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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A short time later, Liz is sitting on the couch in the lounge room while Gordon stands at the bar and pours her a drink. He then hands her the glass and tells her that a brandy will make her feel better. Liz smiles and says she's glad he's with her. They suddenly hear a noise outside and Gordon comments that it'll be Barbara. He adds that he'll tell her that she's there. He heads out into the hallway, closing the lounge room doors behind him. Barbara is standing there with her bag of golf clubs, and she tells him that she was wondering if he was home. She then asks him if he's eaten. Gordon doesn't answer, though, instead announcing bluntly that Liz is there. He continues that she's been through a terrible time and he thinks it might be best if Barbara leaves them alone for while. Looking annoyed, Barbara snaps, "Really?" Gordon insists that Liz is very upset and needs someone to talk to. Barbara snaps that she's come to the right person, hasn't she. Gordon curtly tells her that he's sure that, if she knew all the details, she'd understand; the last thing Liz needs at the moment, though, is Barbara going in there and making a scene. He heads off back into the lounge room. Barbara stands there, looking annoyed. In the lounge room, Gordon tells Liz that it's alright: Barbara is giving them time to themselves. He then goes on that he thinks it might be best if she stays there tonight, as she needs people around her who care. Liz tries to protest, but Gordon insists, and so Liz backs down and says she supposes he's right. Gordon humorously asks when he's ever been wrong! Liz laughs, "You're the boss!" Gordon then goes on more seriously that he does have a problem: he's glad he's finally been honest with himself about how feels about her, but he's afraid nothing can ever come of it; he loves her, but he also loves Barbara and he wouldn't dream of hurting her. Looking slightly disappointed, Liz assures him that she wouldn't expect him to. She continues that she knew it was wrong to let herself fall for him, but deep down, she always knew nothing could come of it. She then asks if she can ask him one thing. Gordon replies, "What's that?" Liz asks him if the two of them can spend the day together tomorrow. She adds that she has to get out of Sydney and she's decided to go tomorrow night. Gordon tells her that he'd love to spend the day with her - Barbara will understand...

Out in the hallway, Barbara walks downstairs, slowly. She stares at the closed lounge room doors and then sits down on the stairs, looking upset. She sighs heavily.

Fiona is on the 'phone at her flat in the boarding house. She's talking to Amanda and she thanks her and says it sounds very nice; she'll see her then. She hangs up. Irene is also in the flat, and Fiona remarks to her that that could be very interesting. Irene asks, "What?" Fiona explains that she's having dinner with Mitch and Amanda on Tuesday evening, and it turns out that Mitch has invited his old army Sergeant along, too - a man of her own age. She goes on wistfully that she was always a sucker for a uniform - it takes her back to when she was a young girl during the war: there were times when-- She breaks off as she realises that Irene is staring into space and isn't really listening. Irene comes back down to earth and says she's sorry - she was just thinking about where Amanda should donate Todd's money; so many research places need it. She goes on that there are a couple of places that she'd like to check out in Melbourne and she was thinking of going down for a couple days; she was wondering if Fiona can hold the fort while she's gone. Fiona smiles and assures her that of course she can. She adds that Irene should take a few extra days - she could do with the break: she knows how worried she's been since David went back to Patricia. Irene admits that she hasn't handled it as well as she thought she would; the hardest thing to understand is, after all the rotten things Patricia has done to him, David still loves her. Fiona tells her that, if it's any consolation, she can't understand it either.

Barbara is still sitting on the stairs at Dural when she hears Gordon approaching the lounge room doors and telling Liz that it's all over now, so she should just try to relax and forget it; get a good night's sleep. Barbara stands up and runs upstairs as he and Liz emerge into the hallway. Liz thanks him and the two of them share a brief kiss on the lips. Gordon then tells Liz that he'll see her in the morning and she walks off. Barbara immediately comes back down and asks Gordon if Liz has gone. Gordon replies that she has for the moment; he said she can stay in the flat tonight. He continues that she's going tomorrow evening - and she asked him if he can spend the day with her tomorrow. Barbara snaps, "Did she, indeed?" Gordon retorts that he owes her that much. Barbara angrily asks him if he can't see what Liz is doing: she has no intention of leaving. Gordon insists that of course she has. Barbara, though, snaps at him that if he believes that, he needs his head read. She goes on that if she said she didn't want him to spend the day with Liz tomorrow, would that make any difference? Gordon doesn't answer, and so Barbara angrily tells him not to even waste his time thinking about it; he can do what he likes for all she cares. She storms back upstairs.

