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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A short time later, David is standing on a small ledge, trying to hoist himself up, but he slurs that it's a waste of time - he can't get a grip. He curses, "Dammit. Useless." He jumps back to the bottom of the shaft and sits down opposite Beryl. He then admits that he should have done what she said: gone for help. He curses, "Talk about stupid." Beryl quietly murmurs that there's no use going on about it. David asks her how she is and she replies that she's OK; she's just trying to stay as calm as she can. David suggests impatiently that there's got to be a way out... He then asks her what she's doing out there anyway, and Beryl explains that Heather and Mike told her that he's going through a bad patch; she thought she'd come out and see what she could do. David smiles and says, "Yeah?" before adding, "At least you got me out of the house!" Beryl laughs but then winces in pain and tells him, "Don't, David. I could easily go into hysterics and that's the last thing we need at the moment." She sighs heavily. David looks up towards the top of the mine-shaft.

Leigh is on the 'phone at Charlie's, and she tells the person at the other end, "Now, that's to start running tomorrow and then every day until you hear otherwise from me. Right?" She pauses and then continues, "OK - let's just check the wording: 'Mitch - I have to see you. Signed Amanda.' Got it? Right. Thankyou." Charlie comes into the room and overhears as Leigh dictates this last message. Leigh hangs up and exclaims to her, "Phew, last one! The ad will be in every major paper in the country from tomorrow on." Charlie comments that she's not entirely certain that Mitch is the sort who reads papers, but Leigh retorts that he'll see it sooner or later - or one of his mates will. She goes and sits down and continues that she's bushed; she feels like she's been on the 'phone for hours. Charlie curtly tells her that she has: her 'phone, STD; she may have to sell the house to pay for it! Leigh retorts that that's the deal: she does the planning and Charlie looks after the expenses - which reminds her: she needs $50. Charlie suspiciously asks, "What for?" and Leigh replies that it's spending money: she's put in a long day and she needs to go out and unwind. Charlie retorts that she goes out and unwinds every night, and it's costing her a fortune - and that's not part of the 'deal', as Leigh calls it. Leigh assures her that she'll get it all back when she collects from Patricia, but Charlie tells her dubiously that she's glad she thinks so, as it's been over two months now without a word; Patricia is probably having the time of her life and she wouldn't be surprised if she's forgotten all about her and Leigh's little 'arrangement'. Leigh, though, says she doesn't think so; she'll be in touch - and when she does, she'd hate to have to tell her that Charlie has been refusing to help her. Charlie points out that she hasn't; she's just been trying to keep things to some sort of budget, and paying for Leigh to go out partying night after night seems a little extravagant. Leigh asks her curtly if she has any idea what it does to her, going around all day pretending she's little Goody Two-Shoes?. She adds that if she couldn't have some fun at night, she'd go off her brain. Charlie asks her what will happen if someone she knows sees her having her 'fun'? - what happens to her little 'Goody Two Shoes' image then? Leigh, though, tells her not to worry - no one they know would go anywhere near the sort of places she does. She adds, "It's only $50..." Charlie glares at her.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon is sitting on the couch, looking at a file. Karen is pacing the floor, a drink in her hand, while Alan sits on another chair. Gordon comments that Wayne has been gone a long time, and Karen explains that there were a couple of things he had to see to; he said he might be a while. Gordon then stands up and says he's got more work to do; he'll be in the study if anyone needs him. He leaves the room and Alan immediately asks Karen what on earth is going on. Karen assures him, "Nothing," but Alan tells her to come on: where has Wayne disappeared to, and why did he freak out over Mitch's telegram? Karen tells him that he's imagining things. Alan glares at her and snaps, "Oh, is that right? I thought we'd got to the point where we trusted each other." Karen, looking guilty, pauses and then goes and sits down next to her son. Staring into her glass, she explains, "Wayne thinks Mitch is dead." Alan looks at her and she goes on, "There was a fight at the house. Mitch was knocked unconscious and Wayne thought he'd killed him. I let him go on thinking... When Mitch came-to, I paid him to disappear and told Wayne I'd dumped the body." Alan, looking surprised, asks, "For God's sake, why?" Karen sadly explains that it's because she loves Wayne - and if she couldn't get him to love her, she thought at least she could get him to owe her; it was a wild idea and she thought it out as it went along; she didn't know if it would work, or how - but it did, and that's why Wayne married her. Alan asks what will happen when Wayne finds out, but Karen retorts, "He won't." Alan points out that he will if Mitch wants him to, but Karen replies that Mitch has got nothing to gain by telling him. Alan asks why the telegram, then, and Karen muses that she supposes Mitch figured that once she was married to Wayne she'd be an easy target for blackmail - although how he knew about the wedding, she doesn't know. She goes on, though, that that doesn't matter; what does matter is that she's got to find a way of getting rid of him properly this time. Alan comments that, from the sound of it, that'll be easier said than done. Karen, retorts that she'll do it, adding that, after all she went through with Wayne, she's not letting anybody take him away from her.

