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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson


An open-top car pulls up outside a set of wrought iron gates in front of a house. Charlie is the driver and she gets out of the car and pushes the buzzer on the gate. A man's voice immediately comes through and says, "Yes?" Charlie introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of Margaret Stone's; she'd like to see her, please. The man's voice tells her that there is no one there by that name. Charlie, though, retorts that of course there is and she tells him not to be silly. The man replies menacingly, "I'm sorry, you have made a mistake." Charlie replies that she'd like to see Mr. Quinteros, please, then. The man tells her that Mr. Quinteros is away on business. Looking annoyed, Charlie threatens that if the man doesn't let her in, she'll go straight to the Australian Embassy and cause the biggest scene imaginable. A look of triumph crosses her face as a buzzer sounds and the gate starts to open. She walks back to her car, gets in and drives up to the house.

A short time later, Charlie is sitting outside the back of the house, with Roberto Quinteros. He tells her that he's sorry if his security guard appeared difficult, but in a country like Brazil one must be so careful. Charlie assures him that she understands. A dark-haired woman suddenly emerges from the house, carrying a tray, and Roberto declares, "Ah, our drinks." The woman glances at Charlie as she serves them. Roberto says to her, "Thankyou, Consuela." He then picks up his glass and says to Charlie, "As you Australians say: cheers." He takes a sip of his drink and Charlie does likewise. He then tells her that he wishes he could help her, but he's afraid he cannot - her friend, Mrs. Stone, only stayed with him for a few weeks, when she arrived in Brazil. Charlie asks where she is now, but Roberto replies that he's sorry, he does not know. Charlie asks if there's no forwarding address and if she hasn't written. Roberto assures her, "Nothing." He adds that he wishes he could help but he cannot. He then asks Charlie what hotel she's staying at and Charlie replies that it's the Conquistador. Roberto says he'll tell her what: if Margaret gets in touch, he'll let her know immediately. Looking delighted, Charlie asks, "Would you?" Roberto assures her that it would be his pleasure. Charlie thanks him, a broad smile on her face.

A while later, Charlie is climbing back into her car when Consuela runs out of the house and calls, "Excuse, please." Charlie stops in her tracks. Consuela says to her, "You friend Mrs. Stone?" Charlie replies that that's right. Consuela takes her hand, slips something into it and tells her, "Is where she is staying. You go. She hurt very bad." Charlie, looking surprised, asks what happened. Consuela explains, "The big boss - he..." She breaks off and Charlie asks, "Did Mr. Quinteros hurt her?" Consuela just says, "You go. Is where she is staying," and she runs back into the house. Charlie opens up her hand to reveal a small piece of paper, and she stands there, staring at it.

Patricia is lying in a hospital bed, her face swathed in bandages so that her features are barely visible. There are also dressings on her hands. A doctor is with her, and he removes a blood pressure monitor from her arm and tells her that her blood pressure is perfect. Patricia comments through her bandages that it's something, she supposes. The doctor tells her that there's no need to be depressed - her body has healed very well over the last month. Patricia asks, "What about my face?" The doctor replies that it is good too - they will soon be ready to start on the reconstruction. He adds that she does realise it's going to take time? - the hardest part will be repairing the damaged bone structure. Patricia asks, "But can it be done?" The doctor assures her that of course it can. He adds, "Believe me, Mrs. Stone. By the time you leave the clinic, you'll look exactly as you always did." He goes to walk off, but Patricia calls after him, "Dr. Santos?" The doctor turns to look at her again, and she tells him, "I don't want to look like I did before. I want a whole new face."

Charlie is standing at the reception desk of the hospital, having tracked it down from the piece of paper given to her by Consuela. She tells the receptionist, "Bartlett," and she spells it out for her. She then adds that she understands they have a patient there-- She's interrupted by the receptionist saying in an accent, "Sorry, no English." Charlie retorts in exasperation, "Oh come on, darling, it's not that difficult. I want to see Margaret Stone." The receptionist replies, "Escusez?" Charlie repeats, "Margaret Stone. She's from Australia." The receptionist, a look of recognition on her face, says, "Ah, Australia?" Charlie smiles and tells her to look in her files and tell her if she's a patient there; if she is, she'd like to see her. The receptionist shakes her head and says, "No intendo. Sorry." Charlie exclaims, "Oh dear, doesn't anyone here speak English?" The receptionist looks round and then says to her, "Un momento." A female colleague joins her and the receptionist speaks to her in Portuguese. The second woman then turns to Charlie and says in an accent, "Hello, I'm Nurse Ramirez. May I help you?" Charlie smiles in delight and tells her that she certainly can.

