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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Brian Lennane

It's mid-evening, and Karen is pacing the floor, looking deep in thought, in the lounge room at Dural, while Wayne sits looking at the newspaper. He comments that the stockmarket's picking up; it won't do the business any harm. Karen just murmurs that she supposes not. Wayne asks her what the matter is, but she tells him, "Nothing." Wayne persists that she's been on edge all afternoon, and he asks her if she's worried about Alan. Karen goes and sits down next to him and comments that he's so depressed; when he was first injured he seemed to cope alright, but this time it's as though he's had the stuffing knocked right out of him. Wayne assures her that he'll be OK: as soon as he's back tomorrow, with Jill fussing over him, he'll be right as rain. Karen, though, muses that she doubts it; he hardly even acknowledges Jill, anymore - or anyone, for that matter; he's gone right into his shell. A door suddenly bangs shut and Barbara walks in and announces that dinner will be ready shortly. Staring at the glum-looking Karen and Wayne, she adds that, if it's not asking too much, she would appreciate someone laying the table. After a rather pregnant pause, Karen retorts, "I hope you're not looking at me." Barbara asks curtly, "Why not?" Karen tells her, "Barbara , if you're having trouble coping with the chores, arrange a replacement for Leigh." Barbara snaps that there's no need - as long as everyone pulls their weight - and she doesn't think Karen is going to do herself or her pride any harm by laying a few knives and forks. There's suddenly a knock at the door, but it's ignored as Karen retorts, "Or doing the cooking or ironing. Sorry, it's not me." Wayne stands up and suggests to them that they settle their differences later; whoever's at the door won't want to step into an all-in brawl. He heads out into the hallway and opens the door to find Amanda and Andy standing there. He invites them in and Amanda explains that they thought they'd drop by to see how Aunty Barb's getting on. Wayne tells the two of them to go through; he'll be with them in a moment. Amanda and Andy head into the lounge room and Barbara holds out her arms in delight as she exclaims, "Look who's here. It's lovely to see you both!" She gives them a hug, and Amanda tells her that it's lovely to see her, too - she looks terrific! Andy comments that coming home must agree with her. Barbara assures him, "Oh, it does!" She then glances at Karen and adds, "I feel I'm exactly where I belong..."

Caroline Morrell tells Ron in their lounge room that there was nothing she could do; she couldn't avoid the girl. She adds that she thinks she should get in touch with her; let her know where she is. Ron asks Caroline if Amanda recognised her, and Caroline replies that of course she did. Ron asks Caroline what she said, but Caroline tells him that she didn't say anything - she just pretended that she didn't recognise her. Ron suggests that Amanda probably thinks Caroline is a double; she'll forget about it in a couple of days. Caroline, though, insists that Amanda knew it was her - and the way she behaved, Amanda probably thought she was crazy. She adds, "At least let me tell her I'm alright," but Ron retorts, "We've been over this before, Caroline." Caroline points out that that was before she saw her; she thought if she never saw her again, it wouldn't matter, but it does. She pleads, "For my sake, Ron. Please?" Ron stares at her and then retorts, "You go anywhere near her, that's the end of us." Caroline cries that that's not fair, but Ron retorts that he doesn't care if that's fair or not; if she wants to go back to that toffee-nosed mob, she can go right ahead - he's not stopping her - only she's not to expect him to come along for the ride. Caroline points out that she only wants to see her daughter, but Ron snaps, "For now, maybe. But you get a taste of money again and it's 'goodnight, Ron', sure as hell." Caroline insists that that isn't true; she loves him. Ron, though, tells her, "Show me. Drop this stupid business right now." Caroline stares at him, looking upset.

