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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

The next morning, David is on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, talking to Beryl. He asks her if she's sure she's alright and, after pausing, adds that it would be no trouble; if she's got any problems, she knows where to find him. With that, he hangs up. Heather asks him how Beryl is, and David replies that she says she's fine - although he thinks she's only covering. Heather points out that it's been a nasty shock - she's bound to be upset. David, though, explains that it's a bit more than that: she reckons she heard a baby crying outside last night. At the table, Mike, who's sitting next to Leigh - who's holding Shane - suggests that maybe it was just someone passing the house, but David replies that she had a good look around; more likely it's her imagination. Leigh points out that she said the other day that she thought Beryl was going crazy. David, though, snaps, "And I said she wasn't, so just hold that smart little tongue of yours, young lady." Leigh glares at him. He goes on angrily, "They found Gloria's body yesterday and it's odds-on that Robert died with her - so you just keep that in mind before you go shooting your mouth off." With that, he heads to the back door and adds that, if anyone wants him, he'll be over with Beryl. Leigh sits at the table, looking thoughtful.

A while later, at Beryl's, David tells his ex-wife that he's just worried about her - she's had a bad knock; they both have. Beryl insists that she definitely heard a baby crying last night, but David suggests that maybe she thought she did; it could have been her imagination playing tricks. Beryl, suddenly looking thoughtful, says, "Or somebody else. Where was Leigh last night?" David stares at her and tells her not to start blaming her. Beryl asks why not, and David replies that, for starters, she had an early night last night. Beryl asks if she slept in the caravan and David admits, "Yeah." Beryl suggests that she could quite easily have slipped across there without David knowing it, then, but David retorts that she wouldn't have left Shane by himself. Beryl asks, "Wouldn't she...?" David snaps, "Now, come on, Beryl, you can't start blaming Leigh because you had a few blow-ups with the girl. She wouldn't have done such a thing." Beryl sighs, "Alright, forget it. But while you're here, would you mind giving me a lift to the Children's Home? It's not out of your way, is it?" David asks her if it's such a good idea for her to be with kids right now. Beryl, though, tells him not to be silly - if she bottles herself up at home anymore, she'll go crazy; the sooner she picks up the pieces and starts again, the better. David stands there and sighs, looking worried.

At Dural, Gordon is sitting at the breakfast table, reading his newspaper, when Gary walks in and wearily says, "Morning." He sits down. As he does so, Gordon tells him, "I've just taken a call from your estate agent in Melbourne: he's had an offer about the house." Gary stares at him, and so Gordon explains, "Yours and Amanda's. The buyer's keen, but the offer is $5,000 under the asking price." Gary recalls, "We're talking about Dee Morrell's old house?" Gordon confirms, "Mmm, Amanda's grandmother: she left it to the pair of you in her will." Gary asks, "And we've had it on the market for a while?" Gordon admits, "Yes, but I shouldn't let that rush you into taking the first offer that comes along. The market's starting to pick up. Gary suggests, "We could wait as long for another offer," and Gordon replies, "Mmm, and that could prove worthwhile." Gary pauses, but then says, "No, I think we should take it. I always believed in 'a bird in the hand'." Gordon stares at him and asks him, "Is your memory starting to come through?" Gary quickly covers, "Oh, I get the occasional flashes, but not much more. Nothing great." Gordon suggests, "Let's hope the psychiatrist can put you straight." Gary sips his tea, nervously.

