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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At Dural, Caroline suggests brightly that perhaps a small drink might be called for - to celebrate. Gordon is busy staring at Stephen in shock, and so Barbara has to call to him, "Gordon!" Gordon looks at her, and Barbara tells him that Caroline would like a drink! Caroline asks for a whiskey - a double. She then goes on that she knows it's rather a surprise, but she had some spare cash to invest, and when Karen explained the situation to her, she thought, 'Why not? Better the devil you know!'. Barbara tells her that she, for one, is delighted - stunned, but delighted. At the bar, Gordon remarks that he's surprised she didn't wait to discuss it with them before she went ahead. Stephen snaps that it wouldn't have had the same impact that way. Caroline stares at him and he goes on, "Well, it's all to get back at me, isn't it?" Amanda warns, "Dad," but Stephen continues, "Drop the bombshell and see how he'll react." Caroline, though, sitting down, assures him that it was nothing like that - the opportunity came up and she took it; that's the way it's done in business, isn't it? She takes the drink that Gordon hands her and proposes, "Here's to a happy and successful company." Stephen suddenly mutters that he's sorry, but he can't stay for dinner. He storms out to the hallway and Barbara goes after him, telling him not to be silly. In the lounge room, Caroline flutters her eyelashes at Gordon and says she had no idea Stephen would take it so badly... By the front door, Barbara snaps at Stephen that he's being childish. Stephen retorts that he can't stand Caroline gloating, but Barbara snaps that she's not gloating. Stephen asks angrily when Caroline has ever shown the slightest interest in business. He adds that he knows what she's up to and she's not going to get away with it. He then asks how he can run Woombai with her ordering him about. Barbara points out that she'll only be one of the Directors he'll be dealing with, but Stephen retorts that it'll be her money keeping the place afloat; she'll have the same power as Karen and she'll use it. Barbara tells him that he's being paranoid, but Stephen growls, "Am I?" He then goes on that Barbara said before that he put Caroline through the hoops when they were married; well, now is her chance to get even. Barbara snaps that she doesn't understand him: he was always whinging about how 'weak and helpless' Caroline was; now, all-of-a-sudden, she's a power-hungry tycoon. Stephen retorts that she's changed: Amanda noticed it and so did he. Barbara growls, "Yeah, well, she is not a schemer. Now please come back inside." Stephen shakes his head and says he's sorry - he's not staying. He opens the door just as someone knocks on it. Liz and Dan are standing there, and Barbara invites them in as she says goodbye to Stephen. Liz asks her in surprise if that wasn't her brother just leaving. Barbara replies that it was, but he had to go. Dan smiles at her and charms, "Well, don't you look great - but I suppose I've still got to share you with Gordon!" Barbara laughs awkwardly and tells him that she did manage to find a few other guests. In the lounge room, Amanda says to Caroline that she never thought she had the sort of money to buy Alan's shares; did she win the pools? Caroline smiles, "Not exactly - but I managed!" Amanda tells her to stop being so mysterious! Barbara, Liz and Dan come in and Barbara recalls that Liz has met Amanda. Liz introduces Dan to Amanda, who nods at him. Amanda then says, "And this is my mother, Caroline." Dan smiles at Caroline and says, "You're joking! There's no way you're old enough to be her mother!" Caroline smiles that she'd like to think that, but she's afraid it's true! Dan comments that she must fool a lot of people, and she asks Liz what she thinks. Liz agrees, "She must!" She then introduces herself to Caroline, who tells her that it's nice to meet her. Amanda wanders over to the bar and joins Barbara. She asks if her dad has gone, and Barbara laughs sarcastically and replies, "Oh yes - he was behaving like a spoilt brat. It's going to be one of those nights..."

