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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A short time later, Gordon is talking on the 'phone on the bar in the lounge room as Wayne stands behind him, listening. He says, "Thankyou, Geoffrey. We'll meet you at the police station in half an hour." He hangs up, turns to Wayne and tells him that Hawkins is a good solicitor - he'll best-know how to handle it. Wayne just meekly says, "Sorry..." Gordon puts his arm on Wayne's shoulder and assures him, "I know." Wayne goes on that everything he said before was the truth - he wishes it wasn't, but it is. He sighs heavily and suggests that they may as well get it over with, as the cops won't wait forever. The lounge room doors suddenly open and a doctor walks in and tells Wayne that his wife should sleep until tomorrow. Wayne asks if she's alright, but the doctor tells him that they'll have to see when she wakes up. He adds that her son is with her and he said he'd be there when she comes out of it. Wayne murmurs, "Good. " He asks the doctor to excuse him and he goes to head out. Gordon suddenly tells him that he's coming with him, but Wayne retorts bluntly, "No." He then asks the doctor if he'd mind giving Gordon a check-up as well, as he's had a bad shock and he can't be the best. The doctor asks Gordon to come and sit down. Wayne heads out into the hallway, where Leigh is cleaning the floor. As he heads to the door, she asks, "Wayne? Are you alright?" Wayne replies that he's OK, but he's worried about his dad, though. He then asks her if she can go and get Charlie and ask her to come over, as he doesn't want his father to be by himself. Leigh apologises that Charlie has gone out and didn't say where. Wayne curses, "Damn." Leigh asks how Mrs. Hamilton is, and Wayne replies that she's alright - Alan is with her; it's Gordy he's worried about - anything could happen to him. Leigh offers, "Well, if you like, I'll stay with him tonight." Looking grateful, Wayne thanks her and tells her that it's a great weight off his mind. He goes. As the door closes behind her, Leigh murmurs, "Happy to help out..."

Fiona and Jill are standing at the table in Fiona's flat. Fiona is holding a parcel that she's gift-wrapped, but she complains that she can never make them look neat! Jill asks what Beryl is calling the baby, and Fiona replies that it's Robert - it's Beryl's father's name. Jill comments that that's nice, and Fiona agrees that it is. She then asks if Beryl will like what she's got her; she was wondering if she shouldn't have got something a little more practical, like a bowl or a mug... Jill quickly assures her that Beryl will love all the stuff. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Jill goes to answer it. Colonel Bainbridge is standing there and he asks curtly if Mrs. Thompson is in. Jill tells him, "Yes," and so Bainbridge mutters, "Good," and walks in. He approaches Fiona and tells her sharply, "You are a vindictive woman, Mrs. Thompson." Fiona, looking astonished, starts to say, "I beg--" Bainbridge ignores the interruption, though, and goes on, "I've been in touch with your publisher and he's told me you've gone ahead with the book. Now what sort of a person are you?" Fiona insists that she had no choice - it's too late to stop it now; she signed a contract; it's quite out of her hands. Bainbridge, though, snaps at her that that's the easy way out - she could have stopped it if she'd really wanted to. Fiona insists that she couldn't, but Bainbridge accuses, "You're a liar. You get some sort of sick thrill from the thought of making people suffer, don't you? Well, believe me, you haven't heard the last of it." On that note, he storms out, and Jill closes the door behind him, commenting as she does so, "What an awful man." Fiona, looking upset, replies quietly that she can see his point: he obviously loves his family and he doesn't want them dragged into it - but there's no way they won't be once the book goes on sale...

