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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Gordon is pouring Liz a drink in the lounge room at Dural as she tells him that it was almost love at first sight, she supposes; she never used to believe in that before. She goes and sits down next to Barbara and continues that, as soon as she saw Dan, she thought 'that's for me' - it was just some sort of chemistry! She continues that she's had the most wonderful month - and when she told him about Gordon - and she did tell him everything - she said he'd love to meet him. Gordon looks at her in surprise. Liz adds that she just wanted him to know that she's really happy. Gordon tells her that he's glad she is. Liz turns to Barbara and says to her that she knows she has a lot of reason to resent her... Barbara , though, assures her that they can try and forget that now - she and Gordon are really very happy. Gordon serves the women with drinks and agrees, "Never happier." He sits down and Liz comments that it looks as though everything's going to go right for everybody! She then announces that she and Dan have talked about getting married. Gordon queries in surprise, "After only a month?" but Liz replies that she thinks they both knew after only a day. She then asks him, "When we do, would you give me away? My father's dead and I don't know anyone else I could ask. I just thought..." Gordon smiles in delight and assures her that he would be honoured. Liz thanks him. Gordon asks when they're going to meet this paragon she's been raving about, and Liz replies that they can meet him now, if they like - he's just outside!

A man in his thirties is leaning against a car outside, whistling. He checks his hair in the wing mirror and then says out loud, "Hello there! Terrific to meet you!" He then holds out his hand and tries, "Hi. Great to see you. Heard so much about you!" At that moment, the front door bangs and Liz runs over and tells him that they want to meet him. She adds that she's told them everything - he's going to love them; they're great people. Dan muses that they've sure got a nice house.

Inside, alone with Barbara, Gordon asks if it's alright, Liz coming - it hasn't upset her? Barbara admits that she had a few doubts, but Liz seems to be very much in love with her new man, and after all they've been through, she does feel fairly secure. Liz and Dan come through the front door, and Liz announces, "Here he is: Mr. Wonderful in person!" Dan bounds into the lounge room, holding out his hand, and he smiles, "Hello there! Great to meet you at last! Gordon, isn't it?" Gordon shakes his hand. Dan then looks at Barbara and comments, "And this lovely lady must be Barbara!" Barbara just stands there, looking bemused! Gordon says to Dan that Liz has been telling them all about him, and Dan laughs that she's a bit biased, of course! He adds that it's a fabulous place they've got there. He suddenly reaches into his jacket pocket, takes out his wallet and hands Gordon a business card. Gordon takes it, looking as bemused as Barbara! He offers Dan a drink and Dan tells him that whiskey on the rocks would be terrific. Gordon walks to the bar. Barbara rolls her eyes!

Amanda runs to open the door at the Morrell apartment and finds Caroline outside, holding a suitcase. Caroline says, "Hi! Got room to put your mother up for a while?" Amanda tells her that of course she has, and she asks what happened. Caroline walks in and puts her case down, explaining as she does so that she's left Ron - she's taken too much dirt from too many men in her time, but no more: from now on, she's handing it out, not taking it. Amanda hugs her and exclaims, "Good for you!"

Leigh places baby Shane in his bassinet, which is on the kitchen table at the country house. David wanders in from the hallway and Leigh asks if her mum got off alright. David replies that she was fine. Leigh then asks what Frannie told him. David asks her what she means, and Leigh replies, "About Shane." David replies that she explained; she told him how it all happened. Leigh mutters that she wishes she didn't have to do that. David goes on that he's been thinking - about what he said about her getting a job. Leigh mutters that it would be a bit hard now, and David explains that that's what he means: he'll look after her. Leigh thanks him happily, and asks if he's sure. David tells her that it's the least he can do-- He breaks off before explaining that he means now that he knows she's got a kid. He then suggests, though, that it might be best if she keeps young Shane out in the caravan, away from Beryl, as it's only going to remind her of Robert. Leigh says she thought having him around might help her - Beryl can help her look after him if she wants to. David, though, tells her that he doesn't think she will, and so Leigh says she'll try and keep him out of sight. David muses that he's a good-looking little bloke - you can see he's a Palmer alright! He starts fussing over the child, but he starts crying, and David laughs that he's not too tidy with his great uncle! Leigh explains that he's just hungry, that's all - her mum said he wanted to be fed all the time. She goes to the stove put his bottle on. David asks if he should try to pick him up, but Leigh tells him to leave him where he is, adding quickly that they say it does them good to cry a bit; it develops the lungs. David looks at her and says, "Leigh..." Leigh looks at him. David goes on, "I, er..." He breaks off and tells her, "Nothing." Leigh stands there, looking puzzled.

