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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Chris aims the rifle at Fiona and goes to pull the trigger. Cheri tells Fiona that she honestly believes that what she did was right: dying without dignity and self-respect is a terrible thing. Fiona comments sadly that it just doesn't seem as though they're going to be able to convince each other. She suddenly hears a clicking sound coming from the bush, and she asks, "What was that?" Cheri asks, "What was what?" They suddenly notice Chris walking towards them, holding the rifle so that it's pointing at Fiona. Fiona laughs, "It's only Chris," and she asks him lightly if he'd mind pointing the rifle at something else. Cheri asks him cautiously if something is wrong, but Chris, indicating the rifle, snaps, "Nothing this can't fix." Fiona stares at him uncertainly, puts down her glass of champagne and tells him that he's not been very funny; if Stephen hears-- Chris interrupts her and snaps, "You destroyed my father's life, Fiona. You, with those diaries." Fiona looks at him with a puzzled expression on her face and says she doesn't understand - she thought he said he was Barney's-- Chris interrupts and snaps, "You thought what I wanted you to think. My real name's Bainbridge. Chris Bainbridge." Fiona stares at him. Cheri stands up and tells him gently to put the gun down. Chris ignores her, though, going on angrily at Fiona, "You're real smart, making dad out to be a murderer. Well, don't worry: you might think you've won, but the fight's not over yet." Fiona insists that it's not meant to be a fight, and she asks if they can't try talking. Chris snaps, "The Colonel tried talking. Didn't do him any good, did it? I'm not going to waste my breath." Cheri suddenly moves and stands in front of Fiona. She tells Chris not to be stupid: he's gone far enough. Chris orders her to move aside; Fiona is the enemy, not her. Cheri, though, refuses to move. Chris threatens, "I'll take you as well." Fiona tells Cheri to do as Chris says, and Chris repeats, "Move." Cheri asks him what he's going to do if she doesn't: kill someone innocent? She adds that she doesn't think he's that crazy.

Stephen and Amanda are walking through the woods, Stephen with his arm round his daughter. Amanda tells him that she's worried about her mum - she thinks she's trying to hide something. Stephen asks her what she wants him to do about it, and Amanda replies, "Talk to her." Stephen points out that it's been seven years; there's been a lot of water under the bridge - and besides, he doesn't think she'd have a bar of him. Amanda points out that he doesn't know until he tries. A shot suddenly rings out and Stephen and Amanda stop in their tracks. Amanda comments that it must be Chris. She adds, "Geez, it sounded close." Stephen snaps, "Fool. I told him to stay away from this part of the property." They start walking again.

Chris reloads the rifle and points it at Cheri and Fiona; Cheri is still standing in front of Fiona. A champagne bottle and glass have been blown to pieces, and Chris yells at the two women, "Next time it won't be target practice. MOVE!" Fiona tells Cheri that he means it. Cheri says nervously to Chris that she understands how he feels about his father - it must be very painful for him and she doesn't blame him for wanting to hit back. Chris snaps that he'll hit back alright - and if he has to shoot her, too, he will; it doesn't matter who gets hurt as long as you hit the enemy; his dad taught him that. Fiona tells Cheri that it's no use - she shouldn't risk her own life. Cheri, though, persists, telling Chris that Fiona isn't the enemy - she's simply someone who believes in the truth. Chris interrupts and yells, "You're wrong. She is the enemy. I have to kill her." Cheri cries, "Do you honestly believe that? Fiona never meant to hurt you or your father. She was doing what she thought was right, that's all." She pleads, "Chris, give me the rifle..." Stephen and Amanda suddenly run up behind Chris and Stephen demands, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Chris turns and points the rifle at him and snaps, "You stay away from me." Amanda runs to join Fiona and Cheri. Cheri pleads again, "Chris. The rifle..." Chris snaps, "No way," and he suddenly turns and runs off. Stephen shouts after him not to be a fool, but he's gone. Amanda tells Fiona and Cheri that she and Stephen heard a shot. Fiona explains that Chris was going to kill her - because of the diaries. She adds that he's not Barney Adams' nephew; he's Colonel Bainbridge's son.

