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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

The 'phone at Dural suddenly starts ringing. Lying on the floor, on his back, Gordon tries to turn onto his side so that he can edge his way to the telephone table.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda has her ear to the 'phone. The 'phone at the other end is ringing, but there's no answer and so she hangs up. As she does so, Mitch is looking at a big bag of shopping in front of him and commenting that there's enough there to feed Barney's whole regiment! He then indicates the can that he's holding and adds that Amanda wouldn't believe the trouble he had getting them. As he realises that she's not really listening, he asks if something's wrong. Amanda explains that she was just ringing Gordon to see if he talked to Aunty Barb. Mitch asks, "And?" Amanda explains that there was no answer. Mitch suggests that he's probably gone out for a drive or something. Amanda says she'll try again later. Changing the subject, she picks up the can and says to Mitch that she sees he got the lychees. Mitch replies that he got the most exotic brand he could find - and the chook and stuff, as well. Amanda says she'd better get started, and she asks him if he got Mrs. Atkins' recipe. Mitch suddenly snaps, "Damn. I knew there was some something I forgot." Amanda, looking annoyed, asks how she's supposed to turn the ingredients into chicken kiev without a recipe. Mitch assures her that Barney isn't expecting anything fancy, so maybe they could roast the chook up. Amanda glares at him, though, so he quickly goes on that, alright, he'll go and get it. Amanda tells him that she'll come with him. Mitch points out that it doesn't take two to pick up a recipe. Amanda, though, points out that she can't get started without it, so she might as well come along for the ride - and anyway, it'll do her good to get lots of fresh air; it's good for the baby. Mitch smiles and says he can't argue with that! The two of them go out.

At the Fisher house, Alan is sitting at the table in the lounge room, drawing on some papers in front of him, when Jill comes in and asks him what he's doing. Alan explains that he's making sure the design modifications for his car's tyre rods and kingpins can handle racing conditions. Jill remarks that it sounds complicated. Alan tells her that it is. He adds that he hopes she doesn't want him to explain it. Jill tells him she came to thank him, actually, for last night - she really enjoyed the meal and the company. Alan tautly says he's glad to hear it. Jill continues that she's just so sorry that she had to come home early - she really messed things up, didn't she? Alan just comments, "Oh well... if you have a kid..." Jill asks how the disco was and Alan replies that it was first class - a regular rage. Jill tells him that if he's ever going again sometime, she'd love to come. Alan curtly asks, "Oh? And what about Fee?" Jill explains that if she knows she's going to be out late, she can always get a babysitter. Alan tells her that he'll let her know when the mood strikes. Changing the subject, Jill says that, seeing as Karen is going out for dinner tonight, she thought she'd cook something for the two of them. Alan retorts that it suits him. Jill goes on that there's an old Steve McQueen movie on tele - Alan said he liked his films, didn't he? Alan smiles and comments that she's got it all worked out. Jill tells him that, if they're going to have the place to themselves, they may as well make the most of it. Alan smiles and agrees, "May as well..."

Charlie is holding Isabella as she walks up the driveway towards Dural. She says to the dog, "Come on, little girl - let's go visit." She knocks on the front door, and as she waits for it to be answered, she says to Isabella that she will behave herself in front of Uncle Gordon, won't she. There's no answer at the door. Inside, Gordon is still lying in the hallway. He opens his mouth to try and cry out to Charlie, but he finds himself unable to make a sound, and he winces in pain as he tries. Outside, Charlie comments to Isabella that Gordon must be out - she doesn't know where, though; she'll just have to try again later. All-of-a-sudden, she hears a noise inside, and she asks Isabella if she heard something. Inside, Gordon is trying to move again. He manages to manoeuvre himself onto his side and crawl slightly closer to the telephone table. He's able to reach out his hand and pull the 'phone onto the floor, which causes a crashing noise. Outside, on the step, Charlie says to Isabella that that certainly wasn't her imagination; she just hopes it's not burglars... She leans her ear against the door and listens. A sudden weak cry of, "Help..." comes from inside.

