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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

The man walks towards Patricia, still pointing the gun at her. He doesn't notice as she slowly wraps her hand around a large branch from a tree that is lying on the ground next to her, but as he stands right next to her, she lifts up the branch and whacks his upper legs with it. He staggers back. Patricia leaps up and pushes him so that he falls over, the gun going off as he does so. Patricia starts running towards the road. She stands by the edge for a few moments, looking at the passing vehicles, and then goes and stands in the middle of the road, staring directly at the driver who's approaching her. The guy inside quickly pulls his car to a halt and angrily yells at Patricia to ask what she's trying to do. He adds that she'll get herself killed. Patricia cries, "Please - I have to get away." She gets in the car. Looking surprised, the man protests, "Wait a minute," but Patricia orders him to just drive and she'll explain later. The driver does as he's told and pulls away. The man with the gun finally makes it to the edge of the road, but he can only watch helplessly as Patricia is driven away. He watches the car drive off, noting the registration - BIO 979 - as he does so. He puts his gun away.

A while later, the car driver helps Patricia - who's limping - into the lounge room at Toorak. As he does so, Patricia thanks him and comments that he said his name's Ross, didn't he? The man replies that that's right. He then adds that the police should be there soon. Patricia says she hopes they hurry, as she doesn't feel safe anymore. Ross tells her that he thinks she'd better get the weight off her knee. He helps her onto the couch, and she admits that it is beginning to hurt a bit. Ross tells her that the adrenaline would have stopped her feeling the pain before, but in a few days, she'll wonder how she ever managed to walk. He starts feeling her knee, but Patricia indignantly cries, "Excuse me!" Ross quickly assures her that it's alright - he's a doctor. Patricia stares at him, and he insists, "Really!" Patricia comments that she hasn't really thanked him yet. Ross, though, tells her, "Yes - many times. But don't worry - I rather like being a knight in shining armour..."

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Amanda is talking to Gordon on the 'phone, but she tells him that Barbara doesn't want to talk to him. Gordon asks her if she can ask her again. Amanda turns to Barbara, who's standing a few feet away, but Barbara snaps that she's got nothing to say. She then leaves the room. Amanda returns to the 'phone and tells Gordon that she's sorry but Barbara doesn't want to talk to him. Gordon assures her that it's not her fault. Amanda goes on that Barbara booked a flight to America today; she leaves on Friday. She adds that Barbara has been trying to ring Wendy, but she hasn't got an answer yet. Gordon tells her that Wendy is in South Africa - a postcard arrived today: she's on some sort of photographic assignment. Looking thoughtful, Amanda suggests that maybe if he tells Barbara that, it'll change her mind. Gordon says to her that, if it doesn't, does she think she could? Amanda assures him that she'll do everything she can to get Barbara to talk to him before she goes. Gordon thanks her and tells her that he'll talk to her soon. The two of them hang up. At Dural, Gordon sighs and then suddenly winces, apparently in pain. He puts his hand in his cardigan pocket and takes out his bottle of heart pills. He swallows a pill and then puts the bottle down on to the telephone table in the hallway.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda calls to Barbara, who's in her bedroom, that Gordon says Wendy is in South Africa. Barbara comes out of her room and into the lounge room and asks sharply how he knows that. Amanda explains that a postcard arrived. She then adds that there's no point going to America now, is there? Barbara insists that she's got to go somewhere. Amanda tells her that Gordon really wants her back, but Barbara snaps, "Gordon is in love with another woman. He can't have it both ways." The front door suddenly opens and Andy walks in cheerily and asks, "How's tricks?!" Barbara mutters, "Oh God. Dreadful." Amanda comments to her flatmate that he looks on top of the world. Andy explains that he's just got a whole string of jobs in Melbourne; he couldn't turn them down, so he'll probably leave this afternoon - he'll take the coast road and make it a nice two-day trip in the van. Amanda tells him that, if he needs a place to stay, he can use her house - it's on the market, but it won't be sold for ages; she told Irene to use it, too. Andy thanks her and then asks her if she promises to take care of herself while he's gone. Amanda assures him that she'll be OK. She adds that Irene has recommended a doctor to her to see while she's away. Andy, looking relieved, says he'll go and throw some things together, and he heads off to his bedroom. Barbara looks worried and upset.