In her room, Patricia stares at Dr. Santos through her bandages as he asks her if she's sure she wants to go ahead with the idea. Patricia replies that she's positive. Dr. Santos tells her that, once it's done, it's very difficult to go back. Patricia assures him that she realises that. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Santos calls to the person to come in. Nurse Ramirez walks in and tells him - in English - that there is a Mrs. Bartlett to see Mrs. Stone; she's tried to get rid of her, but... They both look at Patricia, who just says, "Thankyou, nurse," and Nurse Ramirez goes. When she's gone, Patricia tells Dr. Santos, "I want you to tell Mrs. Bartlett that I'm dead." Santos stares at her in surprise and he asks, "Why? And who is...?" Patricia retorts, "It doesn't matter who she is. Just tell her I'm dead. I'll pay if that's what's worrying you - and I can assure you my money's as good as Roberto Quinteros'." Santos stares at her and she goes on, "Come on, Dr. Santos. Roberto beat me to a pulp and he's paying you to fix me up. I hardly think Brazilian Medicare is paying for my treatment - so if you'll accept his money, why not mine?" Dr. Santos, accepting this, asks, "And how would you like to die?" Patricia, looking away from him, replies sadly, "I don't care, really - as long as Mrs. Bartlett and the rest of the world think that I am dead."

Charlie is sitting out in the corridor, leafing through a magazine, when Dr. Santos walks up to her and asks, "Mrs. Bartlett?" Charlie stands up and replies that she is. Dr. Santos introduces himself and asks Charlie if she's looking for a Margaret Stone. Charlie tells him that that's right and she asks him if he's seen her. Santos replies, "Unfortunately, yes. Mrs. Stone was involved in a car crash. She was brought here for treatment. Unfortunately, her injuries were very, very, very bad - there was nothing we could do." Charlie stares at him in shock and cries, "She's dead...?" Santos tells her gently that he's sorry. Charlie murmurs, "Oh my God - I don't believe it." She sits down again, slowly, as Santos tells her that he can arrange for a copy of her death certificate if she likes. He goes on that her belongings are still there at the clinic; they were going to send them to the Australian Embassy, but as she's there... Charlie, tears welling in her eyes, cries, "Everything she went through to get away. And now..."

A short time later, Dr. Santos returns to Patricia's room and tells her, "Your friend is very upset." Patricia asks him, "But she believes your story?" Santos confirms, "Yes." Patricia thanks him.

David is on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house and he asks, looking shocked, "When?" Charlie is on the other end and she tells him that it was about two weeks ago. David asks if they're sure it's Pat and Charlie replies that they're positive; they gave her the passport and a copy of the death certificate. David murmurs, "Um... I just find it hard to believe..." Charlie says she knows - it's a dreadful shock. David asks about the body and Charlie replies that she was cremated. She adds that she's organised for Patricia's ashes to be sent home. David thanks her. He goes on that he supposes someone will have to talk to the police, but Charlie tells him not to worry about it: she'll just tell them that Patricia's personal effects were forwarded from Rio but she hasn't a clue who sent them. David murmurs, "Alright..." Charlie tells him, "I'm so sorry," and David replies quietly, "So am I, Charlie..." He then says he'd better go. Charlie tells him that she'll see him soon and they hang up. David puts the 'phone down slowly, looking shell-shocked. He turns round to find Heather standing in the doorway. She tells him that she just walked in - she was going to set the table; she couldn't help overhearing...

