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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

A while later, at Dural, Stephen and Jenny are sitting with Barbara and Gary in the lounge room, and Stephen is telling his sister that it looks like she's going to have two house guests; he hopes it's not too much trouble. Barbara muses that she thinks she can manage! She then asks him whether he shouldn't speak to Caroline first, but Stephen asks what the point is: the way she behaved was inexcusable. Gary mutters, "The mind boggles." Barbara warns him, "Wayne... you're not helping." Gary tells Jenny that anyone could see Caroline was sizing her up this morning. Jenny explains that Caroline was scared of losing Stephen; she feels sorry for her. Stephen muses that he can't imagine why! Gary suddenly stands up and announces that he'd better be going. Looking surprised, Barbara asks him where he's off to, as dinner is almost ready. Gary explains that he's got an appointment in town. Jenny asks, "Girlfriend?" Gary smiles, "You could say that..." He goes, leaving Barbara to muse, "Well, his memory's not improving, is it?" She then adds that at least Stephen and Jenny are still there. Stephen explains that they were going to go out to dinner, but Jenny quickly says she'd rather eat there at Dural. She adds that she's feeling a bit wilted, so she'll have a quick shower and change. She gives Stephen a kiss and leaves the room. When she's gone, Barbara chastises her brother, "Well, you certainly made a muck-up of things, didn't you?" Stephen, though, retorts, "Better now than later. Caroline turned out to be worse than Patricia. If you'd heard the things she was saying to Jenny--" Barbara interrupts him and asks, "What on earth do you expect? Anyone can see Jenny's in love with you." Stephen retorts, "Good - because the feeling is mutual." Barbara snaps, "I don't understand you. Yesterday it was Caroline, today it's Jenny. Do you know what the hell you do want?" Stephen retorts, "I want a woman I can be happy with. I'm very attracted to Caroline but it wouldn't have worked. But Jenny will work. I know it will." Barbara raises her eyebrows in disbelief and sips from her drink.

Amanda arrives back at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline, who's sitting on the couch, asks how the job-hunting went. Amanda replies that she had no luck - all those interviews and all she's got to show for it are blisters. Changing the subject, Caroline says she hasn't done any cooking, so they'll have to have takeaway. Amanda comments that it suits her. She adds, "Daddy won't mind, will he?" Caroline, though, retorts, "He's gone to stay at the Hamiltons'. Have you met the country girlfriend?" Amanda queries, "Jenny Turner?" and Caroline agrees sourly that that's her - she's staying there as well; it seems she wants a change from milking cows! Amanda comments that her dad told her that he was going to break-off with Jenny, but Caroline explains that he didn't have a chance - Jenny clung on like a limpet all the way back to Sydney. Amanda asks, "Didn't he tell her about you?" Caroline replies, "No - but I did: she dropped in for a chat. Unfortunately, Stephen turned up when I was being rather less than subtle. He blew his top and stormed out - with Jenny." She adds, "I'm not going to give up, though. I'll just have to get him back, that's all." Amanda suggests that maybe she shouldn't try. Looking surprised, Caroline asks her if she doesn't want her and Stephen back together again, but Amanda assures her, "Of course I do, but if it's going to start causing trouble..." Caroline retorts, "She started the trouble, not me." Amanda asks her what she's going to do about it. Caroline just murmurs slyly, "I'll think of something..."

Mike, Heather and Leigh are watching television in the lounge room at the country house when Tim comes in and tells Heather that there's a lady at the door for her - Diane someone. Heather asks him to show her in, and he goes. Heather comments that it must be Diane Bull from the Children's Home. Upon hearing this, Leigh says she'd better go and check on Shane, and she makes a hasty exit. Heather says to Mike that she hopes nothing's wrong at the Children's Home. Tim comes back in with Diane, and Heather invites her to take a seat. Tim asks where Leigh went, and Mike explains that she said something about checking on Shane. Tim goes again. Diane asks Heather if she's heard how Beryl is, and Heather replies that she's still insisting that the blood tests prove the baby's hers. Diane murmurs that she was afraid of that. She goes on that they have to find a home for Jamie as soon as possible - it'll be easier for Beryl. She adds that she came over to ask Heather if she and Mike might know of someone who'd like to be foster parents. Heather looks at Mike and then shrugs and says she's afraid they don't. Mike smiles that all their friends have their hands full raising their own kids! Diane asks, "Would you mind asking around anyway, just in case?" Heather nods that they'll do their best.

