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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Gordon and Barbara are sitting on the couch in the lounge room; Gordon has fallen asleep, but he comes-to with a start and Barbara quickly asks him if he's alright. Gordon replies that he must have dozed off. Barbara tells him that it's the best thing for him. Gordon asks if Wayne is still in the study, and Barbara replies in the affirmative. She offers Gordon some coffee, but he declines. Barbara suggests that he go to bed, then, but Gordon retorts, "I can't until I've talked to them." Barbara says she'll tell them that he's not well enough. Wayne suddenly walks in and Gordon quickly asks him if he's alright. Wayne replies, "Yeah. They want to see you, though." Barbara snaps that Gordon isn't well enough, but Gordon retorts that he has to talk to them sometime; he might as well get it over and done with.

In the study, Senior Detective Willows is saying to Detective Fritz, "We'll just have to find that out." There's a knock on the door and Willows calls, "Come in." Gordon walks in and Willows invites him to take a seat. Gordon sits down. Willows then says to him, "After your son took Karen outside, did you know she never actually left the property?" Gordon replies, "No - I assumed she would've. There didn't seem to be any point in hanging around; none of us saw her." Willows points out that whoever pushed her over the bridge did. He then asks Gordon, "What did you do after your son came back in?" Gordon recalls, "I talked to the others for a few minutes, I showed Mrs. Bartlett out... Oh, I remember: Karen's car wasn't there; that's why I thought she'd left." Willows asks, "She'd come in a taxi?" Gordon tells him, "I didn't know that." Willows then asks Gordon what else he did. Gordon explains, "I came back inside again and I worked for an hour or so." Willows asks him if he was alone for all that time. Gordon confirms, "Yes." Willows suggests that it wouldn't have been impossible for him to slip out the front and return unnoticed...? Gordon agrees, "Possible, yes, but I didn't." Willows looks out of the big study window and asks Gordon if, if he'd seen Karen still there, would he have gone out to try to make her leave? Gordon muses, "I suppose so. I wouldn't want her upsetting people again." Willlows suggests that, given the mood she was in, she probably would have been argumentative. Gordon murmurs that he supposes so. Willows persists, "You would have lost your temper with her. There would have been a struggle. You might have pushed her." Gordon suddenly reaches into his pocket and takes out his bottle of tablets. Willows asks what they're for, and Gordon explains, "A heart condition." He takes a pill and puts it in his mouth. Willows asks him if he's in pain, and Gordon admits, "A little." Willows tells him that he should have said - it can wait until tomorrow. Gordon stands up and Willows asks him to send his wife in. As Gordon goes to leave, Willows tells him to take it easy - he doesn't want to harm people; he's only trying to cover every angle. Gordon murmurs that he understands and he walks out.

Barbara and Wayne are standing out in the hallway, and Barbara tells Gordon that he looks dreadful; he should go up to bed. Gordon says he will. He then tells Barbara that they want her, and she walks into the study, leaving Wayne looking concerned. Barbara immediately snaps at Willows, "My husband's not very well. I do hope you're not going to question him too much." Willows points out that they are investigating a murder, but Barbara retorts that she thinks it was an accident. Willows tells her, "Not according to forensic evidence." He then goes on that he understands Karen had quite a lot to say to everyone this morning. Barbara retorts curtly, "Oh yes, she was in full sail. She abused me, Gordon, Wayne, Katie..." Willows asks what she specifically said to her. Barbara tells him, "Well, I don't exactly remember. The usual snide remarks." Willows comments that the whole thing must have been quite a strain on Gordon, and Barbara snaps that of course it was; that's why she's worried about him. Willows remarks that she's very protective. Barbara snaps, "My husband has had two heart attacks. I doubt very much whether he'd survive a third." Willows asks, "If you'd realised Karen hadn't left the property, would have you done something about it to save your husband from another confrontation with her?" Barbara snaps, "Yes I--" She breaks off as she realises she was about to say something silly. Fritz continues writing as Barbara corrects, "Well, I didn't even know, so the question doesn't even arise." Willows folds his arms and muses, "Oh, doesn't it...?" Barbara glares at him.

