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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Leigh is preparing baby Shane's bottle of milk in the kitchen at the country house. David is standing by the sink, and Leigh says to him, "Well, I never thought I'd say it, but I'll be sad to see Mike and Heather take the caravan - I've got quite attached to my little pad." David tells his daughter that he thinks she'll be more comfortable in-- He breaks off as Charlie suddenly starts shrieking in the lounge room. She runs and jumps onto the couch as David and Leigh run in to find out what's wrong. She cries, "It's awful, there are thousands of them, all over the place. It was awful - I nearly died." David asks her what she's talking about and Mike runs in and cries, "What the hell's going on? It sounded like the end of the earth!" Charlie, still cowering on the couch, cries, "It was hideous. My bed is full of horrible little slaters. Well, a huge one, wriggling everywhere." David smiles and asks, "Is that all?!" Charlie, though, retorts, "Isn't that enough?" David tells her that they get a few unwanted guests from time-to-time, but they'll clear them out. Charlie cries, "There were more than a few." She then turns, glares at Leigh and growls, "They certainly didn't get there by themselves." Leigh, though, retorts, "Don't look at me - I had nothing to do with it. If you want to live in the country, you've got to expect a few discomforts." Charlie snaps, "Yes, but I don't have to put up with your smark-aleck behaviour." David warns, "Oh come on, Charlie, I'm sure Leigh had nothing to do with it. Anyway, a few slaters aren't going to kill you." Charlie, though, snaps, "Good heavens, David, there were millions of them." Turning back to Leigh, she adds, "But I know you put them there." She then goes on, "I don't mind adjusting to country life, David, but I don't see why I should have to put up with such silly behaviour - or, for that matter, slum conditions." David yells at her, "No one's forcing you to stay. The house suits me as it is and if you don't like it, you know what you can do about it." Charlie retorts, "Well, if that's the way you feel, perhaps I've made a mistake?" Mike, trying to calm things down, tells Charlie that he's sure David didn't mean her to take it like that. Charlie, though, growls, "Perhaps not, but as he obviously doesn't consider my feelings or my opinions, perhaps I would be wiser to invest my time and money elsewhere?" With that, she storms out.

Beryl is sitting on the couch in her lounge room with Leanne, telling her that she just couldn't believe it - it was like one of those crazy situations where you can't do anything; she was frozen to the spot. Leanne asks her if she saw what he looked like, but Beryl explains that he had a balaclava or something on his face and was out the window like a shot. Leanne suggests that it was probably just a burglar, but Beryl retorts, "Yeah, well, whoever it is, the police can follow it up." She stands up and walks over to the 'phone but, suddenly looking worried, Leanne cries, "You're not going to call them?" Beryl tells her, "Course I am," but Leanne goes on, "You know what they're like - they won't do anything." Beryl points out that it's still worth letting them know. Staring at Leanne, she then hangs up the 'phone and says, "Unless there's some reason why I shouldn't...?" She pauses before telling Leanne, "I think it's time we had a little talk. I mean it, Leanne - I'll call them if you don't." She picks up the receiver again, but Leanne cries, "No. Wait - please. I'll tell you."

Tim and Leigh are sitting in the kitchen at the country house while David potters around behind them. Mike comes in and David asks him if he got the slaters cleaned out. Mike tells him, "Yeah, she'll be able to sleep now." He then goes on, "Mind you, I can understand why she got upset. They were everywhere - and I don't think they could have got there by themselves." He then adds, "Anyway, I'll leave you to it. See you in the morning." With that, he heads off to bed. David puts a mug down on the table and asks, "What happened to that box of insects you had, Tim?" Tim murmurs, "I don't know," and so David says he thinks he'll just stand there until he gets some answers. Leigh sighs and says, "It was my idea. Tim had nothing to do with it." David tells Tim to hit the sack and the boy goes. David then sits down next to Leigh and snaps, "If this is your idea of a joke, I don't think it's very funny. Now, Charlie's pretty upset, but I'd say she meant what she said about taking her money elsewhere." Leigh comments that she'll be alright in the morning, won't she? but David snaps that he doesn't know; all he can do is apologise for getting angry and hope for the best - but if she does decide to go ahead and pull her money out of the market garden, he's in real strife. Leigh, looking guilty, insists, "I didn't want that - honestly. I just thought if I made things a bit uncomfortable, she'd invest her money and go back to Sydney and be a silent partner." David suggests that it's a bit of a childish way of going about it, isn't it? and Leigh admits that she knows; she's sorry - but she couldn't think of what else to do - she could tell Charlie was getting on his nerves. David points out, "That's for me to work out." He then says more calmly, "Anyway, it's over now." He suddenly laughs and tells Leigh that she'll have to work overtime in the morning to get Charlie back on side. Leigh smiles in relief, "Sure thing!"