Barbara and Amanda sit down in the lounge room at Dural, and Barbara comments that now that the men have gone, it'll give them a good chance for a chat. Amanda thanks her for a great meal, and Barbara assures her that it was her pleasure, adding that it's very nice to be appreciated for once! Amanda laughs. Barbara then asks what all this is about her seeing her mother. Amanda replies that it was really strange - it's like as if she just ignored her, but she's sure it was her. Barbara suggests that maybe Caroline didn't recognise her, but Amanda says she doesn't think she's changed that much. She goes on that she hopes her mother isn't upset that she lost touch. Barbara sympathises, "You still feel for her, don't you?" Amanda replies that of course she does; when she and her dad broke up, she's the one who had to struggle - and she was the one who spent most of her time going from one to the other; she guesses she feels it was her fault in some way. Barbara comments that she won't be the first kid from a broken marriage to feel that way, and Amanda agrees, "Probably not." Barbara goes on that she doesn't mean to put Stephen down - she loves him very dearly - but she was never very happy with the way he treated Caroline. Amanda assures her, "Oh don't worry, neither was I." Barbara points out that she left Caroline to go and live with Stephen, but Amanda sighs and explains that she left her mum because she didn't like the way she latched on to the wrong sort of guys - she always let them walk over her and she didn't have the patience to stand by and watch; they're still good friends, though, and that's why she can't understand why she'd ignore her. Barbara says that in all the years she knew Caroline, she never knew her to be petty; maybe it was someone who just looked like her? Amanda replies that she's beginning to think it must have been. She smiles and adds that her dad always said she had too much imagination for her own good! She and Barbara both laugh.

Later that evening, Caroline walks into the living room at the place she shares with Ron, takes out a piece of paper from the pocket of her dress and walks over to the 'phone. She starts dialling. Amanda and Andy are walking along the corridor to the front door of the Morrell apartment and Amanda starts rooting through her handbag. Andy asks her if she can't find the key, and Amanda realises that she must have left them inside. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing inside. Amanda hears it and asks Andy quickly if he's got his keys. Andy takes them out and hands them over. Amanda opens the door and runs to the bar to get the 'phone. Ron suddenly appears in the doorway at the place he lives in with Caroline and demands, "Who you ringing?" Caroline quickly hangs up and says, "No one - I was just checking the time." Ron points out that there are plenty of clocks in the house - there's no need to waste a 'phone call. Caroline murmurs that she's sorry - she didn't think...

Charlie and Katie walk into the lounge room at Charlie's. They're both dressed up, and Charlie comments, "My aching feet - I haven't danced so much in years!" They sit down and Katie agrees that it was a great night! Charlie looks at her and says she doesn't know why Katie is so chirpy - Larry had her on her feet often enough! Katie muses that she guesses she's just used to it. Charlie goes on that he really is a lovely man - and so thoughtful, making sure Katie didn't sit on the shelf: he danced almost more with Katie than he did with her! Katie muses carefully that he's very considerate! Charlie tells her that she should ask him over to talk about computers again, and Katie replies, "I will - in good time." Charlie comments that he seems a little shy - although that can be very attractive in a man - but it means he'll need a little encouraging. She adds that Katie can take it from her, though: one excuse is all he'll need! She goes on that those strong silent types soon take command!

