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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A short time later, Leigh is back at Charlie's, and she tells Charlie indignantly that Wayne made her come home; she wanted to see what happened when the police turned up. Charlie exclaims that she just can't believe it, and she asks Leigh if she's sure it wasn't the drink talking. Leigh replies that he'd had a few, but even if you're drunk, you don't ring the police and tell them you're a murderer unless it's true. Charlie, looking shocked, murmurs that she knows Wayne has done some awful things from time-to-time...; an accident, she could understand... Leigh explains that that's what Wayne is saying it is, but he looked guilty as hell to her - she can't see the police buying it as an accident. She sits down and then suddenly declares, "Hey, I've just thought... he'll go to jail... he's just married Karen... she's going to be a real mess. That's what Patricia wanted - and I made it possible!" Charlie queries, "Hmm?" Leigh points out that she was the one who got Wayne talking - that's why he confessed. Looking miles away, Charlie just muses, "Poor Gordon, what is it going to do to him...?"

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon has a look of shock on his face as Wayne sits and tells a detective that, after he got Mitch into the car, he went over to the National Park and left him there. The detective asks him where he left him, but Wayne replies that he doesn't know the name - it was just the bush. The detective asks him if he can think of any landmark that might help them. Looking surprised, Wayne asks, "A landmark?" The detective explains that he means a type of tree or a rock outcrop; something like that. Wayne pauses and then says, "Er... water. One of those lakes." A second detective, standing by the bar, asks him if he means the first lake you come to, on the right of the main road. Wayne, sounding distant, replies that he thinks so. The first detective suggests that surely he'd remember something as important as that, but Wayne cries that he was confused; he didn't know what he was doing. Gordon stands up and says he's sorry but he can't allow any more questions; his son is entitled to have a solicitor advising him; he's obviously in no fit state to answer any more questions. Wayne, tears welling in his eyes, looks at Gordon and assures him, "Dad, it's OK. Why don't you wait outside? You shouldn't have to go through it too." Gordon tells Wayne that he did the right thing, but now he's doing more harm than good. Wayne, though pleads, "Please, dad. I'm only thinking of you. It'll be over in a few more minutes." Gordon stares at him and concedes, "If that's what you want." He walks out, closing the lounge room doors behind him. Karen and Alan are just coming in the front door, and Karen asks Gordon who owns the car parked outside; have they got guests? She suddenly notices the expression on his face and asks him if he's alright. Gordon, looking worried, explains, "Wayne's in there with the police. He rang and told them that he'd murdered Bob Mitchell." Looking shocked, Karen cries that that's ridiculous - she's got to talk to him. Alan calls, "No. Karen..." and Gordon warns her that that police are still questioning him, but Karen snaps that she doesn't care. She barges into the lounge room and tells the police to leave her husband alone. Wayne stares at her and tells her that it's no use. The first detective asks her if she's Mrs. Hamilton. Karen insists, "He doesn't know what he's saying." The detective asks if they could just have a bit of calm. He then asks Karen if she has something to say. Karen tells him, "My husband is very close to a nervous breakdown. He's been suffering delusions for several weeks now. I know he's claiming to have killed a man but it's absolutely ridiculous - it's all in his mind." The detective turns to look at Wayne. Wayne just sits there, apparently not knowing what to think.

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Leigh pops the cork out of a bottle and starts pouring the contents into two glasses. Charlie comes in and asks her indignantly what she's doing, adding that that's her good champagne. Leigh explains that she thought she should celebrate: one in the eye for Karen Hamilton. She holds out a glass to Charlie, but Charlie doesn't take it, instead snapping, "You're disgusting." Leigh pours Charlie's glass into her own and retorts, "I'm honest."