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Beryl asks Leanne, "So, what happened with Kylie?" Leanne explains that it didn't work out: Kylie was on her back the whole time; she needed some freedom. Beryl asks her if that's what she got when she moved into the house. Leanne retorts, "That's what I thought". She then goes on, "They used to dare each other to do things - just for a buzz. Mainly shoplifting and that..." Beryl comments, "Surely you didn't go along with that?" but Leanne cries, "I had to." Beryl looks disappointed as Leanne adds that she guesses she was too dumb to say 'no'. Beryl asks her if this was after she threw in the job, but Leanne explains that it was the job that got her in this strife: Tracy and the others dared her to pinch stuff from the parties she went to. Beryl asks, "Tracy... she's the leader?" Leanne nods. She then continues, "One night, I found this bracelet and pretended I'd stolen it. It turned out to be worth a fortune, so I sent it back." Beryl comments, "Thank heavens for that - at least you've got some conscience left." Leanne mutters, "Much good it's done me." She then explains, "Tracy and the others think I've kept it. That burglar was probably Tracy's boyfriend, Simmo." Beryl stands up and and says she'll still call the police - it's time Tracy and Simmo got what they deserved. Leanne, though, cries, "But they'll say I stole the bracelet. I'll end up in a detention centre." Beryl says she's sure it won't come to that, but Leanne asks her, "How do you know?" She then pleads, "Please?" Beryl sighs, "Alright, but I'm not prepared for them to get away with it. I'd like to meet this Tracy and set her straight about a few things." Leanne warns her, "She can be pretty tough..." Beryl, though, retorts, "So can I when I set my mind to it." Leanne asks, "You don't want me to go with you?" Beryl tells her, "No. No, I'll see her here. First thing in the morning, I want you to ring and invite them over - and don't worry: I've had plenty of experience dealing with young people." Leanne looks worried.

The next morning, Leanne opens the front door at Beryl's. There are two hard-looking girls standing on the step, and one of them, wearing a black leather jacket, says nastily, "G'day, kiddo. It was lovely to hear from you. We were scared we might have said something to upset you." Leanne retorts, "I don't want any trouble, OK," but the girl tells her, "You should have thought of that before you shot through with the bracelet. How far did you think you'd get?" Leanne ignores this and instead snaps, "Go through." Inside, Beryl is fluffing up a cushion in the lounge room. The girl in the leather jacket stares at her and demands, "Who are you?" Beryl introduces herself and then says to the girl that she supposes she must be Tracy. The girl retorts that that's right. She then asks, "Where do you fit in?" Beryl explains calmly, "This is my home - and I'm Leanne's friend." Tracy taunts, "Oooo... didn't know she had any." Beryl goes on, "She's told me everything. The bracelet you're so anxious about has been returned." Tracy looks at Leanne and mutters, "Yeah?" Beryl tells her, "You can ring and check if you like - the number's in the book. You wouldn't even have to leave your name." Tracy glares at Leanne and spits, "We warned you not to say anything, dag..." Beryl suddenly snaps, "Don't you dare talk like that in my house," but Tracy growls, "I'll speak how I damn well like." Beryl snaps, "Now listen to me--" but Tracy ignores her and says to Leanne, "Listen, why d'you bring us over here?" Beryl explains curtly, "One of your friends broke in here last night - and I wanted to tell you that it had better not happen again." Tracy mocks, "Oh no... what are you going to do?" Beryl retorts, "Go straight to the police." Tracy, though, laughs, "Go for your life. You've got nothing on us - but we could easily point the finger at our little bracelet thief." Beryl growls, "You smart little--" She breaks off before adding, "I ought to wipe the smirk right off your face." Tracy tells her, "Go on, then," but Leanne quickly warns Beryl, "No, don't - her old man's a lawyer." Tracy taunts, "He just loves assault cases." Beryl glares at her and snaps, "Out." Tracy says nastily, "Whatever you say." Turning back to Leanne, she adds, "We'll be in touch... kiddo." She and the other girl go, leaving Leanne looking worried. Beryl asks her, "How on earth did you get mixed-up with animals like that?"