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Beryl rants at David that she won't let the matter drop - if he won't help her, he'll find someone who will. David asks who, but Beryl snaps, "Oh, I don't know. The police?" David points out that they think Robert died in Gloria's car, but Beryl retorts, "They're wrong, David. I've seen him. I know he's alive." She pauses before going on, "Colin Wilkins. He's a Director at the Home and he's a good friend. He'll listen to me." David snaps at her that she's only making things worse for herself, but Beryl yells, "They couldn't get any worse." With that, she picks up the 'phone and starts dialling.

Gary is standing at the front door of the Morrell apartment, and as Caroline opens it, she smiles, "Well, what a surprise!" Gary tells her that he heard what happened, and Caroline muses that she thought he might. Gary explains that he came to offer her a shoulder, but Caroline assures him curtly that she's managing. Gary goes on, "All the same, I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Stephen." He walks in and asks where Amanda is. Caroline just says, "Out." She goes and sits down and then says, "You can tell me the truth: you're not really sorry, are you?" Gary sits down next to her, stares into her eyes and charms, "You're the best-looking woman I've ever met." Caroline asks, "Really?" Gary goes on, "Let Jenny have him. You and I are much better suited." He goes to kiss her, but Caroline pushes him away, and he demands, "What's the matter?" Caroline growls, "What an ego. How can--" She breaks off before snapping, "It doesn't matter to you what I want, does it?" Gary asks her what she's talking about, and Caroline retorts, "You told Jenny I'd make Stephen's life a hell, just because you wanted me." Gary admits, "Yeah, alright, I did. I reckon you should be thanking me for saving you a lot of trouble. You don't love him." Caroline, though, snaps, "Love had nothing to do with it. I wish you'd kept out." She then pauses before adding, "But since you didn't, maybe you can help - if you want me..."

Leigh is heading up to the back door at the country house when Tim comes out and tells her that he was just coming to see her. She immediately asks him if Mrs. Bull has gone, and Tim replies, "Yeah, just now." Leigh then goes on, "She didn't see me nicking-out?" Tim replies, "No, why?" Leigh tells him, "I met her at Beryl's. She doesn't like me much." Tim sighs, "I thought you'd had an attack of guilts about Shane. I should have known better." Leigh ignores this, instead asking, "What did she want?" Tim explains that she just wanted to know if Mike and Heather knew anybody who'd want to foster Jamie - she wants to get him out of the home before Aunty Beryl kicks up another stink. Leigh comments, "I guess that's not such a bad idea. Think what a rotten life he'd have if Beryl did get him - she's round the twist, saying he's Robert." She then asks if Mike and Heather could think of anyone, but Tim shakes his head. Leigh mutters, "He should have the very best after what he's been through. I hope Mrs. Bull will make sure he's looked after properly." Tim suddenly says, "I know who'd give him a great home. They'd be ace parents." Leigh asks, "Who?"

Inside, in the kitchen, Mike and Heather are clearing up. As they do so, Mike asks, "What about the Jacksons? They're always talking about having another baby." Heather, though, points out that that was before Anne got pregnant. Mike muses that he forgot about that! He then adds that he can't think of anyone, then. Tim and Leigh come in and Tim excitedly says to Mike and Heather, "I know who could look after Jamie: you two!" Leigh adds, "You'll be terrific parents!" Heather stares at her and comments, "It never occurred to me." Looking at Mike imploringly, she goes on, "I suppose we could..." Mike, though, looking dubious, points out that Beryl would give them hell if she thought they had Jamie. Leigh points out that she doesn't have to know. Heather tells Mike that she'd love to look after a baby again, and Mike replies that he knows, but it's not on - the market garden's hardly showing a profit, and they'd need a steady, reliable income before they could even think about fostering a child. Tim suggests that they could look after Jamie for a little while, and Heather tells Mike that a few days wouldn't hurt - he's such a beautiful boy. Mike, though, points out, "Exactly. We'd get fond of him and then have to give him up." Heather tells him that they wouldn't have him long enough for that - and it would give Diane time to find really good foster parents. Mike, though, says, "No, Dave's got enough people living here as it is. I'm sure Diane will find him a good home." Tim and Leigh look at each other. Heather murmurs, looking disappointed, "I suppose you're right..."

