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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

A while later, Beryl is carrying a holdall into the lounge room when there's a frantic knocking on the front door. It's David and Heather. Beryl stops in her tracks. David calls out that it's him, but Beryl just stands there. Outside, Heather suggests to David that maybe Beryl isn't there, but David insists that she's in there alright, and he tells Heather to keep trying while he goes round the back to see if he can do any better. He walks off and Heather raps on the door again. Beryl just stands there. David arrives round the back, tries the door and finds it open. He heads inside and Beryl turns to look at him. He demands, "Alright, where is he?" Beryl innocently replies, "Where's who and what are you doing barging into my home?" David snaps, "Dammit, Beryl, you're making it worse for everyone. Now where's the baby?" Beryl retorts, "I suggest you ask the Children's Home, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't come sneaking into mine." David asks her why she didn't open the door when she heard them knocking. Beryl blusters, "If you must know, I was going away for a while. You were all so convinced I was wrong, I decided I probably was. I just didn't want to remember things by seeing you before I left." David says, "Alright - but I still wouldn't mind a quick look while I'm here. Is that OK?" Beryl snaps, "No, it's not OK. I've explained the situation and I'd appreciate it if you had the decency to believe me." David accepts, "Alright." He then goes on, "I'll see you when I--" Robert suddenly starts crying in one of the bedrooms, and Beryl looks round in panic. David mutters, "The decency to believe you...?" He heads off to fetch the baby, leaving Beryl looking worried.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house in Sydney, Andy complains to Fiona that Eddie has got Helena locked up somewhere and she's telling him that he should forget all about it...? Fiona, though, tells him that he's blowing the whole thing out of proportion - Eddie is going to look after the girl until her fiancé arrives; that sounds perfectly reasonable to her. Jill chips in that Eddie wouldn't do anything to hurt Helena. Andy asks Fiona for Eddie's address so that he can go and see Helena, but Fiona warns him that he'd only complicate matters, and she asks him to accept the fact that it's out of their hands. Changing the subject, she goes on that she's been thinking: he's been a bit lost for transport since he sold his van; how would he feel if she was to loan him the money to go and get a new one? Andy, though, growls, "Nice try, Fiona, but I'm not about to make the same mistake I made yesterday - sitting around, listening to you, while Helena was being dragged off by that moron, Wallace." Fiona pleads, "See reason, Andy," but Andy retorts, "All I'm seeing is a girl bullied into a wedding that she doesn't want and you're telling me that it's for the best?" With that he storms out, leaving Fiona to curse, "He is so stubborn." Jill murmurs that she knows. She then asks Fiona if she thinks Helena was serious when she said she was in love with Andy. Fiona mutters, "She could have been. Who knows?" She sighs heavily.

Charlie carries a vase of flowers into her lounge room, and asks Katie, who's sitting reading, "How's the patient?" Katie retorts, "A couple of days and I'll be fine. I told you, it's only temporary: the doctor said the headaches and lack of co-ordination were all part of the same thing; now that the headaches have gone, the rest will follow suit." Charlie asks suspiciously, "Told you that, did he?" Katie looks down and admits, "Not in as many words, but it makes sense." Charlie tells her that she should let her parents know what's happened, but Katie mutters that they've got enough hassles with the market garden; it wouldn't be fair. Charlie points out that they are her parents; they'd want to know. Katie, though, snaps, "I said no." She then suggests more calmly that they change the subject. Charlie looks at her, an expression of concern on her face.

There's a knock on the door of Andy's bedsit, and Andy opens it to find a priest standing there. He immediately says, "Not today, thankyou," but the priest asks, "Andy Green?" Andy replies, "Yeah." The priest goes on, "Father Martin. I'm parish priest at St. Mary's." Andy asks, "So?" Father Martin explains, "I have a young woman here. A friend of yours." Andy's face lights up and he smiles, "Helena? Where is she?" Father Martin asks Helena to come forward, and Andy looks shocked as he notices that her clothes are ripped and she's covered in bruises. Helena, looking down at the ground, cries, "Do you mind if I come in here, Andy? I didn't know where else to go." Andy quickly tells her to come in. He then turns back to Father Michael and asks what happened to her. Father Michael, though, replies that he doesn't know - he found her huddling in one of the pews this morning; the poor thing was out of her mind with fear. Andy walks over to Helena and pulls back her hair to reveal a bruise on her face. He asks Father Michael if he's called the police, but Helena quickly replies, "No, no, no police. Maybe I should go? I'm causing too much trouble." Andy, though, insists that she's staying right there. He turns back to Father Michael, who says he'll be at St. Mary's if he's needed for anything. Andy thanks him and he goes. Andy then puts his arms round Helena and soothes that it's OK; everything's going to be alright.

