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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Chris watches as Fiona rolls over and over along the ground and manages to move out of the way of the horse. After a moment, he runs over to her and asks her if she's OK. Fiona stands up and says hesitantly that she doesn't know - but she thinks so. She adds that she thinks she's twisted her wrist a bit. Chris tells her that she's lucky - it could have been a lot worse. Bonnie suddenly whinnies, and Fiona looks over at her and cries that she's fallen. She runs over to the horse, which is lying on its side a few feet away. Chris follows as Fiona cries, "What on earth got into her? She's never thrown me before." She goes and bends down by Bonnie and starts stroking her head, telling to take it easy. As she does so, she doesn't notice Chris removing the thistle head from beneath the saddle. Fiona says she thinks Bonnie has hurt her fetlock. Chris asks if it's bad. Fiona replies in concern, "I think she's broken her leg."

In Melbourne, Heather knocks on the front door at Beryl's. There's no answer, though, and Heather stands there, looking puzzled. She knocks again and Beryl eventually comes to the door - standing in the doorway so that Heather can't see inside. Heather hands over the bag of shopping that she's carrying and Beryl thanks her. She then asks her if she can do her another favour: go down to the bank and get some money for her. Looking surprised, Heather replies, "If you want me to..." Beryl quickly explains that it's just that she wants to get the casserole on and the bank closes soon. Heather asks her suspiciously if anything's wrong, but Beryl assures her, "No, no, why should there be?" She then hands Heather a cheque and explains that she's made it out to cash; she'll ring the bank and tell them that Heather is coming. Heather looks at the cheque in shock and asks her what she wants that much for. Beryl hesitates before replying that she wants to have it in the house to pay for any expenses that Mr. McAuliffe might have. Heather comments that he couldn't possibly want that much, but Beryl pleads, "Please, Heather, it's important - I need to have it in the house." Heather reluctantly says, "Alright," and she turns and walks off. Beryl closes the door and heads back into the lounge room, where Ross is standing, leaning on the mantelpiece. He tells her, "You weren't very convincing." Beryl, though, growls, "She'll get your money for you."

A short time later, Heather is standing in a public telephone box in town, the handset to her ear. A 'phone is ringing at the other end and David answers it in the kitchen at the country house. Heather tells him that it's her and he asks her how it's going. Heather replies that she doesn't know - Beryl is acting strangely. David asks what she's doing, and Heather explains that Beryl asked her to cash a cheque for her; she said she needs money in a hurry, but it's an awful lot. David asks how much, and Heather tells him, "$5,000!" David exclaims, "You're kidding me!" Heather goes on that she thinks the woman who's got the baby must have been in touch. Looking concerned, David says he'll be right over. Sounding worried, Heather asks what she should do. David tells her to get the money - they can't take any more chances. He hangs up.

Ross is sitting in the kitchen at Beryl's, and he writes something on a piece of paper and says, "There you are: the name and the address of the woman who has Robert." He adds, "You will get this when I get my money." Beryl asks how she knows he's not going to trick-- Ross interrupts her, though, and retorts, "You don't - but you don't have much choice, do you?" He goes on that, for what it's worth, he'll give her his word. Beryl turns away and starts pacing the floor. Ross comments that Heather is taking a long time, but Beryl points out that she probably had to wait - banks are always busy on a Friday afternoon. Ross says menacingly that he hopes she doesn't take too long...

David is driving his car along a quiet road, looking tense.

