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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Caroline goes to the door. Before she can open it, there's further angry knocking. She opens the door to reveal Mark Bradley standing there. He immediately demands, "What took you so long?" Caroline excuses, "I was in the bathroom." Mark walks into the apartment. Caroline offers, "Drink?" but Mark ignores her and asks curtly, "Well? What's your decision?" Caroline replies, "You mean, do I come with you?" Mark adds, "Or do I go to the police?" Caroline walks over to the bar and tells him, "I can't forget the good times, you know." Mark points out, "It doesn't have to change. It's up to you." Caroline tells him, "I know - and you could be worth a fortune with me by your side." She pours some drinks as Mark assures her, "You don't have to tell me that." He then puts his hands on Caroline's shoulders and says, "Come with me now and we'll spend the night at my hotel." Caroline ignores him, instead just handing him his drink. She then goes and sits down. As she does so, Mark tells her, "I thought I'd be on a winning streak, so I booked us on a flight to Rome tomorrow afternoon." Caroline points out, "Give a girl time. I've still got to pack and you know what that's like." Mark accepts that. Caroline then asks him what he would have done if she'd said she couldn't come with him. Mark retorts, "Exactly what I said: I'd have gone to the police." Caroline asks, "Even though you know I didn't steal the painting?" Mark replies, "Yes. How could you ever prove it?" Caroline muses, "I could try," but Mark asks her, "Do you think the police would believe I'd give you something so valuable?" He adds, "Mind you, if I'd known you were going to take it in the first place, I wouldn't have given it to you." Caroline asserts, "But it was a gift?" Mark raises his glass and replies, "Yes - but only while you stayed with me."

Andy is standing in Fiona's flat, looking impatient. He snaps, "Where is she? Is she ready?" Fiona sighs, "Hold your horses - she's coming. And I'd like to remind you that she is a very shy girl - her upbringing is very different from the kids around here." Andy mutters, "I know, I know." Fiona goes on, "She's got a young man coming out from Greece to marry her, and I don't want you to put a spoke in the wheel." Andy asks innocently, "Would I do that?" At that moment, Helena and Jill emerge from one of the bedrooms, and Andy stares at Helena - who's wearing Jill's red dress - taken with her beauty. He smiles, "Wow! Look at you!" Helena asks uncertainly, "Am I alright?" and Andy assures her, "Yeah, you definitely are alright!" He then suggests that they don't want to be late, so they should make a move. Helena tells him that she is looking so forward to it. Fiona warns Andy, "Not too late," and Andy assures her that they won't be. Helena then thanks Jill, and Jill wishes her a good night. She and Andy go. Fiona sighs at Jill, "Oh, I hope I've done the right thing." Jill smiles, "Oh, I think you have. If you're worried about Andy, don't be. He'll look after her." Fiona murmurs, "Yeah, I know he will."

At the Morrell apartment, Mark puts his glass down on the table and tells Caroline that her drink's finished, so she can get her packing done; they're leaving. Caroline puts down her glass as well, but then says slowly, "I think I've changed my mind. I don't think I want to go with you after all." Mark glares at her and snaps, "I wasn't joking, Caroline. I'll go to the police as fast as--" Caroline, though, interrupts him and assures him, "Oh no you won't. If we end up in court together, it'll be my word against yours - and I have the advantage of witnesses." She gets up and walks over to the bar. As she does so, Mark asks her what she's babbling about. Caroline, though, smiles that she's not babbling. She then says more loudly, "Am I?" At that point, the sliding door that leads to the bedrooms is pulled back and Gary walks out and says, "G'day." Amanda follows him. Caroline tells Mark, "Wayne and Amanda heard everything. Now your case doesn't exist." Mark suddenly leaps up from his seat and snaps, "If you think you can get away with cheating, buster--" Gary grabs him and spins him round. Caroline reaches for the gun in her handbag, takes it out and points it at Mark, ordering, "Get out." Staring at the gun, Mark snarls, "What a laugh. I knew I should never have given you that." He starts walking towards her. Caroline starts backing away. She snaps at him, "Just leave," but Mark growls, "Come on, hand it over. You know you couldn't go through with it." He suddenly lunges for the gun and yells, "I'm not fooling." Caroline squeezes the trigger, but nothing happens, and she stares at it in shock. Meanwhile, Gary runs in and grabs Mark's arms, pinning them behind his back. He snaps, "You were told to leave, 'mate'." Mark yells, "Let go," but Gary warns him, "I'll break your arm." Mark gives in and Gary pushes him to the door, telling him as he does so, "You are going to leave and you're not coming back, right?" By the door, Mark pulls free and turns to stare at Caroline. He points a finger at her and threatens, "You'll be on that 'plane with me tomorrow afternoon. You can bet on it." With that, he storms out, slamming the door behind him. As Gary rejoins the two women, Amanda says to him, "I didn't know you had it in you, Wayne." Gary just stands there, picks up his can of beer and takes a nonchalant swig.