A short time later, Fiona and Cheri are sitting in the lounge room at the homestead. Fiona is still looking shaky. Stephen is talking on the 'phone and he says, "Thankyou, Sergeant," and then hangs up. He tells the two women that the police will be there as soon as they can and they're bringing rifles just in case. Fiona cries that she should never have published those damn things. Amanda comes into the room and hands Fiona a drink, telling her that it will calm her down. She then asks her father if that was the police he was talking to and Stephen nods. Cheri chips in that she's sure that, if she could just talk to him again-- Stephen, though, tells her that it's too risky; the boy's obviously snapped and they can't tell how he's going to react at the moment. Fiona tells Cheri that she's put herself in danger on her account already. Cheri mutters that he came so close to giving her that gun. Stephen says he'd better see if anyone is out riding. Amanda asks if it can't wait until the police get there, but Stephen points out that the guests are his responsibility; they can't have any of them shot. Fiona warns him to be careful.

Chris is smearing his arms with mud from a waterhole in the middle of the woods, to create a camouflage. He then cups some muddy water in his hands and wipes his face with it, so that that's smeared black too. He picks up the rifle again and reloads it.

Larry Blake is back at Charlie's, and Katie is showing him into the lounge room. Katie is holding an gift box, and Larry tells her to open it. Katie, though, insists that the flowers were enough. Larry tells her to open the gift later, then. He goes on that what he really wanted to know about was tonight: does she feel like hitting the town with him? Katie, looking worried, says she doesn't know; Charlie might feel a bit left out. Larry smiles that Charlie is a big girl - she can take care of herself. Katie says she doesn't think it's a very good idea; she likes him, but she really doesn't want to be involved with anyone right at the moment. Larry muses that you can't blame a bloke for trying. At that moment, Charlie waltzes in and smiles, "Well, if it isn't my good-looking computer genius." Larry corrects, "Salesman," and, indicating Katie, adds, "She's the genius!" Katie looks away, embarrassed. Charlie tells him that anyone who can add up is a genius to her! She offers him coffee, but Larry says he was about to go, actually. Charlie tells him that that's nonsense. She goes to walk out, but then turns and tells him that she hasn't had a chance to thank him for the lovely flowers he sent her. She heads out of the room. Larry looks at Katie, who sits down and explains, "Charlie thinks the flowers you sent were for her." Larry sits down as well and exclaims, "You're kidding! Me and Charlie?!" Katie tells him that she's convinced he's fallen for her. Larry sighs and Katie points out that she's not that bad. Larry, though, comments that she's hardly his type; he'll have to set her straight. He stands up, and Katie warns him not to upset her. Larry says he'll think of something.

Wayne is pacing the floor in the lounge room at Dural as he tells Barbara and Gordon that, as far as Dorothy's concerned, it's her money and she's taking it - but they're not giving up without a fight: Karen is checking with her solicitor about her rights as the natural mother; there's a chance they can challenge in court. Gordon muses that he thinks Karen burnt that bridge when she put Dorothy's name on the birth certificate, but Barbara cries, "It's worth a try." Gordon, though, says he doubts it; he thinks they have to accept that she's going to keep the money. Wayne mutters, "And we go bust." Gordon tells him, "Not necessarily. I think I'll give her a call." He stands up and Barbara asks him what he's going to say. Gordon replies that two things haven't been explained to her: firstly, how it affects all of them and not just Karen, and secondly how the money can stay hers and yet remain invested in the company; that way, she earns her interest and they stay in business. He walks to the bar, picks up the 'phone and starts dialling.

