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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

The first police officer tells Beryl that she'll be required to come down to the station to make a statement. Beryl, though, insists that it's all a terrible mistake; obviously the items have all been put there - it's the only explanation: someone broke in there and planted them. The officer asks disbelievingly, "And why would they want to do that?" Beryl insists, "I swear I'm telling the truth. A man did break in here." Pointing to the window frame, she adds, "You can see where he scratched the paint when he forced entry." The officer looks at the window and then concedes, "Well, fair enough. Could be a possibility." The second officer, though, asks, "If you knew about it, why didn't you report it last night?" Beryl retorts, "Can't you see, it doesn't make any sense? I'm a very wealthy woman. If I wanted to buy those things, I could." The first officer tells her, "Most shoplifters could, Mrs. Palmer. It's the thrill of getting away with it - or in some cases, the result of an emotional disturbance." Beryl glares at him and retorts that she can assure him that she's not emotionally disturbed - and as far as stealing those things, he's barking up the wrong tree. The officer sighs that they'll sort it all out down at the station. Leanne suddenly chips in, "I think I'd better come and explain everything to them." Beryl tells her in exasperation, "Looks like you might have to."

Wayne in lying in his hospital bed in Sydney as a nurse plumps up his pillow. She asks him if he enjoyed his lunch and he smiles that it wasn't bad - for a change! At that moment, Gordon comes into the room and asks the nurse how Wayne is. The nurse replies that he's answering back now, so he can't be too bad! With that, she leaves them to it. Gordon sits down on the edge of his son's bed and Wayne immediately asks him how Julie is: has she relaxed a bit more? Gordon replies that she's fine - but there is something of a mystery: he had a 'phone call from Melbourne, from a man who claimed to be her father. Looking surprised, Wayne comments, "Both her parents are dead." Gordon explains that that's what she told Barbara; they don't know what's going on. Wayne asks him if they talked to Julie about it, but Gordon tells him, "She was very upset, thought it must have been a mistake and dashed off to bed." Wayne asks, "Is she coming in to see me today?" and Gordon tells him that Barbara has taken her out to lunch; she'll be there at the hospital later this afternoon. He goes on that he and Barbara thought they wouldn't mention it again - not until he's talked to Julie. Wayne murmurs, "Right. I'll see what I can find out."

Stephen is finishing fixing a new lock to the front door at the Morrell apartment. Caroline is standing next to him and she asks him how solid the lock is. Stephen assures her that it'll take Superman to break it off! He then adds that it's totally unlikely that Gary will get past the police, anyway. Changing the subject, Caroline suggests, "You want to go back to Woombai, don't you?" She adds that it's alright; she guessed as much. The two of them go and sit down as Caroline asks Stephen he can't stay until they catch Gary, but Stephen tells her that he thinks she's over-reacting: the chances of Evans trying to see her again are very remote. Caroline muses, "Yes, of course, you have to go. It's just that I feel safer with you here, that's all." Stephen sighs and starts to say, "Caroline, I've written to Jenny, and, er..." Caroline quickly says she's sorry - she didn't mean to be selfish; she really hopes he and Jenny can make it work. Stephen tells her that he'll still be there in Sydney for a couple of days - except for this afternoon: he has to go to a horse auction. He adds that he knows that sort of thing bores her silly, but if she'd like to come... Caroline smiles, "Thanks, I really would. Amanda's going to be out all day job-hunting, and I really didn't want to stay here all by myself." Stephen tells her that they'll leave about 3:30pm.

Julie is heading along the corridor at the hospital; a nurse with a trolley is following her. As she comes up to the door to Wayne's room, she overhears Gordon saying to his son, "If you do find out anything about Julie's father, let us know straight away. Bye." Looking worried, Julie immediately turns and starts to walk away again, but she almost crashes into the trolley, and before she can get any further, Gordon emerges from Wayne's room and smiles that she's next in the queue. As Julie stands there nervously, he adds that Wayne is a lot brighter. Julie, looking fearful, tells him that Barbara is waiting for him in the car. Gordon asks if they should wait for her, but Julie insists that she'll make her own way back and Gordon goes. Julie then pauses before going into Wayne's room. As she takes a deep breath and heads in there, Wayne smiles, "Hi!" Julie hands him a small bunch of flowers and Wayne tells her that it's good to see her. Julie kisses him and smiles at him nervously.