Katie is carrying a box of her belongings out to the caravan in the grounds at the country house when she bumps into Charlie and asks her if she's out getting some exercise. Charlie explains that she's been collecting her thoughts, really. She then adds that it was wonderful news about the doctor yesterday, and she asks Katie if she thinks it'll clear completely. Katie smiles, "Eventually. Co-ordination problems like mine take time, but I should be back to normal soon." Charlie tells her that she's glad. Katie then explains that she's sorry, but she can't stop - she's got to pack the things in the box. She walks off. Leigh is following her with another box, but as she bumps into Charlie, she says hesitantly, "I was hoping to talk to you about last night." Charlie asks suspiciously, "Were you?" Leigh admits, "I did put those slaters in your bed. I only meant it as a joke." Charlie, though, tells her, "Don't lie, Leigh. We both know you want to get rid of me." Leigh quickly insists, "I don't really. You aren't going, are you?" Charlie replies, "I'm not quite sure. If it was only between you and me, I wouldn't, but I'm a bit disappointed in the way David acted. Maybe we're not suited to business partners after all." Leigh insists that he didn't mean it - and the last thing she wants is trouble between him and Charlie: she knows how much he needs Charlie's money - and her help. Charlie points out that she obviously wasn't thinking that last night, but Leigh retorts, "I only wanted you to go back to Sydney. I didn't want you to pull out altogether." Charlie stares at her, and Leigh tells her, "I promise I won't cause any more trouble. Please stay on..." Charlie just looks at her and Leigh walks off.

Mike is busy packing stuff into a box inside, in the kitchen. David comes in and asks him how it's going, and he replies that it's almost done. As Charlie comes in through the back door, he adds that he'll take the box outside, and he goes. Alone with Charlie, David says to her, "I owe you an apology for last night. I'm sorry for snapping." Charlie tells him, "It came as a bit of a surprise." David goes on, "I hope you don't think of selling-out because of it." He then asks, "Seen Leigh?" and Charlie nods, "Yes - she apologised, too; in fact, she seemed quite grief-stricken." David explains that he thinks she got a bit of a shock when she thought she may have caused trouble between them. Charlie says, "To tell you the truth, my bags are packed." Seeing the look of concern on David's face, she smiles, "Don't worry - I'm not one to give up too easily. I'll stick it out!" David goes to hug her, but then appears to have second thoughts, instead telling her that he promises she won't regret it - and he'll appreciate any ideas she has about fixing the place up. Charlie exclaims, "Really?!" but David warns her, "As long as you don't go overboard. Remember, I've got the last say." Charlie smiles, "Of course darling." She then adds, "I'll make out a list right now," and she heads out to the hallway.

Beryl is polishing the coffee table in her lounge room when Leanne appears in the kitchen doorway and says, "I really am sorry. Maybe I should leave Melbourne for a while? Go away somewhere?" Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "Why?" and Leanne tells her, "It's not fair getting you involved - and Tracy will be back, I'm sure of that." Beryl assures the girl, "You are staying right here - there's no way she's going to push us around." Leanne warns, "She doesn't play games," but Beryl retorts, "I don't, either." She then goes on, "In fact, why don't we give Miss Tracy a scare? How do they operate their shoplifting racket?" Leanne, looking dubious, says, "I don't want to dob..." but Beryl tells her, "Don't be ridiculous, love. They're not your friends." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl goes to get it, adding as she does so, "Besides, you'd be doing us and everybody else a favour." She picks up the 'phone and David comes on. She asks him what she can do for him and he tells her, "I was wondering--" He then breaks off before continuing, "You know the O'Briens are leaving today?" Beryl tells him, "Yes, I do." David explains that he thought she might like to come over and see them before they go." Beryl hesitates and then says, "Yes, thankyou, David, I will. I wouldn't like them to go away thinking I had any ill feelings towards them." Leigh appears in the kitchen doorway at the country house and listens as David says, "Oh good." Beryl adds that she'll be over soon and David tells her that he'll see her when she gets there. He hangs up and Leigh immediately asks if Beryl is coming over. David explains that she wants to see the O'Briens before they leave. He warns, "You be nice to her," and Leigh insists, "I will." David adds, "She's been through a lot lately." With that, he picks up a box and says he'd better give Mike a hand loading the car. As he goes to head out, Tim comes in and he asks him if the teachers are still on strike. Tim smiles, "Yeah!" and David tells him not to look so happy about it! He goes. Leigh immediately tells Tim, "Beryl's on her way over. If she mentions the birthmark, we're sunk. Heather won't know what she's talking about. You'll have to make sure she doesn't bring it up." Tim asks how he's going to do that, but Leigh retorts, "I don't know. You think of something for once." Mike comes in through the kitchen door and, seeing Tim standing there, asks if they could have a bit of a word before he goes. Tim says, "Sure." Mike says he'll just finish packing, and he picks up another box and heads back outside. When he's gone, Leigh demands of her brother, "Well?" Tim sighs, "Yeah, alright. It would be a lot easier if Beryl wasn't coming." Leigh retorts, "I know, but she is." Tim stares at her and then says he'll see what Mike wants. He heads outside.