A short time later, Gordon is being carried into an ambulance by two ambulancemen. Charlie is busy telling one of the men that as soon as she heard Gordon cry 'Help', she knew something was wrong; she thanks heavens the back door was open, or she doesn't know what she would have done. The ambulanceman listens impatiently and then says, "Out of our way, please." Charlie moves and then tells the ambulanceman to imagine if she'd just walked off without hearing him inside. The ambulanceman tells her that it was lucky she did. Charlie asks if it's serious. The ambulanceman, though, replies that it's hard to say - they'll know more when they get him to hospital. Charlie cries that they'd better hurry, and the ambulanceman curtly assures her that they will. He then asks her if she can get in touch with Gordon's family for them. Charlie tells him that Wayne and Barbara are in Melbourne, but she doesn't know where. The ambulanceman tells her that Gordon will be at Hornsby Hospital. Charlie calls to Gordon, in the back of the ambulance, that she'll let them know somehow.

Wayne walks into Toorak through the front door. Barbara comes out of the lounge room, and her face drops when she sees who's standing there. Wayne smiles at her nastily and says he heard she was there. Barbara snaps that news does travel fast. Wayne explains that Katie called Fiona this morning and Fiona told her that Barbara had walked out on Gordy. Barbara snaps at him sarcastically that he couldn't wait to come over and offer his sympathy, could he? Wayne explains that he's there because the house is being sold and the agent 'phoned to say he had some people who want to look it over. Barbara asks why he can't show them round - it is his job. Wayne replies that the agent apparently has another client to look after this afternoon. Barbara sourly comments that that's very convenient. She then adds that he's not to worry, as she can arrange to stay somewhere else if that's what he wants. Wayne, though, replies that, for goodness' sake - why would he want to throw her out? - he wouldn't want her going back to Gordy now, would he? He adds that as far as he's concerned, she can stay at Toorak until they sell the place. He walks off.

Amanda and Mitch arrive at the Fisher house and walk into the lounge room. Mitch looks at his watch and comments that they made it in record time, but Amanda points out that it was only thanks to those green lights! Jill, who's in the lounge room with Alan, looks surprised but pleased to see the visitors, and she asks them what they're doing there. Amanda explains that they're in desperate need of a recipe from Mrs. Atkins. Jill asks her if she's having a dinner party, but Amanda explains that Mitch has got one of his old army mates coming over, and she thought she'd lash out and do something fancy. Alan, who's busy staring at Amanda with intrigue in his eyes, asks Jill if she's not going to introduce them. Jill says she's sorry and she does the introductions. Amanda tells Alan that she's pleased to meet him, and Alan, a glint in his eye, says, "Likewise." He then goes on that he's sure he's met Amanda somewhere before, as it's hard to mistake that lovely blonde hair of hers. Mitch looks annoyed at hearing this, and Jill looks disappointed, but Amanda, just looking bemused, points out that plenty of girls have blonde hair. Alan replies that that's true, but they're not all as good looking as she is. Mitch suddenly snaps at Amanda that she'd better get that recipe. Amanda asks Alan if Mrs. Atkins is out the back. Alan suggests that she can spare the time for a cup of coffee, surely, but Amanda thanks him and tells him that, if she doesn't get home soon, her and Mitch's guest will end up with cheese on toast for dinner! Alan comments that that's too bad - he was hoping they could become better-acquainted. Amanda suggests, "Some other time?" Mitch, looking increasingly angry, suggests they get the recipe and go. Alan, though, suddenly recalls that he forgot to tell Mitch that Karen left a message: she's got some urgent deliveries that she wants him to make - the parcels are in the study. Mitch growls that they can wait - he has to get Amanda back first. Alan tells him that the message was pretty clear. Mitch snaps that he'll only be half an hour. Jill chips in that she's sure Karen wouldn't mind if the parcels were a few minutes late, but Alan asks her if she wants to explain it to Karen when she calls in to check. Turning to Mitch, he tells him that he'd better do it now. He reminds him that he has had most of the morning off as it is - and he'll make sure Amanda gets home OK... Mitch snaps, "Now hang on," but Alan asks him what his problem is: has he got something against him giving the girl a lift? Mitch, giving in reluctantly, tells Amanda that he won't be long, and he storms off to the study. Amanda tells Alan that she can get a taxi home, but Alan points out that she did say she's in a hurry. Amanda gives in and says, "OK," adding that she just needs a minute to get the recipe. Alan smiles, looking pleased with himself.