Barbara is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Toorak as Ross stands next to her, a drink in his hand. He has a bandage on his head, covering the cut caused when Andy hit him. He tells Barbara that he's delighted that she's not seeing as much of her old friends as she used to - he doesn't know if he could stand up to it. Barbara doesn't respond. Ross goes and sits down next to her and suggests that something is obviously troubling her. He asks what the problem is and Barbara tells him that it's just something Andy said. She then asks, "Am I hooked on tranquillisers?" Ross retorts, "Oh, don't be ridiculous. Do you think any decent doctor would prescribe them if they were dangerous? Look, you won't be on them forever. It's just you need them right now." Barbara mutters that she just doesn't like the idea, that's all - she's never resorted to anything like that in her life. Ross points out that she's under a lot of strain. Barbara retorts that she's handled things before, but Ross tells her, "Nothing as traumatic as a divorce." He adds gently, "You'll be fine once we're married." Barbara suggests that maybe in the meantime, he could give her something that's not quite as strong and she could just get off them gradually. Ross, looking dubious, says he doesn't really think that's necessary. Barbara, though, snaps, "Yes, but I do." Ross, giving in, quickly soothes, "Alright... alright... I'll write you out another prescription." He stands up and Barbara thanks him.

Amanda is standing in a public telephone box with Andy. She's on the 'phone to Gordon and she tells him that she knows Wayne is capable of almost anything, but killing someone? Gordon tells her that the thing they have to ascertain is whether or not she saw Mitch the Tuesday before the bomb went off. Amanda replies that she didn't speak to him, but she's pretty sure it was him. She then adds more certainly, "Yes, it was." Gordon asks her if she can come up to Sydney and tell the police that - it'll make a huge difference to Wayne's case. Amanda points out that she wouldn't get there until late tomorrow; she could go to the police there in Melbourne and tell them. Looking distressed, she adds that she's sorry - it's such a shock... Andy takes the 'phone from her and tells Gordon that it's him. He goes on that Amanda is pretty upset. He then explains that the reason they rang is because Barbara is still mixed-up with Newman and they're really worried about her. Gordon assures him, "You and a lot of others. While you were away, I tried to get through to Barbara but I didn't do any good." Leigh, who's cleaning in the lounge room at Dural, walks over to the bar, where Gordon is talking, as he goes on, "The only way to convince her that Newman's a nasty piece of work is to get her proof, and I'm damned if I know how to do that." Leigh suddenly interrupts him and asks if she can speak to Andy, as she might be able to help. Gordon, looking surprised, comments that he doesn't see how. Leigh explains that it means putting a friend in it, but she can't see she's got a choice. Gordon hands her the 'phone and Andy says to her that he heard what she said. Leigh tells him that she thinks she has the proof he needs: it'll convince Mrs. Hamilton that Ross Newman's been conning her right from the start. At Dural, Gordon stands there, a frown on his face.

A short time late, Charlie is folding clothes in her lounge room when Leigh comes in and tells her that she'll never guess what the latest is over at the Hamiltons'. Charlie retorts dismissively, "I'm sure I wouldn't." Leigh suddenly notices the clothes piled on the couch and she asks Charlie if she's throwing them out, but Charlie retorts indignantly that no she is not: they're being donated to people who need them more than Leigh does. Ignoring this, Leigh asks Charlie if she wants to know or not. Charlie doesn't respond, and so Leigh goes on that Karen has been put out of it by the doctor - because the police turned up and said they'd found Mitch's body. Suddenly looking shocked, Charlie cries, "Dear... Well that means Wayne was telling the truth." Leigh agrees, "Yes, but there's more: I've been able to ruin Ross Newman." Looking surprised, Charlie asks how, and Leigh explains that she's been keeping in touch with Katie - just a few letters, but it's good that she did: Katie has been seeing quite a lot of Mr. Newman and Gordon's going to use that to make Barbara wake up to him...