At Dural, Karen tells the first detective that she doesn't know where the idea came from. The detective asks about Bob Mitchell: had there been any trouble between him and her husband? Karen, who's sitting on the couch with With, holding his arm, replies that, no, as she said, it's all in his mind. Wayne asks if he can talk to his wife alone. Karen quickly tells him that there's no need to worry - she's not angry with him; she's sure the detectives understand. Wayne insists that he wants to explain, but Karen tells him tautly, "I'll do the explaining." She then turns back to the detectives and goes on that she thinks they should know that the problem has been going on for the last three months. The second detective queries, "And you haven't done anything?" Karen pauses and then replies that she did think about medical help, but it's not an easy decision; she supposes now, though... The detective agrees, "Yes." He then adds that they'd know for sure that her husband was making it up if they could talk to Mr. Mitchell. Karen explains that, unfortunately, none of them know where he's living - but Amanda saw him the day after Wayne claims to have killed him; they can check that out with her - she's Gordon's niece. The second detective says, "We will. Amanda... Hamilton?" Gordon corrects, "Morrell." Karen adds that the day Wayne first made up the story, he was so depressed he actually tried to commit suicide; they can check that too - she called her doctor in. The first detective turns to Wayne and asks if that's true, and Wayne admits, "Yes." He then goes on, tears welling in his eyes again, that he doesn't know what to think anymore - it's all been on his mind so much that he hasn't been able to think of anything else. The first detective announces that they'll leave it there for the moment. He then asks Gordon where they can contact his niece. Gordon explains that she's on her way back from Europe and she's due in Melbourne today; he'll tell her to get in touch as soon as possible. The detective thanks him. He adds that they'll search the area where Mr. Hamilton claims to have disposed of the body and drag the lake near that area. Turning to Karen, he adds, "And I would suggest, Mrs. Hamilton, that you organise treatment for your husband as soon as possible." Karen replies that she will. Gordon goes to see the detectives out. Wayne calls after them, "You'll have to believe me when you find him." The detectives don't respond. Gordon closes the lounge room doors behind him, and out in the hallway, the first detective asks him if he'd say his son is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Gordon replies that he has been very depressed, but he can't honestly see him killing anybody - so Karen is probably right. The second detective points out that she could be protecting Wayne, but the first detective comments that there's no grounds for charging him - at the moment. The two of them go. In the lounge room, Wayne cries to Karen, "Shouldn't have said anything... can't take it anymore." Karen looks at Alan, who just shakes his head.

A while later, Karen is sitting out by the pool when Alan startles her by hobbling over to her. She tells him that she's sorry - her nerves aren't all that good at the moment. Alan sits down and asks where Wayne is. Karen replies that he's sleeping; he doesn't seem to want her with him. She goes on, looking worried, that she really thought he was going to be alright; that he'd forget about Mitch - but things don't seem to be working out the way she thought they would. Alan asks her if she isn't asking a bit much. He adds that if he was Wayne, he couldn't forget; he doesn't know how she thought this whole stupid idea would ever work in the first place - it's a bit bizarre: bribing someone to pretend they're dead so that you can force a guy to marry you. He goes on that, now, with Mitch playing up, it's even worse. Karen, suddenly looking thoughtful, ponders, "I wonder why he didn't show up today." Alan asks who knows what's on his mind. He then adds that if he were her, he'd cut her losses and tell Wayne the truth. Karen, though, looking shocked, retorts that she couldn't do that - Wayne would never speak to her again; no, she's just going to have to ride it through: once the police realise there's no body, he'll calm down, she's sure of it. Alan comments that he still thinks she's kidding herself, but Karen tells him that, no, once the police are satisfied, Wayne will be alright; he's got it off his conscience, that's the main thing. Alan points out that it's not going to make him think he never did it; he's not going to be able to forget about it because the police can't find a body; unless she tells Wayne the truth, he's going to go through hell for the rest of his life; he's damn sure he would. He then threatens, "If you're not going to tell him, I will." Karen, looking shocked pleads, "No, Alan, please don't." She goes on that it'll take some time, but she can make Wayne happy; he'll forget - she's sure he will. She begs, "Please..." Alan gives in and mutters that she's the one that has to live with it; she should just make sure she's not the one who ends up with a breakdown. He gets up and hobbles off, leaving Karen sitting there, looking worried.

