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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Barbara asks 'Wayne' if he remembers writing a letter. Gary replies that he doesn't, and he asks when 'he' posted it. Gordon looks at the postmark and replies that it was posted a couple of days ago - from Albury. Gary tells him, "That's near where Dennis found me." Barbara exclaims, "Albury?!" Gary replies, "Somewhere down there. Must have written it before I went troppo." He asks what he said, and Gordon opens the letter and, reading it, tells him, "That you weren't coming back, that you'd stay in touch and you didn't want to worry us." He sits down with Gary, hands him the letter and asks, "Do you remember?" Gary takes it, reads it and comments, "It's freaky, isn't it? I don't know what happened to make me forget everything. Gordon tells him, "I'm glad something did. By the sound of that, we'd never have seen you again." Barbara asks Gary if anything in the letter rings a bell, but Gary replies, "No. Like I said, I must have written it before I lost my memory. I can't think of any other explanation." Barbara muses, "Guess so..." Gary hands the letter back to Gordon and Gordon suggests to Barbara that they'd better finish getting ready. Barbara tells 'Wayne' that if he wants anything - any more toast or coffee - he should just help himself. Gary, looking thoughtful, mutters, "Thanks." Gordon and Barbara leave the room. When the coast is clear, Gary sits back in his chair and sighs heavily in relief at his narrow escape.

Katie is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, working at her computer. She looks annoyed, though, when something she tries doesn't work, and she asks Isabella - who's sitting on the table, watching her, where she went wrong! Charlie comes in, dressed in black, and asks how she looks. Katie just says sourly, "Lovely." Charlie tells her tautly, "I just think one should dress well for all occasions - especially funerals. It shows a mark of respect." Katie murmurs that she supposes so. Charlie then says to her - looking at the casual clothes that she's wearing - that she's not going in those...? Katie explains, "No. I don't think I'll go at all." She adds by way of explanation, "Well, it would be hypocritical, really - Karen and I never got on. Besides, Larry Thorpe called: he wants me to go over and talk about a problem in one of my programs." She goes on that she feels bad about letting Wayne down, though. Charlie assures her that she needn't worry about him - she'll be there and so will Gordon and Barbara; he'll have plenty of support. Katie thanks her, and Charlie tells her that she'll see her when she gets home. She then suddenly suggests, "Oh - it might be a good idea if you avoid mentioning me to Larry. Well, no use upsetting the poor boy!" Katie smiles, "Right!" and Charlie goes. Katie returns to her computer.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gary stands up as Barbara and Gordon come in and Barbara tells him that they're off now. Gary tells them that he'll catch them later. Gordon asks him if he's sure he'll be alright by himself, and Gary insists that he'll be fine. Gordon suggests that he could stay back if 'Wayne' wants, but Gary quickly tells him to go; he'll sit down, put his feet up and relax - it's what he needs most at the moment. Gordon accepts this. Barbara tells Gary that they'll see him at lunchtime and she and Gordon go. Gary walks over to the bar, takes out a cigarette, lights it and pours himself a beer. He then goes and sits down and flicks the ash from his cigarette into the empty beer can.

As Barbara and Gordon head outside, Barbara asks Gordon if they're supposed to pick up Fiona, but Gordon tells her that they're not. He adds that they are picking up-- He's interrupted by a cry of, "Yoo-hoo!!!" and then completes, "Charlie and Katie..." Barbara turns to look at Charlie and exclaims, "What has she got on?!" Charlie joins them and Gordon asks her where Katie is. Charlie explains that she's not coming - she has to meet a man from the computer company. Gordon tells her that Wayne isn't coming, either, and Charlie, looking surprised, says, "Really? Oh, actually I can understand it - particularly as he doesn't even remember Karen." Gordon muses that he's a bit worried about leaving him on his own, but Barbara assures him that he'll be alright, and the three of them head towards the car.

