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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl sadly explains that, for the first three weeks, everything was perfect - she couldn't remember being so happy for a long time. She continues that, not long after she and Jim arrived, she got in touch with Rosie - she wanted to see her and Doug again; Doug wasn't there - he was spending some time on the hydroponics farm - but Leigh was; she's David niece. She adds that they haven't seen much of the family since Leigh's father - David's brother - died about seven years ago - not for any particular reason, just that they live so far away. Fiona asks where that was, and Beryl explains that they live in a little sugar town between Townsville and Cairns. She then goes on that, anyway, Leigh didn't like it there - she said it was too small - so she went to live with Doug and Rosie. She continues that, when she first met the girl, it seemed like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - she was very much the 'innocent young miss'; but she was all for Beryl to bring her back to Melbourne - she'd only been in Brisbane six months and she was sick of there, too. Fiona comments that Brisbane is a lovely city and Beryl says she agrees. She goes on that, anyway, she said she'd think about it, but she wasn't promising anything. She walks slowly over to the couch and sits down before continuing that, then, Leigh started to spend a lot of time with Jim; stupid her didn't even think... Fiona, realising what Beryl is implying, sympathises, "Oh, Beryl..." Beryl goes on that, one day, she couldn't find Jim so she went looking for him and there he and Leigh were; after that, she knew there was no future for Jim and her so she left the next morning. Fiona asks her if she told Rosie why. Beryl replies that, no, she didn't - she just said she didn't think it would work with Jim. She adds that Rosie is very fond of the girl - she didn't want to upset her; besides, as far as she's concerned, Leigh and Jim are welcome to each other. Fiona shakes her head sadly. Beryl sobs, "I really thought we had a chance for a minute... I thought we were going to be very happy together... Now all I feel is I have been made to look the biggest idiot of all time..." She sniffs and breaks down in tears...

David is talking to Rosie on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, as Patricia sits at the table. David says to Rosie that he doesn't know; when does the girl want to come down? Rosie replies, "The day after tomorrow." David says he doesn't think he'd recognise her now - she was only a bit of a kid the last time he saw her. Rosie smiles that she's grown a lot since then. She adds that she's a nice girl; she's sure David would like her. David agrees that he's sure he would too; it's just a bit difficult at the moment. Rosie explains that she wouldn't ask if there was anyone else; she did ask Beryl, but she didn't seem all that keen, and she knows David would keep an eye on there. David comments that she's not the sort to get into trouble, is she? Rosie quickly assures him that it's nothing like that - but she's set her mind on going to Melbourne and she wouldn't like to see her by herself in a strange city - and Leigh did say she wouldn't mind staying with him. David asks Rosie to hang on. He then turns to Patricia and asks what she'd say if they took in another house guest.

A short time later, Patricia and Charlie are wandering in the grounds outside the house, Patricia still using her stick to help her walk. She comments to Charlie that of course she said 'yes'; why shouldn't she? - at least Leigh will be able to take David's mind off things when she's gone. She continues that she felt so guilty when he asked her if she'd mind having Leigh around; all she could think of was that she wouldn't be there. Charlie tells her that she still thinks she's doing the wrong thing, leaving the country. Patricia, though, asks in exasperation what chance she has - Roger Carlyle's men are going to kill her sooner or later; she can't keep hiding forever. Charlie suggests that he might slip up and the police will be able to pin something on him. Patricia laughs bitterly and remarks there's not much chance of that happening; she has to go - it's the only way. Charlie says she doesn't know how Patricia expects to get out of the country - the moment they see her passport-- Patricia interrupts her and explains that they won't - because Charlie is going to help her get a false one. Looking shocked, Charlie points out that she doesn't know the first thing about arranging false passports. Patricia, though, tells her that other people do; one thing she learnt from James Sheppard is that you can get anything if you're willing to pay the price; one of his old contacts should be able to help; she's still got his number and she wants Charlie to go and see him and pay him whatever price he asks. Still looking worried, Charlie points out that it's illegal. Patricia asks, "So?" Charlie explains that she's not quite sure she can do something like that. Patricia, though, cries that Charlie has got to help her - she's the only one she can trust.