Outside, Mike places a box inside the caravan. Tim walks up behind him with another box and place that inside the van as well. He then asks, "What's the problem, Mike?" Leigh joins them, holding a further box, as Mike explains, "There's no point beating around the bush, I suppose. I was... rather, Heather and I were wondering if you would like to come and live with us in Brisbane." Tim, looking surprised, asks, "What, now?" Mike, though, tells him, "It doesn't have to be now. You can follow whenever you like. We just thought you'd be more comfortable up there; you'd be closer to your parents so you see them whenever you like." Leigh suddenly snaps, "He doesn't want to see George again," but Tim tells her, "I wouldn't mind seeing mum." Mike tells Tim that he doesn't want to push him into anything - he knows it's not easy taking-up with another family - but Katie and Heather are happy about it and he guesses Tim knows he sort of looks upon him as a son... Tim smiles, "Yeah, I reckon it would be great." Leigh, though, snaps at her brother, "I think it's crazy. You don't want to go back to Queensland." Mike, though, climbing back out of the van, retorts, "I think Tim's old enough to know his own mind, Leigh." He then asks Tim, "What do you say?" Tim turns away, a thoughtful look on his face.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Fiona hangs up the 'phone as Jill emerges from her bedroom, Fee held under one arm and a packed bag in the other hand. Fiona tells her that Andy and Helena made it to Woombai. Jill smiles that she'll get Terry to run her over, if he's got time. Fiona tells her that she's sure he will! She then says, "I wish I was coming with you." Jill asks, "Why don't you?" but Fiona explains, "I've got to be here with Irene gets back. It won't be too long - I'll be able to see you soon." Jill realises, "I'll have to start looking for a job when I get back." Fiona, though, tells her to relax and enjoy her holiday first. Jill smiles, "I will!"

By the caravan in the grounds at the country house, Tim says, "Thanks, Mike, but I should stay here - I did come down to be with Leigh." Looking disappointed, Mike tells him that he understands. He then adds, "Just remember you've always got a place up in Brissie whenever you like - even if it's only for a holiday." Tim thanks him, gratefully. Mike then heads back to the house to see if he's forgotten anything. Alone with her brother, Leigh says to Tim, "He's a nice guy, but I think you made the right decision." Tim, though, growls, "Who for? Me or you? All you were worried about was losing a hatchet man." Leigh insists, "That's not true." She then goes on, "OK, I admit I was being selfish. I know this sounds mushy, but I really do care about you, Tim, and I didn't want you to leave." Tim mutters, "You really are hard to work out sometimes, Leigh," and he walks off.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room as Leanne stands next to her, listening. She tells the person at the other end, "I thought it only fair to warn you. Apparently, they've been stealing from your store for quite some time." A man at the other end replies, "Thanks for your concern, Mrs. Palmer. Shoplifters are always a problem." Beryl tells him, "Yes, well I hope you catch them." With that, she hangs up and says to Leanne, "That should give Miss Tracy and her friends quite a scare." Looking worried, Leanne says, "I shouldn't have dobbed them in..." but Beryl insists, "Don't be ridiculous - they deserve to be caught." She then suggests that they'd better hurry: David's expecting them. She heads off to her room. As soon as she's on her own, Leanne picks up the 'phone and dials a number. It rings at the other end and a female voice answers. Leanne says quietly, "Tracy, it's Leanne." Tracy spits, "What do you want?" Leanne tells her, "You'd better cut out the shoplifting. Beryl's just rung the stores and given them your descriptions." Tracy mocks, "Did she? Fancy that!" Leanne pleads, "Please, just don't do anything. Lie low for a few weeks and it'll be--" She doesn't get any further, though, as Tracy hangs up the 'phone. Leanne stands there, looking fearful.

