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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

Beryl helps Heather into the kitchen and gently asks her what Patricia said to upset her so much. Heather, tears still streaming down her cheeks, doesn't answer, and Beryl tells her not to worry - they'll talk about it later. She adds that Heather mustn't let it get her down - it's not worth it. She hands her a box of tissues to wipe her eyes. Mike suddenly comes in and asks what all that shouting was about. Suddenly noticing the state Heather is in, he asks what's wrong. Heather sobs that Patricia was there. Mike turns to Beryl for clarification, and she explains that she came in at the tail end of it, but she hasn't got a clue what it was about. Mike sits down next to his wife and tenderly asks what Patricia said. Heather cries, "She said Jeff--" She breaks off before adding, "Oh I hate her..." Mike tells her to take it easy. He then turns to Beryl and asks her to call Katie. Turning back to Heather, he tries to get her to calm down, assuring her that, no matter what happened, he'll take care of it

Charlie is pacing the kitchen at the country house when David comes in and declares that it's good to be home. He then adds that he hopes Pat has got dinner under way, as he's starving. Looking worried, Charlie tells him that he might have to wait a while. David asks why - where is she? Charlie quickly tells him that she's gone to the shops to get some milk. Looking incredulous, David asks what that woman uses for brains: she knows Roger's men are looking for her. Charlie tells him that Patricia does have her car. David, though, replies that, even so, he'd better run down and keep an eye on her. Charlie tries to put him off, saying she's sure there's no need to, but he doesn't listen.

Just as he's about to head out the front door, Patricia comes in, and David comments, "There you are." Patricia nonchalantly asks him if he had a good trip, but David doesn't answer, instead warning her that she shouldn't go wandering off - he was just about to go looking for her. Patricia explains that she went to see Heather - she wanted to tell her how sorry she was about Jeff. David tells her that she should have waited until he could take her over. Patricia says she wishes she had now, as all she got for her trouble was a torrent of abuse. Looking surprised, David remarks that that doesn't sound like Heather. Charlie chips in that people can say the most bizarre things when they're under a lot of strain; you couldn't get her into a party for six weeks after her second divorce! David asks Patricia if she's sure she didn't say anything to upset Heather. Patricia tells him that, if she did, it wasn't intentional. David says he supposes she is going through a rough time. Patricia snaps at him that she's not the only one. David stares at her, and she quickly says she's sorry - she didn't mean to sound so petty; she just hopes Heather is more reasonable when she's calmed down a bit. David comments that she's a decent sort, Heather; she's probably feeling lousy about the whole thing already. Charlie shakes her head at Patricia.

Mike is holding Heather in the kitchen at Beryl's, and Heather murmurs that she'll never forgive her; she hopes she rots in jail for the rest of her life. Out in the hallway, Beryl is letting Jim and Katie in, and as they walk into the lounge room, Jim asks her what's going on, as Katie said Beryl called her and told her to come straight over. Beryl explains that it's Heather: Patricia came over and started shouting at her. Jim, looking incredulous, asks, "What the hell for?" Beryl tells him that, apparently, Patricia thinks Jeff killed Luke, and she kept hammering at Heather to admit it. Katie snaps that she doesn't believe it. Jim, though, says he does - he reckons that's woman's capable of anything. Mike and Heather suddenly emerge slowly from the kitchen, and Beryl warns Katie quietly not to say too much, as her mother's in shock. She then suggests that they should get Heather to bed, and she, Heather and Katie head off to one of the bedrooms. Mike and Jim head back into the kitchen, and Jim says he reckons it's about time Patricia got what's coming to her. Mike retorts that she must be getting desperate, that's all. Jim growls that she doesn't give two hoots about anybody else as long as she gets out from under. Mike, though, comments that it must be terrible to know you're innocent and can't prove it. Looking surprised, Jim asks what makes him so certain she's innocent. Mike explains that he just doesn't think she's capable of killing anybody. Jim snaps, "And you think I am?" Mike curtly reminds him that he was at Luke's flat that night. Jim reminds Mike that so was he. Mike snaps at him to just forget it - the most important thing is to make sure Patricia doesn't repeat what she said about Jeff. He storms off.

David is sitting out on the verandah at the country house, reading his newspaper. He stands up as he spots a car approaching. Mike is the driver, with Jim in the passenger seat. The two men both get out and, as David approaches them, Mike starts ranting at him. David glances at Jim and then storms off back towards the house. Mike and Jim get back in the car.