In the mine-shaft, David is still looking up to the hole above him. He then turns to Beryl and tells her that there are more people living round there than she thinks; someone will find them. Beryl doesn't respond. David continues that there's a creek not far away; sometimes the kids come along at night there. He sits down and adds that he'll wait a few minutes and then he'll start yelling again. Beryl cries that no one's going to find them, but David assures her that of course they will - it's not like they're stuck in the middle of the Simpson Desert. Beryl suddenly snaps, "Don't patronise me. It's hopeless." David soothingly tells her to come on, but Beryl goes on angrily that all he had to do was make one 'phone call, but he was too drunk and stupid to do that - and he had to prove that he didn't need anyone's help. She demands, "Why couldn't you have listened to me just once?" David puts his hand on her arm and assures her that it's not that bad, but Beryl pushes him off and yells, "Don't touch me. I don't want you near me." She suddenly clutches her hands to her belly and cries out in pain. David puts his arms round her, but Beryl cries at him to leave her alone; there's nothing he can do. David looks worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Karen says to Alan that she just hopes Wayne hasn't been drinking all this time; if he had an accident now, she doesn't know what she'd do. Alan comments that he can't get over seeing her so worried; he wouldn't have believed she could care so much. He asks, "What's it feel like, being in love?" Karen asks him if he doesn't know, and he replies, "Not really." Karen tells him that it's not all fun. She then asks him why he doesn't ask Jill what it's like; she's sure she could tell him. She adds, "You know she's in love with you, don't you?" Alan admits, "Yeah." Karen asks him how he feels about her, but Alan doesn't say anything. Karen goes on that Jill has to be one of the nicest people she knows; she'd hate to think that he would get her hopes up if he didn't care. Alan replies that he cares for her alright - in fact, it's got to the point where he really needs her, but not all the time, if that makes sense; he's just not ready to settle down with one woman, he guesses. Karen suggests that maybe it's time he was, but Alan retorts that it's not that easy - and there's Leigh, for instance: when a girl that attractive shows an interest in him - regardless of his condition - he'd be stupid not to take what's offered. Karen points out that that would depend on whether it's what he really wants. Alan just looks at her. She adds that she thinks it's time he did some pretty serious thinking. The front door suddenly bangs, and Alan comments that that sounds like Wayne. Karen sighs and then tells Alan that, at any rate, she's glad they're talking like this. She adds, "It helps, doesn't it?" Out in the hallway, Gordon has joined Wayne and is telling him curtly that he's been worrying about him. Karen goes out and joins them as Wayne explains that he went for a drive. Gordon, looking surprised, queries, "By yourself?" Wayne asks if there's anything wrong with that, and Gordon points out that people usually don't drive around on their own on their wedding night. Karen puts her arms through Wayne's and explains that it's alright: she and Wayne had a small tiff this afternoon; it was all pretty trivial but it's over and forgotten now. Looking at Wayne, she adds, "Right, darling?" Wayne grudgingly agrees, "Right." Karen then tells him that he looks tired, and she suggests that he come and sit down. She leads him into the lounge room. Alan has gone, and Karen shuts the doors and asks Wayne where he's been, as she's been so worried. Wayne replies that he went to the National Park. Karen asks in surprise what on earth he was doing there, but Wayne says he doesn't know; it's where he ended up. Looking worried, he goes on that he got out and walked around... he guesses he thought he could lay the ghost; but then he started thinking: Amanda said she saw Mitch once... and that telegram... what if Mitch wasn't dead when she dumped him? - she could have been wrong. Karen assures him, "Wayne, he was dead. Believe me." Wayne growls that he has to be sure - so they'll go out tomorrow and she can show him where the body is. Looking shocked, Karen asks him if he's out of his mind, but Wayne snaps that he has to be sure. Karen cries, "I swear to you, he was dead." Wayne insists angrily that he has to see the body himself. Karen retorts, "You can't." Wayne goes on that he's not doing this because-- Karen interrupts and explains, "You can't, because I... weighted him down and dumped him in the lake." Wayne stares at her in shock and then comments out that that's not what she told him before. Karen explains that she wanted to spare him the details - he was upset enough as it was - and dwelling on it is only making things worse. Wayne, rubbing his chin and looking worried, cries, "So that's it. Nothing we can do. Sit around and wait until someone drops a noose around my neck." Karen shakes her head and assures him that they won't; she promises him: no one's going to find the body. She suggests that he put it out of his head and come up to bed. Wayne, though, replies that she can go and he'll be up later. Karen points out that it is their wedding night, but Wayne replies that he doesn't really think he's in the mood. Karen turns to go and she tells him that she'll see him in the morning. Wayne suddenly calls after her and asks her to wait a minute. Karen turns to face him and he explains that he didn't mean it like that: he'll come up with her. Karen assures him that it's alright - she's rather tired herself; she'll have a little sleep and then he can come up when he's ready. She gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek and leaves the room. Wayne stands there, looking worried.

