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    Written by: Colin Bowles   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSweeny

In the lounge room in the main house, Wayne hands Cheri a handkerchief and she wipes her eyes and blows her nose. Wayne sits down next to her on the couch and tells her that Karen loved Todd a great deal; it must have been a shock for her to-- Cheri interrupts and retorts that it was a shock for both of them; she would never have taken this job if she'd known about Karen and Todd. Wayne asks bluntly f it's true. Cheri retorts that there weren't any charges laid, if that's what he means; Dr. Fisher was the only one that accused her of anything. Wayne comments, "But you left the clinic." Cheri snaps that Nathan Fisher is a very influential man; she had no choice. She then goes on that she'd better not hang around, and she asks Wayne if she can call a taxi. Wayne says he'll do it and Cheri thanks him, adding that it won't take her long to pack. Wayne muses that he's sorry things had to turn out this way. Cheri sighs heavily and murmurs, "I'll get over it."

Jill is sitting next to Alan's body in the flat, holding his hand. Karen suddenly walks in and stops in her tracks as she sees the syringes lying on the blanket. Jill sobs, "He's dead..."

A short time later, Cheri is coming downstairs in the main house, carrying her bags. She walks into the lounge room, where Wayne tells her that the cab is on its way. Cheri thanks him. Wayne asks her if she's going back to the boarding house, but Cheri replies that she feels like some company; she might go and see her mum and dad. Wayne stands up, takes his wallet out of his pocket and tells her that they owe her for one week. Out in the hallway, Gordon is coming out of the study when Karen runs past him, crying, "Where is she?" Gordon asks, "Who?" Karen runs into the lounge room and heads straight towards Cheri, yelling, "You killed him! You killed him! Who the hell do you think you are?" Wayne grabs her and holds her, telling her, "There's no point, Karen." Karen yells at him to let her go, crying at Cheri, "Your murderer!" Wayne snaps at her to calm down, and he asks her angrily what's got into her. There's a sudden silence, which Karen breaks by saying, "Alan's dead." She bursts into tears again. Cheri just murmurs, "Oh my God..."

That evening, Cheri is having dinner with Amanda at the Morrell apartment. She sighs heavily as she pushes her half-full plate away from her and sips a glass of wine, but Amanda tells her that it's not her fault. Cheri mutters that she shouldn't have left him alone - the way he was talking, she should have known he would do something. Amanda tells her that she can't go blaming herself; if he was that desperate, he would have found a way sooner or later. Cheri says, "Karen thinks I did it." Amanda looks at her and replies that that's crazy. Cheri, though, asks if Amanda can blame Karen for jumping to conclusions after what happened to Todd. Amanda asks what the police said, and Cheri replies that they're waiting on the report from the lab - the fingerprints on the syringe. She then curses angrily that she was just so stupid to leave it there; she might be charged with murder. Amanda comments that she doesn't think it will come to that, and Cheri sighs that she hopes not. She then thanks Amanda for letting her stay there, adding that she couldn't bear to be alone tonight. Amanda assures her that if there's anything she needs...

Jill and Karen are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is talking on the 'phone and he thanks the person on the other end for letting them know. He hangs up, sighs and tells the women that that was the police: the autopsy confirmed that it was an overdose of morphine. He sits down and Karen asks sadly, "Are they going to arrest her?" Wayne tells her, "It was suicide." Karen looks at him sharply, and he explains that they found Alan's fingerprints on the syringe - and the angle of the injection-- Karen interrupts and cries in shock, "My son would never kill himself. He wouldn't..." Jill tells her gently that Alan said today that he'd be better off dead, but Karen replies that that doesn't mean he killed himself. She goes on that he probably told Cheri the same thing and she was only too happy to oblige; it would be easy enough to fake. Jill points out, "If she murdered him, why didn't he fight her? There was no sign of a struggle." Karen, staring into space, replies, "She probably already doped him." Wayne tells her that the morphine from the injection was the only thing in Alan's bloodstream. He adds that he knows how she feels, but blaming Cheri isn't going to help. Karen, though, murmurs, "She did it. I know she did. She killed him."

