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    Written by: Betty Quin   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Leigh sits there looking thoughtful before asking, "What sort of an offer?" Patricia explains that there are three people who have made her life absolute hell these last few months; normally, she'd take care of that herself, but because it's more than likely that she's going to be in jail, she needs somebody to do it for her. She adds that she doesn't care how long it takes or how much it costs, as long as it's done. Leigh looks down and says she's not sure; she needs to know a lot more. Patricia retorts that she'll tell her all she needs to know when she agrees to the deal. Leigh comments that it sounds to her like she could get herself a whole heap of trouble. Patricia assures her, "Not if you're smart. And if you agree, Charlie will back you all the way." Leigh stares at Patricia and then asks her if she's saying she's got the money. Patricia smiles and assures her that she wouldn't be wasting their time if she didn't. Leigh says she doesn't know, but Patricia tells her to sleep on it and they'll talk again in the morning. Leigh says, "OK, Goodnight," and she stands up and walks out, leaving Patricia sitting at the table looking thoughtful. David suddenly calls from the bedroom, "Pat? How much longer you going to be?" Patricia calls back that she's coming. She stands up and hobbles over to the 'phone, where she dials a number. It rings and is answered. Patricia says, "Charlie? Patricia."

The next morning, Patricia and Charlie are walking up to the back door and Charlie indignantly asks Patricia if she realises she woke her from her first early night in weeks. Patricia retorts that she's leaving today; she doesn't have any time to waste. Charlie, who's holding some garments over one of her arms, comments that if Leigh didn't agree to help her last night, she can't see that a couple of Lisa's dresses are going to change her mind. Patricia says she thinks they will; Leigh was tempted, but it just needs a little more bait, and the dresses will be perfect. Charlie asks her if she's sure Leigh's worth it... She adds that, going away... starting a new life... can't she forget all her grudges? Patricia retorts, "Not when they involve Roger Carlyle and Karen Fox. And don't tell me that I must try and forget that Ross Newman tried to kill me." Charlie points out that it's over; by this afternoon it'll all be behind her; why complicate things? - let it go. Patricia suddenly snaps, "Don't tell me what to do, Charlie." She quickly adds that she's sorry: she hates leaving David and she hates lying to him. She then asks Charlie if she arranged everything. Charlie opens her bag and hands over some tickets and money. Patricia queries, "No problems?" Charlie replies that there weren't. She then adds that she just hopes nothing goes wrong at the boutique. Patricia snaps that Charlie said she's organised everything. Charlie replies that she has, and so Patricia points out that there won't be any problems, will there?

Inside, Leigh and Katie are painting the walls in the lounge room, daubing them a bright red colour. As they work, Leigh asks Katie how last night went, and Katie smiles and replies that it was great - Ross is a terrific person; he's older than her but he's so much fun to be with: he's intelligent, he makes her feel like a person... she can talk to him. Leigh comments, "Don't tell me he's rich too, or I'll scream!" Katie comments that he's a surgeon so she guesses he does OK, but who cares about money? Leigh tells her to speak for herself; she'd like to be swimming in it. Katie tells her that it doesn't make you any happier. Leigh muses that her mother once told her that, but she's not so sure. She adds that one thing she does know is that if she ever gets hold of some real money, she'll never let anyone rip it off her the way they did Patricia. Katie explains that there was nothing Patricia could do about it - she didn't know what Luke was up to. Leigh says she supposes so... She then asks what happened to the money, but Katie asks, "Who knows?" She adds that it could be in a bank account somewhere, but it doesn't matter anyway - there's no way anyone could ever get to it. Leigh suggests that Patricia seems to be a pretty smart person - what if she got Luke to tell her before she accidentally killed him? - if that's what did happen. Looking shocked, Katie warns, "Leigh..." Leigh retorts that she's only going on what the police think. Katie tells her that it's not what anyone round there thinks, so she'd better be careful about what she says. David suddenly comes in with a fresh tin of paint and tells Leigh that Charlie is there and she's got something for her. Leigh stands there, looking thoughtful...