Senior Detective Pearce and Detective White are at Toorak, and, in the lounge room, Pearce asks Ross - referring to him as 'Dr. Newman' - how much of Mrs. Morrell's story he can verify. Ross replies that he did see somebody coming out of the bush - and he did have a gun in his hand. Looking annoyed, Patricia snaps at the detectives that she doesn't know what she has to say to convince them: Roger Carlyle is trying to kill her. Pearce, though, retorts that someone might be trying to kill her, but they can't arrest Mr. Carlyle on no evidence. Ross points out to her that a hunch won't get a conviction. Patricia snaps that she knows he's behind it. Pearce tells her that they'll certainly follow it up, and they'll keep a closer guard on her, too - he doesn't want this happening again. He then adds that, if there's nothing else... Patricia tells him that there is, actually: she found out yesterday who really did kill Luke - she was wrong when she thought it was Jeff. Pearce impatiently asks who it is this time. Patricia tells him that it's Jim O'Brien. Pearce points out that she realises that, unless she can come up with some proof... Patricia snaps at him that that's their job - she's just telling them what she knows. White asks her, "What do you know?" Patricia retorts that she knows that Mike O'Brien saw Jim do it, so if they want to talk to an eyewitness, they ought to talk to him.

A short time later, in the kitchen at Beryl's, Mike snaps that he didn't see his brother kill anybody. Pearce points out that Mrs. Morrell claims that-- Mike interrupts and snaps that he doesn't care what she claims - now that Jeff has gone, she's looking for someone else to point the finger at, but he didn't see Jim with Luke that night. Pearce asks him when he did see him. Suddenly looking worried, Mike says quietly that Jim is just outside, and he asks if they can't talk somewhere else. White, though, just asks him again what he saw. Mike reluctantly replies that he saw Jim leave the apartment block and that's all. Pearce immediately points out to him angrily that he didn't tell them that before, did he? He then asks Mike if he thinks his brother killed Luke. Mike says he doesn't know. Jim suddenly appears in the back doorway and stares at him.

Ross is sipping tea in the lounge room at Toorak, and he comments to Patricia that if he'd been through what she has in the last few weeks, he'd be a complete wreck; she must be quite a tough lady. Patricia replies that she isn't really - she's just good at surviving. She then adds that she's sorry to drag him into all this. Ross, though, tells her not to mention it - if he's going to be her doctor, he has to know something about her background. Patricia looks at him in surprise, and he goes on that he has to be her doctor now - that is his compression bandage that she's wearing over her knee! Looking bemused, Patricia asks if surgeons aren't supposed to hang around their hospitals. Ross agrees that they are, but if he can't treat a special case of bursitis on the side... Patricia asks, "What?" Ross repeats, "Bursitis," and he explains that it's inflammation of the knee tissue; the only thing that's going to make it better is complete rest, so she'll have to stay there while he goes out and buys some lunch. Patricia tells him that that's very kind of him, but she has to be in Sunbury sometime today. Ross assures her that that's no problem, and he suggests he get a pizza. Patricia tells him that that's fine. She then asks him if he can pass her the 'phone before he goes. Ross walks over to the desk, picks up the 'phone and hands it to her. As he does so, Patricia explains that she just has to let a few people know where she is. Ross tells her that he'll return with the biggest pizza she's ever seen, and he goes. Patricia starts dialling and after a few seconds, a 'phone at the other end rings. STD pips sound and Patricia says she'd like to speak to Roger Carlyle. A woman at the other end tells her that he's in conference at the moment, and she asks if she can take a message. Patricia replies that, yes, she can: she can tell Roger that Patricia Morrell called to say his apes bungled it this morning, and now she's got police protection, so unless he wants to end up on a charge he'd better back off. She hangs up.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Senior Detective Pearce says to Mike and Jim that he wants to get this straight: they both went to the apartment independently of each other to have a go at Luke for running out on Jeff? Jim and Mike, who are both sitting at the table, say simultaneously, "That's right." Pearce goes on that it was at 2am? Jim tells him Jeff had just tried to gas himself; they were pretty uptight. Pearce continues that neither of them saw Luke? Mike replies that no one answered when he knocked. Jim adds that there was no answer when he was there either, and he almost belted the door down. Sounding satisfied, Pearce says they'll leave it at that for the moment - he and White haven't heard anything to make them change their minds, but they will need Jim to come in and sign a statement later - and he and Mike will both be called to the trial. He then thanks the two men for their time and adds that they'll hear from him and White soon. The two detectives go. Mike immediately cries at Jim, "Thank God that's over." He then adds that he doesn't think the detectives believed Jim there, for a minute. Jim stares at him and and growls, "You sure didn't." Mike insists that he didn't think Jim did it. Jim, though, retorts that he could have fooled him. He then tells Mike to come out and say it: he simply doesn't trust him - he never has and he never will. Mike stares at him. Jim gets up and storms back outside.