Beryl and Leanne have arrived back at Beryl's. As they walk into the lounge room, Beryl mutters, "I can't believe it happened. I just cannot believe they'd think I was a thief." Leanne points out, "They must get so many lies that they don't believe somebody who tells them the truth." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Beryl asks Leanne to get rid of whoever it is, as she just can't face visitors at the moment. Leanne goes to the door and opens it to find David and Tim standing there. She stares at them and Tim smiles, "Hi! Dave said he was coming over so I thought I'd come too!" David, though, laughs, "He wanted to see you and use me as an excuse!" As Leanne fails to respond, he stares at the glum look on her face and asks, "What's the problem?" Leanne cries, "Mrs. Palmer's in heaps of trouble. She could go to jail." David stares at her in surprise.

A few minutes later, everyone is in the lounge room and Beryl is explaining, "And they've accused me of being in possession of stolen goods. I won't know for a couple of days whether they're going to press charges or not." David exclaims that that's ridiculous. Beryl goes on that at least Leanne is in the clear - she told them about the bracelet, so they rang the owner and she's not going to press charges because the bracelet had been returned. Leanne insists, "It's crazy - it's me who should have copped it." David asks her, "Why aren't they talking to the louts who got you into trouble? That way they'll put two-and-two together." Leanne, though, explains that she gave them Tracy's name - and the others'. Beryl muses sadly that she doesn't think it'll do much good: Tracy will deny everything and it'll be their word against hers. David asks his ex-wife, "They'll believe a delinquent instead of you?" Beryl retorts, "They probably will after finding the stolen goods in my house."

Wayne is lying in bed in his room at the hospital, listening as Julie tells him that it was a really nice lunch. She adds that it was a bit strange, though, being waited-on - at the end, she nearly stacked up all the dishes and took them out to the kitchen!; Barbara said she'd pay for the meal instead! She smiles at Wayne, but Wayne just stares back at her. Looking nervous again, Julie says, "Um, Gordon told you about the 'phone call, didn't he?" Wayne nods. Julie insists, "It must have been a mistake. My father's dead." Wayne replies quietly, "I know. At least, that's what you always said. What's the truth?" Julie stands there, looking worried, and, after several seconds, admits, "He isn't dead. I lied." Wayne gently asks, "Why?" adding that it won't make any difference to them, he promises. Julie smiles at him weakly.

Andy and Helena are sitting on horses by the stables at Woombai. As they trot along, Andy tells Helena not to put too much pressure on her knees. Helena, though, insists that she's alright. A young man suddenly walks up to them and says, "Hey, Andy." Andy smiles, "Hi, Bart!" Bart tells him that Fiona 'phoned. Andy asks if she said what she wanted, but Bart replies that she didn't. He goes on that it sounded pretty urgent, though - he said Andy would call her as soon as he got back. He walks off. Andy looks at Helena.

Caroline is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, leafing through a magazine. Stephen joins her and asks, "Aren't you changing? We should have left by now." Caroline, though, explains that she's decided against going. As Stephen sits down, she continues, "It's silly worrying about being by myself. As you say, the police have got a man downstairs and security guards checking everybody who comes and goes - and Amanda shouldn't be much longer, anyway." Stephen asks her if she's sure, adding that he can wait a few minutes. Caroline, though, tells him to go and enjoy himself. Stephen smiles that he's glad she's calmed down. He then tells her that it's good that she's going to be there - the courier is supposed to be dropping off some papers for him. With that, he stands up and announces that he'd better be going. The two of them walk over to the door and Stephen warns Caroline not to forget to put the chain on. Caroline assures him that she won't and he goes. Caroline locks the door and inserts the chain in its holder.

Outside, Stephen walks over to a police car. He says to the man in the passenger seat, "Sergeant, I have to go out for a couple of hours. Caroline's by herself in the apartment." The sergeant assures him, "Don't worry about it, Mr. Morrell. We've got two men behind the building, as well. Evans will never get to her." Stephen thanks him and walks off. No one notices Gary watching from an apartment in a block opposite. He stares through binoculars as Stephen gets into his car and drives off. He then removes the binoculars from his eyes. The scratch marks down the right side of his face are quite visible...

