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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

As Gary and Dennis walk into the lounge room, Barbara stands up, runs towards Gary and, giving him a hug, cries, "Wayne! Oh how wonderful to see you!" Charlie smiles, "Yes, isn't it, darling! Even Isabella was thrilled!" Stephen stands up as well and welcomes 'Wayne' home. Barbara asks Gary why he didn't call them and give them some warning. Gordon points out that they have Liz to thank for it - she was the one who gave the story to the paper, hoping Wayne would see it. Barbara suddenly notices Dennis and, holding out her hand, says to him that she doesn't think they've met. Dennis shakes her hand and introduces himself as Dennis White. Gary chips in, "He was the bloke who helped me." Gordon, looking concerned, indicates Gary and says to Dennis, "He's alright, isn't he?" Dennis tells him, "I don't know. I think he's lost his memory."

Katie is working on her computer in the lounge room at Charlie's when Charlie arrives home and exclaims, "Have I got a surprise for you!" Katie asks what it is and, sitting down, Charlie tells her, "Wayne's back!" She then goes on, "Mind you, he seems to have amnesia." Looking shocked, Katie cries, "Oh no..." Charlie tells her that it's not the first time - the same thing happened ages ago. Katie asks how he got home, and Charlie explains that some young man saw him wandering along the road and recognised him from the paper. She adds that everyone is so pleased to see him - especially Gordon. Katie smiles, "I'll bet he is. I'll go over and see him myself when he's settled in."

Stephen is packing some papers papers away in his briefcase in the lounge room at Dural, suggesting as he does so that it might be best if he heads over to Amanda's - it would be easier if he worked over there today. Barbara asks him if they'll see him for dinner, but Stephen just tells her that he'll let her know, and he goes. As the front door bangs shut, Gordon asks Gary, "What happened to the car?" Gary shakes his head and replies, "I wouldn't have a clue." Dennis chips in that he hasn't got much memory at all. Barbara comments that he was like that after his accident last year, but Gordon points out that that wasn't a complete memory loss; they never are. He tells Gary that he thinks they should have a doctor look at him straight away, and Gary agrees that that's probably a good idea. Barbara, staring at Gary, suddenly asks him if he's got something wrong with his throat. Gary quickly replies, "No." Barbara muses that his voice sounds a bit odd, that's all. Gary excuses, "Yeah, it is a bit sore. Must have caught a cold while I was out on the road." Gordon tells him that they'll have the doctor look at that, too. He then turns to Dennis and thanks him for bringing 'Wayne' home, adding that if there's anything he can do... Dennis tells him that that's not necessary. Gordon insists that he'd like to repay him in some way, but Dennis assures him that he doesn't want anything - he was happy to be able to help. Gary looks at him as he adds that he might just check in - see how 'Wayne' is getting on. Gordon tells him that he's welcome at any time. Dennis stands up and says to Gary, "See you later, pal. Hope you get better." Gary stands up as well and tells Dennis that he'll see him out. Turning to Gordon and Barbara, he adds that he has to start relearning his way round some time. The two men head outside. Gordon sits on the couch, looking relieved.

A few moments later, as they walk back to the car parked outside, Gary smiles gleefully as he says to Dennis that he couldn't believe it about Wayne losing his memory - it makes it so much easier: everyone's going to believe the story now. Dennis asks him what will happen when the doctor examines him, but Gary retorts, "Nothing. He's only going to know what I tell him." Dennis points out, "He'll know you haven't got a sore throat," but Gary tells him, "Don't worry about it. I'll knock the place off and be gone before they know it. All I gotta do is keep my mouth shut." Dennis points out, "That'll be hard," but Gary retorts, "Don't you believe it, mate." Dennis warns him that they'll see through him, but Gary tells him, "You leave it to me. We're on a good thing here." He and Dennis reach the car and lean against it, staring at the house, smiles on their faces...