A short time later, Amanda and Alan walk up to the front door of the Morrell apartment, and Alan asks what the rent on a place in the area is. Amanda, though, explains that she doesn't own the apartment. She opens the door and then thanks him for the lift. He assures her that it was a pleasure. Amanda tells him that she'll see him when she drops in on Jill. Alan, though, suggests that it could be sooner - like tomorrow night: there's a great little restaurant he knows in the city - dim lights... fine food... no intrusions... Amanda, looking bemused again, says, "Really?" Alan asks her what she says: shall he pick her up at 7pm? Amanda, though, says flatly, "No." Alan asks why not - they could-- Amanda interrupts him and tells him that she'll make it as plain as she can: she's not interested in either him or his restaurant; she wants to get things straight from the word go: she's not interested in getting seriously involved with anyone at the moment. Alan listens and tells her that that's fair enough; the message is understood. He says "Goodbye," and looks surprised when Amanda then shuts the door in his face. The expression of surprise is quickly replaced, though, by expressions of thoughtfulness and then a smile...

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Wayne goes to answer it in the lounge room. STD pips sound and Charlie then comes on. Sounding relieved, she tells him that she was hoping she'd catch either him or Barbara. Wayne asks her what he can do for her. Charlie explains that she's afraid it's Gordon: he's had another heart attack. A look of shock and horror suddenly crosses Wayne's face, and he exclaims, "God..." Charlie goes on that Wayne has no idea how lucky she was to find Gordon: she heard this crashing sound inside and when she finally found her way to the back door-- Sensing that she's going to go on, Wayne quickly interrupts and says, "OK. Just tell me how he is. Which hospital have they taken him to?" Charlie tells him that it's Hornsby - and all they told her was that his condition is stable. Wayne comments that that's better than nothing; he'll see what else he can find out. Charlie says she knows Barbara is down in Melbourne too - is she staying there at Toorak, by any chance? Wayne replies that she's there, yeah. He then asks Charlie if she's told anyone else what's happened. Charlie tells him that she hasn't - she thought she'd better let him and Barbara know what happened first. Wayne tells her that that's good. He then thanks her for calling and says he'll take it from there; he thinks it would be better if people heard what's happened from him. Charlie accepts this, but adds that if he needs any help... Wayne assures her that he knows where to find her. Barbara suddenly comes into the lounge room at Toorak and Wayne looks at her. On the 'phone, Charlie says to him that he will tell Barbara, won't he? Wayne just tells her to leave it to him - he'll be on the first 'plane up this afternoon. He then hangs up and, turning to Barbara, explains that that was business - he has to fly back to Sydney this afternoon. Barbara growls at him that she's sure he'll make good use of his time up there, letting people know why she left Gordon. Wayne, though, snaps back at her that she's so damn worried about her precious reputation, isn't she; there are more important people in the world than her - not that he'd expect her to believe that. He storms off, leaving Barbara looking surprised.