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is serving coffee as she says she wonders where Jill is and adds that she hopes she's OK. Cheri explains that Wayne said he'd bring her home. Amanda asks her if Jill blames her for what's happened, but Cheri says she doesn't know. The front door suddenly opens and Wayne and Jill walk in. Jill thanks Wayne for the lift, and he tells her that it's no problem. Amanda asks Jill if she's OK, but Jill just looks away and asks how Fee is. Amanda replies that she's sound asleep. Jill says she'll go and check on her, and she heads to her room. Amanda asks Wayne if he's had dinner, but he tells her that he's not hungry. Amanda offers him some coffee, but he declines that as well. Cheri asks him how Karen is, and Wayne tells her that she's still pretty upset. He adds that the police called: they're quite sure it's suicide. Cheri sighs in relief and exclaims, "Thank God." Wayne goes on that Karen isn't, though, so it might be a good idea to keep out of the way for a while. Cheri tells him that she's packed everything in the house, but Wayne explains that he means right out of the way - Karen can be pretty single-minded when she wants to be. Cheri muses, "Oh..." Wayne suddenly decides that he will have that coffee, and he walks over to the tray and starts pouring himself one. As he does so, Amanda says to him that there'll be a coroner's inquest, won't there? Wayne agrees, "Yeah," and so Amanda tells Cheri that she'll have to stay round for that. She then suggests that Cheri go up to Woombai - Fiona is there and she's sure she'd appreciate some company; she could take Cheri up tomorrow morning. Cheri shakes her head and says she couldn't let Amanda do that - she's done enough for her as it is. Amanda, though, tells her not to be silly - she has to go up there anyway, to talk to her dad. Wayne comments that it sounds like a good idea to him, and Cheri concedes, "OK!"

Fiona, Stephen and Chris are sitting in the lounge room at Woombai, and Stephen says to Fiona, "Penny for your thoughts." Fiona, who was miles away, comes back to earth and queries, "Hmm?" Stephen asks her if she's dreaming up an idea for her new book, but Fiona laughs bitterly and replies that he's got to be joking. Stephen comments that he thought she might be planning another exposé: Woombai Revisited: The Truth about Stephen Morrell! Chris sits there, a magazine on his lap, looking annoyed. Fiona smiles and asks Stephen, "Who'd buy that?!" Stephen replies, "Not many! Might be good for a laugh, though!" Changing the subject, he suggests that he take some time off work tomorrow and they can all go on a picnic. Fiona smiles that that would be lovely, and she asks Chris what he thinks. Chris, though, tells her that there's no hope: he's got to go back to Sydney - he's supposed to be looking for a job. Fiona assures him that she could lend him some money if he's running short. Chris says, "Thanks but... we'll see." Fiona tells him to sleep on it, and she adds that she'd like him to stay. Stephen stands up and says he'd better check-in with the guest house - make sure all their visitors are happy. Fiona stands up as well and tells him that she thinks she'll come with him - she could use a stroll. She asks Chris if he wants to come as well, but he holds up the magazine on his lap and says, "It's riveting!" Fiona and Stephen go. As soon as the room is empty, Chris stands up and walks over to the 'phone. He dials a number and a 'phone rings the other end. STD pips sound and the call is then answered by a woman saying, "Hello?" Chris says, "Mum? It's Chris. Sorry I haven't kept in touch." The woman asks him angrily where he's been, as she's been worried sick. Chris explains that he had to leave town for a few days. He then asks, "How's the Colonel?" The woman replies sadly that he's no good - he hasn't responded to treatment and the doctors aren't sure he will now." Chris asks angrily, "He's going to stay like that for the rest of his life?" The woman replies, "There's nothing more they can do." She then pleads, "Come home, Chris, please. I need you here." Chris, though, growls, "Not until I've evened the score." The woman tells him, "Forget about that. Whatever you do, it won't help your father." Chris, though, retorts, "She's not getting away with this." The woman begs, "Please, Chris. Don't make any more trouble." Chris, though, snarls, "Sorry, mum. The Colonel always told me it was an eye for an eye. Fiona Thompson has to get what's coming to her." He hangs up.

Gordon and Wayne are standing at the bar in the lounge room at Dural, and as Gordon hands his son a drink, Wayne thanks him, adding that he needs it. Gordon asks if Karen is alright, but Wayne asks, "How would you feel?" Gordon admits, "Pretty devastated." Karen suddenly walks in and announces that something has to be done about that woman. She goes on that she's going to call Fisher in the morning and find out what he knows, then she'll go to the Medical Association; they'll tell her what to do. Wayne suggests, "Why don't we call Alan's solicitor first?" Karen asks him if he thinks they can sue Cheri, but Wayne retorts, "No. About his will: we need to know who he's left his money to." Karen looks at him bitterly and asks tersely if he can't wait until after the funeral, but Wayne points out that, over the last three months, Alan sunk a hell of a lot of money into the company; if that goes, so does the business; if there are problems, he thinks they should find out about them now. Karen growls that, alright, she'll call first thing - she wouldn't want Alan's death to get in the way of business. She storms off, leaving Gordon to comment to his son, "That was rather callous." Wayne explains that he had to say something to get her mind off of Cheri.

