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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Gary and Katie are still sitting in front of Katie's computer in Charlie's lounge room. Gary is telling Katie that, now and then, he has little flashes of memory, but not enough to put everything together; it's really frustrating. Katie sympathises that it must be. Gary then stretches his arms and fakes a yawn as he says he'd love a cup of coffee. He then lowers his arms, placing the right one down by the side of the couch, and reaching for the cassette tape that he kicked just under it earlier. Katie, though, tells him, "Sorry, Wayne, I'm really dog tired. It's been pretty heavy going trying to get that game finished. Would you mind if we called it a night?" Gary, unable to reach the table, brings his hand back up and says, "Course not. I'll pop round tomorrow - see what they thought of it." He stands up. Katie picks up the tape that's lying on the table and, indicating it, says, "This one's got to be a winner!" She kisses it and explains, "That's for luck!" Gary asks, "How about kissing me for luck?!" and Katie does so and gives him a hug. As she pulls away, she tells him that she's glad they're friends again. Gary smiles, "Me too. You knock them dead." Katie puts the tape down on the table, next to the computer."

It's the middle of the night, and Fiona's flat is in darkness when someone starts knocking frantically on her door. There's no answer, and the knocking is repeated. Fiona eventually staggers out of her bedroom, grumbling, "Who could that be?" She switches on the lights and opens the door to find Andy standing there. He staggers in and Fiona, looking shocked, asks, "What on earth happened?" Andy just demands, "Give me Eddie's 'phone number." Fiona asks him what he's talking about, but Andy retorts that he doesn't want to explain now. Fiona asks again, "What happened?" Andy admits, "Helena was with me all afternoon." Fiona groans, "Oh, why didn't you tell me?" Andy snaps, "Because you would've told Eddie. We were going away together, but two of his sidekicks turned up. Helena ran for it - I gave her a bit of time, though I don't know if they got her or not. I've been driving around... I've got to find out if she's at Eddie's place." Fiona soothes, "Alright, alright, alright, but I want to hear the whole story first."

Amanda is sitting in the Morrell apartment when there's laughter outside the front door and Stephen and Caroline come in. Caroline looks surprised to see her daughter there, and comments that they thought she'd have gone to bed. Amanda asks her if they had a nice time, and Caroline smiles that it was wonderful: lovely food and a marvellous band! Stephen adds that they would still be there, but he began to give out at the knees! Caroline laughs, "You were the man who could dance all night!" but Stephen flirts, "Not when I can come home with you!" He then asks Amanda what she's looking at, and Amanda explains that it's just some old photos and things - seeing the two of them going off like that reminded her of them; she'd forgotten she had so many! Caroline asks to have a look and Amanda hands her a photo. Caroline exclaims, "Heavens! Who'd have thought I ever wore skirts so short!" Amanda laughs. She then holds up a photo to her father and says, "Here's one of Samantha and me when we were about 13 or 14. Weren't we angels?!" Stephen muses, "As far as I remember, at that age you only had two interests: boys and how to get money out of me!" Caroline suddenly freezes as she finds another photo. She stares at it: it's of her and Stephen standing at a party. Amanda asks what it is, but Caroline murmurs, "Nothing..." Amanda then says, "Oh, I remember: that was your last anniversary party, wasn't it?" She takes the photo. Caroline, recovering her composure, lifts out a frilly horseshoe from the box, and Stephen smiles that he didn't know that was still around. He adds that Barbara gave it to Caroline on their wedding day, didn't she? Caroline stands up and mutters, "Not that it brought me much luck." Stephen asks what the matter is, but Caroline replies that it's late, that's all, and she heads off to get ready for bed. When she's gone, Amanda, looking surprised, asks her father, "What upset her?" Stephen explains that it was the photo. Amanda asks, "Why?" Stephen tells her, "It was a terrible thing to do at an anniversary party: I asked her for a divorce." Amanda, looking shocked, admonishes, "Oh, daddy!" Stephen goes on that they'd just had an argument - and he'd been thinking about it for a long time. He then suggests that he'd better go and see how she is, and he heads towards the bedroom. Amanda sits there, staring at the photo.