A while later, David is in Beryl's room at the hospital. He paces the room as he tells her that he reckons the worst thing about having someone you love die is knowing you're never going to see them again - suddenly a whole part of your life is gone. Beryl murmurs that she's sorry - she really is. She goes on that it's no use pretending that she and Patricia were best of friends, but he loved her... David mutters, "Yeah..." Beryl continues that he didn't have to come in today - she would have understood if he wanted to be on his own. David, though, sighs that, no, he thinks he did all his grieving three months ago when Pat left - he knew then that he'd never see her again, but he never thought it would be because-- He breaks off as someone suddenly knocks on the door. A nurse comes in, carrying baby Robert, and tells David and Beryl that there's someone to see them. David starts fussing over his son and the nurse then takes him over to Beryl. Beryl, though, says to her that she's sure his dad would like to hold him. Looking surprised, but delighted, David asks if that's OK, and Beryl assures him that of course it is. The nurse hands Robert to him and he comments that he's heavy, isn't he! The nurse says she'll come back in twenty minutes, and she goes. Beryl tells David that she doesn't want any talk about who Robert looks like - it's all a pile of rubbish at his age. David points out that he's been saying that ever since they had Kev, and no one would believe him! Beryl laughs, "Well I do. At least, now I do!" David smiles and comments that Robert's a beauty. He then turns to Beryl and goes on that it's funny: he feels rotten about Pat dying, but then this little fellow comes along... he'll never forget her, but he can't help feeling things are going to be better from now on - for all of them. Beryl smiles at him.

In the hospital in Melbourne, Ross is in the office of Mr. Gibson, who snaps at him that he can thank his lucky stars that the Research Unit can't afford any bad publicity; it's hard enough to attract funds as it is, without his sort of carry-on. Ross says to him that he's not going to lay any charges, then? Gibson retorts, "No - providing you make full restitution to Mrs. Hamilton." Looking shocked, Ross demands, "How? I haven't got any money." Gibson suggests that he'd better find some quick-smart - unless he wants to end up in prison. Ross snaps, "Oh come on..."Gibson goes on that he should also arrange to have his patients there treated by another doctor; as he understands it, there's going to be an inquiry and Ross stands a good chance of being struck off. He tells Ross that he's a fool: he could have had a brilliant career and now all this. He adds that it makes him wonder whether or not he really was trying to kill Mrs. Palmer during that operation. Ross growls, "Don't be ridiculous," but Gibson retorts that he's not so sure - in any case, he wants Ross out of the hospital as soon as possible. He goes on that he knows it'll take a few days to sort out his commitments, but the sooner the better. He storms off, leaving Ross standing there, looking worried.

A short time later, Ross leaves the office and comes face-to-face in the corridor with David, who mutters, "Don't tell me they still let you run loose around here?" A smile suddenly appearing on his face, he goes on that Ross isn't so smart now, is he? - caught with his fingers in the till. Ross snaps that he really doesn't think that's any of David's business, but David asks, "Don't you? Far as I'm concerned, it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. You're a rotten excuse for a man, Newman. You deserve everything you get." He walks off down the corridor. As he does so, he bumps into the nurse walking towards him, carrying Robert. David says to his son, "G'day, cobber. Going to take you away, are they?" The nurse smiles that that's right, and she coos to Robert, "Say 'bye'!" David laughs and they both walk off in different directions. Unheard by David, Ross calls to the nurse and asks her if that's Beryl Palmer's baby that she's holding. The nurse replies that it is, and she adds that it's time he was going back to sleep. She takes him into a room signposted as the nursery, leaving Ross standing there, a nasty smile on his face...

The O'Briens are in the kitchen at the country house, and Heather asks Katie how many eggs there are today. Katie replies that there are eight so far, and Heather comments that the hens are laying well. She adds that she might make them all a nice omelette for dinner. She asks Katie if she'd like an omelette, but Katie just murmurs, "Whatever's easiest." Mike tells her that the paper's in the lounge, if she hasn't read it, but Katie replies that she couldn't be bothered. She adds that she thinks she'll go and have a sleep, and she leaves the room. Looking worried, Heather comments to Mike, "She's taking it hard, isn't she?" Mike growls that that Ross Newman has got a lot to answer for. He goes on that he can't work out why it's taking Katie so long to get over it - she knows the man's a mongrel. Heather points out gently that you can't fall out of love at a moment's notice, and Mike reluctantly concedes that he supposes not. He adds that Katie is just so down - she's got to try and spark up, somehow. He goes on that he doesn't think she should stay there too long, either - with Patricia's death, he'd say they'll be living in a pretty gloomy house for a while. Heather suggests that it mightn't be as gloomy as he thinks, but Mike comments that he can't imagine Dave being the life and soul of the party. Heather agrees, "Maybe not, but he's been moping around for the last few months, not knowing where his wife was or if he'd ever see her again." Mike, realising what she's implying, asks, "What? He knows now?" Heather replies that that's right - and she thinks he realises he's got to make a whole new life for himself - and she wouldn't be surprised who with. Looking bemused, Mike asks, "Who?" Heather tells him to think about it. Mike smiles and asks, "Not Beryl?" Heather asks why not: they've just had a baby - it could be a whole new beginning for them.

