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    Written by: Colin Bowles   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Gary thanks Katie, a smile on his face. He then hands her a file and tells her that there's as much information there on the account as he could get. He also hands her a piece of paper and adds that he managed to get the first two letters of the passcode. Katie, looking surprised, asks, "How?!" Gary explains that he went over to the company accountants'; he hoped he'd see them key the code into the computer, but he only got a glimpse before they caught him watching. He goes on that he's pretty sure it starts with 'IE', though. Katie muses that most passcodes only have five letters, so it's a start. She then continues that there's another problem, though: she can't operate the computer on her own anymore; Charlie had to help her with her last program. Gary quickly tells her, "Don't worry about that. I can do anything Charlie can do." Katie adds, "We'll need a 'phone attachment and an expansion kit." Gary assures her, "You write out what you need and I'll get it." Katie suddenly cries, "Oh, Wayne, there's no guarantee I can make this work." Gary, though, retorts, "Of course you can. I'll transfer the money into Mike's account this afternoon." Katie insists, "That's not what I meant - I'm not doing it for the money; I want to help you and Gordon." Gary replies, "I know, but you're doing me a big favour. I want to pay you for your time." He then hands Katie another piece of paper and tells her to write out a shopping list. Katie sighs heavily.

At Fiona's apartment, Nikos suggests to Fiona and Amanda, "Perhaps the ladies will excuse us?" Looking at Andy, he adds, "I think we should talk alone." Andy mutters, "Fine by me," but Fiona snaps, "No. This is my apartment. Helena is my responsibility and I'd like to hear what you have to say." In an accent, Nikos tells her, "But you do not understand. There are some things men can only talk about with other men." Fiona retorts, "Maybe that's so in your country, but not in Australia. We're staying." Nikos sighs and concedes, "Very well." He turns back to Andy and goes on, "First of all, where is Helena?" Andy retorts, "I don't know. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. She doesn't want a bar of you." Nikos, looking puzzled, asks, "Excuse me?" Andy, a frown on his face, clarifies, "She doesn't like you. She wouldn't marry you if you were the last person on this Earth." Nikos asks how she knows; they've only met twice. Andy laughs bitterly, "Only twice?!" Nikos continues, "Both occasions for a few minutes only - and our families were there the whole time." Andy suggests that it's not much basis for a marriage, but Nikos tells him, "You do not understand--" Andy interrupts and snaps, "Bull I don't. You're not marrying her and that's it." Fiona interrupts and warns, "Andy!" The two men stare at her, and Fiona goes on that there are two sides to every story; they should all sit down and listen to what Nikos has to say. Andy looks annoyed.

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, a notepad on her lap, when Gordon comes in and asks her what she's up to. She explains that she's just making a list for the party tomorrow night; Caroline and Stephen haven't given them much time to get it organised. Gordon comments that it sounds as though the two of them are enjoying themselves out in the pool, and Barbara agrees, "Yeah." She then goes on, "I'm glad they're back together again. I mean, I feel very sorry for Jenny, but I think Stephen's done the right thing." Gordon sits down and agrees, "So do I." Changing the subject, he asks if Wayne is about, and Barbara explains that he went over to speak to Katie. She then pauses before asking, "Did you know he has a tattoo?" Gordon stares at her and mouths, "He what?" Barbara repeats more slowly, "He has a tattoo. I noticed it when he came out of the pool this morning." Pointing to the top of her arm , she indicates the tattoo's position. Gordon cries, "Good God. He must have had it done after he disappeared." Barbara, though, looking incredulous, asks, "Why on earth should he? Wayne's the last person to want to put a tattoo on himself." She goes on, "Do you know, I told you before: he's been acting very strangely ever since he came back." Gordon asks her what she expects after what he's been through, but Barbara retorts, "I just get the feeling that he's keeping something from us. I wish you'd talk to him." Gordon asks, "About what?" Barbara retorts, "I don't know, darling. About whatever he's hiding. I can't put my finger on it; it's just he's very different." Gordon tells her curtly, "Barbara, I'm not going to hassle my own son. I don't want you to, either; he's been through enough." Barbara sighs heavily and concedes, "Alright. Maybe the psychiatrist will come up with a few answers?" She stands up and Gordon does likewise, saying as he does so, "We'll see - although I'm starting to wonder if the amnesia isn't a blessing in disguise." Barbara stares at him, and he explains, "Well, he's much more relaxed these days. It might be better if he never remembers some of the things that happened." Barbara muses, "Well, yes, I suppose he is a lot easier to get on with than the old Wayne." Gordon smiles, "Let's keep it that way, huh?" Barbara smiles at him tersely and walks off.