The next morning, at the Fisher house, Karen is giving Mitch instructions for his courier round, and she warns him that she doesn't want any slip-ups. Mitch asks about the mail, but Karen tells him that Wayne will be picking that up. Mitch goes to head out. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Karen answers it, calling to Mitch to hang on as she does so. STD pips sound and Wayne comes on. He tells Karen that he's in Melbourne and he asks her if she's heard about Jeff O'Brien. Karen replies that it's awful. Wayne growls, "As if you give a damn." Karen insists that she does. Alan appears in the doorway at the Fisher house as Wayne angrily asks Karen who she's trying to kid. He then goes on that he doesn't know when he'll be back - it'll be sometime after the funeral; he just thought he'd let her know. He hangs up and Karen does likewise. Alan walks into the room and says to her, "Hello, beautiful!" Karen, looking annoyed, snaps, "For God's sake." She then tells Mitch that he'll have to collect the mail after all, as Wayne won't be in. She walks out of the room. Alone with Mitch, Alan comments that Karen seemed a bit upset by that call, and he asks who it was. Mitch tells him that it was Wayne Morrell - the bloke who works with her. Alan remarks that, from the look on Karen's face, he'd say they must have a bit more than a working relationship. Mitch just growls that he wouldn't know; it's none of his business. He walks out.

Barbara is sitting at the table in the living room at Dural, having breakfast. Gordon walks in from the hallway and announces that he's going now. He adds that he promises nothing will happen; they're having a picnic, that's all, and she's not going to make him feel guilty about something that he doesn't believe he should feel guilty about. He goes.

A while later, Gordon and Liz are sitting on a blanket in a park, and Liz comments that they're lucky with the weather - there's nothing quite like getting out in the country: it makes all your worries seem a long way away. Gordon murmurs, "Sometimes..." Liz looks at him and tells him that he's thinking too much; they need a good hike to work up an appetite. Gordon smiles and tells her to lead the way! They stand up and Liz points to a track, which she says should take them down by the river. She walks off. Gordon lingers for a moment, looking thoughtful as he watches her go.

Katie and Wayne are at Beryl's, and as Beryl escorts them into the lounge room, Katie asks if her mum and dad are there. Beryl replies that they aren't - they're out arranging the funeral. Wayne asks when it is, and Beryl tells him that it's the day after tomorrow, she thinks. Jim suddenly comes out of the kitchen and tells Katie that it's nice to see her. He then asks more testily if she had to bring Wayne. Katie points out that her mum and dad don't mind him being there. Jim growls that they should do; this is a family affair. Katie tells him that Wayne is part of it now. Jim growls, "Not in my book." Wayne gently tells Katie that it's alright - Jim is entitled to his opinion. Katie, though, snaps that it's not alright. Glaring at Jim, she tells him that Wayne feels bad about his part in what happened to Jeff and he wants to make up for it; he came to see her mum and dad so that he can offer to pay some of the expenses. Jim, looking incredulous, snaps that she's got to be joking; after what he's done? He growls at Wayne to just keep his money; they don't need it. Katie cries that he's being very unfair. Wayne, though, calmly tells her that there's no point getting upset; he can only make the offer and if it's not accepted, there's nothing he can do about it. Katie retorts that it doesn't mean Jim has to talk to him like-- Wayne interrupts her and says he thinks they should go. Looking at Beryl, he adds that he's sorry it hasn't been a more pleasant visit. They go to the door and Beryl goes with them. She tells them quietly that Jim will calm down - he's just more upset about Jeff than he's letting on. Wayne and Katie go and Beryl shuts the door and returns to the lounge room. Jim immediately comments that he was a bit hard on Wayne, wasn't he. Beryl agrees, "Yes." Jim explains that he feels so damn guilty himself - he was the one that got Jeff on the grog in the first place. Beryl points out that no one is blaming him, but Jim says he reckons Mike does - and Mike also thinks that he could be the one who killed Luke. Looking surprised, Beryl asks why on earth Mike would think that. Jim explains that Mike saw him leaving Luke's apartment building the night he was killed; he'd gone there to have it out with Luke over the way he treated Jeff, but no one answered when he knocked; the poor bloke was probably ready dead. He goes on that Mike didn't tell the police that he saw him, which he's very grateful for, but he doesn't know how he can think his own brother is a murderer. Beryl tells him not to worry about it - the police are sure it was Patricia and it'll be proven at the trial.