Heather is clearing away the breakfast things in the kitchen at the country house. Mike, Leigh and David are sitting at the table. Mike asks where Tim is, and Leigh replies that he took Shane back to the caravan. Mike says he hopes the boy hasn't forgotten that they're going running - he'll be right to leave soon. Heather goes to pick up the bowl of jam from next to David, but he quickly says, "Hold it - what's the big rush?!" Heather explains that she's got to work this morning and she's running late. David tells her to go and get ready; he'll put the jam in the cupboard. Heather heads off to her room. Mike suggests that he should get changed too, adding that if he's going to be a track coach, he should look like one. He walks out. Leigh finds herself alone with David, and she asks him, "Do you want me to help clear up?" David just grunts, "No." Leigh realises, "Still mad at me, aren't you?" David asks, "What do you reckon?" Leigh growls, "It wasn't my fault, David. Beryl was touchy the whole time. She even started calling Shane 'Robert'. I think she's going a bit strange." David tells her curtly, "Beryl has been through a very hard time. And you shouldn't have let her take you down there." Leigh asks, "Why not? I didn't know she was crazy." David retorts, "She is not crazy. She might have over-reacted, but I'm sure you would have said something to make her angry." Leigh growls, "I didn't say a thing." David goes on, "Anyway, you're going to apologise." Leigh, looking shocked, cries, "Why?" David snaps, "Because you're my daughter, and while you're staying in my house, you'll do as I say." Leigh snaps that she's not saying sorry for something she didn't do. She tells David bitterly, "You ask her what I really said, word-for-word, and see who you believe then." David stares at her.

Tim is fussing over baby Shane in the caravan outside. Leigh comes in and sits down on the bed. She sighs heavily and Tim asks her, "What's eating you?" Leigh ignores this, instead telling him that Mike wants to know if he's ready to go running. Tim, looking surprised, asks, "Straight after breakfast?" Leigh points out that he doesn't have to go, but Tim muses that it won't hurt. He then asks his sister if Beryl knocked her idea on the head. Leigh looks away, angrily, and doesn't say anything. Tim mutters, "Good." Leigh, though, warns, "She'll get hers. She can't slap me and get away with it. By the time I'm finished with her..." Tim tells her that it's not worth it, and he reminds her of what happened to Richard: he almost died. Leigh, though, retorts, "He deserved it - and so will Beryl." Mike suddenly calls out from outside, "You alright, Tim?" Tim calls back that he'll be with him in a sec. Turning back to Leigh, he pleads, "Don't do anything - please? It's not worth it."

Dennis pulls up in a truck outside Dural, turns off the engine, climbs out and heads towards the front door of the house.

A few moments later, inside, in the lounge room, Gary hands Dennis a beer and tells him, "Get your laughing gear around that." Dennis asks if they've got time to be drinking, but Gary tells him that one for the nerves never hurt. Dennis points out that it's not a party - they're supposed to be robbing the place. Gary, though, says, "Don't reckon we should." Dennis, looking surprised, demands, "What?" Gary explains, "I want to hold off. If we're going to take these people down, let's do it properly. They've got some nice bits and pieces lying around, I know, but that's nothing compared to their business assets." Dennis stares at him as he goes on, "White collar crime, mate, that's what we've got to get into." Dennis growls, "Come on - let's get what we can and split; we'd still be doing pretty well." Gary, though, retorts, "Uh uh. I've got these guys conned. All I gotta do is play it cool and we hit the jackpot." Dennis asks what happens if the real Wayne comes back, but Gary asserts, "He won't." Dennis points out that all he's got to do is pick up a National Informer, but Gary tells him, "He was heading interstate - we got a letter from Albury this morning." Dennis stares at him in concern, but Gary assures him, "It was alright. Told them I wrote it before I lost my memory." Dennis mutters that he doesn't like it - something's bound to go wrong. Gary, though, retorts, "Fortune favours the brave, I always say. Look, if you want to take something home now, just knock off the house down the road." Dennis mutters sarcastically, "Oh yeah? What have they got? Plaster ducks on the walls?" Gary retorts, "It's a mansion. I checked it out yesterday. The two girls who live there are going to my old lady's funeral." He smiles nastily...