Fiona slams down the 'phone at her flat and tells Andy curtly, "Eddie isn't exactly pleased." Andy asks if Helena is with him, but Fiona retorts, "His men couldn't find her - and he says that you started the fight." Andy mutters that he couldn't just let them take her. Fiona snaps, "You could have got yourself killed." She then mutters, "Heaven knows where she is now - she's probably wandering around somewhere." Andy suggests that they'll have to call the police, but Fiona laughs sarcastically, "Eddie'll love that." Andy, though, snaps, "To hell with Eddie - he's got no right to run Helena's life. And if you had've stuck up for us in the first place--" Fiona interrupts and cries, "Hold it, hold it. If anyone's to blame, it's you, Andy." Andy growls that someone had to do something, but Fiona warns him, "All you've done is confuse her. Now, some of these arranged marriages work very well - it wasn't up to us to stick our noses in." Andy retorts, "It wasn't fair to Helena," but Fiona snaps, "You wanted her for yourself, that's all." She then suggests more calmly that there's no point in arguing; they'll just have to call the police and hope they find her before she gets herself in any sort of trouble. Andy says he'll go and look for her again, and he turns towards the door, but Fiona stops him and tells him, "Eddie also said that Nikos is on his way." Andy asks, "Do you think he'll cause trouble." Fiona points out, "I don't think he's going to be very happy..."

The next morning, Caroline and Amanda are having breakfast at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline comments to her daughter that she's been very quiet. Amanda explains that she can't stop thinking about last night - how upset her mother was when she saw that photograph. Caroline muses that it was very silly of her - it happened a long time ago - but Amanda remarks that she still seemed very bitter. Caroline quickly excuses that she was very tired, that's all. She adds that she was very deeply hurt when it did happen, but she thinks she's gotten over it now; she's just glad that she and Stephen are back together again. Amanda comments, "As long as it's for the right reasons..." Caroline says innocently, "I don't understand," and so Amanda retorts, "You're not trying to get back at daddy in some way, are you?" Caroline assures her, "Of course not, darling. I love your father; I really want it to work this time. I thought you did, too." Amanda replies that she does - as long as Caroline really feels that way. Caroline tells her, "Stephen knows I do. I don't see why you should have any doubts." Amanda sighs, "I just don't want to see anyone get hurt, that's all." Caroline tells her, "Stop worrying, Everything's going to be fine..." Amanda stares at her.

Andy is lying on Fiona's couch, asleep. Fiona emerges from her bedroom and calls, "Andy..." He wakes up and asks immediately if the cops have rung back. Fiona, though, tells him that they haven't; she just thought he might like some breakfast. Andy mutters that he didn't mean to drop-off, but Fiona says she's glad he did - he was driving around half the night; he must be absolutely exhausted. Andy says, "Listen, I'll skip brekkie. I want to go and see Father Martin. Helena might have found her way back there." Fiona, though, tells him, "I doubt that very much. His church is at the Cross and she'll have no idea how to find it. She hasn't got any money, has she?" Andy admits, "No." Fiona then says she thinks she might get Jill and Fee out for the rest of the day - get them to spend some time with Bunty and Thel. Andy asks why, and Fiona explains, "Nikos." Andy asks her if she's that worried, and Fiona muses, "No point in taking chances..." Andy sighs heavily.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda says to her mother that she'd better get going - she's got a job interview in Kirribilli. Caroline tells her that she hopes she gets it, but Amanda explains that it's secretarial again - the CES sent her. Caroline comments that you never know. Amanda adds that she might pop in on Fiona while she's over there, so she'll be home sometime this afternoon. She turns and heads towards the front door. As she does so, Stephen emerges from the bedroom, and Amanda smiles, "Goodbye, daddy, I'm off!" She gives him a big kiss and a hug, and Stephen asks what that was for! Amanda laughs, "Just because I love you!" and she goes. Stephen goes and joins Caroline at the table and asks if the toast is hot. Caroline shakes her head and says she'll make some more. Stephen sits down and Caroline kisses him. Stephen smiles, "I am doing well this morning!" Caroline tells him, "I'm sorry I was so uptight last night." Stephen advises, "I think you should get rid of that photo." Caroline pauses before going on, "I stayed in bed, thinking, after you fell asleep last night, about all the good times: there were a lot of them." Stephen agrees, "Yes, there were." Caroline then takes a small ring box out of her pocket and, placing it on the table, tells Stephen that she got it out and looked at it again. Stephen opens the box and comments, "Your engagement ring." Caroline muses that she doesn't know why she kept it. Stephen picks it up and stares at it. He then takes Caroline's left hand and slips the ring onto her finger." Caroline smiles, "Oh, Stephen..." and she hugs him.

