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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

The truck heads straight into a wooden gate at the side of the road. The gate smashes and part of it is carried forward on the front of the vehicle, which eventually comes to rest in the middle of an overgrown mass of trees and bushes. Stephen bangs his head on the steering wheel, but is otherwise apparently unhurt. He turns to look at his ex-wife. She's sitting in the passenger seat, unconscious, a cut above her left eye. Stephen mouths, "Caroline..."

A mechanic is working on Stephen's truck in the grounds at Woombai as Jenny stands and watches. Amanda wanders over to her and comments that she thought she'd gone with her mum and dad, but Jenny explains that she decided to stay behind: someone has to be on time for the council meeting and Stephen might be late. The mechanic closes the truck's bonnet and goes and sits in the driver's seat. Jenny explains to Amanda that Stephen couldn't get the vehicle started and had to take hers. The mechanic starts the engine and Amanda smiles that it sounds healthy enough now! Jenny nods, "Yes. I'll borrow it 'til he gets back." She then thanks the mechanic, who picks up his tools and heads off. Amanda says uncertainly to Jenny, "You didn't stay behind because of mum, did you?" Jenny quickly assures her, "No, no, I just didn't think there was a need for all of us to go." Amanda says earnestly, "Look, I want you to know: she's honestly not out to cause any trouble. We'd like to see things work out. You and dad would be good together." Jenny, though, looking dubious, explains, "There are a few problems, Amanda. I haven't discussed them with Stephen yet, and it could make a difference - but thanks." With that, she walks off.

Stephen has helped Caroline out of the truck and is lying her down on the ground next to the crashed vehicle. As she begins to come-to, he asks her gently if she's alright, and she murmurs that she thinks so. She tries to lift her head, but suddenly cries that it hurts, and Stephen tells her that she must have cracked it on the window. Caroline realises, "We could have been killed." She goes to stand, but Stephen warns her, "Don't try to get up." Looking around as best she can from the ground, she asks, "Do you know where we are?" Stephen tells her, "Well, the nearest house is about 15km, and we didn't pass anyone on the road, so it could be a while before I can flag someone down." Caroline suggests, "It would be better to head for the house," but Stephen tells her, "I'm not leaving you here." Caroline insists, "I don't think I'm too bad. If you get going, you can get to Chandler in time to see Maynard." Looking thoughtful, Stephen comments, "Bit of a coincidence, you know?" Caroline asks, "What?" Stephen explains, "Well, my car won't start and then Jenny's brakes fail." Caroline asks if he thinks somebody could have tampered with them, and Stephen points out, "It's one way of stopping me getting Maynard's support." Caroline tells him, "In that case, you must make it to the farmhouse; you could still get to Chandler in time." Stephen muses, "15km... It'll take me at least a couple of hours." He then concludes, "Anyway, it wouldn't matter how close it was. I'm not going anywhere until I get you to a hospital."

It's dark when the 'phone starts ringing at the Woombai homestead. Amanda goes to answer it as Samantha stands behind her, listening. Stephen comes on and says it's him. Amanda, sounding surprised, comments that she thought he'd be right in the middle of the council meeting. Stephen, though, explains, "We didn't get there. I'm at Chandler Hospital." Amanda, suddenly looking worried, asks what's wrong. Stephen tells her, "The brake cable on Jenny's car snapped; we had a bit of an accident. I'm fine but your mother hit her head rather badly." Amanda cries, "Is she alright?" Stephen explains, "She's having x-rays at the moment and I think they'll want to keep her in overnight, so I'll stay with her." At the homestead, Samantha cries at Amanda, "What's happened?" Amanda doesn't answer, though, instead asking her father, "Did anyone else get hurt?" Stephen replies, "No, we ran off the road. I had a look at the cable; I'm not sure, but it could have been cut." Amanda cries in shock, "Who'd do that?" but Stephen tells her, "I don't know. Anyway, I might be wrong." He then announces, "I'd better go, darling. I have to try and contact Jenny - she'll be wondering where the hell I am." Amanda says, "Alright, daddy. Give mum our love, won't you - and let us know as soon as you hear anything." Stephen assures her that he will and he hangs up. Amanda does likewise. Samantha immediately asks, "For heaven's sake, what's happened? Has there been some sort of accident?" Amanda explains, "The brakes failed on Jenny's car - but it sounds like it wasn't an accident. Daddy thinks someone--" She breaks off and stares at Samantha suspiciously. Samantha asks, "What's the matter?" Amanda whispers, "Jenny's car. You knew something was going to happen, didn't you?" Samantha retorts indignantly, "Oh, what?" Amanda goes on accusingly, "You fixed it - except you thought it would get Jenny."