Leigh is sitting in the kitchen at the country house, feeding Shane his bottle. Beryl comes in and Leigh comments that she thought they were all watching tele. Beryl, picking up the kettle, explains that it's time for a cuppa. David follows Beryl into the kitchen and tells her that he won't have a cup of coffee as it might keep him awake; he'll have an orange juice instead. He looks at Leigh, who awkwardly explains that it was hot in the caravan and Shane's been crying a lot. David points out that it's nice and cool out on the verandah, but Leigh replies that there are too many mosquitos. She quickly adds, "But I'll take him outside if you want me to." Beryl retorts that it doesn't bother her - she can feed Shane in there if she wants to. She walks out into the hallway and David follows her, calling to her to hold on. As he shuts the door behind him, he tells Beryl not to get upset, adding that he did tell Leigh to keep Shane out of her way. Beryl mutters that she refuses to let it upset her, even though Leigh is always finding excuses to keep him around her. David agrees that it seems that way. Looking surprised, Beryl comments that she expected him to say she was being neurotic, but David explains that, from what Frannie told him, he knows Leigh's no saint. Beryl mutters, "Yet you bend over backwards for her?" David just stands there looking sheepish. Beryl then announces, "I'm going home tomorrow." David, looking surprised, remarks that he thought the decorators were still there, but Beryl replies that they've nearly finished, so she can move back in. David points out that she's got company there at his place, but Beryl retorts, "I'm going tomorrow. Alright?" and she walks off. In the kitchen, Leigh is rubbing Shane's back, moaning at him to burp, as she doesn't want him crying half the night from wind. He doesn't do as he's told, though, and so Leigh sighs and, putting him back in his bassinet, mutters, "Alright, then, but you'd better go to sleep." There's suddenly a knock on the back door, and she goes and opens it. A look of shock crosses her face as she finds Tim standing there. As she stares at him, he smiles, "Hi! I just shot through from home. Couldn't have it no more." Leigh snaps at him, "You idiot. You'll ruin everything for me."

A moment later, Leigh steps outside and asks Tim angrily how on earth he got there. Tim explains that he had a bit of money saved up and he got a 'plane ticket. Leigh asks curtly, "One way?" Tim replies, "Yeah, of course." He goes on that George has been carrying-on ever since their mum brought Shane down; he got sick of it all: with Shane gone, there was nothing to stay for so he thought he'd come and stay with her; he thought she'd be happy to see him. Leigh insists, "I am," but Tim retorts that she could have fooled him. Leigh sighs, "Look, I just don't want David to know I asked for Shane. And I stopped mum from telling him by threatening to talk you into leaving home. Well, now you've left, she'll tell him for sure." Tim asks what difference it makes, but Leigh snaps that it just does, that's all. Tim tells her that she needn't worry too much: his mum and George think he's at school camp and the school people think he's homesick, so he won't be missed for a while. Leigh sighs that at least that gives them some time: he can stay with her in the caravan tonight, but he'd better head straight back in the morning. Tim mutters that he's not going back to Ceedum - he hasn't got any money anyway. Leigh tells him that she'll buy him a 'plane ticket, but Tim repeats that he's not going back to Ceedum. Turning to walk off, he adds that if she doesn't want him there... Leigh quickly says, "Look..." and he turns back to face her. Putting her arms round him, she adds that she really is glad to see him - she's missed him a lot; they'll work something out in the morning. A smile on his face, Tim asks her if she knows that Ceedum was rotten without her. Leigh tells him, "Ceedum's rotten any time."