There are shadows in the Morrell apartment, which is in darkness. Jill pulls open the partition door that leads to the bedrooms and she sighs heavily as she goes and stands in the middle lounge room. Cheri suddenly appears behind her and asks her if she's alright. Jill explains that she couldn't sleep, and Cheri tells her, "Neither can I." She goes and sits down before continuing, "About Alan..." Jill snaps at her, "I suppose you're going to tell me I should be happy he's dead; that it's better this way?" Cheri assures her that she wasn't going to say that at all; he had his whole future ahead of him - especially with her; it's so senseless... Jill stares at her and then starts pacing the room again. She suddenly asks, "Did you give him the injection?" Cheri turns to face her and replies that she swears she had nothing to do with it; if she's to blame, it's because she left him on his own. Jill suddenly bursts into tears and sobs, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." Cheri puts her arms round her as she goes on that, after what Karen said, she didn't know what to believe; she loved him... Cheri comforts her.

The next morning, Karen is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, and she says to the person at the other end, "I see... Thankyou." She hangs up and Wayne asks if that was Fisher. Karen, though, replies that it was the solicitor. Wayne asks what he said, and Karen tells him, "Alan didn't make a will. He did say he didn't suppose it occurred to him." Wayne comments that there are no problems, then: everything will go to the next of kin, and that's her. He adds that all she needs is the birth certificate. Karen muses that she'll have to think where it is. She then suddenly stares into space and murmurs, "Oh my God..."

A few moments later, still standing behind the bar, Karen tells Wayne that, when she was pregnant and George didn't want to leave his wife, she didn't want to look after a baby - she wanted to get out and make a life for herself; she supposes she was a bit scared - she was only a teenager... Wayne tells her gently to go on. Karen continues that her older sister, Dorothy, had just found out that she couldn't have children, and so she said she'd bring Alan up; when she went into the hospital to have him, she told them that she was Dorothy and gave her the baby. Wayne realises, "Your sister's name's on the birth certificate?" Karen nods and replies that it seemed the best thing to do at the time for Alan - but now, Dorothy will inherit everything. Wayne comments that surely she can get in touch with her and explain the situation, but Karen tells him that it's not as easy as that: not long after Alan was born, George came and took the baby away from her to raise with his own family; Dorothy was very bitter about it and the two of them haven't spoken since. Wayne asks if she knows where Dorothy is living, but Karen replies that she hasn't seen her for twenty years; she wouldn't know where to start looking. They both sigh heavily.

Stephen is standing in the lounge room at Woombai, holding a rifle. Chris is sitting on the couch, looking at it, as Stephen tells him that he doesn't normally hand them out. He passes it to Chris, who thanks him for making him the exception. He adds that he wouldn't normally ask, but seeing he's staying around for a while, it's a good opportunity to keep his eye in. Stephen warns him, "Tin cans, OK? Nothing else. No animals." Chris assures him, "Course not - just target practice." Stephen sits down and asks him if he's sure he knows how to handle it. As he examines the weapon, Chris replies absentmindedly, "Yes, stop worrying - The Colonel showed me how to use it when I was a kid." Stephen stares at him and queries, "The Colonel?" Chris quickly explains that he means Uncle Barney. Stephen comments that he thought Barney was a Sergeant, and Chris tells him that they called him 'The Colonel' as a sort of a joke. Fiona comes into the room at that moment and asks Chris if he's ready. He stands up, shows her the rifle and explains that he just needs some ammunition. Stephen asks Fiona if she's going with Chris, and Fiona explains that he's always saying what a crack shot he is, so she thought she'd go along and watch before they set off on a picnic. Stephen warns her to be careful. He then tells Chris to go and see Alan Pascoe and he'll fix him up with some ammunition. Chris heads out. When he's gone, Stephen asks Fiona suspiciously, "You known Chris for long?" Fiona sits down on the arm of the couch and replies, "A couple of weeks." Stephen goes on, "And Barney never mentioned him?" Fiona replies that, no - he never mentioned any of his family; she didn't even know he had a brother. Stephen comments that it's a bit strange, doesn't she think? but Fiona tells him that it isn't, really - she didn't mention any of her family, either. Amanda's voice suddenly rings out, calling, "Hello! Anyone home?!" Stephen stands up as she and Cheri walk into the room, and he gives his daughter a warm hug. Fiona says hello to Cheri. Stephen tells Amanda that it's wonderful to see her, and he asks her why she didn't tell him she was coming. Amanda explains that she wanted to surprise him. She then introduces Cheri, and she and Stephen shake hands. Amanda goes on that she was wondering if Cheri could stay there for a couple of days. Stephen replies, "Certainly. Holiday?" Amanda admits, "No. Not exactly..."

