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    Written by: Stuart Ray    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

The front door suddenly opens and Caroline quickly hides the pistol in her handbag as Amanda walks in. She cheerfully tells her daughter that she just missed her father, but Amanda explains that she saw him outside. She sits down as she adds that it sounds like lunch went very well. Caroline quickly pulls her handbag out of the way and then asks if Stephen mentioned anything about rushing off to Woombai. Amanda nods and comments that it's a pity. Caroline agrees that it would have been nice if he could have spend a few days with them - they would have felt like a family again. Suddenly looking thoughtful, Amanda muses, "I wonder if it's worth trying to talk him into it?" Caroline looks at her, and she explains, "Staying on." Caroline replies, "I don't know - I suppose you could give it a try." Amanda comments that she's sure Woombai can manage without him for a little while longer. Caroline tells her, "Talk to him, then." Amanda smiles, "I will." Caroline nods, "Good..."

Leigh is back at Sunbury, and she calls out Tim's name as she walks into the caravan. She sits down on the bed and sighs. Footsteps suddenly sound on the steps outside, and she calls out, "In here, Tim." It's David who comes in, though, and Leigh looks annoyed. He tells her that he saw her come in through the gate and figured she'd probably come to see Tim. Leigh asks where he is, and David explains that Mike and Heather are enrolling him in the High School. He adds that if Tim is going to stay, the sooner he gets back to his studies, the better. Leigh stands up and mutters, "Well, I won't wait, then." She goes to walk out, but David tells her to hang on a second. She stops, and David goes on that he knows how she's feeling - it's not easy for him, either - but he reckons they should talk about it. Leigh, though, spits, "What's to talk about? You're my father. Big deal. Nothing we can say is going to change that." David suggests that they can still talk, and he invites her to come inside and have a drink while she waits for Tim. He adds that they might be able to sort out a few things. Leigh reluctantly mutters, "Alright," and they head out.

A few minutes later, Leigh is sitting at the kitchen table in the main house, a can of Diet Coke in her hand. She sips from it before growling, "Ray Palmer was my father. He was the one who brought me up. He was the only person I'd ever loved who loved me, too. I thought Richard did, but that was all a con." David asks, "What about Tim? You seem to get on pretty well with him." Leigh snaps, "That's different. Tim's only a kid - I have to look after him." She then goes on more quietly, "Dad used to look after me. No one else has ever done that." She sighs before adding, "At least Richard taught me one thing: if you love someone, you can get hurt." David puts his hand on her arm and says gently that he's sorry. Leigh, though, pulls away and snaps, "I'll survive. Just don't expect me to start treating you like my second father." She then stands up and announces that she can't wait any longer - she told Beryl she wouldn't be late. David tells her that he'll give her a lift, but she declines. David, though, retorts, "Don't be silly. I'm going over there anyway." The two of them get up and head out.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural to find Stephen standing on the step. He comments that Stephen is early - he wasn't expecting him until after dinner. Stephen explains that there was something he wanted to talk to Gordon about. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon tells Stephen to go in the lounge room. Stephen wanders in there while Gordon takes the call. Barbara is sitting in the lounge room, and, after they've exchanged greetings, Stephen comments to his sister that Gordon seems rather tense. Barbara explains that he's worried about Wayne: ever since the article came out in the National Informer, he's been waiting to hear from him. Stephen comments, "Yes, of course." He then asks if he can have a drink, and Barbara tells him to help himself. As he goes to the bar, he tells his sister that he wanted to talk to Gordon the others got there, to see if he minds him staying in Sydney until the end of the week. Barbara stands up, walks over to the bar and tells Stephen hesitantly that the last thing Gordon needs at the moment is someone talking business. Stephen assures her that it's not that big a deal, but Barbara points out that he'll be needed back at Woombai - he can't expect Alan to run the guest house and the riding school on his own. She pleads, "Please don't bring it up - he's got an awful lot on his mind." Stephen acquiesces to the request, and Barbara thanks him. At that moment, Gordon comes in and explains that the caller was Charlie, asking if she should bring anything. Barbara just grunts. Gordon murmurs sadly, "I thought it might be Wayne..."