Detectives Willows and Fritz are at Charlie's. Charlie is sitting on one couch while Fritz makes notes on the other. Willows is pacing the floor as Charlie tells him that she and dear Karen always got along well; she certainly had nothing against her. Willows comments that that isn't quite the impression she gave Detective Molloy this morning: he felt Karen Hamilton was disliked by everyone he spoke to, including her. Charlie gasps that she doesn't know why he thought that: she wouldn't speak ill of the dead. Willows probes, "Then you didn't dislike her?" Charlie replies hesitantly, "Well, at times she could be... Well, actually, I don't think many people liked her, Inspector." Willows corrects, "Senior Detective." Charlie says she's sorry and she goes on, "Well, Karen Fox could get--." She breaks off, adding, "Oh, I could never get used to thinking of her as a Hamilton. She could be a nasty woman." Willows says he sees. He then turns to Katie, who's standing by the window and asks, "What about you, Miss O'Brien?" Katie stares at him and replies, "I hated her." Willows looks at her in surprise and comments that that's direct. He then says to both women that they know most of the people involved; do either of them have any idea who might have done it? Charlie exclaims in surprise, "Goodness me, no. Well I'm sure none of the Hamiltons would've." Katie just mutters, "No," and stares at him. Willows tells them that he and Fritz won't bother them any further tonight, but he'll need to speak to them both again. Standing up, Charlie assures him, "Any time." Willows goes on that, hopefully, Stephen Morrell will have arrived by now. As she sees the two detectives to the door, Charlie says he's sorry they couldn't be more help, but Willows tells her that it's surprising what helps - it all builds the picture. Charlie smiles that she's so glad, and they go. Katie wanders over to the couch and sits down as Charlie comes back in and cries that she does hate talking to the police. Katie points out that she hasn't got anything to hide, has she? and Charlie agrees that, no, she hasn't, but she feels uncomfortable: she knows it's silly, but she needs to feel guilty. She sits down as Katie murmurs that she felt a bit guilty, too - especially when Willows asked if they had any ideas who did it. Charlie asks, "Darling, how could we know?" Katie murmurs, "There's something I didn't tell them." Charlie stares at her, wide-eyed, and asks, "You do know?" Katie shakes her head and replies, "Not exactly. A couple of days ago, I saw Wayne attacking Karen. He only stopped when I turned up." Charlie asks her if she thinks he did it, but Katie murmurs that she doesn't know. Charlie suddenly exclaims, "Heavens!" Katie looks at her, and Charlie explains, "Well, this afternoon, I was talking to Wayne on the bridge and Isabella ran down to the creek and Wayne was quite concerned. Maybe he was frightened she'd find the body...?" Katie points out that she can't be sure of that, but Charlie tells her that it makes sense. Katie pauses and then shakes her head, saying, "No. If he knew it was there, he must have known it would be found sooner or later. Charlie suggests that maybe he was waiting for a chance to get rid of it; he was probably going to do it tonight. Katie points out that they're jumping to conclusions. Charlie, though, sighs that she should have told the police: if they find out, she could be in trouble for withholding information. Katie cries that she doesn't want them thinking Wayne did it if he didn't. Charlie tells her, "It sounds likely - you've got to admit that." Katie sighs, "I suppose so..."

Senior Detective Willows is showing Stephen into the study at Dural when there's a quiet knock on the front door. Wayne goes to get it and finds Katie standing on the step. She asks him if she can talk to him - alone. Wayne replies that Barbara is upstairs with Gordy, and she tells her to come into the lounge room. Katie asks where the police are, and Wayne tells her that they're in the study. Katie murmurs, "Good," and she heads inside.

In the study, Willows sits down on the edge of the desk as he says to Stephen, who's seated in one of the chairs, "And that's all you've ever had to do with the woman?" Stephen replies, "Yes. I hardly knew her." Willows continues, "And yet she did have something to say to you this morning?" Stephen tells him, "Not a great deal. She was mainly arguing with Gordon." Willows, raising an eyebrow, asks, "Really?" Stephen goes on, "She had a few little jibes at Katie and Wayne, but that's about all." Willows looks at Fritz - who's still making notes - and then asks Stephen, "How long did you stay on after Mrs. Hamilton left?" Stephen tells him, "I'm not sure. About an hour." Willows goes on, "You saw no sign of her when you were leaving?" Stephen shakes his head and replies, "No." Willows asks him if he was ever alone. Stephen replies, "Yes - for about a quarter of an hour after Barbara went to the kitchen to make lunch. Gordon was working in the study and I think Wayne was upstairs. I was just reading the paper." Willows nods and muses, "It seems everybody had time to kill Karen Hamilton." A smile of surprise appearing on his face, Stephen muses, "I didn't kill her - and I'm sure none of the Hamiltons did, either." Willows comments, "Well, if it wasn't you and it wasn't the Hamiltons, that only leaves Mrs. Bartlett, Miss O'Brien and Miss Smith. Would you like to choose a candidate?" Stephen tells him, "I couldn't imagine any of them doing it. I had a bit to do with Charlie from time-to-time, but I hardly knew Katie and I'd never seen Liz before in my life." Willows comments that no one seems to know how to get in touch with Liz. Stephen tells him, "I certainly don't." Willows goes on that with a name like 'Smith', she won't be easy to find. Stephen just says, "Sorry." Willows sighs and tells him, "Alright. That's all for now." He walks round the desk to join Fritz.