In the mine-shaft, Beryl is leaning back against one of the walls. David is sitting opposite her and he asks her if she's alright. Beryl just mumbles, "Mmm..." David asks, "No more contractions?" Beryl shakes her head. David goes on that it mightn't be worth much, but he's sorry. Beryl quietly tells him that the only thing he should be sorry about is letting himself go to the pack over the last few months. David just murmurs, "Yeah... things just got on top of me." He adds that he supposes she heard about the truck? Beryl nods. David murmurs that he could have killed that woman and kid; he lost his licence and Pat's gone... anyway, it got so nothing was worth the effort anymore; he guesses he reckoned no one would care what he did - least of all her. Beryl says quietly that she was looking at some wedding photos... God knows why - she was miserable enough as it was! She goes on that they brought back some good memories of how they used to help each other... she couldn't let him destroy himself. David smiles, "Yeah..." He moves over to sit next to Beryl and he puts his arm round her, comfortingly.

The next morning, there's bright light shining down the mine-shaft. David is still sitting with his arm round Beryl, and he comments that at least it's starting to warm up. Beryl agrees that that's something, she supposes. David tells her not to worry about it, but Beryl retorts that it's too late: the contractions are coming far too quickly. David tells her not to panic and to just tell him what to do, but Beryl snaps that there's nothing he can do - the whole thing's insane. David points out that people have been born in worse places - just let him-- He breaks off as he suddenly hears a voice up above, whistling and calling, "Here, boy!" David stands up and yells, "Help! Help! It's David - down the mine-shaft."

A short time later, Beryl is being helped into a car by David, his neighbour, Warren, and Warren's sons. Warren tells David that he hopes he and Beryl get to the hospital in time. David thanks him for his car and he runs round to the front, gets in and drives off. Warren then suggests to his sons that they'd better go and cover up the hole.

Beryl is pushed into the corridor of a hospital in Melbourne on a trolley. David is with her as an orderly and a nurse accompany her to the delivery room. David points out to Beryl that he told her they'd make it! Beryl retorts that she just hopes the baby is going to be alright. David tells her that she worries too much. He adds that he'll stay out there and see her after. He stops walking and watches her being wheeled away.

Leigh lets herself into Dural, holding the mail. She goes through it and comes across a postcard. She turns it over to read it: it's addressed to Gordon, from Amanda and Andy.

