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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Helena tells Andy that she's sorry - they cannot lie about something that is so important. Nikos then growls at Andy, "You expect her to lie? She is Greek. She has honour." Andy warns, "Now wait a minute..." but Nikos asks, "Are you calling her a liar?" Andy goes to speak, but Nikos concludes, "So, now you must marry her." Andy snaps, "Now hang on, I'm just--" Fiona interrupts and cries, "Hold it, hold it... Now why don't we just wait and see what's decided?" Nikos, though, asks, "What is there to decide? Either he marries her or she returns home in disgrace. If he is a man, it is decided." Andy suddenly grabs Helena's arm and, leading her to the door, mutters that they have to talk. Nikos sits down and snaps, "I am stupid for trusting him."

A few moments later, in Andy's bedsit, Andy snaps, "What on earth did you do that for?" Helena asks him if he's angry, but Andy asks her what she expects him to be. Helena points out, "But now we'll be together. This is why I did it. There's no other way Nikos would give me freedom." Andy growls, "And the fact that you're forcing me into a marriage never ever entered your head?" Helena retorts, "I forced nothing. You say you love me; if you don't, there's nothing more to say." Andy asks, "And if we don't get married, what will you do?" Helena sighs, "I don't know. Go home, maybe." Andy asks her why she didn't tell Nikos the truth. Helena, though, asks in reply, "Do you think he'd believe me now? Anyway, it wouldn't matter." Andy asks why not, and Helena replies, "Well, the fact that I would lie about such a thing is bad enough." Andy asks, "What about your family: what will they say?" Helena murmurs, "I don't know. They probably won't speak to me again." She then adds quickly, "It's not that bad, really. I was only joking." Andy snaps, "Oh, it's not, huh?" Helena, though, suddenly starts sobbing, and she leans her head against Andy's chest. He holds her as he tells her that it's alright - he really doesn't know what to do yet, but he won't walk out on her.

Gordon, Barbara and Gary are sitting with Stephen and Caroline in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara muses that it's about time she was thinking about dinner, and she asks Caroline if she'll stay. Caroline, though, replies that she'd love to, but she can't. Stephen pleads, "Come on, keep me company," but Caroline smiles, "No, I've got a lot to do before tomorrow. Besides, if you and Gordon are going to work, you don't want me hanging around!" Stephen insists, "Yes I do!" Gary stares at Caroline, looking annoyed. Gordon tells Stephen that they don't have to work tonight - he just thought it would be nice to get the decks cleared and then it will leave tomorrow free to set up for the party. Stephen gives in and agrees, "Let's get it over with." Turning to Caroline, he adds that it should only take a few hours; he'll come over when they're finished. The two of them kiss, and Caroline tells Stephen that she'll see him then. Gary offers to get the door for her, and the two of them head out into the hallway. As they stand by the front door, Gary asks, "When can I see you?" Caroline replies quietly, "Come over now, if you can," and Gary tells her, "Alright, I will." He pops his head back into the lounge room and announces, "I told Dennis I'd meet him for a drink. See you later." With that, he heads out. In the lounge room, Barbara goes to stand up. However, Stephen suddenly says, "While you're both here..." Barbara sits back and stares at him as he announces, "I've been thinking about easing myself out of Woombai." Gordon, looking surprised, says, "I'm sorry to hear that. If you're unhappy about anything..." Stephen, though, quickly assures him, "No, not at all. I love the job. It's Caroline I'm thinking of." Gordon tells him that he'll be sorry to lose him. Barbara asks if Caroline has said anything about not liking Woombai. Stephen replies, "No, but she's no country person. I mean, she'd wear it if I asked her, but she wouldn't be happy. I think this time it's my turn to make the sacrifices."

A while later, at the Morrell apartment, Caroline and Gary are sitting on the couch, kissing passionately, but Gary suddenly pulls away and Caroline asks, "What?" Gary mutters, "I wish you'd tell everyone the truth." Caroline, looking away shiftily, replies, "I can't - this engagement party means too much to me." Gary retorts, "I don't know what to make of you. You say you love me, but you don't act like it." Caroline teases, "That's because I'm not acting..." She stands up and, holding out her hand, smiles, "Come on." Gary takes it and she leads him towards the bedrooms...