Caroline and Amanda are sitting on the couches at the Morrell apartment, while Stephen is talking on the 'phone at the bar. Amanda suggests to her mother that there must be a way to get Mark off her back, but Caroline retorts that she doesn't know how. Amanda asks her if she hasn't got any proof of him giving her the painting - a card or something. Caroline explains that Mark is the type never to commit anything to writing. At the bar, Stephen hangs up, and then walks over to the women and announces, "We have some problems up at Woombai. I have to get up there straight away." Caroline asks him if he'll be long, but Stephen tells her that he shouldn't think so - he'll be back in Sydney tomorrow. Amanda suddenly asks, "Why don't you both go together?" Caroline looks at her as she adds, "It would be a good way for you to see the place, wouldn't it?" Caroline, though, blusters, "As much as I'd love to, I do have some things to attend to in Sydney. Next time, perhaps?" Stephen smiles, "Sure," and he heads off to pack. When he's gone, Amanda asks her mother, "Why did you do that? It was a perfect way of avoiding Mark." Caroline explains, "Look, if Mark calls this evening and I'm not here, he'll go straight to the police." Amanda sighs heavily. Caroline goes on, "Anyway, it's better Stephen's out of it. If he finds out, he'll ruin everything." Amanda asks, "Well?" Caroline replies, "I don't know. But I'm going to have to think of something - pretty quickly..."

Leigh heads outside at the country house. Tim - wearing his new school uniform - follows and calls to her to ask her what all that was with her and Dave. Leigh retorts, "You heard," but Tim snaps that there was more to it than that. Mike suddenly comes up to them and Leigh dashes off, telling Tim as she goes that she'll see him later. Mike says to Tim, "You're not late to school, are you?" Tim assures him that the bus isn't due for another ten minutes. Mike says, "Good." He then continues hesitantly, "Listen, mate: about this running. I've been carrying on as though you were Jeff. It wasn't intentional and I had no right to do it. I'm sorry." Tim quickly assures him, "You don't have to apologise - I'm glad you wanted to help. It's something my stepfather never did." With that, he adds, "I'll see you this afternoon," and he walks off. Mike heads into the house.

A few moments later, Tim, carrying a folder of school things, heads into Leigh's caravan and sits down on the bed, putting his feet up on the table. He then switches on the radio/cassette player - and a tape of a baby crying starts playing. He sits up sharply, looking disappointed.

In the kitchen in the house, Mike says to Heather, "I guess I should be grateful to Leigh: I didn't realise how I was using Tim until she told me." Heather comments that, from what he said, he understood. Mike points out that it's not really fair to the kid, but Heather tells him, "Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm no different - I still can't get Jeff off my mind. We just have to accept that no one will ever fill that gap." Mike murmurs, "Yeah." Heather, changing the subject, goes on that she was talking to Diane at the Children's Home this morning: apparently, Beryl's going into work. Mike comments that he wouldn't have thought she was up to it, and Heather agrees that neither would she. She adds that she's worried that, in her present state, Beryl might become attached to one of the babies, like she did with Shane. Mike asks if that would be such a problem, but Heather tells him, "No - not if she can remember it's someone else's baby." She then adds doubtfully, "I'm not sure she could. I think I'd better have another talk to Diane."

Tim is still sitting in the caravan, looking annoyed, when Leigh walks in. She says brightly, "Oh, I thought you were going to school." Without responding, Tim turns on the tape of the baby crying. Leigh glares at him and he turns it off again. She then snaps, "Terrific. So you know how to use a tape recorder." Tim accuses, "That was you getting at Beryl last night. You're a sicko, Leigh." Leigh retorts, "She had it coming." Tim asks incredulously, "What? Straight after she hears her kid's dead?" Leigh cries, "I didn't know she thought Robert was dead - honest. I wouldn't have done it otherwise. That's why I was so surprised this morning - I only found out about it when David told me." Tim growls that, whether she knew or not, it's still a rotten trick. He picks up his things and Leigh demands, "Where are you going?" Tim snaps, "To make sure people don't think Beryl was hearing things." Leigh snaps, "Tim, you're not going to tell anyone..." Tim, though, retorts, "I'm going to tell Dave." Leigh pleads, "Tim, please, you can't." Tim asks, "Why?" Leigh snaps, "Because." Tim mutters, "It's not good enough." Leigh then cries, "Tim... He's my father." Tim stares at her.

