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    Written by: Tim Prokop   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Stephen introduces Jenny to Caroline and explains that she's staying there for a few days - for a holiday. Caroline muses, "Pleased to meet you." Jenny tells her, "Same here." She then asks "How do you know Stephen?" and Caroline smiles, "I'm his ex-wife. Hasn't he told you about me?" Stephen stands there, looking sheepish. Jenny stutters that she knew about Patricia... Caroline tells her, "We go back a lot further than Patricia..." Walking over to Stephen, she adds, "Don't we..." and she gives him a kiss. Jenny looks at him. Caroline tells Stephen, "I'm so glad you're back." In the lounge room, Gary asks Barbara, who's staring out into the hallway, "Trouble?" Barbara mutters, "I hope not." Stephen, Caroline and Jenny come into the room, Caroline asking Stephen as they do so if he had a nice trip down from Woombai. Stephen replies that he did, and Caroline suggests, "It must have been nice to have some company..." Stephen agrees that it was. Caroline then tells Barbara, "I've just met your house guest." Barbara smiles, "Oh good..." Turning to Jenny, Caroline asks her, "And how do you know Stephen?" Jenny explains that her property is right next to Woombai - it's hard to miss people in small country towns. Caroline comments that it's a bit different from Sydney, but Jenny retorts, "Not really - you still meet all types." Caroline asks if it isn't hard for a lady to run a property, and Jenny replies that it was at first, but you get used to it - and Stephen has been a big help. Caroline smiles, "I'm sure he has..." At that moment, Gordon comes into the room and says to Gary, "Wayne? Get over last night?" Gary replies that his head is a bit better this morning, and Gordon tells him that he was sensible not to drive. He then turns to Caroline and asks her how she is. She replies that she's fine. She then goes on that, when she heard that Stephen was back, she decided to collar him for another business lesson. Turning to Stephen, she adds, "That's alright with you, isn't it?" Stephen protests, "Well, actually, we were planning to--" Caroline interrupts him, though, and says, "Good, we'll pick up where we left off last time." Looking at Jenny, she tells her, "I do hope that Stephen hasn't promised to show you around or anything, but if he doesn't fill me in a bit more about how the company's run, I'm not going to be much use in helping to run it." Gary offers, "I'll show you the ropes, if you like. No need to tie Stephen here." Gordon, though, points out, "I doubt you'd be a very good teacher, the way your memory is," and Gary mutters, "I suppose not." Caroline suggests to Stephen that it might be the best idea if they go back to the apartment - there are less interruptions there. Looking at Jenny, she adds, "I'm sorry to take him away." Jenny muses, "If Stephen's happy to go..." Stephen tells her that he'll see her tonight - they'll have dinner together. Caroline pointedly tells her, "Nice to have met you, Jenny. Enjoy your holiday..." With that, Stephen grabs her arm and snaps, "Come on..." They head off, leaving Jenny standing there, looking upset.

Andy opens the door of his bedsit. Helena is standing outside, and he tells her to come in. He adds that lunch is just about ready - a traditional Australian meal! Helena smiles that, one day, she'll cook him a proper Greek meal - that's if she gets the chance; if she has to marry Nikos, she won't even be able to look at another man, let alone cook a meal for him. As Andy sits down, he tells Helena that he tried to think how he could help her, but he couldn't come up with anything. He suggests that maybe Fiona will, but Helena dubiously points out that Fiona is Eddie's friend - she won't go against his wishes; and anyway, Eddie wants the wedding. Andy asks her if she's met Nikos, and Helena replies, "Yes, twice - but he's not a good person. I cannot talk to him like I can talk to you." Looking slightly nervous at that, Andy says he'll serve up, and he goes to the stove and brings back two pies and a bottle of sauce! He places one pie in front of each of them and then adds that they'll also be having lamingtons. Helena queries, "Lamingtons? I have heard of these." Andy laughs, "All lies - they taste great!" He opens the bottle of tomato sauce and pours it all over his pie. He then tells Helena that, when they've finished eating, they'll have a talk to Fiona - he thinks she'll help her even if she is a friend of Eddie's. He bites into his pie as Helena looks at the food dubiously!