Charlie is pouring glasses of wine for herself and Patricia in the kitchen, and she declares that she thinks she's going to get drunk tonight. Patricia, though, tells her, "Don't you dare. I don't want you spilling any secrets to David." Charlie says she doesn't see what Patricia thinks she can gain by lying to him - the moment Mike turns up to work tomorrow, he's going to tell David exactly what happened. Patricia, though, retorts that he won't if she gets to Mike first. At that moment, David storms into the house, yelling, "Pat? I want a word with you." He comes into the kitchen and Charlie makes a tactful exit. David snaps at Patricia that she lied to him. Patricia retorts, "I didn't." David rages that Mike has just told him what she said to Heather, so she can stop putting on an act. Realising she's been caught out, Patricia pleads with him to please not be angry with her. David growls that she's done a rotten thing. Patricia cries that she couldn't help herself - she didn't want to accuse Jeff-- David interrupts her and snaps that she fronts up and accuses Heather's son of murder when she's just watched her house burn down with him in it. Patricia cries that she knows it sounds dreadful-- David interrupts again and snaps, "Damn right - there's no excuse for it." Patricia snaps back that she's just supposed to let everyone go on believing that she killed Luke; is that what he's saying? David snaps that what he's saying is that he's had a gutful of the way she operates; first thing tomorrow, she gets the hell out of there. Looking shocked, Patricia cries that he can't mean that. David, though, just storms off, leaving Patricia looking upset.

Mike arrives back at Beryl's and Beryl asks him what happened. Mike replies that Dave wasn't too pleased when he told him; he'd say Patricia is going to cop it. Beryl says she hopes so. She then asks where Jim is, and Mike tells her that he dropped him off on the corner - he wanted to pick up half a dozen cans. Katie comes into the room and Beryl asks her how her mum is. Katie replies that she's sleeping. She then continues that she's really worried about her: she just feels that her mum needs a break to get away from everything - maybe up to one of the islands. Beryl, though, says she doesn't think Heather would enjoy a holiday right now - it's probably better to wait until she's back to her old self. Katie murmurs that she supposes so. Changing the subject, Beryl says she'll go and do something about dinner, and she heads into the kitchen. Alone with her father, Katie sighs that she just wishes she could do something for her mother now - she's just taking everything so hard. Mike kisses her and tells her that they have to try and make sure that they give her as much support as they can.

Patricia is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, drinking. Charlie comes in and sharply says she takes it David isn't joining them for dinner. Patricia mutters, "No." She then adds that Charlie is going to say she told her so. Charlie, though, asks what the point would be, as Patricia never listens to her anyway. Patricia snaps at her not to start, adding that she's had more than enough for one day. Charlie sits down and asks what time she should pick her up in the morning. Patricia stares at her, and Charlie asks her if David hasn't told her to pack her bags. Patricia replies that he has, but she's not going; she's going to have to find some way to make him let her stay; she has to - she's safe there. Charlie, though, says she wouldn't be too sure of that - she'd be done for if Roger's men track her down while David is away; the nearest neighbour's half a mile up the road. Patricia listens, but then retorts that if Roger was going to find her, he would have done so by now. Charlie sighs and tells her to have it her own way - but she can't see her changing David's mind, no matter how hard she tries. She gets up and goes, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

It's nighttime, and at the Fisher house, Karen pours herself a drink. Alan suddenly comes into the room, wearing a smart suit, and he comments that Karen must hate him. Karen doesn't respond, and so he adds that he's getting the silent treatment, is he? He then asks what's so wrong about people knowing he's her son. He adds that it couldn't be that she doesn't want Wayne realising that she's old enough to be his mother, could it? Karen sits down and glares at him. Alan goes on that it's a bit undignified, isn't it, cradlesnatching? Karen snaps that Wayne is a business associate, nothing more. She stands up again. Jill suddenly comes in, and Karen angrily asks her what she's looking at. Jill says she's sorry. Alan tells her that they're just having a mother-and-son heart-to-heart. Turning back to Karen, he adds, "Right, mum?" Karen snaps at him that, while he's living under her roof, he's to call her 'Karen', understand? She storms off. Alan comments to Jill that he gets the feeling that Karen is a bit angry. Jill asks him why he always goes out of his way to upset her. Alan replies that he'll tell her over dinner.