Nikos and Fiona are in the kitchen at Fiona's. Amanda joins them and announces that she has to go now. She then tells Nikos that she hopes everything works out for him, and she leaves. Looking worried, Nikos says to Fiona, "They are gone a long time." Fiona points out that they have a lot to talk about, but Nikos growls, "If he is trying to get out of marrying her, I will not allow it. Neither will Helena's family - they are very wealthy; they'll make much trouble for him." Fiona, though, says she doesn't think it will come to that. At that moment, Andy and Helena appear in the doorway, and Nikos asks, "Everything is settled?" Helena smiles, "Yes, Nikos. Andy has asked me to marry him." Nikos concedes, "Then I must congratulate both of you." Helena tells him, "You are a good friend to be so understanding. You will come to the wedding?" Nikos agrees, "Of course." He then goes on, "But now, you cannot stay here, in the same house as your husband-to-be. Until the wedding, you will stay with my aunt." He then adds by way of explanation for Fiona and Andy, "She flew here to be chaperone for Helena. We are in a fine hotel." Turning back to Helena, he assures her, "She will be very pleased for you to stay." Helena says quietly to Andy, "That is how it is in our country." She then kisses him and she and Nikos head out. Andy sighs heavily. As she hears the front door bang, Fiona says to Andy, "I am willing to bet that nothing whatsoever happened between you and Helena. Am I right?" Andy nods. Fiona goes on exasperatedly , "Then why on earth didn't you say so?" Andy explains, "Because Nikos wouldn't have believed it, and it would only have made things worse for Helena; I mean, she's going to get a hard enough time from her family as it is." Fiona sighs, "And what good is it doing you letting her think you're going to marry her? Unless you are...?" Andy shakes his head and mutters, "I don't know."

Caroline and Gary emerge from the bedroom area at the Morrell apartment. As they do so, Caroline tells Gary that she'll make them a quick cup of coffee and then he'll have to go; Amanda could be home any time. Gary points out that she still hasn't told him how long it will be until they can stop sneaking around like this, but Caroline replies, "Not long, I promise. It'll be sooner than you think." Gary murmurs, "I hope so." He then starts kissing Caroline passionately again. Neither of them hears the key turning in the door or notices Amanda walking in and staring at the two of them in shock...

Amanda stands there and cries, "Mum..." Caroline quickly pushes Gary away and snaps at him, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Gary, looking surprised, retorts, "What?" Caroline snaps, "How dare you? Why don't you try to grow up?" Gary, looking round and noticing Amanda, growls, "That's it. I've had it. You play your stupid games with someone else." He then picks up his jacket and storms out. Amanda stares at her mother, who excuses, "He just arrived. Stopped by for a cup of coffee, he said. Suddenly he was all over me." Amanda points out "You hardly looked like you were putting up a struggle." She closes the door. Caroline retorts, "Darling, there's such a thing as being taken by surprise, isn't there? I imagine I froze for a second." Amanda reminds her that Wayne is hardly the aggressive type, but Caroline assures her, "That's what he did." She then adds, "He attacked you once, didn't he? I remember you writing about it." Amanda admits, "Well, yes, but he'd been drinking. We had problems and it was different." Caroline points out, "Still, it proves he's capable." She then adds, "Still, I suppose you're right. I knew he was interested in me, and I still let him in." Amanda suggests, "If you think it's going to be a problem, you'd better get dad to have a talk to him." Caroline, though, quickly assures her, "Oh no, it's not that important. Anyway, Stephen and I have got enough to think about at the moment: we got engaged this morning. Isn't that wonderful?!" Amanda just stares at her and, smiling weakly, says, "Yes. Congratulations..."

