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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Alister Smart

At the boarding house, Barney finishes a slice of cake and tells Fiona that she makes the best sponge he's ever tasted. Fiona smiles and replies that she'd like to think so, but that one came from the shop down the road! Barney muses that there you go: a bloke pays a woman a compliment and she cuts the ground out from under him! Fiona laughs. She then reminds him that he was halfway through telling her about Tobruck. Barney, though, says there's nothing more to tell - they showed old Rommel a thing or two - in the the end. He laughs, "Rommel - The Old Desert Fox, that's what we called him." He then tells Fiona that it's her turn, now. Fiona, looking surprised, asks, "For what?" Barney replies that he'd like to know what she was doing during the war. Suddenly becoming very hesitant about her past, Fiona tells him, "Nothing important..." Barney says he doesn't believe that for a second! Fiona, though, insists that it's true - and she doesn't want to bore him with war stories. Barney comments, "Like I've been boring you, eh?!" He laughs. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and as Fiona goes to get it, she tells him that stories about North Africa are far more interesting than anything she can tell. She picks up the 'phone and Mitch immediately comes on and says it's him. As Alan looks on, he then asks her urgently if she can come over, as something terrible has happened to Amanda. Looking worried, Fiona asks, "What?" Mitch replies that he thinks she might have miscarried. Fiona immediately tells him to call the doctor. Mitch explains that he's with her now, and so Fiona just says she'll be there as soon as she can. Mitch thanks her. Fiona hangs up and then turns to Barney and tells him that she's terribly sorry but she has to go out. Barney asks what's up. Fiona explains that Mitch is afraid that Amanda might have miscarried. Barney tells her that he'll come with her. Fiona says she doesn't really think there's anything he can do. Barney, though, points out that Mitch will need someone - it's his kid as well. He adds that the poor blighter must be beside himself with worry. The two of them head out.

By the front door at the Morrell apartment, Mitch thanks the doctor for doing all he could. The doctor replies sadly that he just wishes he could have done more. He then goes on that he's given Mrs. Morrell a sedative, which should help calm her nerves, but Mitch should make sure she gets plenty of rest. He goes and Mitch shuts the door. He then turns and glares at Alan. Alan says, "Look, mate, I'm really sorry." Looking furious, Mitch growls, "Don't you bloody well call me 'mate'. That was my kid you killed." Alan retorts, "Fair go," but Mitch snaps at him that it was his fault. Alan snaps back that that's bull - if Mitch hadn't driven in front of his car, none of this would have happened; Mitch is the one responsible, not him. Mitch angrily warns him to get out before he takes him apart. Alan walks over to the door and Mitch goes on that if he so much as shows his face-- Alan interrupts him, though, and warns him to be careful with the the threats, because, if Mitch makes trouble for him, he'll end up being the one who cops it. He goes. Mitch sits down, looking upset.

Alan arrives back at the Fisher house. Looking surprised to see him, Karen comments that she thought he'd be out all day. Alan snaps, "Did you?" Karen goes on that, now that he's there, there's something she'd like to talk about. Alan snaps, "What?" Karen replies, "Our deal." Alan retorts that he didn't know they had one. Becoming frustrated, Karen snaps at him that, for God's sake, does he have to go on playing stupid games twenty-four hours a day? - she needs money and he's been putting her off long enough. Alan snaps at her that they'll talk about it later. Karen snaps back that they'll talk about it now. Alan, though, retorts that he said 'later'; he just can't think at the moment. Karen asks him what's wrong, but he snaps back, "As if you care. The only thing you care about is money. Well, you can just wait for it until I'm good and ready." He storms off.

Andy is at Toorak with Irene, and he comments that he's just arriving and she's about to take off! Irene smiles, "Yeah!" Andy then asks how Mrs. H. is. Irene replies that she's coping - just - but she's going to need all the support they can give her. Andy assures her that he'll do his best. He then asks Irene where she's off to. Irene explains that, first, she's going to investigate a couple of places researching into Todd's disease and see where his money can best be spent; then she's going to try and find David. Andy asks her if she can't get hold of him. Irene replies that he's probably out at the farm - she'll nip up there and have a look-see. She then adds grimly that, of course, if her luck is going against her, she'll probably bump into Patricia instead.