Amanda opens the door at the Morrell apartment and Andy walks in, carrying a couple of suitcases. As he puts them down, Amanda asks where Jill is, and Andy explains that she's taken Fee out shopping; she wants to get her a few new outfits; she'll be back in a couple of hours, though. He goes and sits down and adds that he thinks Jill has packed enough clothes there to last her a fortnight! Amanda points out that they don't know how long Fiona will be staying at Woombai, and Andy agrees that that's true. Amanda then asks how Jill is, anyway, and Andy replies that she's still pretty down; he thinks it's a good idea that she's moving out of the boarding house, though - especially now that Cheri has gone over to the Hamiltons'; she would have been left on her own a fair bit. Amanda muses that she's still not sure she shouldn't have told Karen about Cheri, but Andy asks why make waves - it's obvious she's a good nurse and that's what Alan needs at the moment. Amanda suggests that it might be better if it was out in the open now, to save having a big row later, but Andy tells her not to worry about it: if Cheri did help Todd die, then maybe they should say something, but he doesn't think she did and nor does Amanda, so there's no point rocking the boat. Amanda murmurs that she supposes not. She still looks worried, though. Andy suddenly gets up, grabs her hand and says, "Come on - let's go down the coffee shop and have a cappuccino and one of those little icky cakes!" Amanda laughs that he just wants to make her as fat as a pig! They head out, Andy making oink-ing noises as they do so!

At the Woombai homestead, Fiona has an ice pack on her left wrist. She and Chris are sitting in the lounge room, and Chris asks how the wrist is. Fiona replies that it's numb now, and so Chris tells her that she can probably take the pack off. Fiona starts unwrapping it. Stephen wanders in and Fiona asks him how Bonnie is. Stephen replies that she's in a lot of pain, he's afraid - the vet wants to put her down. Looking shocked, Fiona cries that he's got to do something to try and save her, but Stephen points out that her leg is broken - she'll never be able to walk properly even if she does survive. Fiona cries that she doesn't care - he's just got to try. Stephen tells her to come and see for herself, and the two of them head out. Chris follows.

Outside, a few minutes later, Fiona and Stephen emerge from a stable. Chris is standing outside, waiting for them. Stephen tells an upset Fiona, "You can see how bad she is." Fiona sniffs sadly and says, "Tell the vet to do whatever he has to do." As Stephen heads back into the stable, Chris tells Fiona that it is kinder. He then asks if they found out what caused her to rear, and Fiona cries, "Must have been something I did." A shot suddenly rings out from inside the stable, and Fiona breaks down into tears. Chris stands there, looking completely unsympathetic.

A short time later, back at the homestead, Chris hands Fiona a brandy and, as he sits down with her, comments that it's a shame - she was a beautiful horse. As Stephen walks in, Fiona says sadly that she was very fond of her. Chris comments that it's almost like losing one of the family, and Fiona sniffs, "Yeah." She then says she might go and lie down for a while, and she leaves the room. Stephen immediately snaps at Chris, "You don't have to keep going on about it." Chris stares at him and he goes on, "Well, Fiona is upset enough about the horse as it is. You're only making it worse for her." Chris mutters that he didn't realise. Stephen points out to him that he's supposed to be looking after Fiona. Chris repeats that he said he's sorry - he'll watch what he says.

Heather arrives back at Beryl's and she goes to knock on the front door, but she then appears to have a thought and she pauses and walks away again. Inside, Ross and Beryl are both standing in the kitchen, Ross holding the piece of paper with Gloria's details on it. The back door suddenly opens and Heather marches in. She stares at Ross and exclaims to Beryl, "I thought you must have had someone here when you wouldn't let me in before." Beryl ignores this and just asks her if she's got the money. Heather replies, "Yes, but you're not going to give it to him." Ross warns, "No money, no address." Beryl cries, "Please, Heather, it's the only way I'll get Robert back." Heather reluctantly takes an envelope out of her handbag and hands it to Beryl. Beryl rips it open, checks the wad of notes inside and then hands the envelope to Ross, who coolly puts it in his jacket pocket. He then hands over the piece of paper with the address written on it and he goes and opens the back door. David immediately charges in at him and pushes him back inside, grabbing him so that he can't get away. David tells Heather to call the police, and Heather runs to the 'phone. Beryl tells David that she knows where Robert is - and the money's in Ross's top pocket. She reaches into the pocket and Ross snaps angrily, "You set me up, didn't you? You knew he was coming back." He then goes on menacingly, "You will never see your baby now. You were right: it was a double-bluff. I don't even know where the kid is." Upon hearing this, Beryl suddenly runs to the draining board by the sink and picks up a serrated knife that's lying there. She points it at Ross, threateningly. David cries in shock, "What are you doing, Beryl?" At that moment, Heather runs back in from the lounge room and goes and holds Beryl. She asks her gently to please put the knife away.