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen is pacing the floor of the lounge area while Caroline sits on the couch, her handbag in her lap. Stephen asks her what the bag is for: is she going somewhere? Caroline, sounding nervous, quickly tells him, "No, I, er... No." Stephen, looking concerned, asks her if she's alright, and Caroline tells him that she's fine. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she stands up and says she'll get it. She opens the door to reveal a suave-looking man in his forties standing there. He smiles at her and says, "Here I am, honey!" Caroline quietly asks him to come back later, as she's got someone with her. The man, though, clearly not believing her, walks into the apartment anyway, and suddenly notices Stephen. Caroline quickly tells Stephen that she'd like him to meet an old friend of hers: Mark Bradley. She performs some introductions and the two men shake hands. Mark, putting his arm around Caroline, points out that they're a bit more than old friends, really. Stephen, staring at them suspiciously, tells his ex-wife that he didn't realise she was expecting company. He goes on that it might be best if he books back into the motel to work today: he has a lot to do - and he wouldn't want to get in their way. He tells Mark that it was nice to meet him and then heads to the door. Caroline follows him and tells him that she's sorry. Stephen just retorts bluntly, "It's alright. I'll talk to you later." He goes and Caroline shuts the door. She then turns back to Mark, who has sat down on the couch. He smiles at her and says, "I hope I didn't break anything up." Caroline sits down on the other couch and, staring at him, says bluntly, "I suppose you've come for the money." Mark, though, tells her, "No. I've come for you..."

Caroline stares at Mark, but he quickly tells her, "Relax. I didn't come her to fight. I want you to come back to me." Caroline, though, tells him, "No way." Mark points out that they had a good thing going when they were together; he hasn't had a winning streak since she left. Caroline laughs sarcastically, "That's why you want me back, isn't it: I'm your 'lucky charm'." Mark points out that they had fun before; why can't they do it again? Caroline retorts curtly, "Because it's over, that's why. I don't want to go back with you." Mark asks, "Not even if I said I still loved you?" Caroline just looks down at the ground, a half-smile on her face. She then asks Mark how he found her. Mark explains, "Samantha." A look of surprise crosses Caroline's face. She stands up and starts pacing the floor. As she does so, Mark tells her that he's just about cleaned-out - all he has left is just enough to get them back to Europe and the tables. Caroline repeats that she told him: she's not going back with him. Mark, though, standing up, retorts, "Then I'll just have to persuade you. I think the police would be interested in hearing about the painting you stole from me. Worth a lot, wasn't it?" He pauses before going on, "I don't want to have to tell them, but unless you change your mind, I just might have to." Caroline stands there, looking annoyed, as he adds, "I'm going to book the air tickets now." He walks to the door, saying as he does so, "I'll be back to pick you up tomorrow evening. You have a choice, you know? Either you come with me or you go to jail." With that, he leaves. Caroline stands there, looking worried.

At Beryl's, Tim lifts baby Shane - who's crying - from his bassinet in the lounge room. Leigh is sitting on the couch, staring into space. Tim comments to his sister that Shane isn't too cheery, but Leigh just grunts, "Mmm." Tim asks her what's wrong, but Leigh retorts, "Nothing." Tim, sitting down, pleads, "Come on..." but Leigh tells him that it's better if he doesn't know. Tim asks her suspiciously what she's done, but Leigh just sighs heavily and retorts, "If Beryl ever finds out, she'll blow her stack." Tim assures his sister, "I'm not going to--" Before he can get any further, though, Leigh hears Beryl coming into the house, and she quickly tells him to be quiet and give her Shane. Tim hands over the baby so that Leigh is holding him and kissing him when Beryl comes into the room. Beryl says hello to Tim and Leigh asks her how she went, as she was longer that she thought she'd be. Beryl tells her that it took Diane quite a while to explain the work to her. She then asks Tim if he'd like to stay for lunch, and he accepts, explaining that he wants to spend the day with his big sister. He adds that he won't get much of a chance once he starts school. Beryl, looking surprised, asks when that is, and Tim replies that it's the day after tomorrow; he enrolled yesterday. Looking pleased, Beryl smiles, "Good!" She then tells the two kids that she'll leave them to it and get on with her homework. She heads off to the kitchen, leaving Leigh to comment to Shane, "Well, it looks like we're safe so far..." Tim stares at his sister.