Nikos, Fiona, Andy and Amanda are all sitting down in Fiona's flat, and Nikos is explaining that, in Greece, the wedding is quite often a matter between families, not just the man and woman; what Helena has done has caused him much shame; he must talk to her. Andy accuses, "You couldn't give a damn about her. You're only worried about what your families going to think." Nikos retorts, "I am as concerned for her welfare as you are. Perhaps more." Andy, though, snaps, "Oh yeah? Then how come you sent her out here to stay with that pimp, Wallace?" Nikos, looking surprised, asks, "Mr. Wallace?" Andy goes on curtly, "Yeah. Mr Wallace. Eddie. He was one of the biggest brothel owners in Sydney." Nikos turns to Fiona and asks, "Is this true?" Fiona sighs, "Yes, it's true - but don't blame Eddie. I mean, he brought her to me to look after so she wouldn't mix with the wrong types. That's when the trouble started." Nikos tells her, "With no disrespect, Mrs. Thompson, it was an unfortunate choice." He turns and looks at Andy as he says this. He then stands up and announces that he must go. He adds that the police will need some photographs of Helena to help them search for her. He goes on, "If you will allow, I would like to come back here afterwards." Andy snaps, "What for?" Nikos tells him, "If Helena truly loves you, she will return here sooner or later. Where else can she go?" Fiona assures him, "You're more than welcome to stay here, Nikos." Nikos replies, "Thankyou, Mrs. Thompson. You have been very understanding." He heads to the door and Fiona goes with him. Andy stands up, looking annoyed, and Amanda puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. When Fiona comes back in, she comments, "Well, he seems like a very nice young man." Amanda agrees, "Yes - I was expecting a real thug!" Andy, looking annoyed, growls, "He's sucked you both in, hasn't he?" Fiona stares at him, and he snaps, "He's just bunging on an act so he can get Helena back." Fiona points out that he only wants to talk to her, but Andy snaps, "Yeah, well she doesn't want to talk to him - and if she comes back, I'll make sure that he doesn't get within a million miles of her. He might have fooled you, but he's not going to fool me." With that, he storms off, leaving Fiona and Amanda looking worried.

Gary is sitting on the couch in Charlie's lounge room, staring at Katie's computer as Katie stands behind the couch, watching him. The computer is attached to connectors that allow it to send information down the telephone line. Katie tells Gary to type, "Go to Line 20. If No, go to Line 10." She adds, "That should do it. Enter that." Gary presses the 'Enter' key on the keyboard and the line of programming appears on the computer monitor. Katie tells him, "OK. Now press 'Run'." Gary presses another key and the words on the monitor change to read 'Please Enter A/C Number: 6984326. OK. Please Enter Password'. Below these words, five letters appear and then start changing rapidly to other combinations of letters. Gary asks what happens now, and Katie explains that, provided she hasn't missed anything, the computer should keep trying different combinations of letters until the password comes up. Gary smiles, "Then you've done it!" Katie, though, points out that it could take ages to find it.

Outside, Charlie is walking up to the door, accompanied by Larry Blake. She remarks that she didn't think they'd be seeing him again, but Larry smiles that he always said he had the gift of the gab: he managed to talk his boss into giving Katie another chance. Charlie exclaims, "I hoped you would. It wasn't her fault about that last cassette." Larry assures her that he realises that. Putting the key in the lock, Charlie tells him that she'll let him go and tell Katie the good news himself. He heads inside.