At the country house, Patricia is on the 'phone, talking to Senior Detective Pearce, and she asks him angrily what he means when he says Jim O'Brien has gone to Queensland; he murdered Luke: he should be under arrest. Pearce, though, tells her that there was no evidence to bring charges against the man. Patricia snaps at him that he can't have looked very hard. Pearce retorts that that's not true. Patricia tersely asks him what he's going to do when he wants to speak to Jim: send out a search party? Pearce tells her that Mr. O'Brien has told them where he'll be staying. Patricia snaps that she just hopes he's still there when they decide he's the one they should have arrested in the first place. She slams the 'phone down in disgust. David suddenly calls, "Pat?" and walks into the kitchen. He then asks her what all the police are doing outside. Looking relieved, Patricia runs over to him and cries, "Thank God you're back." David, looking surprised, asks what happened. Patricia anxiously explains that Roger Carlyle's men were there and they had guns and they tried to kill her... David puts his arms round her and gives her a hug. He assures her that he's there now; no one is going to try and hurt her. Patricia cries that she's just so terrified. David tells her that it's his fault - he shouldn't have gone and left her alone. He then adds that one good thing has come out of it, though: a 'phone - the police made sure they had priority, did they? Patricia murmurs, "Yeah." David points out that at least she'll be able to ring for help if she has to. Patricia, though, tells him that it's much better having him there. David, looking slightly uncomfortable, says, "Yeah..."

Mitch is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment when there's a knock at the door. He goes to get it and finds Fiona and Barney standing there. He thanks them for coming over. Fiona asks where Amanda is and Mitch tells her that she's in her bedroom. Fiona asks, "How about the baby?" Mitch shakes his head, sadly. Fiona cries, "Oh no..." and heads into the bedroom, leaving Barney to comment to Mitch that it's bad news. Mitch, trying to keep up a brave face, retorts that, still, it's one of those things, isn't it; they've been through worse over in 'Nam. He goes on that, God, they saw some terrible things over there, and he asks Barney if he remembers that village that their side bombed by mistake... they never found out whose fault it was; you just cover up at all times - that's the brass for you. Barney, looking concerned, tells Mitch that he's got to get losing the kid out of his system. Mitch ignores this, though, instead going on that the rumour was that it was their blokes, but he reckons it was the Yanks, himself. Barney comments that they've been through a lot together, and he adds that Mitch has got no worries crying in front of him. Mitch, though, retorts, "I've never cried in my life, Sarge, and I'm not going to start now."

A while later, Fiona helps Amanda into the lounge room. She tells her that she still thinks she should be in bed, but Amanda insists that she'll be alright. Fiona helps her sit down, but warns her that she won't be alright if she keeps moving around. Amanda asks where Mitch is. Fiona explains that Barney took him out - down to the local pub, if she's any judge of character - but Amanda is going to have to settle for a nice cup of tea. Amanda sadly says she doesn't think she'll ever be able to have a baby now - not after two miscarriages. She goes on that she doesn't think she could ever love anyone as much as she loved Todd; and if it does happen, what's he going to think when he finds out that she can't give him children? Fiona gently tells her that, if he truly loves her, it's not going to make one scrap of difference. Amanda shrugs and then comments that at least Mitch hasn't got an excuse to hassle her anymore. Fiona, looking worried, says she'll make the cup of tea, and she gets up and heads out to the kitchen.

Mitch and Barney are sitting at a table, some tinnies in front of them. As Mitch takes a sip from one, Barney asks him how he's feeling: pretty bad, huh? Mitch retorts, "Wouldn't you?" Barney agrees that he reckons he would. Mitch goes on bitterly that he gets the wrong end of the pineapple every time. He adds that, jeez, he hates this world - what has it ever given him? He continues that you fight your guts out for your country... He then snaps that he's going to get Brandon; he doesn't bloody scare him. Barney warns him that that's enough, but Mitch snaps that it isn't; why should Brandon be able to do what he likes? - just because he picked a good father and got rich doesn't mean to say he can walk over the rest of them. Barney tells him to forget it. Mitch, though, snaps, "Like hell I will. He acts like he can take any girl he wants." Barney retorts that, alright, he's a little mongrel and he needs a good kick in the backside, but Mitch isn't the one to give it to him. Mitch snaps that he's the one Brandon has been making a fool of. Barney tells him to wake up to himself: if he starts flying off the handle again, anything could happen - he's got to stay out of trouble. He then adds, "And what about Amanda?" He tells Mitch to stop thinking about himself all the time and think about how she's feeling about this. Mitch growls that she didn't want his kid anyway. Barney says he doesn't believe that for a second. Mitch insists that it's true. Suddenly beginning to get upset, he tells Barney that he spent eleven years inside and all he was dreaming of was a a girl... a family... a normal life; that's all; he was really looking forward to having that kid; it would have meant something; now what has he got? As tears begin to well-up in his eyes, he mutters that, strewth, he said he wouldn't... Barney tells him not to worry - he's more of a man for showing his feelings. Mitch suddenly breaks right down and starts sobbing heavily, asking bitterly what he's got now, and answering himself, "Nothing... Nothing."