In the lounge room, Wayne rants at Katie, "For God's sake, the only reason I called her stupid mutt back was because I didn't want to have to fish it out of the mud." Katie tells him that Karen's body was there; Charlie thinks he might have known that. Wayne snaps, "Since when has Charlie been able to think? Don't tell me she's got you believing I did it?" Katie assures him, "Of course not, but a couple of days ago you tried to strangle Karen. You even admitted that if I hadn't turned up, you might have killed her." Wayne growls at her, "You didn't tell the police that?" A voice suddenly says, "No, she didn't." Wayne and Katie both looks at the doorway in shock, to find Willows standing there. He suggests to Katie curtly, "Perhaps we'd better have another chat?" She looks at Wayne apologetically and then heads off to the study. Willows, staring at Wayne, goes on, "Then I imagine I'll need to talk to you again, Mr. Hamilton. It seems there are a few things you haven't told us." Stephen appears in the lounge room doorway and stares at Wayne suspiciously... Wayne just stands there, looking sheepish.

The next morning, Barbara comes out of the kitchen and puts a plate of toast down on the breakfast table. Gordon is sitting there eating and Wayne comes in and joins him. Barbara tells him that it's good timing: the toast is still hot. Wayne, though, replies that he's not hungry. Gordon asks him if he got any sleep, but Wayne tells him, "Not much." He goes on bitterly, "It's amazing: I spent months thinking I'd murdered someone and found I hadn't. Now the police think I have and I know I didn't." Barbara asks him why he's so sure the police think it's him. Wayne just mutters that he's surprised they didn't arrest him last night. Barbara comments that they must have been very hard on Katie - she left there in tears. Wayne, sitting down at the table, muses that he was probably a bit that way when they finished with him. Gordon points out that at least they didn't charge him, but Wayne retorts, "Don't hold your breath."

Leigh walks up to the country house and peers in through the kitchen window, cautiously. Finding it empty, she opens the door and heads inside, where she starts picking up several items of fruit from the bowl on the table. As she does so, though, she suddenly hears David's voice saying, "I'll have to lay the fertiliser, so--" He breaks off as he comes into the kitchen and finds Leigh holding all the fruit. Mike and Heather are with him. David demands of Leigh, "Don't we feed you enough round here?" but Leigh quickly explains that she thought she'd take a bit of fruit out to the caravan - it makes it easier to keep out of Beryl's way if she doesn't have to keep coming in for snacks all the time. She adds, "You don't mind?" David, accepting this, assures her that of course he doesn't. Mike laughs that he was always raiding the 'fridge at Leigh's age! Heather smiles that that must have been where his spare tyre started! Mike mock-indignantly tells her that it's all muscle - and David tells him that he can use that muscle, then, when they pick up the fertiliser! Mike heads outside. Heather says to David that she wanted to go to the shops and she was going to ask Beryl to help; could he give them a lift in? David smiles, "As long as you don't mind riding back in a car with fertiliser on the roof!" Heather assures him that she guesses they can put up with it for a while! She then asks Leigh if she'd like to come too, but Leigh quickly replies that she'll be right; she'll see them when she gets back. She picks up some more fruit and heads outside. David says to Heather that he feels awkward about asking Leigh to spend all her time in the caravan. Heather agrees, "Mmm... especially with the baby to look after." David muses that it shouldn't be too long if Beryl goes home today. Heather asks him if he thinks she will, and David replies, "Pretty determined." At that moment, Beryl walks in from the hallway and says she'll just finish the dishes. Heather tells her that the men are giving her a lift into the shops; does she have any shopping she wants to do? Beryl, though, declines, adding that she'll finish the dishes and then she'll start packing. David asks, "You haven't changed your mind?" Beryl tells him, "No. I'll miss the company but I think it's best I go. It'll be better for everyone." David looks at Heather.