Heather is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's when the front door bangs and David walks in with a man, who he introduces as Colin Wilkins from the Children's Home. Heather tells him that they've met. She then tells Wilkins that Beryl is pretty upset, and she asks him to be careful with her. Wilkins assures her that he will. At that moment, Beryl comes in and snaps at Wilkins that he didn't waste any time in getting there. Wilkins just says, "Hello, Beryl." Beryl accuses, "You've come to take my baby away, haven't you?" Wilkins tells her, "We don't exactly know he is yours, do we?" but Beryl retorts, "I do - and contrary to what you all seem to think, he's staying right here, with his mother." David tells her to just hand the baby over and get it over and done with, but Beryl snaps, "You might be prepared to abandon our son, David, but I am not." Wilkins warns, "I don't want to bring the police into this, Beryl, but I'll have to if you won't give him back." David assures Wilkins, "You won't have to do that. I'll get him." He goes to head to the bedroom, but Beryl grabs his shirt and snaps, "I won't let you give our son away." David snaps back, "We've been through this a dozen times. We don't know he's ours and he's going back to the Home. Now let go." Beryl starts struggling with him and cries, "Don't you dare go near him." David, holds her, to keep her still, and then sighs, "Alright. If that's what you want." He turns to Heather and says, "Get the baby." Beryl, looking shocked, cries, "Heather, no, don't believe him, he is my baby. He is mine." Heather, looking worried, stands up and goes to the bedroom as Beryl keeps struggling with David. She comes back in with Robert, and Beryl cries, "Please don't take him from me... please don't take him from me... no... no..." As she pulls away from David, she starts lashing out and hitting him, becoming hysterical as she sobs, "How could you? How could you, David? You gave my baby away. My little boy. How could you?" She then breaks down in his arms.

In his bedsit, Andy hands Helena a cup of tea. Helena tells him that Eddie wouldn't listen to her - he said he was going to ring Nikos to come sooner because of all the trouble she has made. Andy sighs, "I told Fiona this would happen." Helena explains, "I didn't know where else to go so late in the night, so I broke my window and I ran away as fast as I could." Andy says, "To the church?" Helena, though, tells him, "No - it was bright; there were many lights." Andy realises, "Kings Cross." Helena nods. Andy asks her why she didn't come to the boarding house, and she explains, "I was thinking about how I could, but when I offered a man and his friends some money to show me how, they took me away to a dark street..." Andy adds, "And they stole your purse?" Helena nods and goes on, "Afterwards, I saw the church." Andy mutters, "All on account of that Wallace creep." Helena points out, "He knows where you live, Andy. Will he come looking for me?" Andy assures her, "No one's going to make you do anything that you don't want to - not while I've got something to say about it." Helena looks worried.

Heather is sitting in the lounge room at the country house, fussing over Robert and feeding him from a bottle as Tim, Mike and Leigh look on. She asks where Shane is, and Leigh retorts that he's in the caravan, asleep. The door bangs and David walks in. Looking at Heather with 'Jamie', he asks what's going on there, adding that he thought Wilkins was going to take the baby straight back to the Home. Mike explains that Wilkins thought it was better to keep him out of the spotlight for a while, just in case. Heather adds that she offered to look after him until things simmer down. David muses, "As good a place as any, I suppose. The way Beryl feels about me, she wouldn't come within a hundred miles of the place." Heather asks how she is, but David tells her, "Not good. Talking lawyers and legal matters when I left. I've never seen her so churned-up about anything." Tim smiles, "They called him Jamie. What do you reckon?" David laughs, "It doesn't sound much like a boy's name to me!" Heather tells him indignantly that she likes it! She then turns to Mike and asks if they could rethink fostering him. Mike, though, points out glumly that they can't afford it - not with the market garden as dicey as it is. Leigh looks thoughtful as he adds, "I wish we could, though. It's not hard to see how Beryl got so attached to him." Heather suddenly realises that it's time 'Jamie's' nappy was changed. David suggests to Mike that they go and get some work done, and the two of them head out. Heather asks Leigh if she can borrow some of Shane's nappies, and Leigh tells her that they're in the caravan. Heather heads out, taking 'Jamie' with her. Leigh sits down with Tim, who comments that it's a shame Mike and Heather can't adopt him - they'd be great parents. Leigh, still looking thoughtful, agrees, "Yes, they would..."