In the lounge room, the computer is still trying different combinations of passcodes. Katie looks startled as Larry suddenly comes in and asks, "What are you up to?" She quickly blusters, "I'm, er, working on a new game." Gary stands up and places himself in front of the monitor. Larry asks what it's searching for, and Katie tells him, "Words for the new game. I've had some co-ordination problems lately and Wayne offered to help out." Larry stares at her suspiciously and asks, "How long have you had that 'phone attachment? You don't need one of those to work out a computer game." Katie demands, "Says who?" but Larry retorts, "I do." He goes on, "Look, you don't want to go tapping into someone else's computer, Katie. You could go to jail for that." Katie snaps, "I'm not tapping into anyone's computer. Anyway, what are you doing here?" Larry explains curtly, "It wasn't easy, but I managed to persuade my boss to give you another try. Think you can sort out the problems on your last game?" Katie looks down and mutters, "I'm busy right now." Larry growls, "Yeah, so I see." He then tells her to think about it and let him know what she decides. He storms out. Gary immediately asks, "Who was that?" Katie retorts, "A friend." Gary tells her, "We'd better hurry up and get this passcode working--" He breaks off as Katie suddenly reaches down and switches off the computer. Staring at her angrily, he asks, "What are you doing?" Katie retorts, "I can't go through with it. You heard what Larry said: if we get caught, we could go to jail. I think we should stop it right now."

Amanda is laying the table at Fiona's. Fiona sighs that she doesn't know what got into Andy - he was the one who was being unreasonable, not Nikos. Amanda agrees that it's not quite as black-and-white as he'd like it to be. Fiona goes on that she was hoping that, by now, he'd begin to see things differently, but he just gets worse. She then suggests, "Maybe if we were all to sit down and talk things out...?" Amanda points out that they'd have to find Helena first. Fiona agrees, "Yeah - or hope she finds us." She then adds that Nikos was right: if Helena loves Andy as much as she says she does, she'll be back...

In Charlie's lounge room, Gary rants at Katie, "We've done the hard part. You worked out the program. You can't back out now." Katie, though, retorts, "You heard what Larry said. If we get caught, we could get into a lot of trouble." Gary snaps, "The company could be in a lot of trouble if I don't. The only other way is to drag in the police - and that would mean bringing in Gordon; you know what his heart's like." Katie asks, "What if you're wrong? What if the accountant's not ripping off the company?" Gary, though, growls, "I'm not wrong. If you met him, you'd know why I'm suspicious." He then suddenly suggests, "Why don't I get him to come over?" Looking surprised, Katie asks, "Here?" Gary replies, "I've got an appointment with him this afternoon. I'll get him to come here instead." Katie, though, asks, "What about Charlie? She probably knows the man and if she sees him, she's bound to tell Gordon." At that moment, Charlie comes in, some fresh flowers in her hand, and she asks Katie, "What did you say to Larry?" Katie asks, "Why?" Charlie explains, "Well, he didn't stay long, and he seemed rather upset about something when he left." Katie, looking down at the floor, murmurs, "Oh, he's a bit uptight about the game I botched-up - it put him in a rotten position with his boss." She then adds that she thinks she'll go and get some lunch, and she leaves the room. Alone with Gary, and staring at the computer, Charlie asks, "Katie take you up on your offer?" Gary, though, replies, "Can you keep a secret?" Charlie smiles at him, and he whispers, "It's only an excuse to see more of her." Looking delighted, Charlie smiles that she thought as much! Gary goes on that he had been hoping that the two of them might be alone there... Charlie smiles, "Well, it is my house, but never let it be said I was one to stand in the way of romance. I'll make myself scarce." Gary thanks her, a smile on his face as she walks off. Alone in the room, he walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. Dennis answers it and Gary tells him, "I need your help, mate - and it's urgent."

Andy opens the door to his bedsit to find Nikos standing there. He mutters, "Oh, it's you." Nikos asks if he can come in, and Andy reluctantly stands aside." He then growls, "I thought you were at Fiona's." Nikos, though, explains, "I wanted to speak to you, first." Andy snaps, "If you want me to help you get Helena back, you're wasting your time." Nikos, though, says, "No. There was something I wanted to ask you before." Andy asks, "Why didn't you?" and Nikos explains that there are some things that are not said in front of women. He goes on, "Did you and Helena sleep together?" Andy replies, "No." Nikos murmurs, "That is good." Andy continues that he can't see what difference it makes. Nikos comments, "You care for her very much, don't you?" Andy nods, "Yeah. Still, I reckon she's got the right to choose her own husband." Nikos says, "When I talk to her, I will find out if she dislikes me as much as you say she does. If it's true, I will not force her to do anything she does not wish. I will stand aside and let you marry her." Andy, looking shocked, cries, "Me?!" Nikos goes on, "That is what you want, is it not? To marry her, for yourself?"