Charlie is sitting in her lounge room, stroking Isabella. Katie walks in and Charlie asks her if she's got everything unpacked. Katie replies that she has. She adds that the room is beautiful - she's going to be spoiled rotten, having a bathroom all to herself! Charlie smiles that, when she has guests, she likes to pamper them! Katie warns her that she'll have to be careful: if she gets too used to all the luxury, she mightn't want to leave! Charlie assures her that she can stay as long as she likes - she enjoys the company. Katie murmurs, "I guess you're missing Leigh?" Charlie laughs nervously and says she thinks Isabella misses her more than she does! As she starts fussing over the dog, Katie comments that it looks like Isabella can take plenty of that attention, and Charlie smiles that, yes, she can! She then tells Katie, "You know? I think you're going to be good for me. I've been very depressed since I heard about Patricia." Katie muses that she knows how Charlie feels: it's going to take her a long time to get over Ross. Charlie mutters that he's a nasty piece of work, that one - the only good thing he did was get Gordon and Barbara back together. She adds that she did think for a while that she and Gordon could make a twosome, but it wasn't to be; she just hopes he and Barbara don't have problems. Katie asks why they would, and Charlie replies that, speaking from experience, once a couple have broken up they often have trouble getting back together again on the same footing. She quickly adds, though, that knowing Gordon, she's sure he'll move mountains to see that they do. Changing the subject, she suddenly exclaims, "I know: let's go out and celebrate!" Looking surprised, Katie asks, "Celebrate what?" Charlie stands up and exclaims, "Life, darling! What else is there?!" Looking bemused, Katie asks, "Now?" Charlie points out that they'll have to get ready, so say a couple of hours?! Katie accepts this. She then goes on that there's a guy from the computer company coming round tonight; she'll ring and see if he can make it earlier. Charlie says she'll keep right out of the way: she once had a guy who was into computers and he never stopped talking about his hardware and his software; she thought he meant something entirely different...! She waltzes off, leaving Katie with a grin on her face!

Beryl and Heather are sitting on the couch at Beryl's. David is sitting in the armchair. Beryl is looking glum, but David says positively, "Thank God it's nearly over. The police have got a name and description now, so it shouldn't be too long before they find young Robert." Beryl comments quietly that it'll be a help to the private detectives, too, and David agrees that, between the both of them, they should come up with something. Beryl says nervously that she's sorry about the knife before - she just got her hopes up so high and when Ross said-- David assures her that it's OK. Beryl adds, "I just snapped, I guess." Heather points out to her that she has been under a lot of strain. David tells her, "Newman's where he belongs. Pity is, he wasn't there three months ago, so there's no point getting upset about it." Beryl glares at him and snaps that she can't help thinking about their son. David tells her that no one's expecting her not to, but she mustn't let it get on top of her. Beryl retorts that she can't help it, but David tells her that she's got to try. He asks her if she's thought about seeing a doctor, but Beryl snaps indignantly, "I don't need a doctor." Heather suggests calmly that maybe it's not such a silly idea, but Beryl snaps that she's perfectly alright; she's been upset lately - with good reason - but she doesn't need pills to get her through; she's just seen what it did to Barbara. David tells her that it's for her own good, but Beryl retorts that she means it. David says he won't push it. Beryl gets up and storms into the kitchen, saying she'll finish the dinner. Alone with Heather, David comments, "She can't be left here by herself." Heather points out that she'll be there, but David tells her that she can't watch Beryl all the time; she would be better at his place, where they can all keep an eye on her. Heather nods. David suggests they go and see what they can do, and they stand up and head into the kitchen. Beryl is peeling potatoes at the kitchen table, and David tells her that he's just been saying to Heather that it might be a good idea if she stayed at his place for a while, rather than being there by herself. Beryl retorts that she's quite used to living by herself. Heather says quickly that they know, but they just thought it might be easier for her if she was with friends - at least until they find Robert. David adds, "Be the sensible thing to do." Beryl looks at him and then says, "Alright - but only for a few days." David looks at Heather and, with a hint of a smile on his face, assures Beryl, "Yeah, well that's what I meant."