Rosie comes out of her and Doug's house in Queensland and calls for Leigh. Leigh - a girl in her late-teens - is sitting on a low fence, talking to one of her friends. She gets up and walks over to Rosie, who tells her that she's just been talking to David. Leigh asks, "And?" Rosie tells her that she's welcome to stay with him and Patricia. Leigh throws her arms round Rosie and thanks her, happily. Rosie points out that David was the one who said 'yes'. Leigh says she knows, but Rosie was the one that arranged it. Rosie says that, if it's what Leigh wants... She then tells her to stay and talk to her friend; she has to get a batch of scones ready for the oven. She heads back inside and Leigh walks over to her friend by the fence. She immediately tells her, "Well, thank God I'm getting out of this dump." Her friend points out that she's only been in Brissie for six months, but Leigh replies that it's enough. Her friend comments that she thought Leigh liked her grandparents. Leigh explains that Rosie's OK, but her grandfather's a real pain - almost as bad as her stepfather. She goes on that she can't wait to get to Melbourne - her uncle owns his own property and Rosie says his new wife is worth a fortune. Her friend says she doesn't think it matters if people have money. Leigh asks, "Don't you?" Her friend shakes her head. Leigh smiles and goes on, "I do. 'Cos one day I'm going to be rich - and you don't make money hanging around poor people..."

Alan is lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling in a bed at the Prince Henry Hospital. Karen is with him and he bitterly asks her, "Are the doctors sure it's permanent?" Karen quietly says, "Yes." Alan continues, "I'll never walk again?" Karen shakes her head. Alan comments that it's the luck of the draw, eh? Karen says she wishes there was something she could say. Alan angrily asks if she can think of anything. He then adds that he wants to go home. Looking surprised, Karen tells him, "You can't. Not so soon." Alan curtly assures her that it's alright - he doesn't expect her to look after him; he can afford a nurse and whatever wheelchairs and bits and pieces he'll need. Karen cries that he doesn't have to be so damn hard on himself, but Alan replies that he thought he was just getting sensible. He then goes on more angrily that the one thing he doesn't need is sympathy - that won't do him one iota of good; if she wants to do something, she can find out how long he has to be in the hospital. Karen nods, sadly. She then sighs, stands up and says, "Alright. I'll talk to the doctors." She strokes his head, lovingly.

Patricia and Charlie head back into the kitchen at the country house, after their walk. Patricia curtly points out to Charlie that this is the most important thing she's ever asked her to do and she's saying 'no'; what does Charlie want to do - see her dead? Charlie replies that of course she doesn't, and so Patricia bitterly asks, "Then why won't you help me?" Charlie says she'll help in any way she can, but Patricia is in enough trouble with the police without making it worse. She adds that arranging a false passport is wrong and Patricia knows it. Heather suddenly comes in from the hallway and tells Patricia that she was just looking for her. Patricia, looking worried, asks what's happened. Heather explains that she was talking to one of the detectives investigating the bombing and the delivery men were imposters - the real ones were found locked up in a hotel room, bound and gagged. Patricia asks if they told the police anything. Heather replies that she's afraid not - only that two men wearing masks held them at gunpoint, and-- Patricia interrupts and comments bitterly, "Roger Carlyle gets away with it again." Heather agrees that it seems that way. She then adds that the detective did say Patricia should think about protective custody again. Patricia laughs bitterly and mutters that living in a police lock-up isn't going to keep Roger away from her. Heather comments that it's up to her. Patricia adds that she couldn't cope with it, apart from anything else. Turning to Charlie, she persists, "So you see what I mean about needing all the help I can get?" Charlie, looking reluctant, agrees, "Alright, I'll do it."

Jill and Karen are sitting in the corridor at the hospital and Jill cries, "You're joking..." Karen sadly replies that, no - apparently a piece of metal from the wheelchair struck his spine. Jill sobs, "Oh my God..." Karen muses that she prefers to think He had nothing to do with it...! Jill stands up and cries that she wants to see him. Karen tells him that she doesn't want her rushing in and crying all over him - he's determined that no one's going to feel any pity for him; she's already been hauled over the coals. Jill insists that she still wants to see him. Karen assures her that she understands - she just wants Jill to watch what she says. Jill says she will, and she walks off.

Alan is lying in his hospital bed when there's a knock on the door. It opens and Jill walks in slowly. She closes the door behind her, staring at him all the while. She creeps over to him and gently says, "Hello." Alan mutters that he doesn't know why she's still hanging around - he's no good to her anymore; or hasn't anyone told her the happy news? Jill explains that Karen just did. Alan snaps that there she goes, then: she's wasting her time. Jill retorts that she doesn't think so. Alan snaps that she must be completely stupid, then. He goes on that he only wanted her for one thing; that's just come to a sudden stop and now he doesn't want her around. Jill stares at him and retorts that she's sorry - he's not getting rid of her that easily. She sits down.



