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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Caroline opens the door at the Morrell apartment. Stephen is standing on the step, and she tells him that she's so glad he came. Stephen announces, "Amanda said you wanted to see me," and Caroline tells him that she does. She invites him in. As he looks around, he asks where Amanda is, but Caroline says she doesn't know. She adds that her daughter said something about not waiting up for her tonight and then went out. She walks over to the bar and offers Stephen a cognac, but he declines. Looking surprised, Caroline tells him that she got some especially for him - his favourite brand, if she remembers correctly. Stephen asks curtly, "What exactly did you want to see me about?" Caroline, though, tells him lightly not to be so touchy, and she invites him to sit down and make himself at home. Stephen sits down reluctantly, but points out that she can hardly expect him to feel relaxed after the stunt she pulled last night. Caroline explains that that's why she called him over: to apologise. Stephen, though, growls at her to come off it - she enjoyed making him look a fool. Caroline smiles and agrees, "Well... I must say... I did rather enjoy getting my own back on you for once." Stephen stands up and snaps that he's sorry - he's really not in the mood for this. He goes to walk out, but Caroline quickly says, "Alright, I had a small victory over you last night. But today I realise I was petty and tactless and I really am sorry." Stephen retorts that it's not enough - she may have bought into the company, but he's not going to kow-tow to her. Caroline assures him that she doesn't expect him to. She then asks brightly why he can't accept her apology so that they can be friends. Stephen points out curtly, "We couldn't even be friends when we were married!" Caroline smiles that they're divorced now; they've changed. Stephen tells her that she's changed, that's for sure. Caroline replies, "Some things haven't, though." Stephen asks suspiciously, "Like what?" Caroline tells him, "Well, I'm terrible with facts and figures. Would you care to explain the company's balance sheets to me while you're here?" Stephen realises, "That's really why you asked me over here, isn't it?" Caroline admits that that's part of it - but the apology was sincere: she does want them to be friends. She pours him a glass of cognac, hands it to him and proposes, "To a new beginning?" Stephen stares at the glass and then takes a sip.

Wayne is sitting on the wall that forms the bridge over the stream at Dural - but on the opposite side to where Karen's body is lying, so he can't see it. He's staring into space. Charlie approaches him, carrying Isabella, and tells him that she's been watching him from her kitchen window and she thought he might like some company. Wayne mutters that he wanted to be by himself for a while. Charlie puts Isabella down on the ground and tells Wayne that she knows he's upset, but it just won't do. She invites him for a walk, but Wayne retorts that he's not in the mood. Charlie sighs, "Karen will be delighted - upsetting you is all she seems to want at the moment." Wayne mutters, "Well. She got her wish." Charlie goes on that she gets so angry when she thinks of the way Karen just barged in on them all; what a catty woman she is - and all those terrible things she said to Gordon... Isabella suddenly starts wandering off across the bridge, down towards the stream, and Wayne tells Charlie to call her back, as he thinks she's planning a dip. Charlie cries, "Oh, she mustn't - I only had her at the beauty parlour yesterday!" The two of them both start calling to the dog, and she looks round but sits down on the edge of the stream, by Karen's body. Wayne and Charlie stay where they are, but Charlie orders, "Isabella. Will you come here, please?" The dog stands up and runs back to them, Charlie calling to her as she does so to come to mummy. As she runs back into Charlie's arms, Wayne asks if she got wet, but Charlie assures him that she's far too well-bred to swim in a dirty creek! She then sighs at Wayne that she wishes he'd stop brooding. Wayne, though, explains that he can't help wondering what Karen will do next. Charlie asks him if he'd feel any better if she told him that she's sure all his trouble are at an end. Wayne mutters that he would if he could believe her, but Charlie replies that he can; trust her. She then asks again about the walk, and Wayne gives in and mutters, "What the hell. Why not?" They stand up and head off, Charlie smiling as they do so that they'll make it nice a long walk. Neither of them notices the body lying on the bank of the stream.