Barbara answers the 'phone at Dural and Stephen comes on. She tells him that it's nice to hear him. She then adds that Gordon is in the study; she'll just get him. Stephen, though, quickly tells her not to bother - everything is sorted out up there; Alan can handle it. Barbara asks him if he's sure, and Stephen replies, "Absolutely." He then goes on, "Actually, I'm 'phoning to ask you a favour." Barbara smiles, "Of course." Stephen explains hesitantly, "Well, a friend of mine's coming down with me and I don't think there'll be enough room at Amanda's. I was wondering if the 'Hamilton Guest House' would have a spare bed." Barbara muses, "I always think I should build a new wing onto this house!" She then ponders, "Um... would this friend be a woman?" Stephen asks her how she guessed, and Barbara explains, "When my brother sounds as worried as you do, it's always a woman." Stephen muses that it's that obvious, huh? Barbara asks him if he's just a teensy-weensy bit worried that he might put Caroline's nose out of joint. Stephen, though, tells her that it's nothing to do with that, and Barbara says she's sorry. She adds that his friend is very welcome. She then asks if he's sure everything's alright up there, as he sounds a bit worried. Stephen assures her hesitantly, "No, no, everything's fine. I... well, I am worried, but not about Woombai. I'll tell you tomorrow." Barbara replies that she can't wait and she tells him to drive carefully. Stephen says he will, and they hang up.

Amanda and Caroline are sitting on the couches at the Morrell apartment, and Caroline is saying, "I can't understand what happened." Amanda admits, "I took the bullets out. And it's a darn good thing I did: you would have killed him, you realise that?" Caroline explains, "It didn't even sink in. I wasn't even aware of pulling the trigger. God..." Amanda says she felt guilty about taking the bullets, but she's glad she did. Caroline assures her, "So am I, believe me." Amanda then gently asks her mother if she's OK, and Caroline nods that she's alright. Amanda turns to Gary and tells him, "I can't get over you. I've never seen you like that before!" Gary explains, "Spur of the moment." Amanda comments that he looked like he'd done it a dozen times, but Gary excuses, "I just grabbed him." Amanda smiles, "Losing your memory has had an amazing effect on you, Wayne. First Katie, now us... I can't get over it!" Gary tells her, "From what everyone said, Karen pushed me to the limit. That's enough. I'm fed up with running away when things get a bit tough." Caroline tells him that she can understand that - she made a decision like that not so long ago; that's why there was no way she could go back to Mark. Amanda tells Gary, "All I can say is that it's an improvement!" Gary replies, "Tell you what, if it's OK, I'll stay the night. Call home and say I've had too much to drink or something - just in case our friend turns up. I don't think he will, but--" Caroline completes, "Better safe than sorry." Gary agrees, "Something like that." Caroline thanks him.

Fiona is watching television in her flat when Jill comes out of her room - wearing her nightclothes - and says, "Boo!" Fiona jumps and Jill laughs that she's sorry! She then explains that Fee wants another glass of water - her temperature's still up; it's going to be a rough night. She heads off to the kitchen. The front door opens and Andy and Helena come in. Fiona smiles, "Welcome back!" Helena joins her and enthuses, "I have had the most wonderful night!" Fiona laughs that she can tell! Helena goes on that the people there enjoyed it so much! Andy adds that he can say it was really good! Helena repeats, "It was wonderful!" Fiona laughs that she sounds like a cracked record! Helena, looking puzzled, asks, "Pardon?" Fiona and Andy just laugh. Fiona then tells the girl that she's got some news that could really make her night. Helena smiles, "Oh no, it could not be better," but Fiona asks, "Not even if it was a 'phone call from Greece?" Helena suddenly looks down at the floor, appearing to be worried. Fiona goes on, "Nikos? Is that his name? He sounded a very charming young man. Eddie Wallace must have given him the number here." Helena stands up and, as Andy stares at her, says in a subdued fashion that she thinks she'll go to bed now. She thanks Andy for a lovely evening and heads off to her room. Fiona and Andy both look puzzled.