Gordon is walking with Karen in the corridor at the hospital and he comments that she looks tired. Karen, who's holding a hot drink in her hand, assures him that that helps. Gordon asks how Alan is. Karen replies that, physically, he's a lot more stable, but mentally he's becoming more and more bitter. Gordon remarks that it's understandable. Karen tells him that it's not easy on the people around him, though. She goes on that Jill has been wonderful - she's hardly left his side; she doesn't know why, though: Alan is vile to her and the way he speaks to Jill...; still, she's very glad Jill is there. Changing the subject, Gordon tells her not to worry about the business - he's flying back with Amanda this afternoon. Looking concerned, Karen asks about Wayne. Gordon replies that he won't be far behind; between the two of them, they can hold the fort. He adds that he's terribly sorry about what happened to Alan; if there's anything he can do... Karen thanks him. Gordon goes on that he just hopes things start getting better for him.

Leigh steps out of a coach, carrying a bag. A young man with her is also holding a bag, and he comments that he thought she said her uncle was going to meet her. Leigh replies that he won't be long. The young man tells her that he's glad he met her - it was good to have someone nice to sit next to on the bus. He then suggests that they swap telephone numbers and keep in touch. Leigh replies nastily, "Oh, I don't think so." The young man asks why not; he thought she was interested. Leigh mutters, "What? Just because I let you buy me a couple of meals?" The young man points out that she could have said 'no'. Leigh growls, "Well I am. Now." She suddenly spots David approaching and calls to him. He queries, "Leigh?!" Leigh smiles, "Hi!" David tells her that he's glad she recognised him because he would have walked straight past her! The young man slams down Leigh's case and snaps at David, "I reckon you should've, mate." He storms off and David asks who the guy was. Leigh tells him that it was just someone on the bus that wouldn't take 'no' for an answer - he's been pestering her ever since they left Brisbane. She then declares that, well, there she is; she bets he was surprised when Rosie called! David agrees, "Just a bit!" Leigh says to him that she hopes he doesn't mind putting her up. David assures her that of course he doesn't. He adds that they've had a few things happen at the house lately, but he reckons she'll fit in. Leigh smiles, "I'm sure I will..."

Patricia is sitting staring into space in the lounge room at the country house when Charlie calls for her. Patricia calls back that she's in there, and Charlie comes in with a bag in her hand and tells Patricia to wait until she sees her new outfit; she can't wait to try it on-- Patricia interrupts her and asks her tetchily if she got the passport. Charlie sits down, opens her handbag and takes out a passport, which she hands to Patricia. Patricia takes if from her, gratefully, and thanks her, adding that she knows that was hard for her. Charlie just muses that it's done now. She then asks Patricia how her knee is, and Patricia replies that it's getting better - she's hoping to be able to get rid of the stick soon. Charlie comments that she thought she'd find Patricia sitting out in the sunshine - it's so gloomy inside, and after what happened... Patricia explains that she was thinking of Roger and Ross and it seemed appropriate. She goes on bitterly that it's not fair: once she's gone, those two are going to get away scot-free. Charlie tells her not to think about it, but Patricia retorts that she can't help it - she doesn't like leaving old scores unsettled. She then adds more sadly that she's going to miss David, too. Charlie points out that she doesn't have to go, but Patricia retorts that she does unless she wants to spend God knows how many years in prison because of Luke; it's just that it's going to cost her a lot more than a new passport...

David is talking to a policeman outside as Leigh stands and stares at the house. David is telling the policeman about her, spelling out her name and explaining that she's his niece. The policeman lets him go and he walks over and joins her, declaring, "That's the property. What do you think?" Leigh muses that it's a bit... She breaks off before adding that it's alright - she just expected him to be closer to the city - in one of those expensive houses. David explains that they're going to do the place up - it's just that they're a little bit short on cash at the moment. Looking annoyed, Leigh comments that Rosie said Patricia has lots of money. David explains that she used to, but she's had a few business problems lately. Leigh mutters, "Oh." David asks her if that means she's not going to like staying there now. Leigh, though, quickly assures him that she's looking forward to it - honestly. She picks up her bag and heads inside.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Patricia is telling Leigh that, technically speaking, she's her step-niece, but if she calls her 'Aunty Patricia', she doesn't think she'll want to know her! Leigh smiles and says she promises not to! David tells Leigh that he's going to do some work outside; he'll let Patricia settle her in. He goes. Patricia tells Leigh that they've made up a spare bed for her in Katie's room. Looking surprised, Leigh asks who Katie is. Patricia explains that she's Mike and Heather O'Brien's daughter, and she asks if David didn't mention to her that they're staying with them. Leigh replies that he did, but she just didn't expect to be sharing. Patricia assures her that it won't be for long. She then adds that Katie is around Leigh's age, so she's sure they'll get on together. Leigh looks around the room and comments that it's a bit of a mess. Patricia muses that she could say that... Leigh goes on that, from what David said, Patricia is lucky to be alive. Patricia just mutters, "Yes..." She then calls to Charlie. Charlie waltzes in, wearing her new dress - which is very sparkly! - and asks Patricia what she thinks. Patricia replies that it's very nice. Charlie indignantly comments, "Nice? Darling, it's worth $800!" Leigh chips in that it's beautiful. Charlie smiles and says she's glad someone can show a little enthusiasm. Patricia introduces Charlie to Leigh and Leigh tells Charlie it's nice to meet her. Charlie says, "Likewise." Leigh asks Charlie where she bought the outfit. Charlie explains that she didn't - when you own the factory, you get them free. Leigh, a sudden smile of interest on her face, asks her if she's in the fashion business. Charlie explains that she's on the financial side - she has this brilliant designer who works for her. Leigh exclaims that that's terrific, and she adds that Charlie will have to tell her all about it. Patricia stares at her, looking thoughtful...