A short time later, in the kitchen, Leigh examines one of the dresses that Charlie brought over and exclaims, "This is terrific!" Charlie points out that she told her Lisa was no slouch when it came to design. She then goes on that, actually, Lisa is giving a party tomorrow night, and she asks Leigh if she'd like to come. She adds that it will make up for the one Leigh missed. Leigh excitedly says, "Could I?" David chips in that he doesn't think she would like that sort of thing, but Patricia tells him that that's nonsense; she thinks they'd be very surprised at the kinds of things Leigh enjoys - and Charlie can keep an eye on her. Charlie replies, "Of course I will." She then tells Patricia that she needs a couple of dresses too; she thinks they should go into the city this afternoon-- David interrupts and mutters, "Now hold on a minute." Charlie points out that Patricia needs to look her best in court. David retorts that he knows that, but Patricia is a darn sight easier to protect there at the farm than wandering round the city. Patricia tells him that the police can come with them. She pleads, "Please, darling, I feel so cooped up here." David reluctantly gives in but warns her to make sure she stays close to the coppers. Patricia assures him that they will. Charlie smiles and tells David that she's got a surprise for him, too: she knows his television was ruined when that hideous bomb went off, so she bought him a portable! She asks him to come and get it out of the car. David smiles at Patricia in delight and laughs at Charlie, "You shouldn't have!" Charlie asks why not - he knows she gets a kick out of giving surprises! The two of them head outside, and Leigh, left alone with Patricia, comments that Charlie really does get a buzz out of it, doesn't she? She sits down, and Patricia tells her, "Yes... and so would you if you took up my offer..." She then takes out a wad of $100 notes and shows it to Leigh. She asks, "Want to count it? It's all yours - as long as you do everything I ask." She stares at Leigh intently and goes on, "Is it a deal?" Leigh smiles at her and replies, "It's a deal."

A few moments later, Patricia tells Leigh that the important thing is not to make a move until she's got everybody on-side - and that includes Beryl Palmer. Leigh retorts that Beryl hates her; that will take ages. Patricia, though, assures her that it doesn't matter - they're not in any hurry; results are the important thing. Leigh says she still doesn't understand; why her? Patricia asks, "Who else?" Leigh suggests that there's Charlie but Patricia shakes her head and explains, "Too much of a problem with conscience. I don't think you have." Leigh, looking bemused, asks if that's supposed to be a compliment. Patricia tells her that you don't get rich by being squeamish. She goes on that she thinks they're two of a kind; she may be wrong but she gets the feeling that if Leigh wants something badly enough, there'll be no stopping her. Leigh looks down at the table.

Jill is talking to Fiona on the 'phone from Melbourne, and Fiona tells her that it's nice to hear her voice. She then asks her how she is, and Jill replies that she's alright. She goes on that she heard it's Barney's funeral today and she wondered if Fiona was alright. Fiona replies that she's not looking forward to it but she guesses she'll cope; she's getting ready to go now, actually. As she says this, Amanda walks into the room from the kitchen. Jill goes on that she would have called sooner but she's been spending a lot of time with Alan. Fiona assures her that she understands. Jill explains that she just didn't want Fiona to think it was because of their row; she's thought about her a lot and she wanted to be with her. Fiona tells her not to worry - Amanda is going to be staying with her for a while. She asks how Alan is, and Jill replies that he's depressed - he won't accept help from anyone. Fiona suggests that maybe he just needs a little more time. Jill says she'd like to spend a couple more days with him but she's worried about Fee: Mrs. Atkins is awfully good with her, but-- Fiona interrupts her and tells her to stay put; she'll check and make sure everything is alright. Jill thanks her gratefully. Fiona replies that it's her pleasure. She adds that she's just so happy that they're talking again. Jill tells her that so is she. She goes on that she knows she did the wrong thing and Fiona had the perfect right to be annoyed. Fiona assures her that that's ancient history - but she does think Jill needs to look at her relationship with Alan. Jill asks her what she means. Fiona replies that of course she must help him through this rough patch, but in the long-term-- Jill, though, not wanting to have that conversation, suddenly interrupts her and tells her that there are people queuing for the 'phone so she'll have to go; she'll talk to her soon. Fiona nods and says, "Alright. Bye." She hangs up and sighs. Turning to Amanda, she says she'd better be going. Amanda, who has a cast around her right wrist, tells her that she's sorry she's not coming with her, but Fiona assures her that she'll be fine. She adds that, actually, she's dreading the get-together afterwards more than the funeral. Amanda asks her if she can't get out of it, but Fiona explains that she doesn't really want to; it'll give her a chance to check-up on the official Army attitude to Barney's diaries. She adds that it's funny she didn't hear from them again. Amanda tells her that they can't force her to hand them over. Fiona, though, muses, "Can't they? I've got a funny feeling about this whole thing..." She heads out.