It's the middle of the night when a light comes on in Fiona's lounge room and Jill emerges from her bedroom. She finds Helena sitting at the table, a pen and paper in front of her. Jill says to her in concern that she's not running away, is she? Helena retorts, "I will not stay and be married to Nikos. I do not love him. It would be wrong for me to be his wife." Jill sits down and asks her where she's going, but Helena admits, "I don't know." Jill asks her how much money she's got, and Helena says, "A little." Jill sighs, "You really are jumping off the deep end, aren't you?" She then continues, "Helena, you're asking for trouble. I know what'll happen to you - I've been there myself. Look, just wait until I get Fee settled and we'll have a chat, eh?" Helena cries, "You can't make me stay," but Jill assures her, "I'm not saying that. All I want to do is be your friend; another half an hour or so won't make much difference. At least hear what I've got to say." Helena sighs and nods. Jill gets up to tend to Fee.

Katie is busy working on her computer in the lounge room at Charlie's when Charlie comes in, dressed in her nightclothes, and says, "Darling, are you still up? Don't you know what time it is?" Katie mutters, "Yes, I know." Charlie goes on, "You've been complaining about a headache ever since you were hit on the head yesterday. You didn't sleep well; why not be sensible and try and get a good night's sleep?" Katie retorts, "Because I don't think I would." She then hits the computer and snaps, "It's this damn thing. It's sort of feeling all funny - the buttons are sort of too light when I touch them." Charlie remarks, "How odd." Katie mutters, "Nothing's coming up right." Charlie asks her if her headache is still with her, and Katie replies, "A bit." Charlie suggests, "Then why not try and get a good night's sleep and ring the repair man first thing in the morning?" Katie sighs, "I suppose so." She stands up and says, "Night," and heads off to her bedroom. Charlie picks up Isabella from the couch, sits down at the computer and starts pressing some keys. After a few seconds, she concludes, "Well I can't see anything wrong with it!"

Caroline is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, watching television, when Gary staggers out of his room, yawning. Caroline says to him, "Oh, I'm sorry, Wayne. I thought it was down low enough." Gary tells her not to worry about it. He then asks her if she's having trouble going to sleep, and Caroline explains that she was getting angry with herself, so she decided to get up; she couldn't stop thinking about Mark. Gary comments that that's fair enough. Caroline goes on that he seems so determined to see her on that 'plane tomorrow; she's just nervous about what he's got in mind. Gary tells her, "I think he was talking through his hat. He strikes me as being off the air a touch." Caroline, though, explains that it's just his temper; when he's winning, he's quite generous and loveable; he's just turned so vicious. She adds that Mark thought she was lucky for him, but since she left him, he's been on a losing streak. Gary stares at her and asks, "You serious?" Caroline nods, "Absolutely. I mean, that's why he wants me back with him." Gary asks, "He's a gambler?" Caroline replies, "A very heavy one. He's a professional." Gary asks, "Horses?" but Caroline explains, "No, he prefers cards. He's quite well-known in Europe for his amazing memory - he can tell you almost every card that's been played in a session." Gary murmurs that he knows the type. Looking surprised, Caroline comments, "I wouldn't have thought you'd have had much to do with gamblers," but Gary quickly excuses, "Just someone I knew once." Changing the subject, he asks Caroline if she minds if he sits with her for a while, as he's wide awake now. Caroline smiles, "Not at all."

The next morning, Fiona and Jill are having breakfast in Fiona's flat. Jill is saying that she talked herself silly, but she finally convinced Helena to stay. Fiona tells Jill that she should have woken her, but Jill points out that it was silly two of them losing sleep. She goes on that Helena doesn't want to marry Nikos, though: now that she's been over there in Australia, she wants to live like an Australian - and that doesn't include an arranged married. Fiona sighs, "Oh dear." She goes on that she's just going to have to call Eddie Wallace. Jill, though, tells her, "Oh no - she made me promise we wouldn't. She reckons he'd call her father straight away and then you'd have to keep her under lock and key until Nikos arrived." Fiona muses, "Alright, well, I suppose I can hang fire until I've talked to her." Jill adds, "I feel so sorry for her. Imagine having to marry someone you don't even like." Fiona murmurs that she agrees. Fee suddenly starts crying in Jill's bedroom, and Jill sighs, "Here we go again. I'll have to take her to the doctor." Fiona, though, suggests, "No, look, why don't you get yourself some sleep? I'll take her to the doctor."