Charlie carries a tray of tea things into her lounge room. Katie is still sitting reading, and she tells Charlie that her book says the next generation of computers will almost be able to think for themselves! Charlie warns her that she shouldn't be reading; she'll bring on one of her headaches again, but Katie insists that she's alright. Charlie tells her that that's exactly what her Great Uncle Henry said the day before they rushed him off to hospital! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Katie gets up and answer it. STD pips sound and then Leigh comes on. She tells Katie that there's something she has to talk to her about. Katie says, "Fire away." Leigh explains, "It's your mum and dad: they want to foster a baby." Katie exclaims excitedly, "Really?! That's great! The best news I've had all day!" Leigh goes on, "They want to, but they can't with their shaky finances." Her face dropping, Katie comments that she didn't know they were that bad. Leigh explains that, apparently, most of their money went into setting up the market garden. She adds that it's such a pity - they're both crazy about the child. Katie suggests, "I could offer them the money, I suppose, but dad would never accept it - unless I made it look like a loan." Leigh assures her, "You'd be doing a great favour if you did." Katie asks, "Put dad on, will you? Say I'm just ringing for a chat." Leigh says she will. She then adds, "It's probably best if you don't mention me - he mightn't like the thought of someone asking for his daughter's help behind his back." Katie agrees, "He'd hate it!" Leigh thanks her and goes to get him.

Fiona knocks on the door of Andy's bedsit, looking worried. There's no answer, and so she knocks again. Andy eventually answers the door, and Fiona mutters that he took his time. She walks in. One of Helena's feet is sticking out from under Andy's bed. Andy explains to Fiona that he was just catching up on a bit of sleep. Fiona says anxiously that she's just had a call from Eddie and Helena has gone missing. Andy 'innocently' asks when, and Fiona explains that it was in the middle of last night; she wondered if he'd seen or heard from her. Andy, suddenly noticing Helena's foot, walks subtly over to the bed to hide it. Fiona warns, "Andy, if you have..." Andy, though, snaps, "I haven't, OK? And if you really want to know, I'm glad she had the guts to get up and go away." As Fiona turns back to the door, Andy nudges Helena's foot with his own, and she pulls it under the bed. Fiona says to Andy that, for Helena's sake, if she does contact him, will he let her know? Andy assures her that he will, and she goes. Helena climbs out from under the bed and says, "Now Eddie will stay away, won't he? Fiona won't tell him anything." Andy agrees, "I'd say so." Helena, staring into his eyes, smiles lovingly, "I know it's only been a little time since we met, but I love you very much." They hug tightly.

Heather carries 'Jamie' into the lounge room at the country house, smiling, "Here we are, all fresh and changed! Isn't he a pretty boy!" Leigh, who's still sitting on the couch, asks her, "What has Katie been up to, lately?" but at that moment, Mike comes in and tells Heather that Katie just rang: she wanted to lend them some money for the greenhouse; something about a big cheque coming through for one of her computer games. Heather asks him what he said, and he replies, "I said no, of course. I'm not going to borrow money from my daughter." A look of annoyance crosses Leigh's face. Heather points out that it would make a big difference to them. Mike, though, tells her, "Look, sweetheart, I want this market garden to work as much as you do, but I just don't think it's right to borrow money from my daughter." Heather says she knows, but couldn't they at least think it over? Leigh chips in that if she could help anyone, she'd jump at the chance. Mike shrugs that it just doesn't seem right, that's all, but Heather points out that they have to be realistic; they have to get back on their feet somehow. Mike muses that Katie did say it was a loan... Leigh asks what the worry is, then: it's not as if it was a handout. Mike, giving in, sighs, "OK - on one condition: we give the money back the minute we can spare it." Looking delighted, Heather smiles, "The very second!" Leigh sits there, looking triumphant.