Stephen and Caroline are sitting on the couch in the Morrell apartment, staring at some papers. Stephen tells his ex-wife that they'd get on a lot quicker if she'd tell him which areas she's not sure of. Caroline, who appears to be miles away, comes back to earth and says, "Pardon?" Stephen comments that he gets the distinct impression that she hasn't heard a word he's said. Caroline laughs nervously that of course she has, and she tells him not to get cross at her. She adds that she was just thinking how sad Amanda will be that she didn't stick around. Stephen remarks that he's surprised she didn't - she's the one who got him there. Caroline smiles that Amanda would be absolutely thrilled that they're still on speaking terms, and she asks him if he realises that they haven't had an argument in about twenty minutes! Stephen sighs that he thinks they're getting side-tracked, but Caroline persists that she wouldn't put it past Amanda to try and throw them back together again. Stephen, looking surprised, comments sourly that that would be a waste of time. Caroline asks, "Would it? We got on well together once." Stephen mutters that he thought she wanted to talk business, but Caroline retorts that she just thinks it's interesting, looking back over mistakes. Stephen muses, "Well, you would have a lot to look back on, I suppose." Caroline asks what that's supposed to mean, and Stephen goes on that things with Ron can't have worked out too well. Caroline comments, "Touché - but I learnt my lesson: the new me doesn't get ordered around." Stephen muses, "There's more to the new Caroline than you've been letting on." Caroline looks at him and he goes on that she's been playing dumb about the company business, but somewhere along the line she must have made some pretty shrewd investments. Caroline tells him that her parents left her money, and then there was the alimony from him... Stephen comments that it was hardly a fortune - surely not enough to buy into a big company? Caroline suggests that maybe she took a gamble and it paid off. Stephen tells her that he'd love to hear about it, but Caroline quickly suggests that they change the subject. Stephen asks what the mystery is, but Caroline assures him that there's no mystery - she just likes to keep her private affairs private. There's silence for a few moments, which Caroline breaks by saying she's sorry for being so abrupt. She adds that she's getting very good at apologising to him. Stephen, indicating the balance sheets, murmurs, "Let's get on with this. I think it's safer." Caroline tells him, "I do have one or two secrets. Maybe I'll tell you everything one day..." She pours another drink and smiles as she hands it to him.

Andy is playing with baby Fee, who's in a playpen in Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Fiona herself is on the 'phone, and she says to the person at the other end, "Yes, thankyou very much, Sergeant. Bye." She hangs up and Andy asks if it was bad news. Fiona explains that that was Sergeant Perkins calling from the Woombai Hospital: Chris has had a mental breakdown and has been transferred to a sanatorium in Sydney. Andy comments sympathetically, "Poor guy. It must be hard for his mum: the old man's practically a cot case too, isn't he?" Fiona nods, sadly. Andy quickly adds that there's no use worrying about it - Chris nearly killed her up at Woombai. Fiona murmurs that she supposes that's true. Changing the subject, she then tells Andy that Jill hasn't called and she's getting really worried - she hasn't got a clue where she's living. Andy tells her that he heard Jill give the address to a cabbie last night before he left; he's a bit hazy on the details, but he can check it out. Fiona asks, "Could you? It would be such a relief to know she's OK." Andy asks her if she'd like to come too, but Fiona replies that she can't: Cheri is coming over to look after Fee; she's going over to the Hamiltons': it sounds like they've got a few problems of their own. Andy tells her that he'll give her a call there, and he heads out.

A while later, Andy is driving his car along a main street. He sighs heavily as he looks around for Jill's flat. He suddenly notices a young woman wearing tarty clothes standing provocatively on the pavement. He stares at her and mutters, "Jill?!" He quickly pulls the car into the side of the road and then watches as a young man approaches Jill and starts talking to her. The two of them then head inside, as Andy sits there in shock.