At the boarding house, Fiona opens the front door of her flat, holding Fee under one arm, to let Cheri in. Cheri says she hopes Fiona's not busy, and Fiona assures her that she isn't: she was just about to put Fee into bed and then sit down and watch tele for a while. Cheri asks where Jill is, and Fiona explains that she's moved out; she's taken a place on her own. Cheri, looking surprised, asks why, and Fiona replies that she needed a change, apparently - she was very upset after Alan died. She goes on that she tried to tell Jill how much better off she'd be there with friends, but she wanted to be on her own, so she's looking after Fee for her for a couple of days. Cheri asks her dubiously if she thinks Jill will be alright, but Fiona assures her that she'll be fine once she settles in. Noticing the glum look on Cheri's face, Fiona asks if something is wrong. Cheri explains that she's got a letter for Jill: she's written down... She breaks off before continuing that she felt she should explain about Todd and Robin. She adds that she's got three copies: one for Jill, one for Karen and one for Amanda. Fiona asks her if she thinks that's wise, but Cheri shrugs and says she doesn't know - she just has to do it for herself, as much as for them. She goes on that, somehow, a letter seemed the best way: euthanasia's not easy to explain, and she wants them to understand. She asks if she could have Jill's address, but Fiona tells her that she didn't leave one - or a 'phone number; but she'll be contacting them real soon. Looking at Fee, she smiles, "Mummy will start missing her little girl- oh yes she will - and she'll call us just as soon as she can."

The kettle is whistling on the stove at Jill's new apartment, and Jill turns off the power and looks in the cupboard to find a cup. She takes one out but finds it's dirty, so she rinses it under the tap. She then puts some coffee in it. She goes to the 'fridge, but finds it empty. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and she pulls the top of her robe together. She opens the door to find another tarted-up young woman standing there, wearing a short green dress. She asks in a cheap accent, "Mind if I come in?" She walks in anyway, adding as she does so that she can't stay; she's expecting a visitor any minute. Jill cries indignantly, "Excuse me..." The girl wipes her hand over one of the surfaces and mutters that Jill could have cleaned the place up a bit. She then turns back to Jill and says, "Shirley - the girl here before you: one of those punk kids with orange hair. I couldn't stand her." Jill, looking puzzled, asks her if she wanted something. The girl replies, "Yeah, Vera is the name. I live down the hall." Jill introduces herself and the girl goes on that she saw a bloke coming out of there, didn't she? Jill mutters, "He was my boyfriend." Vera laughs sarcastically and says, "Come off it, sweetie. I know Derek - he's an old client of mine. Seemed to think you were a bit OK." Jill quickly says she's sorry, but Vera tells her, "No worries. Share and share alike, I say. I don't think Frank would like it, though." Jill raises an eyebrow and Vera goes on, "I thought I'd warn you: this is our territory, and unless you come to the party, Frank's going to be pretty cheesed-off." Jill retorts fearfully, "I'm not working for any pimp." Vera, though, growls, "I wasn't asking you, sweetie, I'm telling ya. Of course, if you'd rather Frank paid you a visit, he'd be able to persuade you - but you wouldn't like it: his methods can be a bit rough..."

A few minutes later, Vera is sitting in an armchair in Jill's apartment, smoking. Jill comes out of the bedroom, holding the notes that Derek gave her, and asks, "How much?" Vera tells her, "Split down the middle, fifty-fifty: Frank's usual cut." Jill hands over some money and Vera tells her that she won't be sorry - it's always good to have a man about, just in case; you never know when you'll cop a weirdo. She adds that Frank's not that bad, really - he likes a bit of personal attention every now and then, but that's to be expected. She then tells Jill that she can't stand there chatting, and she heads to the door. As she does so, she adds, "Must say, I'm not sorry you've moved in. It'll be nice to have someone else around. Might even get a night off, eh?" Jill smiles, weakly. Vera goes on, "I'm sick of going to matinees - all those kids. Well, pop in for coffee sometime." She goes, leaving Jill standing there looking worried.