Charlie is sitting in front of Katie's computer, staring at the screen as the program continues to try combinations of letters for the passcode to Gordon's company's accounts. Katie suddenly comes into the room and stops in her tracks as she sees what's happening. Charlie asks her if she had a good sleep, but Katie just asks nervously in reply, "Why have you got that on?" Charlie explains that she was going to play a game, but the computer seems to be doing something. Katie quickly says, "Yes, a new thing I'm working on. A word program." Charlie smiles, "Well, it's confused me!" She stands up and, changing the subject, asks Katie if she's decided if she's coming to the engagement party tomorrow night. Katie comments that she's probably not invited, but Charlie assures her that of course she is. Katie points out that she hardly knows either of them that well, but Charlie tells her, "Oh, Barbara would be awfully disappointed if you're not there. Now you and Wayne are back together..." Looking surprised, Katie says, "You didn't tell her that...?" Charlie retorts, "I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret. Well, Wayne was very open about it. Isn't it true?" Katie replies that it's too soon to talk about it, that's all. With that, she switches off the computer monitor and leaves the room. Charlie immediately goes and turns it on again and sits down to watch it.

Andy, Fiona and Jill are having dinner in Fiona's flat. Jill tells Andy that he can't let himself be bulldozed into marriage; not unless it's what he wants. Andy sighs, "I don't know. It's all happened so fast. I love her, but I'm not sure of anything." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona goes to answer it as Andy continues, "I can't let her down, though. Her family and friends would disown her. Her whole life would be wrecked." Jill asks him if it's going to help to wreck his as well, but Andy says he reckons they could make each other pretty happy. Jill sits there, looking disbelieving. Fiona answers the 'phone and, after a moment, calls to Andy to tell him that it's Helena's father. Andy, looking worried, asks, "Calling from Greece?" Fiona nods, "I suppose he's heard. He wants to talk to you..."

Stephen lets himself into the Morrell apartment. Caroline walks over to him and asks him if he got everything done. Stephen agrees, "Uh huh." Caroline then asks, "Hungry?" Stephen smiles and starts kissing her. Caroline tells him that she meant for food; would he like her to cook him something?! Stephen, though, replies that it's alright - he had dinner with Gordon and Barbara. Amanda walks over and joins them, and she says to her father blankly, "Mum tells me you're engaged." Stephen agrees that they certainly are, and he asks Amanda what she thinks. Amanda, looking worried, asks if they're not rushing it a bit, but Stephen points out that it's hardly as if they don't know each other. Amanda, though, tells him, "You don't, really. Well, you've been apart for so long." Stephen, looking puzzled, says, "I thought you'd be delighted. Isn't it what you wanted?" Amanda sighs, "I guess so, but... as long as it's really the best thing." Stephen asks her what she's trying to say. Amanda looks at her mother, who stares back at her, impassively. Amanda concedes, "Nothing. I suppose you're both old enough to know what you're doing." Stephen puts his arms around her and smiles that she's not to worry - everything's going to be terrific. He doesn't notice the sly look on Caroline's face...

Andy hangs up the 'phone at Fiona's and rejoins Fiona and Jill. Fiona comments that it sounded like a one-way conversation. Andy just mutters, "Yeah." Jill asks him impatiently if he's going to tell them, and Andy replies, "He was pretty mad. He told me I had to marry his daughter." Fiona asks, "Did he say what he'd do if you didn't?" Andy tells her, "He won't be too happy. If Helena goes back, they really will make her life hell. And if she stays... well, she can't unless I marry her. Looks like I'll have to."

The next morning, Gary is at Charlie's, and as Charlie lets him in, she says, "Hello, Wayne. I hope you two aren't going to spend all day at the computer again. Katie's supposed to be taking things easy." Gary assures her that he'll keep an eye on her, and he dashes into the lounge room, where he asks Katie what she's got, as she sounded pretty excited on the 'phone. Neither of them notices Charlie standing just out in the hallway, listening. Katie shows Gary the computer monitor, which is now displaying 'Please Enter A/C Number: 6984326. OK. Please Enter Password. IENCH. ? Connection Complete. Welcome to Investment Marketing Services." Katie smiles at Gary, "There it is: the magic word." Gary queries, "IENCH? It doesn't make sense." Katie tells him that it probably stands for something: "Umm... 'Input Entry Name Company Hamilton'. Something like that." Gary asks her if she's sure that's it, and Katie assures him that that's it alright. Gary smiles, "You little beauty! I'm home and hosed!" Katie looks at him in surprise, and he quickly adds, "Now we can catch the crook red-handed - and the company will have you to thank..."