A doctor is checking Gary's eyes in the living room at Dural. As he does so, he asks him, "What's your golf handicap?" Gary replies, "Don't know." The doctor asks him, "Like prawns?" but Gary says, "Can't remember." The doctor then asks, "Favourite drink?" but Gary tells him, "Sorry." The doctor packs away his equipment and Gordon, who's with them, asks him, "What do you think?" The doctor replies that there's no sign of any physical injury; 'Wayne' just seems to have a complete memory loss. He then turns back to Gary and suggests to him that he see a psychiatrist, as they would be able to help him better than him. He goes to walk out, asking Gordon as he does so if he's got the prescription for the antibiotics. Gordon replies that he has. The doctor adds that he couldn't find much wrong with 'Wayne''s throat, but the antibiotics should help. Gary mutters that it's only a tickle. The doctor adds, "Take it easy, Wayne. I'll see you later." He and Gordon go to the door, leaving Gary standing in the lounge room, sighing. He walks over to one of the cabinets and lifts up an ornament. As he does so, he takes a cigarette out of his pocket, puts it in his mouth and lights it.

Out in the hallway, the doctor says to Gordon that he didn't like to say too much in front of Wayne, but he is worried about how complete his memory loss is. Barbara joins them as he advises that they should try and avoid putting Wayne under any stress. Barbara comments that that's going to be difficult: it's his wife's funeral tomorrow. The doctor says he knows, but they should keep him as calm as possible - even though his behaviour may seem slightly erratic, there's a chance, if he feels no pressure, his memory will come back of its own accord. Gordon thanks him and he goes. As Gordon closes the door, Barbara says to him gently, "How are you?" Gordon murmurs, "Holding up." Barbara suggests that they should have got the doctor to check him over at the same time, but Gordon insists that he'll be fine, and he tells Barbara not to go on about it. The two of them head towards the lounge room. Gary is standing there, examining another antique, the cigarette dangling out of his mouth. Gordon stares at him and asks, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Gary quickly puts the antique bowl down in panic, but Gordon then goes on, "You don't smoke."

A moment later, Gary explains that the cigarettes were in his pocket, so he lit up - he must have started before he lost his memory. Gordon concedes, "I suppose you were under a lot of strain..." Barbara adds that it's no wonder he's got a sore throat, and Gary agrees, "Certainly explains it, doesn't it?" Gordon tells him that it's obviously why the doctor didn't find anything wrong. He then asks 'Wayne' to sit down for a moment, and Gary does so. Gordon stares at him and says, "I know how difficult you must be finding things - being around people you don't remember but who know you very well." Gary tells him, "It's pretty difficult. Still, having parents like you's going to help me - I knew straight away that you were nice people." Gordon looks at Barbara. Barbara smiles at Gary awkwardly and explains, "I can't take any credit for that. Gordon is your father, but I'm not your mother." Gordon adds by way of explanation, "She died when you were born." Gary mutters, "Oh." Gordon goes on, "You and I haven't exactly been the best of friends for a while, but lately, things have been pretty good." Gary muses that he's glad to hear it. Gordon continues, "You have been under a lot of pressure. Maybe I should explain just what happened." Gary nods. Gordon continues, "You ran away because of your wife, Karen." Gary murmurs, "She was murdered - I read it in the paper." Gordon agrees, "Yes." Gary tells him, "I know I should feel upset, but I don't - I can't remember the woman." Gordon assures him that if he did, he wouldn't waste time crying over her. Gary asks, "Why?" but Gordon just replies that he'll tell him in a minute. He then goes on, "The first thing you have to cope with is the funeral tomorrow. I'm only sorry it didn't happen while you were away, but it was held up because of the autopsy." Gary, looking thoughtful, replies, "I'll get through it..."