As Stephen and Caroline walk into the Morrell apartment, Stephen snaps at his ex-wife that he supposes she did manage to get him away for the afternoon, but she was hardly subtle about it. Caroline retorts that she wanted to be with him, but Stephen tells her that there was no need to put Jenny down like that. Caroline insists that she never meant anything derogatory, but Stephen snaps that Blind Freddie could have seen what she was doing; he wasn't impressed. Caroline growls, "What about me? I was hardly impressed by the fact that you brought a girlfriend back with you." Stephen goes to the bar and starts pouring a drink as he retorts, "She is just a friend." Caroline muses, "Really? So you've never slept with her?" Stephen turns to face her sharply and tells her, "There was never any commitment between us." Caroline points out, "The woman's in love with you." Stephen murmurs that he knows. Caroline points out, "Then you shouldn't have brought her to Sydney." Stephen asks, "What about you and Mark? I suppose that's different?" Caroline retorts that she didn't invite Mark - he turned up; she thought she and Stephen had something going, so she got rid of him. She then goes on that she did see Jenny kissing him, and she asks him if he'd rather she just accepted it. She puts her arms round him and tells him, "I missed you. Are you sure a relationship with me is what you want?" Stephen whispers, "Yes," and Caroline gives him a hug. Stephen looks worried, though.

At Beryl's, Heather and David wander into the lounge room, and Heather asks how Beryl is. David replies that she's not good - the doctor's with her now. He adds that she's on sedatives; it's the only thing that's going to calm her down. Heather tells him that he looks like he could do with some rest himself, and she offers to sit with Beryl for a while, if he wants to take a break. David, though, assures her that he'll be alright. He adds that Beryl just won't believe that the baby at the home isn't Robert. Heather asks if there's any chance she could be right, but David replies, "No way." He adds that he doesn't want to admit that Robert is dead, either, but it's the only thing that could have happened; the thing is, trying to convince Beryl. Heather tells him, "I was in town the other day when a baby in a pram started crying. She was convinced it was Robert as soon as she heard it." David muses, "The other night, when she was positive she heard a baby crying outside... Oh, what a mess. I hope she gets over it." Heather says sadly, "So do I."

Barbara, Jenny and Gary are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Jenny is saying to Barbara that she didn't know Stephen and Caroline were staying together. Barbara explains hesitantly, "Um, yes, at their daughter, Amanda's, place." Gary chips in, "Mind you, I think Caroline's more than happy with the arrangement. Barbara glares at him. Jenny goes on, "Stephen and Caroline are divorced, but this morning she acted like she owned him. Is there something I should know?" Looking uncomfortable, Barbara replies, "I'm sure Stephen will tell you if he feels he has to." Gary smiles, "If he doesn't, Caroline certainly will!" Looking annoyed, Barbara suggests to Jenny that she go and put on some walking shoes and she'll show her around the garden. Jenny accepts this offer and heads off to change. When she's gone, Barbara snaps at Gary, "And just what the hell do you think you're playing at?" Gary insists 'innocently', "Nothing," but Barbara tells him curtly, "Jenny is in love with Stephen and the last thing she needs is you prattling on about Caroline." Gary snaps, "I didn't know. What sort of game is Stephen playing?" Barbara retorts, "Don't ask me. All I know is he should never have brought Jenny down here in the first place." Gary suggests that maybe he still feels something for her, to which Barbara retorts, "Then he's going to have to make up his mind - and if he's not going to tell Jenny, then maybe I will." She stands up and adds, "And you, you just watch what you say in the future." Gary replies that he will. Barbara heads out to the hallway. Gary closes the lounge room doors behind her, goes to the 'phone on the bar and dials. Dennis answers and Gary tells him that it's him. Dennis retorts that it's about time he rang. Gary mutters that he's sorry - he hasn't had the chance. He lights a cigarette as Dennis asks him if anything came of the house they tried to knock over. Gary, though, assures him that they're in the clear. Dennis mutters that it's just as well. He then points out that he thought Gary said they wouldn't be disturbed, but Gary asks, "How was I to know she'd come back?" Dennis asks what they do now, adding that it's a bit risky to try again, isn't it? Gary tells him that they're not going to. He adds that there should be something in the mail for Dennis soon - he's just sold a property that this Wayne character owned; it was worth a mint. Dennis exclaims, "You beauty! Get out of there and we'll take a holiday!" Gary, though, tells him to hang on - it's going to take a few weeks for the money to come through. Dennis replies, "When you get it, we'll take off then - there's no point staying any longer than we have to." Gary, though, asks, "Why not? Longer I stay, the more we make. Besides, I've met a lovely lady - and she's loaded." Dennis warns, "Mate... you don't want to take too many risks." Gary, though, insists, "I can handle it. The ex-husband looks like being a bit of a worry, but I can throw a spanner in the works there. There's no way I'm going to miss my chance with the lovely Caroline..."