Outside, Leigh knocks on the door of the caravan and calls, "Open up, Tim." The door opens and Tim asks if everything's alright. Leigh tells him, "Yeah, I'll be able to make you a proper breakfast soon. They're all going out; we'll have the house to ourselves." Tim smiles, "Great!"

In the kitchen in the house, Beryl hangs the tea towel up and heads off to her bedroom to start packing. Outside, Leigh and Tim approach the back door, Leigh carrying Shane and Tim carrying his bassinet. Tim comments to Leigh that they never had secrets before, and Leigh says she knows. Tim asks, "Then why don't you tell me what you're up to? Leigh stares at him and Tim pushes, "Well? Why did you want Shane down here?" Leigh sighs and explains, "Beryl has a lot of money. Her own baby's been kidnapped and it doesn't look like she'll get him back. If she sees enough of Shane, she'll start to want him." Tim asks, "You reckon?" Leigh points out, "Well, she's missing her own baby." Tim suggests, "It doesn't mean she'll want yours," but Leigh retorts, "She will - and if I play my cards right, I can get some money out of it." Tim, looking shocked, exclaims, "You're not going to sell him?" Leigh retorts, "It wouldn't be selling - but if Beryl decides she wants to have him around, she'll have to be good to me, won't she?" Tim growls, "That's lousy, Leigh. How can you use your own kid?" Leigh retorts, "He's caused me enough trouble. If I can get something out of having him, why shouldn't I?" Tim mutters that it's crazy; it won't work. Leigh, though, tells him, "It will - as long as nobody interferes." The two of them head inside and Tim puts the bassinet down on the kitchen table. Leigh places Shane in it. As she does so, Tim tells his sister apologetically, "I didn't want to ruin anything for you. I'm sorry if I have." Leigh replies, "Oh forget it - I'll cook you some breakfast." As she goes to the 'fridge, she asks, "What do you want: bacon and eggs? Scrambled eggs? Omelette? There's some sausages--" She breaks off as she hears the sound of footsteps and Beryl walks in. Beryl exclaims in surprise, "Tim!" nervously Tim says, "Oh, hi, Aunty Beryl." Beryl asks him, "What on earth are you doing here?" Tim nervously says, "Um..." Leigh quickly covers, "He's come to visit me." Beryl asks, "Why didn't your mum let David know you were coming - or doesn't she know you're here...?" Leigh quickly retorts, "Of course she does - she bought his 'plane ticket." Beryl glares at her and tells her that she thinks Tim is perfectly capable of answering for himself. Tim doesn't say anything, and so Beryl announces, "I'll call Frannie." She goes to walk to the 'phone, but Leigh suddenly snaps, "Why don't you mind your own business? It's got nothing to do with you. Now you're divorced from David, you're not even part of the family - and you're in his house." Beryl, looking annoyed, mutters, "Alright, Leigh. I'll leave it to David - but he won't waste any time calling your mother, either." Leigh looks at her brother and just says, "Come on, Tim, let's get out of here." The two of them walk out. Beryl goes to return to her bedroom but suddenly realises that baby Shane is lying in his bassinet on the table. She walks to the door and calls out, "Leigh - you've left Shane." There's no response, though. Beryl turns to look at the little boy.

Caroline is standing behind the bar at the Morrell apartment, pouring out a glass of mineral water. Barbara is sitting on a stool the other side of the bar, and Caroline asks her if she's sure she wouldn't prefer coffee, but Barbara declines, saying she won't stay long: Gordon just wanted Caroline to have the latest account sheets as soon as possible. Caroline muses with a smile on her face that it'll probably take her all morning to work them out! Barbara laughs. She then goes on that everyone was very surprised that she had the money to buy Alan's shares. Caroline looks at her and comments that she's made a few good investments over the years. Barbara explains, "That's what I told Gordon it was." Caroline goes on that only yesterday, she had a visitor who wanted her to put some money into a project of his. Barbara queries, "Oh?" Caroline replies, "Mmm. Dan Weller." Barbara, raising her eyebrows, remarks, "You too?" Caroline nods. Barbara goes on, "Yes. He wanted Gordon to invest in something. I wonder what he's up to." Caroline muses that she knows one thing he's up to... Barbara looks at her, and she explains, "He made a rather heavy pass at me." Barbara tells her, "I didn't think it would take him long. Now if you ask me, he is a very shifty character." They both take sips of their water.