Charlie is talking on her portable 'phone outside the front door. She tells the person at the other end that she was right: it's definitely to do with Wayne and the company; the whole thing's awfully suspicious. It's Larry Blake at the other end, and he suggests that he'd better come over and make Katie see sense. Charlie, though, tells him that there's no point now, as Wayne is still there. Larry asks, "What about tonight?" but Charlie explains, "There's a party at the Hamiltons'." She then suddenly adds, "You can come as my partner, if you like. You can see her there." Larry hesitates, "Well, er..." but Charlie points out, "She might not be so defensive at a party." Larry sighs, "I'll, er, have to find someone to sit the kids, but OK."

Inside, Katie turns off the computer and tells Gary that that's the hardest part done - and just as well, too, as Charlie was starting to ask a lot of questions. Gary, though, mutters that Charlie is nothing to worry about. He then tells Katie that she's done a great job and he asks when they can look at the accounts. Katie tells him, "Round 8pm tonight would be the best time." Gary, looking annoyed, asks, "Why not now?" Katie explains that it's a 24-hour operation; the best thing to do would be to go in during a shift change, when they're less likely to be paying attention to the screen - and when Charlie will be at the party! Gary smiles, "Great! So will we for a while. It'll be a good alibi." Katie, looking surprised, tells him that he makes it sound as if they're the ones doing something wrong! Gary quickly says, "I just thought it would be easier on Gordon if we can settle it without stirring things up too much, you know?" Katie nods, "Yeah, I suppose it will." Gary stands there, looking pleased with himself.

Barbara walks into the lounge room at Dural with Amanda, Amanda saying to her as they do so, "Actually, I came to see Wayne. Is he here?" Barbara replies that he didn't in fact say where he was going, but she'd imagine he's with Katie. She adds that she's beginning to think Charlie is right: she thinks Wayne and Katie are getting back together. Amanda sighs, "For Katie's sake, I hope not. You know, Wayne seems to be after whatever he can get at the moment." Barbara pauses before asking, "Did he ever talk to you about getting a tattoo?" Amanda stares at her and laughs, "No! Wayne?!" Barbara laughs back, "Well, I hardly thought so, either!" At that moment, Gary comes in through the front door and Barbara tells him that Amanda came over to talk to him. Gary glares at Amanda. Gordon calls to Barbara to ask if she's got a minute, and Barbara leaves Gary and Amanda to it. As soon as she's gone, Gary growls at Amanda, "If it's about your crazy mother, I've got nothing to say. Anything you want to know, ask her." Amanda, though, retorts, "I'm asking you. I want to know exactly what's going on. You've got the choice of telling me or explaining it to my father. Which would you prefer?" Gary glares at her.

Later that day, Caroline is arranging flowers in the Morrell apartment when the front door opens and Amanda comes in. Caroline smiles at her that she was wondering where she'd got to, but Amanda retorts, "I've been over talking to Wayne." Caroline, looking slightly uncomfortable, asks if he had anything to say for himself. Amanda retorts, "I had to drag it out of him. He tried to avoid the issue. But I said straight out I knew he'd tried to make a move on you. He admitted it - or as good as." She sits down and adds that at least he didn't try to deny it. Caroline comments that Wayne probably blames her - he must have thought she was leading him on. She asks, "Did he give you that impression?" Amanda, though, is miles away, and she asks, "Sorry?" Caroline repeats, "Does he blame me?" Amanda tells her, "I don't know; I didn't ask him. But you don't have to worry about him trying it again - apparently, he and Katie have got something going on now. He said he'll be keeping well clear of you." Caroline points out that that won't be easy - they'll be seeing each other at the party tonight. Amanda, though, replies that, by the way he was talking, she doesn't think he's going. Upon hearing this, Caroline begins to look worried.