Wayne is sitting with Karen beside a fountain, having a meal in the open air, but he suggests that he'd better get his skates on, as he has a 'plane to catch. Karen tells him to leave it for a couple of days and they could go back to Sydney together, but Wayne explains that there's a lot of work that has to be done and Gordy's not well enough to cope with it by himself. Karen warns him that he'll go crazy with no one to confide him; on his own, he could easily make a slip. Wayne, suddenly looking shaky again, murmurs that he knows. He continues that he thought it would get easier; he didn't think he'd suddenly forget about killing a guy, but he thought he'd get used to the idea and get his act together, but it hasn't worked that way; he can't sleep... he can't think... he doesn't know how much longer he'll be able to handle it. Karen pleads, "Then please wait." Wayne sighs that he can't. Karen explains that she can't leave there because Alan needs her. Wayne assures her that he's not asking her to come with him - she can't protect him forever; if he blows it, it's his lookout. He stands up. Karen sits there, looking guilty. She suddenly says, "Wayne..." He looks at her and she goes on, "I'll come back tomorrow." Wayne asks about Alan and Karen replies that she'll explain it to him somehow.

A while later, Karen sits down next to Alan in his hospital bed and comments that he's got a little more colour today. She adds that the sister says he's feeling a little better. Alan mutters angrily that he's not feeling anything from the waist down; does she reckon that's something to cheer about? Karen tells him that Wayne has to go back to Sydney; she doesn't want to leave him, but she's still handing over the business to Wayne and there's not a lot she can do for Alan there. Alan snaps that she's consistent, if nothing else: she walked out on him when he was a baby and then again when his father died; she may as well make it a hat-trick. Karen points out that she just explained-- Alan interrupts her and retorts angrily that she explained alright: the point is, when it boils down to Wayne or him, there's no contest. Karen pleads, "Alan, please..." Alan points out that she said herself that there's not a lot she can do for him; well, she's right. He adds that, come to think of it, there never was; why doesn't she just take off? Karen stands up and retorts that, alright, she will. She suggests that perhaps that's what he needs: if the people who have been trying to help him give up, maybe he'll start trying to make it on his own for a while. She adds that if there's anything he needs, he only has to call. She turns to go. Alan suddenly mutters, "Karen..." and she turns to look at him. He adds, "See ya."

In the kitchen at the country house, Patricia hands Leigh an envelope and tells her, "There it is: everything you need to know." Leigh comments that the names still don't mean much to her, but Patricia replies that they will by the time she's read that little lot. She adds that Leigh will also understand why she wants them taken care of - once and for all. Leigh queries, "But I decide how it's done - and when?" Patricia points out that she's not going to be around, so it's up to Leigh. Leigh suggests that even if Patricia is in jail, she could visit and talk to her. Patricia, though, quickly says, "No." She adds that one hint that there's been any contact between them and the whole thing could blow up in Leigh's face. She then tells Leigh that she wants her to find somewhere very safe to hide that information and make sure that absolutely nobody sees it. Leigh accepts, "Alright." Patricia adds, "One word of advice: make sure you've had a little bit of experience before you tackle Roger Carlyle - he's powerful and very dangerous." Leigh suggests sourly that maybe they should have had this conversation before she agreed to the deal, but Patricia assures her that she's just preparing her. She then tells her to start with the doctor: Ross Newman. Leigh exclaims that that's the guy Katie is seeing. Patricia, though, retorts that she doesn't care: Leigh mustn't discuss it with Katie or anyone else; apart from Charlie, she's on her own. Leigh asks why she gets the feeling that this is the last time they're going to talk...

David is working outside, digging up some turf when Patricia walks over to him, a smile on her face. She comments, "Working up a sweat?" David smiles back as he replies that he's trying to. Patricia asks him what he's planting and he explains, "Spuds... cabbages... I like fresh veggies; don't you?" Patricia nods at him. David then tells her to be careful in town. Patricia replies that she promises and she tells him to do the same. David muses that he doesn't think much harm can come to him from digging with a shovel! Patricia suddenly says that, if she has to go away... David points out that trial isn't over yet. Patricia quietly says she knows, but if she has to, what is he going to do? David asks her how she means. Patricia points out that Beryl is having his baby. David, though, tells her, "You're my wife. I'll wait for you." Patricia throws her arms round him and cries, "I love you." David, looking bemused, asks what all this is for. Patricia replies that she hasn't told him since last night; she thought he needed reminding! David thanks her and she walks off. He doesn't notice how upset she looks.