Katie arrives back at Charlie's, and as Charlie lets her into the house, she asks what Larry said. Katie explains that they're looking at it now, but she's sure it'll be OK. She adds that she rang her dad on the way home and told him to stand by for a transfer of funds from her account; Larry said that, if they're happy with the game, she can pick up the cheque this afternoon! Charlie smiles that she's quite excited to think she was part of it all! Katie tells her, "You were, and that's why I've brought you something." She produces a bunch of flowers from behind her back, and Charlie smiles, "Oh, darling, you shouldn't have! They're lovely!" They head into the lounge room, where Katie goes on that she was pretty bad-tempered, she knows, but it was just because she was worried." Charlie says she'll have to put the flowers in water. She then turns and looks at Isabella before handing the flowers back to Katie and asking her if she can pop them into a vase for her, because if she doesn't get Isabella's ball, she'll scratch the settee to pieces. Isabella is scratching around where Gary dropped the tape, and Charlie goes and reaches down under the couch. By the dresser, Katie suddenly drops the vase, and it falls to the floor. Charlie pulls her hand away from the couch, and she stands up and looks at Katie and asks her if she's alright. Katie cries, "Oh, yes, I'm sorry, Charlie." Charlie soothes that it's alright; she should take it easy. Katie murmurs, "I guess I can relax now the game's finished." Charlie tells her, "You'll have to make an appointment to see the doctor. There must be somebody who can tell you if it's temporary." Katie quickly says she's sure it is.

At Dural, Barbara and Gordon head towards the front door, carrying their golf clubs. Barbara calls to Wayne, and Gary joins them from the lounge room. Barbara tells him that lunch may be a little late: depending on how they're playing, if they reach the ninth hole and she's beating Gordon, they'll call it quits! Gordon laughs, "Not on your life!" There's a sudden knock at the door, and Barbara answers it to find Dennis standing there. She smiles that it's nice to see him, and he explains that he thought he'd pop in and see how Wayne is getting along. Gordon tells him that he's fine - and hopefully he'll be even better after he sees a psychiatrist. Gary invites Dennis in for a drink and Barbara and Gordon head out. Gary and Dennis head into the lounge room, and Gary mutters, "Thank God they're gone." Dennis asks him when he's meant to be seeing the shrink, and Gary replies, "Saturday arvo - it's the only time the old bloke could get me in." Dennis, looking concerned, says, "You're not really going?" Gary, taking out a cigarette and lighting it, retorts, "It depends. If things work out, I might shoot through beforehand." Dennis tells him, "Now you're talking." Gary, though, goes on, "But if I have to, I can bluff my way around him." Dennis warns, "You're a bit cocky, mate. The longer you hang round, the more likely you're going to get caught-out." Gary snaps, "Strewth, Denny, you always expect the worst," but Dennis points out, "I'm not often disappointed, am I?" He then asks when the money from the house is coming through, and Gary replies, "Soon. Tomorrow, maybe." Dennis goes on, "If you had a head, you'd take it and run," but Gary retorts, "I've got reasons for hanging around." Dennis snaps, "Forget the woman, mate. They're never worth it." Gary, though, tells him, "This one is. She's a knockout. She's got looks and money." He goes to the bar and takes out a couple of cans of beer, handing one of them to Dennis. He then adds, "I might be able to talk her into coming away with me." Dennis stares at him incredulously and exclaims, "What? You're right off your rocker. The minute she finds out the truth about you, she's going to go screaming to the cops." Gary, though, assures him, "Nah, she's in love with me." Dennis asks, "What about the ex-husband? Last time, you didn't--" Gary interrupts him and retorts, "She's only stringing him along. It's me she loves." Dennis points out, "She thinks you're Wayne Hamilton. I reckon you're beginning to believe it, too. The longer you hang around, the more chance you're going to get caught out, I'll tell ya." Gary curses, "Strewth, Den. I've never met such a bloody pessimist." Dennis growls, "I'm using my head. That's more than I can say about you." Gary, though, retorts, "I'm using my head, don't you worry about that, mate. I've figured out how to rip off their company." Dennis stares at him and asks, "How?" Gary explains, "I made friends with that girl you knocked out - she had the computer, remember? I get the password and use her machine to break into our accountant's records. Bit of fiddling, Bob's your uncle." Dennis asks, "D'you reckon she'll go along with that?" Gary, though, laughs, "She won't even know what I'm doing." He then turns towards the lounge room doors and adds, "Come on, mate. Let's have a swim."