Karen is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural as Wayne stands there, listening. She says, "I see. Well, thanks anyway. I'm sorry to trouble you." She hangs up as Gordon comes in, and he asks, "Any luck?" Karen just sighs heavily. Gordon, who's holding a cardboard file, tells her that they have to find Dorothy: he's been checking the figures and Alan's investment represents quite a percentage of their investment. Karen snaps that she's tried every 'D. Harris' in the book; what else can she do? Wayne mutters that you'd think someone would know where their own sister lives, but Karen, thrusting the telephone directory at him, snaps tensely, "You do it, you want to save the company so badly." Gordon warns Wayne that fighting won't get them anywhere - Karen is doing all she can. Wayne puts his arm round his wife and apologises, saying he's not being much help, is he? Karen, though, assures him that of course he is - she doesn't know what she would have done without him yesterday. Wayne points out that he didn't do that much, but Karen tells him that he was there, that was the main thing. They kiss, and Karen them muses that she supposes she'd better get on: a couple didn't answer and one was engaged. Gordon comments that she was saying Dorothy's husband died in the Sixties; she could have remarried. Karen sighs that if she has, they'll never find her.

Fiona, Stephen, Amanda and Cheri are sitting at the table in the living room at Woombai, drinking coffee. Amanda is explaining that she thought it would be a good idea if Cheri stayed there for a couple of days, at least until Karen has had time to calm down, and Stephen assures Cheri that she's very welcome. Fiona sympathises, "Poor Jill. I really feel I should get back to Sydney." Amanda, though, tells her that it's OK - Andy's taking care of her. Fiona says she'll make sure she's there in time for the funeral. She goes on that Jill really loved Alan; she can still remember the first day they met: she had stars in her eyes even then! The front door suddenly bangs and Chris walks in and calls for Fiona. He asks her if she's coming, but Fiona tells him that she's really not in the mood anymore - she's just heard that a friend of Jill's died. Chris mutters, "Oh. I don't want to go on my own." Fiona suggests that they can still go off on their picnic this afternoon. Chris, looking annoyed, just mutters, "Yeah. See you later," and he heads out.

A short time later, outside, Chris is picking off cans of soft drink which are lined up on a fence. He fires one shot after another, looking pleased with himself as he hits them all first time and they explode, spraying drink everywhere.

Wayne and Karen are standing staring at some tables laid out on a stretch of grass outside a pub, and Wayne asks incredulously, "Is this it?" Karen tells him that the boarder said she works here six days a week, She adds that it's not The Ritz, is it? They stare at a woman serving drinks at a table, and Wayne asks, "Is that her?" Karen muses, "God, she looks old." She then says, "Well, here goes." She approaches the woman - who's in her fifties - and says, "Dorothy?" The woman turns to her and asks who wants to know. Karen replies, "It's me: Karen." Dorothy stares at her and then says bitterly, "Well, well, well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in." Karen agrees that it's been a while, and she asks Dorothy how she's been. Dorothy mutters, "Twenty years have passed just like a century." She then indicates Wayne and asks, "This your boy?" Karen replies, "Sorry?" Dorothy explains, "The kid. You know... um... thingummy." She turns to Wayne and tells him that she's sorry, she's forgotten his name. Karen says, "Alan?" and Dorothy agrees that that's it. Karen then explains, "No. This is Wayne - my husband." Dorothy laughs, "Husband?! Oh, you poor thing!" Karen ignores this, going on that she came to tell Dorothy that Alan is dead. Dorothy just mutters, "I see. How nice of you to let me know." Karen asks her incredulously if she's not even interested, but Dorothy retorts that Alan was six months old when Karen's fancy man took him away; there's no point in getting involved now. She goes to walk off, but Karen runs after her and tells her to wait: it's important - they have to talk. Dorothy stops what she's doing, and Karen continues, "George Brandon died a couple of years ago, too. He left Alan everything; he was worth a fortune. And because Alan left no will, everything goes to his legal mother." Dorothy mutters, "Congratulations." Karen cries, "I put your name on the birth certificate, remember?" As realisation dawns, Dorothy smiles at her and asks if she's saying young Alan has left all his money to her. Karen retorts, "Yes, but it was meant to come to me. Now, if you're reasonable, I can be very generous." Dorothy stares at her and muses, "Well isn't this a turn-up for the books? After all these years of me slaving in pubs while you've lived it up with your snotty friends, now you have to ask me for help." Karen snaps that she just wants Dorothy to be fair, that's all, but Dorothy retorts, "You weren't very fair to me." Karen insists, "It's my money," but Dorothy points out, "Not from what you just told me. It's mine - every last cent." She walks off, leaving Karen looking furious.