David and Mike are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking through a gardening book, while Heather works at the sink. David comments that onions seem to be a waste of time - they take so long to grow. Mike tells him that if they're really serious about a market garden, the thing they've got to watch is not getting a glut of stuff as the prices just drop right down. There's suddenly a knock at the door and a female voice says, "Are the bushies receiving guests?!" Everyone looks round to find Amanda and Andy standing there! Heather happily asks them when they got back, and Mike exclaims, "Surprise us next time!" David asks if ten weeks have gone already, and Amanda replies, "Oh yes! It's good to he home, though!" Heather asks Andy if he enjoyed the trip and Andy replies that it was really great. Amanda explains that they thought they'd come to Melbourne before going up to Sydney - apart from which, Irene would have throttled her if she hadn't brought David his present. She hands him a gift-wrapped parcel and he comments that she shouldn't have. He then asks how Irene is, and Andy replies that she's fighting-fit. Amanda adds, "And guess what: she has decided to become a surgeon and she's studying like crazy." David exclaims that that's great, and Mike agrees, "Good on her." Andy then asks how Barbara is, adding that that's the other reason they came through Melbourne: they've both been very worried about her. David replies that, to tell them the truth, he hasn't got a clue - he hasn't seen her for about two or three months. He starts unwrapping his gift from Irene, and he comments that she's really wrapped it up! Heather tells Andy and Amanda that she can tell them that Beryl said Barbara and Ross Newman are still pretty close. Looking worried, Amanda remarks, "That's a pity," and Andy comments that he hoped she'd be over him by now. David suggests that they drop in on her and see for themselves, and Amanda says they will. She then asks him how he's going with his gift and David laughs as he lifts out a Toby jug! He smiles that it's just the sort of thing you'd expect from Irene! He adds that the two of them are welcome to stay there while they're in town, and Amanda thanks him, saying that that would be great. She asks Andy if that would be OK with him. Looking worried, Andy replies that that's fine - he just doesn't think it's such a good idea if he comes to Barbara's with her - not if Newman's still hanging around. Amanda comments that that's fair enough.

A gaunt-looking Barbara walks into the lounge room at Toorak, followed by Ross, and she tells him that it's good to see him. Ross replies, "And you." Barbara asks him if he brought her prescription for her. Ross takes out a small bottle of tablets and shakes it at her. He then tells her that a funny thing happened on the way there today: he saw two kids dressed up in monster outfits; they couldn't have been knee-high to grasshoppers! Barbara, looking somewhat distant, exclaims, "Kids!" She then goes on that David rang and said Beryl had given birth; she really must try and see her, sometime. Ross muses that there's a child that's been born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Barbara looks down at the bottle of pills he's holding and replies, "Yes, isn't it..." Ross stares at her and asks her if she's been overdoing it, as she's getting a bit vague; she even forgot to give him the cheque this month, and he thought she wanted to make regular donations to the Foundation. Barbara runs her fingers through her hair and assures him hesitantly, "No... no, I gave you one about three weeks ago." Ross, though, tells her that, no, that was six weeks ago. He walks over to the desk, putting the bottle of tablets down on it. Barbara stares at it longingly. He tells her that he'll write the cheque out and then all she's got to do is sign it. Barbara agrees distantly, "Sure, sure, whatever." She stares at the bottle of pills while Ross writes the cheque and she then reaches down and signs it. Ross tears it out, stands up, hands her the bottle of pills and warns her, "You will watch how many you take, won't you?" Barbara assures him, "I do, I do, yes."

Charlie is sitting with Gordon in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon muses that he honestly doesn't know what to think anymore, but Charlie tells him that Karen is making absolute sense: people imagine all sorts of things when their nerves give way; Wayne has just made the whole thing up. Gordon comments that he hopes so. He goes on that they'll know more when Amanda gets back - if she did see Mitch today-- Charlie interrupts him and tells him not to talk about it. She adds that she knows it's silly to say 'don't think about it', as she's done nothing else herself. She then tells him that he really doesn't look well, and she suggests that he get some rest. Gordon stands up and replies that he was going to ask if she'd mind. Charlie assures him that she may be pretty whacky sometimes, but she's not that silly! Gordon smiles and assures her that he knows that.