At Dural, Barbara places the best silver on the dining table. Gordon stands up and offers liqueurs. Caroline asks for a Tia Maria and Liz asks for the same. Dan asks Gordon if he has any cognac, but Gordon suggests a port instead, and Dan accepts that, musing as he does so that he might get lucky: some blokes find a girl in every port, or so they say! Liz laughs, but Barbara looks at Amanda and rolls her eyes! The two of them then head out to the kitchen with a pile of plates. At the table, Dan suggests to Liz that Gordon seems a bit down, and he suggests that she go and cheer him up. Liz gets up and leaves the table. Dan then turns to Caroline, who's sitting opposite him, and smarms, "Alone at last..." Caroline just stares at him. He goes on, "I gather you've invested in Gordon's company." Caroline just says bluntly, "Yes." Dan asks her if she's interested in a proposition: business-wise - at this stage, anyway. Caroline murmurs that she shouldn't think so. Dan goes on that he could pop around and have a chat tomorrow - it's a bit awkward there tonight, and it would give them a chance to get to know each other. Caroline asks him smartly if he thinks Liz would like that, but Dan assures her that he and Liz are just friends; he really would like to see her. He takes out one of his cards and hands it over, telling Caroline to give him a call; he's free any time she wants. Gordon and Liz return to the table with the drinks, and Liz sits down and asks Dan if he's having a good time. He smiles, "Great!" Caroline sits there and stares at him. Dan stares back at her.

The next morning, Gordon and Barbara are sitting at the table having breakfast, but Gordon asks Barbara if she's not eating this morning. Barbara assures him that coffee's fine - she had too much wine last night. She adds that she needed it: she was terrified Liz was going to see Dan making a play for Caroline. Gordon agrees that subtlety is hardly Dan's strong point - but it kept his mind off business propositions. Barbara growls that he was too busy propositioning Caroline; Liz must have been blind not to see it. Gordon says he thinks Liz only sees what she wants to see. Barbara mutters that it's a case of the old rebound, if you ask her; what a pity she set her sights so low. Gordon suggests that maybe they're underestimating Dan, but Barbara just grunts! Wayne suddenly walks into the room from the hallway and says a cheery, "Morning!" As he sits down, Gordon comments that it's nice to see him down for breakfast for once. He adds that he was relieved to see he got home in one piece last night. Wayne tells him that he can thank Katie - she kept a strict eye on him; he needed someone to talk to. Barbara comments that it helps. Wayne then goes on that he couldn't believe it when he heard about Caroline - he wouldn't have thought she'd have that sort of money. Gordon agrees that nor would he. Barbara points out that she did inherit money from her parents - although not a large amount - and then there was Stephen's alimony-- Gordon interrupts her and points out that it still doesn't add up to the sort of money she'd need to buy Alan's shares. Barbara suggests, "Investments, maybe?" but Gordon reminds her that Caroline is no businesswoman; they know that. Barbara mutters that she has the money and she certainly didn't rob a bank, so what are they all worrying about? Gordon looks at her in surprise.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda wanders into the lounge room from the bedrooms and says to Caroline, who's sitting reading a magazine, "Dad hasn't called?" Caroline shakes her head. She then asks if Stephen has taken all his things, and Amanda nods. She tells her mother that all he left was the note saying he'd moved into a motel. Caroline points out that he was pretty upset, wasn't he...? She returns to reading her magazine. Amanda sits down next to her and suddenly asks in concern, "You haven't bought into the company just to get back at him, have you?" Caroline, though, tells her not to be silly. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Amanda suggests that perhaps that's him. She runs to get it and opens the door to find Karen standing there, a smile on her face. She tells Amanda she was wondering if she saw Wayne last night. Amanda explains that he arrived home just as they were leaving. Karen asks how he was, and Amanda replies that he was OK; a bit quiet. Karen asks Amanda if she knows where he'd been, but Amanda tells her that he didn't say. Caroline calls over from the couch that she thinks he was out with a friend - Kathy or Katie, wasn't it? Amanda glares at her, and she quickly adds that she could be wrong. Changing the subject, Karen asks Caroline if they could have a word about her joining the company. Amanda closes the door and heads off to the bedrooms, leaving the two other women alone. Karen walks over to Caroline and tells her that she thinks she can help her: she realises that the first thing she wants to do is get rid of Stephen... Caroline muses, "Is it?" Karen goes on, "I know the best way to go about it." Caroline muses, "Really? And in return... what? You'd like me to help you work on Wayne?" Karen sits down and comments that she thinks they understand each other. Caroline, though, retorts, "No, I don't think we do. You see, I've got no intention of getting rid of Stephen - I've got other plans for him. And I've certainly got no intention of doing your dirty work. From now on, things are going to be done my way..."