It's the next morning, and Alan - lying on his back on a mobile bed - is being wheeled into the lounge room at Dural by Jill and Karen. Cheri is sitting on a stool at the bar, Wayne stands up from the couch as the party comes in and Barbara joins them after closing the front door. Jill smiles at Alan that she told him there'd be a welcoming committee, and Alan muses sullenly, "Terrific!" Karen tells him that he looks wonderful and he thanks her. Wayne asks how the new bed is and Karen asks if it's comfortable enough. Alan assures them that it's fine. Barbara welcomes him home and tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do. Jill, though, smiles that he's under strict instructions: anything he needs, he has to ask her. There's suddenly a gentle knock at the door, and Wayne goes to answer it. He finds Charlie standing on the step, and she tells him brightly that she saw the ambulance bringing Alan back, so she's dropped in to cheer him up. Wayne tells her warily that he doesn't think that would be such a good idea at the moment - he seems pretty tired. Charlie insists that she won't stay long, but Wayne counters that he just thinks it would be better to wait until he's settled down, that's all. Charlie accepts this and says she can pop in another time. She then goes on that she thinks Katie would like to see Alan, too, if that's OK. She adds that Wayne did know Katie was staying with her...? Wayne replies that he didn't, she can certainly come over - he'd love to see her again and he's sure it'll mean a lot to Alan too. Charlie says she'll pass on the message. She then asks Wayne to give her best to the patient and she goes. Wayne closes the door and leans against it, looking thoughtful. After a moment, he heads back into the lounge room and explains that the visitor was Charlie, passing on her best wishes. Jill remarks that that was nice of her. Karen asks Alan if there was anything he wanted to do today, but Alan says a blunt, "No." Cheri chips in that she thinks he should be allowed to rest, and Alan says he couldn't agree more. He asks Jill if she can wheel him out to the flat, and Jill pulls him out of the room. When he's out of earshot, Barbara comments, "He seems really down." Karen snaps at her, "What would you care? You're probably quite delighted." She storms out of the room. Wayne explains quietly to Barbara that Karen is just upset about Alan, but Barbara tells him not to apologise - she's getting very used to it. Wayne leaves the room as well. Cheri says to Barbara, "I'm sure Mrs. Hamilton didn't mean what she said--" She breaks off as Barbara glares at her and folds her arms. She quickly corrects, "I mean Karen...; it gets a bit confusing having two Mrs. Hamiltons under the one roof." Barbara suggests to her that she call her Barbara and then they won't have a problem. Cheri thanks her. Barbara then goes on that Fiona tells her that Cheri doesn't have many friends in Sydney, and Cheri explains that she lost most of her friends when she was overseas; she'll have to start from scratch. Barbara assures her that they're pleased to have her there - Fiona speaks very highly of her. Cheri replies that Fiona has been very kind; they all have - it's so good to feel welcome.

In the flat, Alan is lying on the mobile bed, staring up at the ceiling, looking disinterested as Jill fusses round and tells him that she would have got him some flowers, but she ran out of time. She asks him if he wants the television on, and she adds that she should get him a remote control-- Alan interrupts her, though, and snaps, "You're wasting your time with me, Jill." Jill insists that she enjoys looking after him, but Alan retorts that he doesn't want her looking after him; there can never be anything between them; she'd be better off out of it. Jill tells him that he's going to be fine, but Alan growls, "Look, I won't be. I've already proved that." Jill asks him if he means what happened with Leigh. Alan looks at her in surprise and says, "You knew?" Jill nods. Alan asks her incredulously, "Didn't you care?" Jill shakes her head. Alan goes on tautly that he's just being honest with her - it would be better for both of them. He adds, "Please go." Jill stares at him for a few seconds before heading for the door and walking out.

Barbara is vacuuming the lounge room in the main house when Karen walks in, cigarette in hand, and announces that she's going to redecorate the flat; she bought a whole room full of new furniture for Todd last year, but Fisher has no use for it and she's sure he won't mind Alan having it. She adds that she trusts Barbara has no objections? Barbara replies that she has none at all - the place could do with a lift and it might even help to cheer Alan up. Karen comments sourly, "Oh, still vitally concerned for his welfare, are we?" Barbara retorts that she doesn't like to see anyone suffer as much as he has, but Karen retorts, "Oh come on, Barbara, you can't wait to make trouble for Alan and me." Barbara snaps, "If I wanted to make trouble for you, Karen, I'd have done it a long time ago - God knows you've asked for it - but I only held back because I knew how worried you are about Alan." Karen asks, "Do you expect me to believe that?" Wayne appears in the doorway as Barbara snaps, "I don't care what you believe. You just remember that this is my house, and if you and Wayne want to stay here, you pull your horns in and try and be a bit more civil." Karen snaps back, "Don't you tell me what--" Wayne suddenly warns, "Karen." Karen looks at him and he tells her, "Barbara's right." Barbara thanks him. She adds that she is very happy to fight her own battles, but his support is greatly appreciated. Throwing down the vacuum cord, she goes on that if they'll excuse her, she'll make lunch for all of them. She heads out to the kitchen. When she's gone, Karen snaps at Wayne, "Whose side are you on?" Wayne replies that Barbara had a point. Karen snaps at him, "Well, thankyou for the support. We'll forget how I risked everything to stand by you when you murdered Mitch--" She breaks off before telling Wayne that she's sorry - she shouldn't have said that. She goes and puts her arms round him and explains that she's just so confused. She asks him if he forgives her, but he doesn't respond. Putting her head on his chest, she adds, "I love you." Wayne just stands there.