Barbara and Caroline are walking across the hallway at Dural, Barbara saying as they do so that she thinks that's everything - at least no one's going to go hungry. Caroline smiles, "As long as there are no chips and peanuts. I'm so tired of parties where all they serve is chips and peanuts!" Barbara assures her that that won't be a chip or a peanut in sight! Caroline thanks her for all her help and Barbara assures her that it's alright. She then adds that, if they're going to get things done, they'd better get going in a hurry. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Barbara opens it to find Charlie standing on the step. She comes in and, noticing Caroline, cries, "I didn't know you were here! A little bird told me you and Stephen were back together." Caroline tells her, "More than that. We're engaged!" Charlie smiles, "Oh wonderful! Congratulations!" She gives Caroline a hug and asks when it all happened. Caroline replies that it was this morning - at breakfast. Charlie smiles, "How romantic!" She then asks when the engagement party is. Barbara and Caroline just stand there, and Charlie, looking surprised, says, "I take it you are having one?" Caroline gives in and says, "Tomorrow night. Would you like to come along?" Charlie smiles, "Love to." She then asks if Katie is invited, and Caroline replies that of course she is. Charlie goes on that, just between them, she wouldn't be surprised if Katie had an announcement of her own to make soon: her and Wayne. Caroline, looking shocked, snaps, "That's impossible." She quickly adds that, from what she understands, she thought they'd broken it off together long ago. Barbara tells Charlie that her imagination is running away with her again, but Charlie insists that it's true - Wayne told her so himself; that's why she's there: to give the lovebirds some time alone. Barbara muses, "Well, at least she's more his own age. I was beginning to think that, after Karen, he was developing a taste for older women." With that, she heads into the lounge room, leaving Caroline standing in the hallway, looking annoyed.

In Andy's bedsit, Andy snaps at Nikos, "Helena and I hardly know each other." Nikos retorts, "That does not matter. If I cannot marry her, then you must." Andy growls, "Listen, I'll make up my mind about that, alright?" Nikos tells him, "You do not seem to understand: Helena is alone in a strange country. She will be in disgrace with her family if she breaks her wedding contract with me. The only way they will forgive her is if she marries someone else. You and Helena are in love. Therefore, it should be you. If you really care for her, you have no choice." Andy sits down, looking shocked. Nikos tells him, "We should go to Mrs. Thompson's. The police said they will contact us there when they have news of Helena." Andy sighs, "OK," and he stands up and opens the door. He doesn't notice Helena coming round the corner of the corridor, but Helena hears Nikos' voice as he tells Andy, "You must promise to let me talk to her first, if she contacts you." Helena quickly runs back round the corner as the two men emerge from the bedsit. Andy mutters, "Sure, Nikos. Whatever you say." Nikos says he hopes Helena is alright. Andy, though, points out that she could be miles away by now.

Dennis is standing in the doorway at Charlie's, wearing a suit and adjusting his tie. He warns Gary, "She's not going to fall for it, Gazza," but Gary tells him to stop worrying. Dennis mutters, "What do I know about being an accountant?" but Gary retorts, "Just do what I told you on the 'phone and everything will alright." He then asks, "Did you get the computer printout from the car?" Dennis nods and Gary, indicating the lounge room, mutters, "Come on." The two of them head in there, and join Katie, who's sitting on the couch, leafing through a book. Gary introduces, "Katie, this is Craig Hotham, my accountant. Craig, Katie O'Brien." He adds by way of explanation to 'Craig', "Katie has been helping me with some business." Dennis just stares at Katie and mutters, "Oh." Gary then suggests they get on with it, and Dennis goes and sits down, asking as he does so, "What did you want to see me about, Mr. Hamilton?" Gary replies, "The last computer report - a couple of transactions I didn't understand." Dennis opens a briefcase that he's holding and takes out a long computer printout. Gary says he thinks it was on page 18. Dennis turns to page 18 and, peering over his shoulder, Gary indicates two transactions, saying as he does so, "It's a lot of money. Where did it go?" Dennis stammers, "Those funds have been transferred to a s-standby trust account." Gary comments, "I didn't know we had any," and Dennis tells him, "It's only been set up recently." Gary demands, "By who?" Dennis replies, "By me." As Katie watches and listens, Gary demands, "Does my father know about it?" Dennis, though, responds, "Why all the questions, Mr. Hamilton? You've always trusted us to handle your affairs up 'til now." Gary retorts, "I just like to know what's happening to our money." Dennis tells him, "That's what you pay us for. Honestly, Mr. Hamilton, there's nothing to worry about - I'm quite capable of looking after your finances." Gary and Katie stare at him. Katie sighs heavily."