Wayne is standing at the counter of a shop, and he asks the shopkeeper, "Do you sell the newspapers, mate?" The shopkeeper replies that he does, but Wayne is a bit late - all they've got left is the Herald and the National Informer. Wayne smiles, "I'll take the newspaper. Don't want a forty-page gossip column!" He pays and then walks over to where the newspapers are laid out in a rack. He picks up a Herald and doesn't even glance at the National Informer with his and Liz's photos on the front...

Beryl is sitting at the living room table at her house, having afternoon tea with a dark-haired woman. The woman thanks Beryl for offering to help out, and she adds that it will be wonderful to have her back at the Home. Beryl smiles that she's looking forward to it. The woman goes on, "We're terribly short-staffed. Well, I've been working non-stop - didn't end up leaving until 10pm last night." Beryl tells her that she'll be happy to give her a hand whenever she needs her. The woman explains, "The only reason I didn't call you about coming back to the home was I didn't know how you'd feel being amongst young children and babies." Beryl muses, "I'll be right." She then goes on, "Actually, I've got a baby staying with me at the moment. He's asleep now, thank goodness, but I think having him around is helping me to get over losing Robert..." The woman comments sourly, "Doesn't seem fair. You have your baby taken and there are others who couldn't give a damn." Beryl tells her, "Yes, Heather told me." The woman continues, "She probably had her reasons - the poor girl looked pretty upset. She left without even signing the papers." Beryl looks sympathetic.

Outside, David and Leigh are approaching the house, David pointing out to Leigh as they do so that him giving her a lift was quicker than her catching a bus home. Leigh mutters that she supposes so. As they approach the front door, David glances in through the window and comments that it looks like Beryl has got Diane Bull from the Children's Home over. Leigh looks round sharply. David knocks on the door, and, inside, Beryl remarks to Diane that David has brought Leigh home. Outside, Leigh quickly tells David that she's just remembered she has to pick up some formula for Shane; she won't be long. She walks off back down the path as Beryl opens the door. She invites David to come in, and he joins her and Diane in the living room. She then comments that she thought she saw Leigh with him, and David tells her that she did, but she was in a bit of a hurry. Diane smiles that she hopes she didn't scare her off, but David laughs that he doesn't think so - it was more a case of getting to the shops before they close.

A while later, Beryl is clearing the table, and Diane thanks her for the afternoon tea but adds that she really must be going. David asks her if he can give her a lift anywhere, but Diane declines, explaining that she has her car. Beryl asks what's going to happen to the baby that was left at the home. Diane tells her that they'll keep looking for his mother, of course, but if they don't find her, he'll become a State ward and, hopefully, they can arrange an adoption. David comments that it'll probably be the best thing for the poor kid anyway. Diane agrees, "Yes, but until then, we have to arrange a foster home." Looking at Beryl, she then asks, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in looking after him?" Beryl stares at her and replies, "No, I don't think so." Diane tells her, "It would only be until--" Beryl interrupts and says, "I realise that, but Leigh's baby is enough of a handful for me at the moment - and I am still hoping that I'll get Robert back one day..."

Wayne is driving along a quiet road in his open-topped car. He stops at a junction as a police motorcyclist passes him, and he pretends to look in his road atlas for directions. The policeman drives by without stopping, and Wayne puts down the atlas and pulls away.

A young man in his twenties is standing in the shop Wayne was in earlier, looking at the story about him and Liz. He looks across to where some of his mates are playing cards outside, and mutters, "I don't believe it." Two of the card-players get up and walk off, saying they've had enough. The young man walks outside and calls to the remaining card-player, "Gary. Check this out." He hands over the paper to his mate, and tells him, "There's a bloke in the paper who looks exactly like you." Gary reaches out his hand to pick up the paper and read it. Gary is an exact doppelgänger of Wayne, except he's unshaven and wearing a gold earring in his left ear...