A short time later, Charlie is sitting on her own couch. Leigh pours herself another glass of champagne and asks Charlie what happened with the police: have they come to take Wayne away? Charlie retorts that, as a matter of fact, Karen has explained the whole thing: no one was killed; it's all in Wayne's mind. Leigh comments that it doesn't sound too convincing to her - she might go over and do a bit of snooping. Charlie warns her to stay away from the Hamiltons' and she adds that Gordon told her to give Leigh the rest of the day off, as he doesn't want to be disturbed. Leigh points out, "But I'd be going over to see if I could help..." Charlie stands up and snaps, "You will stay away and that's final." She then goes on, "For your information, young lady, I'm going to ring Patricia and ask her to call the whole stupid deal off. Well, she should never have made you the offer. And I certainly wouldn't have agreed if I'd known people like Gordon and Wayne were going to be hurt." Leigh demands, "Where exactly is Patricia?" but Charlie retorts that it's nothing to do with her, and she asks Leigh to leave her alone while she talks to her. Leigh points out that Patricia might want to speak to her and get a progress report, but Charlie glares at her and snaps, "Will you get out? I've had enough of your nonsense. And from now on you'll do exactly as I say or you'll be out on your ear and I don't give a damn what Patricia wants." Leigh storms out, leaving Charlie standing there angrily. After a few seconds, she walks over to the 'phone, dials the Operator and says she'd like to place a call to Rio de Janeiro, please.

Andy is sitting on the verandah at the country house when a heavily-made-up Katie approaches him and exclaims, "Andy!" Andy turns to her and says, "Look who it is!" Katie asks him when he got back, and he explains that it was today. He adds that it's great to see her and he tells her that she's looking terrific. He then asks what she's doing up there and Katie explains that her mum and dad gave her a call and told her that they'd moved in, so she thought she'd pay them a visit. Andy smiles and tells her that if this girl she's sharing with looks anything like her, he'd like an intro! Katie replies that she hasn't changed that much, but Andy assures her that from there, she has. He adds that, whoever her boyfriend is, he sure is lucky. Katie tells him that there's no one regular. Quickly changing the subject, she asks if Amanda is inside, as she can't wait to see her. Andy, though, explains that she's down seeing Barbara. He then tells Katie to come through and he'll show her his photos. They head inside.

Barbara is giving Amanda a tight hug in the hallway at Toorak and she tells her that it's so good to see her - she looks wonderful! She adds that she can't wait to hear about her trip. They head into the lounge room and Amanda smiles that it would take a couple of hours and she can't stay that long at the moment; she only came over to see if Barbara would come out to dinner with them tonight; Andy really wants to see her. The smile on Barbara's face disappears and she snaps, "Well I don't want to see him." Amanda cries, "Aunty Barb..." Barbara growls that any boy who'd make money by pushing drugs isn't worth knowing. Amanda retorts that she doesn't believe he ever did that; she's just been away with him for three months and you couldn't meet a nicer guy; he's no different from the way he was when they first met him. She sits down and Barbara does likewise, asking as she does so if Amanda thinks they really ever knew him. Amanda replies that of course they did: he's kind and honest and he helped her when she broke-up with Wayne and when Todd died; she thinks Barbara is being very unfair. Barbara snaps that she's not going to change her mind. A smile suddenly crosses her face again and she says, "Anyway, now come on. You tell me about your trip to America." Amanda corrects, "We went to Europe." Barbara's face drops, but she quickly recovers, "Of course you did! Oh, silly me! Well, tell me about Europe, then." Amanda tells her enthusiastically that it was marvellous - Paris was just fantastic; she'll never forget it. She suddenly notices Barbara's bottle of tablets on the coffee table, but before she can say anything, Barbara excitedly asks her if she went to London. Amanda replies that of course they did - the buildings are starting to look marvellous; they've just started to clean them up again. Barbara listens and then tells Amanda that she's got a bit of news for her - she might not like it, though. Amanda queries, "Hmm?" Barbara goes on, "When my divorce from Gordon is final, Ross and I are going to get married." Amanda stares at her in shock.