Stephen carries a case from the bedroom at the Morrell apartment into the lounge room. Amanda, still sitting on the couch, asks him if he's all packed, and Stephen replies, "Yeah." As he puts his jacket on, he then asks if everything is alright with Caroline. Amanda quickly replies, "Sure." She then admits, "She's a bit hassled at the moment, that's all." Stephen sits down as he muses, "Something to do with that letter." Amanda goes on that it's not her place to say, but she'd be a lot happier if he could stay. Stephen points out that if Caroline doesn't want to share the problem with him, there's not much he can do - and besides, he's not going off to Woombai purely on business, either: he's been seeing a lady up there, fairly regularly; he just feels he owes it to her to call it off now that he and Caroline are going to be together again. Amanda, looking slightly surprised, comments, "Fair enough." She goes on, "I am worried about mum, though." Stephen assures her, "So am I." He then suggests, "Look, if she won't confide in me, maybe you can talk to her?" Amanda tells him quietly that she can try. At that moment, Caroline joins them and she asks Stephen if he's going already. Stephen stands up and smiles that the sooner he goes, the sooner he'll be back. He kisses Caroline and asks her if she'll be alright. Caroline assures him, "Of course. Why shouldn't I be?" Accepting that, Stephen goes. After the door has shut, Caroline tells her daughter that she's off to the Hamiltons' - Gordon has got some papers for her to sign. Amanda quickly asks if she can tag along, adding that she hasn't seen Wayne since he got back. Caroline asks her if she thinks he'll remember who she is, and Amanda smiles, "I hope so!" Caroline muses, "I wish I could lose my memory. It would be convenient to forget that Mark's coming round this evening." Amanda asks her if she doesn't think she should try and get some help, but Caroline asks, "Like who? There's no one I can trust. No, I'll have to handle it on my own." She then adds, "One thing's for sure: Gordon mustn't find out a thing. If he does, he'll probably chuck me out of the company if he knew where my money came from." Amanda comments, "Just the same, I think we should try and think of something." Caroline tells her, "Well, I'm open to suggestions." With that, she heads off to get her keys, leaving Amanda looking worried.

Andy and Jill are sitting in Fiona's flat, having breakfast, while Fiona is talking on the 'phone. Andy is telling Jill excitedly that it'll be a great concert - there'll be some great bands there. Jill, though, says she doesn't think so. Andy tells her, "Come on, you'll have a great time!" Jill asks him to just let her think about it. Fiona hangs up the 'phone and, walking over to join the others, comments, "Fancy Eddie Wallace wanting to see me!" Andy recalls, "Isn't he the bloke who--?" Looking at Jill, Fiona quickly cuts him off and says, "He's coming round this afternoon." Jill stares at her and says, "Eddie Wallace. He's the guy who helped you get off the game, isn't he?" Fiona nods, "Uh huh - and he helped with you, also." Jill shakes her head and worries, "No, if he's coming over here, I'm going out." Fiona, though, smiles, "Don't be so silly - Eddie and I are old friends - though I can't for the life of me think what he wants." Jill mutters that he'll want something - all pimps are the same. Fiona laughs, "You're wrong. Oh, Eddie's tough, but he always looked out for his girls. You'll like him." Jill mutters, "I doubt it." Changing the subject, Fiona asks her if she's going to the rock concert, but Jill retorts that she doesn't know. Andy chips in that he reckons she should, and Fiona agrees that so does she. She suggests, "Why don't you go out and buy yourself a brand new outfit? Make a night of it?" Jill stares at her and then laughs, "You two are amazing! After everything I've done, I don't know why you haven't given up on me!" Fiona asks, "How could we? You're far too special for that!"

David and Beryl pull up in David's car outside the Children's Home. David tells Beryl that he still doesn't reckon that it's a good idea her working today, but Beryl mutters, "For the last time, David, I'll be fine. There's no point me moping round at home." Diane Bull comes out of the building, and, looking into the car through David's window, asks Beryl how she feels. Beryl smiles that she's very well, thanks, and looking forward to a hard day's work. Diane assures her that, as always, there's plenty to be done! Beryl suddenly notices a group of babies and she points out that they shouldn't be out in the weather they're having. Diane comments that she's fed-up of telling the staff to keep an eye on them. Beryl tells her, "Never mind - I'll move them." With that, she gets out of the car. Diane stays and asks David how he is. He replies, "Good thanks, Diane. Bit worried about Beryl, though. Got some bad news." Diane replies that she knows: Heather called; she's very sorry. David thanks her. He then asks her to keep an eye on Beryl, adding that it's probably best if she doesn't have anything to do with babies for a while - it'll probably just upset her. A few yards away, Beryl is fussing over a group of babies in prams. She moves onto the pram next to the one she's standing by, looks down at the baby inside and then freezes. She stares at it and cries, "Robert?" She pulls the blankets away and lifts the baby out. She then calls over to the car excitedly, "David!" David gets out and he and Diane stare at her. She cries, "It's Robert" It's our baby!" David looks at Diane and they both run over to her. Beryl half-smiles, half-cries, "It's Robert. It's our little boy. We've got him back!"