Jill sits down in Fiona's flat, with Fiona, Andy and Helena and laughs that Helena is still alive, so lunch couldn't have been too bad! Helena smiles that the lamingtons were very nice! Fiona, looking bemused, asks how the rest of it was, and Helena smiles, "It was, um..." Andy explains, "Pies and sauce." Fiona exclaims, "Oh, Andy!" Andy explains indignantly that it was a typical Australian meal! Jill sympathises with Helena, "You poor thing! Would you like to come shopping? It might help you forget!" Helena, though, shrugs and replies that the lunch was not that bad - it was good of Andy to make it for her. She then adds that she'd love to go shopping, and so Jill says she'll get Fee, adding that she's a lot better now and the fresh air will do her good. She leaves the room. When she's gone, Andy tells Fiona that there's something he'd like to talk to her about. Helena quickly says she thinks she'll go and help Jill, and she stands up. Looking surprised, Fiona watches her go. She then asks Andy what's wrong with the girl, and Andy explains that that's what he wants to talk to her about: there's no way Helena should have to marry Nikos. Fiona stares at him and then tells him, "Look, I am against pre-arranged marriages myself, but we're not in any position to judge. It's part of Helena's culture." Andy points out, "She's only met the guy twice, and she doesn't even like him; it would be a disaster..." Fiona tells him that she knows how he feels, but if they try and meddle, it's only going to make things worse. Andy insists that they can't just ignore it. He goes on that Fiona said Eddie is a decent man and he knows Helena's father; can't she just explain to him? - maybe he'll be able to do something about it? Fiona, though, says she doubts it. She goes on, "Andy, I know how you feel. You like Helena don't you?" Andy agrees, "Yeah, so?" Fiona asks him, "Are you sure you're not just getting involved because you're attracted to the girl?" Andy retorts that that's not the point: Helena is going to be unhappy if the wedding goes through, and he doesn't want to see her unhappy. He asks if they can't just ring Eddie and see what he has to say. Fiona sighs and gives in, "Alright - but I do all the talking, OK? The way you're feeling, you're liable to open your mouth and say the wrong thing!"

Heather pours some tea for her and David in the lounge room at Beryl's. As she does so, Beryl and a doctor walk into the room, and Heather offers Beryl a cuppa. Beryl, though, declines. She then tells David, "Doctor Brent has just taken a blood sample from me. Would you mind letting him do the same to you?" David, looking puzzled, asks why. Beryl explains, "Because it's one way of proving that the baby at the Children's Home is Robert." The doctor tells David that he thinks it would be a good idea if he did take the test, and he suggests that they go in the kitchen. The two men head in there, and David closes the doors behind him. When the two of them are alone, David says, "Doc, our baby's dead. The last thing I want is to give Beryl something to cling to." The doctor replies, "I agree, but there's every chance that the blood test will prove that the baby at the Home couldn't be yours." David asks, "What if the test does match? It still doesn't prove anything." The doctor replies, "I know - it would only indicate the possibility that it could be your child." David asks if Beryl knows that, adding that it sounded to him like she thought it would prove something. The doctor, though, replies that she wouldn't listen when he tried to explain. He opens up his case and David suggests that they get started. He adds that, with any luck, the test will prove negative and force Beryl to accept that the baby's not theirs.

