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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl snaps that it wasn't like that at all. David asks her if she did hit Leigh. Beryl agrees that, yes, she did, but she-- David snaps that it doesn't matter - she had no right to do that. Beryl retorts that she had every right: Leigh deliberately set out after Jim just to prove-- Leigh interrupts her and snaps, "I didn't." Patricia chips in and curtly asks Beryl if she's sure it wasn't the other way round. Beryl snaps that of course she's sure. She goes on that Leigh is just as bad as Jim, but she was the one that started it. Patricia says, "Like she did today?" Beryl snaps, "Yes." Patricia says calmly that she knows what she saw. Leigh cries that she didn't start it - honestly. Beryl glares at her and growls, "You lying--" David chips in and tells Beryl to hang on. Beryl curtly tells him that she knows what happened. David retorts that nothing would have happened if she hadn't taken off with that no-hoper. Beryl snaps that that's got nothing to do with it, but David tells her that he thinks it has. Beryl angrily asks how. David retorts that she's looking for someone to blame for it all going bad. Beryl snaps that that's rubbish. Patricia tells her that they all know that Jim fancies himself as something of a womaniser, but that's no reason to take it out on poor Leigh. Beryl, looking furious, slowly mutters, "I am not taking it out on 'poor Leigh'. Well not the way you think I am." She then asks bitterly what the point is. Turning to Patricia, she snaps that she doesn't know why she's siding with Leigh, but she does know that Patricia is out to make damn sure that David thinks the worst of her. She goes on that, believe it or not, she came out there today to make her peace with her; stupidly, she thought she could do with all the support she could get before she went to trial; she's very glad she didn't waste her breath now. She then turns to David and growls that she can't understand him believing Patricia over her; he knows Patricia's track record - but he's married to her; she's his problem now; she just feels sorry that he's stuck with Leigh into the bargain: she's as bad as his wife. She storms out. Heather says she'll go and talk to her. Leigh tells David and Patricia that it wasn't her fault - she didn't know what Jim was like. David assures her that it's OK - no one's blaming her. A hint of a smile crosses Patricia's face...

Outside, Beryl is storming back to her car. Heather calls to her and she stops. Heather runs up to her and says she's sorry - she should have told her Leigh was there. Beryl assures her that it's not her fault - she wasn't to know what Leigh was like. Heather asks her if she'd like her to come home with her, but Beryl declines, insisting that she's alright. She starts walking again and Heather goes with her. As they head to Beryl's car, Heather asks Beryl what happened with Jim. She adds that she knows he does the wrong thing now and again, but to get involved with Leigh while he was with her... Beryl, looking glum, explains that she found the two of them together; that's why she left him: Leigh was chasing after him, but even so... Heather concludes, "Jim couldn't resist..." Beryl agrees, "No." Heather says she's sorry things didn't work out. Beryl replies that so is she - but it's best to find these things out before it's too late. Heather tells Beryl that she'll get David to come and see her; she knows she wanted to talk to him. Beryl, though, retorts, "Not any more, I don't." She opens her car door and goes on that, when he's prepared to admit that his wife and niece are liars, then she might think about it. Heather points out that he won't do anything to upset Patricia - not with the trial so close; he's trying to be as supportive as he can. Beryl muses sadly, "Then that's the end of it, isn't it." She then tells Heather that she knows what Patricia is like but she shouldn't underestimate Leigh - they're both tarred with the same brush. She climbs into her car, leaving Heather standing there looking worried.

Inside, Charlie walks into the kitchen and comments that she heard all the shouting so she didn't like to come in. David assures her that it's all over now. Leigh is sitting at the table with Patricia, looking guilty, and she says the last thing she wanted was to cause trouble; she wouldn't have come to Melbourne if-- Patricia interrupts her and assures her that they understand. David sits down and assures her that she just caught Beryl at the wrong time, that's all: with things not working out for her in Brisbane and her having the baby... it all got a bit too much for her. Patricia says she feels sorry for Beryl. Looking surprised, David comments that things haven't worked out too good for Leigh, either: her first day there, trying to do the right thing by everyone... Patricia says she knows, but it must have been very humiliating for Beryl: she already resents the fact that they're happily married, and to then have to admit that her own love life is in such a mess... naturally she's going to lash out; Leigh just happened to be in the way. Leigh chips in that she'll find somewhere else to live if David wants her to. David, though, assures her, "No way. Just because of Beryl's outburst you shouldn't have to go. I'm glad to have you here." Patricia looks pleased with herself upon hearing this...