A moment later, Diane tells Beryl carefully that she knows it can't be Robert. Beryl insists, "It is. I'm his mother. I know my own son." David tells her that the little bloke might look like Robert, but it's not their baby; she heard what the police said. Beryl cries, "They're wrong, David, it is Robert. It is our son." Diane tells her tautly, "Beryl, it can't be - a single mother brought him in." Beryl snaps, "I don't care how he got here, I'm not letting him go." Diane goes on, "Look, I promise I'll find out the full story on him, but you must let me have him now." David tries to take Robert from Beryl, telling her as he does so to be sensible. Beryl cries, "No, David..." but David tells her, "You have to, love." He hands Robert to Diane and goes on at Beryl, "Come on, we'll go home and you can rest there and Diane can look after--" Beryl interrupts him and snaps, "I'm not going home without our baby." She then realises hysterically, "You think I'm imagining it... You think I'm crazy. I'm not imagining it, David, it is our baby, it is Robert." David starts pulling her towards the car, but Beryl frees herself from his grasp and runs back to Diane, crying, "No! No! You can't take him from me. I want my baby..." David grabs her again and she snaps, "Let go of me!" She keeps struggling, and David asks Diane to take Robert inside. She goes. Beryl breaks down in David's arms, sobbing, "I want my baby..."

Gary is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when the front door bangs shut. He stands up as Gordon then walks into the room with two attractive women. He introduces Caroline and then Amanda, adding that Amanda was 'Wayne's ex-wife. Amanda shakes Gary's hand and laughs that she feels silly being introduced to her ex-husband like a stranger! Gary tells her, "I'm only sorry it's 'ex'. How did I ever let you get away?!" Amanda smiles at him, looking bemused! He then turns to Caroline and comments, "It's not hard to see where the beautiful looks come from." He takes her hand and she comments to her daughter, "You had a very charming husband, Amanda!" Amanda smiles, "Didn't I!" Gordon asks whether, if he takes Caroline to the study for a while, can he leave Amanda and 'Wayne' to chat-on? Amanda smiles, "Sure," and Gordon and Caroline leave the room. Gary indicates to Amanda to sit down. Amanda asks him, "Have you really lost your memory?" and Gary replies, "Totally. Things come back from time-to-time - Gordon had to remind me about our house in Melbourne." Amanda groans, "Oh, that. I wish someone would buy it." Gary tells her, "Someone has. Well, at least, they've made an offer for it." He adds, "It's not bad. I think we should accept." Amanda smiles, "It suits me. I'm still job-hunting, so the money will come in handy. Unfortunately, I'm not made of the stuff, like mum." Gary sits there, looking interested at hearing this. He then asks, "Why did we end up getting divorced?" Amanda sighs, "Do we have to go through all that?" but Gary explains that he'd like to know what caused it. Amanda tells him, "Mainly your manner: you're not the most scrupulous person in the world." Gary laughs, "Scrupulous? The way I've been welcomed back in the family, I thought I must be some kind of saint!" Amanda laughs, "Sometimes you are, but other times, you're--" She suddenly breaks off and, leaning forward, goes on, "You're just the man we need." Gary asks, "What for?" Amanda explains, "Mum's got herself in a bit of trouble at the moment." Gary says he'll help if he can. Amanda asks him to just promise he won't tell Gordon about it. Gary assures her, "Promise. Now, what's it all about?"