Andy is talking on the 'phone at the homestead at Woombai. He's speaking to Fiona and telling her animatedly that there are no worries up there - they're having a great time; Helena is learning to ride and it's great without having Nikos around their neck all the time. Fiona, sounding exasperated, asks if she can get a word in, and Andy breaks off, laughing that he's sorry. Fiona then explains, "Nikos is on his way up there." Sounding shocked, Andy asks, "What?" Fiona goes on, "I had to tell him where you both were. Apparently, her three brothers are on their way out from Greece." Andy mutters, "You're kidding," but Fiona assures him that she's not; they've got to get out of there. Andy asks where they can go, but Fiona cries, "I don't know. Anywhere. They're after your blood, Andy." Andy asks when Nikos will get there, and Fiona tells him, "Pretty soon, I should imagine - he left here just a few hours ago." She then goes on, "Now Andy, listen: when you see him, please, hold that temper of yours. No more fighting." Andy, though, sighs that that's easier said than done. He then thanks Fiona for the warning and Fiona asks him to let her know what happens as soon as he can. Andy nods, "Yeah, OK," and he hangs up. He then turns to Helena and explains, "Nikos is on his way." Helena cries, "Oh no..." Andy goes on, "Apparently, your three brothers are on their way out from Greece to save you from me." Helena stares at him in surprise and says, "But I only have two brothers. One is eleven, the other one is eight." She continues angrily, "He lied to her. He tricked her into saying we are here. He makes me so angry. We must go before he gets here." Andy, though, explains that it's a bit late for that - according to Fiona, he'll be there any minute. Helena cries, "He thinks he is a man. He tells lies to try and find me. I will not speak to him when he arrives." Andy, though, tells her, "No, you'd better talk to him - except he's going to have to see things from our angle for a change."

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, reading the newspaper, when Julie comes in. He asks how the patient was when she left and Julie replies nervously that he was good. Gordon muses that he's looking forward to having him home and he imagines she is, too. Julie just stands there and says, "Mr. Hamilton, I've got a confession to make - and an apology. That call last night: it was my father." Gordon comments that he thought it might be. Julie goes on, "I shouldn't have lied to you. I'm sorry." Gordon asks her why she felt she had to. Julie stands there, looking at the floor and then explains, "It's a pretty terrible thing to say - you'll probably think I'm a little snob or something - but I'm ashamed of him; I can't help it. You see, he was 50 when I was born and he's always been like an old man to me. I've looked after him for about seven or eight years and finally I had to put him into a home and I don't think he's ever forgiven me." Gordon asks, "What was wrong?" Julie, sitting down, tells him, "He drank." She then continues, "You see, somebody had to keep an eye on him or he'd end up killing himself - and I couldn't; I had my job to keep." She goes on guiltily, "The reason I told Wayne that he was dead was I was frightened he'd want to meet him. I know my dad would be really happy that I'm going to get married but he'll just want to come here and stick his nose in." Gordon points out, "That's understandable," Julie cries, "Yes, I know. It's just--." She pauses before going on, "Look, I don't know how he tracked me down here. He must have called my sister in Perth." Gordon, standing up, assures her, "Regardless of how he found out and whether he comes or not, there's no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it." He sits down next to her and tells her, "If he comes to Sydney, he's more than welcome to stay here." Julie explains, "I rang the home to see if they could talk him out of it, but there's not much chance - and look, I am sorry to lie to you all. I know it sounds hard to say your dad's dead when he's not, but if you'd met him, you'd know what I meant." Gordon soothes, "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think." Julie, though, just sits there, looking worried."

At Woombai, Helena snaps, "How dare he make up a story like that. My father should find out what kind of man Nikos really is." She turns to Andy and, running her hand up and down his bare arm, tells him, "That is why I love you so much - you would never lie to me like that." Andy, though, growls, "Alright, Helena, will you give it a rest? Everyone lies sometimes - even you, remember? Anyway, you can't do much when he gets here." He stands up and Helena demands, "Where are you going?" Andy retorts, "To get a shirt, OK? I'm feeling a bit cold." He leaves the room. Bart suddenly comes in and tells Helena, "That bloke you've been waiting for has turned up. You want me to send him in?" Helena, though, stands up and, marching towards the front door, snaps, "No. I will see to him." She heads outside as Andy emerges from his bedroom. He sees Bart standing there and says, "Listen, will you have a word with Alan Pascoe about giving Nikos a room at the Reid house?" Bart replies, "Sure." Andy adds, "Only for tonight, though - I don't want him hanging around any longer." He suddenly notices that Helena isn't sitting at the table anymore, and he asks Bart where she got to. Bart explains, "She's outside talking to him. He just rocked in." Andy sighs, "She hits first and thinks later," and he dashes outside.