Charlie, Gordon, Stephen and Amanda are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, while Barbara is talking on the 'phone by the window. Charlie tells her audience that she hasn't been able to sleep a wink, knowing that Wayne is still missing; he could be sleeping on park benches for all they know, and it's all her fault. Gordon retorts that that's nonsense, but Charlie insists that it's true: if she hadn't told the police about Isabella, Wayne would never have run away - and now they might never see him again. Looking annoyed, Gordon snaps, "Charlie, Wayne will be fine. He'll turn up when he sees the story in the paper." Charlie says she hopes so. On the 'phone, Barbara snaps, "Look, I've just told you, he's not here." She slams the 'phone down and curses, "Journalists! That was another one, wanting an interview with Liz and full of questions about Wayne." Gordon points out that they shouldn't complain - at least now all the papers will be running stories about him; he's bound to see one of them. Stephen suggests, "As long as he stays in New South Wales. I can't see the story having much impact in the other States." Charlie cries, "Then Wayne might never realise he's been found innocent. He could spend the rest of his life a hunted man..." Barbara, looking annoyed, warns, "Charlie..." She then asks her if she could come and give her a hand with the tea, and Charlie smiles, "Of course, darling." She gets up and goes with Barbara to the kitchen. Amanda tells Gordon that she won't be staying for tea - she only came to see how how he and Aunty Barb were - although she does have a small favour to ask. Gordon tells her to ask away. Amanda says, "Could dad stay in Sydney a little while longer before going back to Woombai?" Stephen looks at her sharply as she goes on, "I thought it would be a good idea if he and mum could spend some more time together--" Stephen warns, "Amanda..." Amanda insists, "It would be, dad." Stephen tells Gordon that it's not that important - he can make it back some other time. Gordon, though, smiles, "No, I think it's an excellent idea. I'll need someone to help with the company until Wayne turns up and I'm sure Alan Pascoe can cope with Woombai for a few days by himself. That is if you want to stay...?" Stephen tells him, "If you're sure it's OK with you..." Barbara comes back in with a tray of tea things as Amanda exclaims, "Oh great! Mum will be so pleased!" Barbara puts the tray down and Gordon tells her that there will be one less, as Amanda's not staying. Barbara asks her if she's sure, and Amanda explains that she promised her mum she'd get to the shops before they closed. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to get it. She answers it, "Barbara Hamilton." A man's voice comes on and says, "Good afternoon. Is Wayne Hamilton there, please?" Barbara snaps, "No he is not." The man replies, "Oh. Do you know where I could find him?" Barbara snaps, "We haven't heard from him and we have nothing further to say and I don't want you to call again. Goodbye." With that, she slams down the 'phone and mutters, "Bloody reporters. Why don't they ever give up?"

Gary's mate hangs up the 'phone in a public kiosk and joins Gary, who's still reading the newspaper article. He tells Gary - who's also sporting a tattoo on his left arm - "There's been no sign of the bloke." Gary smiles, "I'd better get cleaned-up and into some new gear. We're in the money, mate!" His mate warns him, "Want to be careful, Gary. If you get found out..." Gary, though, smiles, "I won't. It's worth a go, I reckon..."

That night, a light comes on in the otherwise-dark Morrell apartment and Caroline emerges from her bedroom and walks over to the couch. She takes some pills out of her handbag and then walks over to the bar, where she pours herself a glass of water. She suddenly hears noises outside the front door, and she puts down the water, runs back over to the couch and takes the pistol out of her bag. She points it at the door as she handle turns slowly and the door is pushed open to reveal Stephen standing there in silhouette. He switches on the main lights and looks surprised to find his ex-wife standing there, pointing a weapon at him. He asks, "Why have you got a gun?" Caroline explains sherpishly that she heard him coming in and thought it was a burglar. She puts the weapon away before quickly asking him what he's doing there, pointing out that it's after midnight. Stephen explains that Amanda asked him to stay there for a few days; he's always had a key to the place, so when he left Barbara and Gordon's, he picked up his bag from the motel and came straight over; he didn't realise he'd be facing a firing squad! He asks her where she got the gun, and Caroline nervously tells him that someone she stayed with in Europe gave it to her. Stephen comments that it's a funny sort of present. He then tells her that she should get rid of it - there's no need to carry it around. Caroline sighs, "I hope not." Stephen asks, "Why? What are you frightened of?" Caroline quickly flirts, "Nothing - it's just that I don't feel safe without a man in the place. But now you're here..." She puts her arms round him, but Stephen, looking concerned, says, "Look, I-- I didn't just-- Look, I think we should see how we feel." Caroline, though, ignores him and starts kissing him passionately. When she eventually pulls away, she holds out her hand and invites, "Come on. You can unpack in the morning." With that, they head off to Caroline's bedroom...