Katie is sitting on the couch at Ross's apartment, doing some sewing, when Ross comes in. She immediately stands up and cries, "Oh thank goodness - I've been worried about you." Ross points to the bandage on his head and tells her, "You wouldn't believe. Look at this." Looking worried, Katie asks what happened and Ross that Andy Green turned up and decided he wanted a fight; he was just about to tell Barbara about them when Andy barged-in. Katie asks, "But you did tell Barbara...?" Ross, pouring himself a drink, admits, "No, not exactly." He goes on that he's going to have to let her down very carefully - especially with the way Andy is behaving at the moment. Katie, looking disappointed, mutters, "I see," and she turns her back on him. Ross walks over to her and suggests, "Hey. Don't let's think about it today. I've had a bit of a windfall: how would you like to go to Paris?" A broad smile crosses Katie's face and she repeats, "Paris?!" Ross asks, "Why not?" and Katie exclaims, "That would be wonderful!" Ross tells her that it would be good to get away from all this for a while. Katie's face suddenly falls and she points out that she'd have to explain where she's going and who she's with... Ross comments, "Up to you..." Katie tells him that her mum and dad have a right to know, but Ross replies gently, "Yes, but not yet..." Katie stares at him lovingly and agrees, "No... when the time comes it'll be soon enough." Ross tells her, "You know, Katie, I really do love you." They start kissing passionately...

In the kitchen at the country house, Mike yells, "Do you mean it's been going on for months? Behind our backs?" Andy replies that he's afraid so. Mike snaps, "I'm going to flatten him," and he goes to storm out. Heather, though, calls after him and asks him what it would achieve: it would only put Katie right offside. Mike snaps that he doesn't give a damn - she deserves a kick in the backside for lying to them. Amanda suggests that it would be better if they all kept out of it for the moment - her Aunty Barb's got to wake-up to Ross and the only way would be for her to see for herself what's going on; if they can talk her into going over to the flat when Katie's there, then Katie's going to find out too. Mike growls that that sounds too complicated to him - a good punch in the face would fix everything. Heather, though, tells him that Katie has got to be made to face the truth and what Amanda says is quite right. Andy suggests to Amanda that they'd better get down to South Yarra before it's too late, and Amanda agrees, "Yes..." She tells Heather and Mike that they'll see them both, and she adds that she's sorry to bring them bad news. She and Andy go. Heather holds Mike, who's still looking furious, and assures him, "Darling. It's the best way. If you go charging in there now, Katie might never forgive us. She's all we've got left..." Mike admits that he knows - but if she's been lying to them all this time, he's got a horrible feeling that they've lost her already.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Barbara yells, "I am sick and tired of hearing the lies and rubbish about Ross. Now would you both please leave?" Amanda and Andy are standing facing her, and Andy insists that it's the truth - honestly - but Barbara snaps at him that he wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it; he's already proved that. Amanda says to her more rationally that regardless of what she's done, Barbara is still her aunt and she loves her very much; can she please listen to them? - they only want to help her. Andy tells her to come with them and see for herself - and if they're wrong, he promises her that they won't bother her again. Barbara glares at them and then says, "Alright. I'll go. But it's against my will. And it's only to prove how wrong you both are."

A while later, Barbara, Amanda and Andy are walking along a corridor, approaching Ross's flat. Amanda tells Barbara that she and Andy will come with her, as she'll need some moral support when she sees what's going on, but Barbara retorts that she'll go by herself, as it's going to look ridiculous trying to explain why they're both with her. Andy tells her that it won't be like she thinks, but Barbara snaps that she said she'd go by herself. Andy and Amanda step back and Barbara goes and knocks on Ross's door. Ross opens it, wearing his dressing down. He looks surprised to find Barbara standing there, and he asks her what on earth she's doing there at this time of night. Barbara tells him that she'd like a word with him. Ross replies that he's got an op first thing in the morning; why doesn't she just go home to bed and he'll get round as soon as he can? Katie suddenly calls from the bedroom, "Ross..." Barbara's face drops and she growls, "What I've got to say won't take very long." She walks into the flat, pushing past Ross, and comes face-to-face with Katie. She turns and glares at Ross, who stands there looking guilty.