Stephen is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, talking to Jenny. He tells her that he'll see her tonight and then hangs up. As soon as he does so, Caroline asks him why he didn't tell Jenny that he was going to break-up with her and get it over and done with. Stephen explains that he'd rather do it in person - he thinks she deserves that much. Caroline taunts, "You couldn't do it, could you?" Stephen retorts, "Not over the 'phone, no," but Caroline suggests, "Maybe you didn't mean what you said about wanting our relationship to work?" Stephen snaps, "Oh, stop it, Caroline," but Caroline persists, "Why? If you were serious about us getting together again, you would hardly be worried about the feelings of some hick from--" Stephen suddenly interrupts and snaps, "I said stop it." Caroline breaks off and says more quietly that she's sorry; she didn't mean that. Stephen, though, tells her, "I think you did." He then goes on, "Woombai is part of my life, Caroline. I couldn't live anywhere else - but you don't have the slightest intention of coming to stay there, do you? You think we'll live 'happily ever after' in Sydney." Caroline insists, "No, if you prefer it, we'll live in the country," but Stephen asks, "How long will it last? A month? Six weeks, maybe?" Caroline pleads, "At least give me a chance," but Stephen points out bitterly, "I gave Patricia a chance. I still haven't quite forgiven myself for that." He heads towards the front door and Caroline asks him where he's going. Stephen just mutters, "Out. I need time to think." Caroline looks worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara tells Jenny gently that she thinks there's something she should know. Jenny looks at her, and Barbara explains, "Stephen went back to Woombai to break it off between you - because of the way he feels about Caroline." Jenny sighs heavily and, looking upset, says, "I guessed how Caroline felt, but it never even entered my head that Stephen felt the same - although this morning, the way he let her walk all over him..." Barbara says gently that she's so sorry. Jenny insists that she'll be alright; plenty more fish in the sea. She then cries, "I hate fish... I feel so stupid. I thought that this could be a really special weekend for us - sort of a honeymoon." Barbara insists that it's not stupid; she understands. Jenny goes on, "I feel a fool, but that's not what hurts most. I'm going to miss him." Barbara asks her what she's going to do, and Jenny cries, "Go home - there's not much point staying here." She then adds, "Barbara, would you tell Stephen that you've told me how he feels? It'll save us both some embarrassment - and, er, thanks for everything." With that, she gives Barbara a hug and heads out to the hallway. As she does so, Gary emerges from the study and asks what's wrong: Stephen? Jenny explains that she's going back to Woombai, and she tells 'Wayne' that it was nice to meet him, Gary, though, quickly says, "I don't think you should leave. Stephen deserves better than Caroline - she'll make life hell for him." Jenny cries that it's his choice, but Gary points out that she still loves Stephen, doesn't she? Jenny cries, "Course I still love him," and so Gary tells her, "Then stay and fight. Stephen might feel something for Caroline now, but she's wrong for him - they proved that when they split up the first time. If he gets involved with her again, he'll be making the biggest mistake of his life. At least think about staying." Jenny cries that she'll think about it, and she runs off upstairs, leaving Gary looking annoyed.

Eddie is at Fiona's flat, and as she lets him in, she thanks him for coming round. Eddie asks her what her worry is, and Fiona tells him that it's a little hard to explain. He sits down next to Andy, and Fiona goes on, "Um... Helena doesn't want to go through with the wedding. She's told Andy and Jill that she just doesn't love Nikos." Eddie, looking annoyed, points out curtly, "I told you what the situation was, Fiona. You were supposed to look after her." Fiona insists that she has been. Andy interjects, "It's not a question of looking after her. All the girl wants--" He breaks off as Fiona warns, "Andy..." She then turns back to Eddie and continues, "I don't know why her father's sent her out here on her own, anyway. A young, attractive girl in a new country... she's bound to want to live a bit... meet new people." Eddie growls that he should never have let her out of his sight; he'll just have to take her back. He stands up, but Andy does likewise and snaps, "You don't listen, do you? Helena doesn't want to marry Nikos." Eddie glares at him and retorts, "It's got nothing to do with you, son. It's what both families want - this wedding's been planned for ten years." Andy snaps, "Yeah, that's right up your alley, isn't it? What difference does it make if a girl is sold for money or family relations?" Fiona warns again, "Andy..." but Andy goes on angrily, "No. If he had any sort of conscience, he'd be trying to get her out of it, not pushing her into it." With that, he storms out. Fiona sighs, "Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I was afraid that might happen." Eddie accuses, "That boy's in love with her." Fiona laughs, "Oh no, they're just good pals," but Eddie mutters, "I don't think so."