Larry is sitting next to Katie on the couch a Charlie's as Charlie carries in a tray of coffee things and apologises for it taking so long, adding that she thinks that percolator's got a life of its own! Katie stands up, takes the tray and tells Charlie to sit down and she'll pour. Charlie goes and sits down next to Larry and says, "Isn't this exciting!" Larry muses, "Yes, isn't it..." As Katie pours the coffee, Charlie goes on that he must lead such an interesting life, flitting from city to city, meeting all those important executives. Larry smiles that she could say that. He then goes on that, actually, he's got this afternoon off, and he was wondering if she'd like to come for a drive - just the two of them. Charlie exclaims, "Darling, how wonderful!" Larry comments that it'll be a good chance for them to get to know each other, and Charlie smiles, "Exactly what I was thinking. I'll just get my bag." She stands up and Katie asks her, "What about your coffee?" Charlie tells her that there's no sense wasting a perfectly good afternoon. She heads over to the lounge room mirror to check her make-up. As she does so, Larry says to her that he's glad they met; she reminds him a lot of his late wife. Charlie suddenly freezes and says stiffly, "Oh, what a coincidence. I'm sorry to hear she's--" Larry tells her that it was very sad. He goes on that she was wonderful with the kids - if anyone knew how to keep those four little terrors in line, she did. Charlie, looking suddenly very downbeat, queries, "Four?" Larry tells her excitedly that he'd like her to meet them sometime; soon, perhaps. Charlie muses carefully that she'll have to check her diary - but she's sure she can squeeze it in... Larry smiles that that's great! He then adds that perhaps he should warn her about the ferrets. Charlie stares at him in shock and exclaims slowly, "Your children have ferrets?" Larry explains that they're his; he knows some people don't like them, but once you get used to the smell, they're really quite cute - as long as you don't put your fingers near the cage. Charlie, looking very uneasy, says she must get her scarf, and she heads off to her room. Larry immediately appeals to Katie, "What now? If ferrets don't put her off, nothing will." Katie just smiles at him!

On the 'phone on the bar at Dural, Gordon tells Dorothy that that's fine - he'll look forward to it. He hangs up and tells Wayne and Barbara that Dorothy will be over this afternoon. Wayne points out that that doesn't mean she'll change her mind, but Gordon suggests that it's a start. Wayne just mutters, "Maybe." There's a knock at the front door, which Wayne goes to answer. Barbara says she'd better throw a duster round the place. Wayne opens the door to find Katie standing there, and she smiles as she asks him how he is. He replies that he's fine, and he invites her in. Katie, though, looking wary, says Karen must be pretty upset about Alan; if she sees her... Wayne explains that Karen is out, but Katie still says, "Thanks anyway." She then adds that she supposes she should congratulate him on getting married, and Wayne thanks her. He asks her how she's been, and Katie replies that she can't complain. She then adds that she came over to give him this. She hands him an envelope and explains that it's for Amanda but someone posted it to Charlie; she tried to ring Amanda but there's no answer. Wayne tells her that she's up at Woombai; he'll call her and let her know it's there. Katie nods awkwardly and then says she'd better be going. She adds that she'd like Wayne to tell Karen that she's sorry about Alan. She turns to walk away, but Wayne calls after her, "Katie. Why don't we get together for dinner one night? You've been a good friend. I'd like to show you I appreciate it." Katie smiles and says she'd like that. She goes.

Stephen is drives a jeep along the grounds at Woombai and pulls it to a stop. He gets out, holding a rifle of his own, and starts looking round. Two middle-aged men suddenly appear from out of the woods and one of them exclaims, "Steve!" Stephen asks them what they're doing out there, and the one of the men explains that they've been out fishing; why? Stephen tells him that he's asked everyone to stay indoors; they'd better come back with him. The second man asks what the problem is, and Stephen replies that some young bloke has been scaring people with a rifle; he's just playing it safe. None of the men realise that Chris is watching them as they climb into the jeep, the two fishermen commenting that he must have been scaring the fish, as they haven't had a bite all day! Chris has a strip of his shirt tied round his forehead, Rambo-style, and he watches from behind a tree as the men climb into the jeep. He then runs and hides behind it as it drives off.