It's nighttime, and at the Morrell apartment, Mitch is sitting in the lounge room, watching television. Fiona and Amanda come in from the kitchen and Fiona comments that the meal smells absolutely delicious. Amanda laughs and tells her that Mrs. Atkins deserves all the credit! They go and sit down and Amanda asks Mitch when Barney said he was coming. Mitch, still staring at the TV, snaps that he told her: about 7pm. Fiona, looking surprised at his attitude, comments that she would have thought he'd be much more excited about meeting his friend after all this time. Mitch, though, growls that maybe he shouldn't have invited him over at all. Amanda, looking equally surprised, comments that that's a change of tune, isn't it? Mitch retorts that it's been a long time - he and Barney might not have much in common these days. Fiona, though, says she's sure they'll have plenty of things to talk about. Mitch just mutters that they'll see. He suddenly gets up, turns the television TV off and offers the two woman a glass of wine. Amanda says she'll have a small one, and Fiona says she'll have the same. Mitch walks out to the kitchen. When they're alone, Fiona remarks to Amanda that Mitch sounds as though he'd rather be anywhere else than there. Amanda explains that it hasn't got anything to do with Barney coming over; there was this upfront guy over at Jill's this afternoon, and Mitch didn't like the way he did the big come-on - he started getting jealous, of all things. Looking surprised, Fiona comments that she didn't think she and Mitch were that close. Amanda tells her that they're not - they agreed to be just friends. Fiona warns Amanda to just be careful and remember that Mitch was in prison for attacking a guy over his girlfriend. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Mitch comes back out of the kitchen and says he'll get it, adding that it's probably Barney. He goes to the door and opens it. There's a man in his sixties standing there, and Mitch, a suddenly smile on his face, says, "Well, look who it is: my old mate, Barney!" He asks Barney how he is, and Barney smiles and replies that Mitch knows what they say in the classics: fit as a fiddle! They look at each other and then simultaneously say, "Or fit for a fiddle!" Mitch, looking relieved, tells Barney to come in and meet everyone. He then introduces Amanda and Fiona to, "Barney Adams, 10th Platoon, D Company, 6th Battalion. RAR." Fiona comments that it sounds awfully important. Barney, though, laughs that it sounds like an address! He then tells the two women that he's very pleased to meet them both. Amanda takes from him the bottle that he's holding and takes it out to the kitchen. Fiona says she'll see if Amanda needs any help with the dinner, and she heads to the kitchen as well, leaving Mitch and Barney alone. Barney asks Mitch how life is on civvy street. Mitch replies that there have been a few bumps, but he always lands on his feet! Barney tells him that he still tells the new blokes about some of the tricks they got up to in there. Mitch laughs and comments that he'll scare them out of the army, doing that! He then offers Barney a beer. Barney smiles and tells him that he thought he'd never ask!

Charlie is sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is standing and he tells her that he went straight from the airport to the hospital. Charlie asks him what they said. Wayne replies that they said he's pretty well out of danger; the main thing he needs now is plenty of rest. Charlie comments that Barbara will be glad, and she asks what time she's arriving. Suddenly looking slightly sheepish, Wayne replies that she isn't, exactly. He then offers Charlie a drink and she asks for just a wee one. As he goes to pour it, he goes on that, actually, Barbara won't be coming; he didn't tell her about Gordon being in hospital. Looking shocked, Charlie asks why not, adding, "She's his wife." Wayne, though, points out that she also walked out on him - so he thought he should check with Gordy first before he said anything. He goes on that it seems he did the right thing, as the nurse told him that Gordon doesn't want anyone to breathe a word of it to her. He adds that he can't blame his father, either - especially since it's her fault that he's in hospital. Looking surprised, Charlie says "Barbara's?" Wayne tells her that walking out on someone with a heart condition is a pretty callous thing to do. He hands her her drink and she muses that she supposes it is. She then adds that, come to think of it, Barbara has always been a bit hard. Wayne agrees, "Yes - so mum's the word?" Charlie assures him that he doesn't have to worry - nothing will get past her lips! Wayne smiles.