Katie escorts a man in his thirties into the lounge room at Charlie's. As she does so, she says to him that, when he said 'earlier', she thought he meant about 6:30pm; she's sorry she's not changed. The man assures her that she looks fine to him. He adds that the boss was tied up, so he took the chance to get away. Charlie suddenly walks in, wearing a robe and towelling her hair dry, and she suddenly notices the man standing there. Katie goes to introduce the two of them, but Charlie looks at the man and - clearly attracted to him - quickly turns round and leaves the room, saying, "Sorry, darling, introduce us when I'm properly dressed!" Katie and the man both burst out laughing, and Katie explains that that was the lady who owns the house - he caught her on the hop! The man says he'll have to apologise to her later. The two of them sit down, and the man then tells Katie that he has to say: he was very impressed with her computer games - she's got quite a mind. Katie thanks him. The man asks when she's going to come up with some more, and Katie explains, "Hopefully in the next few months. I had to go to Melbourne for a while and there wasn't much chance to do anything while I was down there, but now I'm back in Sydney, I should be able to get stuck into it again." The man smiles that that's good - and she might just be able to come up with something even more popular than Pacman! Katie laughs that she doubts there's much chance of that. The man looks at her closely and then says he didn't expect someone as clever to be as young as she is - or as attractive. Katie smiles and says, "Thankyou." She adds that she was surprised, too - he's pretty young to be an executive. The man smiles back and replies that it's a young industry. Katie comments that you have to have brains to get on, so he must be pretty clever. The man explains that he got there by hard work - and by having the gift of the gab! Katie smiles that he knows when to say the right things. The man looks at her intently and replies, "Sometimes..."

Leigh has arrived at the country house, and as she puts her cases down in the kitchen, Mike asks her if David knew she was coming. Leigh explains that she wanted it to be a surprise, and Mike murmurs that it certainly will be that. Leigh goes on that Mr. Hamilton told her about the tough time that David has been going through with the kidnapping of the baby; she just thought she should be with him. Mike agrees that it hasn't been easy. He then suggests that he'd better get her settled in the spare room, but Leigh assures him that there's no hurry, and she goes and puts the kettle on. Heather suddenly walks in from the hallway, and she stares at Leigh in shock. She asks her, "What are you doing here?" Mike explains that she's come to give David some support. Heather murmurs that that's very thoughtful, but Beryl's going to be staying there with them for a while, and she doesn't think she'll be too pleased to see her. Leigh sighs and agrees, "No." The three of them sit down at the table, and Heather tells Leigh that she should have 'phoned before she came. Leigh insists that she was only trying to do the right thing, and Heather says she knows - but Beryl has had a lot of problems lately, and seeing her will only make it worse. Leigh asks what she's supposed to do, and Heather tells her that if she really wants to help David, she'll leave as soon as possible. Leigh mutters that she's got nowhere else to go.