A short time later, Gary and Dennis are outside, and Dennis is asking Gary if the people at the place they're going to knock off have got a video. Gary tells him, "They've got the lot, mate - as much as you can carry." He suddenly notices Dennis' truck parked in the driveway, and he laughs, "What's this?" Dennis retorts, "It's a truck. What's it look like?" Gary asks him, "Why'd you bring it here?" Dennis snaps, "Well, to take the stuff. What did you expect me to bring: a wheelbarrow?" Gary asks, "Why didn't you put a sign out the front saying 'No Entry - Robbers at Work', mate?" Dennis retorts, "There were no problems, mate. No one's going to see it. They're all out, aren't they?" Gary admits, "Yeah." He then adds, "At least at Charlie's you can hide it round the back." Dennis asks him how they're going to get in; has he got a key? Gary tells him, "Course not." Dennis comments, "Never mind - I've got all sorts of tools in the back... I thought we might have to break into some secret attic or something." Gary taunts, "Let's hope one of them works, mate." Dennis tells him, "Never mind, Gazza, I'll look after it." Gary walks round to the passenger side of the truck, but exclaims, "You locked the door!" when he tries to get in! Dennis asks, "What?" Gary retorts, "You locked the door, you dumbo! Who did you think was going to nick it?!" Dennis snaps, "I didn't. I just didn't unlock it." He closes his own door and Gary asks, "You going to let me in?" Dennis tells him, "No!" but Gary smiles at him and he leans across and pushes the door open. As he climbs in, Gary comments sarcastically, "Would have been great if we had to make a quick get away!" Dennis laughs, "In this?!"

A few minutes later, Gary and Dennis have broken into Charlie's, and, as they head into the lounge room, Dennis puts down a crowbar, commenting, "Better than a skeleton key!" Isabella suddenly starts barking from another room, and Dennis cries, "Guard dog..." Gary laughs, "Yeah, it's a young Alsatian. I'll bring him in." He heads off to another room, but Dennis calls, "Don't be an idiot." Gary has already gone, though, and a scared-looking Dennis grabs for a vase on the dresser, accidentally emptying water in it onto the floor as he does so. Gary comes in with Isabella, and bursts out laughing when he sees the look on Dennis' face! Dennis snaps, "Very funny." Gary puts Isabella down on the couch and tells her to keep a look-out for them. Dennis sits down at the computer and asks who owns it. Gary replies that it's Katie's - she's the young one. Dennis starts tapping on the keys. Gary suggests that they may as well start collecting things, and he walks over to the wall and unhooks a picture. Dennis remains at the computer, and so Gary demands, "Come on, mate, pull your finger out."

Beryl is clearing up in the kitchen at her house when there's a knock on the back door and Heather walks in. She tells Beryl that she's going go the Children's Home, and she asks her if she wants to come. Beryl, though, declines, explaining that she's got plenty of work there. She then asks how Shane is this morning, and Heather smiles that he's happy as Larry. Beryl just murmurs, "Good." Heather suggests that Beryl visit him one day, but Beryl murmurs, "No, no..." Heather says, "I'm sure Leigh wouldn't mind--" Beryl, though, interrupts and snaps, "She wanted to sell her own son. That girl is nothing but trouble, and as far as I'm concerned, I want nothing more to do with her." Heather, looking hesitant, suggests that there's no point brooding, and she asks Beryl again to come to the home for a while. Beryl, though, retorts, "I'm not brooding, Heather. But thanks anyway."