Sometime later, Andy is standing in the corridor outside Jill's flat. The front door opens and the young man comes out and walks off. Jill suddenly spots Andy standing there and looks at him in surprise. She cries, "Andy..." Andy tells her curtly that he wants to talk to her, and he heads into the flat. As she closes the door, Jill asks him how he found her. Andy explains that he heard her give the street and the suburb to a cabbie last night, when she left; he didn't know the number, but he saw her pick up her 'mate' out there. Jill glares at him and just asks if Fiona knows where she is. Andy, though, replies, "Not yet. Seems there's a lot she doesn't know, but I'm giving you the chance to explain before I do." Jill snaps that it's none of his business, but Andy retorts, "Fiona's worried about you. So am I." He goes on, "It seems a lot of things are starting to make sense now: Chris didn't put that ad in the paper, did he?" Jill snaps, "Yes he did." Andy stares at her and asks, "Then why did you--" Jill interrupts and asks bitterly, "Why not? Fiona was up at Woombai... Alan was dead... I had nothing to lose, so when the men started calling, I asked them around." Andy tells her that he knows she's had a rough time, but she would have found someone else. Jill retorts, "No one I could love." Andy stares at her and says quietly, "Jill, you are the last person I would even--" Jill smiles nastily and taunts, "Didn't Fiona tell you? She picked me up off the street three years ago." Andy stares at her in shock, and Jill goes on sarcastically, "Good old Fiona, always trying to protect me." Andy tells her that Fiona cares about her; she wants to help. Jill, though, snaps at him to tell Fiona that she doesn't need her help - she's quite satisfied with what she's doing. She walks over to the kitchen and Andy pleads with her to come back with him, adding that they can easily talk about it; they can try and-- Jill interrupts and retorts that she's sick and tired of people interfering with her life - and he can tell Fiona that, too. Andy nods and assures her, "Oh yeah, I'll tell her - but it won't keep her away. I only hope she can make you see sense." He storms out, leaving Jill standing there impassively.

Fiona is sitting with Gordon and Barbara in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon is saying to her that it's left them all rather shattered, he can tell her. Barbara suggests that they look on the bright side: she doubts Karen will be back again. Gordon points out that that depends on whether they can revoke her Directorship or not. Fiona asks how Wayne is coping, and Gordon admits, "Not well. But I'm sure he's glad to see the back of her as well." Barbara suddenly suggests to him that he take Fiona out in the garden, as it's a lovely day and he could do with some fresh air. Gordon smiles that that's a good idea, and he leaves the room to go and get some shoes. When he's gone, Fiona says to Barbara that she's worried about him, isn't she? - she practically froze every time Karen's name was mentioned. Barbara replies that he's had been too many shocks lately, what with Alan's death and now Karen's hocus pocus. She goes on angrily that she's sure Karen tried to bring on another heart attack. Fiona sympathises that she wouldn't... but Barbara retorts, "Too right she won't - I won't let her come near him, Director or no Director." Fiona stands up and tells Barbara that she'll try and keep his mind off her. Barbara thanks her, adding that she doesn't want anything upsetting him any more.

Karen's body is still lying on the bank of the stream. Gordon and Fiona are talking as they approach the bridge that crosses the stream, Gordon saying to Fiona that he supposes Barbara told her to stop him thinking about Karen. He adds that he wishes she'd stop worrying about him - he'll be fine. Fiona muses that he can hardly say that he's had a peaceful existence lately. The two of them sit down on the small wall that forms the bridge, and Fiona goes on that she thinks he should take things quietly for a couple of weeks: let Wayne help with the business. Gordon comments, "It's Wayne I'm worried about." Fiona laughs, looking around as she does so. The smile suddenly disappears from her face as she spots the body in the stream. A look of horror crosses her face instead. Gordon continues unaware that Karen is still giving Wayne a hard time - he doesn't want to see him take any more knocks; if he is looking after things, he'll have to see her every day - that's-- He breaks off as Fiona shivers as the shock of finding the body there hits her. Gordon misconstrues it and asks her if she's cold. Fiona quickly replies that, yes, the wind is a bit chilly - she thinks she should go in and see if she can't borrow a cardigan. She adds that he needs a jumper on, too. Gordon insists that he's alright, but Fiona tells him that they should go and get rugged-up and then he can show her the rose garden - Barbara said it's looking lovely. Gordon stands up and, without looking behind him, agrees that it is. The two of them head inside; Fiona takes another look round at the body lying in the stream...