A few moments later, Karen insists that she's only trying to help - she wouldn't dream of using Caroline - but she knows the company; Gordon and Wayne will walk all over her if she lets them. Caroline, though, assures her, "No they won't. You're wasting your time. And if you take my advice, you'll stop worrying about what I'm doing to do and take a look at your own position: from what I heard last night, it's rather precarious." Karen stands up and snaps, "They can't sack me." Caroline, though, retorts, "They want to. I gather Gordon's getting legal advice." Karen, her face suddenly contorting, snarls, "I'll soon put a stop to that," and she storms out. Caroline stands there, a smile on her face...

Barbara opens the front door at Dural to find Stephen standing on the step. She taunts, "Oh, got over out little tantrum, have we?" Stephen explains that he's come to apologise: he had no right to upset her evening. Barbara agrees curtly, "No." She then puts her arm round him and adds that they'll forgive him, she supposes! They head into the lounge room, where Gordon is sitting doing the crossword in the newspaper. Barbara explains that Stephen has come to apologise. Stephen tells Gordon that, yes, he lost his temper a little - but he hasn't changed his mind: he can't carry on at Woombai with Caroline involved in the company. Gordon suggests that he not be too hasty, but Stephen insists that he knows what she's up to: she's been holding a grudge against him ever since their divorce. Gordon tells him that he shouldn't make any snap decisions, and Barbara tells her brother than he's over-reacting, but Stephen says he doesn't think so. Wayne suddenly comes in and announces that he's going over to Charlie's for a while, to thank Katie for putting up with him last night. Barbara suggests that he invite them both over, as she hasn't seen them since that business with Ross, and she'd like to chat with them. Wayne agrees, "OK, won't be long, " and he heads out. The 'phone starts ringing, and Gordon goes and answers it at the bar. Amanda comes on and tells him that she was wondering if he's heard from her dad. Gordon replies that she's in luck - he's just walked in. He hands the 'phone over to Stephen, while at the Morrell apartment, Amanda tells Caroline, "He's there." Stephen comes on and Amanda immediately asks him where he's been. Stephen explains that he had to get away for a while. Amanda asks him if he won't please come and talk with her mum and her, but Stephen replies that it won't make any difference. Amanda sighs that he hasn't tried yet - he didn't even give Caroline a chance last night. She pleads, "Please? For me?" Stephen reluctantly gives in and says he'll be over later. Amanda thanks him and hangs up. She then turns to Caroline and says, "He's coming. You will play it cool, though, won't you?" Caroline smiles and assures her, "Of course, darling. I don't want to upset your father..."

As Charlie escorts Wayne into her lounge room, she trills that she'd love to see Gordon and Barbara; she'll just pretty herself up a bit - she won't be a tick. Katie is in the lounge room, and Wayne asks her if she'll come too. Katie says uncertainly that she doesn't know, but Wayne explains that it's her that Barbara wants to see - to mend bridges and all that. Katie accepts this and agrees, "Alright." Wayne then thanks her for last night, adding that it was good having someone to talk to. Katie points out, "What are friends for?!" They both smile, but Katie goes on that he does realise that that's all they can be: friends? Wayne nods and replies, "Yeah - but I really need one right now." Katie assures him that he's got one.