A few moments later, Samantha cries indignantly, "What sort of a person do you think I am?" Amanda snaps, "I don't know. You've been gone a long time; I don't really know what you're like now, Samantha, none of us do." Samantha retorts angrily, "Oh that's terrific. My own sister thinks I tried to kill someone." Amanda points out, "You did make that remark about Jenny not being around much longer," but Samantha snaps, "I meant around daddy. God, you're incredible, accusing me of trying to kill someone." Amanda says more calmly, "I'm sorry, but I guess it was just a shock hearing about the accident and when daddy said he thought it had been done deliberately..." Samantha retorts, "Well, it wasn't me." She then asks, "Is mum alright?" Amanda explains, "She hit her head and she's having x-rays; they'll probably keep her in hospital overnight." Samantha asks if they shouldn't go over there, but Amanda tell her, "There's nothing we can do, and daddy said he'd ring us when we heard anything." She then asks, "Listen, what is it you know about Jenny?" Samantha snaps, "I can't see why I should tell you." Amanda points out, "I said I was sorry," but Samantha retorts, "Big deal. Apology not accepted," and she storms off, leaving Amanda looking worried.

The next morning, David is wiping up the breakfast dishes in the kitchen at the country house when Leigh wanders in from the hallway, looking tired. David comments, "Slept in?" Leigh, sitting down at the table, explains that she didn't get much sleep during the night. David asks, "Shane?" but Leigh replies, "No. Tim. Can't stop worrying." She then asks where Charlie is, and David tells her that she left straight after breakfast; she's spending the day with Lisa Cook, coming up with some new fashion designs or something. Leigh sighs heavily. David tells her that it's no use letting it get her down. Leigh suggests, "Maybe if you call the O'Briens...?" but David responds, "I did - a little while ago. They haven't heard from them; they're not there. They're probably too busy spending the money they got from selling Charlie's stuff." He then suggests, "I feel like I should ring the cops and let them handle it," but Leigh quickly snaps, "No!" David muses, "That's what George told me to do." Looking horrified, Leigh cries, "You called him?" David explains, "I called Frannie. Thought she had a right to know what was happening. She couldn't believe Tim would do it. George... he tried to blame you in some way. Ended up telling him where to get off." Leigh sits there, looking worried as David adds, "Can't blame you for everything..."

Tim emerges from a shed on a beach and, yawning, looks out across the water. He then heads back into the shed and bends down by Leanne, who's lying under a blanket on the floor. He calls, "Hey! Wake up, sleepy bones!" Leanne stirs and, sitting up, asks him how long he's been awake. Tim replies, "About quarter of an hour or so." He then adds, "Still nobody around," and Leanne points out, "Told you it would be a safe place to stay." Tim comments, "But we've got to keep heading north. Let's find somewhere to eat first, though, eh?" Leanne points out that they haven't got much money left. Tim suggests, "We could try those mussels we saw yesterday," but Leanne cries, "For breakfast? Yeuch!" Tim, though, tells her that they don't cost anything. Standing up, he adds that he'll race her to the rocks. Leanne asks him to wait a minute, and he pauses in his tracks. Leanne takes the opportunity to get ahead of him and run off first!