A while later, Patricia, Charlie and the two policemen that are protecting Patricia are in a boutique in Melbourne. Patricia is holding some clothes and she asks if there's somewhere she can change. The female proprietor indicates the dressing room and she and Charlie head towards it. The two policemen follow, but Patricia quickly points out, "I don't think there's room in there for all four of us!" The policemen step back, smiles on their faces. Patricia and Charlie head behind a curtain and Charlie immediately indicates a nearby door through Patricia can make her escape. She adds that she'll keep the policemen talking for as long as she can. Patricia gives her a hug and says gratefully, "Thanks for everything." Charlie smiles sadly and asks, "What are friends for?" Patricia asks her if she'll keep her promise to back-up Leigh. Charlie nods and murmurs she hates it, but she will. Patricia hands her the clothes she's holding, leaving herself with just a piece of jewellery in her hands. She explains that it's the first nice thing she ever owned - it just has sentimental value. She hands it to Charlie, who has tears welling in her eyes, and tells her that she'd like her to have it. Charlie says waveringly, "Patricia..." Patricia whispers that she'll be in touch as soon as she can. Charlie sobs that she'll go and tell them the story of her life; that'll give her plenty of time. Patricia smiles and gives her a grateful hug. She then says, "Bye, Charlie," and walks out towards the rear of the store. Charlie regains her composure and heads back out through the curtain.

Katie and Leigh are cooking in the kitchen at the country house, and Katie comments, "What a chauvinist set-up: David and dad happily working out in the sun and you and I stuck in the kitchen!" Leigh comments that she supposes Katie would rather be at some fancy restaurant with Ross. Katie smiles that she'd settle for half a stale sandwich in the park, if it was Ross! Leigh asks when she gets to meet him, but Katie replies, "Later, maybe, when I get to know him better." Leigh probes that there's one thing she doesn't understand: if the guy's so great, why don't her parents like him? Katie explains that it's because of Patricia: she's got some crazy idea that Ross was trying to kill her! Leigh asks, "And your mum and dad believe that?" Katie replies that Patricia is a friend: she's had a really rough time - a mental breakdown; the works; she said some really strange things. They're suddenly interrupted by David coming in and asking if there's no sign of Pat or Charlie yet. Katie assures him that choosing a dress is not something you rush! David mutters, "No." Leigh looks thoughtful...

At the boutique, Charlie is telling one of the police officers that the most divine French Count asked her up to his villa for the most wonderful fancy dress ball-- The other police officer suddenly interrupts and comments that Mrs. Palmer is taking a mighty long time to choose that dress. Charlie assures him that it's not something you can do in five minutes. The proprietor suggests that she may need a hand; she'll see if she can help. Charlie, though, explains that Patricia hates that - she insists on complete privacy when she's trying something on. The first police officer says he still thinks they should check. The second officer says he agrees, and he asks the proprietor if she can take a look. Charlie warns him that Patricia will be cross and she won't buy any of those dresses. The officer retorts that it's best to be sure she's safe. Charlie assures him that of course she's safe - honestly, he's worrying over nothing. The proprietor comes back out from behind the curtain and exclaims that the dresses are all there, but there's no sign of Mrs. Palmer. One of the officers snaps, "What?" and he and his colleague both go to look. Charlie tells the proprietor that Patricia can't just have disappeared; someone must have kidnapped her...

Alan is lying in his hospital bed, watching athletics on the television, a remote control in his hand. He sighs and switches the set off. The door to the room suddenly opens and Jill walks in. Alan immediately snaps, "You've taken long enough." Jill explains that the canteen was closed; she had to go to the shop across the road. Alan snaps that he might have needed something. Jill retorts that he could have called a nurse - she was only gone for ten minutes. Alan mutters, "Oh, forget it." Jill, a look of frustration on her face, growls that she can't win: when she's there, she gets on his nerves and when she takes ten minutes off to buy a cup of coffee, she gets her head bitten off. Alan mutters, "Alright, calm down." Jill goes on angrily that she's trying to help him but nothing ever seems to work; maybe it's time she walked out and let him fend for himself. She turns towards the door, but Alan suddenly cries, "No, please don't do that." Jill turns back and looks at him, and he goes on, "I'd go nuts in here by myself." Jill stares at him.