Eddie Wallace has arrived at Fiona's, and she throws her arms around him happily. Eddie tells her that it's great to see her again - she's looking lovelier than ever! Fiona laughs and tells him to come in and meet Jill. Jill stands up from where she's sitting on the couch, and Fiona performs the introductions. Eddie recalls that Jill is the young lady they pulled a few strings for, and Fiona confirms that that's right. Eddie smiles, "I must say - she looks worth the trouble." Jill stares at him, and he adds, "I was happy to do it, love - particularly when Fiona made clear you wanted out." Jill nervously says, "Thanks." Fiona tells Eddie that she really is very, very grateful to him, but Eddie assures her that he didn't do much - he just gave Alex a little friendly encouragement, that's all. He adds, "Let's just say it was a small favour." Fiona smiles, "Well, if there's ever anything I can do for you..." Eddie tells her, "There is." He quickly adds that it's nothing to do with the business - it's just that he's got something that needs a little watching. He explains, "You see, now that I've retired, I've got some connections that are 'less than respectable'. But you're the sort of lady I reckon I can trust with something really precious." Fiona stares at him and asks, "Like what, exactly?" Eddie replies, "Just a second, and I'll show you." Outside, in the corridor, a young, dark-haired woman is standing by the front door. Andy comes along the corridor and asks her, "Can I help you?" At that moment, Eddie comes out and says, "Helena. Come and meet a very good friend of mine." The young woman and Eddie go back into Fiona's flat and Andy heads off to his bedsit, looking disappointed. In the flat, Eddie introduces Helena to Fiona and explains that Fiona is the lady he was telling her about. The two women shake hands, and Eddie then introduces Jill, who says, "Hi." Eddie goes on, "Helena's the daughter of a very good friend of mine in Greece. She's only been here a few days; mind you, she speaks English better than I do!" Fiona laughs and then asks Helena if this is her first trip to Australia. Helena replies, with an accent, "Yes. I have heard many good things about Australia." Jill smiles, "Let's hope they turn out to be true, then!" Fee suddenly starts crying in her bedroom, and Helena, looking intrigued, says, "You have a baby here?" Jill explains that it's her daughter, Fee, and she asks Helena if she'd like to meet her. Helena replies, "Very much, thankyou," and so Jill tells her to come through, then. The two women head off, and Fiona indicates to Eddie to sit down. She comments to him that Helena is lovely, and Eddie agrees, "She's a sweetheart. Still a bit on the sweet and innocent side." Fiona points out that it's a whole new world for her - she'll settle in soon. She then adds that she takes it Helena is the 'something precious' he was talking about. Eddie says, "Yeah," and explains, "She's getting married in a few weeks, when her fiancé flies out. Her father, Dominic, is a great guy, but he's a strict old coot. He's asked me to make sure she doesn't get into any mischief." Fiona laughs, "She'd never be out of it if she stayed in your circles!" Eddie explains that that's why he was hoping she could stay with Fiona until the boyfriend arrives. He adds, "The old man's strict, and it's very important to him that Helena's husband's the first and only man in her life. Oh, I know it's old-fashioned, but they're his values and I respect them." Fiona smiles that she understands and she'll take good care of her.

Gary, Caroline, Amanda and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Caroline stands up as she thanks Gordon for the coffee. Gordon thanks her for being so prompt in signing the document. Caroline says she's sorry she missed seeing Barbara, and Gordon assures her that she'll be disappointed too - but he is glad that she's back on the golf course again: she's had a rough time lately and the relaxation will do her the world of good. He goes to walk to the door, but Gary quickly tells him, "Stay - I'll see the ladies out." The three of them head to the hallway, and they pause by the door. As they stand there, Gary says to Caroline, "Amanda's told me about your little problem. Don't worry - it's strictly between us. It doesn't bother me where your money comes from - I'm just glad to have it in the company." Amanda smiles, "Wayne always knew how to play dirty, and I don't think he's changed." Caroline muses, "Indeed...?" Gary adds, "I'm just glad I'm running true to form. I'm sorry I haven't come up with a solution yet. "Caroline smiles, "That's alright. I think I have..."