At the country house, Patricia is standing next to Charlie and they're both facing Senior Detective Pearce and Detective White. Patricia is ranting that the important thing is that by mentioning that cheque, Jeff proved he was talking to Luke after she left. Detective White comments that that's hardly proof that he killed him. Patricia retorts that they didn't see Jeff's reaction; she did, and there was guilt written all over his face. Senior Detective Pearce asks her if anyone was with her when she was talking to Jeff. Patricia replies that there was: Charlie. White asks Charlie what she can tell them. Charlie replies that she must say the boy seemed as though he was lying. Patricia tells the detectives that she thinks they should talk to the hospital staff - maybe someone there can verify that the boy wasn't in his bed at the time of Luke's murder; and maybe his parents know more than they're saying. Pearce tells her that they'll investigate it further - and if either of them remember anything else, give them a call. The two men go, and Charlie immediately asks Patricia if she thinks they believed her. Patricia replies that she does: the truth has to come out in the end. Charlie, looking worried, asks what it'll do to Mike and Heather when they find out. Patricia, though, retorts that, quite frankly, that's the least of her concerns.

Heather and Mike have returned to Beryl's, and in the lounge room, Heather tells Beryl and Jim that Mike didn't handle organising Jeff's funeral too well - he's taken a tablet and gone to lie down for a while. Jim tells her that they should have let him do it. Heather, though, insists that Mike wanted to to it himself. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Beryl goes to get it. While she does so, Jim asks Heather how she is. She replies that she's alright. Jim tells her that she's coping very well, if you ask him. Heather murmurs that someone has to, don't they? Beryl comes back into the room, followed by Pearce and White. The two detectives tell Heather that they'd like to talk to her and Mike again. Heather asks them if they'd mind just talking to her, as she and her husband are just back from organising their son's funeral and Mike isn't feeling too well; he's lying down and she'd rather not disturb him. Pearce says that's alright; if necessary, they can come back and talk to him later. Beryl says she'll make some more tea. Pearce tells Heather that they need to ask her a few more questions regarding Luke Carlyle's murder. Heather asks what they want to know. Pearce asks her what Jeff's attitude to Luke was over the past few weeks; was he friendly? Heather replies that she thinks so - they were always the best of mates. Pearce then asks her how Jeff took the news of Luke's death. Heather tells him that he was very upset. White asks about the morning she and Mike picked Jeff up from the hospital: how did he seem then? Heather replies that he was very quiet. She then asks, "Why?" Jim suddenly chips in and asks the detectives if it's really necessary to ask these questions now. Pearce tells him that he's afraid so. Jim points out that they've already made an arrest. Pearce, though, retorts that there are still a few things they need to find out. He tells Heather that there are just a couple more. Heather sighs.

Alan is sitting at the table in the lounge room at the Fisher house, looking at some papers, and he suspiciously comments to Karen that he can't help wondering why Nat's refused to back her. Karen retorts that he just did, that's all. Alan snidely tells her not to say Nat gave her the brush-off the same as her other young stud. He adds that it seems to him that she made the wrong choice a few years ago: she should have stuck with him instead of running off with Nat; she'd have all the money she needed now. Karen growls at him that she did what she did because she thought he was better off without her. Alan asks her if she honestly expects him to believe that. Karen insists that it's true. Alan snaps that it seems to him that she's just saying it so that she'll have a better chance of keeping him where she wants him. He adds that it's called 'buttering-up' in some circles; he's told she's an expert at it. Jill suddenly comes into the room and apologises for interrupting. She picks up some files and goes to walk out again. Alan, though, asks her what she's doing for lunch today. Jill tells him that she thinks Mrs. Atkins has already organised something. Alan comments that that's a shame, as he was going to take her to see his car again; they've done some alterations since she last saw it and he'll get another twenty Ks out of it now. Jill suggests, "Maybe another time," and she walks off.