A few moments later, Ross says, "Barbara... It's not how it seems. Now Katie is a patient and I've been treating her." Katie gives him a nasty look. Barbara snaps at Ross that she's not that stupid. Katie demands from him, "Why are you making excuses?" She then tells Barbara that it's about time she knew the truth: Ross has told her all about her and she knows it's been hard for her, having to see a psychiatrist and being doped-up on pills all the time... Barbara glares at Ross. Katie goes on that Ross wanted to let her down gently - but perhaps it's better that she knows now; she and Ross are going away together, to Europe. Looking horrified, Ross warns, "Katie..." Barbara, looking shocked, mutters, "Oh God, Katie, he is making fools of both of us. For months he's been telling me he's in love with me and we're going to be married. Europe? Well I bet I know where the money's coming from to pay for that." Katie, looking horrified, cries at Ross to tell Barbara that she's wrong and to tell her how much they love each other. Ross just stares at her, guiltily. Katie suddenly realises the truth, and she runs out of the flat. She bumps into Amanda and Andy in the corridor and cries, "She's here because of you two, isn't she? You put her up to it." Andy tells her to listen, but Katie ignores him and snaps that she hopes they're both satisfied. Amanda insists that it was the only thing they could do - she had to find out-- Katie runs off, not listening to the rest. Andy mutters, "Oh boy." He then asks where Barbara is, adding that he hopes Ross isn't managing to lie his way out of this one. Amanda tells him that he couldn't possibly, but Andy comments sourly that he wouldn't put it past him. In the flat, Barbara snaps that she must have been out of her damn mind - all that money and she never gave it a second thought. She goes on angrily that he's not to try and cash the last cheque she gave him. Ross tells her meekly that it's not what she thinks, but Barbara snaps that that's bull: she bets every cent she gave him went into his own pocket - and he even took money from the Foundation, didn't he? Ross insists, "No," but Barbara snaps that they can soon prove it - and he's not to think she won't: by the time she's finished with him, his name's going to stink - and if she can't convince the people above him, she'll go to the police herself and have him charged. She threatens, "Whichever way it happens, you are finished." Ross warns her to take it easy - she can't take the word of that stupid little girl; she's had a crush on him for ages - she was angry at seeing Barbara there; she knows how he feels about her. Barbara ignores him, though, and goes to walk out. Ross calls after her, "Barbara. You can't walk out on me. You need me. You need me to sign the prescriptions for your pills - because no other doctor would do it. Let's face it: you are hooked." Barbara snaps that she'll do without them. She glares at him, cries, "And I loved you," and storms out.

A while later, back at Toorak, Barbara murmurs that she's made quite a fool of herself, hasn't she? Looking sheepish, she tells Andy and Amanda that she owes them both an apology: Andy for not believing him when the drugs were found in his van - that's all quite clear now - and Amanda for the number of times she's tried to talk sense into that stupid old head of hers. She goes on that she really is very grateful for what they've done; it's not how she really wanted to hear it to be the truth, but she totally accepts why they had to do it and she just hopes they can forgive her stubbornness and her pride. She continues that maybe, underneath it all, she believed there was something wrong but she just didn't want her pride to be hurt. Tears well-up in her eyes as she tells Andy and Amanda that now, if they don't mind, she'd really like to be by herself for a while. Amanda starts to say, "Aunty Barb, I--" but Barbara pleads with them to just go. They walk out slowly, leaving Barbara breaking down in tears. She turns and looks round the lounge room and her eyes alight on the bottle of tranquillisers. She picks it up, tips out a table and swallows it, looking devastated.