Amanda arrives back at the Morrell apartment, following her job interviews, and Caroline asks her how they went. Amanda, though, replies glumly, "Not brilliantly." Caroline asks why not and Amanda explains, "I don't have much experience. They all asked how fast I could type and I had to confess that I don't." She adds bitterly, "So much for women's lib and their battle against the typists' syndrome!" Caroline asks, "What about the boutique?" Amanda replies, "Too old. They only want juniors and there was heaps of them at the interview." Caroline mutters, "Oh well." Looking surprised, Amanda comments that she could at least sound a little bit sympathetic. Caroline retorts that she's sorry, but she's got some problems of her own at the moment. Amanda, sitting down next to her, on the couch, asks what's wrong. Caroline tells her not to worry about it, but Amanda points out, "A problem shared is a problem halved." Caroline stares at her, and Amanda adds, "You have to tell someone." Caroline sighs and then relates, "A guy I used to live with in Europe a couple of years ago wants me to go back with him. He flew out here; turned up a couple of hours ago." Amanda asks, "Do you want to go?" Caroline replies, "No way," and so Amanda tells her, "Then don't." Caroline explains, "It's not that simple. For a start, he makes his money by gambling: when he's winning, it's fine, but when he's losing, forget it - he's got a nasty temper and he's taken it out on me more than once." She then lifts up her hair and, pointing to her neck, says, "See that scar there? He gave that to me. That's when I decided to leave him." Amanda gasps, "I don't blame you." Caroline goes on, "I took a painting with me - he'd won it in a bet and given it to me. When I got round to selling it, I discovered it was worth a fortune." She explains by way of an aside, "That's where my money came from. Of course, I couldn't tell Gordon that." Amanda asks why not, and Caroline tells her, "Well, you see, technically, I've stolen it. I mean I've got no proof that he gave it to me. If he wanted to, he could call the police and have me arrested." Amanda asks her if she thinks he'd do that, and Caroline replies, "He would if I don't go back with him." Amanda tells her, "You're going to have to tell daddy," but Caroline retorts that she can't do that - she doesn't think he'd appreciate the way she got the money - especially since she put it into the company. Amanda says she's sure he'd understand, but Caroline retorts that she can't take that risk. Amanda asks her, "What else are you going to do?" Caroline replies, "I don't know. I'm not going back with him, that's for sure - but I have to admit I'm frightened of him. I've even got a gun in my handbag." Amanda looks at her in shock and cries, "Where did you get that?" Caroline explains, "Another present. I never thought that, one day, I might have to use it against him..."

At Dural, Gary asks Gordon and Barbara, "Now that Karen's dead, what will happen to her money?" Gordon explains, "She didn't have a great deal of money on-hand, but she did have financial interests in quite a few companies. According to her solicitor, she's left everything to you. Well, obviously she didn't have time to change the will after you threw her out." Gary, raising his eyebrows, muses, "Threw her out, eh? Well, from what I've seen, I don't need the money. I suppose I've got some of my own...?" Gordon tells him, "Yes, you drew quite a good salary from the company, and you've always lived here quite freely." He pauses before continuing, "The doctor said if you take things slowly and don't get put under any pressure, you could remember it all." Barbara chips in, "It'll only take one thing to jog your memory and it'll all happen." Gordon tells Gary, "I've made an appointment with the psychiatrist, but he can't fit you in for a few days." There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Barbara goes to get it. Gary says to Gordon, "Obviously it's going to be a while before I can get back to helping you with the company." Gordon assures him that there's no hurry. Gary goes on, "I suppose you keep records somewhere...?" Gordon explains, "Yes, there's a safe in the office. That's where we keep the deeds and contracts." Gary tells him, "I'll have to get a key for it - I must have lost mine." Gordon, though, explains, "That won't be necessary - there's a combination. I'll show it to you later." Gary sits there, a smile on his face. Barbara comes in and announces, "Wayne, you've got a visitor." Katie walks over to him, gives him a hug and tells him, "I'm so glad you're back." Gary stands there with Katie wrapped round him, a smile on his face...