Irene is at Fiona's flat in the boarding house, and Fiona asks her if she's all packed and ready. Irene replies that she was ready hours ago - she only popped in to say bye. Fiona comments that she supposes she's looking forward to seeing David. Irene replies that she is - although it could be awkward, as she doesn't know the situation between him and Patricia these days. Fiona remarks that, if he's got one grain of common sense, he wouldn't even be talking to her. Irene agrees, "Let's hope so." She then adds that, by the way, Barbara 'phoned an hour or so ago, and she's coming down to Melbourne with her. Looking surprised, Fiona comments that Amanda said she was going to America. Irene explains that that's all off - she's going to Melbourne to get away from Gordon now. Fiona, sounding dubious, remarks that it seems like Barbara doesn't know what she wants; she hopes she wakes up to herself before it's too late - and Gordon, too: he's behaving stupidly; two of the most sensible people she knows and they're messing round like a couple of kids. Irene says she agrees, but unless Barbara wants to talk about it, she thinks they'd better keep out. Fiona says she supposes she's right - but she might just call in and see Gordon tomorrow; see how he's making out...

Gordon is standing outside the front door of the Morrell apartment, and he knocks. Amanda opens the door and, looking surprised to see him, invites him in. He walks in and asks if Barbara is there. Amanda, though, tells him that she's sorry but she left for Melbourne about a quarter of an hour ago. Gordon stares at her, and she explains that there was no point her going to America and Irene happened to be going down anyway. Gordon asks where they're staying. Amanda replies, "My place." Gordon says he'll ring her there. He adds that if Barbara thinks he'll sit back and let her walk out on him, she's very much mistaken.

Toorak is in darkness as Irene and Barbara arrive. They open the front door and the 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Irene comments that it's probably someone for Patricia. Barbara walks down the hallway to the telephone table and answers the call. STD pips sound and then Gordon comes on and says it's him. He quickly adds, "Don't hang up." Barbara asks tautly, "Why shouldn't I?" Gordon replies that they have things to discuss. Barbara, though, retorts that there's no point - as long as he's carrying on with Little Miss. Muffet, they have nothing to discuss. Gordon pleads with her to hear him out. He then continues that nothing ever happened with Liz and nothing ever will - she's gone for good. Barbara points out that he still loves her. Gordon tells her, "I. Love. You." Barbara, though, tells him that that's not what she asked. Gordon cries that he needs her - as much as always. Barbara, though, tells him that that's not enough - if he's still in love with Liz, they can never have a proper marriage. She hangs up abruptly.

Heather, Jim, Beryl and Mike are sitting having dinner at the table in the living room at Beryl's. Beryl announces that there's another piece of apple pie if anyone wants it. Jim declines and Mike says he's right, as well. Heather says she might as well start clearing the dishes, then. Looking surprised, Beryl tells her to just sit and relax, but Heather replies that the sooner she starts, the sooner it's done. She gets up and heads out to the kitchen. When she's gone, Beryl comments to Mike and Jim that Heather has been like that all day - anything to keep busy. Jim comments, "Anything to keep her mind off Jeff, I suppose." Mike says he'll give her a hand, and he gets up and goes to join her. Alone with Beryl, Jim tells her that this is getting too much for him - he just thinks Mike and Heather need to be alone for a while. He then asks her if she's thought any more about coming to Queensland with him. Beryl tells him that she hasn't made up her mind. Looking disappointed, Jim asks her if the two days down the coast didn't mean anything. Beryl, though, quickly assures him that of course they did. She then asks him when he was thinking of going, and he tells her, "Tomorrow - right after the funeral." Looking surprised, Beryl just murmurs, "Oh..." She then goes on that she supposes the break will do her good. Jim, though, tells her that he was talking about more than just a break... Beryl murmurs, "Yeah... but we can really only be friends for now." She then tells him that it would be nice to have a holiday, though - if he still wants her to come, she'd love to.