Two detectives are with David, Charlie and Leigh in the kitchen at the country house, and one of them asks David if he's sure there's nothing more he can tell them. David replies that she went shopping; that's all he knows. The detective accepts this and says he'll be in touch the moment there's anything to report. He and his colleague leave and David immediately tells Leigh that he'd like to have a word with Charlie. Leigh leaves the room. David stares at Charlie and says quietly, "Just tell me that she's alright." Charlie reluctantly explains, "She has a false passport. She didn't want to leave you, David, but she had no choice. Even if she stood trial and got off, Roger wouldn't give up." David mutters, "She's left the country?" Charlie insists, "There was no other way." David nods and says sincerely, "I hope she makes it."

Wayne is in Fiona's flat at the boarding house, with Amanda. He tells her that he's not after forgiveness; he just wants them talking again - they both could have been killed by that bomb and after something like that, grudges seem pretty pointless. He goes on that he's willing to make the effort if she is. He adds, "Go on... friends?" Amanda smiles at him and asks, "Why not?" Wayne, looking relieved, then continues that there's something he's been meaning to ask her since the day of the party: she said she saw-- He's interrupted as the front door suddenly opens and Fiona comes in, looking upset. She acknowledges Wayne, and Amanda asks how it went, but Fiona just replies, "Oh, depressing." Wayne says it's time he wasn't there. Amanda reminds him that he was going to ask her something, but Wayne tells her that it can wait; he'll give her a ring. He then tells Fiona that he's sorry about Barney and he goes. Fiona walks over to the couch slowly and sits down. Amanda offers her a drink but she declines. She then asks how Barney's friends were. Fiona tells her, "Charming... polite... they want those diaries come hell or high water." Amanda asks what they can do. Fiona replies that there's nothing they can do - legally - but Colonel Bainbridge is a desperate man. Amanda points out that they can't do anything too drastic - the Army isn't above the law. Fiona explains that the Army doesn't know anything about the diaries; Colonel Bainbridge is acting for himself - and what he has in mind to get them back, nobody knows...

Patricia is sitting in her seat on board an aeroplane, reading a magazine. A swarthy, moustachioed man wearing a light suit walks along the aisle, looks at Patricia and tells her - with an accent - that she has his seat, he thinks. He quickly adds that she's not to worry - he'll take the empty one next to her. Patricia thanks him and he sits down, while she continues reading her magazine. The man comments that it should be a pleasant journey: the forecast is excellent, and now, with such charming company, it will be nothing but delightful. Patricia smiles but doesn't respond. The man goes on, "You are a little nervous, perhaps? No need." A flight attendant suddenly comes over the intercom and announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been informed that there will be a slight delay in departure." A look of worry crosses Patricia's face as the attendant continues, "We apologise on behalf of your captain and crew and hope that we will not be detained from take-off for very long. Thankyou." The man sitting next to Patricia glances at her.

Charlie is looking out the back door at the country house. Leigh is wiping up dishes and she comments that at least if this Carlyle guy has picked up Patricia, it lets her out. Charlie snaps, "Carlyle's men don't have her." Leigh instantly smiles that she was right: Patricia was planning to escape - that's why she was pushing her so hard; it's all happened too fast. Charlie points out to her that she made an agreement. Leigh retorts that she wasn't ready to decide; she's scared - these people are dangerous; she could get killed; she should forget the whole thing. Charlie tells her curtly that it's her decision; it's nothing to do with her.

The aircraft has taken off, but the sign comes on to indicate that seatbelts should be fastened. The man sitting next to Patricia tells her to believe him: there is no more exciting city in the world than Rio; she'll love it. Patricia replies that she hopes so. She then asks him if he's been there, and he explains that he's been there many times - he's an Airline Director in Buenos Aries; his name is Roberto Quinteros. Patricia introduces herself: "Margaret." Roberto smiles and asks, "Just 'Margaret'?" Patricia replies, "Yes," and Roberto comments that he likes a touch of mystery. He asks her if she's joining someone in Rio. Patricia replies carefully, "No, I'm leaving somebody in Australia." Roberto remarks, "The end of a love affair. Well... a new start in a new city. And a new friend to show it to you." Patricia smiles at him and takes a sip of the drink she's holding...

David is still working in the grounds at the country house, banging down his shovel on the ground. He suddenly pauses as a 'plane flies overhead, and he looks up and stares at it, wiping sweat from his upper lip as he does so.

Patricia sits in the aircraft, looking worried and upset.


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