Jill - pushing Fee in her buggy - and Helena walk round the corner of the corridor at the boarding house, Helena asking Jill as they do so if Andy will like her new clothes. Jill smiles that she's sure he will, and she suggests that Helena go and show him. The girl knocks on Andy's door, while Jill heads back to Fiona's. Andy opens the door and invites Helena in. She immediately asks him if he likes her new clothes, adding that Jill bought them for her. Andy says bluntly that they look great. Helena stares at him in surprise, and he explains, "Eddie's next door with Fiona. I tried to talk to--" Helena interrupts and, looking fearful, asks what Eddie said. Andy tells her, "He wants to take you back to his place." Helena retorts, "No. I will not marry Nikos and I will not stay with Eddie. Nikos will be very angry when he finds out, but I cannot marry a man I do not love." Andy walks over to her, puts his hands on her shoulders and, staring into her eyes, says, "Good for you. And I will help in any way I can." Helena stares back at him.

Jill emerges from her room in Fiona's flat and tells Fiona and Eddie - who are both sitting on the couch, looking worried - that she almost wishes Fee didn't have to grow up - she was much easier to carry a few weeks ago! Fiona doesn't respond to this, instead asking if Helena said how long she was going to be with Andy. Jill replies, "Nope - a few minutes, I suppose." Eddie growls, "She shouldn't be with him at all."

Andy and Helena emerge from Andy's bedsit and stand in the corridor. Helena says to Andy that she really doesn't think she's as brave as she sounds - her hands are shaking. Andy smiles that he thinks she's very brave. With that, he puts his arm round her and they head off along the corridor, walking towards the front door. The door to Fiona's flat suddenly opens and she and Eddie come out. Fiona stares at the young couple and exclaims in surprise, "Andy!" He and Helena turn round in shock.

A few moments later, Andy and Helena are heading into Fiona's, followed by Fiona and Eddie. Fiona snaps at Andy that she thought he had more sense, but Andy retorts indignantly that nothing happened. Eddie snaps at him that he shouldn't have been anywhere near the girl, but Andy growls that he had his arm around her, that's all. He adds, "Anyway, it's our business, not yours." Eddie yells, "The girl's my responsibility," but Andy yells back, "She's over 18." Fiona interrupts and cries at him, "Now wait a minute. Helena has been brought up in an entirely different culture. She'll only get hurt if this goes on. She is engaged to Nikos." Andy snaps, "That's all I keep on hearing. 'Nikos, Nikos...' What about Helena?" Fiona insists that she's thinking of Helena. Helena cries, "I would like to make my own decisions, Mrs. Thompson." Eddie turns to the girl and says to her, "You know what your father wants, don't you?" Helena nods. Eddie goes on, "Then do it. You don't stop respecting him just because he's not here." Helena retorts, "I do respect him, but that doesn't mean I have to marry Nikos. I love Andy." Fiona sighs in disbelief and Eddie asks her, "Now do you still think Helena should stay here?" Fiona suggests to Helena that maybe it would be best if she went. Helena cries that she thought Fiona was her friend, and Fiona replies that she is, but she just doesn't want to see her hurt, and with Andy living across the hall... Andy snaps, "Thanks a lot." Eddie suddenly grabs Helena's arm and goes to push her out. Helena struggles to get away, and Andy tries to intervene, but Fiona pulls him back and tells him that it's best to let her go. She adds that she knows it's unfortunate, but it is the better way.

Gary is sitting smoking in the lounge room at Dural when he hears footsteps in the hallway, and he quickly stubs out the cigarette. Jenny comes in and, looking relieved, Gary says, "Oh, it's you. What have you decided?" Jenny tells him, "Maybe you were right about Caroline." Gary, looking relieved, assures her, "Believe me, I am." Jenny goes on, "I'll fight." Gary smiles, "Good on you. As soon as Stephen gets back, you should have a long talk with him." Jenny points out that he's at Amanda's, so she might as well get it over with - and besides, she wants to talk to him and Caroline together. Gary, though, quickly snaps, "Don't be stupid - Caroline won't let you get a word in edgewise once she knows why you're there." Jenny retorts, "No, the three of us should sort this out. I know Caroline's a bit hard to take, but she has a right to hear what I'm going to say." She heads off to call a cab, leaving Gary looking annoyed as he sips from a can of beer.