Out in the kitchen, Heather is standing by the sink, looking upset. Mike is with her and he tells her that it'll be alright - she just has to take it easy. Heather cries that it's Jeff's funeral tomorrow; how's she going to face it? - she can't even-- Mike interrupts her and gently assures her that they'll get through it. Heather sniffs. She then asks Mike if he'll bring in the other plates and she'll start washing up. Mike goes. Heather remains by the sink, sobbing. Her gaze turns to Beryl's bottle of pills on the side. She picks it up and stares at it.

Patricia and Ross walk into the kitchen at the country house, and Patricia, looking relieved to be back there, comments, "What a day!" Ross helps her into a chair at the table and asks her how her knee's holding up. Patricia tells him that it's not bad - it's just a bit sore. She then adds that he didn't have to stay with her all afternoon. Ross points out that he couldn't very well leave her to get back there on her own, but Patricia points out that the police would have given her a lift; they followed her all the way back, as it was! Ross comments that she's not complaining, is she? - she must feel better having them round. Patricia assures him that she does. She then adds that David will be back tomorrow, so that will help. His face suddenly dropping, Ross comments that she didn't tell him about 'David'. Patricia hesitantly says, "No..." She then explains that he owns the place - he's a truckie, so he comes and goes; they're old friends... Ross comments that David is letting her stay there, is he? Patricia explains that it's just for a few weeks until she finds something else. Changing the subject slightly, Ross asks her if she minds if he pops in to see how his patient is doing tomorrow. Looking bemused, Patricia remarks that, for a surgeon, he seems to have an awful lot of spare time! Ross assures her that he doesn't really- he just thinks she deserves special treatment...

Wayne and Katie arrive at Beryl's and, as they stand at the front door, Beryl invites them in. They head into the lounge room and Jim comes out of the kitchen and asks his niece how she is. Katie replies that she's good, thanks. Wayne tells Jim that he doesn't want to sound high-and-mighty or anything, but he thinks they should try and act civilised for the next few days - for Mike and Heather's sake. Jim mutters, "Right oh." At that moment, Mike comes out from the kitchen, smiles at Katie and says he thought he heard a familiar voice! Katie gives him a hug and then asks where her mum is. Mike tells her that it's finally starting to get to her. Out in the kitchen, Heather tips out a pill and then swallows it. Katie suddenly comes in and looks shocked to see what her mother is doing. She cries, "Why?" Suddenly looking guilty, Heather replies quietly that she didn't want to, but everything's... She breaks off and then walks out. Katie looks at the bottle of pills, an expression of concern on her face. Mike comes into the kitchen and comments to his daughter that Wayne has been telling him that they're staying in the motel together. Katie quickly assures him that it's OK - they're in separate rooms. Mike, though, says that, even so... Changing the subject abruptly, Katie indicates the bottle of pills and asks him if he knew her mum was taking them. Mike tells her that he knows she took a couple - they help to calm her down. He then asks where Heather is. Katie replies that she's in her bedroom, probably. She goes on that her mother has taken those tablets before; she thinks she'd better tell him about it...

A few moments later, Katie explains to her father that her mum was under the same sort of stress in Perth as she is now - she had broken up with him and she had her and Jeff to look after...; she tried to help her, but she started taking those pills and-- Mike interrupts and says he had no idea... Katie explains that she didn't want him to - she and Jim had a terrible time getting her off them; she wouldn't want her to go through that again. Mike murmurs, "No..." Heather suddenly comes back in and says she'll finish the dishes. Mike tells her that Katie has just been telling him about Perth and-- He breaks off and indicates the pills. Heather says she thought she might have; it's not the same, though - she needs them now. Mike tells her quietly that he's not angry with her - he just... just... he just lost his son and he doesn't want to lose his wife. He puts his arms round her and she cries that she's sorry, but she needs something. Mike tells her that she needs him. He gives her a tight hug and points out that he's there, isn't he? Heather just murmurs, "Yes..."