Gary, Caroline and Amanda are having breakfast at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda comments to the other two, "You both look half-asleep!" Caroline explains that they're mad: they stayed up to the end of the late, late movie! Gary mutters that it wasn't worth it anyway. All-of-a-sudden, someone starts hammering loudly on the front door, and Caroline cries, "Oh no, you know who that is." Gary mutters that he doubts it, but the hammering keeps going and Gary makes to stand up. Amanda warns him, "Wayne, don't. Ignore him; he'll go away." Gary, though, says, "Better to get it over and done with." He stands up and strides towards the door as the hammering continues. He opens it and tells Mark, who's standing there impatiently, "OK, sport, enough's enough. Clear off or I'll call the pigs." Mark retorts, "Yeah, you can do that. But you can't stop me from coming back. You see, you can't hang around all the time." He turns to Caroline and tells her, "You're going to come with me tomorrow afternoon, Caroline, whether you like it or not." After a pause, Gary says to him, "Caroline was telling me last night you're a pretty good gambler." Mark snaps, "So what?" Gary asks, "You ever gone back on a bet?" Mark grunts, "Course not." Gary mutters, "I didn't think you would." He then goes on, "We can settle this very simply: how about a little bet? If I win, you get on your 'plane this afternoon and don't come back. If you win, I leave - with Amanda - and leave you with Caroline. What do you say?" Mark laughs and looks at the two women.

A few minutes later, Mark and Gary are sitting down while Caroline stands behind them, looking worried. Gary says to Mark, "Amanda shouldn't be too long getting the things for us." Mark retorts, "The sooner the better." Caroline chips in that they're forgetting one small detail: her: she doesn't like being the prize, thankyou very much. Gary, though, tells her gently, "It'll be OK. I know what I'm doing." Caroline snaps, "You could lose," but Gary assures her, "I won't lose." Mark laughs nastily, "Isn't that funny - because I won't lose, either." Caroline looks worried.

Fiona is in the kitchen at her flat, with Andy. He comments, "Poor girl. She's really screwed up." Fiona tells him, "Yes, and we can't afford to make it any worse. Do you mind hanging around until she wakes up? I've just got to get Fee to the doctor." Andy agrees, "Sure thing." Fiona goes on, "And will you take it easy with her?" Andy tells her to just go - she'll be late! Fiona takes the hint and heads out, just as Helena emerges from her room. She joins Andy in the kitchen, and he tells her that he's just making her some breakfast - he didn't think she'd be able to sleep for too much longer! Helena comments, "That would never happen at home. A man would never cook a meal for a woman." Andy hands her an orange juice and smiles that it doesn't happen there too often, either! He then says to her, "Fiona tells me you were thinking about taking off last night." Helena nods. Andy tells her that he's glad she changed her mind. Helena replies, "Well... all I know is that I can't marry Nikos. If I did, what would happen if I fell in love with another man? That's how it should be: I should be in love." Andy agrees, "Yeah, course..."

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline is sitting down with Mark, while Gary paces the floor. Mark snaps, "Where's she got to?" At that moment, the front door opens and Amanda comes in. Gary asks, "Did you get everything?" Amanda hands him a brown paper bag and says, "Yes." She then asks him what he's going to do with it. Gary retorts that she'll see. He sits down on one of the couches and starts emptying the contents of the bag onto the coffee table. He takes out three patterned paper cups, followed by another three paper cups. He then removes two spikes used for holding pieces of paper.