Out in the grounds, by the stables, Nikos tells Helena, "It would break your father's heart if he saw you behaving like a... a whore." Helena glares at him and retorts, "I see. So now you call me names. I'm going to marry Andy because I want to, not because you want me to. You are so old-fashioned, Nikos, you should have stayed back in Greece. All you care about is keeping the family name. You don't care how bad you make it for everybody else." Nikos insists, "I just want you to be happy," but Helena snaps, "You want my father to be happy, not me. You are stupid, jealous and I will never marry you." At that moment, Andy walks over to them and pleads, "OK, listen, just calm down and please, just cut it out." Helena retorts, "He called me a whore. I will not stand for it." Andy, though, glares at her and snaps, "Helena, just shut up!" Helena and Nikos both stare at him in surprise. Andy then turns to Nikos and says, "The reason why we came up here was because we wanted a bit of peace and a bit of quiet to straighten ourselves out. Now, you've got to learn to accept that." Nikos asks, "Why? You are not being reasonable." Andy just retorts, "I've organised it for you to stay here tonight, but that's all - there won't be any room after that." Nikos tells him curtly, "Our family is waiting to hear of the marriage and it's up to me to make sure it takes place as soon as possible." Andy, though, retorts, "Yeah, well, the family's just going to have to wait, mate. Whether you like it or not, you're in Australia now, and that's not the way we do things, OK?" Nikos stares at him.

Beryl is setting out tea things on the table in her living room. David joins her and tells her that the police listened to him, but he doesn't think he did much good. Beryl points out, "I told you they were convinced I did it." David goes on that he did push them to make up their minds whether or not they're going to prosecute; they reckon they'll let her know one way or another tomorrow. Leanne and Tim suddenly emerge from the kitchen and Leanne tells Beryl that they're run out of milk so the two of them are just going down to the shops. They head out. When they've gone, David tells Beryl, "I'd love to have a go at the parents of that Tracy girl." Beryl, though, tells him, "I don't think it would do much good. Her father's a lawyer; apparently, he's always managed to get her off the hook before." David comments, "Charming." Beryl adds, "Mind you, he might not know what she's really like," and David agrees, "No - probably too busy making money." Beryl points out, "He'll probably clear her again and no doubt make things worse for me." David growls, "What she needs is a good clout across the backside." Beryl tells him that she doesn't really think that'll have much effect! David, though, muses, "Still love to try!"

Leanne and Tim are walking along the road, and Leanne is saying, "I feel really rotten about Mrs. Palmer being in trouble because of me. I wish there was something I could do. " Tim, though, points out, "You can't do more than tell the truth." A car suddenly pulls out of the road ahead of them and a look of panic crosses Leanne's face. Tracy is sitting in the passenger seat of the car and a guy with bleached hair is in the driver's seat. Tracy spots Leanne and says to her mate, "Hey, stop." The guy pulls the car to a halt and the two of them get out as Leanne stands there looking increasingly scared. Tim asks her, "What's up?" Leanne just stares at Tracy and the guy approaching her and cries, "No..." She suddenly runs off and Tim goes after her. Tracy and her mate start chasing. They run through the streets, Leanne looking round every few seconds to find she's still being chased. She eventually turns down an alley, but finds herself facing a dead-end and nowhere else to turn. She stops and looks round. Tim pants, "Are they the ones you lived with?" Leanne, turning to face Tracy and her mate, gasps in panic, "Yeah..."

Caroline is sitting reading a novel on the couch at the Morrell apartment when the 'phone starts ringing. She gets up and answers it, saying, "Hello?" There's no response, though, and so she repeats, "Hello? Anybody there?" The person at the other end hangs up. Caroline hangs up from her end, looking worried.