At Charlie's, the man from the computer company tells Katie that the good thing is they think they've got someone in the States interested in releasing one of her games; it'll be great if it comes off! Katie smiles that she could be a wealthy woman, and the man tells her that she could easily end up with a place like Charlie's! At that moment, Charlie waltzes in, all dressed up, and, holding out her hand, she smiles and says, "Sorry about before. Charlie Bartlett." The man takes her hand and introduces himself as Larry Blake. Charlie tells him that she's pleased to meet him, and Larry replies, "Same here." Charlie goes on flirtatiously that he must think she's awfully rude, walking in before, looking the way she did. Larry, though, assures her that he doesn't think she's rude at all; she's very elegant, if he may say so. Charlie smiles in delight and remarks, "Aren't you a sweetie!" She then looks at Katie and comments that she thought she could at least have offered their guest a cup of coffee. Katie says she's sorry - they got talking business. Charlie says that she's having one, and she asks Larry if he'd like one as well, or would he rather have a drink? Larry assures her that coffee is fine, and Charlie heads to the kitchen to get it. Larry sits down again and comments to Katie, "She seems a fun lady!" Katie agrees that she is - but very astute, as well: she's in business with Lisa Cook, the fashion designer. Larry says he's never heard of her,and Katie explains that she's very good, and she's doing OK in the US, too. Larry tells her that it's a great market, if you can crack it. He then goes on that he supposes Charlie being one of the social set helped, and Katie agrees that it can't have hurt. Larry comments that he usually finds those people - society ladies - a bit hard to cope with: coming from the other side of the tracks, he finds he doesn't have very much in common with them. Katie smiles that he covers it well! Larry explains that, like he said before, it's the gift of the gab! Katie comments that at least he's honest. Larry replies, "With some people - the down-to-earth ones." He then goes on that he bets she has the same sort of working class background as him, and Katie asks, "How did you guess?!" Larry replies that it's instinct, and Katie smiles that he's right. Larry then adds, "My intuition tells me you're going to say 'yes' when I ask you out to dinner." Katie tells him that she's sorry, but she's promised to go out with Charlie; she wouldn't like to let her down as she needs a bit of cheering-up at the moment. Looking disappointed, Larry suggests that Charlie might like to come too. At that moment, Charlie walks back in with a tray of coffees, and so Katie suggests to Larry, "Ask her!" Charlie says, "Ask me what?" and Larry stands up and invites her to join Katie and him for dinner tonight. Charlie smiles that she'd love it, and so Larry turns back to Katie and says, "There. Now what do you say?" Katie replies, "Looks like your intuition was right!"

In Sunbury, Mike steps outside the back door of the country house as David and Beryl approach. The three of them exchange greetings and Mike then says that, before they go inside, there's a visitor there. David asks who it is, and Mike replies, "Leigh. She turned up about ten minutes ago." Beryl immediately turns away and says to David that she thinks he'd better take her home. David, though, tells her to hang on. Mike says he doesn't think Leigh's going to cause any trouble, but Beryl retorts that she doesn't care - she doesn't want to stay in the same house as her. David asks Mike what she's come down for. Mike replies that she came down to see him, she said. He then goes on that he and Heather had an idea: they've still got that caravan, so why don't they park it round the back of the house and Leigh can live in there; Beryl would hardly have to see her. David asks Beryl what she reckons, but she doesn't respond. David persists that he knows it isn't going to be easy, but he can hardly turf the kid out - and he'll make sure she doesn't get in her way. Beryl pauses and then growls, "Alright - but the moment there's any trouble, I'm leaving." David says, "OK - but there won't be." Mike pushes the back door open and they head inside.

Amanda and Andy are sitting outside a coffee shop in Sydney. As Amanda finishes a piece of cake, she comments that it was so rich; she shouldn't have eaten it all! Andy points out that it was beautiful, though, but Amanda tells him that the problem is, she won't be able to eat her dinner! Andy assures her that by the time she gets to Dural, she'll be hungry again. Amanda replies that she'll have to pretend she is: if Aunty Barb's making something delicious, she can't leave half of it! Andy assures her that what she doesn't eat, he will! He then adds that he's glad Barbara is better, and Amanda agrees, "Yeah, so am I. Let's hope--" She suddenly breaks off, and Andy stares at her and asks what's wrong. Amanda is looking at someone in the distance, and Andy turns round as she indicates a glamorous-looking woman and says, "That lady outside the shop. That's my mother!" As the woman walks into the shop, Amanda concludes, "It can't be - she's still in Europe..." She then asks Andy what he was saying, and Andy replies that it was about Barbara: it's good to see her settling in; he had his doubts, as he thought it might take her a bit longer... He breaks off as he realises Amanda still isn't listening, and he says, "Amanda...?" Amanda tells him that she can't get over how much that woman looks like her.