A while later, Amanda is back at the country house, sitting with Andy, Mike and Katie at the kitchen table as Heather works at the sink. She murmurs, "I couldn't believe it. You wouldn't recognise her. I don't know what they were, but the pills on the table have got to be the clues." Andy comments that that makes sense: if he's got her spaced-out all the time, it would be easy for Newman to lay his hands on whatever he wanted. Katie glares at him. Andy goes on that there's no way he's not after her money. Amanda replies that she couldn't agree more: the way Aunty Barb looks at the moment and the way she's behaving... no man would look twice at her. Katie looks down guiltily. Heather chips in that it's a terrible thing, believe her, and she asks Katie if she remembers in Perth how she let herself go but Katie couldn't convince her of that; she made her look at herself in the mirror and she couldn't see anything wrong; your brain goes 'soggy'; trying to get off them's the worst part. She adds that how anyone could deliberately set out to get someone addicted is beyond her. Katie suddenly says she doesn't think Ross would do it on purpose - he's a doctor, not some drug pusher. Andy points out curtly that he's shown what he is: he planted hash in his van just to make sure Barbara would throw him out, because he knew he was onto him. He adds angrily that he can't actually believe Newman has got Barbara conned into thinking he's going to marry her. Katie looks down at the table. Andy adds that they've got to make Barbara see sense before it's too late. Katie suddenly stands up and exclaims that she forgot: it's her turn to stock the 'fridge, and the shops close in half an hour; her flatmate will blow a fuse if she forgets. Heather gives her a kiss and tells her that she'd better hurry. Katie tells Andy and Amanda that it's nice to see them both back in one piece, and she goes. Amanda asks Heather who Katie is flatting with now - anyone they know? Heather replies that it's a nurse from the hospital - a lovely girl.

Katie walks along the corridor outside the door to a flat, takes out her keys, opens the door and goes in. It's Ross's flat, and Ross is sitting on the couch, reading. Katie walks over to him, gives him a kiss and says, "Hi." Ross asks her if she had a good day. Katie replies that it wasn't bad - Andy and Amanda were there. A note of worry in his voice, Ross remarks, "Really? They're back home already?" Katie tells him that Amanda has been to see Barbara and she asks him if he knows that Barbara is telling everyone that he's going to marry her. Ross looks down at his book and Katie goes on that it's been months since he said he wasn't interested in Barbara, but all he seems to do is spend more time with her. Ross retorts, "As a doctor, yes. I've never given her the slightest hint of anything else." Turning to look at Katie again, he tells her that Barbara is in a dream world; in fact, he's going to send her to a friend of his - a psychiatrist. He goes on that he just feels very sorry for her - she's been so incredibly generous with the Foundation, and he is sort of responsible; that's why he goes round there so often: just to keep an eye on her. Katie comments that she does seem to be taking an awful lot of tablets. Ross muses, "Possibly, yes." He puts down his book and then admits, "In fact, yes she is. I think she's seeing more than one doctor. It's an old trick. That's the other reason I go round so often: just to try and wean her off." Katie goes and sits down next to him and comments that that's typical: it doesn't matter how much he tries to do for Barbara, he's the one who ends up getting the blame. She then pleads, "Can't you start seeing her less often? Please...? It's the only way you're going to stop rumours that you're only after her for her money." Ross kisses his index finger and places it on Katie's lips. She smiles at him and says, "Thanks." She then goes on that once everyone realises that Andy's wrong about him, she wants to tell her mum and dad about them - it's getting harder to lie to them. Ross replies that he knows - he'd really like it out in the open, too. He takes her hand, kisses it and adds, "You're the only one I care about, you know?" Katie murmurs, "You too." Ross then stands up and suggests to her that she start getting a meal together, as he has to go and spend a couple of hours at the hospital. Katie asks him flirtatiously what he'd like. Ross muses, "Oh, Katie, Katie... how about we start with something to eat...?" He kisses her and leaves. Katie sits on the couch, smiling happily.