Stephen is standing in the Morrell apartment, saying curtly that it was obviously a mistake him moving back in there; he'll pack his things. Amanda cries, "But daddy, you don't understand." Caroline assures Stephen that there's no reason for him to leave; Mark means nothing to her now. She adds that she admits that they were lovers, but that was ages ago, and when he turned up this morning, he was the last person she wanted to see; she wasn't exactly fawning all over him, was she? Stephen admits, "No. I thought you were just playing games again." Caroline tells him, "I wasn't. Believe me, there's no way I want him around." Stephen asks, "Then why don't you let me do something about it? Six years ago, I would have kicked him out." He goes and sits down next to his ex-wife and, staring into her eyes, continues, "What I am saying is, I would like us to live together again - properly. I realise it might be a bit bumpy for a while, but, well, I'd like to try. What do you reckon?" Caroline tells him gently, "I'd love to." Stephen turns to Amanda and asks, "Happy?!" Amanda, a broad smile on her face, replies, "What do you think?!" She then says she'll see how dinner is going, and she leaves them. Stephen comments to Caroline, "Subtle, isn't she!" Caroline, suddenly becoming serious, says to Stephen, "I didn't think you were ready for a real commitment." Stephen replies, "I know I treated you badly last time, but I won't make the same mistake again. I'm going to look after you - if you'll let me." Caroline leans in and kisses him, adding softly, "You know I will." They hug.

That evening, Beryl, Leigh and Tim are having dinner in the living room at Beryl's. Beryl offers Tim some dessert, and he accepts. Beryl clears away the dinner plates and heads off to the kitchen. When she's alone with her brother, Leigh says, "You don't want to go back to school, do you? I think it's time we cleared out." Tim, though, retorts that he wouldn't mind seeing what the new one's like. Leigh comments that he doesn't sound too keen, but Tim tells her, "I'm not too keen about moving again, either. I get on OK with Dave and the O'Briens. Anyway, what are we going to do about money?" Leigh retorts, "Don't you worry about that. We'll have plenty." Tim says incredulously, "You're still not thinking of selling Shane--" Leigh interrupts and tells him to shush. Tim snaps, "If you did that, I'm not--" Leigh interrupts him again and demands, "Look, just let me do the thinking, will you? I know what's going to be best for us." At that moment, Beryl comes back into the room and, putting down two bowls, announces that there's some more ice-cream in the kitchen if anyone wants it. She heads off to get her own bowl. Leigh and Tim stare at each other.

A while later, a car horn sounds outside, and Leigh exclaims, "Oh! There's the cab now." Tim thanks Beryl for ordering it. He adds that he really could have got back to David's on his own, but Beryl retorts that he couldn't have done it without hitching, and she didn't want him doing that. Leigh tells her brother that he'd better go, and the two of them head to the front door. They step outside, where Tim pleads, "Please don't do anything silly. There's no reason for us to split." Leigh, though, retorts, "There is. I want to get out before the whole thing blows up in my face." Tim, looking surprised, asks, "What?" Leigh demands, "Look, just let me run things, will you?" Tim reluctantly sighs, "OK. I'll see you later," and he heads off. Leigh goes back inside, and joins Beryl in the living room. Beryl comments, "He's a nice boy, your brother. Very thoughtful." Leigh snaps, "Unlike me, I suppose." Beryl doesn't respond. Leigh goes on, "Look, I know you don't like me, and I know you don't really want me here. You're only putting up with me because of Shane, aren't you?" Beryl retorts, "So?" Leigh tells her slowly, "Well... if you want him, you can have him." Beryl looks at her, sharply. Leigh adds, "He'd be much better off with you, anyway." She pauses before continuing, "But if I go, I'll need money - and I'm not going back to David's." Beryl glares at her in shock and asks, "Am I hearing correctly? Are you offering to sell Shane to me?" Leigh taunts, "You want him, don't you? He reminds you of Robert - and you'll never see him again. If you want a baby, you'll have to take Shane. Well, what do you think?" Beryl lashes out and slaps her around the face, yelling, "That's what I think."

A short time later, Beryl is on the 'phone to David, and she demands, "Would you come over and pick your daughter up, please, David? I don't want her in the house any longer." David asks what's happened, but Beryl retorts that she'll tell him when he gets there. David mutters that he'll be right over. Beryl thanks him and hangs up. Leigh walks into the room and Beryl tells her, "Your father's coming to pick you up." Leigh asks, "When?" and Beryl retorts, "Straight away." Leigh snaps, "Good. The sooner we get away from here, the better. But don't think you've seen the last of me. I hate you." Beryl stares at her.