In Beryl's hospital room, David is pouring a cup of tea, and Beryl asks him if he'd like a biscuit, but he declines, adding that she's the one they brought them in for. Beryl assures him that she's not hungry, and so David takes it anyway! He sits down next to the bed and Beryl then tells him that the local Minister came in to see her this morning to see how she was: he asked about having Robert christened. David muses that he's getting in early, isn't he?! and Beryl laughs that that's what she thought! She adds that she told him she'd give him a call once she was home and settled. David asks when she thinks that will be, but Beryl replies that it won't be for a few days yet - they're keeping her in longer than most mums. David asks why, and Beryl explains, "Falling down a mine-shaft!" She adds that the birth wasn't easy, either, and it's all left her a bit weaker than she should be. David says to her that she will be alright...? Beryl assures him that she just has to take things easy for a while. David tells her that he doesn't reckon it's a good idea to go home by herself, in that case. Beryl assures him that she'll manage, but David goes on that he was talking to Heather this morning and she thinks - she said - she wouldn't mind if Beryl came and stayed at his place for a while. Beryl muses, "Oh yeah?" David goes on that there's plenty of room there and he - well, Heather - would be around for a bit of support. Beryl nods, "Yeah." David continues that she could go home when she feels she's well enough; but still - it's up to her. Beryl nods and then asks him if he'd like them to come and stay for a while. David smiles, "Yeah." Beryl tells him happily, "OK."

A red-headed woman is standing in the kitchen of a house, doing some ironing. Ross is with her, but she tells him, "No way. I'm not getting caught up in anything like that." Ross asks why not, and the woman retorts that it's just something she doesn't want to get involved in, that's all. Ross sighs and snaps, "Look, Gloria, if I don't come up with some cash soon, I could end up in jail." Gloria asks him why he wants to make things worse for himself. Ross snaps, "The way I look at it, I haven't got anything to lose. They're probably going to strike me off as a doctor anyway; I'm too old to start again." Gloria just shrugs and carries on ironing. Ross tells her that whether she's with him or not, he's going to do it. Gloria just mutters at him to go his hardest. Ross, looking exasperated, snaps, "I don't understand you. I'm offering you the chance to make more money than you've ever made in your life before and you say no without even thinking it through." Gloria mutters, "Don't have to." Ross asks about all that cash: has she thought that through? Gloria sighs, and Ross points out that she could buy an awful lot of nice clothes with all that money - and a ticket to anywhere she wanted to go - and have plenty of money left over. Gloria growls that it's too dangerous, but Ross assures her, "Piece of cake. I wouldn't have suggested it if it wasn't." Gloria mutters that she's heard that one before. Ross suggests that it's tempting, though, isn't it, all that money? He asks, "What do you say, Gloria? You ready to play the odds?"

It's nighttime, and at the hospital in Melbourne, an elderly woman walks up to the Nurses' Station and calls to a passing nurse. As the nurse looks at her, she tells her that she wants to see the matron. The nurse asks what for and the woman retorts that they didn't give her the proper pills - she's supposed to have three pink ones and three yellow ones and they only gave her two yellow ones. The nurse tells the woman to go back to bed and she'll talk to the matron. The woman walks off, muttering as she does so that she told that other nurse that she'd made a mistake - and she didn't believe her. The nurse watches her go and then looks round: it's Gloria. She heads into the nursery...

