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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A short while later, a nurse knocks on the door to Beryl's room and brings in a tablet for her. Beryl tells her curtly that she doesn't want to go to sleep; she wants to know what's happening. The nurse replies that she's not to worry - they'll let her know; the tablet will just help her to relax. Beryl takes it, reluctantly. The nurse turns to go, but Beryl calls after her and says, "As soon as anything happens...?" The nurse assures her, "Sure," and she goes. David walks over and sits on the edge of Beryl's bed. Beryl murmurs that she can't believe it. David tells her soothingly to try not to worry - they'll find him.

Gloria is sitting on the couch at her apartment, holding a sleepy baby Robert and fussing over him. Ross is standing next to her and he asks if the kid is OK. Gloria replies that of course he is. She stands up, places the baby on his back on the couch and then goes and opens a suitcase which is resting on the floor. She takes out a blue teddy bear and a blanket. Ross looks at her in surprise and she points out, "Well, I had a kid once, didn't I." She returns to Robert and gives him the teddy. She then asks Ross, "When are you going to call them?" Ross tells her that it will be when they've sweated it out a bit longer. He then suddenly snaps that Robert is going to come-to soon; he's going to want a feed. Gloria tells him to leave the kid to her. Ross snaps that he just doesn't want him screaming, but Gloria retorts that she knows what she's doing. Ross growls that he doesn't want any mess-ups, but Gloria snaps that there won't be any, as long as he keeps his head. She then asks him what happened to all his confidence - he said it would be a piece of cake, didn't he? Ross retorts that he just happens to know the risks they're taking, that's all. Gloria assures him, "So do I." She then adds that he's a nice little kid, isn't he?

Baby Fee is sitting up on the couch at Fiona's. Jill walks over to her and picks her up, telling her that it's time for her bedtime now, as she wants to be fresh and pretty in the morning for her birthday party! Fiona joins them and, lifting up the edge of some unwrapped gift paper, asks who's been cheating. Jill smiles that they opened Terry's pressie - she could never wait to open hers when she was little! Fiona asks what it was, and Jill holds up a teddy and explains that they've called him Biff - Biff Bear! Fiona laughs that she likes it. She then asks if there was a card, and Jill points it out on the sideboard. Fiona goes and picks it up. As she does so, she asks Jill if she ordered the cake for Fee for tomorrow. Jill replies that she's picking it up in the morning. Fiona reads Terry's card and exclaims, "Isn't that nice!" Jill agrees, "Yeah!" Fiona goes on that she's quite looking forward to the party, actually, to take her mind off things: the Colonel... the book... ;it's all been so confusing. She adds that she supposes she'll just have to wait and see what the Army intends doing. Jill assures her that it'll be alright, and Fiona muses that she hopes so. She then asks if Alan is coming tomorrow. Jill replies slightly sheepishly that she mentioned it to him but she doesn't think a one-year-old's birthday party is quite his thing... Fiona comments that he's not coming, then, huh? Jill explains that she didn't like to push things - he wasn't in a very good mood. Fiona asks, "But you're not giving up on him?" Jill shakes her head, shrugs and replies, "I love him. I know you don't like him, Fiona, but that's just the way it is."

Beryl is sitting in her hospital bed, looking worried. She tells David that she can't stand the waiting and she asks if he can go and do something. David points out that he's been out there every ten minutes. He adds that they'll let them know when they hear something. Beryl cries that somebody must know - he can't have just disappeared. David shrugs. Beryl starts getting out of bed, and David stares at her in disbelief and asks where she thinks she's going to. Beryl cries that nobody's doing anything. David walks over to her and tries to push her back into bed, assuring her that of course they are. Beryl snaps, "I want my baby." She starts struggling to get out of the bed again, but David grabs her and tells her, "For God's sake - calm down." The 'phone next to the bed suddenly starts ringing and Beryl immediately picks it up and says, "Yes?" A woman's voice comes on and says, "Mrs. Palmer?" Beryl replies that that's right. David asks who it is, but Beryl holds up a hand to indicate to him to be quiet. The woman tells her, "We've got your baby. And if you want to see him alive again, you'll do exactly what I say." Beryl stares at David in horror.