At the dinner table at the Morrell apartment, Barney is telling a story about Vietnam and about Mitch throwing a grenade into the middle of the Viet Cong, which resulted in arms and legs going flying in all directions. Fiona winces at hearing this and comments that he could spare them the details. Barney, though, tells her that that's how it was: kill or be killed. Fiona remarks that he didn't seem to mind too much. Barney explains that he didn't think about it too much - the job had to be done and they did it; but that's all over now - and besides, the army has decided to pension him off. Looking surprised, Mitch comments that he thought the army made a bloke like him a General and kicked him upstairs. Barney says he wishes they did, but no: it's civvy street for him. He adds that it's going to seem a bit strange after forty-odd years in the service. Amanda asks him if doesn't want to lead a normal life, but Barney tells her that he wouldn't know what normal life is - the army's always been his life. Mitch says it gets in your blood alright; they sure had some good times in there. Barney sadly says it has to end sometime, he supposes. Fiona snaps, "Please..." adding that it sounds as if they've had some sort of game taken away from them. Mitch snaps back at her that it was no game - he can promise her that. Amanda chips in that she didn't think Barney meant-- Barney, though, interrupts and explains to Fiona that all he wants to say is that if there had to be a war, they made the best of it. Fiona snaps that, oh yes, they'd be boasting about how many people they'd killed and how many innocent civilians they'd blown to bits... Amanda warns, "Fiona..." Fiona snaps at the others that, if they must talk about it, go ahead, but don't expect her to sit there and listen to it - she'll get on with the washing up. She gets up and heads out to the kitchen.

Jill carries a jug of coffee into the lounge room at the Fisher house. As she does so, Alan comments to her that that was quite a meal she whipped up. Jill smiles and tells him that she's glad he enjoyed it. Alan goes on that he's sorry he was a bit rude to her this afternoon. Jill tells him to forget it, and Alan says he was hoping she'd say that! They go to kiss, but Fee suddenly starts crying, and their faces both drop. Jill says she wont be a tick, and she walks off to tend to her daughter, leaving Alan looking annoyed. After a few moments, he looks around and then goes and picks up the 'phone index lying nearby. He opens it at the letter 'M' and looks at the number for Amanda Morrell: 922-1329. He picks up the telephone receiver and starts dialling.

At the dinner table at the Morrell apartment, Barney suggests that he'd better try and make his peace with Mrs. Thompson; explain to her that they didn't really want to fight in Vietnam. He leaves them. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Amanda asks Mitch if he can get it. She adds that, if it's Mrs. Atkins, he's to tell her that the chicken turned out perfectly! Mitch goes to the 'phone, picks it up and says, "Hello?" Alan comes on, says it's him and asks if Amanda is there. Looking annoyed, Mitch growls at him to hang on. He then tells Amanda that it's pretty-boy Brandon. Amanda walks over, takes the receiver and says, "Hello!" Alan explains that he just wanted to apologise for this afternoon if it seemed like he was coming on a bit strong. Amanda tells him that it did. Alan asks her if she'll give him a second chance. Amanda points out that she told him-- Alan interrupts and promises her that he won't come on heavy; how about he takes her out and shows her his sports car - the one he was telling her about when he drove her home? Amanda tells him that she's pretty busy lately, but Alan assures her that it won't take long - he's just asking that she lets him make it up to her; is that too much? Amanda points out that he's already said he's sorry. Alan, though, tells her that he'd feel better if he could see her again. Amanda gives in and says, "Just this once." Mitch glares at her. Alan tells her that he'll pick her up around 10am. Amanda replies that she'll see him then, and the two of them hang up. At the Fisher house, Jill comes back into the lounge room and asks Alan who was on the 'phone. Alan tells her that it was his mechanic - he's arranging to have a look at the car with him tomorrow. Jill, accepting this, tells him that the movie is just about to start; she'll turn on the television and they can get settled. Alan, though, retorts that he doesn't think he'll bother now; he thinks he'll just have another look at those plans and turn in; he'll see her in the morning. He walks off, leaving Jill looking annoyed and disappointed.

At the Morrell apartment, Mitch snaps at Amanda that she should have given the guy a straight-out 'no' and ended it there. Amanda, though, points out that she's only going to see his car - it's no big deal. She then adds that, anyway, what right has he got to tell her who she should and shouldn't see? Mitch snaps at her that, for God's sake, she is having his kid. Amanda asks if that's supposed to make a difference. Mitch growls that, to her he guesses it wouldn't; if that's what she wants, she can go her hardest; she's just not to expect him to sit there and wear it. Amanda snaps that she won't - and he's not to try and make her feel guilty, either, as he doesn't own her. Mitch retorts that maybe he doesn't, but he was good enough when she wanted a father for her kid. He growls, "Too short a memory, that's your problem, Amanda."