Gary is sitting at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, talking on the 'phone and saying, "The best time to knock the place off will be about half-past-nine in the morning. They're all going to me old lady's funeral then." At the other end of the 'phone, Dennis asks Gary if he won't be going too, but Gary explains that he'll get out of it somehow: they want him to take things easy, so it shouldn't be too hard to say he's not up to it. He then tells Dennis to roll-up at about quarter-to-ten and he'll be waiting to let him in. Dennis says, "OK, mate." Gary suddenly hears the front door opening, and he quickly changes tack and says to Dennis, "I appreciate your call. Let's hope next time I'll be able to give you some good news. Thanks for ringing, Dennis." He hangs up as Gordon walks in and queries, "Dennis, was it?" Gary nods and Gordon comments that it was nice of him to call. He then goes to the bar, picks up a glass and offers, "Drink?" Gary replies, "Beer, thanks." Gordon looks at him in surprise and remarks, "Beer? You usually drink scotch." Gary quickly explains, "Yeah... well, I er, had a couple of beers with Dennis before he brought me home. Guess I didn't know any better." Quickly changing the subject, he continues smoothly, "Katie O'Brien seems nice enough." Gordon agrees that she is. Gary goes on, "I got the feeling there was more to it - she seemed really worried about me." Gordon, pouring the beer, explains, "Well... one time you were very involved with her. And you're still very good friends." Gary comments, "I'll pop over and see her later. Might help me jog the memory." Gordon agrees that that's a good idea. He then hands Gary his beer and Gary takes a sip.

David knocks on the front door at Beryl's. Leigh opens it - holding Shane - and David immediately asks her, "What's happened?" Leigh shakes her head 'innocently' and replies, "I don't know. All I said was that it might be a good idea if Shane stayed here, and Beryl flew off the handle and hit me." Beryl suddenly comes to the door and demands of her ex-husband, "Would you just get her out of my house, please, David?" David tells Leigh to go to the car, and she walks off. David follows Beryl into the lounge room and asks, "What's going on?" Beryl retorts, "It's simple, really. Leigh offered to sell Shane to me." David looks at her in surprise and asks her if she's sure. Beryl mutters, "Of course I'm sure. The thing that upsets me is that, for a moment, I was tempted. I feel so sorry for Shane, having a mother like that." David tells her that Leigh isn't that bad, but Beryl retorts, "Yes she is. She knows how upset I've been since... And she's been playing on it the whole time." David assures her, "Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on her." Beryl stands there, looking concerned.

Gary is at Charlie's, and as Charlie escorts him into the lounge room, she says, "I'm glad you decided to come over, Wayne." Gary says hello to Katie, who's sitting on the couch with a magazine on her lap. He then asks both women if they're going to the funeral tomorrow, and Charlie trills, "Oh, we'll be there - well, more for Gordon and Barbara's sake than Karen's." She then adds, "I don't suppose you remember Karen?" Gary shakes his head, and Charlie goes on, "Good. She's better forgotten anyway." Gary mutters, "So I believe." Charlie continues, "Nasty woman. Not worth the time of day. Well, she tricked you into marrying her, you know?" She suddenly realises that 'Wayne' is miles away, staring at Katie's computer, and she cries, "Wayne..." Gary quickly comes back to reality and comments that it looks like quite an expensive model. Katie agrees, "It is." Gary asks her, "Yours?" Katie explains, "Yes - I need it for my work." Gary looks thoughtful.

The next morning, Gary is dressed in casual clothes as he stands in the lounge room at Dural with Barbara - who's dressed in black - and tells her that he doesn't think he can face the funeral - it's going to be really hard with people he can't even remember. Barbara tells him not to go, then, and Gary asks her if she'd mind. Barbara asks him what the point would be, if it's going to upset him. Gordon comes in, holding a pile of mail, and Barbara tells him that Wayne has decided not to go to the funeral, as he doesn't really feel up to it. Gordon comments that that's probably a good idea. He then asks Gary if he'll be alright there on his own, and Gary replies, "Yeah, course." Gordon, who is sorting through the post, suddenly picks out an envelope and, showing it to 'Wayne', comments, "That's funny. You've sent us a letter." Gary stares at it, looking worried...


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