Fiona walks over to the 'phone in her flat, sighs heavily and starts dialling. The 'phone at the other end rings at Dural. Alan is sitting in the lounge room, reading the newspaper, but he puts it down, gets up on his crutches and hobbles over to the bar to answer the call. Fiona comes on and says, "Alan?" Alan replies that it is. Fiona tells him that it's her and she goes on that she'd like to have a word with him about Jill. She then asks, "Why aren't you coming to Fee's party tomorrow?" Alan retorts that it's not quite his scene. Fiona, though, suggests to him that he means he can't be bothered making the effort. Alan tells her to come off it - the kid won't notice if he's not there. Fiona, though, tells him, "The mother will." Alan asks if Jill couldn't have called herself, but Fiona explains that Jill didn't want to push him. Alan mutters that Jill asked her to do it for her, but Fiona retorts that Jill doesn't even know she's making the call. She goes on that she cares about Jill and doesn't want to see her hurt; that's why she thought she'd appeal to his better nature - but it's quite obvious that he doesn't have one and she's sorry she wasted his time. She goes to hang up, but Alan quickly tells her to hang on: he does care about Jill. Fiona asks him why he doesn't come to her daughter's birthday party. Alan replies that he'll think about it, and Fiona tells him sourly, "You do that." She hangs up. At Dural, Alan sighs heavily.

Beryl is sitting in her hospital bed, staring down at the sheets. She murmurs, "God, David, they've got our baby. What are we going to do?" David asks her snappily to wait and give him time to think, but Beryl retorts curtly that they don't have time to think - they've got to do something. David tells her to hang on and just calm down. He then asks what this woman said, exactly. Beryl shakes her head and says, "Er, I... I..." David goes on that she mentioned the reserve - the nature reserve. Beryl agrees, "Yes." David continues that they've got to put the money in one of the bins. Beryl says yes - the third one from the side entrance; the woman said there'd be an old umbrella sticking out, so they wouldn't make a mistake. She adds, looking scared, "David, Robert is going to be alright, isn't he?" David assures her that of course he is - as long as they play it right. He then asks about the woman: did she sound like some sort of weirdo? Beryl replies that there was more than one - the woman said 'we' - and she meant it; she knows she did: if they don't have that money in the park by tomorrow afternoon by four o'clock-- David interrupts and says he'll call the cops, but Beryl snaps at him that he can't: if he does, she won't see her baby again - the woman said they'd hurt him if they called the police. David snaps back, "Come on, Beryl, it's the only way. They'll know what to do. Look, we can't be sure the kidnappers are going to give Robert back even if they do get the money." Beryl retorts that they will; why shouldn't they? David points out angrily that they're crims, that's why; if the crims don't get the money and that's that, what are they going to do? Beryl cries that she doesn't know; she just knows she can't take any risks; if anything goes wrong - if even one of them escapes...; she can't risk Robert's life. David sits down on her bed, grabs her wildly waving arms, and points out that they could kill him after they do get paid; why should they risk bringing him back? Beryl yells, "Because he's a tiny baby. Because he can't identify them. I don't know. I just know that we've got to give them money." She goes on more calmly that they're not going to the police; she's going to discharge herself and organise the ransom money - but they're not telling the police anything. David points out that the hospital will call the police in; they can't stop that. Beryl retorts, "Then we'll act as if it's a disappearance, not a kidnapping." She starts to get out of bed again, but David quickly tells her to get back in. He then goes on that he thinks she's wrong - but they'll play it her way. Beryl asks quietly, "Who would do a thing like this, David?" David, looking thoughtful, murmurs that he doesn't know - but it's someone who knows she's got money and is prepared to do anything to get it...