The next morning, there's a knock on the front door of Fiona's flat at the boarding house, and Fiona puts her duster down to answer it. She looks surprised to find Barney standing there, holding a bunch of roses. He explains that he thought they might help say sorry for last night. Fiona thanks him and invites him in. Barney tells her that he wants to let her know that he's not in the habit of throwing people's hospitality back in their faces. Fiona invites him to sit down, and she replies that she's sorry it turned out the way it did. Barney says, "Likewise." He then goes on that Mitch told him a lot of nice things about her when they were down the pub - and one thing he knows about Mitch is that he doesn't say something he doesn't mean; he told him how she helped him after he came out of jail, and not many people would have helped him the way she did. Fiona tells him that Mitch has just got to learn to control that temper of his. Barney explains that, unfortunately, Vietnam did a lot of funny things to a lot of young blokes, and Mitch was no exception. Fiona retorts that he should never have been there in the first place. Barney assures her that he agrees - he wouldn't wish a war on anyone. Looking surprised, Fiona comments that, last night, he said he'd-- Barney interrupts her and tells her that he knows he gave her the impression that he's all for it, but believe him: nothing is further from the truth. Fiona says she's very glad to hear it. Barney goes on that he'd like to try and explain something to her: when you're in a situation like Vietnam, normal rules don't apply - your men become more than just people you work with; they're men you depend on to stay alive; they're men who never know if they'll still be there for mail call the next morning; you develop a special kind of relationship with them - one you don't find with anyone else; his trouble is that he tends to get a bit too nostalgic about it. Fiona remarks that that's certainly not the picture he painted last night. Barney says he knows, and he wishes he'd tried to explain himself last night instead of shooting his mouth off. Fiona muses that she really didn't give him much of a chance. She then asks him if he's in a hurry. Barney replies that he isn't, and so Fiona suggests that they start off from scratch over a nice cup of tea. Barney smiles and says he'd like that. They two of them get up and head into the kitchen. As they do so, Fiona comments to him that she thought he'd be back on the base today. Barney explains that he's still got a couple of days' leave up his sleeve; he hasn't decided what he's going to do with them yet, he's afraid. Fiona remarks that she thought he'd have lots of interests, with his retirement coming up. Barney, though, says, "Don't remind me." Fiona points out that most people look forward to it after all those years of hard work. Barney tells her that, somehow, he's not the pottering-in-the rose-garden type; he prefers to buy them and give them to people he would like to be friends with. Fiona smiles and awkwardly and says that's interesting...

Alan and Amanda are standing outside the apartment block containing the Morrell apartment. As they walk to Alan's car, Alan tells Amanda that he's got a great day planned for them. Amanda comments that she thought they were just going to have a look at his car. Alan explains that that's this morning; this afternoon-- Amanda interrupts and tells him that they're coming right back. She then stops walking, turns to face him and tells him to listen: he's to get it into his head that she's only going along with him because he pestered her into it; after that, she's not particularly interested in him, OK? She starts walking towards the car again and Alan muses, "Whatever you say!" Unnoticed by either of them, Mitch is sitting in his car, watching as the two of them climb into Alan's car. As Alan starts his car's engine and pulls out into the road, Mitch pulls away and stops his car in the middle of the road, blocking Alan's way. Alan pulls his car to a sharp halt and he climbs out of his car angrily. He asks Mitch what the hell he thinks he's doing. Mitch points a finger at him and snaps that he wants to talk to him. Alan yells at him, "You stupid idiot - you could have killed me." Mitch snaps back at him, "Don't worry, your turn's coming." He then goes on, "From now on, I want you to stay away from Amanda." Amanda is leaning by the bonnet of Alan's car, but she suddenly bends over and yells out in pain. She calls, "Mitch..." Mitch turns to look at her. Amanda cries, "Quick, get a doctor. I think I'm losing the baby." Mitch stares at her in shock.


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