Inside, Barbara is clearing away the coffee things in the lounge room when Fiona wanders in. Barbara, concentrating on the coffee table, doesn't look at her face as she comments, "Well, that didn't take you long." Fiona just walks forward slowly, a look of shock still on her face. She doesn't say anything, and so Barbara glances at her. Seeing the expression on her face, she quickly asks in panic, "Fiona? What's wrong? Where's Gordon?" Fiona replies, "I sent him upstairs to get a jumper. It's alright - he didn't see..." Barbara asks, "See what?" Fiona, staring into space, tells her, "Karen. She's in the creek. She's dead." Barbara stares at her.

A while later, Karen's body is lying on a stretcher and is covered by a blanket. Two morticians carry her into the back of a hearse, while a number of detectives wander around, one taking photos. A detective approaches Wayne and Charlie, who are standing there watching. Charlie is holding Isabella. The detective tells Wayne that he's sorry, but he'll have to get some details off him. Wayne replies, "As long as we don't have to go into the house - I don't want to upset my father any more." The detective agrees, "Yes, of course." He then adds, "I'm sorry about your wife." Wayne mutters, "Don't be. I'm not." Charlie quickly puts her hand on his arm and warns him, "Wayne..." but Wayne mutters, "Why pretend?" He then turns back to the detective and explains, "We separated last week. She was nothing but trouble. Suiciding's the biggest favour she could have done for us." The detective stares at him and says slowly, "We're treating your wife's death as an accident." Wayne, though, tells him that he's wrong: it was suicide - she tried it before, a few days ago. The detective points out that a ten-foot drop is hardly-- Wayne interrupts and suggests curtly that she probably only wanted to knock herself out and give them a fright; last time, she tried to gas herself in full view of the house - she was a pretty desperate woman. Charlie chips in that she could have fallen somehow and hit her head, and the detective explains that that's how it's looking to them. Turning back to Wayne, he adds that they'll know more when forensics are through and after the autopsy. Wayne just stands there, silently, and Charlie explains to the detective, "He's very upset, Inspector." Wayne glares at her and then snaps, "Let's get one thing out in the open: no one's going to shed any tears over her, least of all me." He storms off, leaving the detective watching him go, a puzzled expression on his face.

Jill opens the front door of her apartment, to find a man standing there. He says to her, "It's Jill, isn't it? Vera told me you moved in." Jill comments that he must be Frank, and the man replies that that's right. He adds that Vera didn't tell him what a classy sort Jill was. He walks past Jill, saying as he does so, "Going to invite me in?" Jill sighs and closes the door. She tells Frank that she has to go out in a minute, but Frank puts his jacket down and assures her that it won't take a minute: he's got a business proposition for her...

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Barbara hands him a pill and tells him to take it, no arguments. She adds that she still thinks she should call the doctor and ask him to give him a check-up. Gordon takes the pill from her, together with a glass of water. He holds them as he muses that it's ironic: a few hours ago he wished that Karen was dead, and now she is. Barbara tells him not to think about it: it was an accident; no one was to blame. Gordon takes the pill, and Barbara goes on that she thinks he should go upstairs and lie down for a while - he knows how groggy those pills make him. Gordon, accepting this, stands up and, turning to Fiona, tells her that he's sorry her afternoon has turned into such a disaster. Fiona tells him to go and get a good rest. As she escorts him out of the room, Barbara says to Gordon that she'll tell Wayne to take over. Gordon insists that that won't be necessary, but Barbara retorts that he's not doing anything for the next few days. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Barbara answers it to find Andy standing there. He quickly asks if Fiona is OK, adding that Charlie told him what happened. Barbara tells him to go into the lounge room, adding that she's sure Fiona will be pleased to see a friendly face. As he does this, Fiona stands up to greet him, but she suddenly loses her balance and collapses back onto the couch. Andy runs over to her fearfully and tells her to put her head down and take a deep breath. Fiona does so, and Andy asks her if she feels better. Fiona pants that she wonders what brought that on. Andy, though, retorts that it's not hard to guess: first the news about Chris, then finding out about Karen... it's enough to make anybody feel faint. Fiona nods and then asks him if he found Jill. Andy hesitates and then replies that, no - he must have had the wrong address. Fiona comments that that's a shame. Andy assures her that Jill will be alright, and Fiona muses that she'll call tonight; there's no good in worrying... Andy tells her that Jill can look after herself.