Katie walks along the corridor at Prince Henry's hospital, looking impatient. A nurse comes out of Alan's room and Katie turns to talk to her, but the nurse says she's sorry, but Mr. Brandon doesn't feel up to visitors yet. Katie insists that she'll only stay a few minutes; she has to see him. The nurse tells her that it's better if she doesn't; he hasn't really adjusted to what's happened yet; perhaps if Katie comes back in a week or so...? Katie thanks her, sadly, and she sighs as the nurse walks off. Ross suddenly walks up to her and asks, "Why the long face?" Katie explains that Alan still won't see her. Ross points out that if that's how he feels, then... He breaks off before continuing that he's just finished operating and he feels like relaxing over a drink; why doesn't she join him? Katie asks him if he's sure he doesn't mind. Ross explains that he always likes drowning his sorrows in good company. Katie smiles and asks, "What are your sorrows?" Ross assures her that it's a figure of speech. He then adds that there's a lovely little pub next to the hospital. He puts his arm around her and says, "Come on, let's go." They walk off...

A short time later, the two of them are sitting at an outside table, sipping drinks. Katie tells Ross not to get her wrong: she's not in love with Alan; she just feels responsible for what happened to him. Ross reminds her that he told her the other night: it's not her fault. Katie says she knows, but she invited him to the party; he didn't even want to stay; they were going to go back to his motel room, only... Ross muses, "You didn't know if you wanted the same thing he did?" He adds that it's alright - she can be quite frank with him. He then tells Katie to have some more wine, and he starts pouring her a fresh glass. Katie comments that, one glass and she's telling him all her problems; imagine what she'll be saying after two! Ross gently tells her that it's perfectly alright - people always seem to trust a doctor with their life story. Katie comments that he must get very tired of it. Ross agrees that he does sometimes, but not today. He adds that, if it helps to talk, she should just fire away. Katie thanks him. She goes on that she tried to talk to her mum and dad about it, but she couldn't tell them everything. Ross tells her that it's silly to blame herself for what happened to Alan; she didn't know the bomb was there; the only person who could be held responsible is the person who tried to kill Patricia. Katie replies that that's what her dad tried to tell her. Ross muses, "There you are, then: two against one. You lose!" Katie smiles at him and he tells her, "See? You look absolutely stunning when you smile..."

Patricia, Leigh and Charlie are sitting at the table in the kitchen at the country house, enjoying afternoon tea. Patricia picks up some slices of cake and says she might take them down to the policemen. Leigh suddenly says she'll take them down. Patricia and Charlie stare at her and she adds that she might as well make herself useful. Patricia accepts the offer, hands over the cake and explains that the policemen are down by the front gate. Leigh goes. As soon as they're alone, Charlie asks Patricia if there's something going on that she should know about. Patricia 'innocently' says she doesn't know. Charlie goes on that there have been some very funny looks between her and Leigh, and there's the way Leigh keeps saying 'thankyou' for backing her up... Patricia looks round to make sure no one's listening and she then asks Charlie if she promises to keep a secret. Charlie says she promises. Patricia explains, "Beryl was telling the truth. It was Leigh who was lying." Charlie, looking surprised, asks, "Then why did you--" Patricia interrupts and explains that she didn't want David to put Leigh out of the house. Charlie asks Patricia suspiciously what she's up to. Patricia replies that she's not sure yet, but she gets the feeling that it's a very good idea to have Leigh around when she's gone...

Ross is at Toorak, and Barbara takes a bunch of flowers from him, commenting that they're beautiful. Ross tells her that he's got another present for her, too. Barbara asks, "What's that?" Ross hands a brochure and explains that it contains the details of the research programme. Barbara flicks through it and comments that she sees he's on the committee. Ross explains that he's the Chairman, actually. Barbara suggests that maybe he can arrange for her to meet the other members, then - she'd like to have a chat with them to see how it all works. She puts the brochure down, and goes on she must put the flowers in water and then maybe they can go and see Andy. Ross's face drops temporarily. Barbara adds that she hopes they don't come across Gordon at the hospital... Ross quickly asks her if she saw her solicitor. Barbara replies that yes, she did: he seems to think she's rushing things a bit, but she's determined to go ahead with the divorce. Ross 'sympathises', "Oh Barbara..." He then tells her that she looks a little tired. Barbara explains that she hasn't been sleeping much - she just keeps thinking about the bomb and seeing Barney and the kids... Ross comments that he would have thought the sedatives might have helped a little bit. Barbara explains that she hasn't been taking any. Ross insists that she must. He asks where they are, and Barbara indicates the drawer. He takes them out and tells her that it's only for a short time - she's had one hell of a shock and she needs something to help her get over it. Barbara, looking wary, says, "Um..." Ross tells her, "Remember me? I'm the doctor." He hands her a pill and goes on that there are to be no arguments: they'll help her relax.