At Charlie's, Katie hangs up the 'phone slowly, looking shocked and upset. Charlie comes into the room, calling for Isabella, and, noticing the expression on Katie's face, asks her if she's alright. Katie cries, "It was blank." She then yells, "You idiot, Charlie. You must have wiped the whole game."

Gary is lying on his back on an inflatable Lilo in the pool at Dural, as Dennis says to him, "I still don't follow how you're going to do it, Gazza." Gary asks, "Do what, Dennis?" Dennis stammers, "D-D-Diddle the books." Gary retorts, "Told you. Katie's computer." Dennis comments that he'll need more than that, won't he? but Gary just mutters, "'Phone hook-up maybe. Bit of luck, that's all." Dennis asks, "What about the passcode?" Gary tells him, "Gordon will give it to me." Dennis then asks, "What if something goes wrong." Gary, though, snaps, "Look, Den, it's all under control. All you've got to worry about is adding up the pennies." Dennis, who's sitting on the edge of the pool, asks, "What if something does go wrong? I'll be up the creek too, won't I?" Gary, though, smiles, "It would be real tragic living like this all the time: nothing to worry about... never having to work... All you need is money, mate." He then asks Dennis if he's going to stay on the edge all day, and Dennis retorts, "Water's too cold." Gary taunts, "You're a girl, Dennis!" and so Dennis grabs the Lilo and turns it over, tipping Gary into the water! Gary surfaces, grabs Dennis and pulls him in!

At Charlie's, Katie is sitting on the couch as Charlie stands in the middle of the room. Katie tells her, "It probably wasn't your fault. I'm sorry I got angry, Charlie." Charlie asks what she could have done. Katie replies, "It's odd. I remember saving the program myself - and even if the revised version wasn't recorded, the first game should've still been there. I don't know, maybe there was a power surge or something." She then groans, "I couldn't bear doing it all over again - and there's the money I promised dad: I won't be able to give that to him now." Sitting down next to her, Charlie assures her, "I can lend it to you; that's alright." Katie, though, says she doesn't think she should risk it - she's mucked the company around so much, they might not want to buy any more of her games. Charlie points out that she's got a contract, but Katie sighs, "I've just broken it. My whole career's on the line." She then adds, "Wayne was going to offer me something; maybe I'll have to take that." Isabella suddenly yaps from down by the side of the couch, but Charlie snaps, "For heavens sake, Isabella, not now." She adds that she'll put her out. As she picks her dog up, she admonishes, "We've got enough problems today without you making a nuisance of yourself." She heads outside, leaving Katie looking glum.

Andy opens the door of his bedsit and heads inside, followed by Amanda, who tells him that she's been waiting for him to get in; Fiona told her what happened. Andy explains that he's been driving around for hours - he can't help thinking what Helena looked like when Father Martin brought her there, and the thought of her wandering the streets... Amanda says she's sure she'll be OK; she's not a child. Andy, though, retorts, "She's not far off it; I mean, she can't look after herself in a strange country. I can't understand why she didn't come back." Amanda suggests, "Perhaps she's staying away because of you?" Andy stares at her, and she explains, "Well, if she loves you, she probably doesn't want to hurt you anymore." Andy comments that surely she'd get in touch - there's going to be trouble and they'd be better off facing it together. Amanda realises, "You're really serious about her, aren't you?" Andy admits, "If I have to fight Nikos for her, I will."

Gary and Dennis are in the lounge room at Dural, and as Gary opens a can of beer and draws on another cigarette, Dennis comments to him that he can see why he wouldn't want to leave: a pool... a well-stocked bar... Gary agrees that he's on a pretty good wicket. The two of them are wearing just their trunks, and have towels over their arms. After a momentary pause, Gary tells Dennis to drink up, as he has to go and see Katie soon - she probably knows by now that the cassette she put in was a blank; he reckons she might be ready to listen to his proposition. Dennis asks, "What if she's found the other cassette?" but Gary retorts, "I doubt she would've - but if she has, there's no way she can connect it with me." Dennis comments, "Geez, you're sailing close to the wind, mate." There are suddenly noises at the front door, and Dennis exclaims, "They're back!" Gary murmurs, "No sweat." He holds out his cigarette to Dennis. Dennis points out that he doesn't smoke, but Gary tells him "You do now." Dennis takes it. Barbara and Gordon come into the room, and Gary smiles, "You were quick." Gordon explains that there were too many ahead of them - they thought they might try again tomorrow." Gary tells him that he invited Dennis for a swim; he hopes Gordon doesn't mind. Gordon assures him that of course he doesn't. He then adds that he might raid the 'fridge, as he's feeling a bit peckish. He heads off. Dennis stubs out the cigarette and says he'd better get changed and hit the road. Gary follows him out of the room, saying to Barbara as he does so, "Won't be a sec. Bad luck about your game." Barbara watches him go, staring in surprise at the tattoo at the top of his left arm...