The next morning, Beryl and Leigh are sitting in the kitchen at Beryl's, having breakfast. Beryl tells Leigh that she's glad she and David were able to spend some time together yesterday. She adds that Leigh does know that David wants to do what he can for her? Leigh just murmurs, "Yeah..." She then asks, "Did you say last night you were thinking of going back to work at the Children's Home?" Beryl agrees, "Mmm. I've been missing it." Leigh asks her when she'll be going back, but Beryl replies that she doesn't know - whenever they want her, she supposes. Leigh asks her whether she doesn't think it would be better if she just worked on charity committees and things like that. Beryl looks at her in surprise, and Leigh adds that it just seems a bit of a waste just going in for a couple of hours and doing fiddly little jobs. Beryl, though, retorts sternly, "I'm already on quite a few committees, Leigh, but I prefer working with people. It makes me feel as if I'm actually doing something." Shane suddenly starts crying, and Beryl asks Leigh if it isn't time she got him out of the cot. Leigh grunts, "Alright." As she stands up, Beryl adds, "And don't forget to iron those things that Heather brought over." Leigh heads off to the bedroom. In the lounge room, the 'phone starts ringing, and Beryl goes and answers it. Diane Bull comes on and says, "Remember I mentioned there were holes in our work roster at the Home?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Diane goes on, "Well, the lady who handles our paperwork is off sick today. Would you be free?" Beryl tells her, "Yes, I am. I'll clear up and come straight over." Diane thanks her, adding that that's one load off her mind. They say goodbye and hang up.

Amanda is laying the breakfast table at the Morrell apartment when Stephen and Caroline suddenly emerge from the Caroline's bedroom - Stephen with his arm around his ex-wife - and Stephen tells his daughter, "You'd better make that for three." Amanda, looking happily shocked, smiles, "Good morning!" Stephen tells her, "Top of the morning to you!" Amanda asks him how long he's been there, and Stephen replies that he got there about midnight - although he almost got his head blown-off in the process! Caroline quickly tells Amanda that he was acting very suspiciously, so she had to pretend she had a gun! Stephen points out, "You did!" Amanda doesn't pick up on this, though, instead telling the two of them to sit down and she'll bring in the breakfast. They do as they're told and Amanda heads out to the kitchen. Caroline suddenly looks miles away, and Stephen comments that there is something worrying her, isn't there? Caroline retorts, "No," but Stephen prompts, "That letter that came yesterday." Caroline tells him, "Forget the letter - it was nothing. We've got much more important things to think about..." Stephen warns, "Don't change the subject," but their minds are taken off things by the sudden popping of a champagne cork and the clinking of glasses! Amanda brings in the bottle and three glasses, and Caroline exclaims, "I thought you were getting breakfast!" Amanda laughs, "I am!" Stephen comments, "Aren't we lucky?!" and Amanda agrees, "Lucky there was champagne in the 'fridge, yes!" She starts pouring, but Stephen demands humorously, "Where are the strawberries?!" Amanda smiles that she's sorry. Stephen says in mock indignation, "What sort of First Class hotel are you running here?!" Amanda explains, "It's a family hotel!" She finishes pouring the champagne, all three of them raise their glasses and Stephen proposes, "Family hotels!" The two women repeat the toast. The three of them then sip their drinks and Caroline exclaims that the champagne is wonderful! Amanda tells her and Stephen that she'll cook something a little bit more exciting than boiled eggs, too, but Stephen replies apologetically that she'll have to be quick. Caroline cries, "You don't have to rush off, do you?" but Stephen explains that he has to go over some figures with Gordon this morning. Amanda comments that she's surprised Gordon wants to work at all, and Stephen asks her if she means because of the business with Wayne. Amanda muses, "He's so worried about him. I hope we hear something soon."