Leigh is rummaging through a cupboard in the kitchen at the country house. She suddenly hears Mike's and Tim's voices outside, and she quickly stands up and stuffs two batteries into her pockets. Mike is saying to Tim that, with a bit of training, he reckons he can get right up there. The two of them burst into the kitchen and Mike says to Leigh excitedly, "Do you know, your brother can run a 400 in 52? On grass. And that's with no training." Leigh, sounding disinterested, mutters, "Amazing." Tim says to Mike that the trouble is, he's not sure he wants to take up running - hockey's his main sport. Mike tells him, "Do both! You'll still be a junior next summer. With a good winter of speed endurance work, I reckon you could get to the Nationals." Leigh snaps, "He doesn't want to get to the Nationals." Mike ignores her, going on, "They're in Perth next year. I reckon it would be a great trip." Leigh, looking infuriated, suddenly snaps, "Can't you take a hint? He's not another Jeff. He doesn't want to be a stupid runner." Mike stares at her, and after a few seconds, Leigh says more mutedly, "I'm sorry." Mike tells Tim curtly that he'll see him later, and he heads out. When he's gone, Tim growls at Leigh, "Nice." Leigh snaps that it was better than leading him on, but Tim retorts, "I was trying to break it to him gently." Leigh snaps that he wasn't doing much good. Tim growls, "What's with you these days? Every time you open your mouth, you're having a go at someone. It's getting boring, Leigh. You were fun to be with once, but now, you're just a pain."

A pile of Charlie's ornaments, knick-knacks and electrical equipment is piled up next to Katie's computer in Charlie's lounge room. Dennis walks in with a statue of a dog and comments that it'll make a pair with the black cat; they ought to get something for it. Gary, indicating Isabella, who's lying on one of the couches, laughs, "You'd do better with the real thing!" Out in the hallway, the front door suddenly opens, and Gary and Dennis hear Katie calling, "Isabella. Come." Dennis says to Gary in panic, "Must have heard ya!" Gary, fear on his face, tells Dennis to shut up. Katie calls out again, "Isabella..." Isabella runs out into the hallway. Gary runs over towards the window, while Dennis goes and stands just inside the doorway, the crowbar in his hand. Katie walks into the room and passes him, saying to Isabella as she does so, "Hello, Bella. Oh, you sweetheart, been lonely by yourself?" Dennis suddenly lashes out with the crowbar and hits her.

A few moments later, Katie is lying unconscious on the floor. Gary is bending over her, and he asks Dennis angrily, "What you do that for?" Dennis stammers that he had to do something, but Gary retorts, "You might have bloody killed her." Dennis, though, snaps, "Don't think so." He then goes on that he thought Gary said she was going to the funeral. Gary retorts that he thought she was. He concludes that Katie is OK; just knocked-out. Dennis suggests that they'd better not hang around, and Gary tells him, "Better grab what we can and let's go." Katie suddenly starts groaning as she comes-round, and Gary pushes Dennis out into the hallway. Gary, readopting the pretence of being Wayne, bends down over her and tells her gently that it's alright - that guy hit her round the head, but he's there now...

A few minutes later, Katie is sitting with an ice pack against her head, which Gary is holding in place. He asks how her head feels, and Katie replies that it's a bit sore. Gary suggests that she call a doctor, but Katie shakes her head and murmurs, "No." Gary pulls the icepack away and tells her that that will do for now - they'll ice it again in a couple of hours. Katie murmurs, "Thanks, Wayne." Gary tells her, "Glad I could help. Only wish I got here a few minutes earlier." Katie groans, "They probably would have knocked you out, too," but Gary quickly corrects, "There was only one - I got a glimpse of him as he jumped over the back fence." Katie asks how he got in, and Gary, picking up the crowbar from the floor, comments that it looks like he forced the door with it. Looking at the pile of antiques, plus a stereo system sitting on the coffee table, he adds, "He would've made a killing, too." Katie smiles warmly, "If you hadn't scared him off. You deserve a reward." She strokes his arm...