The 'phone rings at Andy's and Amanda answers it. Helena comes on and asks if Andy is there. Amanda explains that he's in the shower, and she asks Helena if that's her. Helena says it is. Amanda tells her that she'll go and get him, but Helena asks her to just give him a message: tell him that she's alright - she saw what happened to him because of her and she's not coming back; she doesn't want him hurt again. Amanda insists, "But he's OK. He wants you come back." Helena, though, replies, "Next time it could be worse. It's better if I stay away. Tell him I love him." With that, she hangs up, and Amanda does likewise. As she does so, Andy comes in and asks if that was the police. Amanda shakes her head and explains that it was Helena. Andy asks where she is, but Amanda tells him, "I don't know. She said to say she loves you, but she won't be coming back."

Gary sits down next to Gordon in the lounge room at Dural and tells him that he thought he'd spend the afternoon studying-up on the company. Gordon warns him not to push himself too hard, as there's a lot of reading involved. Gary tells him, "It would make things easier if I had direct access to the computer accounts," but Gordon suggests, "Just ask the accountant - he'll tell you what you want to know." Gary insists, "All I really need is the passcode - then I can go over the Charlie's and call up the details on Katie's computer." Gordon suddenly bursts out laughing and Gary asks what the matter is. Gordon explains, "Even I don't know the passcode - it's classified." He then suggests, "Just ask the accountant for a printout - or read our files." He adds that he can work there in the lounge room if 'Wayne' wants to use the study. Gary, though, says he'll go and see Katie first. Gordon stands up and, as Barbara comes in from the kitchen, tells her that he'll be in the study when lunch is ready. He heads out to the hallway, and Barbara walks over to the bar. She looks at the ashtray full of cigarette butts lying on it and comments sarcastically, "Oh my, my, Mr. White is a heavy smoker, isn't he?" Gary stands up and, going to walk out agrees, "Chain. It's terrible." Barbara says curtly, "Wayne..." Gary stops in his tracks. Barbara then asks him, "How long have you had your tattoo?" Gary smiles nervously and asks, "Haven't I had it for years?" Barbara retorts, "No." Gary suggests, "Then I must have got it just before I lost my memory." There's a sudden knocking at the front door, and he dashes off to answer it, leaving Barbara standing by the bar, looking puzzled. Stephen and Caroline are at the door, and Gary invites them in. Barbara comes out and joins them and asks if they've just popped in for lunch. Caroline realises, "We should have 'phoned," but Barbara assures her, "No problem." Stephen explains, "We have a surprise. We have just become engaged - again." Barbara smiles that that's wonderful! Gary, though, stands there, looking annoyed.

Amanda is sitting with Fiona in her apartment, telling her that Andy is determined that he's going to find Helena; she's a bit worried about what's going to happen when Nikos arrives. Fiona muses, "So am I." Amanda asks her if she knows anything about him, but Fiona murmurs, "Not really." She then pauses before suggesting to Amanda, "Look, why don't you try and get Andy to go out with you for the rest of the day? I might be able to calm him down if Andy wasn't around." Amanda says, "Look, I don't know if he--" She breaks off as the front door opens and Andy comes in. He asks, "Still nothing from the cops?" Fiona replies, "No, not yet." Amanda suggests to him, "Why don't we drive around a little bit more? We might be able to spot her somewhere." Andy, though, tells her, "No. I'm staying here 'til Nikos arrives." Fiona warns, "Andy..." but Andy insists, "I'm waiting."