Tracy and her mate are walking slowly down the alley, towards Leanne and Tim. Tracy taunts Leanne, "You always have to hide behind someone, don't you? Wimp. The old cow in the house and now a little creep like him. Come out and fight." Tim indicates to Leanne to step back and she does. He then squares up to Tracy and her mate. Tracy warns, "Simmo will paste you all over the lane, you little jerk." Tim suddenly holds out his hands in a martial arts stance. The guy with the bleached hair, Simmo, laughs, "What is he? Bruce Lee?" Tim just stands there, maintaining his position. He taunts, "Come on..." Simmo glares at him and retorts, "OK, pal." He then holds up his fists and goes to punch Tim, but Tim blocks him and lands a punch of his own. Simmo reels back. He lunges again, but Tim grabs him and pushes him against the fence. He then starts laying several punches on him. Simmo starts to fight back, but Tim pushes him away. Tracy cries at Simmo, "Don't just stand there," and Tim taunts, "Well come on, what are you waiting for?" Simmo approaches him again, but Tim immediately lays into him and pushes him over. Tracy stares at her mate and, pulling him up off the ground, snaps, "Simmo, you're giving in." Simmo, though, stays where he is and growls, "The kid knows what he's doing. I'm not taking him on." Tracy snaps at him exasperatedly, "I don't know why I bother with you." She then stares at Leanne and warns, "Don't think I'll forget. You won't always have a bodyguard." With that, she reluctantly leads Simmo away. Leanne smiles at Tim and cries, "Thanks! You were great! Lucky you know karate!" Tim, though, explains, "Yeah, well, I only know the basics. I did a bit at reform school - I had to find some way to protect myself." He then suggests, "Let's go, eh?" and they walk off.

At Woombai, two riders bring their horses to a halt and dismount. Helena walks over to them and asks one of them - a man - "How was it?" The man tells her, "He's a wild one. I wouldn't let an inexperienced rider on him." Helena then takes the reins of both horses and tells the riders that she'll take the creatures back to the stables for them. The two riders walk off. Nikos suddenly walks over to Helena and tells her that they must talk. Helena doesn't respond and so Nikos goes on, "I apologise for lying about your brothers, but I had to find you - and I don't think it's old-fashioned to respect one's parents and their wishes." Helena, though, retorts, "You are only saying that because you do not wish to look like a weak man. You would have married me just to keep the family happy. Andy's different - he doesn't let anyone push me around; that is why I like him." Nikos tells her, "I do not have to defy my parents to prove I am as good a man as Andy." Helena pauses and then says, "He's better in other ways, too..." Looking thoughtful, she then adds, "Anyway, you probably couldn't even ride a horse." Nikos insists, "Of course I can." Helena, handing him the reins of the horse the previous rider and said was a wild one, retorts, "Prove it to me." Nikos just stands there, and so Helena taunts, "See? You are frightened." Not wanting to appear weak, Nikos takes the reins and begins to climb on. Andy is walking towards them as the horse trots off. Helena calls after it, "A girl sits on a walking horse." Andy joins Helena and, as he realises what's going on, says to her, "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" He then shouts to Nikos, "Hey, Nikos, don't." It's too late, though: the horse starts cantering - and after a few seconds, Nikos is thrown off. He rolls over on the ground.

The 'phone rings again at the Morrell apartment and Caroline reluctantly answers it. Stephen comes on and Caroline, sounding relieved, immediately asks him if he rang a few minutes ago. Stephen replies, "No, why?" Caroline explains that it's just that the 'phone rang and there was no one there; it must have been a wrong number. Stephen asks her if she'd like him to come home, but Caroline quickly tells him that it's nothing - it was probably a crank caller or something. Stephen agrees, "More than likely." There's suddenly a quiet knocking on the door and Caroline gasps in fear. Stephen hears her and asks what's wrong. Caroline quickly replies that it's nothing - it's just someone at the front door. Stephen tells her that he'll hold on while she sees who it is, and so Caroline puts the 'phone down on the bar. She heads to the door and calls out, "Who is it?" A male voice comes back, "The courier." Caroline unlocks the door and removes the chain. She then opens the door to find a man standing there, a cap on his head and an envelope held in front of his face. She asks him to come in and lock the front door behind him. As she returns to the 'phone, she doesn't notice that the disguised 'courier' is Gary. She picks up the 'phone and tells Stephen that it's alright - it's the courier. Stephen asks her if she's sure she's alright and Caroline insists that of course she is. She adds, "I'll see you later. Bye." She goes to hang up, but Gary suddenly reaches out and grabs her wrist, warning her menacingly, "Don't try it." Caroline stares at him fearfully.


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