A short time later, the door to Ross's office at the hospital opens and David bursts in. He demands, "Where is he?" Ross stares at him in bemusement and replies, "Oh, come in." David repeats angrily, "Where is he?" Ross smarms, "Your baby? Yes, I heard he was missing. You don't think that I--?" He breaks off before adding, "Come on, Palmer, I don't even like kids." David glares at him and growls, "Got nothing to do with it. You tried to kill Pat... you've been ripping Barbara off... Now I'm warning you, you bastard, if you've got my kid--" Ross interrupts him and tells him, "Call them." David stares at him as he goes on, "If you think I kidnapped your son, call the police." He then tells David smoothly that he knows how he must feel, but there's just been a misunderstanding; the hospital staff will find him. David retorts that they've looked and he's not there; someone 'phoned: they've got Robert and they want money. Ross replies that he's sorry - he didn't realise. He lifts up the 'phone receiver and adds that it definitely is a police matter now. David, though, murmurs that he can't 'phone the police; the kidnappers warned them that if they did, they'd... He breaks off. Ross remarks that he must be going through hell and he asks him what he's going to do. David mutters, "Pay up. What else?" Ross assures him that he can rest assured he won't tell anybody. David turns to go. Ross suddenly calls after him and tells him, "I was visiting Katie at your place when the baby disappeared. You can check that one out." David glares at him and then walks out, leaving Ross smiling nastily.

A while later, David is back at the country house, and he asks Heather in the kitchen, "When was he here?" Heather replies that it was just after 6pm - Mike really had a go at him about Katie; she thought she was going to have to tie him down. David looks down at the ground, and Heather asks what's wrong. David tells her that there's been a mix-up at the hospital: Robert has gone missing. Heather stares at him in shock, and he quickly goes on that it's a mistake, that's all - they'll find him. Heather asks him if he thinks Ross might have had something to do with it. David muses that he thought he might have been... but if he was there...; it's just a stupid idea he had. Heather murmurs, "Robert's been kidnapped, hasn't he?" David nods reluctantly, and Heather puts her hand to her mouth in shock. David explains that they threatened to kill him if they don't come up with the money. He adds that they don't know what to do... Heather points out that the police will, but David retorts that they can't bring them into it. Heather cries that he must, but David explains that Beryl is against it and the kidnappers warned them not to. Heather snaps that if it was her child-- David interrupts her and asks her not to tell anyone - please. Heather quietly says, "I won't." She then goes on, "You're making a mistake, David, but it's your decision." David mutters, "Yeah, and I don't know what to do."

The next morning, Fiona is sweeping the driveway at the boarding house when a cab pulls up and a woman gets out. She walks over to Fiona and tells her that she's a friend of Amanda Morrell and Andy Green and she was wondering if Fiona had seen them. She adds that she met them overseas and they gave her the boarding house address and told her that she should meet them there. Fiona replies that she's sorry - they're not back in Sydney yet. The woman asks Fiona if she'd be Fiona Thompson by any chance, and Fiona smiles that she sure would! The woman, looking relieved, comments that that's a start, and she introduces herself as Cheri Nolan. They shake hands and Fiona asks her if she was going to stay with Andy and Amanda. Cheri replies that that's right. Fiona suggests that they go inside and have a cup of coffee and see if they can't sort something out. Cheri, looking grateful, thanks her.