Beryl is talking to Heather on the 'phone in her lounge room, explaining that she's got some mail for her - mainly bills, she thinks, but there are a few important-looking ones. Heather says she'll get Mike to pick them up - he has to see the insurance people about the house, anyway. Beryl says she sees. She then asks how things are out there. Heather explains that everyone is trying their best to forget what happened. Beryl comments that it was terrible. She then adds that, actually, she was thinking of coming out and making her peace with Patricia before her trial comes up; Fiona was saying Patricia made a lovely speech at the party. Heather agrees, "Yes." She then asks how Fiona is coping now, and Beryl replies that she's alright, she thinks - she flew back to Sydney this afternoon; it's Barney's funeral tomorrow. Heather asks her when they can expect to see her. Beryl explains that, to be honest, she does have some things she wants to discuss with David. Heather suggests that she could bring their mail out at the same time. Beryl smiles and comments that Heather has convinced her - she'll be there at about 3:30pm! Heather says she'll look forward to it and they hang up. In Sunbury, Mike comes in from the garden and Heather tells him that Beryl is coming out. Mike mutters, "Oh yeah?" Heather assures him that it's alright - she just feels she ought to make her peace with Patricia. Mike muses that she must have pulled herself together a bit since she came back from Queensland. Heather agrees that it looks that way. She then suddenly realises that she forgot to tell Beryl about Leigh. Mike assures her that it doesn't matter - it'll be a nice surprise for her when she turns up...

Leigh is sitting in the lounge room with Patricia and Charlie and she asks who the party is for. Charlie explains that it's for buyers, mainly - from the department stores and boutiques that stock their dresses. Leigh says she bets there'll be lots of interesting people there. Charlie agrees that there certainly will. Leigh then asks about the lady who does all of her designs, and Charlie assures her that Lisa will be the star attraction. Leigh says she'd love to meet her. Charlie smiles that she's sure they could manage an-- Patricia suddenly interrupts and asks Leigh if she'll make them some afternoon tea. Leigh, looking surprised, says, "Now?" Patricia asks Charlie if they can tempt her with a piece of cake. Charlie pats her stomach and says she shouldn't, but she will! Patricia tells Leigh that the cake is in the tin on the top shelf and Leigh reluctantly gets up and goes. As soon as they're alone, Patricia warns Charlie to be very careful, as somebody is trying to take her for a ride. Charlie asks innocently, "Who?" Patricia replies, "Leigh, of course." She points out that as soon as Leigh found out that Charlie has money and connections, she's been doing her damnedest to get into her good books. Charlie, looking shocked, cries, "Well she's not..." Patricia points out that, all that talk about the party and trying to wrangle an invitation... she knows which side her bread's buttered on. Charlie asks Patricia if she's sure. Patricia replies that she's positive - she used to do the same thing herself. Charlie sighs that she thought it was her natural charm... Patricia tells her not to take it too badly. She then adds that, actually, it's quite funny: it seems that David's niece isn't quite the sweet young thing they expected... She smiles, thoughtfully.