It's early evening and Barbara is at the hospital. She kisses Andy as she hands him a bunch of flowers and asks him how he's feeling. Andy smiles and says he can still hear a swarm of bees buzzing around in his head; apart from that, he's fine! Ross asks him how his memory is - any sign of it coming back? Andy says, "No..." Looking relieved, Ross tells him not to worry - it often happens with head injuries. He then adds that he's got patients to see - he'll leave them both alone. He tells Barbara that he'll call her later and he leaves the room. Andy lies there, rolling his eyes. Barbara sits down and tells him that Ross is a decent guy. She adds that Andy would find that out if he took the trouble to get to know him. Andy explains that he just can't handle him - even for her sake. Barbara asks what Ross has ever done to hurt him. Andy replies that he doesn't know - he just gets a feeling when he thinks about him, as though there's something that he's forgotten; he's been trying to remember - he thinks it's got something to do with Patricia's party. Barbara points out that Ross wasn't even there. Andy suggests that maybe they were talking about him. Barbara tells him that they couldn't have been - he'd only just walked in when the bomb went off. Andy muses that something must have happened before the party, then - only he wishes he could think what. Barbara tells him not to try so hard - it'll come back to him eventually, probably when he least expects it - and she's sure it won't be nearly as important as it seems.

Katie walks into the lounge room at the country house, where Charlie, Patricia and Leigh are all sitting. Patricia asks Katie if she had a good day, and she replies, "Yes, thanks." Patricia then introduces Katie and Leigh to each other, and Leigh stands up, shakes Katie's hand and thanks her for letting her share her room. Katie replies that she hopes Leigh doesn't mind the mess. Leigh assures her that hers used to be worse, but Katie muses, "Not by much, I bet!" Leigh then tells Katie that she couldn't help noticing the stuff in her wardrobe - she's got some great gear; her clothes are awful. Katie tells her that if she sees something she likes, she's welcome to borrow it if it fits. A smile on her face, Leigh thanks her. Katie goes on that she bought a new dress today and she asks Leigh if she'd like to see it. Leigh replies that she'd love to and the two of them leave the room. When they've gone, Patricia comments to Charlie, "She's not bad, is she? Charmed Katie in thirty seconds flat; in five minutes they'll be bosom buddies." Charlie points out that they're about the same age - they must have lots in common. Patricia, though, tells her that Leigh will make sure they have, if it means a new wardrobe. Looking puzzled, Charlie says she can't work out whether Patricia likes the girl or not: one minute she's bending over backwards to be pleasant; the next she's saying she's a little schemer. Patricia replies that she is a little schemer: she's young, ambitious and she knows what she wants; she used to be like that twenty years ago. Charlie queries, "So?" Patricia explains that it means Leigh has got what it takes to take care of a few people for her; she won't be around to do it herself. Charlie muses that sometimes she can't work Patricia out - she's got one day more with the man he loves; why spend it plotting revenge? Patricia explains, "Because it takes my mind off the thought of leaving David. I couldn't go through with it, Charlie, if I sat around brooding about it all day..."

A short time later, Katie and Leigh are standing in the kitchen with Mike, David and Heather. Katie is wearing her new dress and Heather comments to Mike that she looks lovely, doesn't she. Mike agrees that she looks too good to be going to the movies, and he laughs as he asks her if she's sure she's not meeting a new boyfriend! Katie indignantly says, "No!" She adds that she just couldn't resist wearing it, even if she is just going to a film with Jenny. David chips in and asks her if she thinks her girlfriend would mind if Leigh came too - he's sure she'd rather go to the flicks than be stuck there all night. Leigh excitedly says she'd love to - if Katie doesn't mind. Katie looks slightly put-out momentarily, but she tells her, "Oh, no, of course not..." She then suggests that she come on, and the two of them head out into the hallway. Out there, Katie explains to Leigh that she's not really going to the movies; she's going out to dinner with a guy that her parents don't like and it would cause trouble if they knew. Leigh muses, "And two's company?" Katie nods and says she's sorry. Leigh assures her that it's OK - she'd feel the same. She then adds that Katie's not to worry - she'll think of something to tell the oldies. Katie thanks her and tells her that she owes her one. Leigh comments that the guy must be a real hunk. Katie replies that he's not a hunk, but he's pretty nice.