Caroline and Gary are standing by the bar at the Morrell apartment. Gary takes a swig from a can of beer as Caroline asks him, "Do you think you can convince Stephen?" Gary mutters, "It shouldn't be too hard." He then adds, "You don't give up when you want something, do you?" Caroline agrees, "No." Gary goes on, "When it's over, what about us?" Caroline puts her glass down on the bar and goes to put her arms around him, saying temptingly as she does so. "I'll be here..." She goes to kiss him, but at that moment, the front door opens, and Amanda comes in. Caroline quickly says quietly to Gary, "Keep it to yourself, OK?" Amanda smiles, "Hello, Wayne." Gary asks her how she is, and she replies that she's starving! She then asks him if he'd like to join them for dinner, but Gary explains that he was just going. Turning to Caroline, he tells her that he'll make sure Stephen gets her message, and he goes. Amanda starts unpacking the takeaway that she's bought, asking her mother as she does so, "What message?" Caroline replies, "He's going to ask him to come and see me. I've got to try something." Amanda asks her, "Do you think he will?" but Caroline shrugs and says, "I don't know. I hope so - it means a lot to me." She then asks Amanda if there's any chance of her going out. Amanda smiles, "Sure - but can I have something to eat first?!"

Barbara, Jenny and Stephen are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara and Jenny are looking at brochures, and Barbara tells Jenny that she should get Stephen to take her on a harbour cruise. Stephen tells Jenny that they can go tomorrow morning, if she likes. At that moment, Gary strolls in, and Barbara comments that he's home early. She asks him if he got stood-up, but Gary retorts that he didn't want a late night, that's all - he has to get some papers ready for Gordon. He then asks Stephen if he can have a word with him for a minute, and the two of them leave the room. Barbara muses to Jenny, "Good heavens - Wayne cutting a date short so he could do some work? You won't find that too often!" Out in the hallway, Gary tells Stephen that he needs those papers he gave him to look over this morning. Stephen sighs that they're at Amanda's, with the rest of his things. Gary comments, "I was afraid you'd say that." He then adds, "I hate to ask, but any chance of you picking them up?" Stephen groans, "Not now - I'd only get into a row with Caroline. Can't it wait?" Gary, though, tells him that Gordon is going to need the file he's preparing first thing in the morning. He adds that he's got to go up and start it now; he tried to ring Amanda a few minutes ago, but there was no answer. Stephen, giving in, says, "Alright. Give me a minute." He heads back into the lounge room, leaving Gary standing in the hallway, looking triumphant.

Katie is working on her computer in the lounge room at Charlie's, but she curses at it, "What is wrong with you, you stupid machine?" Charlie wanders in and tells Katie that she wishes she'd see a doctor, but Katie snaps that it's not her; the machine's still acting crazy. Charlie points out that the repairman checked it over and he couldn't find anything wrong, but Katie snaps that he obviously missed something. She adds that Larry needs the program first thing in the morning. Charlie says she's sure he won't mind waiting, but Katie retorts, "His boss will." Charlie sits down next to her and suggests gently, "Why don't you have an early night? I can ring him and tell him you're not feeling well." Katie, though, snaps, "It's not a school assignment, Charlie, I'm under contract: if I don't produce the goods, I don't get paid. Don't tell me that's too hard for you to understand." Charlie glares at her and retorts, "I'm not entirely stupid, I'm just worried about you, that's all." Katie says more calmly, "Sorry - I didn't mean to snap. It's just the computer's getting on my nerves and I've got another headache." Charlie suggests again that she see a doctor, and Katie gives in and says she'll make an appointment in the morning.

Stephen arrives at the Morrell apartment to find it in darkness. He heads inside, switches on the lights, wanders over to the coffee table and picks up the file that's lying there. He doesn't notice Caroline appear in the doorway that leads to the bedrooms, wearing just her lingerie. She smiles and then puts on a serious face and, in a shocked voice, says, "Stephen! I didn't expect you back!" Stephen turns to stare at her and replies quietly that he's sorry - he came to pick up some papers; he thought she was out. Caroline walks towards him enticingly and tells him that she was trying to get to sleep - but she was too upset. Stephen asks where Amanda is, and Caroline replies that she's staying with a friend. Looking suddenly wary, Stephen says, "I have to go." He goes to walk towards the door, but Caroline quickly says, "Stephen - please. Don't go." Stephen turns to face her again, but tells her, "It's best if I do. We both know it wouldn't work." Caroline teases, "Wouldn't it...?" Stephen points out, "We'd make life hell for each other..." Caroline runs her hands up the lapels of his jacket and round his neck, pulling him towards her and teasing, "Would we...?" Stephen succumbs and starts kissing her, passionately.