Katie is on the 'phone again, at Charlie's, and she smiles, "That's great, dad. I'll fix it up as soon as I can." As she talks, Charlie escorts Larry Blake into the lounge room, and the two of them sit down. Charlie asks him how those kiddies of his are, but Larry replies that they've all got the measles, he's afraid. On the 'phone, Katie tells her dad that she loves him and she then hangs up. She turns to Larry and says, "Hi. How did they like the game?" Charlie quickly says, "Before you start losing me, is anyone going to be a heretic and say no to coffee?" Larry smiles that he'd love one, and Katie agrees, "Me too." Charlie heads off to get them. Katie sits down and says to Larry, "I was glad to finally get it finished. It's one of the hardest ones I've done." Larry leans forward and sighs, "I thought it might have been." Katie asks him, "Did you bring a cheque over? I need the money pretty urgently." Larry, though, says, "Look, Katie, we've got a few problems." Katie queries, "The game worked alright, didn't it?" Larry, though, tells her, "No, I'm afraid not - and the manager's refusing to pay you for it." Katie looks shocked.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon is showing Gary some printouts, explaining that one column lists the company's overall profit and one shows the company expenditure. Gary comments that it's all done on the accountant's computer, and Gordon explains that the accountant convinced them that it's the safest way of keeping a tab on the company finances. He adds that, apparently, it's very easy to pick up problem areas; irregularities. Gary remarks, "Must be quite a computer. I'd like to get to know more about it; the only problem is understanding the jargon." Gordon assures him that he never had trouble picking up things before, but Gary quickly explains that it just meant it'll take a while to get in his stride; he doesn't want to do anything half-baked. Gordon suggests to him that, if he's that keen, he should see Katie O'Brien: if anyone can lead him through the computer jungle, she can. Gary smiles, "I think I might..."

At Charlie's, Katie says to Larry that she can't see how: she knows she rushed it a bit at the end, but it seemed to work OK. Larry apologises that he's sorry it was him who had to tell her, but she knows what computers are like - that program isn't... He breaks off as Katie concedes, "Worth the chip it's written on. I know." Larry quickly cajoles that there isn't a programmer around who hasn't handed in a dud program once in their career; he managed to calm the manager down long enough to convince him to give her another crack at it, though, so what does she say? Katie, looking relieved, exclaims, "Great!" Larry adds, "Of course, you realise he'll tear your contract up in five seconds if it doesn't work this time." Katie insists, "It will - and you'll have it first thing tomorrow morning." Larry assures her that a couple of days will be fine, but Katie tells him, "Tomorrow." Charlie comes back in with the coffee things and she asks Katie if she's alright. She then turns to Larry and adds, "She really isn't up to shop talk." Larry asks what the problem is, but Katie quickly replies that it's just a headache. Charlie points out, "That isn't what--" but Katie interrupts her and says curtly, "I'll take an aspirin later, OK?" Larry suggests, "Take a rest for a day or two, then work on the game. There's no point in making it hard for yourself." Katie, though, tells him, "I said you'll have it tomorrow and you will."

Fiona is on the 'phone in her flat, talking to Eddie. She thanks him, hangs up and then turns to Jill and tells her that Helena's purse has been handed into the police - someone found it in a back alley in Kings Cross. Jill sighs, "Oh..." She then suggests that she must have lost it when she was running away. Fiona muses, "Yeah..." She adds that Helena's passport was still in it, but no money. There's suddenly a knock at the door. As she goes to answer it, Fiona adds that Eddie has rung Nikos to tell him what happened. She laughs bitterly as she goes on that Jill can just imagine the reaction... She opens the door to find Andy standing there. He walks in and says to her, "Look, I've been thinking about what you said earlier on, about lending me the money to buy a new van." Fiona asks, "Oh yeah?" Andy continues, "If the offer's still going, I'd like to take you up on it." Fiona remarks, "That's a bit of a turnabout, isn't it? It's not too long ago you were accusing me of using it as a ploy." Andy, looking sheepish, says, "I know - and I'd like to apologise: I shouldn't have been so quick to shoot my mouth off, but I thought if I got away for a while, it might help me straighten my head out about Helena. Besides, I couldn't think of a better way to run a new van in!" Fiona smiles that she'll get onto it straight away, if he likes. Andy stands there, a broad smile on his face.