David and Beryl are standing in the kitchen at the country house with Mike, Heather and Leigh, who has a contrite expression on her face. She says she knows how Beryl must feel about her and she's sorry - she was just hoping-- Beryl interrupts her and suggests curtly, "Why don't we just stay out of each other's way, alright? I think that's the best we can hope for." Leigh mutters, "If that's how you want it," and Beryl retorts that it is. David tells Beryl that he'll take her to her room and the two of them head out. Leigh runs after them and says her things are still in there, but Heather tells her not to mind - she'll fix it up. She adds that Leigh might as well have a look at the caravan. Mike says he'd better open it up and put some air in it. He asks Leigh if she's coming, but Leigh tells him that she won't be a minute. Mike heads outside as Leigh asks David if he'd mind if she rang her mum, as she'd like to let her know where she is. David assures her that that's fine, and Leigh heads to the 'phone. David leaves her alone. Leigh dials a number, the 'phone at the other end rings and, after STD pips have sounded, Frannie comes on and says, "Hello?" Leigh says it's her. She then adds, "I want you to bring Shane down to me." Frannie, sounding surprised, says, "What? Where are you?" Leigh explains that she's at David's and she wants Shane there. Frannie asks, "Why? You couldn't stand him before." Leigh retorts, "Things have changed. He's my baby and I want him." Frannie muses that she doesn't know what George is going to say, but Leigh snaps at her not to make her laugh: he'll be thrilled - he never wanted him in the first place. Frannie points out that George has helped looked after him, but Leigh mutters, "Well, look. Talk it over with him if you have to, but it's not going to make any difference. He's my baby and I want him with me." On that note, she hangs up, a sly expression on her face.

At the coffee shop in Sydney, Amanda takes a sip of her coffee and then asks Andy, "What sort of job can I get? I haven't been trained for anything." Andy points out that it's not too late to start, but Amanda just comments that that's the problem with having parents who always have money; she never had to worry about anything - she always knew she'd have something, and up until now, she always did, too. Andy assures her that she'll find something. The glamorous-looking woman suddenly emerges from the shop she was in and she sticks her hand out to hail a taxi. Amanda watches her and exclaims, "That is my mother." She stands up and starts running towards the cab that the woman is getting into, calling "Mum!" as she does so. The woman looks at her and then settles back in her seat as the cab drives away. Amanda calls after her, "Mum, it's me!" She stops running and stands there, looking disappointed as the car heads off into the distance. Andy catches up with her and asks her if she's sure it was her. Amanda retorts that she knows her own mother.

A while later, the glamorous-looking woman is standing in a bedroom, looking in a mirror. She takes off the expensive necklace and earrings that she's wearing and brushes her highly-styled hair into an unglamorous pony tail. She then reaches under her bed, takes out a suitcase and starts undoing the fashionable pink jacket that she's wearing.

A few minutes later, the woman is dressed in more dowdy clothing and the pink outfit is in the suitcase. She places a box containing the jewellery on top, closes the case and places it back under the bed. She then goes and sits down at the dressing table in front of the mirror and starts to tip some face cream into her hand.

A while later, a ute pulls up outside the house and a middle-aged, balding man gets out, checks the letterbox, finds it empty and heads inside. The woman is sitting in the lounge room, a magazine on her knee, a look of concern on her face. The man walks in and says, "G'day, love. Good day?" The woman stands up and the man kisses her before she replies that it was fine. She adds, "How about you?" and the man replies, "Oh, the usual." He then asks her if she wants a beer, but she declines. The man goes to get one. As he heads to the kitchen, the woman calls, "Ron? I saw Amanda today." She stands there, looking nervous, until Ron comes back in, carrying a beer, and demands, "Where?" The woman explains that it was at the shops: she just bought some things and bumped into her as she went for a taxi. Ron growls, "Just like that?" The woman smiles nervously, "Yes. Talk about a coincidence!" Ron mutters that it's amazing if you ask him: millions of people in Sydney and she just happens to bump into her daughter. The woman insists that it was an accident, but Ron retorts menacingly, "Well, I reckon you better tell me what's going on..."


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