Liz is in a public 'phone box. The voice on the other end of the 'phone says, "Gordon Hamilton." Liz tells him that it's her, and Gordon, sounding relieved, tells her that he's glad, as they didn't know how to contact her. Liz asks if something is wrong, and Gordon tells her hesitantly, "Yes. About Karen..." Liz sighs, "I didn't know if she would have said anything." Gordon, sounding surprised, asks, "What?" Liz says quietly, "Karen..." Gordon tells her, "I'm sorry, Liz. Karen's dead." A look of shock crosses Liz's face as Gordon goes on, "She was killed sometime yesterday morning. We don't know who did it." Liz, looking nervous, asks how it happened. Gordon explains that she was pushed from the bridge in front of the house; she cracked her skull on the bank. Liz, looking increasingly horrified, cries, "My God..." There's silence for several seconds, and Gordon eventually asks, "Are you alright? Liz?" Liz, tears beginning to well in her eyes, murmurs, "Yes..." Gordon assures her that he knows it's a dreadful shock; it was for all of them. He adds, "The police are looking for you." Liz cries, "Oh...?" Gordon explains, "It's only routine - they're talking to everyone that was here yesterday morning and I didn't know how to contact you - Barbara threw out Dan's card. Why don't you contact Homicide yourself?" Liz cries, in a strangulated voice, "Yeah, that--" She breaks off before adding quickly that she's got to go: someone wants to use the 'phone. Gordon says to her that she will contact the police...? Liz, though, just says, "Goodbye," and hangs up. She steps outside the 'phone box and thinks back to the previous morning: she'd walked to her car as she left Dural, and had seen Karen walking down the driveway, slowly. She had climbed into her car, closed the door and started the engine. Karen was standing on the bridge over the stream. Liz had pulled away from the house and headed down the driveway towards her. She'd stopped by her, wound down the window and snapped at her, "That was a rotten thing you said before." Karen had retorted, "You didn't like being described as 'Gordon's little girlfriend'?" Liz had seen red, and she'd climbed out of her car, angrily. Standing face-to-face with Karen, she'd snapped, "You know that's not true. How dare you upset him? He's one of the finest men I've ever known." Karen had taunted, "You are concerned, aren't you?" She'd then gone on, "Well, I meant what I said: I'm going to give him so many business worries, his tired little heart will just pack up." She'd added sarcastically, "Poor Gordon..." Liz had glared at and growled, "You vile bitch." She'd then whacked Karen round the face, but she'd hit her harder than she thought, and Karen had gone flying over the edge of the bridge and into the water below. Liz had looked down into the stream and yelled, "That's where you belong: in the mud." She'd then stormed back to her car, slammed the door shut and driven off. As she comes back to reality, Liz stands by the 'phone box, looking shocked. She starts walking, slowly.

Wayne opens the front door at Dural to find the two detectives standing on the step. Senior Detective Willows tells him, "We'd like you to accompany us down to the station." Gordon joins them and asks them if they're arresting his son, but Willows replies that they only want him to make a statement - and they'd appreciate his co-operation. Gordon tells Wayne that he'll contact their lawyer, but Wayne replies quietly, "It's OK, dad - I've been through it once before, remember?" He heads out. Gordon closes the door.

Beryl goes to walk from the kitchen at the country house out to her bedroom, but she stops in the doorway and turns and looks at Shane, lying in his bassinet on the table. She walks over to him and, rubbing his tummy, soothes that it's alright. She then quickly pulls her hand away, walks to the back door and calls, "Leigh? Leigh!" There's no response, though, and so Beryl walks back inside and smiles at the baby happily. He gurgles as she picks him up and gives him a hug, a happy look on her face...


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