Katie and Gary are sitting on the couch in Charlie's lounge room. Katie is playing with a cassette tape while Gary stares at the computer. Katie says to him that, if she hadn't been hit on the head, she probably wouldn't be in such a mess. Gary assures her, "I feel pretty rotten about it, I can tell you," but Katie insists that it's not his fault. Gary murmurs, "If I'd got here a little sooner..." Katie goes on, "What really worries me is the effect on mum and dad when I don't come through with the money I promised." Gary takes the cassette tape from her and asks, "This is going to help?" Katie mutters, "Hopefully." Gary then asks her, "Did you see the movie War Games? The one where the kid tapped into the big computer." Katie smiles, "Three times!" Gary asks if that can really be done - can she hook her computer up to a bigger one somewhere? Katie replies, "Theoretically. You'd need a telephone link, and you'd need to know the other computer's password; that would be the hard part." Gary comments that they make it look easy in the movies. Katie says, "Look, Wayne, I really appreciate you calling by, but I'd better get back to it if I'm going to earn that money for mum and dad - or myself, for that matter." Gary suggests, "Maybe I could help you out. I made a few bucks selling-off the house in Melbourne; I could help tide you over." Katie, though, replies, "Thanks, but no. Once I get this game sorted out, I'll be OK." Gary goes on, "Alright, let's make it more a business arrangement." Indicating the computer, he continues, "You teach me enough about these things for me not to sound a complete idiot when I talk to the company accountant, and I'll take the pressure off your financial situation. What do you say?" Katie tells him, "I'll think about it - but only after I fix the game, OK?" Gary, looking annoyed, mutters, "Sure. There's no hurry."

Leigh and Heather - who's still fussing over 'Jamie' - are sitting at the table in the kitchen at the country house. Mike is talking on the 'phone and he tells the person at the other end that he'll get back to him. He then hangs up and tells Heather that it's not as expensive as he thought - they'll be able to afford a sprinkler system as well as a greenhouse; there's a discount for cash. Heather smiles that that's wonderful, and Leigh says she had a feeling everything would start falling into place for them. Mike tells her, "Thanks to Katie." Looking at both Heather and Leigh, he adds, "I guess I should thank you two as well - for making me see sense for a change." Changing the subject, Leigh suddenly asks, "Have you thought any more about fostering Jamie?" Mike replies, "No. Why?" Leigh explains, "I just thought it might make it easier - with the extra money." Heather points out earnestly to Mike, "It does make a difference. Perhaps we could reconsider...?" Mike, looking wary, says, "I don't know, love. Let's wait until we're more established, eh?" Heather starts fussing over 'Jamie' again and she comments that the poor little mite deserves a decent home; with Katie's money... Mike puts his finger in 'Jamie's' hand, and smiles that the little fella sure makes it hard to say no! Heather suggests to him that the two of them go for a walk and have a look at where they're going to build the greenhouse. Mike looks at Leigh and sighs, "When I hear that tone, I always know I'm going to be talked into something!" Heather asks Leigh if she'd mind looking after Jamie, and Leigh tells her to take her time. Heather and Mike head out. Leigh stands up, walks round to Robert and says to him, "You know what, little brother? With a bit of luck, I think you're about to get the best mummy and daddy in the whole world..."

Helena is lying asleep in Andy's bed when Andy shakes her and she wakes up. He tells her, "Guess what - I've just scored myself a new set of wheels!" Helena queries, "Wheels?" Andy explains, "A brand new van. It means we can get away; disappear." Helena cries that she has no money, but Andy tells her not to worry about it - they can pick up a job along the way; the main thing is, she'll have no one telling her what to do - no Eddie, no Nikos, none of them. Helena exclaims, "That sounds fantastic!" Andy tells her that they haven't got much time. Helena stares at him and says, "I love you so much." Andy stares back and replies, "You know what? I reckon I love you, too, and no one's going to stop us from going away. No one."