In the flat, Cheri takes a thermometer out of Alan's mouth and says, "There we go." Jill is standing there as well, but she announces that she's going to go and pick Fee up now, as Amanda's got an appointment, but she shouldn't be too long. Alan asks her curtly if Karen doesn't have any work for her. Jill replies that she does, but she doesn't mind if she takes time off to look after him. Alan mutters, "Generous boss." Picking up a bottle of pills, Cheri tells Alan that she's going to have to get him to take one of them. Jill heads out. Cheri hands Alan a tablet and he asks what they are. Cheri explains that they're just a mild painkiller. As Jill opens the front door, she finds Karen standing there, and she walks in and asks Alan how he's feeling. Alan swallows the tablet and then replies bitterly that people keep telling him that he could be worse. Karen strokes his head and then tells him that she thought she'd fix the flat up for him - she's going round to Fisher's to get some of the furniture she bought for Todd. Cheri looks at her sharply as she mentions Todd's name. Alan watches the expression on her face, with interest. Karen asks Alan if she can get him anything while he's out, but Alan says, "No thanks." Karen tells him that she'll see him when she gets back and she kisses him and goes. As soon as the door shuts, Alan says to Cheri, "Did you know Todd Fisher?" Cheri asks, "Why?" Alan points out that she nearly passed out when Karen mentioned him. Cheri reluctantly explains that he was a patient at the clinic where she worked. She then asks how Karen knew him, and Alan replies that she and Nat Fisher went out together for ages; she was like a mother to Todd. Cheri says she didn't realise. Alan probes, "Problem?" but Cheri tells him, "Not really - I just wouldn't have taken the job if I'd known." Alan, looking intrigued, asks why not. Cheri doesn't respond, though, and Alan goes on that there was some flack over Todd's death, wasn't there? - something about a nurse doing a mercy killing? Cheri snaps, "I did hear a rumour. I don't know much about it, though." Alan retorts that, from the look on her face, he'd says she does - and he'd say that's why she's so jumpy: she was the nurse, wasn't she? Cheri looks guilty.

A few moments later, Cheri tells Alan that nothing was ever proven against her. Alan comments that she still got out of Europe, but Cheri asks curtly what the point in staying was - people wanted to believe she'd done it - just like him. She goes on that she knew she could never get another job there so she came home, but it looks as if it's going to haunt her there, too. Alan points out that she'll be OK if no one else finds out, but Cheri comments that it won't take long for the story to spread; she may as well tell Karen now and get it over with. Alan warns her that Karen will sack her on the spot, but Cheri retorts that she'd rather that than working day-to-day, not knowing when she's going to find out. Alan says, "Don't tell her - at least for the time being." Cheri asks why not, and Alan replies, "I like having you around. You make me feel comfortable." Cheri muses that at least she's doing something right. She then goes on, "Alright - I'll think about it. I'm in no great hurry to start looking for another job." Alan smiles at her.

Caroline is standing outside the Morrell apartment, about to knock on the door, but she loses her nerve and steps away. Jill suddenly comes along the corridor and, taking out her key, asks Caroline if she can help her. Caroline nervously declines, explaining that she came to see Amanda but she mustn't be home - there was no answer. Jill smiles and says Amanda had better be - she's looking after her little girl; she mustn't have heard the knock. Caroline quickly says it wasn't important anyway - she can come back another time. She goes to walk off, but Jill tells her to wait - she's sure-- She breaks off as the door is suddenly opened from inside by Amanda, who says to Jill, "I thought I heard you." Jill tells her, "There's someone here to see you." Amanda steps outside into the corridor and stares at her mother in shock.