That night, Caroline and Amanda are sitting by the bar in the Morrell apartment. Caroline asks her daughter if Wayne is much of a fighter, and Amanda replies, "Oh, he's not that hot with his fists, if that's what you mean. He's always relied on talking his way out of trouble." Caroline sighs that, hopefully, it won't get to that - and she's got the gun in case Mark does get violent. Amanda asks her if she thinks Mark will be bluffed by that, but Caroline retorts that it's no bluff: if anything goes wrong, she'll use it. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Caroline remarks that that's probably Wayne. She goes to get it. While she does so, Amanda picks up her handbag and runs with it to behind the bar. She takes the gun out, removes the cartridge containing the bullets, and hides it on a high shelf so that it's out of sight. She then places the weapon back in her mother's bag. By the door, Gary hands Caroline a bunch of flowers, and Caroline thanks him, adding, though, that they were hardly necessary. Gary explains that they'll be getting the money from the Melbourne place soon, so why not splash a little money around?! The two of them walk over to the bar, and Caroline asks her daughter to pour them all a drink and she'll pop the flowers in water. Amanda asks Gary what he'd like, and he asks for a beer. He then looks round and comments that it's a great place she's got. Amanda just smiles at him and agrees, "Yes!"

Andy is at Fiona's, ranting, "Boy, am I glad you're here. I've been trying to get back all day and I've been flat-out trying to find some work--" Fiona, looking bemused, calms him down and asks what his problem is. Andy tells her, "There's no problem. She's beautiful!" Fiona asks who he means, and Andy explains, "The girl who was standing in the corridor!" Unknown to him, Helena is standing, listening, and so Fiona smiles, "Well, if you turn around, I'll introduce you!" Andy turns to find himself staring at the dark-haired vision! Fiona introduces the two of them, adding that Helena will be staying with her for a while - her family's from Greece. Andy stares at the girl intently. Helena, looking nervous, smiles back at him and then looks away. Fiona, trying to get Andy's attention back again, tells him that Jill has got some lovely clothes to wear to the rock concert tonight. She shows him the frock that she's holding, and Andy replies that it's nice. Helena exclaims, "It's lovely. I wish I was allowed to wear the dresses like that." Jill suddenly emerges from her bedroom and tells Andy that Fee has got a temperature, so she doesn't think she'll be able to go to the concert tonight. Fiona tells her that she can look after her, but Jill insists that she'd rather be with her when she's not well. Andy muses, "Right... spare ticket..." Jill suggests, "Why don't you ask Helena?" Helena, looking excited, asks, "Could I go?" She then realises more quietly, "I'm sorry. You probably have someone else." Andy, though, tells her that he'd love her to come; he thinks it's a great idea! Helena, though, suggests, "Perhaps I shouldn't." Jill asks why not, and Helena, indicating what she's wearing, explains that her clothes would be all wrong. Jill, though, tells her not to be silly - she can wear hers; they're about the same size. Helena excitedly asks Jill if she's sure, and Jill smiles, "Of course!" Fiona, though, suddenly interjects and says, "Hold it, hold it! I don't know that that's a very good idea. I promised Eddie that I would look after her." Jill points out that it's only a rock concert, and Andy adds that she can't keep Helena locked up like a prisoner; she's got to go out sometime. Helena tells Fiona, "I promise I won't do anything to disappoint you, Mrs. Thompson," and Fiona, giving in, says, "Oh, alright." Turning to Andy, she warns, "But you had better take extra special care of her, young man." Andy smiles, "I cross my heart and hope to die." Helena smiles at him.

Caroline, Amanda and Gary are sitting in the Morrell apartment, waiting. Amanda asks her mother, "What time did he say?" but Caroline replies, "He didn't." Gary suggests that maybe he's not going to show, but Caroline insists, "Oh, he'll be here." There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Caroline tells Amanda and Gary to make themselves scarce. They get up and head behind the screens that lead to the bedrooms. As she pulls the sliding door across to hide them, Caroline says quietly, "Wish me luck..."


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