A while later, Jill and Alan are seated in a restaurant and a waiter serves drinks. He goes, and Alan then explains to Jill that Karen was only 17 when she had him; she was trying to pressure his father into marrying her but he wouldn't divorce his wife, so she was stuck with a kid she didn't want; he would have have been adopted out, but his dad wouldn't have a bar of that, so he took him away from her. He goes on that he was a good bloke, his dad - real class, not like Karen. Jill tells him not to be too hard on her - it can't have been easy being a single mother twenty years ago. Alan growls that it was her choice. Jill tells him that Karen was just trying to be fair - and she's trying to make it up to him now. Looking surprised, Alan asks her if she thinks so. Jill points out that Karen asked him to stay with her, didn't she? Alan, though, explains that, no - he asked himself; it was one of his conditions for doing a deal with her. Looking surprised again, Jill comments,"So there really is a deal?" Alan replies that there will be if he can resist the pleasure of seeing her ruined. Looking shocked, Jill tells him not to talk like that. Alan, though, asks why not, adding that there's no law that says you can't hate someone simply because they happen to be your mother. He then reminds Jill that she wanted the full story, and he hasn't even started on his stepmother yet; she was worse: because his dad did the dirty on her, he copped the flack every time his dad's back was turned, and when his dad died, she really went to town. Jill asks him how he put up with it. Alan replies that he survived - but now he's in a position to make Karen pay for letting it happen, and he's not going to let that opportunity pass, believe him. Jill looks shocked and disappointed.

Patricia and Charlie are standing in the front hallway at the country house, and Charlie yells at Patricia not to argue about it; her mind's made up. Patricia snaps back that that's just great - some kind of friend she turned out to be. David comes in to see what the noise is about, and Patricia angrily tells him that Charlie doesn't want her staying with her now. Charlie snaps at Patricia that she's put up with a lot from her over the years, but what she did to Heather was the last straw as far as she's concerned - she doesn't want to be her friend anymore. Patricia retorts that that's fine by her; she doesn't know why she bothered in the first place - she probably felt sorry for her. David steps in and warns Patricia that that's enough, but Charlie goes on that there's no need to make a scene: she said she'll still help Patricia: just tell her how much she needs and she'll write a cheque. Looking incredulous, Patricia snaps, "Good old Chequebook Charlie." She adds that God knows what would happen if Charlie lost her money - she wouldn't have a friend in the world. Charlie snaps back that that's not true. Patricia incredulously says to her that she really doesn't think people hang around her for her scintillating wit and fascinating personality, does she? She then turns to David and asks him if he knows how Charlie's last husband described her. She answers, "Shallow as a puddle of rainwater." Charlie suddenly lunges forward, slaps Patricia's face in fury and storms off. Patricia quickly cries after her that she's sorry - she didn't mean it; please don't leave her on her own. Charlie, though, snaps that she's sure Patricia will manage - after all, she's not handicapped by her lack of intelligence, and she knows Patricia wouldn't respect her if she tried to buy her friendship. She adds, "Goodbye," and goes. Alone with Patricia, David tells her that she's been asking for that for a while - she's always taken Charlie for granted. Ignoring this, Patricia asks where she's supposed to go now. David snaps that that's her problem. Patricia pleads with him not to turn her out. To her shock, though, David retorts that he's sorry but he's as fed up as Charlie; he'll give her some money to tide her over, but as of tomorrow, she's on her own. He walks off, leaving Patricia looking annoyed.

At the restaurant, Alan says to Jill to tell him: what would she chose if he said she could have one thing she'd wanted all her life. Jill smiles and, with barely a moment's thought, replies that it would have to be a cruise - they've always sounded like they're one non-stop party. Alan tells her, "OK, one non-stop party coming up - and we won't even have to leave dry land." He then tells her that, first, they'll raise the night away at Jammo Street, then they'll head off to Balmoral for breakfast-- Jill interrupts and tells him not to go on - she can't bear it knowing she can't be in it. Looking surprised, Alan asks why not. Jill tells him that Mrs. Atkins is very good about babysitting, but she thinks she'd be stretching the friendship if she stayed out all night. Suddenly looking shocked, Alan exclaims, "That kid is yours?" Jill nods and asks him whose he thought it was. Alan says he thought it was Mrs. Atkins' he supposes - she always seems to be taking care of it. Jill sarcastically retorts that that's lovely, and she asks him if he didn't see the resemblance. Alan mutters that all babies seem the same to him. Jill laughs and tells him to wait until he's a dad: he'll be just like her - absolutely certain that there's no other baby in the world like his. Alan just mutters, "Yeah." He then tells her to come on and he'll take her home. Looking surprised at his bluntness, Jill just says, "Alright." She stands up and tells him that she really has had a lovely time. An attractive young woman walks past them, and Alan suddenly asks Jill if she minds taking a cab, as he's just seen someone he knows. Jill, looking even more surprised, says no, she doesn't mind. Alan tells her that he'll see her in the morning and he walks off, leaving Jill looking puzzled.