At Jill's flat, Frank is pacing the floor, and he tells Jill that they'll do the place up a bit - she won't recognise the joint when there's some new carpet down. Jill just stands there and folds her arms. Frank asks, "How about a nice, thick shagpile? Pricey - but I reckon you'll make sure I get my money's worth..." He walks over and strokes her face. Jill quickly pushes his hand away, snapping as she does so that it's getting late - she'll have to go shopping. Frank stares at her and growls, "I thought I warned you about putting on airs and graces with me. From now on, I make the decisions: when you go shopping... what you buy... even down to the toothpaste you use." He suddenly grabs her hair and yanks her head backwards, adding threateningly, "Understand?" Jill just stands there, her teeth gritted, and Frank repeats, "I said, understand?" Jill cries that he's hurting her, but Frank ignores her, going on, "You should be grateful to me for wanting to make your life more--" Jill yells at him, "I didn't ask you to." Frank, letting go of her hair, but grabbing her hand, warns menacingly, "All my other girls know how to be nice to the boss. It's time you learnt how to be nice, too..." He pushes her towards the bedroom and follows her in there, ignoring Jill's tears...

It's dark when the door to Jill's bedroom reopens and Frank walks out, putting his watch on as he does so. He calls to Jill, "Get a move on, girl. I'm sending your first bloke in in half an hour." Jill walks slowly out of her room, wearing her short, pink robe and clutching her hand to her face. Frank snaps at her to put on some proper clothes and do her face up a bit. Jill cries, "I can't..." Frank grabs her face in his hand and tells her, "None of your nonsense. Do as you're told and we'll get on just fine. OK?" He kisses her and walks off, calling as he does so, "Half an hour." He heads out. Jill sighs heavily, and then pulls back the top of her gown to reveal some bruises beginning to form...

Gordon, Wayne and Charlie are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon offers Charlie a coffee, but she declines. Gordon then offers Wayne the same, and he accepts. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Barbara calls out from the hallway that she'll get it. Gordon asks Wayne if he's OK, and he replies that he feels he could sleep for a week. Charlie suggests that it's time she went home, adding that she thinks they could all do with an early night. By the front door, Barbara says, "Come in." She then escorts two gentlemen into the lounge room, introducing them as Senior Detective Willows and Detective Fritz, and adding that they've come to speak to them about Karen. Wayne indignantly asks, "What for? I told the other guy everything." Willows explains that Detective Molloy passed his report on to them, but he's afraid circumstances have changed: the forensic results are through. Wayne asks with an air of triumph in his voice, "That prove it was suicide?" Willows, though, tells him, "No, Mr. Hamilton. Your wife was murdered."

A few moments later, Wayne is on his feet, and he demands angrily, "How can you be certain she was murdered?" Willows explains that the forensic tests were conclusive: the backs of Karen's legs were severely bruised. Wayne snaps that that doesn't prove a thing: she could have bruised them in the fall. Willows goes on that Karen's clothes were torn where the bruise marks were and strands of cloth were found on the bridge; the only explanation is that someone shoved her into the parapet and she fell backwards into the creek. Wayne just glares at him. Willows then asks if there's a room they can use to question everyone privately, and Gordon tells him, "Yes, of course: my study." As the two detectives go to walk out, Wayne snarls, "My family has been put through enough on Karen's account. There's nothing more we can tell you." Gordon warns, "Wayne..." but Willows tells Wayne, "That remains to be seen. We'd like to talk to you first, Mr. Hamilton." Wayne growls, "Alright - but you're wasting your time." He storms off to the study. Willows asks Gordon if he could prepare a list of all the people who were there this morning, adding that he understands that it was quite a gathering. Gordon tells him that he'll bring it in to him, and Willows walks off. Barbara puts her head on Gordon's shoulder.