Andy, Fiona and Nikos are sitting in Fiona's lounge room, and Fiona comments to Andy that he's very quiet. Amanda comes in from the kitchen and offers more coffee, but Andy declines, saying he can't sit round all day for the 'phone to ring. Fiona asks him where he's going, and he murmurs that there are a few places where Helena might have gone; there's no harm in checking. Amanda wishes him luck, and he goes. As the door shuts, Amanda, looking surprised, comments, "Well, Andy seems to have had a change of heart." Looking at Nikos, Fiona tells him, "I don't know what you said to him, but it most certainly had an effect." Nikos explains, "I told him the truth: if Helena wishes to marry him and not me, I will stand aside." Amanda queries, "Marry?" Fiona asks what Andy said to that, and Nikos replies, "It seems he had not considered it." Fiona cries, "I should think not. If he was to marry her, he could be making a very big mistake."

Outside, Andy climbs into the front seat of his van, sighing heavily as he pulls the door shut. He jumps as someone suddenly reaches out from behind him and touches him on the shoulder. He turns round quickly to find Helena there. She says, "Hello, Andy." Andy stares at her.

By the front door at Charlie's, Gary says to Dennis loudly, "Thanks for coming over, Craig." Dennis replies, "That's alright. Any other problems, give us a call." Gary tells him, "I will," and he pushes Dennis out the door. He then closes the door, rejoins Katie in the lounge room and asks, "What did you think?" Katie admits, "He obviously had something to hide." Gary points out, "He didn't seem too comfortable when I started asking questions, did he?" Katie says, "I can't understand how Gordon would get taken in by someone like that." Gary quickly tells her, "Well, he hasn't had much to do with him. Hotham's only been with the firm a few months. Ever since he's been ill, Gordon's more or less left the financial side of things to other people." Katie muses that she can see why he's suspicious. Gary tells her, "I've got no proof. That's why I need your help." Katie sighs, "Alright, I'll go ahead - but from now on, I'll keep the screen turned off so no one can spy on us." Gary smiles, "Good girl," and he asks how long it'll take. Katie replies, "Well, having the first two letters... we should have the passcode sometime tomorrow." Gary smiles, "Great..."

Andy is driving his van along a quiet road. He pulls it into the side of road and then asks Helena, who's sitting in the passenger seat, where she's been. Helena explains that she spent last night in the bus shelter; she was very scared. She goes on that she did not mean to come back, but she couldn't help it. Andy asks her why she was hiding in the van, and Helena replies that she didn't want Nikos to see her. Andy tells her that she should have come up to the flat, but Helena retorts, "I did - this afternoon - but I heard you and Nikos talking. I was going to run away again, but I love you so much..." Andy, looking uncomfortable, mutters, "Yeah, well I reckon we ought to have a talk about that. Nikos has explained a few things--" Helena suddenly interrupts and snaps, "I don't care about Nikos. I only care about you." She leans towards him and starts kissing him, passionately.