The front door opens at Dural and Gordon, Barbara, Charlie and Fiona walk into the lounge room. Gordon offers sherries all round, and Fiona thanks him. Charlie says, "Oh I need something. What a depressing affair - although I must say I thought the roll-up was quite good - and the flowers were divine!" Fiona asks where Wayne is, and Gordon replies that he's probably upstairs, resting. Barbara comments, "He's been behaving very strangely since he came home. He's taken to drinking beer - and he's smoking." Gordon points out that the boy's been through hell, but Barbara explains that it's just odd, that's all. Gordon tells her to give him a chance - he'll settle down. Barbara takes from him the tray of sherries that he's poured. Gordon says he might go up to Wayne's room and let him know that they're home, but before he can head out into the hallway, the front door bangs and Gary walks in. Gordon says to him that he didn't see him outside, and Gary explains that he was next door. Turning to the contingent on the couch, he adds, "Someone tried to rob your house, Charlie." Charlie's mouth drops open in horror. Gary quickly adds, "It's alright - I don't think he got anything: Katie walked in on him." Charlie exclaims, "Oh dear..." Gary goes on, "He hit her over the head and ran off." Fiona asks if she's alright, and Gary replies, "She wasn't out for long." Charlie asks to be excused, saying she has to go and see how Isabella is. She runs out. Barbara asks Gary how he managed to see all that. Gary explains, "I was out getting some fresh air. Saw Katie arrive home and thought I'd go over and have a chat. When I got there, the door was open and she was flat on the floor. I ran out the back, but the guy was disappearing over the fence." Gordon asks, "You saw him?" Gary replies, "Only a glimpse." Gordon asks him if he gave the police a description, but Gary replies hesitantly, "I didn't ring them. Well, I couldn't really tell them anything, and nothing was taken. I was more concerned about Katie." Gordon smiles, "So you should have been. Charlie will call them if she has to."

In the caravan at the country house, Leigh is fitting the two batteries from the kitchen cupboard into the back of her radio/cassette player. Tim comes in and tells her that he's sorry for having a go at her earlier. Leigh assures him that it's alright. Tim goes on that he hates it when they fight - they used to get on so well. Leigh comments, "We still do, don't we?" Tim mutters, "Well, yeah, but..." He then continues, "I've been thinking: why don't we move out somewhere? You, me, Shane... I'll get a job. We'll have a great time." Leigh remarks that she thought he wanted to go back to school, but Tim explains that that was Dave's idea - and anyway, he'd rather be working. He adds, "And if it'll make you happier..." Leigh retorts indignantly, "Look, mate, you don't have to give up things to make me happy." Tim says he reckons it would help everyone, but Leigh points out, "We'd have to find money for a bond... you might have trouble getting a job... I couldn't do much.... It's not worth it." Tim suddenly demands, "Why do you want to stay here?" Leigh tells him, "I don't, particularly," but Tim snaps, "You still want to make trouble for Beryl and Dave, don't you?" Leigh looks away. Tim cries, "Can't you forget her?" Leigh doesn't respond. Tim persists, "Alright, a guy like Richard deserved what he got, but Aunty Beryl doesn't, though. Promise me you won't try and hurt her." Leigh just looks down at her bandaged hand. Tim realises, "There's no point me saying anything, is there? Well, you just don't ask me for help this time." With that, he storms out. Leigh picks up the radio/cassette player and sighs heavily.

David is sitting with Beryl in Beryl's lounge room. Beryl comments, "Heather was silly to worry." David agrees, "Maybe, but she asked me to drop in; check to see if you were OK." Beryl assures him, "Fine - now that Leigh's gone." David questions, "She really ask you to buy Shane?" Beryl retorts, "Yes, she did." David asks, "Did she actually say that?" Beryl admits, "No - but that's what she meant." David asks her, "Are you sure?" Beryl glares at him and he goes on, "She might have been saying--" They're interrupted by a knock at the door, which Beryl goes to answer. A policewoman is standing on the step and Beryl invites her in. The two women head into the lounge room, the policewoman saying as they do so, "It's not good news, I'm afraid. It's about your son." David stands up and Beryl asks the policewoman, "What's happened?" The policewoman looks at David, who assures her, "It's OK - I'm the father." Beryl says, looking worried, "Tell me what's happened." The policewoman explains, "This morning, a woman drove her car off a cliff into the sea near Rye. We recovered the body: it was Gloria Dutton." Beryl, looking shocked, murmurs, "And Robert?" The policewoman shakes her head and tells her, "No sign, I'm afraid." David asks, "Wasn't he in the car?" The policewoman replies that they found a rattle and a dummy and things like that - and the car windows were down. She tells them, "It seems likely your son was in the car and... got swept out to sea." Beryl shakes her head in shock, and cries, "No... no... no..." David puts his arms round her, comfortingly.