The next morning, Jenny and Gary are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural when Barbara comes in and announces, "Well, he's not in his room and his bed hasn't been slept in." Jenny asks if he hasn't been home, then, and Barbara agrees that it looks like it. She adds that she's just been trying to get through to Amanda, just to see if she knows where he is, but she keeps getting the engaged signal. Jenny worries, "I hope he hasn't had a car accident," but Barbara says she's sure there's a perfectly simple explanation. Jenny stands up and says she's going to call the police, just to be on the safe side. Gary, though, quickly tells her, "There's no need to do that." Barbara glares at him and snaps, "Oh? And what would you know about it?" Gary mutters, "Nothing much." Barbara warns, "Wayne..." and Jenny asks what's happened; is Stephen alright? Gary shrugs and replies, "Yeah, I'm sure he is. It's just that, before he went out last night, he said he had to see Caroline. He must have stayed the night." Jenny raises her eyebrows in despair.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen is looking through the file he came to pick up. He doesn't notice Caroline quietly putting the 'phone back on the hook, on the bar. Stephen comments that Wayne isn't going to be very happy - he wanted those papers last night. Caroline, though, tells him that she's sure he'll understand. She then adds that she supposes everybody will have put two and two together by now - but who cares? - she's glad he did stay last night. Stephen asks her if she's sure about what she said about living at Woombai. Caroline assures him, "If Woombai is where you want to go, that's where we're going." The two of them kiss. As they do so, the front door opens and Amanda comes in. Caroline smiles at her, "It's alright - no flying missiles! How was your night?" Amanda replies that it was OK - but she couldn't stop wondering about the two of them. She asks them if they've smoked the peace pipe and Caroline, leaning into Stephen for a hug, asks, "What do you think?!" Amanda smiles, "That's wonderful. I hoped everything would be OK." Looking worried, Stephen points out, "I still have to break the news to Jenny..."

A while later, in the hallway at Dural, Barbara snaps at her brother, "You don't deserve either of them, the way you've been carrying on." Stephen asks, "Do you think I'm going to enjoy telling Jenny what happened last night?" but Barbara retorts that he shouldn't have let it get out of hand; he should have told Jenny when they were still at Woombai. With that, she storms off. Jenny and Gary come out of the lounge room, and Jenny tells Stephen that she was getting worried. Stephen assures her that there was no need. He then hands Gary the file he picked up, and Gary takes it and walks off. Stephen suggests to Jenny that they'd better have a talk. He adds that he supposes she knows where he spent last night. Jenny nods, sadly. Stephen assures her that he honestly didn't plan anything, but Jenny comments that Caroline must be hard to resist. Stephen says, "It's not just that. I do love her." He adds, "I've made a mess of things, haven't I? I didn't want to hurt you..." He puts his hand on her shoulder, but she pulls away and snaps, "As if that helps." Stephen says he wishes there was something he could do, but Jenny retorts that it's alright: she'll go back to Woombai. Stephen assures her, "I'm not being a fool about it, Jen. I know Caroline wants our relationship to work as much as I do." Jenny muses, "Well, if it doesn't, you know where I live." She walks off, leaving Stephen looking worried.

Diane Bull is at Beryl's. As David lets her in, she asks curtly where Beryl is, adding that she wants to see her. David muses, "I suppose you've heard from Wilkins?" Diane asks him if he knew Beryl was 'phoning him, but David explains that he couldn't stop her. Diane growls, "Well, this time she's gone too far. It's high time she realised Jamie's not her baby." David says, "I agree, but--" Diane interrupts and goes on that Colin gave her a right old ear-bashing on the 'phone this morning; her job could be on the line. David comments that he doesn't know why she's being blamed, but Diane explains that, according to Wilkins, she should have got all the details from the girl who brought Jamie in; it's no excuse that she slipped off before she knew she'd gone. She adds that, if he knew all the facts, Mr. Wilkins wouldn't have Beryl on his back. At that moment, Beryl emerges from her room and says a sheepish 'hello' to Diane. She adds that she's sorry Diane is copping all the flack; she was hoping Colin would help her. Diane retorts, "It's not just me, Beryl. The way you've been carrying-on has upset everyone at the home." Beryl snaps, "Robert shouldn't be there in the first place," but Diane retorts, "Beryl, Jamie is not Robert. I met his mother myself." Beryl growls, "I'm his mother, Diane." Diane looks at David, despairingly. Beryl goes on, "I know I'm giving you all a hard time, but I want my son."