Fiona, Amanda and Cheri are sitting in a clearing in the middle of a wooded area in the grounds at Woombai, and Fiona tells Cheri to have some more champagne. Cheri declines, though. Amanda points out that she doesn't have to drive home, and so Cheri gives in and Fiona pours glasses for each of them. Fiona says she hopes Stephen remembers to bring another bottle! Amanda comments that, knowing him, he'll get caught-up with work and forget all about them. Fiona, though, laughs that he'd better not - it was his idea! A shot suddenly rings out, and Cheri remarks that Chris sounds like he's enjoying himself. Fiona smiles and says she bets he's forgotten about them. Amanda stands up and Fiona asks her where she's off to. Amanda explains that she's going to get her dad - it's not far. Fiona reminds her, "And another bottle of champagne." Amanda laughs, "I'll bring two!" She runs off, and Fiona tells Cheri to drink up. Cheri just sits there, looking upset. Fiona tells her gently to come on: it's no good worrying about Alan - it's not going to bring him back. Cheri explains that everyone there has been so good to her; she really doesn't feel like she deserves it. Fiona assures that they all know that she wouldn't do anything to hurt Alan. Cheri says she wishes Karen knew that. Fiona pauses and then asks, "Cheri, what really did happen in Switzerland?" Cheri stares at her and replies softly, "He was in such pain. There was nothing anyone could do. I didn't see the point in seeing him suffer like that." Fiona shakes her head in shock as Cheri goes on, "He didn't want--" Fiona realises, "You did kill him?" Cheri explains that he would have died in a few weeks anyway. Fiona cries that that's taking a life; none of them have the right to do that. Cheri cries back her that that's easy to say when you're not involved, but she watched her mother die of cancer, and she wishes someone had helped her the way she helped Todd. Fiona asks her if she 'helped' any others. Cheri confesses, "Only Robin." Fiona stares at her, and she goes on that machines were keeping his body going; he wasn't alive, really. Fiona cries, "He wasn't in any pain," but Cheri insists, "It doesn't matter. It was cruel to keep him lingering on like that." Fiona cries in shock, "Oh, Cheri. You are not God. You can't decide whether people are going to live or die." Cheri asks, "What about that horse you were telling me about the other day? Bonnie: the one that broke its leg. You decided to shoot her." They carrying on talking, unaware that Chris has crept through the woods and is standing a few yards away from them. His shirt is undone, and he points the rifle at Fiona. In the clearing, Cheri asks Fiona, "How? You think about it: why was it kinder to shoot Bonnie than let her live? Was it to stop her suffering, when you knew she would never recover?" A smile on his face, Chris cocks the rifle...

Stephen is talking on the 'phone at the homestead, and he says, "Well thanks, Jim. I'll see you." Amanda joins him, holding a couple of bottles of champagne, and comments that she thought he was going to have the afternoon off. Stephen explains that he got caught-up, but Amanda tells him that that's no excuse; the three girls would like some male company! Stephen asks where Chris is, and Amanda replies that he's still off shooting. Stephen asks her what she makes of Chris, and Amanda replies that he seems OK. Stephen goes to walk out, but Amanda suddenly says, "I saw mum the other day. In Sydney." Stephen stops in his tracks and Amanda goes on that she's really worried about her; she thinks there's something wrong. Stephen asks what that's got to do with him, but Amanda retorts that he can't just write her off like she doesn't exist; he did love her once. Stephen puts his arm round her and tells her that they'll talk about it on the way; they don't want the champagne to get warm! They head out.

In the clearing in the woods, Fiona tells Cheri that she knows she believes what she did was right, but she doesn't think anyone can justify taking a life; it's wrong, whichever way you look at it. Neither of them notices Chris aiming the rifle directly at Fiona's head...


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