A short time later, Andy is sitting with Fiona and Jill in Fiona's flat, and Fiona asks him how long he'll be away. Andy replies that it'll be a few weeks; however long it takes. He then asks her if she's heard any more from Eddie about Helena, but Fiona tells him, "Only that Nikos is taking it particularly hard." Andy sighs, "Yeah, must be pretty rough on him." He then suggests that he'd better go. Jill tells him to have a good time, and Fiona warns him not to drive too fast. Andy mutters that he won't, and he heads out. When he's gone, Jill comments, "He didn't seem too happy about going, did he?" Fiona agrees, "No." She then adds, "Still, the further away he is from Helena, the better."

Helena is packing food into a box when Andy comes back into his bedsit. She asks him if they have enough, and Andy picks up a bottle and says, "As long as we've got the Vegemite, that's the main thing!" He then asks, "Helena, are you sure you really want to go through with this? I mean, it won't be easy to change your mind when you're out in the middle of Woop Woop." Helena insists, "I'm sure." Andy smiles, "Now all we have to do is wait 'til everyone's asleep, then it's just you, me and the road." Helena gives him a kiss.

Charlie is sitting in front of Katie's computer, typing very, very slowly as Katie reads out, "If x equals..." As Charlie misses a letter, Katie snaps, "I said 'x', not 'c'..." Charlie retorts that it's not her fault - the keys are too close. Katie tells her that she's not concentrating, but Charlie assures her, "Darling, if I concentrate any harder, my entire brain will collapse - not to mention what my poor fingernails are going through." Katie explains that she's just panicking that they won't be finished on time, but Charlie says to her that she doesn't know why she's in such a hurry - Larry said there was no rush. She suggests to her that she leave it for now and go and have another check-up tomorrow, but Katie insists that she'll be right as rain in a day or two; in the meantime, though, she has to get this program finished; she was hoping Charlie would help her, not nag her. Charlie returns to the keyboard and speaks out loud as she types, "x equals... what?" Katie sighs heavily.

A while later, Katie is back in front of the computer. Charlie waltzes into the room with Gary and announces that they've got a visitor! Katie smiles at him and tells him that they've just finished the game. Gary explains that that's why he's there - to see if they needed any last-minute help. Charlie laughs that he's about two hours too late - and now she's going to bed before she dies of exhaustion! Katie thanks her for her help and she goes. Gary sits down and, indicating the computer, says, "I guess that means you'll have time to teach me how to drive this thing." Katie, though, tells him, "Not quite. I've decided to get straight into a new game - strike while the iron's hot." Gary, looking annoyed, retorts, "I thought we had a deal," but Katie points out that she said she'd think about it; she just won't have the time, though; she's sorry. Gary comments, "Fair enough." He then goes on, "Tell you what, I'm a bit peckish. I don't suppose...?" Katie smiles, "One late-night snack coming up," and she heads out to the kitchen. When she's gone, Gary takes a cassette tape out of his jacket pocket and switches it with a cassette lying on the table. He goes to put this cassette in his pocket, but Katie comes back in at that moment, with a plate of sandwiches, so he quickly drops it and kicks it under the couch.

Andy opens the door to his bedsit and he and Helena head out into the corridor, Andy carrying the box of food. Two men suddenly come round the corner and one of them asks menacingly, "Going somewhere?" Andy demands, "Who are you?" The man tells him, "Friends of Eddie Wallace. He wants to ask you a few questions." Looking at Helena, he then adds, "I'd say you've already answered most of them." He grabs her arm, but Andy snaps, "She's not going anywhere." The man warns him to stay out of it and no one will get hurt, but Andy snaps, "Like hell I will," and he pushes the box of food into the second man so that he staggers back. Helena runs off while Andy barges into the first man and starts struggling with him. The man throws him down to the ground, though, and kicks him in the ribs. Andy lies there, writhing in pain...


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