There's a knock on the front door at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda runs to answer it. To her obvious annoyance, she finds Dan standing there, and he asks if Caroline is home. Amanda starts to say she's afraid she's-- She's interrupted, though, as Caroline calls out, "Is that you, Stephen?" She walks over to the door and, finding Dan there, mutters, "Oh. It's you." Dan says a cheery, "Hello again." Caroline asks him how he got her address, and Dan explains, "Liz." Caroline, looking surprised, says, "She knows you're here?" Dan just replies that Liz has gone across to see Gordon. He then tells Caroline that she looks great this morning. Caroline goes and sits down on the couch. Dan turns to Amanda and tells her that a cup of coffee would be nice. Amanda stares at him and then snaps that she'll make one. She heads out to the kitchen. Alone with Dan, Caroline asks him what he wants. Dan smarms, "What do you think...?" He then sits down on the arm of the other couch and says he'll lay it on the line: he thinks they'll be great together. Caroline asks, "In business, you mean?" Dan replies, "That too." Caroline muses that he's sure of himself, isn't he? Dan tells her that it's the sort of bloke he is. Caroline, though, retorts, "The sort of bloke you are is a fool. There's no way I'll ever be interested in anything you have to offer. Now please go." She returns to reading her magazine. Dan sits there, looking annoyed.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara hands Katie a cup of coffee and tells her that it's very nice to see her. Katie replies, "You too." Barbara then hands cups to Charlie and to Stephen, asking her brother as she does so when he's going over to see Caroline, adding that he can't put it off much longer. Stephen assures her, "Soon." The front door suddenly bursts open and Karen marches in, shouting, "Wayne?" As she finds him sitting there next to Katie, she snaps at Katie, "Well, you didn't waste much time, did you? Couldn't wait to get your claws back into him." Wayne stands up and warns, "Karen..." Karen snaps at him, "And as for you, you weak, useless... Say what you like: you're nothing without me." Gordon warns her to calm down, but Karen snarls, "And don't think I don't know what you're up to, either. I saved your company when no one else could; it's more mine than yours now and you've got the nerve to try and force me out. I don't care what legal advice you get, there's no way you'll ever get rid of me." Gordon snaps back, "You read the small print in the Articles of Association; provision's made for getting rid of Directors." Karen snaps, "Rubbish," but Gordon goes on, "We don't want anything more to do with you." Karen retorts that that's too bad - they're stuck with her and she's going to make life hell. Barbara interjects, "Oh shut up - you're only making a fool of yourself." Karen glares at her and yells, "Go pop another pill - it must be about time for your fix." Gordon warns her angrily that that's enough, but Karen snaps that she hasn't finished yet. Wayne grabs her and snarls, "Yes you have. Come on." Karen rants, "That's right, come and help daddy. Don't want another heart attack, do we?" Charlie stands up and says calmly, "Karen, dear, please--" Karen interrupts her and snaps, "Oh shut up, you stupid cow." Charlie looks mortified. Liz appears in the front doorway - which is still open - and overhears as Karen rants that the lot of them make her sick. Wayne angrily asks her if she's going or if he has to throw her out. He pushes her towards the lounge room doors, and she suddenly notices Liz standing there. She snarls, "Well look who's here. Your little party's complete now: Gordon's girlfriend's arrived." Wayne snaps at her, "Come on," and he pulls her out of the house. Liz walks in and joins Gordon, who's standing by the lounge room doors. She looks at him. He just looks back at her.

Outside, Wayne is pulling Karen down the driveway. She snaps at him to let her go - she'll leave when she's ready. Wayne, though, growls that there's a 'phone box down the road - she can call a taxi from there. Karen snaps that she's not going. She stops struggling as Wayne tells her angrily, "Yes you are." Karen glares at him and yells, "You won't get away with this - any of you." Wayne mutters, "Yeah, yeah." Karen goes on, "Did you see the look on Gordon's face? It won't take many more arguments to bring on another heart attack." Wayne glares at her and snaps, "You lousy--" He suddenly reaches out and slaps her face. He then shouts, "I should have left you in that damn car when I had the chance. You deserved to die then." He starts pushing her furiously down the driveway again.