Spider is coming downstairs at Dural. Julie is standing in the hallway and Spider comments to her that it's a great day - and he sleeps like a babe in its mother's arms there. Julie admonishes, "Don't forget you're going today. You were supposed to be gone yesterday." Spider points out, "That's not my fault. Gordon practically twisted my arm, and the Hamiltons seem to enjoy having me around." Julie, though, insists, "You're going today and that's that." Spider mutters, "Oh God, you're a hard girl, Jules." Wayne suddenly emerges from the lounge room and, after saying a cheery, "Good morning," tells Spider that there's still some breakfast left. He puts his arm round his fiancée as Spider replies, "That's very nice of you, mate, but I don't think I'd better bother. Jules wants me out, so I think I'd better start packing." Wayne looks at Julie and then tells Spider, "There's no need for you to rush away." Spider, though, tells him, "I think it's better if I do. Jules doesn't want me here, do you, love?" Julie glares at him and snaps, "Stop it. You said you'd go." Spider replies, "And I will. I'll just get me few little things together right now." With that, he shuffles off upstairs. As he goes, Wayne asks Julie quietly, "Don't you think you're being a bit tough on the old bloke?" Julie, though, retorts, "No, I know what he's like and you don't." Wayne points out, "I won't get the chance if you make him leave. He's not doing any harm. It seems a bit rough to send him back to the Old People's Home. He could stay here for a few days, couldn't he?" Julie cries, "He'll only make trouble," but Wayne retorts, "I don't see how. I rather like the old guy. Maybe if you weren't so hard on him, you'd get to like him too?" Julie snaps, "I don't dislike him, for heaven's sake; he is my father." Wayne comments, "You wouldn't know it." Julie snaps, "Look, I've had to put up with him mucking up my life for years. It's alright for you to stand there and look down your snout." She then grabs him apologetically and buries her head in his chest, crying more calmly, "Listen, let's go for a walk in the garden. The last thing I want is for us to get mad with each other. I really do like the old so-and-so; it's just that I can't give in to him: you give him and inch and he'll take a mile." Wayne suggests, "Maybe that doesn't hurt once in a while?" Julie just sighs heavily and heads to the front door. When they've gone, Spider appears at the top of the stairs, a smile of delight on his face...

Gordon is sitting at the living room table, finishing breakfast. Barbara is standing next to him, and she suggests, "Why don't you ask her to come and stay here? I wouldn't mind." Gordon, though, explains, "She's gone to Bali for a holiday. Actually, I footed the bill. I hope you don't mind; I should have asked you first." Barbara assures him, "Of course not." Gordon then adds, "She'd like to come and see us when she gets back." Barbara smiles, "That's fine." Gordon asks her if she's sure it's alright. Barbara assures him, "Gordon, I am beginning to understand how you felt. I mean, I'm sure it is possible to love two people at once." Gordon looks at her in surprise and asks, "What brought you to that realisation? Don't tell me you met a handsome Count in Italy?!" Barbara laughs nervously, "Of course not," and she quickly heads out to the kitchen.

Out in the hallway, Spider appears at the top of the stairs, holding his bags. He then puts them down as he notices something on the floor. He shuffles his right foot under a small gap where the carpet isn't tacked down properly. He moves his foot about a bit to make the gap bigger, so that his foot fits neatly under the carpet, and then stands there, looking pleased with himself.

In the living room, Barbara asks Gordon what time he's going to go to Woombai. Gordon replies that it'll be in half an hour or so. There's suddenly a crashing noise out in the hallway, and Gordon cries, "What the hell was that?" He and Barbara both dash out there as Spider cries out in pain. He's lying on his back at the bottom of the stairs, his case splayed open next to him. Barbara cries, "Are you alright?" Spider murmurs, "Fell down the stairs." The front door suddenly opens and Julie and Wayne rush in. Julie stares at her father and asks what happened. Spider murmurs, "I tripped... all the way down." As everyone tries to help him up, he adds, "It feels like I've broken me back."