The next morning, Fiona walks into the lounge room at Dural with Gordon and says she hopes she hasn't caught him on a busy day. Gordon assures her, "No," and Fiona says that's good, as she thought perhaps they could have a little chat. She adds that she doesn't want to intrude, but she knows what happened with Barbara. She then asks if Wayne is still in Melbourne, and Gordon replies that he is - he stayed on for the O'Brien boy's funeral this morning. He offers Fiona some tea, but Fiona says she can make it. Gordon suddenly snaps that he's perfectly capable of boiling a kettle. Looking surprised, Fiona insists that she was only trying to help. Gordon says he's sorry. Fiona asks him if he's feeling OK, and he assures her that he's fine. Fiona remarks that he doesn't look it. Gordon explains that he didn't sleep very well last night - he spent most of it thinking what a mess he and Barbara have made of their lives; it's his fault she walked out on him. Fiona says she'll make the tea and they can have a little chat. She smiles at him.

Jeff's funeral is over, and Katie, Mike, Heather, Wayne, Jim and Beryl arrive back at Beryl's and walk into the lounge room. Mike gently asks Heather if she wants to sit down, but she tells him that she'll be alright. Beryl says she can make some morning tea if anyone feels like some. Jim, though, suggests that they two of them should go and pack, as they don't want to leave it too late getting away. The two of them leave the room. Mike and Heather both thank Katie, and Mike tells his daughter that she's been great. Katie, looking awkward, says she thinks she'll go and say hello to Susie. She and Wayne both head out the back. Left alone, Heather cries to Mike, "He's gone. It's still so hard to believe." Mike agrees, "Yeah..." Heather goes on that it's not going to be the same, is it? Mike shakes his head. They both suddenly break down and start crying. As they do so, Mike sobs that, still... they got through it - they just have to take it slowly... Jim suddenly comes back in and says he's sorry to interrupt, but there's something he's got to get off his chest before he goes. Mike and Heather stare at him, and he goes on that, when the cops came round yesterday, he really didn't bother seeing things from Mike's point of view; he reckons he overreacted a bit. Mike, though, tells him that he overreacted. Jim goes on that what he wanted to say was that he never was one for holding a grudge, so forgive and forget, eh? He holds out his hand. Mike, though, moves towards him and gives him a grateful hug.

A short time later, Jim carries some packed bags into the lounge room and asks Mike if he'll give him a hand. Mike asks him if he and Beryl are ready to go, and Jim tells him that he's just got to load up the car. Beryl comes into the room and Jim suggests to her that they should get going. He and Mike head outside with the cases. Alone with Heather, Beryl hands her the keys to the house. Heather tearfully says she hopes it all goes well with Jim. Beryl replies that she knows it's a snap decision, but they have to find out sooner or later if they can make a go of it; two or three weeks and they should know. Heather wishes her, "All the best, anyway." Beryl thanks her and gives her a hug. She then asks Heather if she's going to come out and wave them off. Heather nods sadly and assures her, "Of course."

Fiona is standing by the front door at Dural, and she says to Gordon that she's not sure they've solved anything. Gordon, though, tells her that it doesn't matter - it was good to talk about it. Fiona tells him to take care and try and get some sleep tonight. Gordon says he will. He then adds that he'll see her soon and she goes. Gordon closes the door and then leans against it momentarily, looking thoughtful. He then starts to walk towards the study, but as he does so, he suddenly winces in pain. He then clasps his hand against his chest, an expression of agony crossing his face. He looks at his bottle of pills on the table by the telephone and goes to get one, but he's suddenly bent double by another bolt of pain and he collapses onto the floor. He lies there, almost immobile. He tries to reach out with his hand to get his pills, but he can't quite grasp them. With pain etched on his face and with no one else in the house and no hope of getting to his pills, Gordon lies there, helpless...


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