Outside, Beryl, Mike and Heather are approaching the back door, holding bags of shopping, and Mike is laughing that everything Heather saw was a special! They suddenly hear a baby crying inside, and Beryl stops in her tracks and cries, "It's Robert! They've found him!" Inside, Leigh tells Shane to shut up. Beryl bursts in, stares at her holding Shane and murmurs, "It's not Robert." Leigh replies, "No - it's Shane. My baby." Heather puts her arms around Beryl, who says quietly, "I thought..." Heather sympathises that she knows. David comes back in and Mike tells him that there's been a mix-up: Beryl heard the baby crying and thought it was Robert. David asks Leigh curtly to take Shane out to the caravan, and Leigh agrees, "Of course." She looks at Beryl and adds, "I'm awfully sorry." She heads outside, but as she closes the back door, she says to her son, "I didn't think I'd ever want you, but you're going to do a lot for me..."

Jill is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's flat, and she tells the person at the other end that they can't call her there anymore; she's moving to a new place. It's a man at the other end, and he asks Jill if she can give him the number, but Jill replies that she doesn't know it yet, and she asks him if she can call him somewhere. The man tells her, "925 8000. Ask for Derek." Jill writes it down and tells him that she'll call him later. Derek suggests, "Make it soon, OK?" Jill mutters, "Yeah..." She suddenly hears the front door opening behind her and quickly adds, "Thankyou. Goodbye." She hangs up. It's Fiona and Andy coming in, and Fiona asks who was on the 'phone. Jill explains that it was a real estate agent - she's decided to get a place of her own. Looking stunned, Fiona points out that there's plenty of room in the flat, but Jill retorts that it's not that - she just wants to be by herself for a while. Fiona comments that she's been pretty upset lately, but there's no need to be lonely. Jill, though, snaps, "I want to be on my own." Fiona stares at her, and she goes on more calmly that it's not that she wants to leave, but she just needs her own space for a while. She asks Fiona if she can understand, but Fiona admits, "No. not entirely. But if that's what you want..." Andy asks Jill where she's thinking of going, but Jill replies hesitantly that she's not sure - she's got a few addresses to look at. She then goes on that Fee is asleep, and she asks Fiona if she'd mind keeping an eye on her until she gets back. Fiona replies that of course she will. Jill adds that she'll be back in time for dinner. Fiona suggests that Andy could look after Fee and she could join the flat-hunting , but Jill insists that she'll be fine, and she heads out, leaving Fiona looking worried. Andy remarks that Jill is acting a bit strangely, and Fiona agrees, "Yeah. She was like this after Robin's accident but this time it's a lot worse. I just don't know what to do..." Andy suggests that she just has to give it time, she guesses.