Charlie is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, telling Barbara, "The poor girl had a terrible night's sleep and her headache was still there this morning." Barbara asks incredulously, "Then why didn't she go to the doctor?" Charlie explains, "She said it's nothing but eye strain." She then adds, "Personally, I think it's connected with that whack on the head - but that's not the main reason I came over: a little bird told me that Stephen and Caroline are getting back together." Barbara laughs, "Charlie, your little birds get everywhere, don't they!" Charlie asks if it's true, but Barbara retorts, "I don't know - it's a possibility. But you know what rumours are like." Charlie laughs, "Yes, I know!" Barbara goes on curtly, "Well, I think this is one you shouldn't spread, if I were you." Charlie trills, "Darling, you know me. I'm the soul of discretion!" She then looks at her watch and announces that she'd better go home and get changed - she has a fashion parade in two hours. The two women get up and head out to the hallway, Barbara smiling as she does so that Charlie goes to more fashion parades that anyone she knows! Charlie tells her, "You never know who you might meet!" As Barbara opens the lounge room doors, she finds her brother standing by the front door, next to an attractive woman in her forties. She exclaims, "Boy, you made good time!" Stephen stands there and, slightly nervously, says, "Barbara. Charlie. I'd like you to meet Jenny Turner." Barbara nods at Jenny in acknowledgement. Charlie holds out her hand and introduces herself as, "Charlie Bartlett. Neighbour." Jenny takes her hand and says, "Hello." She then turns back to Barbara and tells her that it's nice to meet her - she's quite a famous sister! Barbara asks if Stephen has been talking, and Jenny laughs, "He never stops!" She then goes on that it's nice to meet her - she's been wanting to meet Stephen's family for so long. Barbara smiles, "Well now you have!" Stephen indicates the lounge room and invites Jenny to come on through. Charlie goes to follow them, but Barbara calls, "Er, Charlie - you'll be late for your parade." Charlie suddenly remembers, "Oh, yes, I was going, wasn't I!" She then calls into the lounge room - where Stephen and Jenny are sitting on the couch - "It was nice to meet you, Jenny. We must catch up while you're here. Bye, Stephen." Jenny calls back, "Bye, Charlie, nice to meet you." Charlie walks back and joins Barbara by the door, where she whispers, "I must say: if the rumour about Stephen and Caroline is true, I don't think Jenny's heard it." Barbara suggests, "Let's not start any rumours," but Charlie exclaims, "Heaven forbid - but I don't think Caroline's going to be too happy about it. Oh, she's a charming girl." Barbara agrees exasperatedly, "She seems so." Charlie continues, "Should be a fascinating few days--" At that point, Barbara opens the door and says a curt, "Goodbye, Charlie." Charlie takes the hint and waltzes out, smiling, "Bye, darling!"

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda and Caroline are sitting on the middle couch while Mark and Gary sit on the couches to either side of them, so that they're facing each other. Looking worried, Caroline says to Gary, "This has gone far enough, Wayne. It's ridiculous." Gary, though, retorts, "Don't worry. Everything's under control." He puts down one of the paper cups that he's holding so that the top is face-down on the table. There are two other paper cups upside down in front of him. He then says to Mark, "Now, if you've got it wrong, under one of the boxes is the spike. First one to renege loses." Mark stares at him and nods. Gary goes on, "OK - now the mix." He then stands up and starts shuffling around the three cups in front of Mark so that Mark can't tell which one has the spike under it. Mark stares at them the whole time. Gary sits back down and Mark then stands up and shuffles around the three cups in front of him. He sits down too. Gary smiles at him and says, "I'll go first." He looks down at the cup to the left of the three in front of him, raises his hand and slams it down onto the cup. The cup crumples; there's no spike hidden underneath. He then tells Mark, "Your turn." Mark stares at him, looking nervous. Gary taunts, "Not giving up so quickly, are you?" Mark growls, "Course I'm not." He raises his hand and places it over the middle of the three cups in front of him. He hesitates for several seconds, trying to decide which one to choose. He opts for that cup and slams down his hand. Amanda and Caroline jump as he does so. The cup crumples. Gary tells him, "OK, we've both got a fifty-fifty chance now. Under one of the boxes is the spike. My turn." He looks down at the two cups in front of him, lifts his hand up so that it's over to the one on the right and brings it down. The cup crumples. He then smirks at Mark, "Won't do any permanent damage. Just a little..." Mark glares at him and sighs heavily. He raises his hand and places it above the cup to his left. He starts breathing loudly and moves his hand over to the cup to his right. He then moves it to the left again. Gary just stares at him. After a few more seconds, Mark concedes reluctantly, "No." Gary sits back, triumphantly.