A short time later, Fiona and Cheri carry cups of coffee out of Fiona's kitchen into the lounge room and they go and sit down. Cheri asks Fiona if Andy and Amanda didn't contact her. Fiona replies that she has had a few postcards from them, but they didn't mention anything about her. Cheri explains that they were going to arrange for her to stay there, at the boarding house. Fiona, looking surprised, murmurs, "Oh!" She then suggests that maybe she could 'phone round a couple of other people she knows - she just doesn't have any vacancies at the moment. Cheri, looking disappointed, comments that it's all rather embarrassing, isn't it? Fiona suddenly says that she could tell Cheri what: she could stay with her, if she likes - just until she sorts things out with Andy and Amanda. Cheri, looking grateful, replies that, if it's alright... as long as she's got the room... Fiona laughs that she's sure she can manage to fit her in somewhere! Cheri, looking relieved, thanks her and tells her that that's very good of her. Fiona then asks her if she's known Amanda long, and Cheri explains that she met her in Switzerland - and Andy; well, actually she was introduced to them by Irene Fisher. She asks Fiona if she knows Irene, and Fiona laughs, "Oh yes, very well!" She then asks Cheri where she met her, and Cheri - looking slightly shifty - replies carefully that she met her at the hospital where her son died - she'd flown across from London for a while. Fiona says she sees and she asks Cheri if she's a nurse. Cheri agrees, "Yes." Fiona, looking sympathetic, comments, "Poor Irene. Her son's death was such a shock to her - I mean none of us expected him to go so quickly; he'd only been in there for a couple of weeks..." Cheri just sits there and doesn't respond. Fiona smiles and suggests that they stop getting morbid! She then goes on that it's just as well that Cheri is there as it's a big day today: her granddaughter's birthday - she's one year old! Cheri smiles, "Lovely!" Fiona explains that she's out with her mum at the moment, getting a new outfit for the party. Cheri, looking wary, says she really doesn't think she should-- Fiona, though, interrupts her and assures her that she's more than welcome - and she'll love Jill, too. Cheri smiles at her and says, "If you're sure, I'd love to." Fiona smiles, "Good!"

David is sitting next to Beryl's bed in the hospital, and she asks him if he's sure there won't be any hold-up with the money. David assures her that it's all organised. Beryl explains that she wasn't sure that with such short notice the bank would co-operate. David tells her that he was more worried about the amount, but her authorisation did the trick; there won't be any hassles. He stands up and walks to the end of her bed. Beryl murmurs, "He's so small, David. What if he needs me? Who's taking care of him?" David suggests gently that the woman on the 'phone is probably there to look after him. Beryl murmurs that it's been so long - eighteen hours... She goes on, "I just want the ransom paid and it all over and done with and my baby back with me..." David tells her that he thinks they have to face the fact... he doesn't know whether... even if they get the money, there's no guarantee they'll give Robert back. Beryl cries, "They will." David points out that they can't be sure, but Beryl snaps that she is; why shouldn't they? David quickly soothes that she's probably right. He then looks at his watch and says he'd better be off as he told the bank he'd be down there in fifteen minutes to pick up the cash. He goes and strokes Beryl's face and then leaves the room. Out in the corridor, Mr. Gibson is just walking past, and he says, "Afternoon, Mr. Palmer." David calls after him and Gibson stops. David walks over to him and says quietly, "About the baby. I'd like to call the police. My baby's been kidnapped."

Jill is wheeling Fee in her pushchair along the corridor to Fiona's flat, and she asks, "You ready for your birthday party? Gonna be terrific!" She puts the key in the lock, opens the door and calls, "We're home!" She goes in and there are suddenly several calls of "Surprise! Surprise!" Fiona says, "Altogether now..." Alan and Cheri are crouched behind a puppet stall and the two of them and Fiona, together with a number of puppets attached to Alan and Cheri's hands, start singing 'Happy Birthday' to Fee! Jill lifts Fee up to get a better look and Fiona then leads a chorus of three cheers! When it's done, Alan hobbles out of from behind the puppet stall and says to Jill a slightly sheepish, "Hi..." Jill smiles in delight and replies, "Hello!" Alan is still wearing a glove puppet, and he puts on a voice as he moves its mouth and says, "Happy Birthday!" to Fee! Jill, looking delighted, tells him that she didn't expect to see him there. Alan replies that wild horses wouldn't have kept him away. He then explains that he rustled up the puppet theatre - with Fiona and Cheri's help. Jill exclaims that she thinks it's great! Fiona chips in that Cheri is a friend of Amanda's - she's just arrived. The two women say, "Hi!" Alan smiles and suggests that that's enough of the introductions - it's time to get on with the great puppet show!