Charlie is playing with Isabella in the lounge room at her house when the front door bangs and Katie comes in. Charlie asks her if she got the program to Larry, and she nods. Charlie then asks, "And what about the doctor?" Katie replies, "Oh yeah, I saw him." Charlie asks what he said, and Katie explains, "There's a bit of scarring on my cortex, apparently." Charlie sympathises, "Oh dear..." Katie goes on, "Must have been when the burglar hit me. My co-ordination's been impaired." Charlie, looking concerned, asks, "Badly?" Katie explains, "It's why I've had trouble with the keyboard: I can't co-ordinate my hand with what I'm looking at." Charlie says, "It will get better, though?" Katie nods, "Oh, I'm sure. He said it's probably only temporary." Charlie still looks worried.

Beryl emerges from her bedroom and walks into the lounge room, carrying a packed bag. David joins her and asks her what's going on. Beryl explains that she made a decision while he was seeing Diane out: she's packed his things and she wants him to leave. David retorts that he's not going anywhere; things will only get worse if she's on her own. Beryl, though, snaps, "I'm sick and tired of people treating me like some kind of nut. Now please go home." David retorts, "No way," and so Beryl growls, "Alright, I'll ring the police and have you thrown out." She goes on, "This is my house now, David, and I don't want you here." She picks up the 'phone receiver and demands, "Are you going?" David reluctantly picks up his bag.

Jenny runs downstairs at Dural. Gary is standing in the hallway and he says to her that Barbara told him she was catching a 'plane back to Woombai; he's sorry things didn't work out. Jenny agrees, "So am I." She then asks him if he'd mind 'phoning her a cab, and Gary walks over to the 'phone. As he does so, he says he hopes she's given herself plenty of time to get to the airport, as it's not exactly round the corner. Jenny, though, tells him that she's not going straight there - she wants to call in at North Sydney first. Gary quickly hangs up and says, "I don't think you'd be wise to talk to Caroline again - it won't change anything." Jenny retorts, "Maybe not, but I'd like to have the last word." Gary sighs and tells her that he thinks she's making a big mistake. Jenny, though, snaps, "If it's a hassle, I can call the cab myself." Gary quickly says, "OK - it's your business. But I'll drive you - you might need moral support." Jenny insists that she can look after herself, but Gary insists, "No arguments." He adds that Stephen is in the living room if she wants to say goodbye, but she shakes her head and the two of them head out.

A short while later, Caroline opens the front door at the Morrell apartment to find 'Wayne' and Jenny standing there. Gary tells her that Jenny insisted on coming over. Jenny explains to Caroline that she wanted to get a few things straightened out before she leaves. Caroline asks, "Such as?" Jenny retorts, "I didn't want you to think I was giving up." Caroline points out, "You haven't got much of a choice," but Jenny retorts, "You might have Stephen for the time being, but let's see how long it'll last. I think he'll get tired of you very quickly." Caroline muses, "We'll see. Anything else?" Jenny goes on, "When he does, send him to me - I'll pick up the pieces." She then turns to Gary, thanks him for the lift and says she'll get a cab outside. She walks off. Gary says to Caroline, "There's a lady with confidence." Caroline just nods, "He'll be in pieces alright. I'll make damn sure of that..."

Beryl is walking up towards the Children's Home, staring at one of the employees who's standing with three prams. A second employee comes along and talks to the first one, and they both then walk off, leaving the prams unattended. Beryl immediately walks over to them and checks inside. She moves across to the second one, and then, in the third one she looks in, she finds Robert. She reaches in, picks him up and walks off...

In the lounge room at the country house, Heather tells David that Beryl shouldn't be left alone - not when she's in such a state. David explains that he tried to talk her around, but she was dead-set on calling the cops. Heather suggests that she'd better go and see her, but David tells her that it won't do any good. Heather says she supposes Beryl will go back to the Home now, but David says he can't see Diane letting her stay for long. Changing the subject, he says he'll get his gear unpacked. He goes to head out, but as he does so, Mike barges in and says, "Diane Bull just 'phoned: there's been more trouble at the Home." David asks, "Beryl?" Mike explains, "Jamie's missing." David realises, "She must have made a beeline for the Home as soon as I left. No wonder she practically shoved me out the door." Heather asks if somebody actually saw Beryl, and Mike explains, "One of the staff." He goes on, "Diane's frantic. I had to talk her out of calling the police." David tells him, "Call her back and tell her I'm on my way. If Beryl has that baby, I'll get it back." Heather calls after him, "I'm coming with you." The two of them head out.

Beryl carries Robert into the lounge room at her house and sits down with him, half-smiling and half-sobbing, "No one's ever going to take you away from me again..."


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