At the homestead, Cheri has her arm round Fiona as Fiona tells two policemen that Chris kept pointing the gun at her, saying she was the enemy because of what she'd done to his father. One of the policemen comments that it sounds as if he might have a screw loose somewhere, but Cheri indignantly tells him that Chris was very upset about his father's health. The policeman mutters that he's sure he was. He then asks Amanda if Mr. Morrell has got everyone indoors, and Amanda nods and replies, "As far as I know." The policeman turns to Fiona and tells her that he'd say her best move is to leave Woombai as soon as possible. Fiona cries that she feels so guilty; if only she could explain to Chris-- The policeman interrupts her and says, "You want us to catch him, don't you?" Fiona replies, "Yes, of course," and so the policeman goes on that the first thing is to make sure his target is well and truly out of the way. Amanda tells Fiona that she'll drive her back to Sydney, and Fiona thanks her. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Amanda gets up to answer it. STD pips sound and Wayne comes on. Amanda asks him who he wants to speak to and he replies, "You, actually. There's a letter here for you." Amanda asks who it's from, but Wayne tells her that it doesn't say; he thought she might want it posted on. Amanda thanks him but adds that she's about to come back; she'll drop by and pick it up. She then goes on that she's right in the middle of something; she'll have to get going. Wayne mutters in annoyance, "Sorry for trying to do you a favour."Amanda quickly apologises, saying she didn't mean to sound rude. She then tells him to open the letter now, if he likes, and if it looks urgent, call her back. Wayne mutters, "Sure," and he hangs up. Standing in the hallway at Dural, he rips open the envelope and takes out the sheet of paper inside. He starts reading it and a look of shock crosses his face...

In the lounge room, Barbara is dusting behind the bar while Gordon leans on the bar and comments that somebody as down-to-earth as Dorothy is could be just what the company needs. Barbara, looking on the floor behind the bar, exclaims that it's filthy under there, and she asks if Leigh didn't ever clean behind there. Wayne suddenly walks in and says flatly that he has to go out for a while. Barbara asks tersely, "What about Dorothy? She'll be here shortly." Gordon tells him that it's important she meet all of them, but Wayne retorts that something has come up. Gordon asks if it can't wait, but Wayne snaps, "No." Barbara growls, "So much for company loyalty." Wayne mutters that he'll be back as soon as he can, and he heads out.

At Woombai, the policemen are interviewing Cheri, and one of them says to her that she said Chris is a crack shot; he hit the glass as a warning? Cheri nods and replies, "But he's no killer. Look, he's just really mixed up; he feels like he had to get to Fiona because of what happened to his father." The second policeman tells her that they'll let the shrinks work that one out; his main concern is seeing no one gets hurt. Stephen walks in and the second policeman says to him, "Mr. Morrell?" Stephen replies that that's right, and he asks where the rest of the police are. The officer tells him that they're on their way. He introduces himself as Sergeant Perkins and adds that his colleague is Constable Vernon. He then asks Stephen if there's any sign of Bainbridge, but Stephen tells him that he must be in the bush somewhere; he's checked all the buildings. Perkins says to him that, if it's all the same, they'll double-check, and he asks Stephen if he has a map of the area. Stephen holds out one that he has in his hand. Perkins then turns to Cheri and asks her if she can see what's keeping Mrs. Thompson - he wants her to leave as soon as possible. Cheri stands up, but at that moment, Fiona and Amanda walk in and Fiona says it's alright - they're ready. Stephen looks at her and asks her if she's going, and Fiona explains that the Sergeant said she's only making trouble if she stays around there, and lord knows she's caused enough of that already, so she's going back to Sydney. Amanda sympathises that she can't blame herself, and Cheri agrees that she's right: Fiona couldn't have known. Fiona murmurs that she supposes not. Stephen tells his daughters that he'll give her a hand loading up, and he picks up a couple of cases lying on the floor and heads out. Fiona looks round the lounge room, sadly.

Outside, as they walk to Amanda's car, Amanda says to Stephen that she wishes they had more time to talk about her mum. Stephen sighs and retorts that he thought he explained. He then goes on more calmly that he'll be in Sydney himself in a day or two; if she can find out where Caroline lives, he might drop by and see her; that's all he can promise. Amanda thanks him and gives him a kiss. Neither of them notice Chris hiding in some bushes just outside the homestead...