A short time later, Jill, Fee and Fiona are watching and laughing as Alan and Cheri put on a puppet show with sock puppets and dolls! It ends with the prince and princess living happily ever after, and the curtain comes down! Alan comments that Fee seemed to enjoy it! Jill agrees, "Even if it did go a bit wonky in places!" Fiona stands up and 'subtly' suggests to Cheri that they go and cut the cake. Cheri takes the hint and the two women leave the room. Alone with Alan, Jill tells him that she's really glad he came. Alan replies, "Me too. It was worth it just to see the look on your face when you came through the door!" He then goes on more seriously that he's been pretty selfish lately; it's just to say he's sorry. Jill assures him that he couldn't have brought a nicer birthday present. They start kissing... In the kitchen, Fiona says to the puppet that's still on Cheri's right hand, "Would you like to make a wish?" Cheri puts on a voice and says through the puppet, "You go ahead!" Fiona smiles and tells it that they both will - she thinks that's allowed! She sticks the knife into the cake on the counter in front of her and says, "I wish that everybody could live happily ever after." She then cuts the cake and says to the puppet, "Well, here you are. Now it's your turn." She hands the knife to Cheri, who pauses and then says, "If I was a real fairy godmother, I'd make sure that there was no pain in the world - so no one would ever have to suffer..."

A couple leave a picnic table in the park. An elderly woman walks over to a rubbish bin nearby, as two men watch her. She picks up an umbrella that's lying on top, examines it and then puts it back in the bin. When she's gone, David walks over slowly and places a package wrapped in brown paper in the bin. Gloria is watching from a nearby bench, a book in her hand. David turns and walks away from the bin, giving it one last glance as he does so. As he moves off, Gloria stands up and goes to approach the bin, but another man suddenly walks over to it and starts going through it. He takes out the package but then suddenly becomes aware of several men running towards him, one of them yelling, "Hold it!" The men grab him and start leading him away. Gloria backs away, carefully, looking worried.

A short time later, at her apartment, Gloria snaps, "Big dealer, aren't you? 'They won't go to the police' you said; well they did go to the police." Ross muses that he should have made the 'phone call himself; she obviously wasn't tough enough with them. Gloria snaps at him that he should have done everything himself. She then curses that she must have been the biggest idiot of all time, doing all the dirty work. Ross snaps that he didn't know they were going to go to the police. Gloria retorts that, well, they did, and if that bloke hadn't sprung the trap, she'd have had it. She goes on that that's it - she's finished. Ross growls, "I'll make them pay for this. Give them a few days to sweat it out, wondering whether their baby's alive or dead... That'll fix them." Gloria yells at him that he's crazy - the whole thing's over; finished. Ross, though, retorts that, no, it's not - and neither is she; she's in it up to her neck. He continues that he'll give them a few days to panic for a while... Gloria interrupts and points out that the police know now; they won't give up. Ross spits, "That is the Palmers' problem." Gloria, looking worried, asks him what he's going to do. Ross retorts that he's going to lie low - and he won't be coming round there again. Gloria protests, "But I don't want to get stuck with the baby." Ross snaps that they might have him followed; his alibi will stand up, but you never know... and she's not to try anything stupid, as it would be a big mistake for her if she did. On that note, he walks out, slamming the door behind him. Gloria stands there and sighs. She then picks Robert up and starts cuddling him.

From her hospital bed, Beryl glares at David and snaps, "You told the police?" David insists that he had to. Beryl cries, "After I said not to get them involved?" David retorts that he thought it was the best thing to do. Beryl yells, "The kidnappers warned us..." David tells her that it was no one's fault; it was just bad luck that that bloke came along. Beryl growls incredulously, "Bad luck? You placed our baby's life in danger and you say that was bad luck? David, how could you? You're a fool." David protests, "Come on, Beryl, you're upsetting yourself..." and he goes to hold her. Beryl, though, snaps at him not to come near her. She goes on angrily, "If they hurt Robert... if they harm my baby in any way... you'll be to blame, and I will never, ever forgive you. Never."


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