That night, the engagement party is in full swing at Dural. Gary is swigging from a can of beer as he leaves the bar to mingle. Charlie is dressed up to the nines, and, as she arrives with Larry, she tells Caroline that she looks wonderful! She then introduces Larry to Caroline, Stephen and Amanda, explaining that he's in computers. She adds that the Morrells are one big, happy family! Larry shakes hands with everyone, and Caroline then asks Stephen if he'll excuse her for a moment. She walks over to join Gary, who's talking to Katie. As he sees Caroline approaching, he mutters at Katie that he's going to get another beer, and he heads to the bar, ignoring Caroline. Barbara comes into the room with Fiona, Jill, Andy and Helena, and Fiona comments that it looks like things are off to a good start. Barbara agrees, "No disasters so far!" Gordon joins them and Barbara hands him the newcomers' coats. He heads off again to hang them up. Helena tells Barbara that it's a beautiful house, and Barbara thanks her. Caroline has cornered Gary by the bar, and she says, "Wayne, listen to me. I'm glad you're here." Gary, though, retorts, "I'm not interested, Caroline. As far as I'm concerned, it's over." Caroline teases, "Stick around. You'll change your mind." Gary, though, snaps, "I don't think so." Caroline pleads, "Look, at least stay for the announcement. I promise you it'll be worth it. Please?" Gary just mutters, "If I'm here, I'm here," and he walks off to rejoin Katie. By the bar, Fiona wishes Caroline her congratulations. Katie asks Gary what that was all about with Caroline, but Gary mutters, "Nothing." He then indicates Larry and asks her why her computer mate is there. Katie admits that she doesn't know. Gary comments, "At least he's keeping Charlie busy. Come on, let's get across to the house while the going's good." By the bar, Fiona is saying to Caroline and Jill that it's not as uncommon as they'd think, these days, ex-husbands and wives marrying each other again and being very happy. Jill remarks that you'd know what to expect, she supposes! Gordon comes back in and asks who's for a drink. Barbara calls over from the window that they're a bit dry over there.

A short time later, Katie is sitting at her computer in the lounge room at Charlie's, as Gary watches. She presses a few keys on the keyboard and then says, "As far as I can tell, there's nothing wrong. If any new instructions have been fed in, they're well-hidden." Gary comments, "Unless we can be sure one way or the other, I'll have to bring Gordon in after all." He then asks if he can use it for a minute - he'll check the records against their balance sheet and see if he can spot anything wrong. He sits down next to her, some printouts in his hand, and Katie, pressing some buttons, says, "Here's the display you want. And to advance it, you just do this." She presses some more keys as Gary stares at the screen, which is displaying four options: '1. List Transactions; 2. Fund Transfer; 3. Report; 4. Exit'. Gary smiles that he thinks he's getting the hang of it - it's not as tricky as it looks! He then asks, "If someone has pinched money, how would they do it?" Katie tells him, "Put simply, they would have entered an instruction - payment to account number whatever - which would transfer funds to his own account. Then he'd have to make changes in the program to cover it." Gary muses, "Right..." Suddenly putting on an expression of wooziness, he tells Katie, "One beer and it's gone straight to my head. Any chance of some coffee?" Katie smiles, "Sure. Just yell if you need any help!" She leaves the room and Gary immediately starts typing on the keyboard. He selects the 'Fund Transfer option' and then types in his own account code and the amount to transfer. This done, he sits back, happily.

At Dural, Charlie is standing with Larry and Caroline. She's telling them that, honestly, some people have no conception of what getting married means; there ought to be a law to protect them from themselves! Stephen wanders over and suggests to his ex-wife that they might as well make the big announcement. Caroline, looking shifty, asks if it isn't a bit early, but Stephen replies that he doesn't think so. He adds, "Look, I hate speeches. Let's get it over so I can enjoy myself." Charlie smiles, "Oh I love speeches." Caroline quickly points out, "Not everyone's here," but Stephen asks, "Aren't they?" Caroline tells him, "No. Wayne and Katie slipped out. I'm sure they'll be back in a minute." Charlie glances at Larry in alarm as she hears this. Stephen concedes to Caroline, "Alright. I can't wait all night, though." Caroline smiles, "Relax. You're amongst friends." Larry takes Charlie's glass and the two of them head out.