Gary emerges from a hairdresser's, having had a trim and a shave. He's wearing a light blue T-shirt and dark jeans and he asks his mate - who's standing outside, still looking at the paper - "What do you reckon?" His mate exclaims that it's incredible! Gary asks, "Think I'll pass muster?" and his mate tells him, "You're a dead ringer for the bloke." Gary says, "Fingers crossed." They start walking down the street. As they do so, Gary's mate warns Gary that he'll have to get rid of that earring. Gary mutters that he'd forgotten about that, and he takes it out. His mate then asks what they do if this other guy shows up. Gary shrugs and tells him, "Pretend it's a joke." The mate asks, "What if he gets back after we get there? Can't say it's a joke then." Gary, though, retorts, "Relax, Den. It's only going to take a few hours to check the place out and get a key." Indicating the newspaper, he adds, "By the sound of that, these people are loaded. I reckon we can make a mint as long as everyone thinks I'm Wayne Hamilton." He walks off.

Leigh is ironing in the kitchen at Beryl's. Beryl comes in from the hallway and says to her that, if the man calls about the lawns, can she ask him to come back Saturday? Leigh doesn't respond. Beryl then walks over to Shane - who's lying in his bassinet - and tells him to be a good boy for mummy. Leigh snaps that she doesn't know how she's supposed to look after him by herself. Beryl, though, suggests that surely she can manage for one day? Leigh retorts, "I know - but I need someone to help me. Couldn't they get someone else to work at the home?" Beryl tells her curtly, "No, they couldn't. I'll be back in at 5pm." With that, she walks off. Leigh stands there, the iron in her right hand, and sighs. She suddenly appears to think of something, and she picks up the iron, looks at it and screws up her eyes. Beryl is approaching the front door when Leigh suddenly screams out: she has placed her left hand on the base of the iron so that it burns the skin. She pulls the hand away and stares at it, a look of shock on her face.

A few moments later, Leigh is running her hand under cold water at the sink. Beryl is filling a bowl with ice from the freezer. She asks how on earth it happened, and Leigh explains that she was talking to Shane when she went to pick up the iron; she guesses she wasn't watching what she was doing. She pulls her hand away from the tap; the palm is burning red. Beryl walks over, holds the bowl under the tap and says she'll put some water in there. Leigh asks her if she's got some cream, but Beryl tells her that she won't need it - she should soak her hand in the cold water for about half an hour and then put a clean dressing on it. Leigh goes and sits down at the table and pleads, "How am I going to look after Shane now?" Beryl, though, tells her, "You won't have to - I'll stay home and help you." She puts the bowl of water down on the table and adds, "I'll get the paperwork from the Home and bring it back here." She places Leigh's hand in the water, and Leigh winces again as it stings. She then tells Beryl - an expression of near-panic on her face - "Look, if you don't mind looking after Shane, I'll go and get it for you." Beryl, though, retorts, "You stay where you are - you've had quite a shock. Shane will be alright for a while. I won't be away long." She heads out, leaving Leigh looking annoyed.