Barbara is practising her golf swing in the grounds at Dural. She looks hurt and upset. She suddenly throws her club down and starts striding purposefully towards the house.

Liz and Gordon are walking along in the park. Liz is holding a small posy of flowers, and she comments, "Aren't they beautiful?" Gordon smiles and tells her that there's a law against picking them! Liz suddenly almost stumbles and Gordon grabs her to steady her. Liz looks at him gratefully, and the two of them push their lips together in a sudden flurry of passion. They quickly pull apart, though, and Gordon reminds Liz that that wasn't part of the deal. Liz doesn't respond, instead commenting that if he had a lapel, she could put a flower in it - but as he doesn't, she'll have to make do with the top buttonhole. She puts the flower in his cardigan and they then start walking again. As they do so, Gordon tells Liz that today was a mistake - he shouldn't have come. Looking surprised, Liz asks why. Gordon explains that it's meant putting himself first: he wanted to be with her, but they have to make a clean break, otherwise, by the end of today, he'll be asking her to stay and then he'd be lying to Barbara so that he can see her more often, and he wouldn't do that to her; he's not the sort of man who could have an affair behind his wife's back. Liz assures him that she wouldn't want him to. Gordon says she thinks they'd better eat, pack up and go. He walks off, leaving Liz looking disappointed.

A while later, Gordon has pulled his car up outside the front door at Dural and behind Liz's car. He and Liz get out and Gordon shuts his door. Liz asks about the picnic basket, but Gordon says he'll get it later. He then takes out her diary and tells her that he wants her to have it back. Liz, though, tells him to keep it, adding that it'll be something to remember her by. The two of them walk to Liz's car and Liz throws her arms round Gordon and kisses him passionately. She then gets into her car, puts on her seatbelt and drives off, without giving him another glance. Gordon watches her go.

Inside, Barbara is coming downstairs with a packed suitcase. She looks surprised when the front door opens and Gordon comes in. Looking equally surprised, he asks her where she's going. Barbara tells him, "I'm leaving you." Gordon cries, "For God's sake. Liz is gone. I'll never see her again." Barbara, though, retorts, "Until the next time." She then tells Gordon that she's sorry, but she can't live with a husband who's in love with another woman; she's tried and she just can't. She heads out of the front door.

Sometime later, Barbara is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment. Andy is sitting next to her and Amanda is sitting in one of the arm chairs. Barbara asks Amanda if she thinks she can put up with her for a few days - she has to wait until her new passport arrives before she can go to America. Amanda assures her that she's always welcome, and Andy adds that she can stay around as long as she likes. Barbara thanks him but adds that she sooner she goes, the better. Amanda offers her a coffee, but she declines, saying she thinks she'll go and see Irene. She adds, though, that she'll be back in time to help with dinner. She goes. Andy sighs and comments to Amanda that it's not like Mrs. H. to run away like that; normally, she'd be the first one to get in there and fight. Amanda tells him that she doesn't think there's much fight left in her - she's too hurt to even try.

At the Fisher house, Alan is standing in the doorway between the hall and the lounge room, blocking Jill's way. He asks her, "What about tonight? Disco, nightclub, movies... Whatever you want." Jill just laughs and asks him if can get out of the way. Alan tells her that he won't until she agrees to come out with him. Jill suddenly ducks under his arm, walks into the lounge room and tells him that she's busy. Alan runs and stands in front of the table, so she can't get to the files. Jill laughs and says, "Stop it!" She tries to get past him again, but he moves to stop her. Jill warns him that she'll crease the letters she's holding, and she'll have to do them again. Alan tells her that she'd better put them down and then they can have a serious discussion about where they're going tonight. Jill tells him that they're not going anywhere. She manages to put the letters down. Alan says, "Aren't we?" He then takes Jill's arm, turns her round to face him and starts kissing her. Jill initially looks worried, but she then succumbs and starts kissing him back. She has her eyes open, though, and suddenly notices Karen walking into the room. She pulls away and Alan asks what's wrong. He turns round to see Karen standing there, and he says a bemused, "Hello." He then tells her that he thinks Jill is a bit worried that she might be jealous. He goes on, "But you never were a possessive mother, were you?" Jill looks at him in shock.