A short time later, Caroline, Amanda and Gary are standing by the bar, drinks in their hands, and Caroline smiles, "He won't be back." Gary agrees, "Not if he's the gambler you say he is. He'll just want to get as far away from here as possible." Amanda tells him, "Frankly, I think you were crazy - but it took a lot of guts." Gary mutters, "Yeah, well." Caroline asks him, "What would you have done it you had lost?" Gary, though, retorts, "I couldn't lose." Amanda points out, "But if Mark had gone ahead and smashed down the second box, what would you have done then?" Gary tells her, "Played on. I promised Caroline I wouldn't lose. I'd have slammed the third box if I'd had to." Amanda winces, "Ow... what a terrible thought." Gary, staring at Caroline, muses, "I was just prepared to gamble, that's all." Caroline smiles at him, looking intrigued...

Stephen is sitting at the bar at Dural. Barbara joins him and asks, "While Jenny's unpacking her things, what's the story?" Stephen asks 'innocently', "What story?" but Barbara tells him, "Don't try that wild-eyed act with me, Stephen. She obviously considers herself your girlfriend. What on earth possessed you to bring her down here? What's Caroline going to think? Unless, of course, you've changed you mind about her." Stephen sighs, "I don't know how I feel. I thought I did - when I went back to Woombai, I had every intention of breaking it off with Jenny." Barbara asks how long things have been going on with Jenny, and Stephen replies, "Five or six months. She's a nice lady." Barbara retorts, "I'm sure she is. I hardly think Caroline's going to think that, though." Stephen insists, "I wanted to tell her about Caroline; I just couldn't. I don't think I realised until then quite how strongly she felt about me. I've been promising to bring her down to Sydney for a holiday for ages - she deserves a break. When she asked me again, I just couldn't say no." Barbara points out tautly, "Well, you've certainly brought it to a head beautifully, haven't you. You're going to have to decide who you want: Jenny or Caroline." Stephen sighs, "I know. Caroline's changed so much, I can't deny there could be really something there, but I can't imagine her wanting to settle down at Woombai. Jenny loves the place; so do I." He then checks, "You didn't tell Caroline I was coming back, did you?" Barbara retorts, "No, I didn't." Moving behind the bar, she then curses, "Stephen, what a muddle. Do you want a drink? I think you're going to need one!"

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda smiles that she can't believe they can finally relax. Caroline agrees, "Neither can I!" Gary joins them after coming off the 'phone, and comments, "That's funny - I thought Stephen was up at Woombai 'til tonight." Caroline replies, "He is," but Gary tells her, "No - he answered the 'phone just then, when I rang Gordon." Caroline muses, "That's strange." She then asks, "Do you mind if I come along with you?" Gary assures her, "Of course not." Amanda announces that she's got a hairdresser's appointment, so she'd better make a move. She asks Caroline to give Stephen her love and heads off. Alone with Caroline, Gary says to her, "Every time Stephen gets mentioned, you seem to go a bit strange." Caroline retorts, "He is my ex-husband. We've only just realised we're still interested in each other." She laughs before continuing, "I don't see that it's any of your business." Gary, though, tells her, "I've been hoping it might be." Caroline suggests, "Let's see what happens. I've got some things to sort out with Stephen first." Gary stares at her, intently.

Barbara is reading a magazine in the lounge room at Dural when the front door bangs and Gary comes in with Caroline. He smiles, "Good morning! I've brought you a visitor." Barbara stares at Caroline in shock. Caroline says, "Good morning, Barbara. I have to admit that I really came to see Stephen - Wayne said he was back." Barbara nervously replies, "Er... yes... he just popped in to see Gordon." Caroline asks, "Where is he?" and Barbara tells her, "He's in the study, with Gordon." Caroline smiles, "I'll give him a surprise, but Barbara quickly covers, "Um... well, they are talking business. Why don't you stay with me and have a cup of coffee first?" Caroline replies, "I'd love one. First of all, I'll let Stephen know I'm here."

Out in the hallway, Jenny and Stephen emerge from the study. Jenny tells Stephen, "Gordon's a delightful man and Barbara's lovely." Stephen smiles that he's glad she likes them. He then adds, "I'm afraid I won't be able to spend much time with you today. Business." Jenny assures him that she'll be fine. Rubbing her hands down the lapels of his jacket, she suggests, "Perhaps we can have dinner together tonight?" She then kisses him - just as Caroline appears in the doorway of the lounge room. She comments sourly to her ex-husband, "Well... I see you've travelled with a friend. A very good friend, by the look of it..."


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