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's, and Katie goes to answer it. A man is standing there holding an arrangement of flowers, and he says, "Miss O'Brien?" Katie says she is, and the man, handing her the flowers, tells her, "Present for you!" He goes and Katie closes the door. She then opens the card stuck inside the flowers and reads 'Dear Katie, Thankyou for a lovely evening, Larry." Katie smiles in delight and heads into the lounge room. Charlie is sitting in there, looking at some computer printouts, and she exclaims to Katie that she doesn't know how she makes head nor tail of them! She suddenly notices the flower arrangement that Katie is carrying and she comments, "Oh, aren't they gorgeous. From Larry, I bet!" Katie hands them to her, and Charlie goes on, "Oh, the divine man, sending me flowers." Looking through them, she asks if there's a card. Katie quickly hides it behind her back and tells Charlie that there isn't, but the courier said they were from Larry. Charlie smiles, "How sweet. I must say, I half expected them. You can always tell when a man's keen - you can tell by his eyes!"

Jill, Amanda and Caroline are standing in the Morrell apartment. Jill says she thinks she'll go and see what Fee has been up to, and she tells Caroline that it was lovely to meet her. She walks off and Amanda and Caroline sit down. Amanda tells her mother excitedly, "Oh, it's good to see you again!" Caroline replies, "You too." She then goes on that she wasn't so sure Amanda would be quite so friendly after the other day. Amanda admits that she was a bit thrown - she started thinking that maybe it wasn't her. She then says, "There's nothing wrong, is there?" Caroline quickly assures her that there isn't - it was probably the big surprise; she didn't know what to say so she just took the easy way out; Amanda just caught her off-guard. Amanda stares at her, clearly not believing a word of that, and reminds her, "Mum, I'm not a little girl anymore." Caroline looks down nervously before saying, "Well, I have got involved with someone else." She adds that he's very nice - Amanda will like him. Amanda comments that she's heard that before, but Caroline quickly insists that Ron's different; they're very happy. Amanda asks when she gets to meet him, and Caroline replies that it'll be soon - she just thinks it's a better idea if she introduces him to the family gradually. She adds, though, that she probably shouldn't do that as Amanda is looking so beautiful that she'll probably lose him to her! Amanda smiles, "I don't think so - he's already got someone very special." Caroline smiles back at her, gratefully. She then tells Amanda that she will like him - she promises; he's a good man.

Cheri finishes tucking Alan up in his bed and she tells him that she'll look in again in about an hour or so. Alan suddenly says, "Cheri. I know you put Todd out of his misery, no matter how much you try to deny it. Now, I want you to do the same thing for me." Cheri tells him that he doesn't know what he's saying, but Alan retorts, "I know exactly what I'm saying. I want to die. I'm going to need your help. Please? Help me like you helped Todd..."

A few moments later, Cheri tells Alan that she understands how he's feeling - he's just out of hospital; he's depressed - but improvement will come; he beat the last injury and he can beat this one. Alan snaps at her that that's bull and she knows it; he's going to be flat on his back for the rest of his life and he can't cope with that. He pleads, "Come on. You've got to do something." Cheri tells him gently that there's more to it than just his own feelings - he's got Jill to consider. Alan snaps, "Don't you think I have? Look, I've got two choices: I could force her to stay chained to a cripple for the rest of her life or I could give her freedom. For that, I need your help." Cheri tells him that Jill loves him; she'd be shattered if she lost him. She goes on that, in six months' time, there's a good chance that he could be happier than ever; there's no way she's going to let him risk that. She continues that it won't be easy, but it's worth toughing it out. She adds that she'll be back in an hour and she walks off to the main house. When she's gone, Alan lifts up his head and stares at her bag of medical equipment, which is sitting on the coffee table. He wheels himself over to it...