It's nighttime, and David hangs up the 'phone at Beryl's. Beryl comes out of the kitchen and asks if that was Dr. Brent. David nods. Beryl goes on, "The tests were positive, weren't they?" David admits, "Yeah." Beryl excitedly says, "I knew it - I'll ring Diane and tell her we're coming to get Robert." She picks up the telephone receiver, but David grabs it from her and tells her, "The tests don't prove a thing. There's millions of people out there with the same blood group as ours. The kid could be anyone's." Beryl stares at him and he continues, "You ask the doctor. He tried to tell you, but you just didn't want to listen." Beryl says quietly, "I'll ring Diane now," but David retorts, "There's no point, is there?" Beryl cries, "David, why don't you want me to get him back?" David tells her, "'Cos he's not ours. Robert's dead." Beryl cries, "Why won't anyone listen to me?" David replies, "We're trying to help you, Beryl." Beryl looks upset.

Jenny has arrived at the Morrell apartment, but Caroline tells her that Stephen isn't there at the moment. Jenny asks Caroline if she minds if she waits, and Caroline muses that she supposes not. She then asks Jenny what she wanted to talk about. Jenny explains, "I know what's been going on between you and Stephen. Barbara told me." The two women go and sit down, Caroline saying as they do so, "Oh. What do you mean to do about it?" Jenny, though, says she'd rather talk about it when Stephen gets there. Caroline asks, "Why? We've got to pass the time somehow." Jenny stares at her and then says, "If Stephen decides that he wants you more than me, I'll leave without any trouble." Caroline, looking surprised, says, "You came here to make Stephen choose?" Jenny nods, and Caroline sniggers! Jenny tells her, "You're very sure of yourself. I'm not sure Stephen's that certain he wants you." Caroline, though, retorts, "Oh, he's certain enough. Besides, you're hardly what I'd call competition - the only reason he didn't give you your marching orders was because you were so damn pushy about coming to Sydney. So why don't you just travel off back to Woombai and save everyone a lot of trouble?" Jenny glares at her and retorts, "Wayne was right: you are wrong for Stephen." Caroline queries, "Wayne?" Jenny goes on, "I had every intention of just bowing out gracefully, but he convinced me that you'd only make Stephen unhappy and, well, it's painfully obvious he knew what he was talking about." Caroline stands up again and suggests curtly, "Leave, Jenny. You'll save yourself an awful lot of embarrassment when Stephen gets back." Neither of them is aware that Stephen has just arrived and is standing outside the front door and can hear the conversation. Jenny tells Caroline, "I don't think so. I can make him realise how much happier he'd be with me." Caroline retorts, "You couldn't make him happy if you tried. I'm sure I could do a better job than you." Stephen opens the front door, but at that moment, Caroline turns and heads towards the bar, so she doesn't notice him come in - and Jenny already has her back to the door. Caroline goes on, "You've been out in the sun too long, Jenny. Either that or you've been working with cows too much." She pours herself a drink and continues, "You'd make excellent breeding stock, but that's all - and that's hardly the type that Stephen's interested in." Stephen suddenly says, "Caroline." Caroline turns and looks at him in shock. She quickly says, "Oh, I hope you don't think that I--" She breaks off as Stephen snaps, "Oh shut up. I came back to apologise for bringing Jenny to Sydney. It's ironic, isn't it? It's the best thing I could have done - otherwise I might never have found out what you're really like." Caroline insists, "Look, she started it all - she came in here, flinging abuse left, right and centre--" Stephen interrupts and demands curtly, "Tell Amanda to pack the rest of my things and send them to the Hamiltons'." With that, he puts his hand gently on Jenny's shoulder and tells her to come on. They head out, leaving Caroline standing there, looking annoyed. She throws her glass furiously at the closing door.


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