In Sydney, Fiona opens the door to her flat at the boarding house to find a young man in uniform standing there. He asks, "Mrs. Thompson?" Fiona replies that she is. The man explains that he's Captain Kelly and he asks if he may have a word. Fiona invites him in. Kelly tells her that, first of all, he just wants to say how sorry he is about Barney - he understands he and Fiona were to be married. Fiona sadly agrees, "Yes, we were." Kelly goes on that the funeral will, of course, be a full military service - and afterwards, some of Barney's friends - people who knew him well - are getting together to remember him; that's why he's there: Colonel Bainbridge wanted him to extend her an invitation - he thought she might like to join them. Fiona queries, "Colonel Bainbridge?" Kelly asks if Barney mentioned him. Fiona replies that, no, he didn't - but she read about him. She then tells Kelly that she'd be honoured. Kelly says that, as soon as he has all the details, he'll give her a call. He then adds that there was one other thing that he was asked to mention: apparently, Barney had some diaries. Fiona confirms that that's right. Kelly goes on that they weren't with his belongings. Fiona explains that she has them. Kelly says that, if he could just take them with him... Fiona snaps that she's afraid not. Kelly explains that those diaries could contain classified military information. Fiona muses that she supposes they could. Kelly tells her that he has his orders, but Fiona snaps that she doesn't care what he has; they're Barney's diaries and she's keeping them. Backing down, Kelly says he'll tell Colonel Bainbridge that she'll join them; he's sure the Colonel is looking forward to meeting her. Fiona tells Kelly curtly to tell Colonel Bainbridge that she's looking forward to meeting him.

Beryl gets out of her car at the country house and comments to Heather that the police are certainly doing their job - she didn't think they'd let her near the place if it hadn't been for her! Heather points out that it is better to be sure than sorry. She then suggests that Beryl go into the house and she'll tell David that she's there. Beryl accepts, "Alright." Heather then adds that Beryl shouldn't be too surprised at who she might meet. She walks off. Looking puzzled, Beryl calls after her, "Who?" but there's no answer.

Beryl heads into the kitchen, puts her things on the table and walks over to the stove to put the kettle on. Leigh suddenly walks in from the hallway and stops in her tracks. Beryl turns round and looks shocked as she finds the girl staring at her. She snaps, "What the hell are you doing here?"

David is chopping wood outside when Heather walks over to him and tells him that Beryl is there. David, looking surprised, asks, "What for?" Heather explains that it's to see him and Patricia. David asks if she knows that Leigh is there. Heather replies that she doesn't, as far as she knows; she didn't say anything - she thought it would be a nice surprise for her. David mutters, "Not after what Leigh told me happened in Brisbane." The two of them start heading back towards the house.

Inside, in the kitchen, Beryl snaps at Leigh that she thinks she's very clever, doesn't she. Leigh retorts, "No." Beryl goes on that Leigh has been going around wrecking people's live for her own selfish reasons; well, she's not getting away with it. Leigh muses that she's not trying to get away with anything. Beryl asks, "Aren't you?" She then points out that she's got Rosie wrapped around her little finger; she thinks Leigh is a proper little angel. Leigh retorts that she hasn't done anything wrong. Beryl growls at her not to lie - she saw her and Jim together. Leigh retorts that that was his fault, not hers. Beryl mutters that he led her on, did he? Leigh tells her, "Yes." Beryl snaps at her not to talk rubbish. She goes on that Leigh is as bad as Jim is. Neither of them notices Patricia appear in the doorway as Beryl goes on that she saw the way Leigh looked at Jim when she thought he was wealthy; it must have come as quite a shock to her to find out that she was the one with money and that Jim was poor as a churchmouse. Leigh insists that she wasn't after Jim's money, but Beryl retorts that of course she was - she just made a mistake; all that effort for nothing. Leigh says nastily, "I wouldn't say that." Beryl asks, "Wouldn't you? You've got nothing to show for it." Leigh points out cruelly that she showed her how easy it was to take Jim away from her - and she bets he enjoyed being with her a lot more than a fat cow like Beryl. Looking shocked, Beryl reaches out and slaps Leigh round the face - just as David and Heather come in. David immediately asks, "Hey. What's going on?" Leigh goes and stands by him and he gives her a hug. She immediately cries, "It wasn't my fault, David, it wasn't, but Beryl won't believe me." Beryl snaps that of course she won't. David asks her what she hit Leigh for, but Beryl snaps that she deserved it - gloating about the way she got her claws into Jim. Leigh cries that it's not true - Jim forced himself on her; she didn't want anything to do with him. She tells David that Beryl says she was after Jim's money. Beryl snaps, "You were." Heather chips in that Jim hasn't got any money. Beryl retorts that Leigh didn't know that. Leigh insists that Beryl is lying; Beryl just blames her for what happened in Brisbane and she had nothing to do with it. David stares at her and tells her sharply, "Beryl doesn't lie." Patricia suddenly walks in and says, "Well she did this time." As everyone stares at her, she goes on, "I saw the whole thing: Beryl just slapped her for absolutely no reason at all: the poor girl didn't do or say anything."


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