Amanda is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, writing in a notepad, the newspaper on her lap. Caroline wanders over and joins her and asks, "How's the unemployed?!" Amanda replies that she's got two appointments for interviews, and Caroline congratulates her. Amanda, though, tells her to save them until she's actually landed a job! She then stands up and says she'd better get a move on, as her first appointment is at ten o'clock. Caroline tells her, "You don't have to go out looking for work, you know? If I'm going to help run that company, I'll be needing a secretary." Amanda, though, exclaims, "Oh, you're kidding! I'll be hopeless - I can't do shorthand and my typing is terrible! Anyway, I wouldn't like to work off your money." Caroline assures her that the offer is always open. Amanda replies, "I know, but honestly, you'll be better off without me!" Changing the subject, she then asks, "Daddy didn't give you that much alimony, did he?" Caroline tells her, "No." She goes on, "You're wondering where all my money came from." Amanda looks at her and she continues, "I put up with quite a lot from the men I lived with - but some of them knew how to throw their money around. Still, I don't think that's something a mother should be discussing with her daughter!" She heads over to the bar and picks up her keys before adding, "I've got to go shopping. Could you give me a lift?" Amanda assures her that of course she can. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Amanda goes to answer. Caroline looks on in concern. Amanda says, "Hello?" A male voice asks, "Is Caroline Morrell there?" and Amanda tells him, "Yes, just a moment." She then hands the 'phone to her mother, telling her, "It's for you - a man. I don't recognise his voice. I'll just get my car keys." She heads off, leaving Caroline to it. Caroline says to the caller, "Hello?" The male voice tells her, "I'm coming over. Make sure no one's with you when I get there." Caroline cries, "No, you--" It's too late, though: the caller has hung up. Amanda comes back in and asks, "Who was it?" Caroline quickly replies, "A friend. Hadn't seen him for years. He wanted to say hello." Amanda asks her how he knew she was staying there, but Caroline quickly blusters, "I don't know. Should've asked." Changing the subject, Amanda asks if they're ready to go, but Caroline suddenly sits down on the couch and says she doesn't think she will go shopping right now - she's got a terrible headache; she might have a lie-down. Amanda asks her if she's sure she's alright, and Caroline insists that she's fine. She tells Amanda to go - she doesn't want to be late for her job interview. Amanda does as she's told and heads out, leaving Caroline looking worried. She reaches into her handbag and takes out the silver pistol. She pulls out the cartridge and checks that it contains bullets. Having satisfied herself that it does, she reloads it and sits there, gun in hand, and sighs heavily.

Beryl is approaching the Children's Home when Diane Bull comes down the steps outside and exclaims, "Thank goodness you could come." Beryl, though, tells her that she's sorry, but she can't stay: Leigh managed to burn her hand, so I'll have to help her with Shane. She adds that she can take some work home and bring it back this afternoon. Diane assures her that that would be wonderful, and she invites her to come into the office. They go to head inside, but as they do so, a woman passes them, pushing a pram, and Diane tells Beryl, "Oh, that's the baby I was telling you about the other day." Beryl recalls, "The unmarried mother?" and Diane explains, "He's going down the Baby Health Centre for a check-up, poor little mite." Beryl isn't close enough to see that the baby is Robert...

Gary and Den climb out of a bright yellow car, which they've parked outside Dural. Den looks at the house and comments, "Not bad!" Gary agrees, "Yeah, I reckon I'm going to be very happy here." Den warns him, "You know we could both end up in the clink if anything goes wrong?" Gary asks him suspiciously if he wants to pull out, but Den retorts, "Of course not - I'm just saying." Gary mutters, "I know. It's a gamble - but I reckon it's worth it, eh?" Den starts stammering as he tells him, "There is one thing: the photo in the paper could have been taken years ago. The bloke might have changed." Gary points out that there's only one way to find out. He starts heading towards the front door, but Charlie suddenly spots him and runs towards him, trilling, "Wayne! Oh, Wayne, darling! Thank goodness you're back. Everyone's been so worried - and it's all my fault. Oh, I feel so awful telling the police about Isabella. Poor Gordon's been fretting ever since you left." Den suddenly interrupts and says, "G'day!" Charlie smiles at him in surprise and replies, "Oh, hello." Den goes on, "He hasn't had--" but Charlie ignores him, pulls Gary's arm and tells him that he can't stay out there all day - his father will want to know he's back safe and sound. As she leads him to the front door, she asks Gary, "So, where have you been?" Before Gary can say anything, though, Charlie knocks on the door and goes on, "I never thought I'd have anything kind to say about the National Informer, but thank goodness they printed that article about Liz. I mean, if you hadn't seen it..." The door is opened by Gordon, and Charlie excitedly tells him, "Guess who I found lurking in the driveway!" Gordon stares at Gary and then cries, "Thank God!" He hugs his 'son' to his shoulder and tells him, "Thank God you're back..."


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