At the country house, Patricia clears the lunch plates from the kitchen table and asks David what's on the agenda this afternoon. David replies that he thought he might start pulling down the old feed shed. Patricia asks him if she can give him a hand. Looking bemused, David asks, "Doing what?" Patricia replies, "Whatever has to be done." David, though, points out that she's got a bunged-up knee, and she doesn't want to go making it worse. Patricia asks if she can sit and watch, then, and David assures her, "Yeah - as long as you don't start telling me what I'm doing wrong!" Patricia assures him that she'll endeavour to restrain herself! A woman's voice suddenly calls from outside, "Anybody home?" David, looking surprised, exclaims to Patricia that it's Irene! Irene walks into the kitchen and David, looking pleased to see her, asks her what she's doing in this neck of the woods. Irene explains that she was just passing by and thought she'd drop in. David tells her that he's glad she did. Irene suddenly spots Patricia standing by the sink and she tautly asks her how she is. Patricia just mutters, "Fine." Irene, looking around, then comments to David that it's a great little ranch he's got there - she loves it! David smiles and says he's pretty happy with it himself! Irene asks him what he calls it: The Ponderosa?! David laughs, "Something original like that!" Looking annoyed, Patricia walks out of the room. Irene immediately asks David if that had something to do with her. David, though, assures her that it didn't. He adds that he's not sure where things are heading with him and Patricia at the moment; he's pretty confused, to tell her the truth. Irene tells him that if there's anything she can do to help... David, though, assures her that he wouldn't dump his problems on her. Suddenly cheering up again, he asks her how she'd like a guided tour of the place. Irene says, "Lead on!"

Outside, Ross Newman has pulled up in his car, and Patricia is walking over to him. She comments that the police let him through, did they? Ross laughs that everybody trusts a doctor! Patricia asks what brings him up from Melbourne, and he explains that he found the perfect excuse to see her again: he's arranged to have her knee x-rayed tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. Looking surprised, Patricia comments that she thought it just needed rest. Ross asks her if she's never heard of a second opinion, but Patricia tells him, "Not from the same doctor!" Ross points out that she has now! Patricia muses, "Yeah..." Picking up on her uncertainty, Ross asks if it was an inopportune time to call. Patricia, though, assures him that it wasn't - it's just that David is there... She then tells him to come on and she'll introduce him. She adds that she's sure David would love to meet the man who has her interests so much at heart. They head towards the house.

A short time later, in the kitchen, Patricia introduces Ross to David and then to Irene, and she explains that he's the wonderful man who saved her life and tended to her knee. David laughs, "Busy man!" Patricia goes on that he tells her now that she's got to have x-rays. Ross points out that it is for her own good. Patricia quickly assures him that she's not complaining. She then turns back to David and explains that Ross has his surgery and flat in the same building. David looks at Ross and remarks that that's convenient for him. Ross just says, "Yes..." David then asks Patricia when she has to go for these x-rays, and she replies that it's tomorrow morning. David tells her that that's OK - he'll be able to run her there. Patricia, though, tells him that it's alright - Ross has arranged a car to pick her up. David, looking surprised, remarks slightly sourly that he thinks of everything. Ross smiles that he tries to. Changing the subject, Patricia offers everyone coffee, but David says he thinks he'll give it a miss; he hasn't shown Irene the chooks yet. He and Irene head outside. Alone with Patricia, Ross remarks that it may be his imagination, but he gets the distinct impression that David's slightly more possessive of her than she led him to believe. Patricia, though, replies that she doesn't think so - David has just come back from a long trip; it's probably just a lack of sleep, that's all.