A short time later, Leigh is back at Charlie's. Charlie is holding the postcard and Leigh tells her that they could arrive any minute; they say they expect to be in Melbourne around the same time Gordon gets the postcard. Charlie comments that she doesn't see why Leigh is getting so excited; what have Amanda and Andy got to do with anything? Leigh points out, "What if Amanda sees my ad?" Charlie remarks that she doesn't think Amanda will arrive in the country and immediately start scanning the personal columns - and even if she does, she'll only think it's a funny coincidence. Leigh snatches the postcard from her and snaps, "Like hell. The whole thing could blow up in our faces." Looking surprised, Charlie asks, "What do you mean 'Our faces'?" Leigh goes on that everything is too risky now - she can't afford to sit around and wait; she's going to have to force things somehow. Charlie asks why she gets the feeling this is going to cost her money. Leigh glares at her and snaps, "Is that all you ever think about: your precious money?" Charlie suggests, "I won't mention it again if you won't." Leigh, looking thoughtful, muses, "Karen's the strong one; Wayne's as weak as water. If I could just get Wayne on my own, I could find out what's going on..." She looks down at the postcard.

Karen is working at the table in the living room at Dural. Alan is hobbling around next to her, and she suggests that he sit down for a while, as moving around all the time can't be doing his legs much good. Alan retorts that he's got to keep exercising; he doesn't want to go back to a wheelchair. Karen points out that there is such a thing as overdoing it. Alan assures her curtly that if he collapses in a heap, he'll admit he needs a rest! Leigh suddenly comes in from the hallway and says a cheery, "Hello!" Karen comments to her that she took her time, and Leigh explains that the postman gave them one of Charlie's letters, so she took it across to her. She then holds out an envelope and tells Karen that this one's for her; the rest are on the hall table. She adds that the envelope hasn't got a stamp; someone must have left it in the box. Karen thanks her and Leigh heads out to the kitchen. Karen opens the envelope and takes out the sheet of paper inside. Alan asks who its from. Karen starts reading it and growls, "Mitch." Alan asks, "Bad news?" Karen explains that it's a follow-up to yesterday's telegram. Alan asks what he says, and Karen, continuing to peruse the letter, replies that he wants her to meet him at the Burara Post Office at midday. She adds curtly, "God knows I paid him enough in the first place." Alan suggests that she must have known that he'd want more, some day. Karen agrees that it did occur to her, but he seemed to have reasons of his own for wanting to disappear - and besides, he struck her as the sort of person that would stick to a deal once he'd made it; obviously, she was wrong. Alan asks her if she's going to meet him, and Karen points out that she doesn't have any choice. Alan tells her that he's coming with her, but Karen snaps, "No." Alan tells her that she might need help - she knows what Mitch is like. Karen curtly snaps, "What good would you do?" Alan glares at her and she quickly says she's sorry - she didn't mean it like that; of course she'd like him to come. Alan snaps at her not to do him any favours. He then goes on that she's right: he wouldn't be any good to her - but he doesn't want her going there alone. Karen tells him that nothing will happen - she'll have to do as Mitch says - but it is a long drive and she'd appreciate his company. Alan smiles and nods, "Yeah, alright." Karen calls to Leigh and then comments to Alan that she just hopes Mitch doesn't realise how big a barrel he's got her over - she'd like to drive his price down a bit. Leigh comes out from the kitchen, and Karen asks her if she can tell Wayne that she's taken Alan to the physio and she's not sure what time she'll be back. Leigh agrees, "OK." She stands there with a smile on her face as Karen and Alan head out...

At the hospital in Melbourne, a nurse hands Beryl her baby and tells her, "There you are. All present and accounted for." Beryl, a broad grin on her face, asks, "He's alright? Really?" The nurse assures her that he looks fine to her. David is in the room as well as the nurse tells Beryl that there was never any worry about her and the baby; they weren't so sure about her husband, though - they thought they'd have to put him under anaesthetic - several times! David stands there, looking sheepish! The nurse goes, and, staring at his son, David tells Beryl, "He's beautiful. Top marks, Curly!" Beryl smiles and says she doesn't suppose she can take all the credit! She then goes on, "I'm going to call him Robert - after dad." David smiles at the child and says, "G'day, Robert! What do you think of the world so far, cobber?"