At the Fisher house, Karen downs a glass of brandy. The front door suddenly bangs and Jill comes into the room. Karen immediately asks her if she had a good time listening to Alan dishing up the dirt about her. Jill tells her not to drag her into it. Karen asks, "Where is the brat?" Jill explains that he decided to stay out for a while. Karen comments, "Charming manners." Jill, though, says it's her fault: she should have told him that she'd have to come home early because of Fee. Karen says she sees: when he found out that she had a kid, he dropped her like a hot potato. Looking annoyed, Jill snaps at her that she has to twist everything around to make him come out looking bad. Karen, though, retorts that he is bad - he's a self-pretentious little smart aleck. Jill, though, asks her how she'd know what he's like - she couldn't wait to get rid of him when he born and she never had anything to do with him until she wanted something. Looking bemused, Karen asks her if that's what he told her. Jill says yes, and she asks Karen if she's going to deny it. Karen retorts that she was 17 years old and as ambitious as hell; sure she wanted him out of her life; he was born and when they put him in her arms... She adds that if she'd had a husband at home, she wouldn't have given him up and that's the truth. Looking surprised, Jill asks her why she didn't tell him that. Karen replies that she has. She then adds that she doesn't suppose he told Jill about their one and only attempt to set up house, either. She goes on that it was shortly after his father died; she was beginning to make her way in the world at last and decided to get in touch; the stepmother was giving him hell at the time and she suggested that they ought to get to know each other, and if things worked out, they could make a home together. Jill asks what happened. Karen replies that it was a disaster: Alan had spent too many years hating her; even when he made an effort not to, it still showed; it was too late for them. Jill comments that it's a sad story. Karen agrees, "Yes..." She then remarks to Jill that she likes him, doesn't she? Jill nods. Karen warns her that he'll break her heart. Jill assures her that she can look after herself. Karen, though, tells her not to get too upset when he dumps her, because she wouldn't want her to miss work. Jill asks with a sigh why it is that Karen always has to make out that she doesn't give a damn about anyone. Karen retorts, "Because most of the time it's true."She then tells Jill to go to bed. Jill goes, leaving Karen looking thoughtful.

The next morning, Patricia is in the kitchen at the country house and she puts a flask down on the table, next to a packed bag. David comes in and tells her that he'll give her a lift to the bus stop when she's ready. Patricia hands him the flask and tells him that she's put everything out for breakfast and has made sandwiches for his trip. Looking surprised, David tells her that she didn't have to. Patricia says she knows... She then adds that, just when she was getting used to the stove, she won't be using it anymore! She hands him the house key and tells him that the place will look lovely when he's finished it. Looking bemused, David asks her what she's so cheery about this morning. Patricia laughs and replies that they say that when the worst finally happens, it's almost a relief because you can stop dreading it. She then tells him that she doesn't blame him for giving up on her and she's very grateful for all his help. David nods. Picking up the bag on the table, Patricia says, "Let's go." David asks where the rest of her bags are, and she explains that they're in her room; she thought that if she's going to keep ahead of Roger's men, she'd better travel light. David says he supposes so. Holding out some cash, he then tells her that it was the the most he could scrape up. Patricia looks at it but then tells him that she'd rather he used it to fix up the house. David tells her that she can't walk out of there flat broke. Patricia, though, assures him that she'll be fine. David tells him to come on - she knows Meg wanted him to look after her. Patricia, looking surprised, says she doesn't think Margaret would expect him to stick to that promise anymore - not after the way she's behaved. David admits, "Maybe..." He pauses for a moment and then tells her that he's never gone back on his word and he's not going to now, so she may as well stay until he gets back from his trip and then they'll have another think about things. Looking relieved, Patricia asks him if he means it. David retorts that he wouldn't say it if he didn't. He then suggests that they have something to eat, as he's got to hit the road soon. Patricia smiles gratefully and says, "Sure." She picks up an apron from where it's lying on a chair and starts to put it on. David offers to give her a hand, and he stands behind her and ties it at the back. When it's done, he says, "There." Patricia turns to face him. She then gives him a huge hug. David hugs her back.