At the hospital, Ross finishes talking to a nurse and she walks off. Barbara joins him and asks him if he's finished his rounds. Ross tells her that he got through sooner than he expected. Barbara asks him if he'd like to come back to dinner, then. Ross replies that he'd love to, but unfortunately, duty calls - he has to go to a meeting: the research committee. Barbara comments that it will give him a chance to tell the members that she'd like to meet them. Ross tells her that he will. He adds that he doesn't think she'd make it through dinner anyway. Barbara admits that she is feeling a little tired. Ross tells her that she must promise him that she'll go straight home, take a sedative and get an early night. Barbara comments that she's still not sold on the idea of sleeping pills. Ross assures her that there's nothing wrong with taking one when you need it. Barbara muses that it's just her stupid pride telling her that she's weak. Ross suggests that she ignore it and listen to the doctor! Barbara gives in and agrees to do as she's told!

In the lounge room at the country house, Patricia yawns and puts down a magazine. Charlie waltzes in and cries, "Surprise!" She's holding a large decorative box, and Patricia asks, "Hello. What's all this in aid of?" Charlie explains that it's her birthday present!; she was going to give it to her to pack, but with all Katie's talk about clothes, she decided to give it to her now. Patricia stands up, opens the box and lifts out a fur coat. She stares at it and then tells Charlie that it's absolutely beautiful. She thanks her, and Charlie explains that she thought Patricia might need something warm to wear in winter when it comes round in Rio. Patricia, looking annoyed, tells her, "Not so loud." Charlie quickly says she's sorry. Patricia puts the coat on and says she hopes she'll be able to wear it, as she thought it was hot and humid in South America! Charlie comments that it must get cold sometimes, and she asks if they don't have lots of mountains! Patricia smiles and says she's sure they do and she's sure she'll be very glad of it when she climbs them! She kisses Charlie in gratitude. David suddenly walks in, saying, "Heather's about to--" He breaks off and asks Patricia what she's wearing. Charlie explains that it's a mink, of course. David mutters, "Looks more like the neighbours' cat to me." Patricia tells him not to be rude - it's Charlie birthday present to her. David points out that her birthday is at the end of the week - and anyway, it's summer: she'll fry in it. Patricia asks if he's never heard of off-season sales; Charlie would have paid a fortune for it in winter. Charlie smiles and tells David that he knows what she's like: she's hopeless at keeping surprises - and what's a week between friends? David mutters that it's very nice. He then adds that dinner's ready and he walks off. Patricia stands there, looking worried.

Out in the hallway, Leigh tells Katie to have a great time. Katie smiles that she will. As David comes out of the lounge room, he overhears the two of them talking and he immediately asks Leigh if she's not going now. Leigh explains that she thought about it being an hour there and an hour back and realised that she's too bushed. David suggests that she have an early night, and Leigh tells him that that's what she thought. He walks off. Katie thanks Leigh but adds that she's sorry she had to lie about it. Leigh assures her that it was nothing - and besides, she really is tired. She then goes on that, anyway, it was good of Katie to offer to let her borrow her clothes; she wasn't going to let her down. Katie thanks her and goes.

Later that evening, Leigh - wearing her pyjamas - wanders into the lounge room, which is otherwise empty, and picks up a magazine. She suddenly notices Patricia's mink lying draped over the couch and she slowly picks it up and puts it on. Patricia comes and stands in the doorway, a smile on her face as Leigh strokes the material and rubs it against her face. Patricia says, "You'd like it all, wouldn't you?" Leigh turns to look at her.