David and Irene are walking outside, and Irene asks what that was all about. David retorts, "You tell me." Irene comments that Patricia seemed to be playing up to Ross a bit. David agrees, "Yeah..." He then goes on that, this morning, she was carrying on about how glad she was to have him looking after her; he can't understand the woman. Irene asks if she could be trying to make him jealous. Looking surprised, David asks why she'd do that. Irene explains that it would be to hang onto him; she didn't seem too pleased when she turned up. David, though, tells her that Patricia couldn't be jealous - she's got no reason to be. Disappointment etched all over her face, Irene replies, "Of course not..."

It's nighttime, and Mitch is back at the Morrell apartment. Amanda comments to him that he's been drinking, but Mitch retorts that he only had a couple. He asks her how she's feeling, and she tells him that she's OK. Mitch murmurs that that's good. He then goes on that the way he carried on the other night about her seeing Alan... Amanda tells him to forget it. She then continues that she thinks they should sort this out once and for all: she doesn't love him and she doesn't think she ever could, so there's no chance that they could ever have a relationship. She adds that it's probably best if they don't see each other - at least for the time being. Looking surprised, Mitch snaps that it's not his fault she lost the baby. Amanda tells him that that's not what she's trying-- Mitch interrupts and snaps that it was that Brandon mongrel; if he'd taken 'no' for an answer in the first place, none of this would have happened. Amanda tells him that losing the baby has got nothing to do with what she's saying and neither has Alan. She reminds Mitch that he knew from the beginning that there wasn't much chance that they had a future. Mitch retorts that it was going fine - it was just starting to work for them. Amanda, though, points out that they became friends, that's all; the more time she spends with him, though, the more she realises they're wrong for each other. Mitch snaps at her, "No we're not." He adds that he'll prove it if she just gives him a chance. Amanda suggests that they just forget it, but Mitch retorts, "No, not me." He goes on that, as far as he's concerned, there wouldn't be a problem if Brandon hadn't stuck his nose in. Amanda tells him that that's silly and he knows it. Mitch snaps, "Do I?" He then adds that they'll just see how smart Mr. Nose-in-the-air Brandon is, thinking he's above everyone else. Looking concerned, Amanda warns, "Mitch..." Mitch ignores her and goes on angrily that it's about time someone took him down a peg or two, and he's just the bloke to do it. Amanda snaps at him, "Don't be stupid, Mitch." Mitch, though, gets up and walks out, leaving Amanda looking worried.

Alan's sports car is parked in a garage. The sleek-looking vehicle is covering in sponsorship slogans. The place is in darkness, but someone is in there, creeping around, carrying a sledgehammer. The person is Mitch. He raises the hammer above him and goes to strike the car.

The 'phone rings at the Fisher house. It's the middle of the night, and Alan is wearing his dressing gown as he answers the call in the lounge room. He mumbles, "Yeah, what is it?" Karen comes into the room as Alan then cries, "You've got to be kidding. When?" He then asks if there was much damage. After a moment, he says he sees and he tells the caller that he'll be over in about fifteen minutes. He then hangs up and tells Karen that that was the police: some vandal has broken into the garage and demolished his his car with a sledgehammer. Karen, looking shocked, asks if they caught him. Alan tells her that they didn't - he'd gone by the time the police got there. He then continues that, still, he's got a pretty good idea who did it. Karen asks, "Who?" Alan spits, "Bob Mitchell. And he needn't think he's going to get away with it. No way..."

The next morning, Mitch is at the Fisher house. Karen hands him some packages and tells him that the first two have to go to the city and the other one has to go to Bankstown. Mitch complains that he went all the way out there yesterday, but Karen snaps that he'll just have to go all the way out there again today, won't he. She then asks him what the matter is with him today, anyway, as he's had a scowl on his face since he arrived. Mitch growls, "With good reason, I reckon." Alan suddenly comes into the room and, looking furious, asks what the hell Mitch is doing there. Mitch retorts that he works there, and he asks if that's OK with him. Alan retorts that he's just surprised the police didn't lock him up for wrecking his car, that's all. He adds that he told him the other night that, if he made trouble for him, he'd come off second best. Mitch growls at him that he wasn't anywhere near his rotten car last night. Alan incredulously asks him if he expects him to believe that. Mitch snaps that he doesn't care what he believes; the main thing is that the cops know he's telling the truth; he was with a mate last night - Barney Adams. Alan incredulously asks if the police believe that. Mitch retorts that they did after Barney backed up his story - so the next time Alan sends a couple of wallopers knocking on his door at three o'clock in the morning, he should make sure of his facts first; he didn't wreck his car, and there's no way Alan can prove he did. He storms off. Karen immediately comments to her son that it's probably some story Mitch and Barney cooked up together; if there's anything she can do... Alan, though, snaps at her that there's nothing she can do, so she can save the sympathy - it doesn't suit her. He continues that he said last night that Mitch wasn't going to get away with this, and he's going to make damn sure he doesn't.