A while later, Beryl and Leanne are approaching the country house. Tim is mowing the lawn, his shirt off. He approaches the visitors and Leanne smiles at him. Beryl introduces Leanne to Tim, explaining that she's a friend of hers from the Children's Home who's staying with her for a while. Tim just says, "Hi," and Leanne says a nervous, "Hello." Tim asks Beryl if he can see her for a minute, and Beryl smiles, "Of course." Leanne asks if the O'Briens are inside, and Tim tells her, "Uh huh." With that, Leanne tells Beryl that she'll see her in there and she heads off towards the house. Alone with Beryl, Tim tells her, "I don't want Mike and Heather to find out that I brought Jamie round to see you last week. They might think I went behind their backs or something." Beryl says, "And you were afraid I might mention it?" Tim explains, "Well, yes, if you said something about the birth mark, well then they'd know that you'd seen him again." Beryl tells him not to worry about it. David suddenly calls over to her, "Beryl, come on - Mike and Heather are waiting and Charlie's got the champagne!" She and Tim head towards the house.

Inside, in the kitchen, Katie is talking to Leanne. Charlie is pouring glasses of champagne for Heather and Mike, but Mike says he'll only have a half as he's driving. Charlie walks over to Leigh and offers coldly, "Would you like some, Leigh?" Leigh holds out her glass and Charlie fills it up. Beryl and Tim come in and Charlie hands Beryl a glass. She then does likewise with David. Once everyone has their glasses, Mike addresses the gathering and says, "Now, folks, I'd like to propose a toast, if I could. To David and Charlie's new partnership." Everyone raises their glasses. David then says, "I'd like to propose--" Before he gets any further, though, Charlie interrupts and smiles, "Thankyou, everyone - I know it's all going to be wonderful. I've got some marvellous ideas for the house and David and I are going to get on famously!" She looks at him; he has a stiff grin on his face! Charlie continues, "It's going to be as successful as my partnership with Lisa!" That speech over, David says, "I'd like to propose another toast: future happiness to the O'Brien family." He raises his glass and everyone toasts, "The O'Briens." Mike then tells the gathering, "We're not very good at making speeches, so please, everyone, just drink up; we're in a hurry!" There's laughter and people then start chatting again. Heather walks over to Beryl and says quietly, "Thanks for coming." As Tim and Leigh watch, Beryl smiles, "I'm glad I'm here," and she gives Heather a hug. She then tells her, "Jamie has two lucky parents." Heather, tears almost forming in her eyes, replies, "He's very special to us." She then asks, "Would you like to hold him before we go?" Beryl, a longing expression on her face, asks, "Could I?" Heather smiles that she'll go and get him and she heads off to her bedroom. Elsewhere in the kitchen, Katie gives Charlie a hug and says, "Thanks for everything, Charlie." She adds, "Promise you'll write?" Charlie assures her, "Naturally, darling." She then warns Katie, "Don't break too many hearts up there." As Heather comes back in with 'Jamie', Katie tells Charlie, "I'm sorry I didn't get to the hospital to see Wayne. Charlie assures her, "I'll tell him you were thinking about him." Heather hands baby 'Jamie' to Beryl, and she takes him lovingly as Leigh looks on in concern. Beryl smiles sadly, "He's such a dear little boy..." She hugs him to her for several seconds until Mike announces, "Well, everyone, we'd better make a move!" Charlie cajoles, "Come on, everyone, out to the cars!" and people start heading outside. Beryl hands 'Jamie' back to Heather, tears welling in her eyes as she does so. Everyone goes outside apart from David, who asks Beryl gently, "You alright, love?" Beryl sobs, "Yes..." David hesitates as he goes to put his hands on her shoulders, but he then does it anyway and asks softly, "Still hurts, huh?" Beryl sobs, "It's just... he's so like Robert..." David tells her gently, "You'll get over it," and he heads outside.

In Sydney, a car horn sounds, and in Fiona's flat, Jill tells Fiona, "That'll be our cab." She's fussing over Fee, who's sitting in her pushchair, and she gives her a kiss as she hands her her teddy bear. Fiona joins them and cries, "Oh, I'm going to miss you two..." Jill points out that it's only for a couple of weeks! Fiona, giving her a hug, smiles, "I know, I know... but I'm going to get so lonely without my little family around." She adds, "Hey - you give my love to Terry," and Jill smiles, "Of course." The car horn sounds again, and Fiona cajoles, "Come on, come on, let's not keep the cab waiting!" Jill picks up Fee's teddy bear - which has fallen on the floor - and hands it back to her daughter. Fiona tells Jill that she'll bring her bag and case.