A few minutes later, everyone is helping Spider onto the couch in the lounge room. As he pants with 'pain', he says, "Looks like I might have to stay on a while, Gordon." Gordon assures him, "Yes, of course, you can't leave until you're fit and well." Julie asks suspiciously, "How did you manage to fall down the stairs, dad?" Looking at Gordon, Spider explains in a subdued voice, "It was the carpet. It's dangerous. You should have it fixed, you know. It's dangerous." Gordon comments that he didn't know there was anything wrong with it, but Spider explains, "It's pulled up a bit at the top of the landing. Just caught me foot in it and down I went. I could have kicked the bucket." He adds, "Course, I won't be thinking of suing or anything." Julie glares at him and snaps, "You sure wouldn't." Spider goes on, "I can see you don't want me to stay, Jules, so if I can walk, I'll go." Gordon, though, quickly tells him, "You're not going anywhere." Barbara suggests that maybe they should call a doctor. Wayne points out that Dr. Norton's on holidays. Gordon tells him that he's got a locum in, but Barbara asks, "What about Irene? She's coming to see Wayne anyway." Spider quickly blusters, "Er, I really don't need a doctor. All I need is just to rest up a bit and I'll come good." Barbara points out, "But you don't know what you've done. You might need treatment." Spider, though, insists, "I've always had a bit of a bad back but it always comes good. I've just got to keep me feet up." Julie comments, "I've never known you to have any back trouble," but Spider explains, "I don't always like to make a fuss when I'm crook, love. Wouldn't like to upset me little girl." Wayne points out, "I've had a fair bit of trouble with my back over the years. I know what it's like." Barbara offers Spider a cup of tea, but Spider tells her, "I think a brandy might be better." Barbara rolls her eyes and murmurs, "Yes, of course."

Amanda and Samantha help Caroline onto the couch at Woombai. Caroline insists that she's not an invalid; there's no skull fracture and the hospital was quite happy to let her leave this morning. Samantha tells her that it was an awful thing to have happened, but Caroline replies that the worst thing was that it stopped Stephen from seeing Howard Maynard; she knows how upset he is about the council's decision going against them; he's trying not to show it for her sake. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Amanda goes to get it. When she's gone, Samantha says to her mother, "Dad's obviously really worried about you? Why don't you play it up to the hilt? It's a good chance to win him back." Caroline, though, retorts, "I don't want to win him--" She breaks off as she hears voices in the hallway and Amanda comes back in with Jenny. Jenny smiles, "Good morning, Caroline." Caroline tells her that it's a good thing she didn't come with her yesterday. Jenny assures her, "I feel dreadful that it was my car." Samantha tells her, "Daddy seems to think it mightn't have been accidental." At that moment, Stephen comes in, holding a pillow, and smiles, "Hello, Jenny." He then places the pillow behind Caroline's head and tells her that he doesn't want her to move for the rest of the day! Jenny tells Stephen, "I tried to sway the council last night; a few of the others saw it our way, but nowhere near enough." Stephen assures her, "I know you would have done all you could." Samantha suddenly comments slyly to Jenny, "It must be difficult for you and Ken Hargraves to be on different sides of the fence on this issue. I hope it hasn't affected your marriage plans?" Stephen stares at his daughter in shock and asks, "What are you talking about?" Jenny tells him nervously, "I haven't had time to explain, Stephen." Stephen asks, "About what?"