A few moments later, Leigh takes off the coat and insists that she didn't damage it - she just wanted to see how it felt; she's never owned anything like it. Patricia comments that she likes expensive things, doesn't she. Leigh muses, "So what? Wanting and having aren't the same." Patricia agrees that that's true. She then goes on that the two of them have got a lot in common: she started out with nothing, but by the time she was Leigh's age she was doing something about it. David suddenly wanders in and remarks that Leigh is trying the coat on, is she? Patricia replies that she was just showing her. David comments that he thought Leigh was going to bed early. Patricia quickly changes the subject and tells him that she's mislaid her painkillers. She asks him if he can have a look and see if they're in the kitchen. David warns Leigh not to stay up too late and he walks out. Leigh mutters that he thought he'd got away from people like him, telling her what to do - he's as bad as her granddad and her stepfather. Patricia comments that she'd enjoy some independence, wouldn't she? Leigh sighs that you need money for that. Patricia tells her that she could have both, if she wanted it. Leigh asks who's going to give her money. She adds, "Not you - you're broke." Patricia replies that that's what everybody thinks... Leigh stares at her and Patricia goes on that they'll talk about it later - give her half an hour. Leigh walks out. Patricia stands there, looking thoughtful.

Katie is sitting on a couch at an apartment as a man stands next to her and hands her a drink. She tells him that she doesn't think she should drink anything more - not after all the wine at dinner. The man is Ross, and as he sits down next to her, he tells her the cognac is good for you. Katie sips some and remarks that it's very nice. Ross tells her that it's a taste you become accustomed to. He puts his glass down on the coffee table and tells her to relax - he's not going to bite her. Katie says she knows... Ross smoothly says he understands how she feels. He then goes on that he'll be honest with her: he finds her very attractive; he knows the problems she's been having with the guys she's been going out with and he's not going to push her. Katie explains that it's not that she doesn't want to... Ross repeats that he understands; when they feel more relaxed, they'll take it further... Katie looks down at her glass and then places it on the table. She turns to Ross, looks him in the eyes and says, "I feel OK." They start kissing...

David is stroking Patricia's hand as they sit in the lounge room at the country house, and Patricia asks him if he remembers when he first brought her there. David smiles and asks how he could forget: she was nice about it, but he could tell she didn't like it very much. Patricia muses that it grows on you - even that dreadful wood stove! David tells her that they'll get a new one as soon as they can afford it. Patricia comments that there's not much point now. David muses, "Mmm?" Patricia explains, "Now that I've got used to it." David laughs and explains that he thought she meant... Patricia asks curiously, "What?" David tells her that it's the way she's been acting lately: he gets the feeling that she's thinking of shooting through if the trial goes badly. Patricia asks what makes him think that. David explains that it's the way she's been looking at everyone and saying 'goodbye'; then there was Charlie's fur coat and the way she and Charlie both looked sort of guilty when he walked in. Patricia looks away. David goes on that maybe he's imagining the whole thing. Patricia looks at him again and assures him that he is. She goes on that she'd be breaking the law if she ran away - and he's the one who's supposed to be so convinced that she's not going to lose. David tells her that she won't; he's still worried, though. Patricia gently tells him, "I couldn't leave you. Not after everything we've been through." David kisses her. Looking at his watch, he then says, "About time?" Patricia tells him to go and she'll make them a cup of hot chocolate. She adds that he's not to fall asleep on her. David smiles, "No chance, cobber, no chance!" He gets up and goes, leaving Patricia looking worried.

Katie is standing in the lounge room at Ross's apartment. Ross comes out of the bedroom, the top buttons of his shirt undone, and kisses her shoulder gently. He asks, "No regret?" Katie smiles at him and says she has to go. Ross asks her when he can see her again. Katie tells him, "Tomorrow, if you like." Ross asks her if she'll meet him at the hospital. Katie nods. Ross goes on that he's off duty after lunch. Katie replies that she'll be there. They kiss and Ross then tells Katie that he wants to see her as often as he can; she's part of his life now. They start kissing again, passionately...

Patricia is making hot chocolate in the kitchen at the country house when Leigh walks in and asks if they can talk now. Patricia nods but adds that they'll have to be quiet. Leigh closes the door to the hallway and goes and sits down at the table. Patricia sits down opposite her and Leigh says, "So. What's the story? Have you got money?" Patricia replies, "Yes." Leigh asks why hide it, then? - if she was rich, everyone would know. Patricia retorts that she doesn't want everyone to know. Leigh points out that she knows. Patricia tells her, "Only because I need your help." Leigh asks what it's worth. Patricia tells her not to worry - she'll be well-paid. She adds, "In fact, I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse..."


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