Amanda opens the door at the Morrell apartment to let her mother out. Caroline thanks her for being so understanding, adding that she wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Amanda tells her that she shouldn't have worried. She then goes on that, now they're over their first hurdle, where can they meet? Caroline, looking shifty, replies hesitantly that it's a bit difficult at the moment; she and Ron are staying at a hotel at the moment, but they'll be finding somewhere else soon. Amanda tells her to give her the hotel number, just in case she needs to get in contact with her, but Caroline replies nervously that she doesn't know it offhand. Amanda asks which hotel it is. Caroline suddenly snaps, "Amanda, look. I said I'd be in contact, OK? Just one step at a time, alright?" Amanda concedes, "Sure." Caroline gives her a kiss and she goes. Amanda closes the door, looking slightly worried.

A while later, Caroline walks into the lounge room at the place she shares with Ron, still wearing the expensive clothes she was wearing when she went to see Amanda. She looks shocked to find Ron sitting there. He runs over to her and kisses her, saying he thought he'd give her a surprise - he popped home for lunch. Caroline hurriedly says she'll go and get changed. Ron tells her that he's sorry about last night, and Caroline tells him to forget it. Ron suddenly asks her where she's been, all dressed up. Caroline replies nervously that she went out to do some shopping. Ron, though, glares at her and snaps, "Pigs you did. You've been out seeing that daughter of yours, haven't you?" Caroline mutters, "What if I have? I wasn't going to leave it the way it happened the other day." Ron growls, "So you go and get yourself all done up to the nines?" Caroline glares at him and retorts, "Just because you prefer to see me dressed in rags doesn't mean to say I have to live in them all the time." Ron snaps that that's right: five minutes with her loving family and out comes the spoilt little rich girl. Caroline snaps back that, for God's sake, she goes and sees her daughter and he's acting like it's some sort of criminal offence. Ron retorts that he just doesn't want her seeing her again, that's all; they had all this out the other night. Caroline retorts, "You might have. I didn't. Your problem is you've got some stupid hang-up about people with money." She goes to walk out of the room, but Ron grabs her arms. Caroline snaps angrily, "Don't you dare touch me," and she pulls away. She adds, "You lay a hand on me and I'll be out of that door so fast..." Ron says calmly that he knew that if she saw Amanda it would cause problems. He goes on that, honestly, if she goes back to her family and those snobs they hang out with, that will be the end of them. Caroline insists that there's no way she's going to let that happen. Ron tells her, "I don't want to lose you, Caroline." He hugs her and adds, "I love you."

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, writing on some paper. Cheri comes in, puts a vase of flowers on the coffee table and comments to him, "Got you working?" Wayne just murmurs, "Yeah..." Cheri goes on that Barbara has got the right idea: off to golf and out to dinner. Wayne comments, "Half her luck." He then asks how Alan is, and Cheri replies that he's letting things get him down; she's afraid his depression could be more of a problem than his injury. Karen walks in through the front door and enters the lounge room stiffly as Wayne says he doesn't think Alan is the type to stay depressed for too long. Karen walks to face Cheri and then snarls at her, "You've got a damned hide. Strolling in here and setting yourself up as a nurse. You're nothing better than a cold-blooded murderer." Cheri stares at her as she goes on, "How long did you think it would take before I found out from Fisher who you are?" Cheri insists, "I am not a murderer." Karen, though, growls that she's sure she's got a string of well-rehearsed explanations for what happened to Todd, but she's not to think she's going to do the same to Alan; she's got five minutes to pack her things and get out - and if she ever sees her round there again, she'll go straight to the police.

Jill arrives back at Dural in a cab. She pays the driver and climbs out, holding a bunch of flowers in her hand. She runs across the grass to the entrance to the flat.

Inside, Alan is lying on his mobile bed, his eyes closed. There's a syringe and some open vials of medication lying on the blanket that's covering him. Jill runs into the flat and says, "Only me!" When Alan doesn't respond, she smiles, "Come on sleepyhead. Wake up!" She walks over to him and suddenly notices the syringe and the medication lying there. The smile on her face disappears, and she shakes him as she yells and screams, "Alan. ALAN. AAALLLLAAANNN..." She puts her hand to her face and gasps in shock as she realises he's dead.


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