It's evening time, and Gordon is sitting with Gary in the lounge room at Dural. He suddenly recalls, "There's an account in the study for you to sign." Gary looks at him and Gordon adds that the accountant wants it in the morning. Gary, looking uncomfortable, asks if he has to do it now, and Gordon explains that it needs two Directors to authorise it. Gary says he's feeling pretty tired - he thought he might hit the sack. Gordon points out that signing it only takes five seconds, but Gary retorts, "I'd like to read it through, though - I need to find out what's going on. You don't mind, do you?" Gordon smiles understandingly, "No - take it upstairs and read it before you go to bed. As long as it's signed in the morning." Gary asks him if it's on his desk and Gordon nods, adding that it's in the middle, on the top. Gary stands up and then says, "If I'm going to start learning about the company again, is there anything else I can read?" Gordon replies, "Anything in the study. Help yourself." Gary thanks him and walks off.

David is sitting at the table in the kitchen at Beryl's while Beryl places a tray of fresh baking on the counter. David mutters, "How you can go around making scones at this time of night is beyond me." Beryl retorts that she was running low. David tells her, "You're not staying by yourself here tonight. You're either coming back with me or I'm staying here." Beryl insists that she's quite alright, but David stands up, walks over to her and demands, "Now, Curly: look at me." Beryl turns to face him and he continues, "You haven't got to hold it in. I know how I feel and it hurts like hell: I want to go out there and kick a wall down or something; I don't know - but at least I'm facing up to it. It's better than pretending it hasn't happened." Beryl murmurs, "I'm just glad it's over." She goes and places the tray of scones on the table, saying as she does so, "I always thought I should be doing something to find him. Now, I can get on with my life... I don't have to feel guilty anymore." She adds, "Go home, David. There's nothing you can do." David looks worried.

In the hallway at Dural, Gary is holding the form that Gordon asked him to sign next to another form that the real Wayne signed previously, and he's copying the signature. When he's finished, he puts the original paper back in the file and taps it against the hall table, to straighten it up. Gordon hears the noise and calls out, "Is that you, darling?" Gary, though, calls back that it's him. He heads into the lounge room and explains that he thought he'd rather sleep in in the morning, so he's signed the form. Gordon asks him if he read it through, and Gary nods, "Uh huh." Gordon asks if it made any sense, and Gary replies, "A bit." He hands the sheet of paper over. He then tells Gordon that he read some other stuff, as well; he followed most of it, so it shouldn't take him too long to learn the ropes again. Gordon smiles, "I hope not. I couldn't manage without you these days." Gary tells him, "You won't have to. In a couple of weeks, I ought to know the operation inside out." He then stands up and heads off to bed.

David is sitting with Heather and Mike in the kitchen at the country house. Heather comments sympathetically that it must have been a terrible shock, but David retorts that they wouldn't have known to look at Beryl. He goes on that maybe Leigh is right: maybe she is a bit off the air at the moment. Heather points out that that's what shock is all about: not breaking down; it might look crazy, but it isn't. Mike tells him, "Just give her time, mate - and plenty of support." David looks down, thoughtfully.

It's the middle of the night. Beryl comes out of her bedroom because she can hear a baby crying, and she switches the lights on, looking puzzled. She goes and opens the front door and calls, "Is anyone there?" There's no answer, though, and the crying has stopped, so she heads back inside, still looking thoughtful. She starts walking round the house. She suddenly hears more crying and she rushes into the kitchen and opens the back door. She looks round outside, and calls again, "Is anyone there?" but there's still no answer, so she heads back inside and locks the door. She stands there, looking worried.

Outside, Leigh is holding baby Shane in his bassinet. She tells him, "Well done, kiddo. I think we got to her."

Inside, Beryl is sitting in the dark, looking worried and upset.


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