Stephen pours two glasses of brandy at the bar at the Morrell apartment and takes them over to the living room table. Caroline is sitting there, and he tells her that it was a wonderful dinner, adding that he's glad she didn't bury her culinary skills along with her old image. Caroline smiles that dinner was the least she could do after all his help - and besides, she enjoys pottering around in the kitchen. Stephen, taking her right hand, muses, "Oh? No sign of dishpan hands..." Caroline stares into his eyes and comments that he must have used that line a hundred times before. Stephen stares back and assures her, "Never to the same woman...!" Caroline tells him, "You used it the first time we went out." Stephen looks down at the table and murmurs, "Oh... Looks like I blew it!" Caroline, though, assures him, "Not at all. It's still a good line." They approach each other and go to kiss, but the 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Stephen comments sourly that someone has a great sense of timing. Caroline says, "Tell whoever it is to go away," and Stephen murmurs, "I certainly will." He walks over to the bar, picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?" The caller is Gordon, who tells him that he's glad he's still there. He then continues that he knows it's late, but can he come over? Stephen asks what the problem is, and Gordon hesitates before explaining, "Karen's been murdered. The police are here and they want to talk to everyone who was here this morning." Stephen, looking shocked, murmurs that he'll be right over. He then asks if he should bring Caroline, but Gordon tells him that there's no need. He then suggests that maybe it's better not to upset her with the news tonight. Stephen agrees, "OK. I'm leaving now." He hangs up and stands there momentarily, looking thoughtful, before turning back to Caroline and telling her that he's sorry to cut their promising evening short, but Gordon needs him. Caroline asks, "Whatever for?" Stephen replies, "Business problems." Caroline asks if it can't wait until morning, but Stephen tells her that the company comes first. He adds that she'll have to get used to that if she's going to be a Director. He gives her a gentle kiss on the lips and tells her that he'll be in touch. Caroline smiles, "Hope so..." He then goes, leaving Caroline sitting at the table. She sighs heavily.

As Gordon hangs up the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, Charlie, who's sitting on the couch, muses that she feels like one of those characters in a thriller novel. Barbara, who's sitting at the bar, stares at her, and she explains that she means where everyone sits around looking at each other, wondering 'whodunit'. Barbara growls at her, "Don't be stupid." Charlie insists that she's only teasing, but Barbara snaps that she's not in the mood for it. Charlie says she's sorry, and she adds that she'd better go. She stands up, but Gordon warns her that she'd better stay - the police want to question all of them. Charlie suggests that they can't possibly think that she's a suspect, but Gordon retorts that, at the moment, they're all being treated as suspects. Charlie retorts that she can't hang around - Isabella hasn't had her dinner. Barbara admonishes, "Charlie!", but Charlie goes on tetchily that she's sorry: if the detectives want to question her, they can tell them where she lives. On that note, she walks out. Barbara comments to Gordon in surprise, "Oh. Bit nervy, wasn't she?" Gordon agrees that she was certainly in a rush to leave.

Wayne is sitting at the desk in the study. Detective Fritz is sitting on the other side of the desk, making notes, while Detective Willows paces the room, asking questions. He says to Wayne, "Why were you saying earlier it was suicide?" Wayne retorts, "I told you: she already tried it once. She knew there was no hope for our marriage. I hated her when I found out how she'd lied about Bob Mitchell. Why aren't you questioning him? He hated her as much as I did." Willows sits down on the edge of the desk and tells Wayne that they've spoken to Mitchell - Wayne mentioned him to Detective Molloy, as well. Wayne demands, "And?" Willows retorts that he's been locked up in Berrima jail since last night: drunk and disorderly. Wayne sits there, looking annoyed. Willows suggests, "Let's go back to this morning: your wife arrived, abused everyone, then walked out. You followed." Wayne nods. Willows asks, "Did you go onto the bridge?" Wayne sighs, "Yes. I told her to get off the property. When she didn't, I slapped her and dragged her down near the gates. Then I went back to the house." Willows asks, "Why didn't you wait around until she'd left?" Wayne, looking annoyed, snaps, "Because I was so mad, I knew if I stayed any longer she'd get more than a slap..." He breaks off as he realises what he's saying. Willows looks at Fritz. He then asks Wayne, "Is that the end of the story?" Wayne growls, "I hated her. But I didn't kill her. And no one else who was here could've, either." Willows stands up and starts pacing the room again, saying as he does so, "Karen Hamilton poured insults on a group of people who didn't like her to say the least. She was killed before she left the property. Frankly, Mr. Hamilton, I'll be very surprised if we don't find that one of the people in your living room this morning murdered your wife." Wayne sits there, looking worried.


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