A while later, David has gone and Patricia is washing up when she suddenly hears a clattering noise outside. She looks concerned, and calls out, "Is that you, Mike?" The back door suddenly opens and Charlie bursts in, wearing dark sunglasses. Patricia, looking annoyed, reminds her that she told her to stay away until she got in touch. She then asks what the sunglasses are for, and Charlie explains that she had to be careful in case Mike was around. Looking bemused, Patricia asks her what she thinks Mike is going to mistake her for! Charlie, though, snaps at her not to start nagging. She then adds that their little slanging match obviously worked. Patricia retorts that it didn't actually. Looking surprised, Charlie asks her how come she's still there, then. Patricia explains that it's a last-minute reprieve: David is still sticking to that promise he made to Margaret to look after her. She then goes on that the interesting thing to come out of it is that she thinks David still loves her - no matter how much they fight it, they still care about each other. Charlie smiles and says she thinks that's very romantic. She adds that she's going to miss Patricia while they're officially not speaking. Patricia replies that she feels the same. She then adds that she'd ask Charlie to stay, but Mike will be there soon. Charlie gives her a hug and says she understands. She tells Patricia to take care, and Patricia says she will. Charlie turns and goes.

A short time later, Patricia is putting some crockery away in a kitchen cupboard when she overhears Mike's voice saying they'll drop the tools there and go and pick up the timber. She then hears him comment that the door is unlocked, and he comes into the kitchen, followed by Jim. As Jim sees Patricia standing there, he snaps, "What the hell?" He then adds that he thought David was booting her out. Patricia ignores this and tells him that David has left some money for them. Jim growls that he might have known she'd talk him round. Mike warns his brother that it's none of their business, but Jim angrily asks him how he can say that after what she said to Heather. Mike asks Jim what he wants him to do: thump her one? Jim exasperatedly asks him why he keeps taking her side. Mike retorts that he isn't. Jim snaps that Mike really does think she's innocent. Mike warns him not to start that again. Patricia hands Mike the money and Mike asks Jim if he's coming. He heads out. Jim stays behind, though, and Patricia comments to him, "Brotherly love turned a little sour, has it?" Jim snaps back, "Well what do you expect when he thinks I killed-- He breaks off as he realises what he's about to say. Patricia says, "What?" but Jim tells her that it's nothing. Looking surprised, Patricia remarks that surely Mike doesn't think he killed Luke. Jim snaps at her that when he knocked on the bloke's door, no one answered; he left without ever seeing him and there's no way anyone can prove he didn't. He storms off, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

Outside, Mike and Jim get in Mike's car. Mike starts the engine and drives off. Neither of them notices a red car parked nearby. When they're out of sight, two men get out of the car. One of them pulls a gun out of the inside pocket of his jacket...

Patricia is in the chicken coop, feeding the chooks. She finishes in there and steps outside. As she closes the coop door behind her, a man suddenly grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth to stop her yelling out. The man with the gun appears in view and points the weapon directly at her. Patricia tries to scream for help, but the first man drags her over to the car and pushes her onto the back seat. Patricia, looking terrified, cries that she'll give them all the money she's got; it'll be more than Roger Carlyle is paying them. She's ignored, though. The man with the gun tells her to get down and keep out of view. Patricia cries at him to just tell her what they want. He doesn't answer, but gets in next to her while the other man sits in the front, starts the engine and pulls away.

A short time later, the car pulls up on the outskirts of some woods. The man with the gun pushes Patricia out of the car and, as she stands there, he snaps, "Walk." Patricia cries at him to please let her talk to Roger - just one call. The man, though, snaps again, "Walk." Patricia cries that there's been a mistake - she didn't kill Luke. She starts walking forward, but after she's taken only a few paces, the man puts his hand on her shoulder and she stops walking and turns to face him. He points the gun straight at her. A car horn suddenly sounds from the road behind the man, and he turns to see what it is. Patricia seizes the opportunity and runs off. The man realises what's happening and fires a shot after her. It doesn't hit her, though. Patricia runs and hides behind some bushes. After a few moments, when she's sure the coast is clear, she starts running again. However, she suddenly trips and falls down a hollow. The man runs after her, but realises he's lost her. Suddenly creeping forward more slowly and quietly, he approaches the area where she's fallen. He stops and looks around him, and he suddenly spots Patricia lying there, looking terrified. He smiles nastily, lifts up the gun and points it at her...


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