A short time later, Stephen opens the door to the office at the riding school and tells Jenny that they can talk in there. Jenny tells him, "I've returned your car. Do you mind if I borrow one of the property ones until mine's repaired?" Stephen just stares at her and then asks, "Why didn't you tell me about Ken?" Jenny looks down at the floor and sighs, "I wanted to, but with everything going on, it seemed bad timing." Stephen asks, "You're really going to marry him?" Jenny replies, "I told him I would. But that was when I thought there was no hope for us." She adds by way of explanation, "It happened when I came back from Sydney. I was very hurt, Stephen." Stephen nods, "I know." Jenny goes on, "Ken and I have been friends for years. He's asked me to marry him several times and I've always said 'no' - but this time, I think I said 'yes' more out of anger than anything else. It was very stupid." Stephen asks, "You don't love him?" Jenny replies, "I like him. He's been very good to me." Stephen points out, "That's not a very good reason to marry him," but Jenny retorts, "Ken and I could probably be very happy together. I know he really cares about me." Stephen points out, "Enough to help you try to save your property?" Jenny insists, "Ken honestly believes the abattoir would be the best thing for this district." Stephen tells her, "And if you lost your property, that would make you dependent on him, wouldn't it?" He adds, "I don't think Ken ever does anything without a certain about of self-interest." Jenny retorts, "That's not fair. He's a decent man." Stephen stares at her and then asks, "So, when's the wedding supposed to be?" Jenny sighs and then replies, "In a couple of months. We haven't exactly set a date." Stephen asks, "You're really going through with it?" Jenny cries, "I don't know. Probably." Stephen sighs and asks, "Because of me?" Jenny tells him, "When you came back and said you'd finished with Caroline, it threw me. I wanted you, of course, and, oh, it's crazy, but when you left for Sydney, I knew you wouldn't last with her, but I'd said yes to Ken, and that's why I didn't want to talk to you; that, and the problems I was having with the property. It just seemed easier to stay away." Stephen points out, "But it's brought us closer together, hasn't it?" Jenny nods sadly, "Yes - and you've got Caroline here, and your daughters... and whether you know it or not, you're in a sort of family situation and you obviously still care about Caroline." Stephen admits, "Yes, I do, but there's no chance of a relationship." Jenny asks him if he's sure, and he insists, "Caroline and I are finished. I want to keep seeing you." He pauses before adding, "I want to marry you, Jenny." Jenny stares at him and then turns away. He goes on, "I realise I'm second-in-line now--" He breaks off as Jenny cries, "Please, Stephen, let's get the business sorted out with our properties first, then we can try and make some sense of our personal lives." With that, she picks her handbag up from the desk and walks out, leaving Stephen looking concerned.

Tim and Leanne are lifting mussels out of a rockpool at the beach, and Leanne asks in concern if they're alright to eat. Tim insists, "Of course - I see them in the shop all the time." As he pulls another mussel out of the water, Leanne suddenly falls back from where she's crouched and pulls Tim with her. They end up on their backs, but as Tim sits up, he stares at Leanne and then moves in and kisses her. They smile at each other and Tim then picks up the can in which he's placed the mussels and suggests, "Let's get these cooked." Leanne smiles, "OK!"

A sort time later, the two of them are sitting just outside the shed. The can of mussels is resting on top of a small fire. Leanne exclaims, "I don't know how you can eat them!" but Tim points out that he's starving, isn't he! He then asks her what she's going to have. Leanne asks how much money they've got left and Tim replies, "A couple of dollars." Leanne says hesitantly, "I won't spend much. Just a packet of chips or something." She goes to head off, but Tim grabs her arm and says gently, "Don't go yet." He then looks out to sea and comments, "It's nice here, isn't it?" Leanne nods, "Yeah." Tim then asks her, "Did you have much to do with those guys you lived in the house with?" Leanne tells him, "No, nothing. I've never--" She breaks off and Tim says softly, "We go really good together, don't we?" Leanne nods. The two of them then start kissing passionately. After a few seconds, Tim starts to guide Leanne down onto the ground. She pulls away from the kiss and says a worried, "Tim..." but Tim puts his finger to her lips and shakes his head. Leanne looks at him lovingly. She then heads inside the shed and indicates to him to follow her...

At Woombai, Amanda snaps at Samantha, "I still think it was a lousy thing to do, to break it to daddy like that." Samantha retorts, "He'd have found out anyway," but Amanda snaps, "Jenny would have told him. She would have broken it more gently than what you did." Samantha mutters, "Oh, I don't understand you, always sticking up for Jenny. What about mum?" Caroline, who's sitting listening, tells her, "Mum has got a very bad headache, so would you two mind cutting it out?" Amanda bends down next to her and says gently, "I'm sorry. Are you alright?" Caroline tells her, "I would be, if I could have a bit of peace and quiet." She then turns to her other daughter and tells her, "I agree with Amanda, Samantha, that was very cruel what you did - to Stephen and to Jenny." Samantha insists, "I was only trying to help you get him back. Looks like everybody thinks I did the wrong thing." With that, she storms out of the room. Amanda says to her mother, "Look, I know she's my sister, but sometimes..." Caroline tells her not to get herself upset. She adds, "It seems I'm just going to have to convince her I'm not out to get your father back. I threw that chance away..." Amanda looks at her in surprise.