David walks into the kitchen at the country house. Patricia is there alone, and he asks her if she's got any old soap he can use. Patricia says she doesn't think so. David explains that it makes nailing a bit easier if you rub soap on them first. Changing the subject, Patricia says she'll have to leave soon to go and see Ross. David just mutters, "Yeah..." Patricia asks him what he thinks of Ross. In reply, David asks her what she wants him to say; he thinks she's said all there is to say about him already. Looking surprised, Patricia asks what that's supposed to mean. David retorts that she hasn't stopped talking about the bloke since he turned up yesterday. Patricia smiles and comments that he's not jealous, is he? David tells her that, no, he isn't - but it seems to him that she's trying damn hard to make sure he is. He adds that he reckons Irene was right. Looking annoyed, Patricia asks what she said. David retorts that he said she-- He then breaks off and mutters that it's not worth bothering about. Patricia, though, snaps that she wants to know. David gives in and tells her that Irene reckons she's got this crazy idea in her head that Irene is after him, and that that's making her jealous of Irene. Patricia snaps, "Oh really?" David goes on that that's what she's thinking, isn't it, and it's crazy; he's told her before that he and Irene are just mates; that's all, nothing else. Patricia smiles nastily and tells him that Irene may be a mate as far as he's concerned, but that's not how Irene thinks of him. David stares at her and she tells him to come on: the woman is in love with him - so she may as well spend her time with Ross, as she'd hate to be around to cramp Irene's style. She walks off, leaving David looking thoughtful.

At the Fisher house, Alan announces to Karen that he has a proposition for her. Karen snaps that she really hasn't got time to chat. Alan, though, goes on that she still wants his money, right? Karen admits, "Yes." Alan tells her that they might be able to do a deal, then. Karen looks at him, and he explains that he's been thinking of a way of getting back at Mitch, and he needs her help because it involves Amanda. Looking annoyed, Karen asks if Amanda hasn't been through enough. Alan, though, assures her that he's not going to hurt the girl; in fact, he's going to see a lot more of her - he finds her very attractive. Karen comments that that's part of his plan, is it? Alan smiles that, yes, it is: Mitch is off his brain about Amanda, and if he thinks she's falling for him, he'll go bananas and they all know what will happen then: fireworks - and he'll be back in jail before they know it. He adds that it's a neat idea, isn't it? Karen tells him that he must be mad - Mitch will kill him. Alan, though, assures her that he can look after himself; all she has to do is make sure he gets to meet Amanda again. Karen growls at him that he may or may not believe this, but she happens to like Amanda, so if she doesn't want to see him, she's not going to help. She then goes on that, anyway, he's wasting his time - Amanda was very much in love with Fisher's son; she still is - she was shattered when he died. Alan, sounding impatient, snaps at Karen that if she doesn't want his money, she should just say so. Karen ignores this and goes on that it's a pity Alan never knew Todd; if he had, he'd realise why Amanda's not interested in giving him the time of day. Sounding annoyed, Alan snaps, "Finished?" Karen retorts, "Yeah, we're finished."

Ross is sitting on the couch in his apartment, a newspaper and pad on his lap. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and he gets up and answers it. A woman comes on and explains that she's Roger Carlyle's secretary: Mr. Carlyle would like to speak to him. Ross tells her that that's fine; put him on. At that moment, though, there's a knock at his front door, and he quickly tells the secretary to hang on a sec, as he thinks Patricia Morrell has just turned up. He then asks her to tell Roger that everything is going... well, as he wanted it to, and he'll get back to him. The secretary says she'll pass the message on. Ross thanks her, hangs up and goes and opens the door. Patricia is indeed standing there, and he comments that she got there OK. He then adds that they've got a little bit of time, so how about a cup of the best coffee ever blended? Patricia tells him that he's convinced her! Ross smiles and says he's glad he decided to err on the side of caution and have her knee x-rayed. Patricia asks why. Ross tells her that it gives him a chance to see more of her - and he's sure they're going to enjoy their time together...


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