Beryl and Charlie are washing up the empty glasses in the kitchen at the country house. As they do so, Beryl comments, "I must say, you and David are a pair of dark horses. It's the most unlikely partnership I've ever heard of!" Charlie, though, replies that she thinks they can make it work. Beryl asks, "But why market gardening? Fashion design is one thing, Charlie, but I can hardly see you shovelling soil!" Charlie, though, retorts indignantly, "I'm not frightened of getting my hands dirty. I'll just have to see the manicurist a little more often!" As Beryl puts another glass on the drainer, Charlie asks if that's the lot, and Beryl says it is. Beryl walks over and starts wiping the table while Charlie starts putting the glasses away in the dresser. As she does so, she adds, "Anyway, now I've started, I'm determined to finish - and I'm not going to be frightened off, either." Beryl looks at her and Charlie explains, "Well, Leigh was trying to get rid of me - and you know what she can be like." Beryl, looking surprised, replies, "Yes I do, but I thought you got on well with her." Charlie, though, exclaims, "Hardly, darling! She's given me more trouble than all my ex-husbands put together!"

Leigh is standing outside, staring into space. She can overhear as Leanne is talking to Tim and saying she wishes she was going to Queensland - it's been ages since she's had a decent tan! She walks over to them as Tim says, "Hey - would you mind if I came around to visit you sometime?" Leanne smiles, "That would be great!" At that moment, Beryl comes out and asks Leanne if she's ready, as the taxi's on its way. Leanne tells Tim to come over as soon as he can, and Tim says he will. She and Beryl then says their goodbyes and head off. As soon as they've gone, Leigh puts on a childish voice and teases her brother, "Can I come round and visit you sometime?" She then heads inside.

Fiona is standing in the corridor at the boarding house when Nikos suddenly runs up to her and pants, "Mrs. Thompson. I must talk with you." Fiona invites him to come on in, and they head into her flat. In there, Nikos explains, "Helena called me to say she was alright, but she will not tell me where she is." Fiona points out, "That is her right, Nikos." Nikos asks, "Then you will not tell me either?" and Fiona retorts, "It's not up to me." Nikos says, "Please, let me explain: her father, of course, is very angry..." Fiona points out, "It doesn't really matter what Mr. Matsoukis feels - there's very little he can do about it." Nikos, though, tells her, "He and his three sons are already on their way to Australia - and they will not leave until they find Andy and Helena. If you do know where they are, you have to tell me for their sakes - otherwise Andy could be in much trouble." Fiona stares at him.

Beryl is standing at the front door of her house as Leanne stands in the lounge room, listening. A male voice says to Beryl, "Mrs. Palmer?" Beryl replies, "Yes. What can I do for you?" The voice tells her, "We'd like to search the premises, if you don't mind." There are two police officers at the door, but Beryl, looking surprised, asks, "What on earth for?" The first officer explains, "Stolen goods. You have the right to refuse, of course, but we could easily get a search warrant." Beryl, though, tells him, "I've got nothing to hide. You're welcome to look, I suppose." The officer thanks her and he and his colleague head inside. As the second officer starts searching in the hallway, the first officer acknowledges Leanne and Beryl introduces her and explains that the girl is staying with her for a while. She then asks the officer, "What is it, exactly, that you're looking for?" As the second officer starts looking on the shelves by the window, the first officer replies, "Jewellery, electrical goods, things like that." Beryl exclaims that that's ridiculous, but the officer retorts, "It's a routine search, Mrs. Palmer. We received a message--" He breaks off as the second officer pulls out a wicker basket and, upon opening its lid, asks, "Are these all yours, Mrs. Palmer?" He places the basket on the table and Beryl stares at it: it's full of various electrical items. She tells him, "The basket's mine, but I've never seen those things before in my life." The first officer asks, "Then how did they get here?" Beryl, though, retorts, "I haven't the faintest idea." As the second officer consults his notebook, he tells his colleague, "They're the ones, alright." The first officer says, "You do realise, Mrs. Palmer, that receiving stolen goods is a criminal offence?" Beryl looks at Leanne in shock.


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