Gary and Caroline are alone in the lounge room at Dural, and Gary yells at Caroline, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Caroline tells him, "Keep your voice down. It's alright. Everything's under control." Gary snaps, "You've just been using me, haven't you? You don't give a damn about me." Caroline puts her hand on his shoulder and soothes, "Don't be silly. I care a lot about you... You've just got to trust me, that's all." Gary growls, "Like hell. Got my own fish to fry." Caroline pleads, "Please, Wayne, you've just got to wait until--" She breaks off as she hears Stephen and Gordon talking outside. The two of them come in, along with Barbara, and Stephen, who's holding a bottle of red wine, indicates Gordon and exclaims, "He let me choose from his cellar!" Barbara adds, "Naturally, he chose the oldest vintage he could find!" Stephen says he hopes it hasn't gone off. Caroline walks over to him and flirts, "I'm quite sure it'll taste marvellous!" Gary looks annoyed.

A short time later, Gary is at Charlie's, and as Katie lets him into the house, he says, "What's the matter? You don't look too well." Katie explains, "When I took the game cassette in, it turned out to be blank." Gary asks how come, but Katie shrugs, "Don't know. Can't work it out. Thing is, now I can't lend dad the money." She heads into the lounge room and Gary follows her, pointing out as he does so, "Could if you took up my offer." Charlie is sitting in the lounge room, and she smiles at 'Wayne' that they're seeing a lot of him, lately! Gary charms, "How can I keep away from two charming ladies?!" Isabella suddenly starts barking, and Charlie groans, "Oh, not again, Isabella." She indicates the couch and explains to Gary, "She keeps losing her ball behind there." Gary quickly offers to get it for her, and he walks over to the couch, bends down, pushes Isabella away and retrieves the tape, which he slips into his inside jacket pocket. He then picks up a red rubber ball and smiles, "There you go. Mission accomplished..."

Amanda, Fiona and Andy are sitting in Fiona's flat, and Fiona is saying that the last thing they need is another fist-fight. Amanda tells Andy that Fiona is right: it's not going to help Helena by fighting with Nikos. Andy growls, "I'm not running away from him, OK?" but Fiona points out, "Nobody is asking you to run away." There's suddenly a knock on the open front door and a swarthy-looking gentleman walks in and says, "Excuse me, I'm looking for Mrs. Thompson." Fiona stands up and smiles, "Nikos?" The man shakes her hand and says, "Yes, Nikos Demitriou." Fiona introduces herself and then Amanda and Andy. Nikos says to Andy, "Ah, Mr. Green. I think we have a lot to talk about." Andy stands up and, glaring at Nikos, agrees angrily, "Yeah, you could say that." Nikos tells him, "It's very good to meet you - and I'm sure we'll be able to solve our problem." With that, he holds out his hand, and Andy reluctantly shakes it.

At Charlie's, Gary asks Charlie if she'd mind if he and Katie had a bit of a chat - alone. Charlie smiles, "Of course not, darling. After all, four's a crowd!" She and Isabella leave the room, and Katie comments to 'Wayne', "She seems to think we're getting it on again!" Gary doesn't respond to this, instead saying, "About my offer: still stands, you know." Katie asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to do a proper computer course. Gary stands up and tells her, "Look, I came to you because there's something I want to do. See, all our company records are kept on the accounting firm's computer." Katie comments, "That's pretty normal". Gary goes on, "I know - but I went over some of their printouts... I can't be certain, but it looks like someone has started milking the company." Katie, looking shocked, stands up and asks, "Did you tell Gordon?" Gary replies, "No - he's the last person I want to worry." Katie tells him, "You should get a security firm onto it, or the police," but Gary retorts, "I want to get some proof first." Katie crosses her arms and asks, "What do you want to do?" Gary asks, "Can you break into the accountant's computer system?" Katie stares at him. Gary quickly adds, "I only want to see what's going on. Please? It's more for Gordon's sake than mine." Katie points out, "I could end up in all sorts of trouble." Gary insists, "If I can get some proof someone's been ripping off the company, then I can deal with it quietly. The only other way is to call in the police and that will cause a hell of a fuss - and dad will be right in the middle of it. Look, I'll pay, you know that." Katie comments doubtfully, "It's a pretty serious thing." Gary sighs, "Thought I could ask for your help. I guess there's no other way now." He goes to head out, but Katie calls hesitantly, "Wayne." Gary stops in his tracks and turns to face her. Katie tells him, "Alright. I don't want to see Gordon hurt." Gary stands there, a triumphant smile on his face...


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