Wayne walks into the lounge room at Dural, all dressed up in a smart suit. He calls for Karen but there's no answer. Leigh comes into the room behind him and he asks her if she knows where Karen is. Leigh explains that she had to go out. Wayne asks what for, but Leigh replies that she didn't really say; she guesses it had something to do with the note. Wayne stares at her and she goes on that she found a note this morning in the letterbox; Karen looked pretty upset when she read it. Wayne asks her if she knows who it was from. Leigh, putting on an expression of guilt, murmurs that she doesn't think she was meant to look. Wayne snaps, "Yeah, but did you?" Leigh admits, "Well, yes. Someone called Mitch. I think she's gone to meet him." A look of horror crosses Wayne's face, and he cries that that's impossible. He then grabs Leigh's arms and demands to know what the note said. Leigh cries that she doesn't know - she only saw the name. She adds that he's hurting her. Wayne asks where Karen has gone, adding that Leigh must know that. Leigh insists that she doesn't. Wayne lets go of her, sits down slowly and murmurs distantly, "What's going on...?" Leigh asks him carefully, "Are you alright?" Wayne mutters that none of it makes any sense. Leigh asks him if she can get him a drink, and he accepts. There's a smile on her face as she walks to the bar and pours him a scotch.

In her room at the hospital in Melbourne, David tells Beryl that he knows she didn't plan things the way they went, but at least she knocked a bit of sense into him! He goes on that being drunk and useless and nearly killing both of them made him hate himself; he's been like this for weeks - pretending there was no use doing anything - but he promises her that, from now on, he'll never let things get the better of him again. Beryl smiles and says she's glad - for his sake. David comments that a man can't go through life feeling sorry for himself - he might as well be dead. Beryl shakes her head. David goes on that he kept on thinking how many things there are he still wants to do: get the truck fixed... reapply for his licence... clean the house up, of course... and set things straight with Mike and Heather - see if they want to move back in. Beryl queries, "After asking them to leave in the first place?" David explains that he figured that it was the only way of telling them that he realises he did the wrong thing. Beryl nods. David adds that he hopes Mike is still keen on that market garden idea; he reckons they can make a go of it if they both put in together. Beryl remarks that it sounds like he's going to be pretty busy, but David smiles that he doesn't think he's going to be the only one: he reckons the young fella is going to be a bit of a handful for her. Beryl smiles back and tells him that she thinks she'll manage; she's had lots of practice! David points out, "Not by yourself, you haven't." Beryl muses, "First time for everything..." There's silence for a moment before David asks, "Where do we go to from here?" Beryl quietly replies, "We can't go back, David. That wouldn't work. I know we're close, and I'm very happy about it - I think we always will be now. I know I won't be lying awake at night, feeling bitter." She shrugs and continues, "But it's no use: you'll always be thinking of Patricia." David points out that he's getting over her, but Beryl shakes her head and tells him that he needs something different; with them, Patricia will always be there - the best they can hope for is to remain friends. David smiles and assures her, "Lot to be said for friendship." Beryl agrees, "Yes, there is."

Leigh finishes pouring Wayne another drink at the bar at Dural and says she still doesn't understand what the problem is; maybe it would help to talk about it? She sits down and hands him his drink. He mutters, clearly half-drunk, "It wouldn't help. Nothing can. Someone's found out. That's all that makes sense." Leigh probes, "Found what? I can keep a secret." Wayne assures her that she wouldn't want to know - believe him. Leigh pushes that he and Karen have been really good to her; if something's wrong, she'd like to help, but Wayne slurs that he told her: no one can. He goes on that he knew he'd never get away with it, the day it happened; someone always finds out - if it's not the police, it's someone else - and they turn you in or go for all they can get; it always happens. Leigh doesn't say anything and he goes on, "Thing is, I didn't even mean to do it. No one believes me, but I didn't." Leigh tells him cautiously, "I believe you, Wayne. I know you didn't mean it." Wayne looks at her in surprise and slurs, "Serious? You believe me?" Leigh soothes that of course she does; she just wishes she understood a bit better, that's all. She suggests, "Why don't you tell me what happened?" Wayne looks into his glass and slurs, "Poor Karen. I'm going through hell, but at least I brought it on myself. All she did was try and help me - now she's being blackmailed." He suddenly puts his glass down and slurs, "It's time I put a stop to it once and for all." He stands up and walks over to the 'phone on the bar. Leigh anxiously asks him what he's doing, but Wayne retorts that there's only one thing to do. Leigh asks him who he's calling. Looking worried, she adds, "Wayne. Please. Why not tell me first?" Wayne dials a number and it's answered the other end by a Sergeant Morrison. As Leigh looks on, Wayne slurs, "My name's Wayne Hamilton. I think you should send someone over. I want to confess a murder."


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