Gary is sitting staring at Katie's computer as he sips from a cup of coffee. Katie sits down next to him and asks, "Anything?" Gary replies, "Not so far. Still a bit to go, though." They suddenly hear noises at the door and Katie cries in shock, "Somebody's here!" Gary quickly tells her, "Quick. Wipe it. We've got the passcode." Katie turns the monitor off. As Charlie and Larry come into the room, Gary and Katie are kissing passionately, and Charlie exclaims, "Oh!" as she springs them. Katie and Gary pull apart and Gary explains that it was getting a bit rowdy at the party; they thought they'd come back and have a quiet cup of coffee. Charlie apologises, adding that they didn't mean to barge-in. Katie assures her that it's alright, and she adds that they'd better be getting back anyway. She and Gary head off as Charlie excuses awkwardly, "We just came to get a camera..." As the front door bangs shut, Charlie says to Larry that it looks as though she was wrong. Larry, though, walks over to the computer monitor and places his hand on top. He tells Charlie, "It's warm. They were using it alright." He switches it on, but as it warms up, he snaps, "Damn! They've wiped it." He then turns back to Charlie and tells her that she's got to remember that password she overheard - it's their only chance to find out what Katie and Wayne were up to.

At Dural, Gordon heads to the bar to refill some glasses. Gary and Katie come into the house and Caroline tells Stephen, "Wayne and Katie are back. We can make the announcement now." Stephen comments that he thought she wanted everyone there. Caroline tells him, "Well, they are." Stephen asks, "What about Charlie and whatsisname?" Caroline, though, smiles, "Oh, you were right. We can't wait all night for them. Let's do it now before anybody else leaves." Stephen concedes, "Alright."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Charlie is recalling, "It was 'I' something. 'Input'... um... 'Input... Entry...' 'IENCH', that's it: 'Input Entry Name Company Hamilton'. Larry asks her if she's sure, and Charlie insists that she's positive. She asks him if he's not going to punch it in or anything, but he tells her that he doesn't think he will. He adds that it sounds like a private code; they must have been breaking into the company accounts. Charlie cries, "Stealing?" Larry agrees, "Could be." Charlie insists, "Wayne wouldn't do that - not to Gordon." Larry replies, "Let's hope you're right." He then goes on, "You have to tell Gordon - have him bring in a computer security firm; they'll soon get to the bottom of it." Charlie, though, looking dubious, says she doesn't know if she can - it would upset him awfully and he's not well. Larry points out curtly that it would upset him a lot more to find out that he's lost all his assets. Charlie stands there, looking worried. Larry sighs, "Charlie, it's up to you. I won't come back to the party." Charlie asks why not. Larry replies, "You're Gordon's friend. It's best you tell him." Charlie stares at him and he pushes, "You will, won't you?" Charlie sighs, "It seems I've got no choice." She then suggests that she'd better get back to the party and see what's happening. She heads out, leaving Larry looking worried.

The guests at the party are dotted around the lounge room, some seated and some standing. Stephen and Caroline are standing together in the centre of the room. Stephen is saying, "Well, you all know why we're here tonight, but I understand it's customary to make an official announcement, so let's get it over with." Caroline suddenly asks, "Darling, would you mind if I did it? I have something special I want to say." Stephen assures her, "Of course not. The floor is yours." Caroline addresses the guests: "I have an announcement to make. It mightn't be quite what you're all expecting, but it's something that I've been looking forward to for a long time." Turning to look at Stephen, she goes on, "I am happier than I can say to announce my engagement to a man that all of you in this room know very well. My future husband: Wayne Hamilton." As she walks over and slips her arm through Gary's, there are gasps of shock. Caroline stares in glee at a stunned Stephen.


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