Inside, Perkins and Vernon finish poring over Stephen's map and Perkins suggest that they'd better go and take a look around. The two of them head out, Perkins wishing Fiona a safe journey as they leave. Fiona is left alone with Cheri, and she says to her anxiously that she does hope Chris gives himself up; if the police have got to use their guns-- Cheri interrupts her and says she's sure he won't do anything silly once he knows they've left. Amanda comes back in and announces, "All packed." She adds that she thinks they'd better get going, and she heads off to her room to get her bag. Fiona goes and sits down next to Cheri. She then tells her gratefully, "I haven't said thankyou yet. You probably saved my life today." Cheri tells her that Chris wouldn't have pulled that trigger, but Fiona assures her, "You were still very brave." She then goes on, "You've taught me something, Cheri. Things are not always as black-and-white as we would like to see them. And the diaries have taught me that the truth is not always better to be known." Cheri replies quietly, "Sometimes that's a very difficult decision." Fiona murmurs, "Yes. It is." Cheri then asks her, "Are you going to tell the police about Todd and Robin?" but Fiona sighs and says, "I don't know. I'll just have to think about it." Amanda comes back in and asks her, "All set?" Fiona replies that she is. She then pats Cheri's knee and tells her that they'll talk about it more when they get to Sydney. She and Amanda head out, leaving Cheri looking worried.

A short time later, Amanda and Fiona are driving along a track heading away from Woombai, and Amanda comments to Fiona that she must be relieved. Fiona agrees, "For myself, yes." She then goes on that she doesn't think they should tell Jill what happened - it's Alan's funeral tomorrow and she'll be upset enough as it is. Amanda agrees, "Oh no, no, I won't say anything." All-of-a-sudden, the blanket on the back seat of the car is thrown back and Chris springs up, points the rife at Amanda and orders, "Turn left." Fiona cries, "Oh my God." Amanda snaps, "Chris, this is crazy." Chris, though, ignores her and orders, "Do it." He adds menacingly, "You'd better start worrying, Fiona, because none of your friends are going to talk me out of it this time." Fiona sits there, her eyes closed in terror.

A few minutes later, Amanda has pulled her car to a stop in a secluded area next to the woods, and she, Fiona and Chris have climbed out and are standing on the grass. Chris warns Amanda angrily not to try anything. Fiona pleads, "Chris..." but Chris yells, "Shut up!" He walks towards her threateningly and reveals, "I've got something planned for you..." He then approaches Amanda, adding, "And I'll kill anyone who tries to get in my way, understand?" He grabs Amanda and pushes her towards Fiona so that they're standing together. He muses, "Good." He then cocks the rifle and points it at Amanda's car. He fires and blows a hole into one of the front tyres. He reloads and shoots at the other front tyre, so that both deflate. Turning back to Amanda, he yells, "Now, you. Get out of here." Fiona and Amanda are holding each other, but Fiona cries at Amanda, "Oh dear God, do as he says." Amanda doesn't need telling twice, and she runs off. Chris walks towards Fiona and tells her, "I'm not going to kill you in cold blood. You're going to get a lesson first." Fiona asks him carefully what he means. Chris explains, "You're going to know what my father went through in Vietnam: never knowing which of those 'innocent' villagers was going to put a slug in the back of his head. He was a scared man, Fiona, not a murderer." Fiona stammers, "I... I... understand..." Chris snaps, "Understand? You're going to do more than understand; you're going to experience it first-hand. You're going to run into the woods and I'm going to follow you. If I catch you, you're dead." As Fiona stares at him, he warns, "Don't get your hopes up too high: the nearest help's at Woombai and it'll take Amanda at least twenty minutes to get there - so that gives us plenty of time." He looks at his watch and adds, "Three minutes sounds fair enough." Fiona begs, "Please, Chris, you can't--" Chris warns her, "I'd go if I was you. You've wasted five seconds already." Fiona stares at him in horror, and then slowly turns away and starts running. Chris stands there, smiling nastily.

Amanda is running through the woods at high speed. She stops and looks round, trying to decide which way to go. She runs her hand through her hair and then decides to head to the right.