Ross pulls up his car outside Toorak and gets out. Another car is parked outside the house, and Andy gets out of it, points an accusatory finger at Ross and snaps, "Hey, 'mate', it's gone far enough. I've heard what you're doing to Barbara and you're not going to get away with it." Ross growls, "Keep out of it, you silly little idiot." Andy, though, snaps that there's no way - this time, Barbara is going to know the truth. Ross laughs, "She's not going to believe you. She still thinks you're a drug pusher. Go home and play with your toys." Andy suddenly lashes out and punches Ross on the jaw. Ross falls back and drops to the ground.

A few moments later, Barbara is outside as well, as Ross and Andy struggle on the ground. Andy lands another punch on Ross, who stops resisting. Barbara yells at them to get up, and she helps Ross get back on his feet. Andy stares at her and cries, "Barbara, look at you." Barbara yells, "What are you fighting for?" Andy retorts that it's because he cares about her; she can't marry Ross. He then asks her if she's seen herself; she looks like a zombie. He tells her to go and look in the mirror. Barbara runs her hands through her hair, nervously, as Andy points at Ross and snaps that it's all his fault; can't she see that he's only after her money? Ross glares at him and growls, "You leave here now. Otherwise I'll call the police and have you charged with assault." Andy turns to Barbara and pleads, "Mrs. H..." Barbara snaps at him that before he left for Europe, she told him to get out and she meant it. She then tells Ross to come inside and she'll get him some ice. They walk off, leaving Andy looking worried.

Barbara and Ross head inside, and Barbara asks Ross if he's alright. He assures her that he's absolutely fine. Looking worried, Barbara asks if she's really as bad as Andy says, but Ross tells her not to be silly - Andy is just trying to hurt her. He adds, "Barbara, do you think I'd marry a zombie?" and he leads her into the lounge room.

It's nighttime, and at Dural, Wayne is lying on the couch in the lounge room as Karen sits next to him. She tells him to give it a few weeks and he'll be able to forget the whole thing ever happened. Wayne, though, calmly tells her that the body is in the lake; the police will find it and that will be the end. Karen replies, "Maybe not. The water's very deep and it's a very large area. Besides, I got the feeling the police believed what I was saying." Wayne murmurs, "I hope they do find him." Karen suddenly snaps, "Oh do you? Well that's nice." She stands up and turns away from him, going on and asking him if he has any idea what she's going to feel like if he goes to jail - or is it so awful being married to her that it's some sort of escape? Wayne quickly says he's sorry - it's just that when Leigh said why she'd gone off, he knew someone was trying to blackmail her and he couldn't let that happen; he only rang the police because of her. Karen sits down again, takes Wayne hand and assures him, "Oh, darling, you needn't have worried. When I got there, nobody showed up. And now you've talked to the police, it's pointless for anyone to try and blackmail me. Truly, I believe it's all going to be over very soon." Wayne murmurs, "Tell you one thing: when they do find the body, I won't let you be brought into it." Karen stares at him, lovingly.

On the 'phone in her lounge room, Charlie asks, "Are you absolutely certain Margaret Stone isn't there?" She adds, "Oh yes... And there's no address?" She then puts on an accent and repeats, "She give you no address...?!" She then concedes, "Yes. Thankyou very much. Thankyou." She hangs up and calls for Leigh. Leigh immediately comes in and comments that Charlie took long enough. Charlie explains that she made three attempts and still got nowhere; Patricia has moved out and seems to have vanished. Leigh sourly remarks that that's great - after all the trouble she's gone to.... She adds that she'd better un-vanish sooner or later. She then announces that she's going next door: Gordon or no Gordon, she has to know what's happening. She goes to walk off. Charlie calls after her, "Then I hope they see through you. See what sort of a hideous person you are." She barges past her and Leigh demands, "Where are you going?" Charlie just retorts, "Out."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural and Wayne gets up from where he and Karen are sitting on the couch to answer it. Karen follows him out into the hallway. He opens the door to find the two detectives who interviewed him earlier standing there, and the first one tells him, "Mr. Hamilton, we've found a body at the lake." Wayne nods. The detective adds, "I'd like you to accompany us to the station, please." Wayne looks at Karen, relief on his face. Karen stands there looking horrified.


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