The next morning, Charlie is on the 'phone in her lounge room and she exclaims happily, "Gordon, darling, I'm so glad." Gordon assures her that so is he. Charlie asks where Wayne is now and Gordon replies that he's back home again; it's obvious he's had some form of breakdown. Charlie comments that at least that's better that what he thought he'd done, and Gordon assures her that he couldn't agree more. He adds that he has to go - he just thought she should know. Charlie thanks him for the good news and hangs up. Leigh walks into the room and asks, "What good news?" Charlie explains that that was Gordon: the body the police found wasn't Mitch. Leigh mutters, "Really?" Charlie tells her not to look so disappointed; she's got something to look forward to. Leigh asks what that is, and Charlie replies curtly, "Somewhere new to live. Today, if possible." Leigh, looking disappointed, asks Charlie if she meant what she said last night, and Charlie assures her that she certainly did. Leigh asks, "Why so soon?" and Charlie explains that she's going away. Leigh asks her where, but Charlie retorts that, frankly, that's none of her business. She adds, though, that what she will say is that she's going to track Patricia down and tell her what's been happening. Leigh growls at her not to forget to tell Patricia that she owes her some money, but Charlie mutters that she doesn't see why: Wayne is a free agent again, so she can't see how that can hurt Karen, and she can't see Ross Newman falling into her little trap, so she can start packing. She goes to walk out, but Leigh stops her by suggesting that there's something very strange about the body not being Mitch: why else would Wayne say it could be found in the lake? Charlie just shrugs. Leigh announces that she's going over to the Hamiltons' to see what else she can find out. Charlie warns her, "You stay away from those poor people. They've got enough to worry about without you sticking your nose in." Leigh just smirks at her and walks off.

Gordon sits down next to Wayne on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne asks his father if he's sure the doc said his heart was OK. Gordon replies that he thinks the term the doctor used was 'Fit as a Malley Bull'! Leigh enters the house quietly through the front door and, as she hears the voices in the lounge room, tiptoes over to the doorway to listen. Wayne asks Gordon if Karen is OK, and Gordon replies that she's still asleep. He then suggests to Wayne that he thinks it's time he told him what's going on, and Wayne agrees, "Yeah, so do I." He goes on that it wasn't Mitch's body they found, sure, but his body's in there somewhere - Gordon can take his word for it. He continues that he did kill him - he didn't mean to; it was an accident; it all got out of hand. He goes on that Karen came up with an idea of what to do and he went along with it; she's been trying to protect him ever since. Gordon muses, "I see..." He adds that that explains why she and Wayne are so close. Wayne tells him that the main thing he's been aware of is not to get her involved; she should have reported it - it makes her an accessory. He adds, "She does love me, dad. Regardless of what you think." Gordon assures him that he believes him, but Wayne explains that he meant regardless of what Gordon thinks of her. He goes on that that's why he married her - it seemed the only thing he could do to make her happy; thank her for what she'd done for him. He asks sadly, "When you think about it, who else would have me anyway? I just hope you don't turn your back on me." Gordon assures him that he wouldn't do that. Leigh stands in the hallway, looking pleased with herself, as Gordon adds, "I just feel very sorry for you."

Leigh walks into the lounge room at Charlie's and calls Charlie's name, but there's no answer. She suddenly spots something on the dresser and she walks over to have a look: it's a 'plane ticket from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro. Leigh stands there, holding it and looking thoughtful.

Mike and Heather are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, and Heather sighs that she feels so helpless. Mike snaps, "You feel helpless?" He quickly calms down and apologises, saying he didn't mean that. They suddenly hear approaching footsteps and Katie walks in. Heather cries at her, "Oh, Katie, thank God. We've been worried all night." Mike snaps at her, "Where have you been? We rang the flat." Katie stares at them sadly and replies, "I've just been walking. Thinking. I feel stupid - and ashamed. I suppose you know what's been going on the past few months?" Mike replies that Andy and Amanda told them. Katie asks if they're not angry. Heather tells her that they're not happy about the fact that she lied to them, but it's really a case of her falling in love with the wrong man, that's all. Katie looks at her and then runs into her arms and bursts into tears.