Jim is carrying a cardboard box into the kitchen at Beryl's, and he tells Beryl that he can't get any more in the shed. He asks if there's somewhere he can put the box he's holding, and Beryl asks what he's got. Jim explains that it's a few of Jeff's things... running trophies... Beryl says she'll have to think. Heather suddenly comes in and asks, "Think about what?" Looking surprised. Beryl comments that she thought she was asleep. She then tells her that she's just made some tea and she asks her if she'd like one. Heather accepts. She then looks at Jim and asks him if the box contains things from the house. Jim explains that he was just trying to think of somewhere to put them; the shed is full - although he might find room for one more box. Heather walks over to him and lifts a partially-burnt running magazine out of it. Beryl watches her in concern and tells her that no one will mind if she has a good cry. Heather, though, shakes her head and says it won't do any good; Mike is bad enough; one of them has to keep going.

At the country house, Patricia is standing with her back to Senior Detective Pearce. He tells her that he and Detective White talked to all the staff but no one can confirm that Jeff O'Brien left the hospital on the night of the murder. Patricia insists that there must be somebody. Pearce retorts that, if there is, they haven't found them. He goes on that he's not saying her theory isn't possible - that Jeff left the hospital, murdered the Carlyle boy and sneaked back without being noticed - but without proof... Patricia turns and tells him that he should have talked to Jeff's parents: maybe he let something slip to one of them. White tells her that they did talk to Mrs. O'Brien, but she couldn't give then any information that suggested Jeff was involved. Patricia, looking furious, snaps that of course she wouldn't - she's not going to admit it; they'll have to drag it out of her. Pearce tells her that unless she can come up with concrete evidence, she should be very careful with wild accusations, as she might find the O'Brien family suing for libel. He adds that they'll keep in touch, and he and White go. Patricia immediately growls at Charlie that she's sure Heather knows more than she's saying - and she's damn well going to find out. Charlie, looking shocked, tells her that she can't say anything to Heather now - not so soon after Jeff died. Patricia, though, assures her that she'll handle it carefully. Still sounding disbelieving, Charlie asks how you can tell a mother 'carefully' that her son's a murderer. Patricia retorts that she doesn't know - but it has to be done.

A while later, Patricia walks into the lounge room at Beryl's with Heather, and she tells her that she just came over to say how sorry she was to hear about Jeff. Heather thanks her. They sit down and Heather then thanks Patricia for putting work Mike's way, adding that they could certainly use the money. Patricia says she's glad to be able to help. Heather tells her that, if it means anything, Mike and she both believe that she didn't have anything to do with Luke's murder. Seizing her opportunity, Patricia suggests to Heather that she must understand how she feels, then, being accused of something she didn't do. Heather nods and says, "Yes." Patricia goes on that if there's anything Heather can tell the police that might help, she'd be very grateful. Heather assures her that there's nothing she can tell them. Patricia suggests more curtly that she can understand that Heather would want to protect somebody. Looking surprised, Heather assures her that she's not trying to protect anyone. Patricia suddenly growls, "Aren't you?" Heather insists that, no, she isn't; she doesn't know what Patricia is getting at. Patricia, growing increasingly angry, snaps that, yes, she does: they both know why Heather isn't saying anything: she's terrified that people will find out that it was Jeff. Looking shocked, Heather cries, "What? Jeff had nothing to do--" Patricia interrupts and snaps that of course he did - he almost admitted it to her. She goes on angrily that Heather has got to speak up - she can't let her go to prison for something her son did. Heather yells that Jeff didn't do anything, and she's not going to let Patricia blame it on him; she won't let her. Beryl comes into the kitchen from the back garden, carrying a bowl of washing, and overhears as Patricia snaps at Heather that it's not a question of letting her do anything. Heather yells at her that Jeff didn't do it. Patricia yells back that Heather is the one who has to tell the truth. She stands up and Heather does likewise. She then suddenly grabs the lapels of Patricia's top and starts shaking Patricia, crying out as she does so that she is telling the truth. Beryl rushes in and pulls the two women apart. She then tells Patricia angrily to get out. Patricia snaps at her that she has to make Heather-- Beryl interrupts and yells that she doesn't have to make her do anything. She then asks Patricia furiously if she can't see what she's doing to Heather. Patricia storms out. Beryl tries to comfort Heather, who's distraught.


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