Barbara, Liz, Gordon and Dan are all sitting in the lounge room at Dural, enjoying afternoon tea, and Dan comments to Gordon that his company is doing very well, he believes. Gordon agrees, "Quite well." Dan then asks him if his company - or even him, personally - would be interested in subsidising a small business venture. Gordon tells him that he's afraid it's not a good time at the moment, and Barbara chips in sourly, "No, it's not. There's been enough business discussion lately." She then turns to Liz and asks her when she thinks she and Dan are going to get married. Liz replies that they haven't set a date yet, but she thinks it will be soon - she's really looking forward to settling down and having a family, and so is Dan. Dan smiles hesitantly, "Yeah, course... But there's no great hurry. I'd like to get myself established first." Turning back to Gordon, he goes on that that's why he mentioned his business proposition - he knows how successful Gordon is and he'd really value his opinion - and Gordon might even be interested in financing him, once he hears what he's got in mind. Barbara chips in curtly that they've had quite a few hectic days lately; why doesn't he leave it for a couple of weeks and then ring Gordon and make the usual business appointment? Dan, looking disappointed, murmurs, "Oh. Alright." Liz, sensing the awkwardness, suggests to Dan that perhaps they should go. Gordon invites them both to come back and have dinner with them, and Dan exclaims that that sounds great! Liz says to Barbara, "If that's alright with you...?" Barbara retorts that it's fine - her brother's coming but she's sure there'll be enough for everyone. Liz asks what time and Barbara tells her, "Seven-thirty? Eight?" Liz says, "Fine." The four of them stand up. As they do so, Dan tells Barbara that he's sorry - he didn't mean to upset her. Barbara assures him tautly that he didn't upset her - it's just that Gordon has had a lot on his plate lately and she doesn't want him worrying about anything else. Dan says, "Yes, well. Glad to have met you both. I'm sure we'll be really close friends..." Barbara smiles in amusement. Out by the front door, Liz asks Gordon, "Well? What do you think of him?" Gordon tells her that Dan is a very good-looking young man and the two of them seem very happy together. Liz smiles that they are! Dan and Barbara come out from the lounge room and Dan shakes Gordon's hand and tells him that it was lovely to have met him. He and Liz then go. As he shuts the door, Gordon says to Barbara that he hopes she didn't mind him asking them around for dinner. Barbara replies, "No - although I couldn't take too much to Dan. 'Oily' is the word that comes to mind." Gordon admits that he couldn't warm to him, either. Barbara says she thinks she might ring Amanda and if Stephen's there, just warn him what to expect. Gordon muses that Dan seems to make Liz happy, and at least she's got somebody. Barbara smiles, "And I'm glad I've got you." Gordon gives her a big sloppy kiss on the forehead!

A short time later, Barbara is talking on the 'phone at the bar in the lounge room and she says, "Hello, Amanda!" Amanda replies, "Aunty Barb. Hello! Oops, sorry!" Barbara, looking surprised, asks what's going on, but Amanda tells her that it's nothing - she knocked her glass over; it's alright, though - there was nothing in it. Barbara asks if Stephen is there. Amanda tells her to hold on. There's a pause and then Amanda says, "Sorry, I was standing it up. Who did you want?" Barbara tells her curtly, "Stephen." Amanda asks if he isn't over with her, and Barbara assures her, "No." Amanda tells her that he's on his way there; she hopes Barbara isn't ringing to call off dinner. Barbara explains that, no, as a matter of fact, they've invited a few more guests and it's turning into quite a party. She then asks Amanda if she'd like to come too, and Amanda replies, "Sure. Hold on." There's a pause, and Barbara looks at the 'phone in surprise! After a few seconds, Amanda comes back on and asks Barbara if she's still there. Barbara retorts, "Yes." Amanda asks, "Can mum come too? It'll only be her and me. She left Ron." Looking dubious, Barbara wanders over to the couch and sits down next to Gordon, saying, "Well, yes, fine." Amanda tells her that she'll see her later and they hang up. Barbara tells Gordon that Stephen is on his way - and she's invited Amanda and Caroline too. Gordon looks at her, and Barbara goes on that she knows it could lead to fireworks, but she hasn't seen Caroline for years, and she has left the man she's been living with. Gordon assures her that he doesn't mind. He adds that he's looking forward to meeting her - and he's sure Stephen can be civil. Barbara muses, "I hope so..."