In the kitchen at the country house, Katie asks if she should set a place for David, but Heather replies that he won't be back until later tonight; she'll get him something when he comes in. There's suddenly a knock on the back door, and Heather asks who that could be. Mike goes to get it and he opens the door to find Ross standing there. He asks to have a word with Katie, please. Mike glares at him, angrily.

At the hospital, Beryl suggests to David that he'd better be going home soon. David asks why, and Beryl points out that he's been there most of the afternoon. David comments that it doesn't worry him - he can stay later than eight o'clock, can't he? Beryl tells him that she might fall asleep on him - she's supposed to be resting. David muses that if she wants him to go... Beryl assures him that of course she doesn't - she's only joking; it's good having him there! David tells her that it's good being there. There's suddenly a knock on the door and a nurse comes in and asks David if she can see him for a moment. David gets up and heads for the door. Beryl, looking surprised, asks what the nurse could want that she can't say in front of her, but David tells her not to ask him! He adds that maybe he's committed the cardinal sin of parking his car in a doctor's car space! Beryl warns him that he'd better watch out if he has! David heads out into the corridor and closes Beryl's room door behind him. He walks over to the nurse, who's standing with Mr. Gibson. He says to Gibson that the nurse said he wanted to see him... Gibson replies that that's right, and he thanks the nurse and tells her to go and see if matron needs a hand. The nurse walks off. Gibson tells David that he thinks it best if they talk in private. David asks what's going on, and Gibson replies that he's afraid he's just had some very disturbing news; when he heard that David was there with his wife, he thought it best that he tell her.

At the country house, Mike growls at Ross, "Listen, mate. I want you off this property now." Ross insists that all he wants to do is talk to Katie. Katie pleads, "Dad..." but Mike snaps at her to stay out out of it. Ross tells him that it's got more to do with Katie than with him, but Mike snaps that he doesn't care what he thinks; he knows the strife he caused his daughter, so from now on he stays away from her. Ross insists that all he's asking for is a few minutes, but Mike retorts that he can ask all he likes but he's not getting it. Katie chips in that she'd like to hear what Ross has to say. Mike looks at her incredulously and points out that she knows what he's put her through. Katie replies that she knows - but she'd still like to hear him out. Heather suggests that a few minutes won't hurt. She adds that it is Katie's business - it's really nothing to do with them. Mike snaps at Ross reluctantly, "Go on, then." He then adds, "I'm warning you: take one step out of line and you've had it." Ross insists that he isn't there to hurt her. Katie tells him to come through to the lounge, and they leave the room. They head into the lounge room and Ross asks where he starts. Katie suggests that he could start by telling her why he used her. Ross assures her, "I didn't use you, Katie. Everything I told you about the way I felt about you was absolutely true. I love you. When we first met, I realised that I was taking a risk getting involved; I just couldn't help myself. You mightn't believe this, Katie: you're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Katie glares at him and demands, "Then why did you lie to me about Barbara?" Ross explains gently, "Because it was the only way I could have you." He pauses before continuing, "In case you're interested, I lied to Barbara because I wanted her money." Katie looks down at the ground. Ross continues, "I haven't got a lot to be proud of, have I?" Katie agrees, "No, not a lot." She then asks him if confession time is over, adding that she takes it that that's the only reason he's there. Ross, though, tells her that he came there tonight because he didn't want them to finish the way they have. Katie snaps at him that if he's suggesting they can have some sort of future together, he can forget it; it doesn't matter what she feels for him - she could never forgive him for what he's done. Ross tells her quietly, "In that case, I'm here to say goodbye. Sorry if I hurt you, Katie - I never intended to. I hope that, one day, you'll find someone who'll make you really happy." He then suggests that he'd better be going, adding that it's probably safer if he goes out the front door. He walks off, leaving Katie looking upset.

Beryl is sitting up in her hospital bed, looking at a magazine, when David comes back in. She tells him cheerfully that there's a lovely recipe there for Peruvian fish - she must try it as soon as she gets the chance. She suddenly notices the grim expression on David's face and she asks what's wrong. David tells her, "They can't find Robert." Beryl stares at him as he goes on, "He's not in his cot and they've searched the place high and low, but they can't find him. Our son's vanished."


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