Inside, in the lounge room, Liz says to Gordon and Barbara that she's sorry - she seems to have come at the wrong time. Barbara, though, assures her that it's not her fault. Liz hands Barbara a gift, wrapped in paper, explaining that it's just a little thankyou for last night. Barbara tells her that she shouldn't have done that. Liz goes on that she can't stay, but Barbara tells her not to be silly - sit down and stay and have a cup of tea; she's sure they could all do with another one. Liz accepts the invitation. Charlie muses, "Darling, I could do with more than tea. 'Cow', indeed." Barbara tells her to forget Karen - it's not going to ruin their day. Stephen, though, points out glumly that she hasn't done too badly. Barbara asks what on earth brought it all on, and Gordon suggests that she's bitter about Wayne - and the company means a lot to her. He adds that she's going to be impossible to work with now - they'll have to get rid of her. Charlie snaps, "Good. She deserves all she gets." Wayne comes back in, and Barbara asks if she's gone. Wayne replies that he didn't wait to see - he only took her as far as the gates. Liz stands up and says she really must go. Barbara thanks her for the present, and Liz assures her that it was her pleasure. Gordon tells Liz that he'll see her out. As he heads out to the hallway, he puts his hand on Wayne's shoulder and asks him if he's OK. Wayne says, "Sure." He looks worried, though.

Fiona opens the front door of her apartment to find Cheri standing there, and she asks her if she posted the letters. Cheri comes in and says, "Yep." Fiona muses that she hopes she's done the right thing, but Cheri points out that it's out of her hands now - she'll just have to wait and see what happens when they get them. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Fiona goes to answer it. Jill comes on and Fiona exclaims happily, "I was wondering when you were going to call!" Jill replies hesitantly that she knows; she's been pretty busy. She asks how Fee is, and Fiona smiles that she's fine - she woke up at the crack of dawn this morning but she's passed out again now. Cheri whispers to Fiona, "Address?" Fiona takes the hint and asks Jill, "Where are you now? Could I have your address?" Jill doesn't respond, though, and so Fiona prompts, "Jill, are you there?" Jill, looking worried, tells her that someone's at the door - she'll have to go. Fiona says, "Hold on, hold on. What about your 'phone number?" Jill tells her that she'll call her back and she quickly hangs up. At Fiona's, Fiona stands there looking puzzled. She hangs up, sighs heavily and tells Cheri, "She hung up." Cheri suggests that maybe she was cut off, but Fiona says, "No... I don't think she wants us to know where she's living." Cheri asks if she said when she'd pick Fee up, but Fiona shakes her head. Cheri suggests that there must be a simple explanation; there can't be any reason why she'd want to hide from them. Fiona, looking worried, murmurs, "There might be..." She then quickly shakes her head as she decides that what she's thinking is nonsense.

Jill leaves her apartment and heads out into the corridor, shutting the door behind her. She's wearing a skimpy top and a short, black skirt. Vera comes out of her apartment, opposite, and asks, "Have a good night?" Jill admits, "No - just the one." Vera warns her that Frank won't like that - he likes his girls to keep busy; make it worth his while. Jill looks down, guiltily. Vera warns her not to get off on the wrong foot with Frank - he's a big man around there and there's no point in rocking the boat, is there? Jill shakes her head, sadly. Vera says, "Good girl." She then tells Jill, "He's coming over tonight. Just make him happy." Jill exclaims in shock, "He's coming here?" Vera explains, "He wants to look you over. No hassles, though. All you've got to do is be sensible - show him how good a worker you are. Nothing to it, eh?" Jill shakes her head, looking worried.

Barbara wanders out to the hallway at Dural, followed by Stephen, who muses that he can't put it off forever, he supposes. Barbara points out that he's only going over there to talk to her; she's sure Caroline has no intention of 'getting even' with him. Stephen suggests that maybe he deserves it - he did treat her badly when they were married. Barbara smiles that at least he admits it! Stephen kisses her and he goes. Barbara heads into the lounge room, where Gordon is standing at the bar, opening a bottle of water. She comments, "Oh, what a morning," and she asks Gordon if he's alright. Gordon admits that he's a bit tired - Karen's little drama shook him up a bit. He adds that Barbara isn't to worry, though - he's alright now. Barbara asks him if he's sure, and Gordon insists, "I'm positive." Barbara growls that she won't rest until Karen is out of their lives for good.

Stephen is heading in his car down the driveway, to the main road. As he crosses the bridge over the stream that runs through the property, he doesn't notice a body lying on the bank and a discarded handbag resting on the bank the other side. The body is Karen's...


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