Amanda and Caroline are sitting in the Morrell apartment. Caroline empties the remnants of a bottle of champagne into the glass she's holding and then comments to her daughter that they've killed that one; how about opening another, as she still feels like celebrating?! Amanda points out that they'll both end up under the table, but Caroline asks what's wrong with that once in a while! Amanda tells her that they've got to drive to Dural - Aunty Barb invited them to dinner, remember?! Caroline tells her, "You drive. I'm going to drink - all night!" Amanda stares at her sadly and points out, "It's me, you know. You don't have to pretend." Caroline asks who's pretending, and Amanda tells her that she's so 'up' - it's pretty strange when you've just broken with a guy you care about. Caroline smiles that she's just celebrating her new freedom, but Amanda comments that she thinks she's forcing it a bit. Caroline sighs and admits, "Alright. I just didn't think you wanted me crying on your shoulder." Amanda points out that she's done it before, hasn't she? She then asks her mother if she's really upset about Ron. Caroline admits that she didn't want to hurt him - but he was hurting her, and it's about time she put herself first for a change. She takes another sip of her champagne. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Amanda says she hopes Ron hasn't come after her mother. Caroline muses that she doesn't think so - she meant what she said. Amanda puts down her glass and walks to the door. She opens it to find a still-distraught-looking Karen standing there. Karen pleads, "Amanda, I have to talk to you." Amanda sighs and says, "I already told you when you rang, Karen, there's nothing I can do. It was a dreadful thing you did to Wayne; you couldn't possibly expect him to forgive you." Karen begs, "Please let me talk to you. If Todd were here, he would have helped." Amanda reluctantly invites her in. She suddenly spots Caroline sitting there, and Amanda introduces the two women. Caroline queries the 'Hamilton' part of Karen's name, and Amanda explains that she's Wayne's wife. She adds that Karen would like to talk to her. Caroline says she'll go and unpack and, telling Karen that it was nice to meet her, she heads off to her bedroom. When she's gone, Karen cries at Amanda, "You have to talk to Wayne for me - he'll listen to you." Amanda says she doesn't know why Karen thinks that, but Karen tells her that Wayne still feels a lot for her; she has to make him see that everything she did was because she loves him so much. Sitting down, she sobs, "I can't live without him." Amanda, though, tells her, "Of course you can - you're a strong woman. Look, my mother's always been dominated by men. She's just left a guy she loved - she decided to make a life for herself. You can do the same." Karen cries, "I've never loved anyone like I love Wayne. If I can't love him, then I'll hate him..." Amanda stares at her.

At the country house, David is powering up the fire in the stove by adding more chopped wood, but Beryl, who's preparing vegetables at the table, tells him that he'll have to get a gas or electric stove; he can't expect Heather to cook on that thing. David retorts that he will as soon as they start making some money from the market garden. Heather walks in carrying a basket and says she'd better get the washing in - there's a lot more now, with a baby around. Beryl tells her that she doesn't have to worry about the baby's things - that's up to Leigh. Heather, though, insists that she doesn't mind, and she heads outside. When she's gone, David asks Beryl carefully, "Is the baby going to worry you?" Beryl looks at him and then returns to her vegetables. David goes on that he knows Shane is going to remind her of Robert. Beryl retorts, "I never stop thinking of Robert. That's probably why Leigh wants her baby with her - just to upset me." David tells her curtly that Frannie brought her down; Leigh didn't ask for him - but she is his mother, so it's quite understandable if she did want him. Beryl snaps that she doesn't trust Leigh an inch, and if the decorators weren't at home, she'd go back there. David tells her that she doesn't want either of them to leave - he feels sort of responsible for both of them. Beryl snaps, "You're not married to me, anymore, David. And as far as she's concerned, I don't see why you feel you have to look after her." David retorts, "She's a--" He breaks off before continuing, "She's family, that's all." Beryl points out that the duties of an uncle only go so far.

Leigh steps out of her caravan, wearing a yellow swimsuit and holding a radio, which is blasting out rock music. She puts it down on the ground and then lies down on a towel next to it. Shane starts crying in the caravan, but Leigh picks up a pair of headphones, plugs them into the radio and puts them over her ears so that it drowns out the bawling. She closes her eyes, so she doesn't see Heather approaching her, carrying the washing basket. Heather nudges her leg and tells her, "Leigh. The baby." Leigh opens her eyes, takes off the headphones and exclaims 'innocently' that she didn't hear him. She sympathises, "Poor little thing," and she stands up and runs into the caravan to soothe him, leaving Heather with a delighted smile on her face.