Leanne and Tim are sitting outside the shed, staring at the sea, and Leanne comments happily, "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Tim agrees, "It sure is." Leanne goes on, "Wouldn't it be nice to be on an island with coconut palms and swimming and lying on the beach...?" Tim agrees that it would be great. He then suddenly lets out a cry of pain and Leanne asks what's wrong. Tim tells her, "I don't know. I'm feeling a bit crook." Leanne laughs, "I told you you shouldn't have eaten so many of those mussels!" Tim groans, "I reckon one of them must have been off." Leanne laughs, "I reckon all of them were off." Tim, though, starts groaning more loudly and Leanne asks him in concern if he's OK. He then cries that he's going to be sick, and he turns his head away and vomits.

David is playing with Shane in the kitchen at the country house. Shane is looking as if he's having fun! Leigh comes in from outside and David asks her if she saw the greenhouse; it's all finished. He adds that it's a pity Charlie's not there; they'd be able to have a bit of a celebration. Leigh comments that she doesn't feel much like celebrating. David, though, tells her that he's got some news that might cheer her up a bit. He goes to the 'fridge and takes out a beer as he goes on, "I rang Beryl to find out if Leanne had been in touch with her." Leigh asks anxiously, "Has she?" but David admits, "No - but from what she did say, I got the feeling she's broken with Jim O'Brien. I reckon she's woken up to him at last and sent him packing with a flea in his ear." Leigh just stands there as David concludes, "Ah, yes, I knew Beryl would come to her senses about that bloke eventually." Leigh just murmurs, "Yeah."

Tim is lying on the floor in the shed at the beach, groaning in pain, as Leanne places the blanket under his head for him to rest on. She cries, "What should I do? We haven't got enough money for a doctor." She starts wiping his brow with a cloth as he writhes in pain.

Leigh is peeling potatoes at the kitchen table at the country house, and she asks David how many he wants. He tells her that he reckons he could go a couple. He then asks if it'll be a while before dinner's ready, and Leigh mutters, "Ages." David comments that he'd better try and get another hour's work in, then. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and he goes and answers it. Leanne comes on - calling from a public 'phone box - and says it's her. David immediately demands, "Where are you?" Leanne explains, "We've been staying in an old boat shed at Tyler Bay. Listen, Mr. Palmer--" Before she can go any further, David demands, "What have you done with the stuff of Charlie's?" Leanne, looking puzzled, asks, "What stuff?" David snaps, "Listen, Leanne, we know all about it," but Leanne insists, "I don't know what you're talking about." She then goes on, "Listen, Tim's really sick." David asks dubiously what the matter is with him, and Leanne cries, "He's got awful stomach pains." David snaps, "Look, I'm not interested if Tim's got a bit of gut-ache. You two get back here and bring Charlie's stuff with you." Leanne cries, "You don't understand", but David just asks, "Have you still got them?" Leanne sobs, "I don't--; please, you've got to send some help." David retorts, "Oh I'll send help alright. Tyler Bay, is it? You haven't left me any choice." With that, he hangs up. Leigh immediately asks what she said. David tells him, "She tried to deny they even had Charlie's stuff." Leigh asks if there wasn't something about Tim being sick. David mutters, "Yeah, pains in the stomach, or something." He starts riffling through the telephone directory and Leigh asks him what he's doing. David retorts, "I'm 'phoning the police. It's obvious they've sold Charlie's stuff and I can't let them get away with that." Leigh suddenly stands up from the table and cries, "But you mustn't." David, though, tells her, "Sorry, Leigh, I have to." Leigh walks over to him and, sniffing nervously, admits, "Tim and Leanne didn't do it." David stares at her and asks, "What?" Leigh tells him quietly, "They didn't steal Charlie's things. I did - and I gave them to Tracy Kingsford." David looks at her with disappointment etched on his face.


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