for us, please." Amanda explains, "We ran into some guests from the Reid house. They were having a picnic and asked us to join them. Talk about food!" Andy adds, "Yeah, we really pigged-out. I couldn't eat another thing if I tried. I'm sorry." Helena, looking disappointed, cries, "But I have cooked a special meal." Andy, though, points out that there are still plenty of people there to eat it - and he's sure Nikos is hungry. Amanda announces that she's going to have a shower and a lie-down. She then asks Andy if he'd like to have a ride tomorrow morning, before breakfast, and he smiles, "You bet!" The two of them leave the room. When they're alone, Nikos tells Helena, "I know I will enjoy the meal very much." Helena just snaps, "Yes, I'm sure." She storms off into the kitchen. Nikos then hears a dish being smashed and he sighs heavily.

Beryl and Leanne are packing their shopping into bags at the supermarket checkout. As the cashier rings up the final item, she asks if that's the lot, and Beryl says it is. Beryl pays as Leanne keeps filling the bags. However, the girl suddenly notices Tracy and her mate in the distance, talking to a smartly-dressed man. Beryl pays and then asks Leanne if she thinks she can manage everything. She goes to wheel the trolley away, but Leanne quickly tells her, "Quick, stop." Beryl asks what's going on. Leanne, looking suspicious, opens Beryl's bag and looks inside. She finds the boxes of chocolates and, putting them on the checkout, quickly tells the cashier that they forgot to pay for a few things. The cashier comments that it's just as well she remembered. Beryl asks Leanne in surprise what she's doing. Leanne just indicates to her to pay and get out of there. Beryl pays the $7 that the cashier charges her. As she does so, the smartly-dressed man walks over and asks the cashier, "Everything alright, Megan?" The cashier assures him, "Yes, this lady just forgot to pay for some things, that's all." Looking annoyed that her plan didn't work, Tracy mutters to her mate, "There's still a chance." As Beryl and Leanne wheel the trolley away, Tracy comes up behind them and says, "Hello, Mrs. Palmer." Beryl snaps, "Get out of my way." Tracy, though, asks 'innocently', "What's wrong? I'm only trying to be friendly." Beryl accuses, "You put those things in my bag, didn't you?" Tracy mocks, "Did I?" Beryl snaps, "Of course you did. Don't try and deny it." Tracy taunts, "I think you're going round the twist, Mrs. Palmer. It was nothing to do with me." Beryl growls, "You are nothing but a thief and a troublemaker." Tracy, though, retorts, "Something you're never going to be able to prove, though, is it?" She then goes on, "I nearly had you. Next time, I will." Beryl suddenly lashes out and slaps her round the face, angrily. The smartly-dressed man suddenly approaches as Tracy cries, "Why'd you do that?" The man tells Beryl, "I don't want any trouble in here, madam," and Beryl mutters, "I'm very sorry." She goes to walk off, but Tracy suddenly calls out, "Mrs. Palmer." Beryl turns to look at her. Tracy says gleefully, "Thankyou. You did exactly what I wanted - and what's more, I've got witnesses." Beryl glares at her, looking uncomfortable.


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