Fiona is sitting with baby Fee, fussing over her in her flat at the boarding house. The front door opens and Jill comes in. Fiona comments, "That was quick," but Jill just mutters that she took the first place she saw. Fiona, looking surprised, says she hopes it's alright. Jill retorts that it's fine - she moves in there tonight. Fiona queries, "Tonight?" Jill explains that she wants to get Fee settled as soon as possible. Fiona asks where it is, and Jill replies that it's close to the city - she'll get a job in town somewhere. Fiona asks about her job at Dural, but Jill explains that she's going to chuck it in. Fiona comments that she thought Jill enjoyed it, but Jill sits down and, looking awkward, explains, "I don't want to have to go out to that house every day - it's where Al--. I just don't want to have to keep going back there. I'll call Karen tomorrow and let her know." Fiona warns her that jobs aren't easy to come by, but Jill replies that she's saved a bit of money - she'll be alright. Fiona kisses Fee and asks what they'll do about her. Jill assures her that they'll work something out. She then asks hesitantly if Fiona would mind looking after Fee for a while, just until she knows what she's doing. Fiona smiles that she'd be only too happy to. She adds sadly that she's going to miss Jill; she wishes she'd change her mind. Jill, though, tells her bluntly, "I need a change."

Amanda escorts Karen to the door at the Morrell apartment, and Karen thanks her for listening. Amanda says she's sorry she couldn't do anything to help - but she still thinks she should try and forget about Wayne. Karen tells her, "I couldn't. I want to make sure he doesn't forget me." Amanda warns her that she'll only end up hurt, but Karen just muses, "We'll see," and she goes. Caroline suddenly bursts into the lounge room and exclaims, "Well, there's a lady with a lot of troubles, not only with her company but with her man, too, by the sound of it." Amanda comments that Caroline must have had her ear to the door... Caroline shrugs! She then goes on that she has to pop down to the shops for a moment. Amanda tells her that she'll come with her, but Caroline assures her that she won't be long, and she heads out.

Karen is walking slowly down the driveway away from the apartment block when Caroline runs up behind her and calls to her to wait. She catches up with her and tells her that she couldn't help overhearing what she was talking about to Amanda - and she thinks she can help her out with one of her problems. She asks if they can go somewhere and talk about it.

That night, at Dural, Stephen, Barbara and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room, drinks in hand. Barbara is telling Stephen that she called to speak to him, and when Amanda answered the 'phone and said he wasn't there, she invited her and Caroline to come too. Stephen muses that he's surprised Caroline said she'd come - they didn't get on very well earlier. He adds that he hopes she doesn't bring her current boyfriend, but Barbara explains that Amanda said Caroline has left him. Stephen raises his eyebrows and says, "Yeah?" He adds that he can't see how she ever got involved with a guy like that. Barbara points out that she probably can't see why she ever got involved with a guy like him, either, and Stephen retorts, "Well, thankyou very much, sister, dear!" Barbara points out, "Well you have to admit, brother, dear, that you did put her through the hoops when you were married." Stephen suggests tautly that there isn't much point in discussing it now. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Gordon goes to get it. Barbara says to Stephen that she really would like him to please try and be very pleasant to Caroline this evening. Stephen assures her, "I will. I can't guarantee she'll do the same." Gordon opens the front door to find Amanda standing there alone. He looks outside and asks, "Where's your mother?" Amanda explains that she isn't with her, and Gordon muses that Stephen said she might renege. Amanda, though, insists that it's nothing like that. She heads into the lounge room and says hello to Stephen and Barbara. Barbara comments that she takes it Caroline isn't coming, but Amanda replies that she thinks she will: she said she had to go down to the shops or something, and about an hour later she 'phoned to say that she'd been held up and that she'd meet her there. Stephen says to his daughter that Barbara tells him that Caroline has walked out on Mohammed Ali! Amanda replies that Caroline told her what happened outside. Stephen suggests that maybe Ron was waiting for her again, but Amanda says she's sure she wasn't; she sounded fine on the 'phone - in fact, she seemed on top of the world. Turning to Gordon, she asks where Wayne is, and Gordon explains that he had to go out this afternoon - he was a bit upset. Barbara asks Amanda if her mother didn't give any idea what had held her up. Amanda replies, "No - she sounded very mysterious. When I tried to find out, she said she had to go. I suppose she'll tell us when she gets here."