Charlie is arranging the flowers in her lounge room when there's a knock at the door. She goes to answer it and finds Larry standing there. He asks if Katie is around, but Charlie explains that she's asleep right now - she has a headache; she's probably been working too hard. Larry asks, "On her computer game?" but Charlie replies, "No - she's doing something for Wayne, I think." Larry stands there, looking worried. Charlie tells him that, if its important, she can wake Katie, but Larry quickly says, "No, don't do that - I'd like to talk to you in private anyway." Charlie invites him in, and they head into the lounge room. As they do so, Larry asks Charlie if she knows what Katie is doing with Wayne. Charlie explains that she's supposed to be teaching him to use the computer, but that's not all they're up to...! Larry growls, "I bet it's not." Charlie, looking surprised as his tone, says she doesn't understand, and she asks what's wrong. Larry tells her that he'll show her, and he switches the computer monitor on. The program is still chugging away, now displaying the first two letters of the passcode as 'IE'." Charlie asks what it is, and Larry explains, "She's programmed it to search for a passcode entry into someone else's computer. At a guess, I'd say that's what she's doing for Wayne." Charlie asks, "Is that bad?" Larry retorts, "It's like robbing a bank, only you do it from your own living room." Charlie cries, "Oh, goodness." Larry insists, "Someone's got to stop her, otherwise she's going to end up in prison."

Barbara and Caroline walk into the lounge room at Dural, carrying several bags of shopping. Barbara cries that she's exhausted - they've got enough there to feed an army! The two of them put the bags down and Barbara says she'll get them a drink. She goes to head off to the kitchen. As she does so, Caroline thanks her for her help. Barbara assures her, "It's a pleasure. I'm just very pleased to see Stephen happy again." Caroline muses, "Yes." She then adds, "Your friendship's been very important to me - especially the last few years with Stephen; he made my life hell." Barbara comments sadly, "I know he did - but I thought that was long forgotten?" Caroline says, "Well, I'm sure it'll be quite different this time around." Barbara smiles, "I'm sure it will be, too." With that, she heads off to the kitchen to get some ice. Caroline sits down. As she does so, Gary comes into the house. He walks into the lounge room, but, seeing Caroline there, he turns to go again, muttering, "Sorry, I didn't know you were here." Caroline, though, tells him, "Don't go." She stands up again and asks, "Why you so angry with me?" Gary asks, "Who said I was?" Caroline points out, "You don't exactly let the grass grow under your feet, do you? Charlie told me about you and Katie. I thought we were going to find out if things were going to work out between us." Gary growls, "How can it? You're engaged to Stephen." Caroline tells him, "Come to the party tomorrow night." Gary snaps, "You must be joking," but Caroline assures him, "No, I'm not joking. I think you'll find the evening quite interesting..."

Andy and Helena are still kissing passionately in Andy's van. Andy eventually pulls away and Helena asks him what's wrong. Andy replies, "Nothing - it's just that I don't we should be doing this." Helena asks, "Don't you love me?" Andy sighs, "Of course I do. It's just that I told Nikos... I promised I'd let him talk to you before... well, before we took things any further." Helena asks, "What did he say to you?" Andy tells her, "He reckons he'll only let you go if I marry you. The thing is, Helena, I'm not prepared to do that, yet." Helena shakes her head and says, "I do not understand. If you love me, then why don't you marry me?" Andy replies, "Maybe one day, but that's a very big commitment." Helena asks, "What about me? I have defied Nikos, my family, everything, because I think you love me." Andy cries, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean to give you that impression. I like you, but--" Helena suddenly demands, "Where is Nikos?" Andy replies that he's waiting at Fiona's. Helena goes on, "We will go and see him. He will work things out and everything will be alright." Andy murmurs, "Yeah, sure..."

Amanda, Fiona and Nikos are still sitting at Fiona's, and Nikos, looking agitated, asks the women where they think Andy went to look for Helena. Fiona laughs, "Who knows?!" Amanda suggests, "He probably just wanted to get out of the flat for a while. I don't think he's got any more idea where Helena could be than we have." There's suddenly a knock at the door and Amanda goes to answer it. She opens the door and Helena and Andy walk in. Nikos immediately stands up and cries, "Helena, you are alright. I've been so worried." Helena says a curt, "Hello, Nikos." Nikos goes on, "I'm so glad Andy found you. We have much to talk about." Andy tells them that they can use his flat, but Helena growls at Nikos, "There is no need. You will not want to marry me. Not now. Andy and I are lovers. We have slept together many times. I cannot marry anyone else." Andy stares at her in shock and cries, "What?!"


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