In her flat, Fiona is on the 'phone to Amanda, who tells her that Andy is going back to Sydney sometime today, but she thinks she'll stay with Aunty Barb for a while. Fiona says she couldn't agree more. She asks how Barbara is taking it. In the public 'phone box, Amanda replies that she seemed to be OK, but she's got a horrible feeling that it's really going to hit her hard when it finally sinks in properly - there's her pride, and Fiona knows what she's like. Fiona muses that she sure does - and she sorts of understands it, too; she's a bit of a proud old girl herself. There's suddenly a thumping on Fiona's flat door and Fiona tells Amanda that she's going to have to go. Amanda says she'll be in touch and they hang up. Fiona walks over to the door and opens it to find Colonel Bainbridge standing there. Fiona growls at him that she thought she made it quite clear that there is no point in hounding her - the matter is quite out of her hands now. Bainbridge walks in, holding a folder, and remarks, "So you keep telling me." Fiona says to him that she doesn't know what he expects from her-- Bainbridge interrupts her, though, and retorts that he doesn't expect anything from her - he's sure she'll go ahead and release the book no matter what he says - but she'll be sorry: he's done some investigating about her and she's been quite a woman, hasn't she? Fiona glares at him and retorts, "Some people would say that." Bainbridge muses that he'd say they would. He goes on that it seems funny her carrying-on about moral issues, considering she was a prostitute. He holds out the folder and comments, "Quite an old tart in your day, weren't you?" Fiona takes the folder. Bainbridge goes on that he doesn't think he'd have any trouble selling her story to a scandal rag. Jill suddenly comes out of her bedroom, holding Fee, as Fiona retorts that she doesn't give in to threats. Jill demands angrily, "What's all the noise?" Bainbridge looks at her and comments that she's a member of the family, is she? Fiona snaps at him that that's none of his business. Bainbridge then looks at Fee and asks Fiona if that's her grandchild, going on that this would be quite something for her to have when she's older: grandma's memoirs - even though she didn't write them herself. Jill asks Fiona what he's going on about. Bainbridge persists that looking at Fiona now, he wouldn't have thought she'd have had it in her - but still, he'd bet there's quite a few old soldiers round who remember her. Fiona stares at him and growls, "How I ever felt remotely sorry for you is something really quite beyond me. Oh, I feel sorry for your family, but not for you. You managed to make me forget the disgusting things you did to those people in Vietnam - and by comparison, I am more than proud of what I've done in my lifetime." Bainbridge glares at her as she orders, "Now you get out of here." Bainbridge threatens, "You're asking for trouble. I warn you." He walks out, closing the door behind him. Jill tells Fiona to calm down, but Fiona puts down the folder and replies, "No, I'm going out." Jill tells her to think about it first, but Fiona retorts, "No - I might change my mind. If he wants a fight, I'll give him one." She lifts a blue folder out of the dresser and tells Jill, "I am going to give these photostat copies of Barney's diary to the Army and let them sort out that pig. If he thinks he can intimidate me, he's picked the wrong girl."

Leigh is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's when Charlie walks in, holding her jacket. Charlie asks her, "What are you up to?" but Leigh just mutters, "Guess." Charlie retorts that she hasn't got time for any more of her nonsense. Leigh smiles and queries, "Really?" She then stands up, holding Charlie's airline ticket, and says, "I know where Patricia is - and I think the police would be very interested, don't you? I mean after all, she did run away from them and she was facing a murder charge. If you don't let me stay here while you're away, and give me enough money to enjoy myself, I might just have to tell the police all I know." Charlie, looking shocked, cries, "That's blackmail." Leigh replies coolly, "That's right. Patricia and I made a deal; part of that deal was that you'd look after me until she paid me. Now, if you don't keep your part of the bargain, what choice have I got? It's up to you." Charlie growls that she knows what she'd like to do to Leigh. Leigh ignores this and goes on that Charlie's not to forget to remind Patricia that she owes her for what happened with Karen. Charlie walks towards Leigh and reaches for the ticket, demanding, "Give me that." Leigh pulls the ticket away and tells her, "Uh uh - not yet." A nasty smile on her face, she adds, "Well? Do I get what I want?" Charlie glares at her.


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