Andy is sitting on the couch in Fiona's flat, reading a magazine. Fiona and Jill emerge from Jill's bedroom, Jill carrying Fee under one arm and a holdall in the opposite hand. Fiona is also holding a case, and Jill comments sadly that everything she owns in the world fits into two suitcases; it says something, doesn't it? Andy offers her a hand, and Jill thanks him, adding that they only have to go outside. Andy picks up the cases and heads out. Jill tells Fee to be a good girl for grandma, and Fiona smiles that she's always good. She then asks Jill if she's written down the address and 'phone number for her, but Jill replies hesitantly that she can't remember them offhand - she'll ring tomorrow and give her them both. Fiona accepts this. A car horn suddenly sounds outside, and Jill remarks that that will be her cab now. She hands Fee over and says to Fiona that she'll look after her, won't she? Fiona assures her, "Of course I will - and it'll only be for a day or two, anyway." Jill agrees nervously, "Yeah..." She then gives Fiona a kiss and says, "Goodbye." She does the same with Fee and then walks out, leaving Fiona with a surprised frown on her face.

At Dural, Gordon picks up two glasses of scotch from the bar and carries them over to the couch, where he hands one to Barbara and keeps one for himself. As he does so, Amanda comments that her mum's usually a stickler for promptness, so she can't understand her being late for anything. Stephen says he doesn't think she's even coming, but Amanda insists that she'll be there; she said she would be. Stephen suggests that she's probably gone running back to her boyfriend, but Amanda sighs that she'll tell him: there's a lot more to her now than there used to be; today, she saw a side of her that she didn't even know existed. Stephen laughs, "Let's not go overboard, darling!" but Amanda insists, "I'm telling you: she's changed." Stephen muses, "I know, but... oh, I won't go on with it." Barbara says she hopes Caroline comes soon; Liz and her new boyfriend will be there any minute, and if there are going to be fireworks, she'd like them out of the way beforehand. Stephen tells her that they're hardly likely to have a slanging match, but Barbara mutters, "I hope not." There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Barbara stands up, saying, "Uh huh! We'll see who's arrived first!" She heads out to the hallway and opens the door to find Caroline standing there. Barbara smiles broadly and exclaims, "Caroline, you look wonderful!" The two women hug each other and Caroline tells Barbara that it's lovely to see her again. Barbara closes the door and tells Caroline to come in, adding that she's dying for her to meet Gordon. Caroline smiles that Amanda has painted the most glowing profile of him. Barbara assures him that she knows she's just going to love him! The two women head into the lounge room, and Amanda immediately demands of her mother, "Where on earth have you been?" Caroline, though, tells her to let her meet Gordon first. Gordon stands up and shakes Caroline's hand, telling her that he's heard a lot about her. Caroline laughs that he'll have to let her tell him her side of that, sometime! She then turns to Stephen and asks him how he is tonight. Stephen retorts that he's much as he was this afternoon. He then asks, "You coped with your boyfriend?" Caroline assures him, "Oh yes, quite well." Amanda then asks her what held her up, and Caroline replies, "I got involved in a little business venture." Looking at Gordon, she goes on, "I heard that you were rather concerned about the future of your company. Well, you needn't worry any more. I met Karen today: we had a good talk and then I met her sister." Gordon, looking at Barbara in surprise, murmurs, "Oh...?" Caroline goes on, "Yes, we got on very well. In fact, I signed a contract with her, agreeing to buy out her share of the company - as soon as all the legalities surrounding the will are completed, of course." Amanda shakes her head and says she doesn't understand. Caroline tells her, "Oh, it's quite simple, darling. Alan Brandon bought a lot of shares in the company and now I'll be buying them from Dorothy." Staring at Gordon, she adds, "I think that makes me a Director of the company, doesn't it?" Gordon admits that, yes, it does. Caroline turns to Stephen and goes on, "Looks as though I'm going to be one of your bosses, Stephen..." Stephen stares at her in shock.

At her new apartment, Jill is wearing her short pink robe. Dark tights are visible beneath it, covering her legs, and her face is heavily made-up. Her hair is tied back and long, dangly earrings are hanging from her ears. She goes and opens the front door: a young man is standing there, and Jill invites him in. As he looks around, he comments that it's a bit of a comedown from the last place, isn't it? - he reckons she'd better knock ten bucks off the price. Looking unhappy, Jill nods, "Alright." The man quickly tells her that he was only kidding - she's worth every cent. He hands over some notes and Jill indicates, "The bedroom's through there." The man walks on through, leaving Jill standing there, fully tarted-up, looking worried.


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