Standing in the grassy clearing, Chris looks at his watch and then yells, "Here I come!" He starts moving forward. In the woods, Fiona stops running and leans against a tree, panting heavily. She hears Chris yell, "Let's see how good you are at staying alive." She cries out, "Oh..." and starts running again.

Amanda is still running through the woods, trying to get back to Woombai, when she suddenly hears the noise of an engine, and a motorbike comes into view, driven by a young man. Amanda waves her arms at him and cries, "Hey! Over here!" The guy drives the bike towards her and she tells him, "Look, you've got to help me: there's a man with a gun. I've got to get to the police." The guy on the bike warns her that he hasn't got any licence plates, but Amanda cries that she'll explain to them. She begs, "Please?" and the guy tells her to jump on. She does so and the bike moves off.

Fiona is still running through the woods, collapsing against trees every few seconds, trying to catch her breath. Just as she moves away from one tree, a shot rings out and a cloud of smoke blows past her. Chris yells, "How does it feel, Fiona? Not knowing where the next bullet's coming from? That's how my father felt - only that was the Vietcong, and they don't give you a second chance." He fires another shot in her direction, and Fiona starts crying. She runs off again.

Stephen hangs up the 'phone in the lounge room at the homestead and mutters to Cheri, "How can it take so long to get a search party together?" Cheri assures him that they're doing their best, and she adds that Fiona's safe; that's the main thing. Stephen points out that he still has his guests to worry about, and he announces that he's going to have a look round himself. He picks up his rifle as Cheri asks, "Is that wise?" Stephen retorts that anything's better than sitting around there doing nothing. Amanda suddenly runs in and cries, "Dad! Chris has got Fiona - he was hiding in the back of the car." Stephen asks where they are, and Amanda pulls his arm and tells him, "Come on, we'll go back there." Stephen, though, replies, "No, you stay here. Just tell me where they are."

Fiona is clambering over some rocks, and she crouches down in a hollow behind the trunk of a huge tree as Chris passes by quietly on the ground above her. He yells out, "You'll have to move further than that, Fiona. Your time's almost up." A shot rings out by her head and Fiona screams and starts running again.

At Woombai, Amanda says to Cheri that she should have gone back with her dad; the directions she gave him were so muddled. Cheri points out that he seemed to know where to go. She adds that there's nothing more they can do - Stephen can handle it. Amanda murmurs, "I hope so."

Stephen pulls his jeep up in a grassy area and gets out, holding his rifle. He starts walking forward, quietly, and approaches Amanda's car. He checks inside and then puts his hand on the horn, keeping it blasting out for several seconds.

In the woods, Fiona runs through some leaves and over a series of branches, stumbling as she does so. She hears the sound of the car horn and turns in the direction it's coming from. Chris hears it as well, and he starts running towards it, looking furious. Stephen takes his hand off the horn momentarily and then sends out another blast. He yells, "Fiona!" He looks round, but there's silence. He yells, "Fiona!" again, and she suddenly comes running out of the woods, half-stumbling and half-crying and collapses onto the ground in front of him. Chris storms out of the woods behind her, and, pointing his rifle at Stephen, orders, "Drop it! Drop it!" Stephen looks at him and puts his rifle down slowly. He warns, "Don't be a fool, Chris. You're in enough trouble already." Chris snarls, "Thanks for the warning. But I haven't finished yet." He and Stephen both look down at Stephen's rifle, lying on the ground, and he yells, "Go for it! Go on, go for it! Go for it!" Stephen stares at him but doesn't move. Chris goes on, "Now get in your truck and disappear. MOVE!" Stephen starts walking backwards, Chris keeping his rifle trained on him the whole time. Fiona cries out, "Stephen... Stephen..." but she bursts into tears as she realises there's nothing he can do. Stephen runs back the last few yards to the jeep, and Fiona yells out again, "STEPHEN..." Stephen climbs into the vehicle, starts the engine and revs it up. Chris turns back to face Fiona, not realising until too late that Stephen is driving the jeep straight towards him. As he suddenly realises what's happening, he turns and fires a haphazard shot at Stephen, but it's too late: he's knocked to one side. Fiona lies on the ground, staring at what's happened and sobbing with a mixture of horror and relief.


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